Professional Phone Readings




By Gregory N. Nalbandian  

As you begin to investigate your astrological chart, the process of “taking it apart” leads to an initial understanding of yourself.  Yet, with all these pieces, the total picture does not come into view.  After years of study, the process of putting it all together, synthesizing that piece of paper into a human process matures.  Even then, it is hard to look unbiased into your own process.  This is where professional interpretation can benefit both the novice astrologer, and the more advanced as well.


My approach to interpretation is based on the theory that the soul’s intent will always manifest.  That the chart will point to the tools your emerging self uses to master these karmic events.  All questions are interpreted through this paradigm – “what is it you are trying to do,” and “ what tools are you using to do this.” 


In a reading your question can be as vague as “why…” to exact events like, “I am planning to move, and would like to know if one place would be astrologically better than another?”  Understanding the underlying karmic process behind emotional response and childhood experiences can help in any current life process.  Astrology is a powerful tool to identify these connections and help bring about solutions.


Readings are based on your questions, so be prepared with a list of questions to ask. 

Cost is $95.00 for single person chart reading.  Relationship reading involved twice as many charts, and costs $125.00

Readings are one hour in length, with a tape that is sent along with your printed chart.  The phone toll charges are the caller responsibility.


Readings are booked on the weekdays as follows: 

            Mornings 9:00 am & 10 am Daily,

            Evenings are variable and can be done as late as 9pm (all times are Pacific)



Call (206) 548-1095 to book with Gregory


And find the direction and success your emerging soul deserves.