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100 Days To Better Health, Good Sex & Long Life. YUDELOVE, Eric $17.95 Chi Kung Better health, good sex & increased longevity can be yours when you follow this 14-week course in Taoist Yoga & Chi Kung. Developed in ancient China, these authentic Taoist exercises will help you.
11:11 Inside The Doorway SOLARA, $15.95 Channeled Speaks of an opening doorway of ascension.
144 Doors Of The Zodiac, The - The Dwad Technique. E2345-014 ESCOBAR, Thyrza $12.95 Astrology Here is a comprehensive presentation of dwads. Dwads indicate specifics & particulars - similar to the details in a painting or a map.
21 Lessons Of Merlyn - A Study In Druid Magic & Lore, The. MONROE, Douglas $12.95 Magick A complete introductory course in Celtic Druidism, packaged within the framework of 21 authentic & expanded story/lessons that read like a novel.
21 Ways To Attract Your Soulmate. SARRIS, Arian $9.95 Relationships Learn practical exercises that can prepare you for your soulmate search; discover what might be holding you back from finding your soulmate; Touch your soulmate's energy; and much more.
365 Tao - Daily Meditations. MING-DAO, Deng $16.00 Meditation This treasury of life-enhancing daily readings makes Taoism accessible & practical.
750 Over The Counter Stocks. M2614-014 MULL, Carol S $33.50 Financial Astrology Volume containing 750 computer cast natal charts all categorized according to the type of company.
777 And Other Qabalistic Writing Of Aleister Crowley. CROWLEY, Aleister $14.95 Magick This edition includes Liber 777, Gematria ( Equinox Vol. 1, No. 5) & Sepher Sephiroth (Equinox Vol. 1, No. 8).
90 Degree Disc Handbook, The. A2094-034 AMBJORNSON, K. H. $11.95 Cosmobiology How to use the 90 degree dial.
A To Z Horoscope Maker And Delineator. GEORGE, Llewellyn $14.95 Astrology This comprehensive volume has long been used as a basic textbook for astrology students.
Abc Of Witchcraft, An VALIENTE, Doreen $11.95 Magick More than a history of spells, charms, secret meetings or rituals, this guidebook reveals wicca as a philosophy & a way of life.
Aboriginal Mythology JOHNSON, Colin $14.00 Mythology This book collates & explains the many fascinating elements of Aboriginal culture: the song circles & stories, artefacts, landmarks, characters & customs.
Abu Ma'Shar: The Abbreviation Of The Introduction To Astrology. BURNETT, TRANSLATOR, Charles $9.50 Ancient Astrology Written around 850 C.E., this may have been the earliest astrological manual translated into Latin.
Accept This Gift. VAUGHAN / WALSH, $8.95 Course In Miracles This volume contains selections from A Course in Miracles, an inspirational text first published in 1976.
Accepting Your Power To Heal: The Personal Practice Of Therapeutic Touch. KRIEGER, PH.D. R.N., Dolores $14.00 Health The author encourages us to acknowledge our own innate healing abilities & provides experiential exercises to teach us the basic Therapeutic Touch techniques.
Accurate World Horoscopes. D2351-014 DOANE, Doris Chase $35.00 Astrological Data Here is a valuable tool for astrologers working with mundane events or current affairs. Contains the United Nations horoscope, & charts for 173 countries & territories around the world.
Active Side Of Infinity, The. CASTANEDA, Carlos $13.00 General Written just before his death, Castaneda gives us his mot autobiographical & intimately revealing work ever, the fruit of a lifetime of experience & perhaps the most moving volume in his oeuvre.
Acupressure For Common Ailments. JARMEY & TINDALL, $12.95 Health Shows how the simple application of finger pressure to specific points on the surface of the body stimulates subtle energies that can alleviate many common ailments. Clear illustrations.
Addiction To Prefection. WOODMAN, Marion $18.95 Women's Books Exploration of women's mysteries through case material, dreams, literature & mythology, in food rituals, rape symbolism, Christianity, imagery in the body, sexuality, creativity & relationships.
Advanced Candle Magick - More Spells And Rituals For Every Purpose. BUCKLAND, Raymond $12.95 Candle Magick
Advanced Math For Astrological Students. J1234-014 JONES, J. Allen $12.95 Chart Construction Many advanced math techniques such as proportioned house cusps, charts near the International Date line, and much more.
Advanced Pranic Healing. SUI, Choa Kok $25.00 Health This is a textbook filled with techniques & methods for using ch'i & color prana to produce very rapid healing. He explains his use of 11 basic chakras, color prana, & preventive healing techniques.
Adventures Beyond The Body - How To Experience Out-Of-Body Travel. BUHLMAN, William $14.00 Astral Projection Astral travel can not only expand your awareness, it can help the very existence of the soul, teach you about past lives, and enhance your daily life.
Ageless Body, The. GRISCOM, Chris $14.95 Healing Provides the reader with a fascinating adventure into the ways of the body. We learn to tap the source of boundless energy by discovering how to truly communicate with your own body.
Ageless Body, Timeless Mind: The Quantum Alternative To Growing Old. CHOPRA, M.D., Deepak $14.00 Health ...Ancient wisdom & modern science coalesce into a prescription for living a joyful, fulfilling life. It is also likely to extend our lives & radically change our concepts about aging.
Ages And The Truth, The. G3169-024 GEORGE, Ted $18.95 Astrology Author describes the procession of the equinox and the various ages from the last Aquarian Age to the coming Aquarian Age.
Aha. CROWLEY, Aleister $12.95 Magick Drawing on his many years of concentrated study of comparative religions, mythology, mysticism & magical practices, Crowley created his epic poem about myssticism.
Akashic Record Player, The. ALLI, Antero $12.95 General The Planetary Entity narrates Herstory about how She arranges meetings between uncertain humans at certain sites to perform Earth Rites for future myths.
Alan Leo's Dictionary Of Astrology. LEO, Alan $12.00 Astro Reference A classic in the basics of astrology. Includes: Aaron's Rod, Casting a Horoscope, Disposition, Ecliptic, Objects Governed by Planets -- plus much more.
Alan Oken's Complete Astrology. OKEN, Alan $17.95 Basic Astrology A popular contemporary guide to astrology from the personal level to the level of the great World Ages.
Albano-Waite Miniature Deck. AWM78, $10.95 Tarot Deck Albano-Waite sized 1-5/8 x 2-3/8.
Albano-Waite Tarot Deck. AW78, $15.95 Tarot Deck Reprint of the 78-card deck published in 1968 and based on Pamela Colman Smith's designs.
Albert Einstein: Creator & Rebel. HOFFMANN, Banesh $13.95 Biographies The exciting scientist is here in full measure. - The New York Times.
Alchemist's Handbook. ALBERTUS, Frater $12.50 Alchemy Basic fundamental principles of alchemy, step by step instructions for work of the Lesser Circulation, the alchemical transformation within the plant kingdom.
Alchemist, The - A Fable About Following Your Dream. COELHO, Paulo $13.00 Fiction A remarkable tale about the most magical of all journeys: the quest to fullfill one's destiny. A great work of fiction for our fast paced era.
Alchemy: An Introduction To The Symbolism And The Psychology. VON FRANZ, Marie-Louise $18.00 Psychology Designed as an introduction to Jung's more detailed studies, here is a lucid & practical account of what the alchemists were really looking for - emotional balance & wholeness.
Aleister Crowley And The Practice Of The Magical Diary. WASSERMAN, EDITOR, James $12.95 Magick This book illustrates the theory & practice of the Magical Diary & elaborates on its importance for the student of Scientific Illuminism (a term by which Crowley designated his teachings).
Aleister Crowley Deck (Small). CR80, $15.95 Tarot Deck The magnificent Crowley Thoth Tarot deck contains kabbalistic & astrological attributions described in Crowley's The Book of Thoth. Sized 2-7/8 x 4-3/8.
Aleister Crowley Scrapbook, The. ROBERTSON, Sandy $19.95 Biographies An amazing glimpse of the multifacets of an amazing character. In this collection you'll find a great deal of unpublished work & includes facinating photographs from early negatives.
Aleister Crowley's Tarot Deck. AC78, $18.95 Tarot Deck The magnificent Crowley Thoth Tarot deck contains kabbalistic & astrological attributions described in Crowley's The Book of Thoth. Sized 3-3/4 x 5-1/2.
Alien Identities: Ancient Insights Into Modern Ufo Phenomena. THOMPSON, Richard L. $19.95 U.F.O. Startling parallels between modern UFO accounts & the ancient Sanskrit writings of India give fresh insights into the identity & purposes of UFO visitors.
Alive And Well With Neptune - Transits Of Heart And Soul. TIERNEY, Bil $14.95 Transits Upbeat, easy to understand & sprinkled with humor, this book will convince you to listen to the wise guidance of those quiet & still moments when Neptune speaks.
Alive And Well With Pluto: Transits Of Heart & Soul. TIERNEY, Bil $14.95 Planets Pluto, the mythically frightening monster in the closet disappears in the light of Bil's profound understanding. A must for those who fear the stars & a joy for those who know them well.
Alive And Well With Uranus - Transits Of Self Awakening. TIERNEY, Bil $14.95 Transits Here is a lively look at a planet known for turning your life around 180 degrees. Uranus & its transits offer exciting times for us when our future is ready to explode with new alternatives for living
All About Your Love Life - Venus In Your Chart. POTTENGER, Maritha $4.95 Planets This book looks at Venus in it's love and pleasure aspects as it manifests in each of the signs of the Zodiac.
All Over The Earth Astrologically JACOBSON, Ivy Goldstein $20.95 Astrology
All Rites Reversed?!. ALLI, Antero $9.95 Ritual Ritual techniques common to many traditions are now brought together in this Earth-based, generic medium stripped of religious dogma & imposed beliefs.
All Signs Rising. W2555-014 WADE, Elbert $10.95 Houses The rising sign & its decan are of great significance in determining personality, appearance, mannerisms, character, etc. This book details each sign rising & by decan.
All Women Are Healers: A Comprehensive Guide To Natural Healing. STEIN, Diane $14.95 Women's Books Author has compiled a comprehensive book of healing methods & techniques that focus on women & the women's spirituality movement. Includes info on stones & crystals, flower remedies & much more.
Alphabet Versus The Goddess, The: Conflict Between Word And Image. SHLAIN, Leonard $14.95 Goddess Shlain argues that the very act of reading an alphabet reinforced the brain's left hemisphere - linear, abstract, predominantly masculine - the the expense of the right-holistic,visual, feminine.
Amazon, A Novel WALKER, Barbara G. $9.00 Fiction Thelma & Louise style action & scathing feminist wit reverberate through this explosive novel - the adventures of a woman warrior time traveler on a mission from the Goddess.
American Atlas, The. SHANK, Thomas $39.95 Astrological Tools US latitudes, longitudes, time changes and time zones. The most complete reference book of its kind. A must for all astrologers.
American Book Of Tables. MICHELSEN, Neil $15.95 Astrological Tools Placidian house tables, diurnal motion tables, log tables, time tables, etc.
American Book Of The Dead. GOLD, E.J. $13.00 Death & Dying This up-dated of the classic Tibetan work on the techniques of dying is most illuminating, outrageous & astounding holy text you're likely to find.
American Ephemeris 1901-1930. MICHELSEN, Neil $14.95 Astrological Tools Midnight only.
American Ephemeris 1931-1980. MICHELSEN, Neil $29.95 Astrological Tools Includes a Book of Tables, plus instructions for calculating charts. Midnight only.
American Ephemeris 1981-1990. MICHELSEN, Neil $9.95 Astrological Tools Companion softcover volume to original American Ephemeris 1931-1980.
American Ephemeris 1991-2000. MICHELSEN, Neil $12.95 Astrological Tools Companion softcover volume to American Ephemeris 1931-1980
American Ephemeris 2001-2010. MICHELSEN, Neil $12.95 Astrological Tools Noon Ephemeris.
American Ephemeris For 20th Century, Midnight. MICHELSEN, Neil $21.95 Astrological Tools Revised fifth edition includes Jet Propulsion Lab positions, 101 years including the year 2000 and it is calculated for GMT not ephemeris time.
American Ephemeris For 20th Century, Noon. MICHELSEN, Neil $26.95 Astrological Tools This revised edition includes Jet Propulsion Lab positions, 101 years including the year 2000 and it is calculated for GMT not ephemeris time.
American Ephemeris For 21st Century 2000-2050, Midnight. MICHELSEN, Neil $18.95 Astrological Tools A 50 year version in the ephemerides series. Contains the latest data from the Jet Propulsion Lab for the most accurate calculations available. Midnight only.
American Ephemeris For The 21st Century 2000 To 2050 At Noon, The. MICHELSEN, Neil F. $18.95 Astrological Tools Ephemeris 2001 to 2050 - Noon.
American Heliocentric Ephemeris, The. MICHELSEN, Neil $34.95 Astrological Tools Midnight only.
American Heliocentric Ephemeris, The. - 2001 - 2050 MICHELSEN, Neil $29.95 Astrological Tools Heliocentric Ephemeris.
American Indian Myths And Legends. ERDOES & ORTIZ, $18.00 Native American This magnificent collection gathers 160 tales from 80 tribal groups to offer a rich & lively panorama of the Native American mythic heritage.
American Indian Stories. ZITKALA-SA, $7.95 Native American This is an important collection because it represents one of the first attempts by a Native American woman to write her own story without the aid of an editor, an interpreter or an ethnographer.
American Midpoint Ephemeris 1996-2000, The. PETERS, Gerald $15.95 Astrological Tools Midpoints between all planets plus the nodal axis 1996-2000.
American Presidents And Their Wives. F3624-034 FLACK, Rudy & Diane $12.95 Astrological Data Astrological horoscopes of U.S. Presidents and their wives with commentary.
American Sidereal Ephemeris, The. MICHELSEN, Neil $29.95 Astrological Tools Midnight only.
American Sidereal Ephemeris, The. (2001 - 2025) MICHELSEN, Neil $29.95 Astrological Tools Ephemeris using the Sidereal zodiac.
An End To Innocence - Facing Life Without Illusions. KOPP, Sheldon $4.50 General Desperately holding onto the fairy-tale vision of a life in which the fall of the enemy is clear & the good guys always win, we waste our lives in waiting for the happy ending.
Ananda Yoga For Higher Awareness. KRIYANANDA, Sri $10.95 Yoga This book teaches Hatha Yoga as it was originally intended: as a way to uplift your consciousness & aid your spiritual development.
Anatomy Of Fate - Astrology & Kabbalah. H2829-034 HALEVI, Z'Ev Ben Shimon $9.95 Astrology Jadaic kaddalah is the secret doctrine underpinning the esoteric traditions of the west, and its Astrological dimension are surveyed through thirty years of research.
Anatomy Of The Spirit: The Seven Stages Of Power & Healing. MYSS, PH.D., Caroline $14.00 Health Dr. Myss's work shows how every illness corresponds to a pattern of emotional & psychological stresses, beliefs, & attitudes that have influenced corresponding areas of the human body. & much more.
Ancestral Path Tarot, The. HOOVER, Tracey $9.95 Tarot Companion to Ancestral Path Tarot Cards, author leads readers along the Ancestral Path to follow ancestral traditions while also shaping the way for others in future generations.
Ancestral Path Tarot. At78 CUCCIA-WATTS, Julie $15.95 Tarot Cards A unique deck that highlights the legends of world cultures. The cards uncover personal spirituality through examining the traditions of our ancestors.
Ancient Christian Magic: Coptic Texts Of Ritual Power. MEYER & RICHARD SMITH, Marvin $15.00 Mystic Christianity An astonishing collection of magical texts from ancient Egypt that shows the exotic rituals, esoteric healing practices & incantatory & supernatural dimensions in Early Christianity.
Ancient Echoes - The Anasazi Books Of Chants. RAIN, Mary Summer $10.95 Native American Author has brought forth the beauty & sensitivity of the Anasazi heart by recreating many of the chants used by one Anasazi community called the Spirit Clan.
Ancient Hindu Astrology For The Modern Western Astrologer. BRAHA, James T. $21.95 Vedic Astrology An excellent indroduction to Hindu astrology providing chapters on planets, signs, planetary aspects, transits & much more.
Ancient Mirrors Of Womanhood. STONE, Merlin $16.00 Women's Books A treasury of Goddess and Heroine lore from around the world.
Ancient Science Of Geomancy, The: Living In Harmony With The Earth. PENNICK, Nigel $15.95 Geomancy A guide to the holistic philosophy of environmental understanding, design & attunement. Traces folklore, ethnography, myth, architecture & esoteric traditions.
Ancient Ways - Reclaiming Pagan Traditions. CAMPANELLI, Pauline $14.95 Pagan Focuses on the celebration of the sabbats of the Old Religion by giving you practical things to do while anticipating the sabbat rites, & by helping you harness the magical for weeks afterward.
Ancient Whispers From Chaldea: Making Babylonian Astrology Work For You. CHADBOURNE, Arthyr W. $19.95 Sidereal Astrology This book will show you how the ancient Chaldeans organized a most unique astrological system; discovered that a lifetime is actually capsulated within 24 hour period; & much, much more.
Ancient Wisdom:Nyingma Teachings Of Dream Yoga, Meditation & Transformation RINPOCHE, Gyatrul $14.95 Spiritual Philosophy Essential practices for the activities of daily life, for meditation & for dreaming are elaborated upon.
Ancient/Modern Witch., The. WEINSTEIN, Marion $6.95 Magick This work provides a profound yet witty analysis of the revival ow Witchcraft.
Angel Cards. , $9.95 Tarot Deck These 52 cards, created at Findhorn, encourage individual creativity & enhance your ability to interact successfully in relationships.
Angel Letters. BURNHAM, Sophy $15.95 Angels A collections of stories written to the author as a result of her first book on angels telling of their own encounters with heavenly beings.
Angel Magic. JAMES, Geoffrey $12.95 Magick Angel Magic is a set of ritual practices that is believed to control angels, daimones, divas, genies, and other personifications of the elements, the planets and the stars.
Angel Tech - A Modern Shaman's Guide To Reality Selection. ALLI, Antero $12.95 Pagan This funny & brain changing book plucks at the reader's software & while following its techniques, the reader is surprised to find his hardware has been replaced as well.
Angels: The Role Of Celestial Guardians & Beings Of Light. GIOVETTI, Paola $22.95 Angels Describes Christian traditions, those of the mystics & saints, fallen angels, angelical hierarchies of Dionysius, angels from Islam, beings of light who appear to the dying, etc., etc.
Animal Energies. BUFFALO HORN MAN, Gary $4.95 Native American The medicine powers & qualities of neary 60 animals, insects & swimmers, commonly found in North America, are clearly presented in an easy to reference format.
Animal Magick: The Art Of Recognizing & Working With Familiars. CONWAY, D.J. $13.95 Magick Shows you how to access the spiritual powers of familiars - real or imagined animals - for personal enrichment.
Animal-Speak: Spiritual & Magical Powers Of Creatures Great & Small. ANDREWS, Ted $17.95 Native American Myth & fact are combined in a manner that will teach you how to speak & understand the language of the naimals in your life. Meet & work with animals as totems & spirits.
Annual Diagram As An Aid In Life, The. EBERTIN, Reinhold $6.95 Cosmobiology An explanation of the 45 degree system & the importance of transits. For students of cosmobiology.
Answer To Job. JUNG, Carl G. $9.95 Psychology This book is not an essay in theology as much as it is an examination of the symbolic role that theological concepts play in man's psychic life.
Answers In The Sky OMARR, Sydney $11.95 Astrology Part memoir, part description of the author's fight against censorship of astrology. Includes several short selections on love and relationships through astrology.
Anti-Gravity And The World Grid. CHILDRESS, David H. $14.95 Geomancy The geography, mathematics & light harmonics of the Earth grid; purpose of Ley Lines & ancient megalithic power points sited on the grid & much, much more.
Applied Astrology. H1191-034 HONE, Margaret E. $10.95 Astrology The Keyword System of Interpretation is used, as taught in The Modern Text Book of Astrology, thus leading the student to wider fields of experience.
Applied Cosmobiology. E1087-014 EBERTIN, Reinhold $16.95 Cosmobiology An introductory textbook on the subject by the authority, explaining the use &interpretation of the 90 degree dial & solar arc directions, the graphic ephemeris & more.
Applied Magic & Aspects Of Occultism FORTUNE, Dion $12.95 Magick This is a selection of Dion's writings on the practical applications of magical & occult techniques, as well as nine specific aspects of the Western Mystery tradition.
Aquarian Gospel Of Jesus The Christ, The. LEVI, $12.95 Mystic Christianity A 19th century American psychic transcribed this scriptural rendering of the life of Christ, which includes the lost years not included in the New Testament account. A classic text.
Aquarian Tarot Deck. Aq78 PALLADINI, David $15.95 Tarot Deck The compelling imagery in this tarot deck brings medieval tarot symbolism into the modern Aquarian age.
Arabian Parts Decoded, The. W3683-014 WEBER, Lind $19.00 Arabic Parts An all-encompassing work on the ancient techniques of the Arabian Parts, also called Points, Lots, & Fortunes. Included is use in natal charts & in forecasting an unlimited variety of events.
Arabic Parts In Astrology - A Lost Key To Prediction, The. ZOLLER, Robert $14.95 Arabic Parts Explains how karma can be understood through the Arabic Parts & the esoteric nature of number. Illustrates the practical use of the parts in natal, horary, & mundane astrology.
Aradia - Gospel Of The Witches. LELAND, Charles G. $6.95 Magick This book is a connection between the original religion of witchcraft & contemporary practices. First published in 1899, this is being reprinted for the first time in 15 years.
Archaic Revival MCKENNA, Terence $15.00 Cultural Anthro Shamanic practices coupled with scientific knowledge can open new doors into the hidden recesses of the human psyche & the outer limits of our culture.
Archetypes And The Collective Unconscious, The. JUNG, C. G. $20.95 Psychology
Archetypes Of The Zodiac. BURT, Kathleen $16.00 Astrology Written by a Jungian analyst & mythology expert, this is the most comprehensive book on myths & archetypes of each sign.
Are You Really Too Sensitive? CALHOUN, Marcy $12.95 Psychology Provides many practical techniques for understanding living with & developing our intuitive sensitivity.
Ariadne's Thread - A Workbook Of Goddess Magic. MOUNTAINWATER, Shekhinah $16.95 Women's Books The author brings you through Ariadne's labyrinth, with instruction on rituals, spells, divination tools, making & using a lunar calendar, & herbal magic.
Arkana Dictionary Of Astrology, The. GETTINGS, Fred $12.95 Astro Reference A complete reference guide & source-book for every aspect of astrology. Gettings clearly defines almost 4000 astrology terms that are invaluable to both veteran & apprentice astrologers.
Aromatherapy - To Heal And Tend The Body. TISSERAND, Robert $9.95 Aromatherapy Learn the use of aromatic oils to soothe both physical & psychic disorders. An introduction to this increasingly popular form of complementary therapy.
Aromatherapy Book, The. ROSE, Jeanne $18.95 Aromatherapy This is the first truly complete book of aromatherapy, beginning with a chapter listing 300 human ailments & conditions & the appropriate essential oil for treating them.
Art & Practice Of Creative Visualization, The. OPHIEL, $9.95 Visualization Ophiel systematically goes through 10 laws governing creative visualization & summarizes his teaching through case histories.
Art And Practice Of Astral Projection. OPHIEL, $9.95 Astral Projection Gives all the necessary theory & directions to enter the astral plane, function there and return with memory available.
Art And Symbols Of The Occult: Images Of Power & Wisdom. WASSERMAN, James $19.95 Symbology This book provides an excellent introduction to the timeless & hidden dimensions of occult practice, while stimulating the imagination & the quest for intuitive knowledge.
Art Nouveau Tarot. MYERS AR78, Matt $15.95 Tarot Deck Stylized figures & stained glass panels characterize this deck, painted in the tradition of turn-of-the-century decorative art.
Art Of Aromatherapy, The. TISSERAND, Robert $12.95 Aromatherapy The healing & beautifying properties of the essential oils of flowers and herbs.
Art Of Chart Comparison, The. POTTENGER, Maritha $4.95 Relating Traditional methods of comparing one chart with another to evaluate the potential of the relationship between the 2. An excellent introduction to the art of synastry (chart comparison).
Art Of Chart Interpretation, The. MARKS, Tracy $9.95 Astrology Step-by-step method for analyzing, synthesizing & understanding the birth chart. Also discusses astrology as a counseling tool & the actual counseling process.
Art Of Divination, The. CUNNINGHAM, Scott $12.95 Magick A product of nearly 24 years of research & experimentation, this book sheds light on ageless methods of divination with detailed instructions for practicing over 100 divinitory techniques.
Art Of Dreaming, The. CASTANEDA, Carlos $14.00 Dreams After 6 years of silence, Castaneda now returns with a breakthrough book, a book that fully explains Don Juan's teachings on discovering the world of the spirit through the power of dreams.
Art Of Forecasting, The. M1322-014 MASON, Sophia $11.95 Electional Astrology Provides a full deliniation guide to interpret aspects between natal & transitting planets & diurnal charts; events indicated by new, full & quarter Moons, & how to win at games of chance.
Art Of Happiness, The: A Handbook For Living. DALAI LAMA, $23.95 Eastern Philosophy Happiness is the purpose of life and the very motion of our life is towards happiness. How to get there has always been the question. With the help of a psychiatrist, he gets the message across.
Art Of Ritual, The. BECK, Renee & S. Metrick $11.95 Magick Gives Ten Guidelines for Creating Your Own Rituals to assist you during times of change.
Art Of Sexual Ecstasy, The. ANAND, Margo $19.95 Sexuality Author presents the training she has done worldwide, which is based on ancient Tantric & Taoist practices that are fully adapted & made understandable to Western lovers.
Art Of Sexual Magic, The: Cultivating Sexual Energy To Transform Your Life. ANAND, Margo $27.95 Tantra Companion volume to The Art of Sexual Ecstasy. It takes the power of sexual energy to a new level, showing readers how to use erotic activity to achieve personal & spiritual growth.
Art Of Synthesis, The. L1275-034 LEO, Alan $12.95 Astrology Study of relationship between planets & consciousness, stressing the esoteric & intuitional approach to astrology. Part of the Alan Leo Astrologer's Library series.
Arthurian Tarot Deck & Book Set, The. MATTHEWS, Caitlin & John $33.00 Tarot Deck Reveals the ancient traditions of the Arthurian Mysteries as a living mythos for creative visualization & personal transformation. Comes with a fully-illustrated book.
Artist's Way, The - A Spiritual Path To Higher Creavitity. CAMERON, Julia $15.95 Self-Help With the basic principle that creative expression is the natural direction of life, the author leads you through a comprehensive 12 week program to recover your creativity from a variety of blocks.
Arts Of Strength, Arts Of Serenity. SUINO, Nicklaus $10.95 Martial Arts Martial arts training for mental, physical & spiritual health. More a book on benefits, how to select a practice suitable for you & guide to help in getting started.
Ascendant Sign Archetypes. T3706-014 TOPPING, Grace D. $13.95 Houses Complete discussion on the characteristics, both physical and psychological, of the rising sign. Table of rising signs included.
Ascendant, The - Your Karmic Doorway. SCHULMAN, Martin $9.95 Houses A discussion of the ascendant as the cosmic filter of what exists inside the natal chart & inside of you. A complete interpretation of ascendant signs along with sample charts.
Ascension Handbook, An: Channeled Material By Serapis. STUBBS, Tony $11.95 Channeled Filled with exercises & techniques, this book is a practical hot to manual for ascending Lightworkers.
Ascension Manual - How To Achieve Ascension In This Lifetime. STONE, Joshua D. $14.95 General Created to be read as an overview of the spiritual path, this book explores the world's great religions, great masters, spiritual psychology & Ascended Masters' teachings.
Aspect Finder. C2052-064 AFA, $7.95 Astrological Tools An excellent tool for visually calculating both major & minor aspects.
Aspects And Personality. HAMAKER-ZONDAG, Karen $14.95 Aspects An intensive psychological study of the aspects made by planets in natal horoscopes including effects of major & minor aspects, orbs, applying & separating aspects and much more.
Aspects At A Glance EPSTEIN, Ruth $5.95 Aspects Includes oppositions, squares, trines, sextiles, quincunx, conjunctions, semi-sextile, semi-square.
Aspects Between Signs. M1323-024 MASON, Sophia $8.50 Aspects A guide to interpreting aspects in terms of the signs involved, rather than the planets or points aspected. Includes comprehensive delineations.
Aspects In Vedic Astrology. OJHA, Gopesh $13.95 Vedic Astrology Drawn from the ancient & medieval classics of Vedic (Hindu) astrology, preserving the wisdom of the sages as well a wealth of insight into how the ancient dictums may be applied today.
Aspects Magnified. K1262-034 KOPARKER, Mohan $5.95 Aspects All major, minor & many unknown aspects delineated. How to use the aspect in a wider chart analyses is included. Over 40 different aspects are studied in this text.
Aspects Of The Feminine. JUNG, Carl G. $10.95 Psychology This collection offers extracts from Jungs' writings on marriage, Eros, the mother, the maiden, & the anima/animus concept, which is a central feature in his theory of personality structure.
Aspects To Horoscope Angles. J1225-034 JAYNE, Vivia $9.95 Aspects Author discusses aspects to the Angles, i.e., the Ascendant, Midheaven and the Vertex. Example charts.
Asteroid America & Money, The. FLACK, Diane A. & Rudy $14.50 Asteroids The asteroid America in the U.S. chart represents the people's money. America in our personal chart represents our personal money.
Asteroid Ephemeris, The: 1900-2050, Ceres, Pallas, Juno, Vesta, Chiron. MICHELSEN, Neil F. $26.95 Asteroids Daily longitudes & declinations. Text material on philosophical issues, astronomical information, mythological background & psychological principles. Includes Chiron & the Black Moon Lilith.
Asteroid Goddesses. GEORGE, Demetra $21.95 Asteroids Mythology, psychology & astrology of the reemerging feminine. The four asteroid through the signs, houses & aspects to other planets & asteroids. Themes of the 12 minor asteroids are discussed.
Asteroids In Midpoints. D2291-014 DONATH, Emma B. $15.95 Asteroids Included are 3600 new midpoints between the asteroids, traditional planets & transneptunian planets, complete with interpretation.
Asteroids In Synastry. D1080-024 DONATH, Emma B. $13.50 Asteroids A guide to interpreting the meaning of Ceres, Pallus, Juno & Vesta in chart comparisons & composite horoscopes. Techniques for 6 different types of synastry are given in this book.
Asteroids In The Birth Chart. (Revised) D1079-014 DONATH, Emma B. $13.95 Asteroids Vesta, Juno, Pallas, Athena & Ceres are defined by sign, house & mythological background. Ephemeris of asteroid positions included.
Asteroids In The U.S.A. Chart. D1081-024 DONATH, Emma B. $13.95 Asteroids Reports the author's findings on the asteroid in the birth chart of 44 U.S. Vice Presidents & other important U.S. national charts. Retrogrades & out-of-bounddelineations effects of asteroids.
Astral Medicine & Therapeutics - A Practical Treatise. DUZ, Dr. M. $17.00 Medical Astrology Written in 1912, this rare book combines Biochemistry, Astrology, Diet and Homeopathy.
Astral Odyssey, Exploring Out-Of-Body Experiences. EBY, Carol $14.95 Astral Projection Guides us through the pathways of consciousness that lead to the invisible worlds around us, giving step-by-step procedures on how to do actual, voluntary, conscious astral projection.
Astral Projection & Psychic Empowerment. SLATE, PH.D., Joe H. $12.95 Astral Projection This book brings you a 7 day plan outlining the procedures & exercises necessary to take that extraordinary leap into the great beyond.
Astral Projection. STEIGER, Brad $14.95 Astral Projection Discover how spontaneous out-of-body projection occurs during accidents, birth, death, sleep & meditation. Unlock your hidden powers & learn to project your other self from its physical shell.
Astral Projection: The Out-Of-Body Experience. DENNING & PHILLIPS, $9.95 Astral Projection Consciousness can be projected out-of-the-body to move through space & other dimensions. It is easily & safely learned with these progressive exercises.
Astral Travel. FROST, Gavin & Yvonne $12.95 Astral Projection Practical guide that teaches you how to differentiate between astral travel & conventional dreaming. Complete instructions for astral dreaming, twilight zone astral travel, and much more.
Astro-Alchemy: Making The Most Of Your Transits. NEGUS, Joan $9.95 Transits A positive approach to transits that combines astrology & common sense. Excellent summary of the significant issues that will be brought up by each major transit.
Astro-Data II. R1412-014 RODDEN, Lois $31.00 Astrological Data Formerly titled The American Book of Charts. Over 300 charts are included in this excellent reference book for astrologers and students alike.
Astro-Data IV. RODDEN, Lois $38.50 Astrological Data This volume contains data of artists & musicians, designers & architects, authors & poets, dancers & singers. Contains 400 charts & 350 additional data. No data has appeared in prior books.
Astro-Data V - Profiles Of Crime. RODDEN, Lois M. $36.95 Astrological Data Contains 735 data of criminals, 200 cases with charts & 435 cases with planet positions listed, with a total of over 2,000 timed events.
Astro-Geology Of Earthquakes And Volcanos, The. W3501-014 WEBER, Lind $27.95 Astrology A text on earth movement forecasting that provides an integrated use of astrology & geology.
Astro-Guide To Nutrition And Vitamins. P3282-014 PALMER, Lynne $13.95 Medical Astrology If you are concerned about which vitamin & mineral supplements you should take according to the planetary placements in your chart, this book is for you.
Astro-Logos: Language Of Life. BRAHA, James $9.95 Vedic Astrology Astro-Logos combines Hindu predictive astrology with its Western, more personality oriented, counterpart.
Astro-Mythology VAUGHAN, Valerie $11.00 Astrology
Astrolabe World Ephemeris 2001 - 2050 At Noon. ASTROLABE, $30.95 Astrological Tools Daily longitudes & declinations for the planets calculated to the second of arc, Chiron & 4 major asteroids, void of course Moon, 12 hour moon positions & monthly planetary & lunar ingresses & phases.
Astrolabe World Ephemeris 2001-2050 At Midnight, The. ASTROLABE, $30.95 Astrological Tools Daily longitudes & declinations for the planets calculated to the second of arc, Chiron & 4 major asteroids, void of cours moon, 12 hour moon positions, monthly planetary & lunar ingresses & phases.
Astrologer's Condensed Manual. D2143-034 DAVIS, Patrick T. $8.50 Astrology This quick reference guide to the basics of personal astrology includes definitions of technical terms, chart calculation instructions, keyword interpretations, etc.
Astrologer's Forecasting Workbook - New Dimensions In Prediction. C2642-014 COPE, Lloyd $29.95 Predictive Astrology Cope takes you step by step toward mastery of forecasting fundamentals, showing you not only how to determine when events will occur, but also what is likely to happen & why.
Astrologer's Guide, The - Anima Astrologiae. BONATUS & CARDAN, $12.95 Astrology Reproduction of an original text from 1676 containing ancient views about astrology.
Astrologer's Handbook, The. PARKER, Julia $12.00 Basic Astrology This book opens the door to understanding behavior, motivations & feelings. Not just a Sun sign book but includes Moon, Rising Sign & the planets.
Astrologer's Handbook, The. SAKOIAN & ACKER, $15.00 Basic Astrology Classic textbook. Explanation of central concepts, easy instructions for interpretation of natal charts.
Astrologer's Node Book, The. V2453-034 VAN TOEN, Donna $7.95 Nodes A basic instruction book about interpreting the North & South nodes of the Moon in the natal chart.
Astrologer's Notebook On Aspects Of The Transiting Planets. ELSNAU, Mary $13.95 Transits
Astrological Aspects, The. C1034-014 CARTER, C.E.O. $15.95 Aspects This book is considered one of the classics on aspect delineation & found on the desks of professional astrologers around the world.
Astrological Aspects. RUDHYAR, Dane $14.00 Aspects A cyclic & holistic approach to aspects including chapters on retrogradation, rectangular & triangular aspect patterns, seeing the horoscope intuitively as a whole, yods, and much more.
Astrological Aspects: Your Inner Dialogues. AVERY, Jeanne $20.95 Aspects Through examples of aspects in charts of well-known people, Avery shows us ho different individuals manage, or mismanage both conflicting & complementary energies.
Astrological Body Types, The: Face, Form & Expression. HILL, Judith A. $14.95 Astrology Over 80 illustrations depicting the archetypal Zodiac sign types, planetary types, elemental & modal types, character, appearance, vocational suggestions plus much more.
Astrological Characteristics Of The 12 Signs Of The Zodiac. COMPLIED, $13.95 Astrological Data
Astrological Compatibility. P1366-014 PALMER, Lynne $20.50 Relating Contents include: calculating natal aspects between charts; Venus & love; Mars & sex; how to handle inharmony between charts; horoscope comparison interpreted & more.
Astrological Cookbook, The: Your Culinary Guide To Celestial Harmony. BIRKMEIER, Rana $12.95 Astrology Author has studied legends & traditions associated with food & astrology & hascompiled a collection of recipes for each sign of the Zodiac.
Astrological Dictionary And Self-Reading Horoscope, The. J1230-014 JOHNDRO, L. Edward $8.50 Astrology Planetary keyword system.
Astrological Essays JACOBSON, Ivy Goldstein $20.95 Astrology
Astrological Essays. HALL, Manly P. $4.95 Astrology Author looks at infant mortality, marriage, death, suicide & reincarnation.
Astrological Guide To Health For Each Of The 12 Sun Signs, The. GORDON, Ariel, M.C. $4.00 Medical Astrology Information regarding the 12 signs of the Zodiac is taken from 7 authorities, past & present, on the different correspondences, as well as from personal experience.
Astrological Guide To Self-Awareness, An. CUNNINGHAM, Donna $12.00 Planets How to understand the planets & houses as they symbolize aspects of your personality. For counselors, beginning & intermediate students.
Astrological Guide To Your Child, An. PARMER, Leticia $10.95 Astrology Enables parents to see what a new infant, youngster or teenager has the potential & inclination to be, & then help their chind achieve it.
Astrological Healing Gems. BHATTACHARJEE, Shivaji $7.95 Vedic Astrology Specific properties of the gems used in Vedic Astrology are given, as well as provides instruction for wearing gems & lists 130 cases citing their gemstone treatment.
Astrological Healing: The History & Practice Of Astromedicine. EBERTIN, Reinhold $19.95 Medical Astrology Exploration of the famous Ebertin method of medical astrology; written for serious students of astrology who are familiar with cosmobiology & the 90 degree dial.
Astrological Houses, The: A Psychological View Of Man & His World. HUBER, Bruno & Louise $12.95 Houses Basic textbook used by students of the Huber Method of working with psychological astrology. Previously published as Man and His World.
Astrological Houses, The: The Spectrum Of Individual Experience. RUDHYAR, Dane $12.95 Houses Interpretation guidelines for each planet in each house; explanations of sign pairs on Ascendant & Descendant; an exploration of the houses as a complete cycle of individual experience. Excellent!
Astrological Insights Into Personality. LUNDSTED, Betty $16.95 Astrology An excellent study of astrological types. Includes discussion of sun signs & aspects, & how both can indicate the influence of early childhood environment on adult personality.
Astrological Insights Into The Spiritual Life. RUDHYAR, Dane $10.95 Astrology Provides a penetrating, sensitive, poetic & visual insight into the 12 qualities required for the spiritual life, for astrologers & non-astrologers alike.
Astrological Intelligence. VALERIA, Andrea $14.00 Basic Astrology Valeria shows you how to find answers with this practical & fun approach to making everyday decisions by using astrology as your personal tool.
Astrological Keywords. HALL, Manly P. $15.95 Astro Reference The keyword system is the most efficient means by which a student can analyze the implications of a horoscope with depth of understanding & breadth of appreciation.
Astrological Life Scripts: Mythological Archetypes. M2828-034 MUZZIO, John $7.95 Astrology Learn a framework for astrology that defines human experiences through mythological archetypes.
Astrological Mandala, An. RUDHYAR, Dane $12.00 Degree Analysis An original reformulation of Marc Edmund Jones' Sabian Symbols, expressed as an astrological degree oracle. Includes instructions on using this oracle for divination.
Astrological Moon, The - Aspects, Signs, Cycles & Mythology. PAUL, Hyden $16.95 Planets Explore the Moon through magical, esoteric, & transpersonal insight into the complex nature of human personality.
Astrological Neptune And The Quest For Redemption, The. GREENE, Liz $30.00 Planets Author explores Neptune themes in literature, myth, politics, religion, fashion & art to show how the energy manifests. Deception, illusion, addiction, karmic obligation and more are explored.
Astrological Patterns. S1462-034 SAKOIAN & CAULFIELD, $15.95 Astrology Patterns are recurrent systems that serve as clues to a person's character. Authors explore Hemisphere patterns; mental chemistry; natural disposition; temperament type & dynamic focus patterns.
Astrological Pioneers Of America. H2830-014 HOLDEN & ROBERT A. HUGHES, James H. $20.50 Astrology A biographical Dictionary of American astrologers, professionals, teachers, writers & students. Contains 1300 American names & 148 foreign names.
Astrological Prediction. HARWOOD, P.J. $18.00 Predictive Astrology Partial list of contents: Place & time in different parts of the world; transits & various directions; life periods; marriage, travel, change & general fortune; time of action; & much more.
Astrological Psychosynthesis. HUBER, Bruno $18.00 Astrology The integration of personality, love & intelligence in the horoscope.
Astrological Research Methods: Volume I - An Isar Anthology. POTTENGER, EDITOR, Mark $29.95 Astrology The astrological research community has long needed accessible material on how to do research. ISAR decided to tackle the problem by asking people whith expertise to contribute to a collaborative book
Astrological Secrets For The New Millennium. BAUM, M.S.W., Laurie A. $18.95 Astrology Looks at key planetary movements through the signs after the year 2000 & relates this to the sun signs.
Astrological Timing Of Critical Illness - Early Warning Patterns. TYL, Noel $19.95 Medical Astrology Tyl's tested method with which to understand & anticipate the mergence of critical illness: from the natal horoscope, throughout development & within the aging process.
Astrological Triptych, An. RUDHYAR, Dane $14.00 Astrology Estracts from traditional astrology. A great wealth of psychological and spiritual meaning.
Astrologik: The Oracular Art Of Astrology. ALLI, Antero $16.95 Astrology Astrology, as presented in this book, is not in the stars but a code for seeing into - and sometimes beyond - the mind itself with an eye to the life you are actually living.
Astrology & Consciousness - The Wheel Of Light. OLESKY, Rio $16.95 Astrology Author talks of the significance of astrology to the nature of human consciousness & spiritual development.
Astrology & Sexual Analysis. GOODMAN, Morris $10.00 Relating This book deals with the sexuality of each of the Zodiacal signs. It is an analysis of sex & personality and about love in all its natural forms & aberations.
Astrology - 30 Years Research. D1065-014 DOANE, Doris C. $17.95 Astrological Data Church of Light research into lots of Astrological principles with case histories, glossary.
Astrology - A Beginner's Guide BOSTON, Graham $12.95 Astrology This beginner's guide explores how astrology enables us to understand ourselves, other people & our relationships more fully.
Astrology - How To Make And Read Your Own Horoscope. SEPHARIAL, $12.00 Astrology The alphabet of the Heavens; the construction of a horoscope; how to read the horoscope; how to calculate future influences, etc.
Astrology - The Classic Guide To Understanding Your Horoscope. DAVIDSON, Ronald C. $10.95 Basic Astrology This classic work is again back in print with new material explaining how the author's remarkable keyword system for interpreting birth charts can be used even by novice students.
Astrology Alive!. SCHERMER, Barbara $16.95 Astrology Experiential Astrology, astrodrama & the healing arts. Using exercises, rituals meditations, & games, the author shows how astrology is a powerful means of becoming self-aware.
Astrology And Health: A Beginner's Guide. WARREN-DAVIS, Dylan $11.95 Medical Astrology This book explains simply the symbolic richness of the zodiac signs & shows how they can illuminate our experience of health. A number of visualisation exercises are included.
Astrology And Its Practical Application. PARKER, E. $16.50 Astrology First written in July, 1927. This a very basic book in astrology as viewed during this time period.
Astrology And Past Lives. DEVLIN, Mary $19.95 Astrology Examines birth charts fro previous incarnations & shows you how to interpret these charts & compare them to your present one.
Astrology And Reincarnation HALL, Manly P. $5.95 Astrology Many prominent minds of the past have accepted both reincarnation & astrology, & it is only natural that the two beliefs have much in common.
Astrology And Reincarnation. YOTT, Donald H. $12.95 Astrology This book is designed to help discover the karmic & reincarnational indicatorsin the birth chart so that character traits carried over from previous lifetimescan be discerned & reworked.
Astrology And Relationships. DEVLIN, Mary $19.95 Relating Author looks at the relationship needs of the individual as revealed in the birth chart; then analyzes parent/child relationships; she then examines love, romance, sex, marriage & friendship.
Astrology And Spiritual Awakening BOGART, Gregory C. $19.95 Astrology This book demonstrates how astrology illuminates the stages of spiritual growth & awakening.
Astrology And Spiritual Development. CUNNINGHAM, Donna $9.95 Astrology Provides tools to channel the urge to transcend ourselves & merge with something greater. Special attention is devoted to Neptune.
Astrology And The Games People Play. GRENDAHL, Spencer $12.95 Astrology Using a technique the author calls Tri-Astral Analysis, he feels it will enable you to better understand how to employ astrology in your interactions with your friends, family & co-workers.
Astrology And The Spiritual Path. HUBER, Bruno & Louise $12.95 Astrology An excellent book for students & professional astrologers who want to work with personal crisis & spiritual evolution through the horoscope.
Astrology And The Stock Market Forcasting. M2942-034 MCWHIRTER, Louise $49.95 Financial Astrology Astrologer & financial analyst originates scientific theories on stock market forcasting.
Astrology And Vibrational Healing. CUNNINGHAM, Donna $9.95 Medical Astrology Presents a detailed analysis of how various astrological patterns influence us & how vibrational therapies can be used with astrology.
Astrology And Vocational Aptitude. V1509-014 VON KLOCKLER, H. Baron $14.50 Vocational Astrology A translation, from German, of von Klockler's work in astrology after the first world war.
Astrology As A Business. D2344-014 DOANE, Doris C. $10.95 Vocational Astrology What to do and to avoid in establishing an Astrological practice.
Astrology Beyond Ego. LYONS, Tim $6.95 Astrology Table of Contents: Astrology & Personal Wisdom; Astrology as a Symbol System; 12 Signs as States in a Process; Outer Planets & Collective Projections & much, much more.
Astrology Book, The. LLOYD, Andrea $12.50 Astrology Using simple charts & tables, you can find where your 7 most important planets were on the day you were born. Easy to understand interpretations of what it means in your life.
Astrology For All. LEO, Alan $19.95 Astrology A classic, developed especially for the reader without prior knowledge of the subject. A complete delineation of the 12 astrological types.
Astrology For Beginners. HEWITT, William W. $9.95 Astrology An easy guide to understanding & interpreting your chart. Basic astrology.
Astrology For Initiates: Astrological Secrets Of Western Mystery Tradition. PAPUS, $15.95 Astrology Translated by J. Lee Lehman, Ph.D, she places Papus in an historical perspective & explains his influence in late 19th & early 20th century France.
Astrology For Lovers. GREENE, Liz $12.95 Relating A comprehensive astrological guide to life, relationships and lovers.
Astrology For The Absolute Beginner. M3648-014 MANN, Mark $21.95 Astrology The meaning of astrological symbolism, signs, houses, planets. An excellent beginner's book without the sensationalism of cookbook astrology.
Astrology For The Light Side Of The Brain. ROGERS-GALLAGHER, Kim $12.95 Astrology A unique & fun book for beginners. Meet Pluto as Darth Vader, Venus in Aries as a flamenco dancer & the Sun as CEO of your horoscope & much more.
Astrology For The Light Side Of The Future. ROGERS-GALLAGHER, Kim $14.95 Transits
Astrology For The Millions. LEWI, Grant $14.95 Astrology A classic guide to computing accurate horoscopes quickly.
Astrology For The Soul. SPILLER, Jan $15.95 Nodes Discover your hidden talents, deepest desires, and ways to avoid negative influences that may distract you from achieving your true life purpose, as revealed by the North Node of the Moon.
Astrology For Women. STAR, EDITOR, Gloria $9.95 Astrology Ten professional women astrologers share their discoveries about the practical ways that astrology can help you arrive at a deeper level of self-awareness.
Astrology For Yourself. BLOCH & GEORGE, $24.95 Basic Astrology Uses a unique programmed learning text designed to walk you through a step-by-step process of interpreting your own chart.
Astrology In Action. ST. CLAIR, John $17.95 Astrology Planets, elements, qualities, signs, houses, aspects, decantes, duads, degrees of the Zodiac, dispositors, steps to interpretation, rectification, relocation charts.
Astrology In Action. W2925-033 WRIGHT, Paul $12.95 Astrology How astrology works in practice, demonstrated by transits, progressions & major chart themes in famous people's lives.
Astrology In Modern Language. VAUGHAN, Richard $13.95 Astrology An in-depth interpretation of the birth chart, focusing on the houses and their ruling planets.
Astrology In Relation To Mind And Character. A MENTAL SPECIALIST, $10.95 Astrology
Astrology In The Renaissance - The Zodiac Of Life. G3335-034 GARIN, Eugenio $7.95 Astrology A useful contribution towards a deeper understanding of the role of astrology & astrological ideas during the period when modern science was beginning to arise.
Astrology Inside Out. NEVIN, Bruce $13.95 Astrology A combination of astrology & meditation, aimed at helping a student build a self-reliant, intuitive approach to chart interpretation.
Astrology Looks At History. TYL, EDITOR, Noel $17.95 Astrology Watch 6 expert solve intriguing mysteries in Western history as they use rectification to capture the fascinating lives of geniuses who touched the development of arts, sciences & governmemt.
Astrology Of Childbirth. D3035-014 DOANE, Doris Chase $19.50 Astrology Learn steps to assure a successful birth as well as a healthy & happy child. Included are chapters on sex determination, naming the baby, natal & progressed indications and much more.
Astrology Of Choice. ALEXANDER, Roy $7.95 Astrology Combining transactional analysis with astrology, students get beyond reading a chart to allow the client to express feelings and fears.
Astrology Of Death, The. HOUCK, Richard $21.95 Astrology A comprehensive, exhaustively researched text examining in detail the characteristic astrological factors indicating death.
Astrology Of Deep Space. S2569-034 SEDGWICK, Philip $12.95 Astrology Author addresses his ideas to the influences of such phenomena as black holes,solar apex, galactic center, super galactic center, quasars, pulsars, dwarf stars, & many other unknown part of universe.
Astrology Of Dreams. K3042-014 KOCH, Beth $18.95 Astrology Interprets the symbols that appear in dreams as influenced by astrological factors. Complete with a 25 page dictionary of dream symbol meanings.
Astrology Of Fate, The. GREENE, Liz $15.95 Astrology Combining an understanding of astrological symbolism & the psychological processes involved in the pursuit of individuality, author shares insights about how the concept of fate evolves.
Astrology Of Healing, The: Vol. I - Stress: The Cause Of Disease. NAIMAN, Dr. Ingrid $35.95 Medical Astrology This volume is concerned with what stress is, how it is shown in the chart, & what investigative avenues can be pursued in future astromedical studies.
Astrology Of Healing, The: Vol. II - The Elements: Symptoms Of Disease. NAIMAN, Dr. Ingrid $35.95 Medical Astrology Author states her goal is to describe the role of the elements in health & to gain a place for the elements in modern medical astrological practice.
Astrology Of Healing, The: Vol. IV - Cancer. NAIMAN, Dr. Ingrid $35.95 Medical Astrology An astrological & holistic approach to cancer.
Astrology Of Healing, The: Vol. V - Immunity. NAIMAN, Dr. Ingrid $20.95 Medical Astrology
Astrology Of Human Relationships. SAKOIAN, Frances $15.00 Relating How to look at all kinds of relationships with practical instructions for the astrology student.
Astrology Of Identity, The. HAYES, Reed $17.95 Astrology Presents an analysis of the role astrology plays in determining one's identity. Author asks who am I? as he discusses concepts of Karmic Identity, Hidden Identity, & Androgyny.
Astrology Of Personality, The. RUDHYAR, Dane $21.95 Astrology The main purpose of astrology is not to predict events in terms of statisticalprobability, but to bring a message of order & meaning of individual life & struggles-to transform chaos into cosmos.
Astrology Of Self-Discovery, The. MARKS, Tracy $13.95 Astrology This book goes far beyond the analysis of superficial traits & provides guidance for achieving self-knowledge & self-development giving direction to those struggling with life issues.
Astrology Of Sexuality, The. SCHULMAN, Martin $9.95 Relating ..here we have an astrologer who pushes beyond these traditional barriers & points out that every factor in a chart plays a more or less significant part in sexual development & behaviour.
Astrology Of The Famed. TYL, Noel $19.95 Astrology A synthesis of astrological analysis & historical fact that takes you a journey into the past through the lives of Cleopatra, St. Francis, Dracula, da Vinci & Beethoven.
Astrology Of The Macrocosm - New Directions In Mundane Astrology, The. MCEVERS, Joan (Editor) $19.95 Mundane Astrology This book, edited by J. McEvers, contains charts & articles from some of the world's top astrologers, explaining various mundane, transpersonal & worldly events through astrology.
Astrology Of The Seers - A Guide To Vedic Astrology. FRAWLEY, David $18.95 Vedic Astrology A clear yet comprehensive presentation of Vedic astrology & makes this difficult-subject clear, practical & relevant. It explains all of its important factorsrelative to Western Astrology.
Astrology Of Theosophy, The. WILSON, Edward $10.95 Astrology An examination of the many links & parallels between astrology & theosophy, explaining such basic concepts as root racrs, rays, chakras, etc.
Astrology Of Transformation. RUDHYAR, Dane $14.00 Astrology Presents a vision of astrology as an alchemical tool for transforming the self. Practical applications are described in terms of the astrologer-client relationship, transits, progressions & more.
Astrology Plus Insight. MCCLUNG, K. $10.95 Astrology This volume contains detailed information on the Yod, Mercury's role in attracting a mentor-teacher, & an invaluable discussion of the importance of individual planetary sequences.
Astrology Primer For The Millions, An. TOBEY, Carl Payne $4.95 Astrology How to use astrology as a basis for understanding people, their actions, reactions to widely varying circumstances, & their inner motivations.
Astrology Really Works. MAGI SOCIETY, $12.95 Astrology Authors explore the astrological data of hundreds of successful people & fortuitous events to show the common astrological threads in each personal life & each event.
Astrology Simplified And Life Delineator. STOWE, Lyman E. $9.95 Astrology
Astrology Sourcebook, The. SOFFER, Shirley $16.00 Astrology
Astrology's Pew In Church JACOBS, Don $12.95 Astrology A surprising revelation of astrology's place in religious history, with detailed explanations of scriptural references & the horoscopes of Jesus & David.
Astrology, Alchemy And The Tarot. SANDBACH, John $5.95 Astrology Using the symbolism of the tarot as a point of focus & its correlation to the signs & planets of astrology, the author shows how each carries within it an ultimate seed for personal transformation.
Astrology, Karma And Transformation. ARROYO, Stephen $14.95 Astrology Focuses on the understanding & use of astrology as a tool for spiritual & psychological growth. This approach is based upon the law of karma & the urge towardself-transformation.
Astrology, Nutrition And Health. JANSKY, Robert $12.95 Medical Astrology A student's guide to practical medical astrology, introducing the Nodal Chart as an important key to diagnosis. Topics include cell salts, herbs, enzymes & much more.
Astrology, Psychology And The Four Elements. ARROYO, Stephen $14.00 Basic Astrology An energy approach to astrology & its use in the counseling arts. International best-seller translated into eight languages.
Astrology, The Next Step - Complete Horoscope Intrepretation. POTTENGER, Maritha $25.95 Basic Astrology Includes sections describing identity, career, relationships, mind, communica tion, parents, children, values, sexuality, health, karmic lessons, and more.
Astrology, The Sacred Science. HODGSON, Joan $17.95 Astrology Esoteric astrology text that deals with the Seven Rays of unfoldment & the planets associated with them.
Astrology. REID, Lori $7.95 Beginning Astrology
Astrology: A Cosmic Science. HICKEY, Isable M. $14.95 Astrology Classic text. This textbook of spiritual astrology demonstrates the interplay of karma, reincarnation & astrology. Includes 80 pages of new material about Pluto not readily available until now.
Astrology: A Key To Personality. MAYO, Jeff $13.95 Astrology A book for beginners wanting simple instructions on how to interpret a chart, as well as for old hands seeking fresh perspectives, it offers a unique system of self-discovery.
Astrology: A Language Of Life - Vol. I Progressions BLASCHKE, Robert P. $14.95 Progressions This book goes beyond the basics & provides a practical & theoretical foundation for integrating the various methods of progressions into a single body of method.
Astrology: How And Why It Works. JONES, Dr. Marc Edmund $16.95 Astrology A complete primer by a past master, at once philosophical & practical. Includes instructions on horoscope calculation & delineations by planet, sign, house, aspect, etc.
Astrology: Key To Holistic Health. S2634-034 STARCK, Marcia $13.95 Medical Astrology For the professional or student, this is a clear & comprehensive guide to the astrology of health. Special topics include allergies, addictions, cancer & astrological birth control.
Astrology: The Positive Approach. DANIEL, John E. $14.95 Astrology An encyclopedic look at astrology. Coverage of the signs, planets includes esoteric, kabbalistic; anatomy correlations; power qualities; temperment, disposition, & much, much mores.
Astrology: The Star Connection. BERG, Dr. Philip $9.95 Astrology Author blazes the kabbalistic trail through the uncharted terraine of astrology cosmos, human space travel, back to the future & human control of our destiny.
Astrology: Woman To Woman. STAR, Gloria $19.95 Astrology
Astrology: Worlds Visible And Invisible. B1023-014 BLACKMAN, Everett $9.95 Astrology A fascinating collection of essays on selected astrological topics, including the age-old question of fate & free will, the galactic center & the 500 year historical cycle plus a good deal more.
Astrometeorology - Planetary Power In Weather Forecasting. RISKE, Kris B. $20.95 Astrology Author teaches you to understand the complexities of the weather miracle & their influence on our personal decisions & actions. More importantly, the book teaches you how to forecast weather.
Astronoesis - Philosophy's Context, Astrology's Transcendental Ground. DAMIANI, Anthony $79.95 Astrology This deluxe edition shows philosophy & astrology as catalyzing wisdoms at he heart of most sacred tradtions. It helps you feel the wonder of being a child of the whole universe.
Astrosophic Principles. HAZELRIGG, John $11.95 Astrology
At The Table Of The Grail. MATTHEWS, John $9.95 Arthurian Legends In this collection of essays 12 leading authorities show how sources from the East & West meet in the different versions of the Quest that are so rich in insights for us all.
Atlantis - Myth Or Reality? HOPE, Murry $14.95 Mythology Author sets out to show how new discoveries about the changing tilt of the earth's axis & possible collisions with a giant asteroid may provide valuable clues about the destruction of Atlantis.
Atlas Of Holy Places & Sacred Sites. WILSON, Colin $29.95 Geomancy Compelling accounts tell the story of the world's greatest civilizations & their centers of worship. Maps help you locate places of mythical importance & photographs of the sites & close-up views.
Atman Project: A Transpersonal View Of Human Development. WILBER, Ken $14.00 Spiritual Philosophy A brilliant integration of the psychologies of East & West...Insights so profound yet so lucid, they indicate a mind of genius...
Attitude Adjustment: Affirmations For Inner Ecology. CAFE & INNECCO, $16.95 Tarot Cards Use this book & deck to create a conscious link between your attitudes & your immediate environment. Inside, you'll find 64 ways to attune your spirit, change your approach & refine sensibilities.
Aura Reading For Beginners. WEBSTER, Richard $7.95 Aura/Color Interpret meanings of colors in the aura; discover areas of your life that you need to work on; imprint into your aura what you want in your future; discover signs of impending ill health; & much more
Autobiography Of A Yogi. YOGANANDA, Paramahansa $5.50 Spiritual Philosophy The compelling sincerity of the author's life story, & the profound insight it conveys, have established this book as a classic in its field.
Avalanche - Heretical Reflections On The Dark And The Light. JOY, W. Brugh $10.00 Self-Help Attempts to consciously grapple with the dark side of life...this book reflects a sophisticated & challenging psycho-spiritual perspective, one well worth digesting.
Awaken Healing Energy Through The Tao. CHIA, Mantak $14.00 Eastern Phil. Unique book reveals the ancient Taoist secret of circulating internal energy through acupuncture meridians for physical, psychological & spiritual health.
Awakening Healing Light Of The Tao. CHIA, Mantak & Maneewan $16.95 Eastern Phil. This manual shows how to circulate the life-force or Chi in a simple loop up the spine & down the front acupuncture channels of the body. Gives overview of Taoist body/mind/spirit system.
Awakening Intuition. VAUGHAN, Frances E. $11.00 Psychology A concise overview of the most recent research in this area makes this book the essential work for anyone interested in developing his or her innate intuitive potential.
Awakening Intuition: Using Your Mind-Body Network For Insight & Healing. SCHULZ, M.D., PH.D., Mona Lisa $14.00 Psychology This book gives new insights into the intimate connections between the mind, body & emotions. It provides new perspectives on what science has uncovered about the powers of mind & cellular memories.
Awakening The Spine. SCARAVELLI, Vanda $22.00 Yoga
Awakening To The Sky: Imagining The Astrology Of Deep Space. FORREST, Steven $19.95 Astrology Transcript of a talk presented to the Boston chapter of the National Council for Geocosmic Research April 9, 1994.
Awakening To Zero Point: The Collective Initiation. BRADEN, Gregg $17.95 New Science Mass man is undergoing a change, that involves the human creature and consciousness.
Awakening Your Sexuality. COVINGTON, PH.D, Stephanie $11.00 Sexuality Straight, gay, or confused, young, old, or in between - our questions about sexuality are answered in clear, uncomplicated language.
Awareness: The Perils & Opportunities Of Reality. DE MELLO, Anthony $11.00 General Mixing Christian spirituality, Buddhist parables, Hindu breathing exercises & psychological insight, de Mello's words of hope come together in Awareness in a grand synthesis.
Ayurveda And Immortality. TREADWAY, PH.D, Scott & Linda $9.95 Ayurveda An easy-to-read & understandable scientific discussion of the ancient Vedic healing practices. Theoretical background & practical applications are discussed in depth.
Ayurveda, The Science Of Self-Healing. LAD, DR., Vasant $10.95 Ayurveda Illustrated with numerous charts, diagrams & tables that clarify Dr Lad's comprehensive text. Includes history & philosophy, diagnosis & treatment, diet, first aid & more.
Ayurveda: A Way Of Life. VERMA, Dr. Vinod $14.95 Ayurveda An easy-to-understand, comprehensive guide for assimilating the fundamentals of Ayurveda - India's ancient life science & system of holistic health care.
Ayurvedic Cookbook, The. MORNINGSTAR, Amadea $17.95 Ayurveda Over 250 taste-tested recipes are specifically designed to balance each constitution, with an emphasis on simplicity, ease & sound nutrition.
Ayurvedic Healing For Women. ATREYA, $14.95 Health Written for women who want to find their own solutions to their health issues, this book addresses the need to treat the root cause of feminine problems.
Baby Signs: How To Discover Your Child's Personality Through The Stars. FRANK, Debbie $5.99 Child Guidance
Bach Flower Remedies Step By Step, The. HOWARD, Judy $5.95 Herbalism A straightforward, yet comprehensive, guide to the Bach Flower system.
Back To Eden. KLOSS, Jethro $9.95 Herbalism The classic guide to herbal medicine, natural foods, & home remedies since 1939.
Banished Knowledge: Facing Childhood Injuries. MILLER, Alice $10.00 Psychology When one day the ignorance arising from childhood repression is eliminated & humanity has awakened, an end can be put to the production of evil.
Barbara Walker Tarot Deck BW78, $16.95 Tarot Deck Incorporates matriachal beliefs, female sexuality, pagan rites & Christian Adaptations. Card titles in English, French, German, Italian & Spanish.
Barefoot Doctor's Guide To The Tao: Spiritual Handbook For Urban Warrior. RUSSELL, Stephen $13.00 Tao Here is the Tao with hipness, humor & a complete lack of inscrutability. Genuinely erudite but also highly practical, it helps you learn meditation, psychic shielding, mindfulness & much, much more.
Basic Astrology Workbook. N2437-034 NEGUS, Joan $6.95 Basic Astrology A lesson book for students starting their astrological education. Designed to accompany the Basic Astrology textbook but may be used with other texts as well.
Basic Astrology: A Guide For Teachers And Students. NEGUS, Joan $9.95 Basic Astrology An astrology textbook for beginners, with easy to follow instructions on calculating and interpreting natal horoscopes. Includes homework assignments.
Basic Elements Of Astrology, The. H1195-014 HUGHES, D.B. $9.95 Astrology A clear & concise introduction for the novice, explaining what a horoscope represents & how to interpret basic horoscopic functions-planets, signs & houses.
Basic Magick - A Practical Guide. COOPER, Phillip $12.95 Magick Teaches the true art of magick, free of superstition, unfounded beliefs, and dogma. Includes instructions on building an inner circle, working with four gateways of power and much more.
Basic Predictive Astrology. H2526-014 HALL, Gladys M. $18.50 Predictive Astrology Packed with astrological interpretation, information on transits, marriage, career, & much more.
Basic Principles Of Geocosmic Studies For Financial Market Timing. MERRIMAN, Raymond $15.95 Financial Astrology The perfect place to begin a study in financial astrology. Written for those interested in market timing, as well as those who have little knowledge in astrology. Excellent information.
Basic Tarot Deck DOBRATZ - BS78, Gudrun $20.95 Tarot Deck
Basic Yoga For Everyone - Card Set. HIRSCHI, Gertrud $29.95 Yoga
Be Here Now. DASS, Ram $13.13 Spiritual Philosophy The transformation of Dr. Richard Alpert, Ph.D into Baba Ram Dass.
Be The Person You Want To Find: Relationship And Self-Discovery. HUBER, Cheri $12.00 Zen This is not a typical how-to book on solving your relationship problems. The focus here is awareness, responsibility, clarity & freedom.
Bear Tribe's Self-Reliance Book, The. SUN BEAR, WABUN & NIMIMOSHA, $10.95 Native American A handbook for those interested in living in harmony with nature & others.
Beginner's Guide To Astrological Interpretation, A. L3356-024 LEVINE, Joyce $11.95 Astrology Descriptions of the basic concepts of astrology & the influence of planets, houses, aspects, elements, quadruplicities & the ascendant.
Beginner's Guide To Constructing The Universe, A. SCHNEIDER, Michael S. $18.00 New Science
Beginner's Guide To Easy Horoscope Contruction, A. L1273-014 LEIPZIG, Marwayne $7.95 Chart Construction Practical instructions on computing charts using a noon or midnight ephemeris - includes examples.
Beginner's Guide To Jungian Psychology. ROBERTSON, Robin $12.95 Psychology Explains how Jung reintroduced westerners to the world of archetypes - the imagery of the collective unconscious, of mythology, & the symbols in nature.
Beginner's Guide To Practical Astrology, A. ROBSON, Vivian E. $17.00 Astrology How to cast a horoscope, planets, signs & houses; how to judge a horoscope; how to calculate future influences, etc.
Beginning Of Wisdom, The. IBN-EZRA, Avraham $18.95 Ancient Astrology In addition to being a very comprehensive basic introduction to the astrology of the Arabic Era, this book contains much lore that is either not found or is not clearly evident in other sources.
Behold A Pale Horse. COOPER, William $25.00 Ufo
Behold The Spirit. WATTS, Alan $9.00 Spiritual Philosophy A study in the necessity of Mystical Religion.
Being In Dreaming - An Initiation Into The Sorcerer's World. DONNER, Florinda $14.00 Magick Author challenges the world's most cherished social myths about reality, the nature of women, & the significance of dreams.
Being Peace. HANH, Thich Nhat $10.00 Eastern Phil. Author thoroughly discusses the importance of being peace in order to make peace.
Beneath A Vedic Sky: A Beginner's Guide To The Astrology Of Ancient India. LEVACY, William R. $19.95 Vedic Astrology Readers will leaarn how to identify the most salient features of Vedic astrology, how to properly & successfully interpret a birth chart Vedic style & how to derive the greatest benefit from this info
Benham Book Of Palmistry, The. BENHAM, Wm. G. $14.95 Palmistry A reference guide for reading the hand first published in 1900. Subjects include: the different parts of the hand, pose & carriage of the hands, mounts of the hand & lines of the hands.
Best Of Charles Jayne, The. J3580-014 JAYNE, Charles $19.95 Locality Astrology Four significant works in one volume: Horoscope Interpretation Outlined, Introduction to Locality Astrology, Parallels: Their Hiden Meaning and The Technique of Rectification.
Better Eyesight Without Glasses. BATES, M.D, William H. $8.95 Health A tested method for improving vision by the doctor who originated & perfected it.
Between Heaven And Earth - A Guide To Chinese Medicine. BEINFIELD & KORNGOLD, $14.00 Healing This book addresses 3 vital areas of Chinese medicine-theory, therapy, & types - to present a comprehensive guide to this ancient system.
Between The Worlds - Witchcraft & The Tree Of Life MYERS, Stuart $17.95 Magick
Beyond Pendulum Power. NIELSEN, Greg $11.95 Pendulum Now you can learn to tune-in using a pendulum to become more intuitively aware of your relationships, your career/business, your health & your spiritual higher self.
Bhagavad Gita, The. EASWARAN, Eknath $9.95 Eastern Philoshopy The most important, the most influential & the most luminous of all the Hindu scripture. - R. C. Zaehner
Bhagavad Gita: Like A Thousand Suns (Vol II). EASWARAN, Eknath $19.95 Eastern Philoshopy India's timeless & practical scripture presented as a manual for everyday use.
Bhagavad Gita: The End Of Sorrow (Vol. I). EASWARAN, Eknath $19.95 Eastern Philoshopy India's timeless & practical scripture presented as a manual for everyday use.
Bhagavad Gita: To Love Is To Know Me (Vol. III). EASWARAN, Eknath $19.95 Eastern Philoshopy India's timeless & practical scripture presented as a manual for everyday use.
Birthday Numerology. BUNKER & KNOWLES, $13.95 Numerology Discover the meaning of your personal numbers without complicated calculations. Easy & fun.
Black Butterfly: An Invitation To Radical Aliveness. MOSS, Richard $14.95 Self-Help An invitation to fundamental creativity, to essential change, not merely of our ideas, but of the very basis of our lives. Calls us to a radical aliveness.
Black Elk Speaks. NEIHARDT, John G. $9.95 Native American
Black Moon Book, The. GEORGE, SANTONI & SUYTERMAN, $12.00 Lilith Ephemeris of the Black Moon 1910-2010 by Francis Santoni. The Dark Goddess Lilith by Demetra George. Basics to interpreting the Black Moon by Lee A. Suyterman.
Black Sun Signs - African-American Guide To The Zodiac. BALFOUR, Thelma $11.00 Astrology This book offers light-hearted advice on romance, tips on money matters, discussions about health concerns, & more.
Blank Tarot Deck. BL81, $8.95 Tarot Deck Make your own tarot, playing card or game deck with a set of round-cornered blank cards. Also perfect for flash cards, educational cards, recipe cards L:& many other projects.
Blending Astrology, Numerology & Tarot. D3671-014 DOANE, Doris Chase $18.50 Astrology An up-to-date book containing an easy and enlightening approach to getting the most out of reading tarot & astrology together.
Bloodline Of The Holy Grail - The Hidden Lineage Of Jesus Revealed. GARDNER, Laurence $18.95 Mystic Christianity
Blooming Of A Lotus. HANH, Thich Nhat $14.00 Meditation Based in the practices of conscious breathing & mindfulness, the 34 guided exercises in this meditation manual bring us into closer touch with our physical bodies, inner selves & world around us.
Bodhisattva Of Compassion - The Mystical Tradition Of Kuan Yin. BLOFELD, John $15.00 Eastern Phil. This portrait of the Goddess of Compassion is both an informative study by a leading scholar of Buddhism & an engaging account of the author's search for the mystical significance of the goddess.
Body Of The Goddess, The. POLLACK, Rachel $16.95 Goddess
Bodywise. HELLER & HENKIN, $17.95 Health Authors make the connection between life issues & natural bodily alignment & show how to restore the body's natural balance from the inside out.
Bon Voyage: An Astrological Study Of Relocation. P3265-014 PENFIELD, Marc $15.95 Locality Astrology Relocation is the study of an individual's reaction to a specific environment & the circumstances they will encounter during the time spent in a specific locale
Bone Marrow Nei Kung. CHIA, Mantak & Maneewan $14.95 Eastern Phil. A system to cultivate internal power. Through absorbing cosmic energy into the bones, the bone marrow is revitalized, blood replenished, & the life-force within is nourished.
Book 4 CROWLEY, Aleister $9.95 Magick A discussion of the fundamentals & essentials of both magick & mysticism.
Book Of Buddhas, The: Ritual Symbolism Used On Buddhist Statuary. JANSEN, Eva Rudy $10.95 Eastern Phil. This is not a comprehensive & exhausting study, but provides an introduction to Buddhism itself, as well as a generous survey of the most common figures & symbols.
Book Of Divination, The. FIERY, Ann $24.95 Divination Beautiful hardcover book delves into the great divination practices of the Western world..from astrology & tarot to tasscomancy (Teal Leaf) & haruspicy (divination by inspecting goat entrails).
Book Of Druidry, The - History, Sites And Wisdom. NICHOLS, Ross $19.00 Celtic Tradition A comprehensive survey of the Druids from their earliest history to the current renaissance.
Book Of Hindu Imagery, The: The Gods & Their Symbols. JANSEN, Eva Rudy $12.95 Eastern Philosophy This volume cannot offer a complete survey of the meaning of Hinduism, but the author does provide an extensive compilation of important deities & their devine manifestations.
Book Of Jupiter, The. WARAM, Marilyn $15.95 Planets Tracing the mythology of Jupiter, the auther reveals the underpinnings of Jupiter key words as self-righteous, expansive, arrogant, truth-seeking, etc. Case studies & Jupiter by house, sign & aspect.
Book Of Lies, The. CROWLEY, Aleister $8.95 Magick An admirable collection of Crowley's aphorisms - witty, subtle & instructive paradoxes that challenge & exhilarate.
Book Of Lilith, The KOLTUV, Barbara B. Ph.D $9.95 Mythology Lilith is the representative of the essentially motherless form of the feminine Self that arose as an embodiment of the neglected & rejected aspect of the Great Goddess.
Book Of Lovers, The. REYNOLDS, Carolyn $14.95 Relating 144 types of men and 144 types of women. Which type are you. More accurate & detailed than Sun sign books.
Book Of Marriage Charts. H2351-014 HUGHES, Emylu L. $21.95 Relating Discusses customs, the odds, formulas for related Arabic Parts with numerous example charts.
Book Of Massage, The. LIDELL, Lucinda $15.00 Health Guide to the relaxing & healing skills of the hands, from massage to Shiatsu & reflexology. Beautifully illustrated with step-by-step instructions.
Book Of Neptune, The. WARAM, Meriyln $15.95 Planets Delineates Neptune through the signs, houses & aspects & discusses common Neptune games. Last chapter reminds readers of the positive side of Neptune.
Book Of Numerology, LINGERMAN, Hal A. $9.95 Numerology Helps you clarify issues in relationships, career & your spiritual focus.
Book Of Pagan Rituals, A. SLATER (EDITOR), Herman $14.95 Ritual A collection of rituals, practices & exercises from ancient sources, some have been preserved & some rituals have been updated by scholars from various pagan groups.
Book Of Pluto. FORREST, Steven $15.95 Planets Steven interprets Pluto through house, sign & aspect & covers people's navigational errors & wounding scenarios with Pluto. We descend into hell & get a glimpse of heaven in this book.
Book Of Qualities, The. GENDLER, J. Ruth $11.50 General An insightful exploration into the rich diversity of human qualities using our own emotions, brought to life with a poet's wisdom and an artist's perceptive eye.
Book Of Rulerships, The: Keywords From Classical Astrology. LEHMAN, Dr. J. Lee $19.95 Astro Reference A systematic source for determining the classical rulership for something, this reference is an adjunct for anyone practicing classical sytle horary, or wishing to add classical methods to natal work.
Book Of Runes, The. BLUM, Ralph $19.95 Runes This revised, expanded version contains new techniques for using the runes.
Book Of Saturn, The. DOBYNS, Zopporah $15.95 Planets Dobyns methodically & lucidly delineates Saturn's sign & house placements & aspects with other planets. It is thorough, solidly grounded in tangible evidence, yet maintains a playful/positive attitude
Book Of Tarot, The: Companion To The Morgan Greer Deck. GERULSKIS-ESTES, Susan $10.00 Tarot Explores tarot symbolism with precision & clarity in this card-by-card delineation, including an explanation of its historical & philosophical roots.
Book Of The Law, The. CROWLEY, Aleister $7.95 Magick This work contains the corrected text of the 1938 edition with a facsimile of the handwritten manuscript. 128 pp.
Book Of Thoth, The. CROWLEY, Aleister $15.95 Tarot Used by students of the Golden Dawn as well as by those who want to understand Crowley's tarot, this is a definitive study of the Egyptian Tarot & is used as a key to all Western mystery traditions.
Book Of Tokens, The: Tarot Meditations. CASE, Paul Foster $16.95 Tarot The meditations in this book include the occult meaning of the 22 Hebrew letters.
Book Of Uranus, The. NEGUS, Joan $15.95 Planets Discusses Uranus through the signs (with historical correlates), through the houses of the horoscope, & in aspect to the other planets (& itself).
Book On How To Pass Afa Exam, The. R2048-024 RYAN, Juliann $11.95 Astrology What to study; how to survive; what to expect. Includes directions & examples of all the mathematical techniques required.
Book: On The Taboo Against Knowing Who You Are, The. WATTS, Alan $10.00 General Watts delves into the cause & cure of the illusion that the self is a separate ego, housed in a bag of skin, which confronts a universe of physical objects that are alien & stupid.
Born To Be Together - Love, Relationships, Astrology, And The Soul. LAMB, Terry $12.95 Realting
Born To Heal. MONTGOMERY, Ruth $5.99 General The true story of Mr. A & the astounding art of healing with life energies.
Bough Down - Praying With Tree Spirits. DOLFYN & ZU, $3.95 Pagan A book to teach you how to pray to trees in a language that they, & all nature spirits, will understand. Sample prayers included.
Boundaries & Relationships: Knowing, Protecting & Enjoying The Self. WHITFIELD, M.D., Charles L. $11.95 Relationships Describes 10 essential areas of human interaction wherein you can improve your relationships. These include age regression, giving & sharing, core recovery issues, unfinished business, and more.
Boundless Energy: Complete Mind/Body Program For Overcoming Chronic Fatigue CHOPRA, M.D., Deepak $12.00 Health A program for deriving more energy from food, minimizing energy-depleting behaviors, balancing behavioral patterns & utilizing the power of personal growth to create a sense of alertness.
Brady's Book Of Fixed Stars. BRADY, Brenadette $24.95 Fixed Stars
Breaking The Godspell. FREER, Neil $12.95 Mystic Christianity ..Weaves together an amazing mosaic of archeology, myth, history, comparative religion, mixed in with innovative perspectives from genetics, psychology & neurology...
Breathing - Expanding Your Power And Energy. SKY, Michael $12.00 Healing Discusses breath-the central organizing life force-as it relates to emotional responses, lifetime habits, sleep, childbirth, sexual communion, & higher consciousness.
Bridge Across Forever, The: A Lovestory. BACH, Richard $7.50 General If you've ever felt alone in a world of strangers, missing someone you've never met, you'll find a message from your love in The Bridge Across Forever.
Bridge To Infinity, The: Harmonic 371244 CATHIE, Bruce L. $11.95 New Science Author theorizes that the whole of physical reality which is tangible to us is formed from the basic geometric harmonies, or harmonics, of waveforms of light.
Brief History Of Everything, A. WILBER, Ken $15.95 General An altogether friendly & accessible account of men and women's place ina universe of sex, soul, and spirit. Exmanines the course of evolution as the unfolding manifestation of spirit.
Bringers Of The Dawn - Teachings From The Pleiadians. MARCINIAK, Barbara $14.00 Channeled Channeling by Marciniak impart to us the wisdom of the Pleiadians, a group of enlightened beings who have come to Earth to help us discover how to reach a new stage of evolution.
British Royalty Horoscopes. F3625-034 FLACK, Rudy & Diane $7.95 Astrological Data A succession of rulers of England & Scotland from 802 to the present day.
Broken Boys / Mending Men. GRUBMAN-BLACK, Stephen D. $4.99 Men's Books Grubman-Black, a counselor, seminar leader & survivor of childhood abuse, explores what happens to adult survivors when the trauma of sexual abuse haunts their lives.
Brother Of The Third Degree. GARVER, Will L. $15.50 Fiction This is the classic occult fiction novel writen in 1894.
Brotherhood Of Light Tarot Deck. CL78, $12.95 Tarot Deck This black & white deck is suitable for hand coloring. The original 1918 card drawings were taken from Practical Astrology by Comte C. Saint-Germain & described by Zain in The Sacred Tarot.
Buckland's Complete Book Of Witchcraft. BUCKLAND, Raymond $14.95 Magick Teaches the history, practice, composition, formulae, mechanics of magic, herbology, divination ---in short, each & every aspect of the practice of Wicca.
Buddhist Handbook, The. SNELLING, John $16.95 Eastern Phil. A complete guide to Buddhist school, teaching, practice & history.
Buddhist I Ching, The. CHIH-HSU OU-I, $16.00 I Ching This work is the only full-length interpretation of the I Ching by a Chinese Buddhist meditation master & offers 3 levels of interpretation: social, Buddhist & meditational.
Buffalo Woman Comes Singing. MEDICINE EAGLE, Brooke $12.50 Native American Author traces her spiritual development from her first guided steps on the medicine path to her ongoing work as a highly respected Native American teachers of the modern era.
Builders Of The Adytum (B.O.T.A.) Tarot Deck. BT78, Builders Of Adytum $13.95 Tarot Deck Achieve a strong, personal connection with this black & white tarot deck by coloring it yourself. Includes Dr. Paul Foster Case's booklet which offers coloring instructions.
By Oak, Ash & Thorn: Modern Celtic Shamanism. CONWAY, D.J. $12.95 Shamanism Presents a modern system of Celtic shamanism, inspired by old writings that suggest that the Druidic order was not the sole system of Celtic religious practice.
By Your Lights. J2355-014 JAYNE, Vivia $14.95 Astrology Shows the relation of the Sun & Moon to each other in each house.
C. G. Jung: The Fundamentals And Practice. HUMBERT, Elie $14.95 Psychology Those univitiated to Jung's thought will find here an excellent guide to many of Jung's basic concepts.
Cabalah Of Astrology - The Language Of Numbers. EISEN, William $17.95 Astrology The English Cabalah is used to prove that the one specific vibration that is tailor-made to fit each & every living person is not only based on his date of birth but also the name on birth certificate
Cagliostro's Tarot Deck. CG78, $16.95 Tarot Deck Revised edition of the Cagliostro pack first published in 1912. Interpretations & astrological symbols are printed on each card.
Call Of Pacal Votan - Time Is The Fourth Dimension, The. ARGUELLES, Jose $11.95 New Science
Cancer Salves: A Botanical Approach To Treatment. NAIMAN, Dr. Ingrid $31.00 Medical Astrology For those patients seeking alternatives to conventional cancer treatments.
Candle Magick Workbook. PAJEON, Kala & Ketz $12.95 Candle Magick This workbook serves as a springboard to other systems of magick by teaching the whys & hows of magick in an easy, step-by-step process.
Candlelight Spells. DUNWICH, Gerina $12.00 Candle Magick A comprehensive guide to the traditional Sabbat feasts of the witch's year that contains many recipes & rituals for their proper celebration.
Cardinal Cross: An X-Ray Of The Soul. D1054-014 DAVIDSON, William $7.95 Aspects An esoteric explanation of the link between astrology & the so-called Seven Rays, equating angular cardinal signs in the birth chart with high spiritual consciousness.
Care Of The Soul: A Guide For Cultivating Depth & Sacredness In Life. MOORE, Thomas $14.00 Psychology The book for our troubled times -- a path-breaking lifestyle handbook that shows how to add spirituality, depth & meaning to modern day life by nurturing the soul.
Carnival Of The Spirit: Seasonal Celebrations & Rites Of Passage *** TEISH, Luisah $12.00 Ritual
Cary-Yale Visconti Tarot Deck. CY86, $40.95 Tarot Deck 86 cards comprises 22 Major & 64 Minor Arcana. Each suit in the Minor Arcana contains both male & female Knights & Pages in addition to the King & Queen for a total of 16 cards per suit.
Casenotes Of A Medical Astrologer. M1340-034 MILLARD, Dr. Margaret $7.95 Medical Astrology An in-dipth look at the birth patterns of the author's patients shows a great deal about diseases & how medical astrology can be used as well as how serious asubject it is.
Casting The Circle - A Women's Book Of Ritual. STEIN, Diane $14.95 Women's Books Contains 23 full ritual outlines, including rituals for waxing, full & waning moons, the 8 Sabbats, & rites of passage and much more.
Casting The Horoscope. L1278-034 LEO, Alan $12.95 Chart Construction A guide to calculating & plotting horoscopes, complete with condensed 1870-1933 ephemeris, house tables & logarithms. Aimed at the novice.
Cauldron Of Transformation - A New Vision Of Wicca. SABRINA, Lady $16.95 Wicca Explore the basic tenets & structure of Celtic Druidism, Shamanism, Christianity, Santeria, and Buddhism & learn how to combine the wisdom & knowledge of these diverse traditions.
Celebrate The Earth - A Year Of Holidays In The Pagan Tradition. CABOT, Laurie $11.95 Pagan Shows you how to observe the Wheel of the Year - 8 holidays celebrated in the ancient pagan tradition, as you renew body & spirit in age-old ritual.
Celestial Bodies. J2663-034 JOHNSON, Kathleen $3.95 Medical Astrology Author offers a unique holistic approach to improving your overall health. Sheexplains, for each sign, how strengthining your natural defenses & immune systemcan help you prevent disease & illness.
Celestial Merry-Go-Round. FLACK, Diane A. & Rudy $10.95 Astrology Explains repetitive circular patterns. Seven percent of the population has a Loop; they may not all be exciting, but they are reliable.
Celestial Psychology: An Astrological Guide To Growth & Transformation. HEBEL, Doris $9.95 Aspects Aspects to the outer planets are explored to show how the nature of particular planets defines negative & positive influences in the birthchart.
Celestial Renaissance: A Revolution Of Astrology. PHIPPS, Kelly Lee $29.95 Astrology Celestial Renaissance is a guidebook for interpreting your astrological chart.
Celestial Stand-Ins: A Look At Mutual Receptions. F3690-034 FLACK, Diane A. & Rudy $13.00 Astrology A look at mutual receptions gives a list of all possible mutual receptions as well as mini-definitions of each. There are numerous examples.
Celestial Superrulers - Planets In Their Dignity. F3679-034 FLACK, Diane & Rudy $8.95 Planets Planets in their dignity takes a close look at any planet in a sign it rules, especially if it is the final despositor of the chart. Included are brief delineations in its own sign or house.
Celestine Prophecy, The. REDFIELD, James $12.99 Prophecy Reading like a story of high adventure, but having the in-depth affect of a spiritual parable, this book will take you on a journey that will lighten your soul.
Celestine Prophecy, The. - An Experiential Guide REDFIELD, James $9.99 Prophecy A companion to the #1 New York Times bestseller The Celestine Prophecy. Helps you intensify & expand the knowledge contained in each of the 9 Insights.
Celestine Vision, The. JAMES, Redfield $13.99 Prophecy
Celtic Art - The Methods Of Construction. BAIN, George $9.95 Celtic Tradition Step-by-step procedures carefully introduce the simple rules & methods of Celtic knot work & the well-known designs from the great manuscripts & stone work.
Celtic Art Source Book, The. DAVIS, Courtney $17.95 Celtic Tradition The line drawings have been produced so that the professional or amateur alike can use or adapt the designs. Chapters include knotwork borders, key patterns, spirals, zoomorphic designs & more.
Celtic Books Of The Dead, The. MATTHEWS, Caitlin $27.95 Tarot Deck Using original immrama texts, the author has prepared this book as a guide thruthe Celtic Otherworld. Use the system to plot your own journey & receive clari- fication for your life's direction.
Celtic Borders & Decoration. DAVIS, Courtney $12.95 Celtic Tradition Combines both abstract & realistic images in over 80 intricate designs. Author fuses ancient symbols & patterns with his own modern ideas & interpretations.
Celtic Design Coloring Book. SIBBETT JR., Ed $2.95 Celtic Tradition The designs in Celtic illuminated manuscripts represent a distinctive fusion of native Irish, Germanic & Near Eastern motifs.
Celtic Design: A Beginner's Manual. MEEHAN, Aidan $15.95 Celtic Tradition A treasure house of ideas...These are excellent books (series) for anyone really interested in Celtic design itself or for anyone interested in developing their skills in formalised design.
Celtic Design: Knotwork - The Secret Method Of The Scribes. MEEHAN, Aidan $15.95 Celtic Tradition The simple knot, with all its religious connotations, is developed into a border, panel or traditional carpet-page.
Celtic Dragon Tarot, The - Deck & Book Set. CONWAY & HUNT, $29.95 Tarot Deck
Celtic Knotwork. BAIN, Iain $14.95 Celtic Tradition
Celtic Lore: The History Of The Druids & Their Timeless Traditions. RUTHERFORD, Ward $15.00 Celtic Tradition Re-examines Druidism, incorporating new & extensive research into the arcane wisdom of the Druids & the effects of their ideas through history to the present.
Celtic Lunar Zodiac, The: How To Interpret Your Moon Sign. PATERSON, Helena $17.95 Celtic Tradition Developed by ancient Druid priests, the Celtic Lunar Zodiac is a fascinating astrological system.
Celtic Magic. CONWAY, D.J. $4.99 Pagan Provides an extensive how-to of practical spell working. There is also an in-depth discussion of Celtic deities & the Celtic way of life & worship.
Celtic Myth & Magick: Harnessing The Power Of The Gods & Goddesses. MCCOY, Edain $19.95 Celtic Tradition Describes the energies of over 300 cross-referenced Celtic deities & heroic figures. Presents guidelines for creating rituals & spells in accordance with the beliefs of Celtic Paganism.
Celtic Myth And Legend. SQUIRE, Charles $12.95 Mythology This is a study of Celtic mythology, legend & poetry presenting the entire enthralling panorama of the mythical & legendary traditions of the ancient Gaelic & British Celts.
Celtic Mythology. RUTHERFORD, Ward $14.00 Mythology The nature & influence of Celtic myth from Druidism to Arthurian legend. Facinating sourcebook uncovers the origins, symbolism & literary traditions of ancient Celtic mythology.
Celtic Reader, A: Selections From Celtic Legend, Scholarship & Story. MATTHEWS (EDITOR), John $18.00 Celtic Tradition Presents a broad-based collection of materials dating from the earliest eras of the written word to nineteenth & twentieth-century scholarship & investigation.
Celtic Shaman - A Handbook. MATTHEWS, John $14.95 Celtic Tradition This book offers a varied & practical plan of self-tuition for those who are interested in Celtic mythology & the Western mysteries.
Celtic Spirit, The: Daily Meditations For The Turning Year. MATTHEWS, Caitlin $14.00 Celtic Brimming with legends & lore of Ireland, Wales, Scotland & Britain, this book is a brilliant introduction to the sacred wisdom of the Celtic path - & a potent resource for daily spiritual renewal.
Celtic Tree Mysteries: Secrets Of The Ogham. BLAMIRES, Steve $14.95 Wicca This book gives you the insight & guidance you need to discover your true spiritual path winding around the twenty trees of the ancient Tree Ogham.
Celtic Tree Oracle, The. MURRAY, Liz & Colin $29.95 Tarot Deck Based on the Celtic culture, this set, packaged in a wooden box, is complete with a worksheet, 25 Celtic Ogham Tree cards & a 28-page text to interpret the meanings of each card.
Celtic Wisdom Tarot, The. MATTHEWS, Caitlin $35.00 Tarot Deck
Centering: A Guide To Inner Growth. LAURIE, Sanders & M. Tucker $9.95 Meditation Learn to use meditation to reduce stress, heighten your awareness, increase your learning power, enhance your talents, uncover keys to transmit healing energies & learn to understand dreams.
Ceremonial Circle:Practice, Ritual & Renewal For Personal & Community Heal. CAHILL & HALPERN, $15.00 Ritual Practical information about shamanic practice & how to create ceremonies & rituals by working with the tools & techniques of the sacred.
Chakra Therapy For Personal Growth & Healing. SHERWOOD, Keith $9.95 Chakras A practical guide which describes the mechanics of energy systems, dynamics of energy flow, & the energy interaction between you & others.
Chakras - Energy Centers Of Transformation. JOHARI, Harish $14.95 Chakras Classical principles of the chakras as well as their practical application today.
Chakras And Esoteric Healing, The. LANSDOWNE, Zachary F. Ph.D $8.95 Chakras Examines the relationship between chakras, states of consciousness & pranic, telepathic & radiatory healing.
Chakras For Beginners - A Guide To Balancing Your Chakra Energies. POND, David $9.95 Chakras Explains how to align your energy on many levels to achieve balance from the inside out. You will learn the function of the 7 body-spirit energy vortexes called the chakras.
Chakras, The. LEADBEATER, C.W. $10.95 Chakras Author makes the chakras come alive in color, with 10 striking illustrations. With great clarity & simplicity, he explains what each chakra means to your welfare.
Chakras: Roots Of Power. BOHM, Werner $12.95 Chakras Author explains the theories necessary to understand the eightfold path of yoga, postures of meditation, controlling the breath, conscious mastery of the senses, contemplation & more.
Chaldean Cycles Revealed. E3692-014 ESCOBAR & JONES, Thyrza & J. Allen $21.95 Astrology The 3,000 & 7,000 year cylces as well as the 36 year cycles are revealed. Learn how to cast a chaldean chart.
Chalice And The Blade, The: Our History, Our Future. EISLER, Riane $17.00 Cultural Anthro Chapters include: messages from the past - the world of the goddess, memories of a lost age; legacy of the goddess, patterns of the past; gylany & history, & breakthrough in evolution. Excellent.
Changing Lines. LEICHTMAN & JAPIKSE, $7.95 I Ching A new presentation of the standard I Ching text, designed to be used exclusively for gaining insight into personal & spiritual growth.
Changing Sky, The. FORREST, Steven $14.95 Transits Includes the life cycle patterns of transits; secondary progressions & focuses on the progressed Moon through the houses & signs as well as the changing angles.
Charms, Spells & Formulas. MALBROUGH, Ray T. $6.95 Magick Author reveals the secrets of Hoodoo magick, a folk magic that can be learned & mastered by anyone.
Chart Interpretation Handbook. ARROYO, Stephen $10.95 Astrology Shows how to combine the keywords & interpretive phrases in a way that illuminates the meanings of the planets, signs, houses & aspects emphasized in any chart.
Charting Presidential Elections. D2456-014 DELONG, Sylvia $16.95 Electional Astrology Presenting the author's simple & complete system for clearly determining in advance which party will win the U.S. Presidency in any election. Proven effective
Charting Your Career: The Horoscope Reveals Your Life Purpose. CLEMENT, PH.D., Stephanie Jean $12.95 Vocational Astrology This book is an astrological approach to finding your personal calling in life. It opens up a parachute of colorful careers that perfectly align with the planetary aspects in your birth chart.
Chess Influences. BOONE, Donald $8.95 Astrology A fun reading piece on the different style of chess playing by the various types of astrological archetypes.
Chi Nei Tsang - Intenal Organs Chi Massage. CHIA, Mantak & Maneewan $16.95 Healing Presents a new approach to healing that uses deep massage techniques in the abdominal area for healing internal organs.
Chi Self-Massage - The Taoist Way Of Rejuvenation. CHIA, Mantak $10.95 Eastern Phil. Tao rejuvenation employs your own internal energy, Chi energy, to strengthen & rejuvenate the senses & inner organs.
Child Astrology. ABADIE, M.J. $14.95 Astrology This book offers a comprehensive look at the planets and their influence on your child's emotional, intellectual, physical, and spiritual development .
Child Of Her People. CAMERON, Anne $8.95 Fiction Fiction. Story of a woman found, as a small white baby, in a covered wagon by the side of her dead mother. She is taken to a band of the People, who adopt & nurture her.
Children Of Light, Children Of Denial. BUESS,, Lynn $8.95 Parenting Author introduces new insights & deeply penetrative perspectives on the issues of abuse, alcoholism, co-dependency & the shame-based dysfunctional behaviors in today's society.
Children Of Mu, The. CHURCHWARD, James $15.95 General The Land of Mu was a huge continent situated in the Pacific Ocean between America & Asia 12,000 years ago. This account tells of the colonial expansion & the influence of its culture on the world.
Chinese Horoscopes. REID, Lori $6.95 Chinese Astrology Learn about the 12 animal symbols and what the future holds for you using Chinese astrology.
Chinese Numerology: The Way To Prosperity & Fulfillment. WEBSTER, Richard $12.95 Numerology Learn the original system of numerology that was the basis for Chinese astrology, feng shui & the I Ching.
Chiron And The Healing Journey. REINHART, Melanie $14.95 Chiron A psychological & mythological study of the newly-discovered planetoid & its impact on the study of astrology. In-depth case studies & information tables.
Chiron In Houses, Signs And Aspects. POTTENGER, Maritha $4.95 Chiron This booklet tells you the mythological background of the name, gives keywords to its meaning & some examples of how it seems to have worked in a few individual charts.
Chiron: Rainbow Bridge Between The Inner & Outer Planets. CLOW, Barbara Hand $14.95 Chiron Describes Chiron in the houses, signs & in aspect to other planets. Chiron can be healer or killer because it rules the next level of awareness that the whole culture is entering.
Chiron: The New Planet In Your Horoscope. N2281-014 NOLLE, Richard $14.95 Chiron An introduction to the astrology of the new planet discovered in 1977 - includes delineations by sign, house & aspect, illustrated with numerous celebrity horoscopes.
Choice Centered Astrology: The Basics. FAIRFIELD, Gail $16.95 Astrology Shows you how to utilize astrology to make the most of your life & gives clear examples of in-depth, choice centered interpretations.
Choice Centered Tarot. FAIRFIELD, Gail $9.95 Tarot Presents the tarot for personal empowerment & decision making.
Choose Once Again. FINEGOLD & THETFORD, $7.95 Course In Miracles Selections from a Course in Miracles.
Chop Wood, Carry Water. FIELDS, Rick $15.95 Eastern Phil. A guide to finding spiritual fulfillment in everyday life.
Christian Astrology: Books I & II LILLY, William $49.95 Astrology This book was first published in 1647. Book I is An Introduction to Nativities and Book II is The Resolution of all Manner of Questions.
Christian Hermetic Astrology: Star Of The Magi & The Life Of Christ. POWELL, Robert A. $14.95 Astrology Who were the 3 wise men & what was the Star of the Magi that led them to Bethlehem? Using the dialog form, this book explores these questions & the basis for the inauguration of Star Wisdom.
Chronicles Of Tao: The Secret Life Of A Taoist Master. MING-DAO, Deng $19.00 Eastern Phil. This is the true story of Taoist master, Kwan Saihung. Born into a wealthy family, he defies his parents by entering into Taoist training.
Chuang Tsu: Inner Chapters. TSU, Chuang $19.00 Eastern Phil. Chuang Tsu developed the doctrines of Taoism with rigorous logic. His fables & humor are imaginative & poetic, reflecting a brilliant & original mind.
Circle Of Power: Tying Down Strings Of Energy. HUGHES-CALERO, Heather $10.00 Fiction Native American fiction.
Circle Of Stars - An Introduction To Indian Astrology ROEBUCK, Valerie $15.95 Vedic Astrology Draws us gently into a meditative experience of the lost feminine. Author creates the female space for us to consider our present lives from the eyes of women's ancient culture & ritual.
Circle Of Stones - Woman's Journey To Herself. DUERK, Judith $13.95 Women's Books Draws us gently into a meditative experience of the lost feminine. Author creates the female space for us to consider our present lives from the eyes of women's ancient culture & ritual.
Circle Of The Cosmic Muse - A Wiccan Book Of Shadows. SIMMS, Maria Kay $15.95 Wicca Integrates Wiccan ritual practice & astrological knowledge. It contains rites based on astrological symbolism for one full year of Full Moons & holidays, plus rituals for special occasions.
Circles Of Power - Ritual Magic In The Western Tradition. GREER, John Michael $20.00 Magick
Circles, Groves & Sanctuaries: Sacred Spaces Of Today's Pagans. CAMPANELLI, Dan & Pauline $12.95 Rituals Examine the magical places created by pagans & witches across the country, around the world & from a wide variety of traditions.
Civilization Of The Goddess - The World Of Old Eupore. GIMBUTAS, Marija $30.00 Goddess Gimbutas paints a richly detailed picture of (Old Europe's) religion, customs, social structure, agricultural economy, rituals, & art. This is the most complete book on the Goddess & her culture.
Classic Tarot Spreads. KONRAAD, Sandor $14.95 Tarot A unique collection of classic tarot spreads, an outstanding reference guide & tool for self-development.
Classical Astrology For Modern Living - From Ptolemy To Psychology. LEHMAN, J. Lee $19.95 Astrology Author believes the task of Classical Astrology today are in two areas: to recover the ancient techniques & also to understand them within a modern context.
Classical Scientific Astrology. NOONAN, George $17.95 Astrology Discusses principles from astrologers of 200 BC - 1600 AD including Aristotle, Ptolemy & others.
Clear Light Of Bliss. GYATSO, Geshe Kelsang $19.95 Eastern Phil. Vajrayana, or Tantric, Mahamudra is the path to enlightenment taught by Buddha. It is an advanced practice for recognizing & purifying the subtle channels, winds & drops of our subtle bodies.
Clear Your Clutter With Feng Shui. KINGSTON, Karen $10.00 Feng Shui The simple act of clearing clutter can transform your life by releasing negative emotions, generating energy & allowing you to create space in your life for the things you want to achieve.
Coalescent Horoscope: A New Method Of Synastry. GRINNELL & DUKELOW, $4.95 Relating Discover a new technique for analyzing relationships and how to calculate a coalescent chart.
Codependent No More. BEATTIE, Melody $12.95 Psychology
Coincidance: A Head Test. WILSON, Robert Anton $15.95 General This is an anthology of essays which the author calls random explorations, a quest to make sense out of nonsense which is an inescapable part of human experience.
Collected Articles On Astrology FORREST, Steven & Jodie $10.00 Astrology A series of past articles written by both Steven & Jodies. Wide range of topic and ideas.
Color Therapy. AMBER, Dr. Reuben $16.00 Aura/Color This comprehensive book enumerates the myriad ways you can consciously choose to use color to influence your body, mind & soul to promote health & well-being.
Colour Meditations. OUSELEY, S.G.J. $7.75 Aura/Color This book deals briefly with the history of color as a vital force & explains the significance of each color & the concept of Color Breathing.
Combating Cult Mind Control. HASSAN, Steven $12.95 General This book deals with the rising problem of cults in our society. How to identify, and to break way from these organizations is focused on.
Combination Of Stellar Influences, The. E1089-014 EBERTIN, Reinhold $19.95 Cosmobiology Contains, in addition to a short introduction to the method, 1117 examples of combinations for all aspects & midpoints. for serious students & cosmobiologists.
Common Sense Astrology. H3615-014 HARDIN, Patricia $12.95 Astrology This is a wonderful basic book on the foundations of working with astrology. A good beginners guide.
Common Sense Tarot - The Complete Guide To Tarot Reading. BENARES, Camden $9.95 Tarot A comprehensive, in-depth introduction to the world of Tarot reading. 5 new layouts, along with sample readings. Help yourself and others through the ancient teachings of the tarot.
Communicating The Horoscope. TYL, Noel (Editor) $12.00 Astro. Counseling Help your clients reach personal fulfillment through thoughtful counseling. Learn the critical factors crucial to successful analysis from 9 contributing authors.
Companions Along The Way. MONTGOMERY, Ruth $5.99 General Here are the details of a Group Karma experience that extends over thousands of years from the temples of Babylon to Palestine in the days of Jesus to the present.
Companions In Spirit. GARFIELD & GRANT, $8.95 Spirit Guides A guide to working with your spirit helpers.
Compassion In Action - Setting Out On The Path Of Service. DASS & BUSH, $11.00 General First part of the book is Ram Dass's spiritual autobiography. Bush then counsels readers on how to identify their useful talents, finding opportunities to serve in the community.
Compendium Of Astrology. LINEMAN & POPELKA, $24.95 Astrology Contains basic information needed to build a horoscope. It provides a step-by-step guide that will lead beginning students to in-depth knowledge of principles& calculations.
Complete Astrological Handbook For The Twenty-First Century, The. MILLER & BROWN, $19.95 Astrology
Complete Book Of Amulets & Talismans, The. GONZALEZ-WIPPLER, Migene $14.95 Magick Examine the infinite variety of charms & fetishes found in every civilization, from the distant past to the present.
Complete Book Of Astrology, The. AUBIN & RIFKIN, $12.95 Astrology
Complete Book Of Chinese Horoscopes, The. REID, Lori $19.95 Chinese Astrology Includes: a personality profile; insights into which signs make the best/worse lovers; colors, gemstones, hobbies, careers & famous people associated with the sign; and much, much more.
Complete Book Of Essential Oils & Aromatherapy, The. WORWOOD, Valerie Ann $19.95 Aromatherapy This encyclopedic book contains, in practical & easy-to-understand form, every conceivable use for essential oils & aromatherapy in everyday life.
Complete Book Of Incense, Oils & Brews, The. CUNNINGHAM, Scott $12.95 Aromatherapy Teaches how little-known methods of magical cookery can exercise influence over the environment.
Complete Book Of Magical Names, The. MCFARLAND, Phoenix $19.95 Wicca A compilation of nonbiblical names & their meaning written from a Wiccan perspective. Names are indexed by the characteristics they involk (from abundance to wisdom).
Complete Book Of Spells, Ceremonies & Magic, The. GONZALES-WIPPLER, Migene $14.95 Magick A comprehensive sourcebook for anyone interested in the theory & practice of magic. Includes spells & ceremonies from all magical systems around the world.
Complete Book Of Tarot, The. SHARMAN-BURKE, Juliet $12.95 Tarot Offers a comprehensive understanding of the tarot, its history & significance, as well as providing a complete home study program.
Complete Dictionary Of Astrology. LEO, Alan $12.95 Astro Reference Author's handy reference text of all the terms & concepts necessary to understand astrology's technical & philosophical dimensions.
Complete Enochian Dictionary, The. LAYCOCK, Donald $16.95 Magick A dictionary of the Angelic language as revealed to Dr. John D33 & Edward Kelley.
Complete Gospels, The MILLER, Robert J $19.00 Mystic Christianity
Complete Guide To Establishing A Professional Astrological Practice. LARSON & ROGERS, $4.95 Astro. Counseling Comprehensive guide to the practical things you need to know if you are contemplating becoming a professional astrologer, and expect to be able to make a living.
Complete Guide To Nine Star Ki, The. SACHS, Bob $13.95 Chinese Astrology Ancient in origin, this system offers clear & practical guidance which anyone can use, with or without prior knowledge of this or any other astrological system.
Complete Guide To The Tarot, A. GRAY, Eden $5.99 Tarot Author offers explicit advice about the 3 different methods of reading the cards & using the tarot for divination & meditation.
Complete Idiot's Guide To Tarot And Fortune-Telling, The. TOGNETTI & LENARD, $16.95 Tarot
Complete Idiots Guide To Astrology, The. GERWICK-BRODEUR, Madeline $17.95 Astrology
Complete Illustrated Guide To Feng Shui, The. TOO, Lillian $21.95 Feng Shui
Complete Illustrated Guide To Runes, The PENNICK, Nigel $19.95 Runes Comprehensive sourcebook which contains all you need to know, from the history & mythology, through the meaning of each rune, to how you can benefit from them today.
Complete Kama Sutra, The. DANIELOU, Alain $19.95 Sexuality
Complete Medicinal Herbal, The. ODY, Penelope $29.95 Herbalism A practical guide to the healing properties of herbs, with more than 250 remedies for common ailments. Beautiful hardcover, fully illustrated.
Complete Meditation. KRAVETTE, Steve $17.95 Meditation Simple, individualized meditative techniques, including breathing meditation, active meditation, chakras, mental enhancement, healing, psychic powers, astral travel, reincarnation & much more.
Complete Merlin Tarot, The. STEWART, R.J. $18.00 Tarot Based on the magical & spiritual adventures of Merlin, and drawn from authentic sources dating from the 12th century, it has been developed for modern use.
Complete Relaxation. KRAVETTE, Steve $19.95 Meditation A completely relaxed approach designed to put you in touch wit your whole self, the body, mind, emotions, spirituality & sexuality.
Complete System Of Self-Healing CHANG, Dr. Stephen $23.95 Health Tao of Revitalization is a system of many mental & physical movements, called Internal Exercises. These exercises heal & energize the internal organs thru deceleration, smoothness, naturalness, etc.
Computers And Astrology - A Universal User's Guide & Reference. F3287-034 FOREMAN, Patricia $19.95 Astrological Tools Four references in one, this book includes: options available for casting charts; a software comparison methodology; an astrological dictionary; time zones & changes for over 1000 cities.
Concept Of Cycle In Modern Science, Astrology And I Ching. G1149-034 GRAHAM, Charles M. $8.95 Astrology This paper was originally prepared as a University research project in the history & methodology of science, bearing the title Historical & Contemporary Foundations of the Study of Cycles.
Condensed Chaos: An Introduction To Chaos Magic. HINE, Phil $14.95 Magick ...Magic, in the light of modern physics, quantum theory & probability theory is now approaching science.
Confessions Of Aleister Crowley, The CROWLEY, Aleister $22.95 Biographies Crowley descibes his initiation into magic, his world-wide travels & mistresses his experiments with sex & drugs, & the philosophy of his famous Book of the Law.
Connolly Book Of Number, Vol. II, The. CONNOLLY, Eileen $12.95 Numerology This volume, the consultant's manual, builds upon Vol. 1, expanding esoteric knowledge & experience for use in teaching & counseling.
Connolly Tarot Deck. Cn78 CONNOLLY, Peter Paul $15.95 Tarot Deck Connolly employs inspirational, uplifting imagery to tap into your subconscious in this popular deck.
Consciousness And The Midheaven. CLEMENT, PH.D., Stephanie Jean $15.95 Houses This book contains information about the psychology of Ego & ego consciousness. The Midheaven reveals how an individual comes to self awareness & true consciousness.
Consulting Astrologer's Guidebook, The. CUNNINGHAM, Donna $14.95 Astro. Counseling Author clearly describes the different aspects of an astrological practice - from establishing a clientele, to advertising, to how to actually prepare for & deal with a client one on one.
Contemporary Lectures. HEBEL, Doris $6.00 Astrology A compilation of articles on chart interpretation, covering elements, aspects,hemisphere emphasis, retrogrades, stations, parental indicators & case histories.
Contest Charts. D2343-014 DOANE, Doris C. $9.95 Electional Astrology Methods to determine the winner in prize fights, tennis, races, sports, elections, etc.
Conversations With God - An Uncommon Dialogue: Book One WALSCH, Neale Donald $19.95 Channeled
Conversations With God - An Uncommon Dialogue: Book Two. WALSCH, Neale Donald $19.95 Channeled
Cooking With Astrology. OMARR, Sydney $14.95 Astrology
Core Energetics: Deveoping The Capacity To Love & Heal. PIERRAKOS, M.D., John C.Mmer $20.00 Chakras In this book the pulsation of life does not remain a philosophical structure. Dr. Pierrakos claifies what can be seen of human energy centers (chakras) & the various energy fields (auras).
Cornerstones Of Astrology. SCHWICKERT/WEISS, $17.50 Astrology A translation of J. B. Morin de Villefrance's 17th Century interpretation guide
Correspondence Course In Astrology JACOBSON, Ivy Goldstein $13.50 Astrology
Cosmic Astrology, The Religion Of The Stars. W2360-014 WAKEFIELD, June $11.95 Astrology An esoteric astrology primer, intended to point out the way of man's journey in life through the ages. Very metaphysical & yet quite readable.
Cosmic Combinations. NEGUS, Joan $12.95 Astrology A bookful of quizzes to help students develop a command of horoscope interpretation. Includes answers & example charts.
Cosmic Connection, The: Worldwide Crop Formations & E T Contacts. HESMANN, Michael $19.95 U.F.O. The first part of the book is an informative update of the latest research into crop circles & the second part is a popular summary of the connection between UFOs & ETs.
Cosmic Creation Of The Galaxy And Solar Systems. W2433-014 WAKEFIELD, June $14.95 Astrology This very spiritual book blends astrology, cabalistic theory & cosmology all together into one vision of the evolution of life on a universal as well as personal scale.
Cosmic Harp, The. HELINE, Corinne $7.95 Astrology This book presents a study of musical compositions that sound the keynotes of each of the 12 zodiacal signs, or the 12 strings of the zodiacal harp.
Cosmic Influences On Human Behavior. GAUQUELIN, Dr. Michel $16.95 Astrology A comprehensive report on planetary correlations with vocation, personality & heredity as revealed by exhaustive statistical studies.
Cosmic Key Of Life Self-Realization, The. VICKERS, A.S. $16.00 Astrology Basics in astrology first written in 1930.
Cosmic Symbolism. SEPHARIAL, $26.00 Astrology Meaning & purpose of Occultism; reading of symbols; law of cycles; time factor in Kabalism; involution & evolution; planetary numbers, sounds, hours; law of vibration; & much more.
Cosmic Tarot - Signposts Along The Path CLARSON, Laura E. $9.95 Tarot A complete guide to the symbolism & use of Norbert Losche's popular deck, providing card interpretations on three different levels: the cosmos, the human community & the individual.
Cosmic Tarot, The. HUETS, Jean $10.00 Tarot This book describes each card of the Cosmic Tarot deck. The Major Arcana is described in terms of the Cosmos, Human Community & the Individual and the Minor focuses on our personal lives.
Cosmic Tarot. LOSCHE CS78, Norbert $19.50 Tarot Deck Contemporary & futuristic designs convey ancient knowledge to today's readers. Stylized renderings of familiar figures make this deck highly accessible & meaningful to all tarot aficionados.
Cosmic Tribe Tarot. POSTMAN, Stevee $32.00 Tarot Deck This deck is charged with erotic, mystical energy showing that the modern tribal movement is at heart a spiritual one. Speaks to the fears, hopes & desires of a new generation.
Cosmic Trigger, Vol. 2. WILSON, Robert Anton $14.95 Fiction Wilson explores the incredible Illuminati-based synchronicities that have taken place since his original ground-breaking masterpiece was published.
Cosmic Trigger, Vol. 3. WILSON, Robert Anton $14.95 Fiction
Cosmic Trigger: The Final Secret Of The Illuminati. WILSON, Robert Anton $14.95 Fiction Wilson's most successful book in human terms. The book that symbolizes the essence of the new age. As Bob says, I do not believe in anything!
Counseling Manual In Astrology. J2425-014 JONES, Marc Edmund $17.95 Astro. Counseling Interpret charts using planetary patterns with 22 example celebrity charts readings.
Couple's Journey, The: Intimacy As A Path To Wholeness. CAMPBELL, PH.D., Susan M. $9.95 Relationships Offers understanding & insight into the 5 stage path of growth traveled by every intimate relationship.
Covencraft: Witchcraft For Three Or More. K, Amber $17.95 Magick This book was written by a well-known & respected Wiccan High Priestress who guides you through the workings of covens from Altars to Zoning.
Crafting & Use Of Ritual Tools, The. HARRIS, Eleanor & Philip $14.95 Magick An exciting and useful book that provide detailed instructions for the making of exquisite ritual tools with your own hands. Easy to read, delightful to contemplate - a must have book.
Crazy Wisdom. TRUNGPA, Choygam $19.00 Eastern Phil. Crazy Wisdom is described by Trungpa as an innocent state of mind that has the quality of early morning - fresh, sparkling & completely awake.
Creating Affluence. CHOPRA, Deepak $10.95 General With clear & simple wisdom, author explores the full meaning of wealth consciousness & presents a step-by-step plan for creating affluence & fulfillment on all levels of our lives.
Creating Circles Of Power & Magic: A Woman's Guide To Sacred Community. LIBERA, Caitlin $12.95 Wiccs For the reader looking for the bonds of community & the expression of faith & trust that is a Circle, this book will serve as a manual for the creation of your own sacred alliance.
Creating Health. CHOPRA, Deepak $11.95 Health Perfect health is our natural state - we simply must allow the intelligence of Nature to work for us. This book shows us how.
Creating Money - Keys To Abundance. ROMAN & PACKER, $12.95 Self-Help Channeled book discusses the advanced laws of manifestation. Includes information about money, will & intent, higher purpose, giving, receiving, releasing fears, etc.
Creating Union: The Pathwork Of Relationship. PIERRAKOS & J. SALY, Eva $14.95 Psychology Compassionately answers practical questions about sexuality & spirituality, divorce, fear of intimacy, creating mutuality & how to keep the spark alive in one of life's greatest adventures.
Creating With Angels. TAYLOR, Terry Lynn $9.95 Angels As we establish angel consciousness, we naturally become more creative. The angels awaken us to the vital importance of expressing ourselves.
Creating Your Personal Vision: A Mind Body Guide For Better Eyesight. BERNE, Dr. Samuel A. $15.95 Health Offers a new direction in vision care, a self-healing guide that supports people in improving their vision through exercises & nutrition & in reducing the need for eye glasses.
Creative Aromatherapy WILDWOOD, Christine $14.00 Aromatherapy Blending & mixing essential oils & flower remedies for health & beauty.
Creative Astrologer, The: Effective Single Session Counseling. TYL, Noel $17.95 Astrology Tyl presents techniques including: preparation for consultation; techniques for questioning; inviting disclosure; presentation skills; & exploring therapeutic connections.
Creative Dreaming. GARFIELD, PH.D, Patricia $12.00 Dreams Plan & control your dreams for a more sensuous, more creative & anxiety-free life.
Creative Imperative, The. JOHNSTON, M.D., Charles M. $14.95 Psychology Presents a major new perspective for understanding both who we are & how we change.
Creative Visualization Workbook, The. GAWAIN, Shakti $11.95 Visualization The effective techniques in Creative Visualization are now presented in this easy-to-use workbook that assist you in designing your own individual blueprint for positive change & growth.
Creative Visualization. DENNING & PHILLIPS, $9.95 Visualization Whatever your mind can see can be made to happen! Money, success, happiness, health, love are attainable with these techniques that mobilize your Inner Resources with step-by-step guidance.
Creative Visualization. GAWAIN, Shakti $10.95 Visualization A practical, informative & inspiring best-seller that presents the art of using mental imagery & affirmations to produce positive results in your life.
Critical Astrology. NOLLE, Richard $13.95 Astrology Advocates proper testing of astrology & shows how to do it. Includes the necessary mathematical tables & formulas, with helpful instructions & examples.
Crone's Book Of Charms & Spells WORTH, Valerie $7.95 Magick
Crone's Book Of Words, The. WORTH, Valerie $6.95 Magick From a study of nature, folklore & magic, the author has created instructions, incantations, & spells for nearly every purpose.
Crone: Woman Of Age, Wisdom And Power, The. WALKER, Barbara $12.00 Women's Books The Crone is the female equivalent of our male God. Learn from a philosophical system profoundly opposed to the ones devised by men.
Crossing The Threshold - The Astrology Of Dreaming. REID, Linda $12.95 Astrology Ground breaking material describing how to use a dream chart to connect the unconscious experience with the conscious, allowing the psyche to heal itself through acceptance of dream imagery.
Crossing To Avalon. BOLEN, M.D., Jean Shinoda $14.00 Women's Books In this account of her journey to Europe in search of the sacred feminine, the author unveils the mythological significance of the midlife search for meaning & renewal.
Crow's Magick Tarot Deck. MARKS - CRM78, Londa $15.95 Tarot Deck
Crowley Tarot, The: The Handbook To The Cards. BANZHAF, Hajo $17.95 Tarot Deep descriptions & explanations of the details & symbols embedded in the 22 Major Arcana cards of the Crowley Thoth Tarot deck.
Cry For Myth, The. MAY, Rollo $12.00 Mythology Author shows how myths relate to his patients' dreams & associations & can provide meaning & structure for all who seek direction in a morally confusing world.
Crystal Awareness. BOWMAN, Catherine $3.95 Crystals Topics include crystal cleansing & programming, value of polished crystals, chakras, crystals & personal growth, color healing, programming crystals with color & methods of crystal healing.
Crystal Ball, The. FERGUSON, Sibyl $2.95 Divination An essay describing the history of the crystal ball, instructions on its housing & use, how to read the crystal & the interpretation of phenomena seen.
Crystal Balls & Crystal Bowls: Tools For Ancient Scrying & Modern Seership. ANDREWS, Ted $12.95 Crystals Crystal balls & crystal bowls are 2 of the most potent avenues to higher states of consciousness. Their use in healing, activating creativity foretelling the future & balancing are timeless.
Crystal Enlightenment. RAPHAELL, Katrina $10.95 Crystals A comprehensive guide to the use of crystals & gems for healing, internal growth & balance.
Crystal Handbook, The. SULLIVAN, Kevin $5.99 Crystals Encyclopedia of crystal energy & enlightenment.
Crystal Healing. The Therapeutic Application Of Crystals & Stones. RAPHAELL, Katrina $16.95 Crystals Includes information about the 6 Master crystals, time bridging, exorcising, past-future life recall, protection & guidance, conscious reprogramming, window crystals and much more.
Crystal Medicine ELSIBETH, Marguerite $17.95 Crystals This book reveals an exciting new approach to Earth-based spirituality that combines Native American shamanism, alchemy & astrology with contemporary quantum physics.
Crystal Tarots, The. CRY78, $20.95 Tarot Deck Card titles & instructions in English, French, German & Italian.
Crystalline Transmission, The. RAPHAELL, Katrina $14.00 Crystals This volume of the crystal trilogy reveals a whole new dimension of awareness, bringing the crystal knowledge full circle so you can align with your own crystalline light force.
Culpeper's Complete Herbal And English Physician. CULPEPER, Nicholas $12.50 Herbalism English astrologer & physician of the early 17th century left us a rich store of herbal knowledge. Time has not changed the availability of the herbs nor the usefulness of the remedies.
Culpeper's Herbal Remedies. CULPEPER, Nicholas $5.00 Herbalism The famous English astrologer & physician of the early 17th century left a rich store of herbal knowledge.
Cult Of The Black Virgin, The. BEGG, Ean $12.95 Mystic Christianity Investigates the origins of black or dark images of Madonna from all over the world. They personify the Holy Grail & the Ark of the covenant in a quest for the lost feminine wisdom.
Cultivating Female Sexual Energy: Healing Love Through The Tao. CHIA & MANEEWAN, $14.95 Sexuality The Authors teach women to cultivate & enhance their sexual energy in 2 ways, Ovarian Breathing & Orgasmic Upward Draw. These exercises are being introduced to the Western public for the first time.
Cultivating The Ch'I: The Secrets Of Energy And Vitality. OLSON, TRANSLATOR, Stuart Alve $12.95 Health You will learn the relationship between mind & ch'i, how to generate internal energy through correct breathing methods & the role of seated meditation in T'ai Chi.
Cunningham's Encyclopedia Crystal, Gem And Metal Magic. CUNNINGHAM, Scott $14.95 Crystals Reveals the secrets of over 100 different gems & metals, from what they look like to their long-hidden magical powers. Includes numerous tables, glossary, a bibliography & index & much more.
Cunningham's Encyclopedia Of Magical Herbs. CUNNINGHAM, Scott $14.95 Magick 400 entries illustrated with a field drawing of the herb. Entries include the common, folk & scientific names of the herb or plant, its ruling planet, ruling element, associated goddess, & more.
Cutting Through Spiritual Materialism. TRUNGPA, Chogyam $14.00 Eastern Phil. The approach presented is a classical Buddhist one - not in a formal sense, but in the sense of presenting the heart of the Buddhist approach to spirituality.
Cycles Of Opportunity BECKHAM, Carole $20.95 Astrology Describes how to take advantage of cyclic opportunities to uplift human consciousness through meditation.
Cycles Of Time - A Rational Explanation For Astrology And Numerology. TATLER, John $10.95 Astrology Includes information on the connection between Saturn's orbit & the cycle of economic depressions, between Jupiter's & stock market prices. Also focuses on emotional & personality cycles.
Dalai Lama: A Policy Of Kindness. LAMA, Dalai $10.95 Spiritual Philosophy Offers a comprehensive view of the Dalai Lama's view of his personal life, wide-ranging interest, & his thoughts on issues of global concern.
Dali Universal Tarot Deck. DALI TD78, Salvador $105.00 Tarot Deck Dali assembled & painted 78 collages in his unique surrealist vision. The cards have full gilt edges. Booklet of instructions in English/French/Spanish.
Dalton's Tables Of Houses. D2010--54 DALTON, Joseph $10.95 Astrological Tools Placidus system.
Dance Of Anger, The. LERNER, Harriet $13.00 Self-Help A helpful guide to understanding & reducing anger in close relationships...By showing how anger works to maintain the status quo as well as to change it.
Dance Of Intimacy, The. LERNER, Harriet G. Ph.D $13.00 Women's Books A woman's guide to courageous acts of change in key relationships.
Dance Of Power: A Shamanic Journey. GREGG, Dr. Susan $12.95 Shamanism The path of the Nagual is a way of life; once you embark upon it, the world will never seem the same. This is the story of one woman's fascinating, real-life journey to find her soul.
Dancing Healers, The:A Doctor's Journey Of Healing With Native Americans. HAMMERSCHLAG, Carl $11.00 Native American A psychiatrist's 20 year experience with Native American healing interweaves autobiography with stories of the Native Americans who challengehis medical assumptions about their methods.
Dancing In The Dragon's Den. BANE, Rosanne $19.95 Psychology This book will help you discover what your shadow is, how it is connected to your creativity & how you can use that shadow energy to rekindle your creative fire.
Dancing In The Flames, - The Dark Goddess In The Transformation. WOODMAN & DICKSON, Marion & Elinor $14.00 Goddess
Dancing Shadows: The Roots Of Western Religious Beliefs. AOUMIEL, $10.00 Cultural Anthro Author formulates a cohesive theory for the origins of modern Neo-Paganism by drawing together current research in the fields of history, religion, archeology & anthropology.
Dancing With Dragons - Invoking Their Ageless Wisdom & Power. CONWAY, D.J. $14.95 Mythology Author proclaims that dragons do exist & you can call on the legendary wisdom of dragons for increased spiritual fulfillment, knowledge, health & happiness.
Dancing With The Sun - Celebrating The Seasons Of Life. GALEHORN, Yasmine $14.95 Pagan Ritual
Dancing With The Wheel - The Medicine Wheel Workbook. SUN BEAR, $15.00 Astrology In this 2nd book devoted to the Medicine Wheel, the vast audience for these teachings will gain increased understanding of how to work with the wheel & will learn its development over last decade.
Dancing Wu Li Masters, The. ZUKOV, Gary $7.50 New Science An overview of the New Physics. Written in clear language-with no mathematical equations - opening our minds to new theories that are beginning to embrace the ultimate nature of our universe.
Dark Eros - The Imagination Of Sadism. MOORE, Thomas $17.50 Psychology Bravely & with briliant insights, he exposes the repulsive fictions of the Marquis de Sade to learn what they teach about the horrors hidden in the human heart.
Dark God, The. A Personal Journey Through The Underworld. MANN, Nicholas R. $14.95 Men's Books This book chronicles one man's spiritual odyssey through the darkness & brutality of life in a Turkish prison. He found himself exploring the deepest, most fundamental traditions of his ancestors.
Dark Hearts - The Unconscious Forces That Shape Men's Lives. PEDERSEN, Loren E. $15.00 Men's Books Offers fresh perspectives on men's behavior, attitudes & psychological difficulties by tracing the development of masculinity within the context of the anima.
Dark Moon Lilith In Astrology, The. JACOBSON, Ivy Goldstein $18.95 Lilith The book responsible for current interest in the controversial dark moon. Describes the astrological nature of Lilith & gives keywords, example charts & 1stof month ephemeris for 1860-2000.
Dark Moon Mysteries - Wisdom, Power & Magic Of The Shadow World. RODERICK, Timothy $14.95 Wicca This book weaves together Jungian analysis, practical application of fairy-tale archetypes, and contemporary Withchcraft.
Dark Side Of Christian History, The. ELLERBE, Helen $12.95 Mystic Christianity Reveals in painstaking detail the tragedies, sorrows & injustices inflicted upon humanity by the Church. This expose is a compelling & passionate cry for human dignity & spiritual freedom.
Das Energi. WILLIAMS, Paul $7.95 General We are on the verge of the new age, a whole new world. Everything will change. You will never be the same. All this will happen just as soon as you're ready.
Daughter Of The Goddess - The Sacred Priestess OZANIEC, Naomi $14.00 Goddess Surveys religions & cultures from Japan to Scandinavia & Crete to illuminate the role of the Priestess, the Goddess's representative on Earth.
Daughters Of Copper Woman. CAMERON, Anne $12.95 Mythology Cameron's re-telling of Northwest Coast Indian myths shared with her by a few loving Native women of Vancouver Island.
Daughters Of Eve: The Magical Mysteries Of Womanhood. ASHCROFT-NOWICKI, Dolores $15.00 Women's Books Instructions for rituals to honor all stages of a woman's life: preparing the room (conception); birth, naming, puberty, sexual awakening, marriage, pregnancy the last flowing (menopause) & more.
Daughters Of The Moon Tarot Deck. (Color) MORGAN, Ffiona $26.95 Tarot Deck Full-color 75-card round deck created by Ffiona Morgan. Contains 2 cards of the lovers; 1 of 2 women & another of 2 beings. Coyotewoman & Pan are also 2 aspects of the same card.
Daughters Of The Moon Tarot. MORGAN, Ffiona $9.95 Tarot Using the Daughters of the Moon deck, this book explains each card, hierarchy & the 5 suits, & the feminization of the tarot.
Day Signs - Native American Astrology SCOFIELD, Bruce $11.95 Astrology Author has reconstructed the astrology of Aztec & Maya civilizations & made itpertinent to the modern world.
Daybreak: The Dawning Ember. RAIN, Mary Summer $14.95 Native American This is the 6th book of the No-Eyes series, based on the visionary wisdom of the old Indian shaman who was her teacher in Colorado.
Death, The Final Stage Of Growth. KUBLER-ROSS, Elisabeth $9.00 Death & Dying Ours is a death-denying society. But death is inevitable, & we must face the question of how to deal with it.
Deathing - An Intelligent Alternative For The Final Moments Of Life. FOOS-GRABER, Anya $14.95 Death & Dying This book is a magical blend of practicality & spirituality. It will help many find peace in life's crowning event.
Decanates - A Full View. G1153-014 GREBNER, Bernice P. $16.50 Astrology Delineations of all 36 decantes are provided in this guide for the intermediate student. Additional topics include dwads, navamsas & a system of individual degree meanings.
Decantes And Dwads. E2568-014 ENNIS, Stephanie Jean $10.95 Astrology A guide to the practical use of decanates as an aid to horoscope interpretation. Treats the 3 major systems of decanates - Chaldean, Manilius & Oriental.
Declination - The Other Dimension. B3489-024 BOEHRER, Kt $19.95 Astrology The little known and rarely written about aspect is defined here. A well researched and written book.  Out of Print
Deductive Interpretation Of The Natal Horoscope. M1305-014 MCCORMICK, John $8.50 Astrology An insightful manual in chart interpretation, featuring the Ascendant Group as an important key to any horoscope.
Deductive Interpretation Of The Progressed Horoscope. Mc1306-014 MCCORMICK & RUSHMAN, $11.95 Progressions An intelligent guide to understanding what the progressed horoscope foretells, with a discussion of circadian & other cycles.
Degree Analysis, Part II. SANDBACH, John $10.95 Degree Analysis Part II is a further refinement of the nature & meaning of dwadashamsas. In addition, symbols for each degree of the zodiac were provided to the author with specialized meanings.
Degree Analysis: Vol. I. Dwadashamsas. S2488-034 SANDBACH, John $6.95 Degree Analysis Book explains the meanings for each 2-1/2 degree segment of the zodiac known as the dwadashamsas. Interpretations are through an ancient method the author attributes to the Chaldean Astrologers.
Degrees Of The Zodiac Magnified. K1263-034 KOPARKAR, Mohan $8.95 Degree Analysis The technique of magnification provides the synthesis of each degree in terms of its contributing influence regarding houses.
Delineating The Horoscope. ZAIN, C.C. $13.95 Astrology
Delineations Of Progressions. M2462-014 MASON, Sophia $19.95 Progressions How to work with long & short ascension, interceptions, progressed moon, retrograde & direct motion, & other factors necessary to work with a progressed chart.
Demon Lover, The. FORTUNE, Dion $10.95 Fiction A novel that describes the working of an occult lodge. This book has long been a classic for students of the Western Mystery Tradition.
Denial Of The Soul. PECK, M.D., M. Scott $14.00 General How does taking a life differ from allowing death? When does physical or emotional pain become grounds for euthanasia? What can we learn from the process of dying a natural death?
Depression Book, The: Depression As An Opportunity For Spiritual Growth. HUBER, Cheri $12.00 Eastern Phil. Suggests that hating & resisting depression - or anything else we don't want - actually maintains it & that compassionate acceptance of our feelings & ourselves leads us to freedom.
Descent To The Goddess: A Way Of Initiation For Women. PERERA, Sylvia B. $16.95 Women's Books Legends of the dark goddess. This is a book about women's freedom & the need for an inner, female authority in a masculine-oriented society.
Destined For Murder: Profiles Of Six Serial Killers. YOUNG & EDNA ROWLAND, Sandra H. $12.95 Astrology Profiles of Jeffrey Dahmer, Dennis Nilsen, John Wayne Gacy, and Ed Gein.
Destiny Cards. CAMP, Robert $24.95 Divination Using a regular card deck, look into your past, present & future using the ancient & original science of card reading.
Destiny Of The Nations, The. BAILEY, Alice $8.95 Theosophy A recognition of the soul destiny of nations in the light of the teaching in this book, has a practicality today in our search for international adjustments.
Develop Your Psychic Powers: The Basic Tools Of Parapsychology. CONNOLLY, Eileen $14.95 Psychic Development Information on: the art of visualization, intuition, mediumship, the philosopher's stone, automatic writing, dreamwork, divination, healing, psychometry, dowsing, the aura & more.
Develop Your Psychic Skills HOFFMAN, Enid $9.95 Psychic Development Psychic skills are as natural to human beings as walking & talking & are much more easily learned. Here are the simple directions & the inside secrets from a noted teacher & author.
Developing Psychic Abilities. DOUGLAS, Apryl J. $12.95 Psychic Development Includes metaphysical healing, intuitive reading styles, psychic protection, astral projection, dream interpretation, and more. Plus a section for recording all psychic/metaphysical experiences.
Development Of Psychic Powers, The. DENNING & PHILLIPS, $9.95 Psychic Development Step-by-step guide to the development of ESP, astral vision, dowsing, divination, psychometry, spirit communication, psychokinesis, etc.
Development Of The Personality, The. GREENE & SASPORTAS, $14.95 Astrology This 1st volume includes stages of childhood, parental marriage, subpersonalities, & puer & senex. Important book for anyone wanting to combine astrology & psychology in the counseling process.
Dhammapada, The. EASWARAN, Eknath $9.95 Eastern Phil. An original, rare work of literature...a great spiritual testimony, one of the very few religious masterpieces of the world.... Lin Yutang
Dharma Paths. RINPOCHE, Ven. Khenpo Karthar $14.95 Spiritual Philosophy This is a broad & in-depth introduction to Tibetan Buddhism by the N. American abbot of the Karma Kagyu lineage. It presents both basic & advanced material.
Dial Detective - Investigation With The 90 Degree Dial. SIMMS, Maria Kay $14.95 Uranian Astrology Unique how-to makes it possible to self-teach the use of dials & Uranian Astrology. Over 100 illustrations.
Diamond Sutra And The Sutra Of Hui-Neng, The. PRICE, A.F. (Translator) $12.95 Eastern Phil. Composed in India in the fourth century C.E., the Diamon Sutra is one of the most treasured works of Buddhist literature & the oldest extant printed book in the world.
Dictionary Of Basic Astrological Terms. KRIYANANDA, Goswami $8.95 Reference In this easily understood dictionary, the author defines the terms you need to understand general terms used in astrology.
Dictionary Of Religions HINNELLS, John R. $14.95 Reference
Dictionary Of Sacred & Magical Plants. RATSCH, Christian $14.95 Magick This dictionary explains the botanical classifications & pharmacology of many of these plants & examines their roles in different cultures.
Dictionary Of Sacred Myth. CHETWYND, Tom $11.00 Mythology Explores the oldest & most universal method of communication, drawing on the mythologies of the ancient world, Egypt, Classical Greece & Rome.
Dictionary Of Symbolism: Cultural Icons & The Meanings Behind Them. BIEDERMANN, Hans $21.95 Symbolism Explore the meanings of over 2,000 symbols culled from the worlds of mythology, archeology, psychology, the Bible, literature, fairy tales, folklore, & history.
Dictionary Of The Tarot. BUTLER, Bill $14.00 Tarot This book attempts to look at the symbolism of the cards themselves & at the commentaries on the tarot of a number of writers.
Digested Astrologer, The. J1226-023 JINNI & JOANNE, $6.95 Astrology This elementary text explains the basic of astrology, including signs, elements qualities, houses, planets, etc.
Digital Astrology HOUCK, Richard $16.95 Transits This book is a much needed, practical & entertaining introduction to a unique branch of Indian Vedic astrology which can help modern Western astrology become more analytical in their predictive work
Dionysus - Myth And Cult OTTO, Walter F. $15.95 Mythology Complete illustrations, notes & a rich index have made this book a standard reference work in the field.
Discipleship In The New Age, Vol. I. BAILEY, Alice $20.95 Theosophy Included are the series of personal instructions given to a small group of chelas over a period of 15 years, with related teaching on a number of subjects. Volume 1 of two volumes.
Discipleship In The New Age, Vol. II. BAILEY, Alice $18.95 Theosophy Volume two contains the teaching given between the years 1940 & 1949 after the group had been reduced & reorganised into one group, the new seed group.
Discovering Homeopathy: Medicine For The 21st Century. ULLMAN, Dana $12.95 Health Your introduction to the science & art of Homeopathic medicine.
Discovering Your Soul's Mission: How To Use Karmic Astrology. BRADY & LIFER, $13.00 Karmic Astrology
Discovery Of The Essene Gospel Of Peace, The. SZEKELY, Edmond $6.95 Mystic Christianity They guarded among them the most ancient knowledge & the greatest treasure of holiness the world had every known. They were the Brotherhood of the Essenes.
Discovery Of The Outer Planets, The. H2401-014 HILL, Joylyn $18.95 Planets An in-depth discussion of the modern planets in relation to current social issues. Topics include Uranus, Neptune, Pluto, Chiron, the asteroids & various hypothetical planets.
Discrimination Of Birth Types, The. ADDEY, John $10.95 Medical Astrology The basic thesis rests on an unorthodox view of susceptibility to disease, a view based on the work of T.W. Lees, a Scottish physician whose research & publications were defended by British press.
Divine Encounters. THORNTON, Penny $14.00 Relating Lively & entertaining blending of astrology with Jungian tradition shows how divine encounters - such as falling in love - can foster the divine process of becoming whole.
Divine Encounters: A Guide To Visions, Angels & Other Emissaries. SITCHIN, Zecharia $6.99 U.F.O. Author gives an account of human interaction with celestial travelers & provides further proof that prophetic dreams, visions, UFO encounters are intervention by intergalactic emissaries.
Divine Language Of Celestial Correspondence, The. TURNBULL, Coulson $19.50 Astrology
Divine Romance, The. YOGANANADA, Paramahansa $11.50 Spiritual Philosophy Reveals the deep metaphysical roots of our closest human relationship, explaining how the universal thread of love that unites these relationships is drawing us back to the Divine Source.
Do It Yourself Astrology. BIRKBECK, Lyn $19.95 Astrology A how-to book for the very beginner in astrology.
Do It Yourself Life Plan Astrology. BIRKBECK, Lyn $19.95 Transits A complete & practical guide to planetary cycles & their significance in the major events in your life.
Do It Yourself Relationship Astrology. BIRKBECK, Lyn $19.95 Relating A complete & practical guide to successful relationships whether you are in one, out of one or somewhere in between.
Do You Speak Astrology? DONOVAN, Don $12.95 Astrology Learn the language of the skies to help understand yourself, your career & your relationships.
Do-It-Yourself Aspect Book, The. H2647-014 HUGHES, E. $11.95 Aspects An in-depth discussion of the finer points involved in astrological aspects, with special attention given to orb of influence & type of aspect.
Dolphins, Et's And Angels. WYLLIE, Timothy $10.95 Angels Full of surprises that will take you around the world, into human & dolphin psyches & beyond.
Doors Of Perception, The / Heaven And Hell. HUXLEY, Aldous $12.00 Psychology Two complete books in which Huxley explores the mind's remote frontiers & the unmapped areas of human consciousness.
Doors To Other Worlds - A Practical Guide To Communicating With Spirits. BUCKLAND, Raymond $10.00 Psychic Development Includes chapters on mediumship from pre-history to present; the nature of the Spiritual Body; the modern history of Spiritualism; spirit guides & guardian angels, trance, and much more.
Dowsing For Beginners. WEBSTER, Richard $12.95 Geomancy Locate valuable hidden items, detect harmful radiation in your environment, diagnose & treat ailments, develop your intuition - dowsing's applications are nearly limitless.
Dowsing The Crop Circles: New Insights Into The Great Modern Mystery. MICHELL, John $9.95 Geomancy 5 leading crop circle researchers & dowsers give separate accounts of their findings. Lots of photographs of dowsers and illustrations.
Dragon Doesn't Live Here Anymore, The: Living Fully, Loving Freely. COHEN, Alan $12.50 General An enlightening look at the life of one who found his purpose & the courage to live it.
Dragon Tarot Deck. Dg78 PRACOWNIK, Peter $15.95 Tarot Deck From the creators of Wyvern, an evocative tarot deck that leads you into the fantastic world of dragons.
Dragon Tarot, The. DONALDSON, Terry $9.95 Tarot Mythological dragons embody the unknown in our minds & lives. Author captures the spirit of the dragon as he leads a journey to dragonland. Illustrated with the Dragon Tarot Deck.
Dragons And Dynasties - An Introduction To Chinese Mythology. KE, Yuan $12.00 Mythology Colourful, sometimes grotesque & richly imaginative, Chinese mythology is just as moving & compelling as anything to be found in the better-known Egyptian, Greek & Teutonic traditions.
Drama Of The Gifted Child, The. MILLER, Alice $12.50 Psychology This powerful book examines how narcissistic parents form & deform the lives of their talented children.
Drawing Down The Moon. ADLER, Margo $16.95 Women's Books
Drawing On The Right Side Of The Brain. EDWARDS, Betty $15.95 General This book is for people at all levels of skill who want to learn to draw.
Dream And The Underworld, The HILLMAN, James $12.00 Dreams Relates our dreaming life to the myths of the Underworld - the dark side of the soul, its images & shadows - & to the gods & figures of death.
Dream Book: Symbols For Self-Understanding, The. BETHARDS, Betty $9.95 Dreams Explains that you can learn to remember your dreams, recognize their meaning & use them for inspiration & problem solving.
Dream Cards, The. KAPLAN-WILLIAMS, Strephon $24.95 Tarot Deck Contains 66 illustrated full color Dream Cards depicting over 550 symbolic dream images & 66 Wisdom Cards with statements that reflect the symbolic mean- ing of the corresponding card's imagery.
Dreambody In Relationships, The. MINDELL, Arnold $10.00 Dreams Integrates family therapy with dream & body work & discusses the relationship between classical analysis & information theory.
Dreamer's Dictionary, The. ROBINSON & CORBETT, $6.50 Dreams From A to Z...3,000 magical mirrors to reveal the meaning of your dreams.
Dreamer's Workbook, The. DEE, Nerys $14.95 Dreams Learn how your dreams can help you to see the future, heal your ills, & find solutions to your personal conflicts.
Dreaming The Dark. STARHAWK, $16.00 Women's Books This book is ultimately a message of hope & optimism, for Starhawk shares not only a vision but tools for personal empowerment, the building of community, & the transformation of culture.
Dreaming The Past, Dreaming The Future:A Herstory Of The Earth. STEIN, Diane $12.95 Women's Books By going to women seers, the author gives answers about the unrecorded history of the planet, lost continents, earth changes, women's spirituality & what is to come in the future.
Dreaming With The Wheel. SUN BEAR, WABUN WIND & SHAWNODESE, $12.00 Dreams Explores different views of dreamtime, both historic & contemporary, including stories of some of the dreams & visions that the authors have experienced & learned of through their teaching.
Dreampower Tarot, The STEWART, R.J. $29.95 Tarot Deck
Dreams And What They Mean To You. GONZALEZ-WIPPLER, Migene $4.99 Dreams This book explores the nature of sleep, dreams, the human mind & consciousness, & then analyzes the different types of dreams that people often have. Includes a dream dictionary.
Dreams. JUNG, Carl G. $15.95 Dreams A collection of Jung's most important writings on the nature and function of dreams. Many example dreams interpreted, along with supporting illustrations.
Dreamtime And Inner Space - The World Of The Shaman. KALWEIT, Holger $18.00 Shamanism Author has collected first-person accounts of tribal shamans from Afrika, Australia, Asia, Siberia & the Americas.
Dreamwalker: The Path Of Sacred Power. RAIN, Mary Summer $9.95 Native American No-Eyes & Brian Many Heart teach Mary the magic & power of the Dreamwalker.
Druid Animal Oracle, The. , $24.95 Oracle
Druid Renaissance, The. CARR-GOMM, Philip - Editor $16.00 Celtic Tradition Learn about the special connection the druids have with the earth and how the practice of these ancient arts are being brought out in the modern world.
Druid Way, The. CARR-GOMM, Philip $15.95 Celtic Tradition Learn how Druidry can help us to sense again our kinship with Nature, & how following the Druid Way can lead us towards a profound sense of oneness with all life.
Druid's Herbal For The Sacred Earth Year. HOPMAN, Ellen Evert $12.95 Herbalism Shows the reader how to use herbs when creating rituals to celebrate festivals & significant life passages such as births, hous blessings, weddings, funerals, & naming ceremonies.
Drummer's Path, The: Moving The Spirit With Ritual & Traditional Drumming. WILSON, Sule Greg $12.95 Ritual This introduction of African & Diaspora drumming provides a unique teaching tool for percussionists as well as a guide to the principles & power of traditional African rhythms.
Dynamic Astrology - Using Cycles To Make Personal & Career Choices. TOWNLEY, John $12.95 Astrology Topics covered include diurnal, monthly & yearly cycles; the Mars energy cycle; Jupiter productivity & opportunity cycle; Saturn career cycle; the wild-card cycles of Uranus, Neptune & Pluto.
Dynamic Laws Of Healing, The. PONDER, Catherine $15.95 Healing More laws of healing.
Dynamic Laws Of Prayer. PONDER, Catherine $17.95 General Part I Simple methods of prayer. Part II Advanced methods of prayer.
Dynamic Laws Of Prosperity, The. PONDER, Catherine $17.95 General In two parts - (1) basic prosperity laws that can bring riches to you; (2) other prosperity laws that can bring riches to you.
Dynamics Of Aspect Analysis. TIERNEY, Bil $13.95 Aspects In-depth treatment of aspects & aspect patterns, including both major & minor configurations.
Dynamics Of The Unconscious. GREENE & SASPORTAS, $15.95 Astrology Combining the symbolism of astrology & psychology, the authors show you how to understand depression, the quest for the sublime, the astrology & psychology of aggression & much more.
Dynasty: The Astrology Of Family Dynamics. SULLIVAN, Erin $14.95 Astrology This book shows us that astrology is the only system that demonstrates the complexities of the family as an organic whole; the family's place in the collective & the role an individual plays in it.
Dzelarhons. CAMERON, Anne $10.95 Native American Epic story of the mythical superwoman Dzelarhons - First Mother, Frog Mother, Weeping Woman, guardian & teacher of her people.
E.T. 101 - The Cosmic Instruction Manual. JHO, Aoev $12.00 Channeled Did you arrive on this planet without a set of instructions? Have you ever secretly suspected that you were adopted-from another, less dysfunctional world? Hang in there. This book's for you!
Each Day A New Beginning - Daily Meditations For Women. HAZELDEN, $12.00 Meditation Offers 365 daily meditations that draw on the common experiences, shared struggles & unique strengths of women.
Eagle's Gift, The. CASTANEDA, Carlos $14.00 General In this haunting & deeply personal book, the author takes the reader into the very heart of sorcery, challenging both imagination & reason.
Eagle's Quest, The. WOLF, Fred Alan $12.00 New Science A physicist finds scientific truth at the heart of the Shamanic world.
Earth - Pleiadian Keys To The Living Library. MARCINIAK, Barbara $12.95 U.F.O. This thorough exposition on the runes covers in detail 2 hitherto unpublished subjects: the craft tradition of metalwork in relation to runes & runic numerology.
Earth Divination, Earth Magic: A Practical Guide To Geomancy. GREER, John Michael $12.95 Geomancy
Earth Energies: A Quest For The Hidden Power Of The Planet. KING, Serge Kahili $12.00 Geomancy Hawaiian shaman King explores the hidden powers of the Earth. Drawing on the wisdom of ancient civilizations & more recent research, he describes the wonders of the unseen natural force known as vril.
Earth In The Heavens, The. J1231-034 JOHNDRO, L. Edward $18.00 Astrology A classic reference on the correlation between zodiacal degrees & terrestrial longitude, with tables of Ascendant & Midheaven for 400 major world cities.
Earth Light - Rediscovering The Wisdom Of Celtic & Faery Lore. STEWART, R.J. $15.95 Celtic Tradition Presents important practical methods of working within the Faery Tradition. Through techniques of visualization & imagination, a set of keys to understanding ourselves is found.
Earth Magic - A Wisewoman's Guide To Herbal, Astrological & Other Wisdom. NAHMAD, Claire $12.95 Paganism A treasury of pagan beliefs & herbal lore that provides detailed information on how to cultivate, gather, & store herbs; prepare remedies & charms; & interpret weather signs, & much more.
Earth Magic: A Dianic Book Of Shadows. WEINSTEIN, Marion $13.00 Pagan You can learn to protect your house, hotel room, yourself & your loved ones from psychic attack, as well as learning how to manifest a more creative you.
Earth Medicine - A Shamanic Way To Self Discovery. MEADOWS, Kenneth $16.95 Native American Derived from the hidden teachings of the American Indian medicine wheel, the author describes a system of psychological profiling & self-development.
Earth Medicine: Ancestor's Ways Of Harmony For Many Moons SAMS, Jamie $15.00 Native American Based on Native American creeds & legends, these 364 daily meditations cut to the heart with their honesty, beauty, & authenticity.
Earth Mother, The: Legends, Ritual Arts & Goddesses Of India. JAYAKAR, Pupul $13.95 Mythology The author travelled to the far corners of India interviewing rual, tribal & other craftspeople to produce this illustrated study of India's ancient ritual arts that have survived to this day.
Earth Power: Techniques Of Natural Magic. CUNNINGHAM, Scott $9.95 Pagan Here is the magic of nature - positive magic for positive solutions. Includes more than 100 spells, rituals, & divinations. Each outlined in detail.
Earth Signs: How To Connect With The Natural Spirits Of The Earth. GREY WOLF, $17.95 Native American In this comprehensive book you will: find out how to locate your place on the wheel of life; find your birth sign on the moon calendar & read your personality & pathway through this lifetime; & more.
Earth Time, Moon Time - Rediscovering The Sacred Lunar Year. HINSHAW, Annette $12.95 Ritual
Earth, Air, Fire & Water - More Techniques Of Natural Magic. CUNNINGHAM, Scott $9.95 Wicca A continuation of Earth Power, this book includes more rites, spells, & simple rituals that readers can do with a minimum of equipment.
Earthway. RAIN, Mary Summer $16.00 Native American This working handbook reveals how we were intended to live with nature & each other. It details all aspects of our minds, bodies & spirits.
East Point And The Antivertex, The. POTTENGER, Maritha $4.95 Astrology These 2 angle axes are intersections of the astronomical Great Circles. This booklet gives you interpretations of them in signs, houses & aspect.
East West Astrology REID, Lori $24.95 Chinese Astrology Provides precise personality profiles & shows the reader how to use this increased knowledge to achieve a life of harmony & balance. 244 pp.
Eastern Mysteries, The. HULSE, David Allen $29.95 Magick Book catalogs & distills, in hundreds of tables of secret symbolism, the true alphabet magick of every ancient Eastern magickal tradition.
Eastern Systems For Western Astrologers AN ANTHOLOGY, $19.95 Astrology Contributors to this anthology include Robin Armstrong, Hart deFouw, James Braha, Michael Erlewine, Dennis Flaherty, Ray Grasse, Richard Houck & Bill Watson.
Easy Astrology Guide: How To Read Your Horoscope. POTTENGER, Martha $14.95 Basic Astrology Complete guide to interpreting your chart. Delineations provided for Sun thru Pluto in each sign, each house & in aspect to one another.
Easy Tarot Guide. MASINO, Marcia $19.95 Tarot Provides a step-by-step format to take the reader through each card & demonstrates layouts for readings.
Eating The I: In Search Of The Self. PATTERSON, William Patrick $19.95 Psychology An account of the Fourth Way - the way of transformation in ordinary life. Patterson describes his 12-year search for his true self.
Eclipse Interpretation Manual. L2356-014 LINEMAN, Rose $15.95 Eclipses For the serious astrologer. The eclipse is viewed in relation to the signs & houses, as well as to the aspects to planets & angles. Delineation techniques areclearly explained.
Eclipses: Astrological Guideposts. L2403-014 LINEMAN, Rose $16.95 Eclipses Interpretational guidelines presented include the significance of solar & lunar eclipse sequences, sign influence, house meanings, aspect emphasis & delineation of eclipse location charts.
Ecstasy Through Tantra. MUMFORD, Dr. John $16.00 Tantra Author celebrates the joyous & mystical depths of sexual love. Chapters include Sex Magic, Tantra, Psychosexual Power & Tantric Exercises, & Love for Kundalini Arousal. Many Illustrations.
Ecstatic Journey, The BURNHAM, Sophy $14.00 General Burnham uses her own momentous journey into mystical awareness to show readers a contemporary path for experiencing divine energy, guidance & inspiration.
Edgar Cayce - The Sleeping Prophet. STEARN, Jess $6.99 Edgar Cayce Stearn presents the extraordinary story of Cayce's life, his healing, his prophecies, & his powerful legacy.
Edgar Cayce On Atlantis. CAYCE, Edgar Evans $5.99 Edgar Cayce Cayce's accounts of past lives on the fabled lost continent.
Edgar Cayce On Dreams. BRO, PH.D, Harmon $5.99 Edgar Cayce Authentic case histories of dream interpretation that can help you solve problems & awaken new possibilities for your life.
Edgar Cayce On Reincarnation. LANGLEY, Noel $5.99 Edgar Cayce Fully documented case histories of rebirth that can help you achieve the potential of your inner self.
Edgar Cayce Primer, The. PURYEAR, Herbert B. $5.99 Edgar Cayce Cayce speaks on: sources of psychic development; reincarnation, karma & grace; dreams, meditation & prayer; personal health; holistic healing, sexuality & spirituality; & much more.
Edgar Cayce Reader, The. CAYCE, Hugh L. $3.95 Edgar Cayce
Edgar Cayce Remedies, The. MCGAREY, M.D., William $6.50 Edgar Cayce Cayce's comprehensive program of well-being that treats the total person physically, mentally & spiritually.
Edgar Cayce's Astrological Revelations. WILLNER, John $6.99 Medical Astrology
Edgar Cayce's Astrology For The Soul. GAMMON & CHURCH, Margaret & W.H. $12.95 Astrology Planetary and astrological influences have a great effect on our soul growth. This book looks at those influences as they played a role in the lives of individuals who had life readings by Cayce.
Edgar Cayce's Story Of Jesus. FURST, Jeffery $7.99 Edgar Cayce
Edgar Cayce's Story Of The Origin And Destiny Of Man. ROBINSON, Lytle $5.99 Edgar Cayce First volume of the great psychic's visions of man's unknown history & future.
Edgar Cayce: Encyclopedia Of Healing KARP, Reba Ann $6.99 Health Alternative therapies for 190 common ailments - from thousands of astonishing psychic readings.
Education In The New Age. BAILEY, Alice $7.95 Theosophy Education is, or should be, a continous process from birth to death concerned not so much with the acquisition of knowledge as with the expansion of consciousness.
Egipcios Kier Tarot Deck. EK78, $16.95 Tarot Deck Discover the secrets of the pharaohs through traditional Egyptian symbolism & imagery. This traditional Egyptian deck is printed with metallic gold to enhance the full color art.
Egyptian Book Of The Dead. BUDGE, E.A. Wallis $11.95 Egyptian Written around 1500 BC, the Egyptian Book of the Dead, is presented her by Dr. Budge, who later became perhaps the world's most renouwned Egyptologist.
Egyptian Magic. BUDGE, E.A. Wallis $12.00 Egyptian Describes the antiquity of magical practices & gives an account of various magical ceremonies, stones, amulets, figures, pictures, formulae, spells & names.
Egyptian Magick. SCHUELER, Gerald & Betty $19.95 Egyptian
Egyptian Mysteries - An Account Of An Initiation. IAMBLICHUS, $9.95 Egyptian Secret information about Egyptian rituals from an unknown source. Here you proceed through an entire initiation performed by a student, feel his terror, watchhim grow.
Egyptian Tarot Deck. EP78, $15.95 Tarot Deck
Egyptian Tarots LSE78, $20.95 Tarot Deck Inspired by the designs of M. O. Wegener. Card titles & instructions in English, French, German & Italian.
Eight Lectures On Yoga. CROWLEY, Aleister $9.95 Yoga Presents a clear & in-depth study of Tama, Niyama, Asana, Pranayama, Pratyahara, Dharana, Dhyana & Samadhi yoga.
Eight Sabbats For The Witches. FARRAR, Janet & Stewart $16.95 Magick A detailed book about the 8 major festivals. The authors first look at the myths associated with each sabbat, & then detail the ritual performance.
Eighth House, The: Sex And Death And Money. R1404-014 ROBERTSON, Marc $12.95 Houses How does the personality become individualized through sexual experience? Suppose you really died a little every year & even once a month in some ways? When should you buy or sell or hold on?
Einstein: The Life And Times. CLARK, Ronald W. $15.00 Biographies The simple man who deciphered the universe; the pacifist who helped create the atomic bomb; the casual Zionist who was asked to lead the State of Israel; the physicist who believed in God.
El * An * Ra - Part One Of The 11:11 Trilogy. SOLARA, $14.95 Channeled A Novel. An intergalactic romance between a Fallen Angel & a Star Commander leading to the completion of duality. Chronicles the vast saga of Orion.
Elemental Mind: Human Consciousness & The New Physics. HERBERT, Nick $11.95 New Science Founding his argument on the basics of quantum theory, author explores the intriguing hypothesis that the mind is a fundamental process in its own right.
Elemental Power - Cewltic Faerie Craft & Druidic Magic. WOLFE, Amber $14.95 Celtic
Elements Of Astrology, The. HUNTLEY, Janis $8.95 Astrology A primer of natal astrology.
Elements Of Celtic Tradition, The. MATTHEWS, Caitlin $9.95 Celtic Tradition This introduction traces the tradition from early times thru to contemporary Celtic revival. Includes practical exercises so that the traditions outlined may become part of the personal experience.
Elements Of Creation Myth, The. STEWART, R.J. $7.95 Mythology What is meant by creation myth? What are the historical patterns? How does the mythology of differing cultures compare? How does creation mythology appear in religion, folklore & legend?
Elements Of Feng Shui, The. MAN-HO-KWOK, $9.95 Feng Shui
Elements Of Native American Traditions, The. VERSLUIS, Arthur $9.95 Native American Includes the main features of American Indian cultures; fascinating ceremonies & rituals; warrior, shamanic, medicine practices & religious perspectives; sacred sites & symbols.
Elements Of Sufism, The. HAERI, Shaykh F. $8.95 Sufism What is Sufism? Where did Sufism originate? What does it mean to be a Sufi? What is the relationship between Sufism & Islam? How is Sufism relevant to modern life?
Elements Of The Aborigine Tradition, The. COWAN, James G. $9.95 Mythology In the silence of their isolation, the Australian Aborigines have learned the ways of living in harmony with the earth. From their origins, they have kept a sacred perspective on the natural world.
Elements Of The Arthurian Tradition, The. MATTHEWS, John $9.95 Arthurian Legends Who was King Arthur; what is the Holy Grail; who were the Faery Women; what is the Fellowship of the Round Table; & who are the Dwellers in Avalon?
Elements Of The Baha'i Faith, The. SHEPPHERD, Joseph $9.95 Religion Based on the belief that there is one God & one global family, it promotes an advanced civilisation for the whole of human society.
Elements Of The Druid Tradition, The. CARR-GOMM, Philip $9.95 Celtic Tradition Many people think of Druids as white-robed figures seen at Stonehenge & other ancient sites. But the reality is that Druidry is a powerful means of self-discovery, available to all.
Elements Of The Grail Tradition, The. MATTHEWS, John $9.95 Arthurian Legends Stories of the Grail Tradition, with their tests, trials & initiations, are a part of the Arthurian Tradition & lead towards the discovery of the secret of what the Holy Grail truly is.
Elements Of The Tarot. MANN, A.T. $9.95 Tarot Especially designed for beginners, the author discusses the 4 levels of meaning in each card, how to use guided imagery to explore the symbols, & more.
Embraced By The Light. EADIE, Betty J. $5.99 Death & Dying Author shares the inspiring story of her journey through death & beyond.
Embracing The Beloved - Relationship As A Path Of Awakening. LEVINE, Stephen & Ondrea $12.95 Relationships Authors' insights & anecdotes benefit all who are drawn to looking inward & all who seek a relationship as a path for spiritual renewal & merciful awareness of life.
Embracing The Moon - A Witch's Guide To Ritual Spellcraft & Shadow Work. GALENORN, Yasmine $14.95 Wicca
Emergence Of The Divine Child: Healing The Emotional Body. PHILLIPS, Rick $9.95 General Focuses on separation & judgment. Clearing judgment opens the heart & throat chakras & naturally gives rise to the Divine Child- that aspect of our higher self.
Emmanuel's Book II - The Choice For Love. RODEGAST & STANTON, $13.95 Channeled Emmanuel shines his light on the limitless power of love & the prison house of fear. Whether we struggle with personal confusion or pain, this collection bring us singular comfort & assurance.
Emmanuel's Book III: What Is An Angel Doing Here? RODEGAST & JUDITH STANTON, Pat $12.95 Channeled In this book Emmanuel focuses on a special topic, the question of Angels.
Emmanuel's Book. RODEGAST & STANTON, $13.95 Channeled Emmanuel shares his wisdom & insights on all aspects of life. This is an exceptional book for anyone just beginning to question consensus reality.
Emotions And The Enneagram: Working Through Your Shadow Life Script. KEYES, Margaret Frings $14.95 Enneagram Through exploration of the nine specific Enneagram personality types, the author shows us how to turn defensive filters & weaknesses into self-awareness & strength.
Empowerment: There Is Nothing That You Cannot Do, Be Or Have. PRICE, John Randolph $10.95 General Organized to provide a road map for an exciting spiritual journey, one that will lead you to that Innercosmic Highway that runs far above the limitations of the physical world.
Emptiness Yoga: The Tibetan Middle Way. HOPKINS, Jeffrey $22.95 Buddhism Author presents an in-depth, lively exposition of the methods of realization of the Middle Way Consequence School.
Enchanted Tarot Deck & Book Set, The. ZERNER, Amy & Monte Farber $29.95 Tarot Deck The cards are reproductions of tapestries created by the award winning artist. The set is complete with the hardcover book The Enchanted Tarot by Amy Zerner & Monte Farber.
Enchantment Of The Faerie Realm:Communicate With Nature Spirits & Elements. ANDREWS, Ted $10.00 Fairies Helps you remember & realize that faeries & elves still dance in nature & in your heart. You will learn how to recognize the presence of faeries, nature spirits, devas, elves & elementals.
Encounter Astrology. POTTENGER, Maritha $8.50 Astrology Experiential approach to learning & teaching astrology. Unique collection of activities & exercises to increase self-awareness & help leaders to facilitate groups.
Encounter With The Self. EDINGER, Edward F. $12.95 Psychology The Book of Job is seen here as a paradigm for a certain experience of God; in psychological terms, the Job story is an archetypal image which pictures a typical encounter between ego & the Self.
Encyclopaedia Of Essential Oils, The. LAWLESS, Julia $16.95 Aromatherapy The complete guide to use of aromatics in aromatherapy, herbalis, health and well-being.
Encyclopaedia Of Medical Astrology. CORNELL, H.L. $35.00 Medical Astrology The book contains a listing of every possible disease & symptom that could be diagnosed from an astrological point of view. Classic text.
Encyclopedia Of Aromatherapy, The. WILDWOOD, Chrissie $24.95 Aromatherapy Explores the many aspects of this multifaceted healing art in a single, up-to-date, highly illustrated volume. Discusses all things aromatic, from choosing, blending & storing essential oils.
Encyclopedia Of Natural Medicine. MURRAY, N.D. & J. PIZZORNO, N.D., Michael $24.95 Health Over 600 pages of the most comprehensive information on maintaining good health preventing illness & treating disease naturally & safely.
Encyclopedia Of Tarot, Vol 3., The. KAPLAN, Stuart R. $35.00 Tarot Contains descriptions & photos of some 550 decks from the 20th century not in Vol. 1 & 2. Included are approximately 7000 cards from 475 decks that are not readily available.
Encyclopedia Of Tarot, Vol. I, The. KAPLAN, Stuart R. $25.00 Tarot Contains descriptions & photos of over 250 tarot decks published over the past 500 years, plus a comprehensive annotated bibliography.
Encyclopedia Of Tarot, Vol. II, The. KAPLAN, Stuart R. $35.00 Tarot Over 300 decks not in Vol. I. Contains history of the Visconti-Sforza families, along with a detailed account of medieval & Renaissance symbolism in the tarot.
Ending Of Time, The. KRISHNAMURTI & BOHM, $14.00 Spiritual Philosophy An exploration of the nature of humanity & a person's relationship to society, & new insights on human thought, death, awakening insight, cosmic order, & the problem of the fragmented mind.
Energetic Bodywork: Practical Techniques. MCNAMARA, Rita J. $12.95 Health If you want to go beyond physical & massage therapy to include working with the chakra system, meridians, & vibrational therapies, this is the book to get you started.
Energies Of Transformation - A Guide To The Kundalini Process. GREENWELL, PH.D., Bonnie $15.95 Chakras A synthesis of Eastern & Western perspectives of the ancient phenomenon known as Kundalini awakening.
Energy Ecstasy And Your Seven Vital Chakras. GUNTHER, Bernard $12.95 Chakras A beautiful book about human energy with exercises for increasing creativity, health & spiritual well-being.
Engine Of Destiny. R1402-014 ROBERTSON, Marc $12.95 Aspects Interprets aspects as eight-phase cycles, & provides sample readings of these cycles in relation to planetary pairs. An excellent book.
Enneagram And Kabbalah, The: Reading Your Soul. ADDISON, Rabbi Howard A. $15.95 Enneagram To help us better understand the interplay of the patterns in our lives, the author combines 2 of the most powerful maps of conscousness known to man: the Tree of Life & the 9 pointed enneagram.
Enneagram Relationship Workbook, The:A Self & Partnership Assessment Guide. KEYES, Margaret F. $14.95 Enneagram This workbook can help you acquire a taste for enlightenment by consciously reversing roles & entering the states of mind of 9 quite different characters.
Enneagram, The: Understanding Yourself & The Others In Your Life. PALMER, Helen $15.00 Enneagram A definitive guide to the Enneagram & its 9 distinct personality types. Learn how to recognize your own type & those of the people your involved with personally & at work.
Enochian Magic - A Practical Manual. SCHUELER, Gerald J. $12.95 Magick Presents the powerful system of magic of Dr. John Dee, astrologer to Queen Elizabeth I, as practiced by Crowley & the Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn.
Enochian Tarot, The: A New System Of Divination For A New Age. SCHUELER, Gerald & Betty $12.95 Tarot Authors show how the tarot relates to Enochian Magick via Enochian Deities, Gematria & Magickal Formulas.
Enochian Workbook, The. SCHUELER, Gerald J. & Betty $19.95 Magick Learn Enochian Magic with the first book designed for the novice student.
Enochian World Of Aleister Crowley - Enochian Sex Magick. CROWLEY, Aleister $14.95 Magick Originally published in 1912, this book rent the veil of the Inner Order of the Golden Dawn & revealed its most precious jewel for all to see.
Enter Chronoscopy: Horoscopy On A New Track. K3706-024 KADULSKI, M.J. $20.95 Astrology Author shows his research on planetary movement based on his training in the practice of navigational astronomy. Interesting work.
Entering The Summer Land: Customs & Rituals Of Transition In To Afterlife. MCCOY, Edain $17.95 Death & Dying An informative & practical resource for Pagans confronted with the challenges of grieving, mourning & loss. Work through grief & loss with rituals, exercises & other resources.
Ephemeris Of Moon's True Nodes With Gmt & The Planetary Nodes 1900-2020. JONES, J. Allen $11.50 Astrological Tools Ephemeris of Moon & Planetary Nodes 1900-2020.
Equal Houses. K3284-014 KOCH, Beth $14.95 Houses Covers equal houses with great insight & description. The reader is encouraged to try this system & make comparisons to the one currently used.
Equinox & Solstice Ceremonies Of The Golden Dawn, The. ZALEWSKI, Pat & Chris $12.95 Magick Explores the deeper roots behind the Quinox & Solstice traditions. The Golden Dawn's ceremonies are explained in both hermetic & pagan terms.
Equinox Of The Gods, The. CROWLEY, Aleister $14.95 Magick Summarizes the career of an acknowledged master of occult science, describing the successive stages of his progress through magical & mystical studies.
Equinox, Vol 3 Number 10, The: The Review Of Scientific Illuminism. HYMENAEUS BETA, Edited By $14.95 Magick The principles & aims of the O.T.O. are published in a coherent & complete manner for the first time.
Eros, Consciousness & Kundalini. SOVATSKY, PH.D., Stuart $19.95 Tantra Introduces you to the Tantric art of sexual sublimation in which sexual energy is rediredted toward achieving higher awareness & an erotic satisfaction far beyond that possible thru sexual intercourse
Eros, Love & Sexuality: The Forces That Unify Man & Woman. PIERRAKOS, M.D., John C. $17.95 Psychology This work seeks to heal the split within through a conscious evolution of body, mind, emotion & spirit - a process that leads towaard unification with the self & with all human beings.
Erotic Impulse, The. STEINBERG, David (Editor) $13.95 Sexuality A feast of thoughts, feelings, findings & fantasies about our erotic nature. It draws on the insights of therapists, sexuality teachers & advocates, & the wisdom of great writers & poets.
Escape From Intimacy - Untangling The Love Addictions. SCHAEF, Anne Wilson $9.00 Women's Books
Esoteric Astrology. BAILEY, Alice $21.00 Astrology Chapter headings: Zodiac & the Rays; Nature of Esoteric Astrology; Science of Triangles; Sacred & Non-Sacred Planets; 3 Major Constellations; 3 Crosses; & the Rays, Constellations & Planets.
Esoteric Astrology. L1280-034 LEO, Alan $16.95 Astrology Classic text which explains star maps, how to determine astrologically the age of a soul, chart interpretations in terms of reincarnation & much more.
Esoteric Healing. BAILEY, Alice $20.95 Theosophy The 7 ray techniques of healing are described; the laws & rules of healing are enumerated & discussed; requirements for healing are given in detail; & basic causes of disease are shown.
Esoteric Orders And Their Work. FORTUNE, Dion $12.95 Magick
Esoteric Psychology, Vol. I. BAILEY, Alice $14.95 Theosophy Esoteric psychology is the evolution of consciousness, by which the imbedded fragment of the soul within the personality progressively identifies its spiritual source & becomes at-one with it.
Esoteric Psychology, Vol. II. BAILEY, Alice $22.95 Theosophy This 2nd volume deals exhaustively with the ray qualities controlling the life, consciousness & appearance of a human being on the physical plane.
Esoteric Rune Magic. COOPER, D. Jason $12.00 Runes
Essays On Astrology. HAND, Robert $19.95 Astrology For both the beginning & advanced astrologer, this collections of articles includes The Ascendant, Midheaven & Vertex in Extreme Latitudes and other hard tofind subjects.
Essays On Psychological Astrology: Theory & Practice. PERRY, PH.D., Glenn $25.95 Astrology First section A Question of Paradigm the worldview in which we make & evaluate astrological data; Implications of theory explores key theoretical areas; Therapeutic Applications applied practice
Essence Of Feng Shui, The: Balancing Your Body, Home & Life With Fragrance. LIN, Jami $12.95 Aromatherapy Author teaches how fragrance can be used for personal expansion. Find out how essential oils energize your body & home for greater health, wealth & happiness.
Essence Of Magic, The: Tarot, Ritual & Aromatherapy. GREER, Mary K. $10.95 Tarot Through tarot, ritual & the aroma of essential oils, you can learn to create harmony with yourself, others & this sacred earth.
Essence Of T'Ai Chi Ch'Uan, The. LO, INN, AMACKER & FOE, $11.95 Tai Chi T'ai Chi Ch'uan is a method by which external affairs are regulated (self-defense) while the ch'i (breath) is cultivated (yoga).
Essene Code Of Life, The. SZEKELY, Edmond $4.50 Mystic Christianity From the original Aramaic & French translation.
Essene Gospel Of Peace, Book I. SZEKELY, Edmond $1.00 Mystic Christianity The third century Aramaic manuscript & old Slavonic texts compared, edited & translated by Szekely.
Essene Gospel Of Peace, Book II. SZEKELY, Edmond $8.95 Mystic Christianity The unknown books of the Essenes.
Essene Gospel Of Peace, Book III. SZEKELY, Edmond $8.50 Mystic Christianity Lost scrolls of the Essene Brotherhood.
Essene Jesus, The. SZEKELY, Edmond $6.95 Mystic Christianity A revaluation from the Dead Sea Scrolls.
Essential Dignities. LEHMAN, PH.D, J. Lee $14.95 Astrology By researching ancient manuscripts & sources, the ancient system of essential dignities or planetary rulerships is recovered & made available once again to the contemporary astrologer.
Essential Reiki: A Complete Guide To An Ancient Healing Art. STEIN, Diane $18.95 Reiki Book presents full information on all 3 degrees of this healing system, most of it in print for the first time.
Essential Zen TANAHASHI & SCHNEIDER, $12.00 Zen Zen prides itself on being a teaching 'outsde words & letters', & therefore the 'essential Zen, in book form, would more likely consist of blank pages; a reader fills them in. Or not.
Essentials Of Medical Astrology. DARLING, Harry F., M.D. $18.95 Medical Astrology This text teaches the basic parallels between cosmic functions & physiological conditions. Includes many case history examples, bibliography & glossary of medical terms.
Estrogen Alternative, The - Natural Hormone Therapy. MARTIN, Raquel $12.95 Health
Esu/Elegba - Ifa & The Divine Messenger. FATUNMBI, Awo $4.95 Santaria Esu is one of many spiritual forces in nature, & its unique function is to translate the language of humans into the language of nature & vice-versa.
Eternal Message Of Muhammad, The. AZZAM, Abd Al-Rahman $11.95 Religion This translation of a great Islamic classic offers the western world a simple yet profound interpretation of Islam.
Ethic For The Age Of Space, The. LESHAN, PH.D., Lawrence $12.95 General Full of fascinating information, this timely book is essential for everyone who wants to do his or her part to work toward a peaceful & fruitful future for all sentient beings.
Everyday Magic - Spells & Rituals For Modern Living. MORRISON, Dorothy $9.95 Maigick
Everyday Meditator, The. OSHO, $16.95 Meditation Meditation is no longer a pastime but a way of life. Doctors are now finding that meditation has a direct effect on health, sleep & longevity.
Everyday Miracles: The Inner Art Of Manifestation. SPANGLER, David $13.95 General Far more than simply a mental technique for acquiring things, This is primarily a way of being - a spiritual practice that will put you in touch with the source of creative energy of the universe.
Everyone's Mandala Coloring Book, Vol. 2. MANDALI, Monique $8.95 Mandala In this second volume, Mandali offers 22 new mandala designs.
Everyone's Mandala Coloring Book. MANDALI, Monique $8.95 Mandala Coloring these timeless images help us become more focused when we feel scattered & more peaceful when we are struggling with personal issues.
Everyone's Mandala Coloring Book: Volume 3. MANDALI, Monique $8.95 Mandala This third book has 22 new mandalas. Children & adults continue to be drawn to these universal designs that calm our bodies, quiet our minds & soothe our souls.
Everything Has A Phase. G2585-014 GREBNER, Bernice P. $15.95 Aspects Delineations of Sun & Moon sign combinations classified according to the eight basic lunar phases.
Evolutionary Astrology: Journey Of The Soul Through States Of Consciousness MERRIMAN, Raymond $25.00 Astrology From Table of Contents: Principles & Models of Evolutionary Astrology; Nature of the Incarnating Soul; Potential Blossoming of the Incarnating Soul; Evolutionary Phases of the Collective.
Expanding Astrology's Universe. DOBYNS, Zipporah $12.95 Astrology Includes a chapter on the 12 house, a look at mundane charts, locality charts,a look at spirituality, a survey of the different ways people have manifested the potential for power in their charts.
Experiencing The Kabbalah. CICERO, Chic & Sandra $9.95 Kabbalah
Experiential Astrology - Symbolic Journeys Using Guided Imagery. KIRBY, Babs $14.95 Astrology Using simple guided journeys to the Sun, Moon and each of the planets, you can gain a deeper awareness of how the planets influence your personality and how to use this knowledge to heal your life.
Experimental Tarot Deck. KOSSATZ, Samvado Gunnar $20.95 Tarot Deck
Explain Me Why Astrologically JACOBSON, Ivy Goldstein $12.95 Astrology
Exploring Jupiter: Astrological Key To Progress, Prosperity & Potential. ARROYO, Stephen $14.95 Planets Jupiter emphasizes the future: envisioning, planning, improving, taking risks based on faith, & developing one's potential. Arroyo explores this planet in depth. Excellent!
Exploring Life's Last Frontier: The World Of Death, Dying & Letting Go. HARDER, Dr. Heather Anne $15.95 Death & Dying This book is a manual written to help people understand & deal with the process of death & dying in a spiritually honest way.
Exploring The Tarot. JAPIKSE, Carl $14.95 Tarot Author reveals the true value of the Tarot as a guide to the archetypal dimensions of life.
Exploring The World Of Lucid Dreaming. LABERGE & H. RHEINGOLD, Stephen $5.99 Dreams Based on LaBerge's extensive lab work at Stanford University mapping mind/body relationships during the dream state & the teachings of Tibetan dream yogis.
Externalization Of The Hierarchy, The. BAILEY, Alice $18.95 Theosophy Shows the extent to which Hierarchy & other centres of life on the planet are dependent upon the unpredictable & often irresponsible factor of human free will.
Eye In The Triangle, The: An Interpretation Of Aleister Crowley. REGARDIE, Israel $18.95 Biographies Here is a thorough examination of Crowley, with fascinating information about his life & work. Contents include: the Man, Neophyte, Magus & Destiny.
Eye Of Spirit, The - An Integral Vision For A World Gone Slightly Mad. WILBER, Ken $25.00 General A ground-breaking book on the possibilities and meanings of a truely intergal society.
Eye Of The Centaur: A Visionary Guide Into Past Lives. CLOW, Barbara Hand $12.95 Reincarnation Author takes you through 12,000 years of human history with in-depth experience of initiations & sacred rites.
Eyes Of The Sun, The: Astrology In Light Of Psychology. MALSIN, Peter $16.95 Astrology Malsin is to be congratulated (for helping to) establish astrology as an empirical, psychological science. A thoughtful, well-written book by an informed practitioner & investigator. Spiegelman, PhD
Facing The Fire - Experiencing And Expressing Anger Appropriately. LEE, John $11.95 Psychology Anger is our most misunderstood emotion. It is a fire that will either consume or purify. Thru effective & practical exercises, author guides the reader into a healthy relationship with this emotion.
Faerie Way, The - A Healing Journey To Other Worlds. MYNNE, Hugh $12.95 Fairies A multi-dimensional experience that offers a European flavor to the shamanic path. Learn how to restore harmony with the Faerie plane, and evoke a sense of wholeness.
Faery Wicca Tarot Deck. STEPANICH, Kisma K. $19.95 Tarot Deck Blends traditional tarot images with the mystical symbology of modern Faery Wicca.
Faery Wicca: Book 2 The Shamanic Practices Of The Cunning Arts. STEPANICH, Kisma K. $19.95 Wicca 18 lessons on advance Wiccan magick. Learn seership & shapeshifting, how to journey to the outerworld, and other Shamanistic practices.
Fairies From A To Z. KEITH, Adrienne $14.95 Children's Books An enchanted world of tiny surprises & natural delights awaits you inside this treasure trove of fairy lore.
Fairy Tarots, The. FT78, $20.95 Tarot Deck
Falcon Feather & Valkyrie Sword: Feminine Shamanism, Witchcraft & Magick. CONWAY, D.J. $19.95 Wicca Presents a rich array of rituals, practical exercises, inspiring guided journeys & magickal techniques geared to the special needs of women.
Family Guide To Homeopathy, The. LOCKIE, Dr. Andrew $15.00 Health This guide provides the information necessary to understand how homeopathy works & how any individual can use it simply & safely to treat a wide variety of illnesses.
Family Of Light MARCINIAK, Barbara $15.00 Channeled Acclaimed author of Bringers of the Dawn & Earth, this is more information from the Pleiadians.
Family Wicca Book, The: The Craft For Parents & Children. O'GAEA, Ashleen $9.95 Wicca Learn to ground your family in Wicca without devaluing other religions; explain life, sex & death compassionately & with calm common sense; live mythically; celebrate the passages in your life.
Far Journeys. MONROE, Robert A. $12.00 Astral Projection Author presents an all-new, mesmerizing odyssey that takes you even further beyond the known dimensions of the physical universe.
Far Memory. GRANT, Joan $10.95 Fiction Author's autobiography, Grant tells the story of her present life & how she came to develop her intuitive skills & write her novels.
Fear Book, The: Facing Fear Once And For All. HUBER, Cheri $10.00 Zen In this book the author turns the tables on fear - it becomes the quarry & we become the hunters. Fear is exposed, its secrets revealed, its defenses lowered & we are empowered to choose freedom.
Fear No Evil - The Pathwork Method Of Transforming The Lower Self. PIERRAKOS & THESENGA, $15.95 Psychology Presents the idea of evil in practical, modern terms that can help us face our negative life experiences with a new light of understanding that will transform personal pain into joy & pleasure.
Feminine Face Of God, The. ANDERSON & HOPKINS, $13.95 Women's Books Shows how many women have redefined traditional beliefs & rediscovered their own unique spiritual heritage.
Feminist Companion To Mythology, The. LARRINGTON, Carolyne (Editor) $24.00 Mythology Author has assembled authorities on mythology to provide for the first time an international feminist guide to the myths, goddesses, gods, & heroines that make our mythological heritage.
Feng Shui - A Layman's Guide To Chinese Geomancy. LIP, Evelyn $9.95 Feng Shui This basic guide explains how the future & one's fortune is suggested by the location & orientation of one's home.
Feng Shui - The Chinese Art Of Placement. ROSSBACH, Sarah $13.95 Feng Shui Ancient wisdom for the most beneficial way to place & arrange furniture, rooms, & buildings to achieve maximum harmony with Nature.
Feng Shui Astrology - How To Use Ki Energy To Make Your Dreams Come True. YOSHIKAWA, Takashi $18.95 Chinese Astrology
Feng Shui Astrology: Using 9 Star Ki To Achieve Harmony & Happiness. SANDIFER, Jon $12.00 Chinese Astrology 9 Star Ki is probably the world's oldest form of astrology - a highly evolved system based not only on the movements of the stars but also on the forces of yin & yang & the I Ching.
Feng Shui For Apartment Living. WEBSTER, Richard $9.95 Feng Shui Reveals the secret to turning your apartment, condominium or dormitory into a home that attracts good luck, prosperity & peace. By using feng shui, you'll be living in harmony with the earth.
Feng Shui For Beginners: Successful Living By Design. WEBSTER, Richard $12.95 Feng Shui This is an easy-to-follow & practical guide that can help you attain everything you desire: get that promotion, smooth out family quarrels, sleep soundly at night & have more energy.
Feng Shui For Business. LIP, Evelyn $9.95 Feng Shui A guide for those who are starting a new business, setting up shops, hotels, shopping or office complexes, to tap the good cosmic energy of the earth.
Feng Shui For The Home. LIP, Evelyn $9.95 Feng Shui
Feng Shui For The Workplace. WEBSTER, Richard $9.95 Feng Shui Whether you want to increase productivity in your factory, decrease employee turnover or bring more customers into your store, this book offers the tips & solutions for every business scenario.
Feng Shui Handbook, The. WALTERS, Derek $19.00 Feng Shui How to design rooms that encourage creativity, the specific interior features to avoid, & how to match your home with the feng shui horoscopes are among the topics discussed.
Feng Shui In The Garden. WEBSTER, Richard $9.95 Feng Shui
Feng Shui Made Easy - Designing Your Life With The Ancient Art Of Placement SPEAR, William $17.00 Feng Shui Learn powerful secrets about the ancient art of Feng Shui, how to harmonize our external and internal enviroments by creating a balanced, peaceful dwelling.
Feng Shui Today LIN, Jami $18.00 Feng Shui
Feng Shui: Art & Harmony Of Place. GOVERT, Johndennis $19.95 Feng Shui The focus of Feng Shui is re-creation of harmony in the space between heaven & earth-landscapes, gardens, buildings & rooms. How to recognize imbalance & restore harmony is the method of the art.
Feng Shui: Discover Money, Health & Love. MARFORI, Mark D. $13.95 Feng Shui Discover how Feng Shui can bring harmony & prosperity into your life and neutralize negative influences. This is a complete reference guide on creating a healthy & positive living & working space.
Feng-Shui & Western Building Ceremonies. GROVES, Derham $19.95 Feng Shui Author explains the principles of feng-shui & shows how Western building ceremonies also have their roots in the fear & propitiation of nature & identifies some similarities between both.
Feng-Shui: The Ancient Wisdom Of Harmonious Living For Modern Times. WONG, Eva $22.00 Feng Shui Wong offerscomprehensive instructions in the basics of feng-shue, with step-by-step guidance in analyzing sites, buildings & interiors.
Feng-Shui: The Science Of Sacred Landscape In Old China. EITEL, Ernest J. $7.95 Feng Shui Modern concern about the threat to the earth's continued life has brought about a revival of interest in this traditional science which was based on principles of co-operation between men & nature.
Fifth Sacred Thing, The. STARHAWK, $13.95 Fiction In the tradition of Margaret Atwood's The Handmaid's Tale comes an epic novel set in 21st century California about love & war, body & spirit, freedom & slavery, & the future of human life itself.
Financial Success: Harnessing The Power Of Creative Thought. WATTLES, Wallace $8.95 General Through the process of visualization, we can impress our thoughts upon formless substance & bring the desired object or circumstance into material form.
Findhorn Community, The. RIDDELL, Carol $15.95 General One of the first successful new age communities of present times, it was founded in 1962 & continues to be an important part of a world-wide movement for spiritual transformation.
Finding Our Way Through The Dark: Astrology Of The Dark Goddess Mysteries. GEORGE, Demetra $16.95 Planets Demetra covers all 8 phases of the lunation cycle (natal & progressed), Pluto, the 12th house, 9 Dark goddess asteroids (ephemerides included) & much more.
Finding The Person In The Horoscope. DOBYNS, Zipporah P. $7.95 Relating An articulate introduction to astrology as a psychological tool for self understanding - readable & thought provoking, suitable for general readers.
Finding The Sacred Self: A Shamanic Workbook. GREGG, Dr. Susan $12.00 Shamanism The 40 exercises in this workbook - which you can do alone or in a group - will help you stop your inner pain & radically shift your perception of reality so that you can experience life anew.
Finding Your Life's Purpose Through Astrology Workbook. BINDER, Bettye & Vito $10.00 Vocational Astrology
Fingerprints Of The Gods: The Evidence Of Earth's Lost Civilization. HANCOCK, Graham $17.00 Mythology Author embarks on a worldwide quest to put together all the pieces of the vast & fascinating jigsaw of mankind's hidden past. Fascinating book!
Finite And Infinite Games. CARSE, James P. $5.99 General
Finnish Magic. NELSON, Robert, Ph.D. $7.95 Magick Explores the gods, spirits, rituals, folklore & shamanic practices of Finland's little-known tradition. Discover ways to use trance, ritual, spirit communication, healing, dance, sacred places & more.
Fire From Within, The. CASTANEDA, Carlos $12.00 General Castaneda, under the tutelage of Don Juan, at last constructs a stunning portrait of the sorcer's world that is crystal clear & dizzing in its implications.
First Principles Of Astrology. GASTON, Wilber $15.00 Astrology Partial list of contents: the signs interpred; the cusps; planetary influences; astrology & heredity; forming the horoscope; index to the characteristics & more.
Fisher King And The Handless Maiden, The. JOHNSON, Robert A. $16.00 Psychology Understanding the wounded feeling function in masculine & feminine psychology.
Fitness Option - Five Weeks To Healing Stress. O'HARA, Valerie $13.95 Health Teaches you how to be dynamically successful without stress symptoms; rekindle enthusiasm & vitality; improve concentration; improve coping skills & much more.
Fixed Stars & Constellations In Astrology ROBSON, Vivian E. $22.00 Fixed Stars Partial list of contents: influence of constellations; lunar mansions; fixed stars in natal, mundane, Astro-Meteorology & mediaeval magic; influence of fixed stars; nebule & clusters.
Fixed Stars And Judicial Astrology. N3028-014 NOONAN, George C. Ph.D $17.95 Fixed Stars The natures of fixed stars & constellations as known by the classicists are discussed in detail. Methods of delineating are indicated, with special emphasison the applications to judicial astrology.
Fixed Stars And Their Intrepretation. E1096-014 EBERTIN-HOFFMAN, $12.50 Fixed Stars This catalog gives the zodiacal longitudes of 73 major stars & describes their influence when in conjunction.
Fixed Stars, Health & Behavior Imbalances. G2730-024 GEORGE & PARKER, Ted & Barbara $18.95 Medical Astrology Describes the 110 Fixed Star points & their affect on the health, behavior & karmic destiny of people, together with natural remedies for the cure or alleviation of health disorders.
Flight Of Feathered Serpent, The. BOLIN, Peter $15.95 Tarot A guide to the Mayan (Xultan) Tarot Deck & to the spiritual life of the brilliant & enigmatic civilazation of the Mayans.
Flight Of The Seventh Moon. ANDREWS, Lynn $10.00 Women's Books Story of commitment to becoming a medicine woman in the native American tradition. Initiation into the teaching of the shields, the ancient path of protection & power for women.
Flight Of The Winged Wolf. HUGHES-CALERO, Heather $9.95 Native American A book about power & beauty. It tells the story of the gentleness & fury between a teacher & her student in the making of a medicine woman.
Flower Remedies Handbook. CUNNINGHAM, Donna $14.95 Health Emotional healing & growth with Bach & other flower essences.
Flying Boy - Healing The Wounded Man, The. LEE, John $7.95 Men's Books A record of one man's journey to find his true masculinity & his way out of co-dependent & addictive relationships.
Flying Without A Broom: Astral Projection & The Astral World. CONWAY, D.J. $13.00 Astral Projection This how-to book includes historical lore, a foundation of astral plane basics, & a simplified learning process to get you off the ground.
Focus On Neptune. E1102-014 ELENBAAS, Virginia $11.95 Planets Evocative descriptions of this planet's generational influence plus natal house & aspect delineations.
Focus On Pluto. E1103-014 ELENBAAS, Virginia $11.95 Planets A concise, thorough statement of Pluto's astrological meaning, illustrated through references to recent history. Includes keywords plus natal house & aspect delineations.
Food Of The Gods: The Search For The Original Tree Of Knowledge. MCKENNA, Terence $15.95 Cultural Anthro A revisionist look at the historical role of drugs in the East & West, from the ancient spice, sugar & rum trades to marijuana, cocaine, synthetics & even TV.
Foot Analysis: The Foot Path To Self-Discovery. GRINBERG, Avi $16.95 Health Your feet tell how you walk through life & the author shows you how this works. His techniques are fully explained & illustrated so you can get a whole new perspective of yourself.
For Your Own Good: Hidden Cruelty In Child-Rearing & The Roots Of Violence. MILLER, Alice $10.00 Parenting This is a book of extraordinary importance, for it makes as clear as a beacon light the root causes of violence as a consequence of our misguided child-rearing practices.
Forecasting Backward & Forward. HAMMERSLOUGH, B.F. $14.95 Predictive Astrology This book teaches you the dynamics of specific time periods & instructs you in how to forecast the coming trends in your life.
Forecasting With Diurnals: A Different Way Of Looking At Transits. HUGHES H3484-034, Mary N. $14.50 Predictive Astrology Through the use of lunations, eclipses & the chart of the day called The Diurnal Chart, the time can be fine-tuned to tell you the exact time that an event will take place.
Forecasting With New, Full & Quarter Moons Through The Houses. M1325-014 MASON, Sophia $13.95 Predictive Astrology How to interpret the meaning of charts for the New & Full Moon (including eclipses) & Quarter Moon in relation to the natal chart, based on comparing house positions between the two charts.
Forecasting Your Life Trends. SEWELL, Rupert $6.95 Predictive Astrology This lay reader's guide to simple astrological forecasting expounds on a 36-phase system based on secondary directions & includes simple tables & suggested delineations.
Forest House, The. BRADLEY, Marion Z. $15.95 Fiction A novel by the author of The Mists of Avalon.
Fortune In A Coffee Cup - Divination With Coffee Grounds. SOPHIA, $9.95 Divination
Fortune Telling With Playing Cards. SOPHIA, $9.95 Tarot Author reeals the fortune-telling secrets passed down to her by 4 generations of card-readers; the meaning of the suits, numbered cards & face cards; 4 uniquelayouts & 8 sample card readings.
Fortune-Telling With Tea Leaves. FENTON, Sasha $7.95 Tea Leaves
Foundation Of The Astrological Chart. JACOBSON, Ivy Goldstein $15.95 Astrology A clear guidebook on calculating several important kinds of horoscopes - the natal, progressed, Johndro, solar return, ingresss & life cycle charts.
Foundations Of Personality. HAMAKER-ZONDAG, Karen $14.95 Astrology Combining her 2 books Elements & Crosses & Houses & Personality Development, author explains the basis & structure of the horoscope. Combines astrology with Jungian psychology.
Four Archetypes. JUNG, Carl G. $9.95 Psychology Studies from The Archetypes & the Collective Unconscious.
Four Levels Of Healing, The. GAWAIN, Shakti $10.95 Self Help A guide to balancing the spiritual, mental, emotional & physical aspects of life. Contains powerful meditations & exercises to assist you on your healing journey.
Four Noble Truths, The. GYATSO, Ven. Lobsang $9.95 Eastern Phil. After his enlightenment the Buddha taught the Four Noble Truths, which became the foundation for all Buddhist practice.
Four-Fold Way, The. ARRIEN, Angeles $19.00 Shamanism A leading expert on native spirituality & shamanism reveals the 4 archetypal principles of the Native American medicine wheel & how they can lead us to a higher spirituality & a better world.
Fourth Sign - A New Image. MUISE, Roxana $5.95 Astrology A very logical presentation of the Cat as the ruler of Cancer instead of the Crab.
Fourth Way, The. OUSPENSKY, P.D. $15.00 Gurdjieff The most comprehensive statement thus far published of the ideas taught by the late Ouspensky.
Fragrant Mind, The: Aromatherapy For Personality, Mind, Mood & Emotion. WORWOOD ., Valerie Ann $19.95 Aromatherapy This book presents the latest scientific research about aroma's effects on the mind, showing how these findings are increasingly entering the mainstream.
Freedom From The Bondage Of Karma. RAMA, Swami $5.95 Spiritual Philosophy Author analyzes the mechanisms of karma & the functioning of mind in order to demonstrate the kind of self-study each student of life must undertake to gain liberation.
Freedom From The Known. KRISHNAMURTI, J. $13.00 Spiritual Philosophy In this classic work, Krishnamurti shows how people can free themselves radically & immediately from the tyranny of the expected, no matter what their age.
Freudian Astrology - Lilith The Libido. G3039-014 GREENWOOD, Elizabeth $13.95 Planets In Freudian Astrology, the dark moon Lilith represents the libido. The instincts for life & death for the individual can be studied by placing Lilith in the horoscope....
Freudian Astrology - Neptune The Id. G3037-014 GREENWOOD, Elizabeth $13.95 Planets The aim of Neptune the ID is to avoid pain (Mars) & find pleasure (Venus).
Freudian Astrology - Pluto The Superego. G3027-014 GREENWOOD, Elizabeth $13.95 Planets Author contends that Pluto represents the Freudian Superego, the conscience, the concept of right & wrong, The Perfection Principle, the moral affinity of the person.
Freudian Astrology Workbook. G3040-014 GREENWOOD, Elizabeth $12.50 Planets The 4 sections of this book covers: Pluto, the superego; Uranus, the ego, Neptune, the id; & Lilith, the libido.
Friends, Family, Romance And The Uranian Astrology Picture. BERTUCELLI, Penelope $5.00 Uranian Astrology
From Enoch To The Dead Sea Scrolls. SZEKELY, Edmond Bordeaux $6.95 Mystic Christianity The teachings of the Essenes.
From Fire To Flight. DEE, Miss $12.95 Astrology This book is about how Pluto uncovers what we are really thinking about ourselves. It is these thoughts which are truly what change & regeneration is all about.
From One House To Another. M1326-024 MASON, Sophia $11.95 Predictive Astrology Using the derivative house system, Mason shows you how to accurately predict the affairs of others thorugh your own horoscope.
From Outer Space To Planet Earth. JACOBSON, Ivy Goldstein $17.95 Astrology
Fruitful Darkness, The - Reconnecting With The Body Of The Earth. HALIFAX, Joan $12.00 Cultural Anthro Seeking the wisdom of indigenous peoples from Native American to Tibetan Buddhist meditators, author discovers the healing nature of both suffering & compassion.
Fun With Astrology. LIPP, Evelyn $6.50 Astrology
Fundamentals Of Cosmobiology. K1258-014 KIMMEL, Elenora $15.95 Cosmobiology Instruction for using midpoints and the 90 degree dial with examples ofr illustrations.
Fundamentals Of Number Significance. J1240-024 JONES, Marc Edmund $17.50 Astrology Covers the nature & history of Astrology as well as the cabalistic factors.
Further Dimensions Of Healing Addictions. CUNNINGHAM, Donna $9.95 Healing Focuses on understanding & treating addiction from a holistic & spiritual perspective. Numerous vibrational therapies are suggested; and much more.
Fusion Of The Five Elements I CHIA, Mantak & Maneewan $12.95 Eastern Phil. Fusion I meditation focuses on a practical way of neutralizing negative emotions by balancing & rechanneling emotional energy.
Future Signs - How To Make Astrological Predictions. SIMMS, Maria Kay $14.95 Predictive Astrology This book presents an easy way to learn how astrology can help you to determine the possibilities & obstacles that lie in the future. Written for the astrological beginner.
Gaia And God: An Ecofeminist Theology Of Earth Healing. RUETHER, Rosemary Radford $12.00 Women's Books Explores how Western religious & scientific traditions have led to today's ecological crisis.
Gaia Matrix Oracle Deck. KRYDER, Rowena Ph.D $33.00 Tarot Deck
Gaia Matrix Oracle. KRYDER, Rowena Ph.D $22.00 Tarot A practical guide to your living relationship to symbology, creativity, ecology spirituality, art & bioenergetic awareness.
Gambling To Win. P3503-014 PALMER, Lynne $14.95 Astrology How & why do we win or lose? Is it by chance or do we have some measure of control as to how & why? This is an easy-to-read book of answers to these & many other questions regarding gambling.
Game Of Life And How To Play It, The. SHINN, Florence S. $6.95 General Author has left us this inspiring book brimming with knowledge of the laws of prosperity & forgiveness, power of the word, perfect self-expression & intuition.
Garden Of Pomegranates, A. REGARDIE, Israel $17.95 Kabbalah One of the best introductions to the Tree of Life. Regardie combines his own studies with notes from Aleister Crowley, A.E. Waite, Eliphas Levi & D. H. Lawrence.
Gate Of Rebirth - Astrology Regeneration & 8th House Mysteries. PAUL, Haydn $14.95 Houses Author talks about personal & planetary values, power manipulation, compulsion, obsession, sexual & emotional unions, the wounded healer & much more.
Gateway To The Stars - Introducing Astrology Vol 1. CUTHBERT & EDWARDS & AZZARELLO, $15.95 Astrology Basics of astrology - signs, planets & houses.
Gay Love Signs: The New Astrology Guide For Men Who Love Men. JAY, Michael $16.95 Relating A guide for gay men looking to better understand themselves, each other & the universe that guides them.
Gems & Crystals For Beginners. ARCARTI, Kristyna $11.95 Crystals This book gives advice on choosing the stones that are right for you; how to cleanse, charge, programme & keep them & how to use them in a number of ways in your everyday life.
Gems From The Equinox. CROWLEY, Aleister $49.95 Magick
Gendron Tarot, The. Gn78 GENDRON, Melanie $15.95 Tarot Deck The archetypal Great God/dess & her animal companions provide spiritual, nurturing guidance.
Genesis Revisted. SITCHIN, Zecharia $6.99 U.F.O. The author believes that what our civilization is discovering today about Earth & the heavens is, in fact, a rediscovery of what had been known to a much earlier civilization.
Geodetic Equivalents. S1459-014 SEPHARIAL, $5.50 Locality Astrology A system assigning an Ascendant & Midheaven to every spot on the earth, for the purposes of mundane astrological inquiry. Includes a table of ASC/MC values for major cities.
Geodetic World Map, The. M2822-014 MCRAE, I.I. Chris $16.50 Locality Astrology This system, developed by Sepharial, extends the zodiac eastward from Greenwich a degree of longitude at a time beginning with Aries. This principle ascertains the midheaven for any geographic locaton
Getting On Time With Your Life. M3622-034 MYERS, Robert Kent $13.95 Astrology Author introduces the application & understanding of phases: how they work & affect our lives. He gives us the ability to use the wisdom of phases in a clear, practical manner in our daily lives.
Getting The Love You Want: A Guide For Couples. HENDRIX, PH.D., Harville $13.00 Relationships The psychology of love relationships & how to transform your relationship into a lasting source of love & companionship. This book is about the theory & practice of becoming passionate friends.
Ghostlight BRADLEY, Marion Z. $13.95 Fiction A powerful novel about the fullfillment of human potential & the search for the meaning of life.
Giant Rider Waite Tarot Deck GR78, $24.95 Tarot Deck Rider-Waite size 4 x 6-1/2.
Gift Of Story, The. A Wise Tale About What Is Enough. ESTES, PH.D., Clarissa Pinkola $10.00 General Stories that instruct, renew & heal provide a vital nourishment to the psyche that cannot be obtained in any other way. Author of Women Who Run With The Wolves.
Gill Tarot Deck, The. GILL GL78, Elizabeth Josephine $15.95 Tarot Deck The Gill Tarot is a series of pictures wherein one can see his or her own reflection. Based on the Tree of Life, much of the imagery is drawn in classical religious literature.
Glamour, A World Prolem. BAILEY, Alice $9.95 Theosophy This book deals with the misconceptions existing on all levels of the personality life - maya on the etheric level; glamour on the emotional plane; & illusion on the mental plane.
Glamoury - Magic Of The Celtic Green World. BALMIRES, Steve $16.95 Celtic Glamoury is a magical system that will break down the barriers between you & the natural world. It brings together concepts from the Irish Celtic spiritual tradition, history, literature & myth.
Global Ritualism: Myth & Magic Around The World. SARGENT, Denny $19.95 Ritual From Haiti to Egypt, this book analyzes the common themes & components of higher ritual so you can construct your own bivrant living rituals with a full understanding of what you are doing.
Gnostic Gospels, The. PAGELS, Elaine $12.00 Mystic Christianity The first major & eminently readable book on gnosticism benefiting from the discovery in 1945 of a collection of Gnostic Christian texts at Nag Hammadi in Egypt....The New York Times
Gnostic Jung And The Seven Sermons To The Dead, The. HOELLER, Stephan $10.95 Mystic Christianity Some think Jung was a spiritual pagan, while others accused him of being biased in the direction of Christianity. This book would set both of these opinions in the wrong.
Gnostic Religion, The. JONAS, Hans $25.95 Mystic Christianity
Gnostic Tarot: Mandalas For Spiritual Transformation. IRWIN, Lee $16.95 Tarot Author synthesizes traditional tarot symbolism with a new esoteric interpretation based on contemporary Hermetic & Gnostic spirituality.
Goddess Celebrates, The: An Anthology Of Women's Rituals. STEIN (EDITOR), Diane $12.95 Goddess A collection of writings about ritual by women who are ground breakers in reclaiming Goddess-centered spirituality. Guides women to create their own ritualsfor all aspects of life.
Goddess In The Bedroom, The. BUDAPEST, Z. $12.00 Women's Books Sexy secrets for the Goddess in every woman.
Goddess In The Office, The. BUDAPEST, Z. $13.00 Women's Books Author combines down-to-earth tips & traditional magic to help women maximize the Mother Nature has given them to get a raise, increase productivity, repel sexual harassment, & much more.
Goddess Paintings, The. BOULET, Susan Seddon $29.95 Art Books Brings together the magnificent goddess paintings of Boulet with insightful text by Michael Babcock. Set against a backdrop of history, mythology & psychology, 45 goddesses come to vibrant life.
Goddess Path, The: Myths, Invocations & Rituals. MONAGHAN, Patricia $14.95 Goddess Author offers a creative approach to worship, one in which you can develop your own distinctive connection to Her many manifestations in traditions from around the world.
Goddess Power: An Astrological Guide To Living Sacredly. MACNAUGHTON, Robin $5.99 Astrology
Goddess Spirituality Book - Rituals, Holydays & Moon Magic. MORGAN, Ffiona $13.00 Women's Books Previously published in part as Wild Witches Don't Get the Blues.
Goddess Tarot, The. WALDHERR, Kris $12.00 Tarot
Goddess Tarot, The. WALDHERR - GDT78, Kris $15.95 Tarot Deck
Goddess Within, The. WOOLGER, Jennifer & Roger $15.00 Goddess The goddess archetypes validate women for what they are, not what society has told them they should be, & as such are a source of freedom & understanding that can be tapped by any woman.
Goddesses And Gods Of Old Europe. GIMBUTAS, Marija $19.95 Mythology The Goddess incarnating the creative principle as Source & Giver of all, fertility images, mythical animals & other artifacts are analyzed for their mythic & social significance.
Goddesses For Every Season. BLAIR, Nancy $13.95 Goddess This collection of 52 goddesses-one for each week-depicts many of the forms in which the female deity has been worshipped around the world since ancient times.
Goddesses In Everywoman: A New Psychology Of Women. BOLEN, Jean S. $14.00 Women's Books A handbook for every woman intrigued by the source of her own mystery. How to activate the goddes, Artemis, Athena, Hera, Demeter, Persephone, Aphrodite, & the heroine in every woman.
Gods In Everyman: A New Psychology Of Men's Lives & Loves. BOLEN, Jean S. $13.00 Men's Books Author explores the powerful inner patterns - or archetypes - that shape men's personalities, careers & personal relationships.
Gods Of Change: Pain, Crisis & Transits Of Uranus, Netpune & Pluto, The. SASPORTAS, Howard $14.95 Transits Major changes or crises in our lives are usually signified by the transits of Uranus, Neptune & Pluto. Author blends his knowledge of psychology with case histories.
Gods Of Eden, The. BRAMLEY, William $6.99 U.F.O. Author presents evidence of an alien presence on Earth - extraterrestrial visitors who have conspired to dominate humankind.
Gods Of The Egyptians, The - Vol. I. BUDGE, E.A. Wallis $12.95 Egyptian Budge presents practically everything known about the high gods, the local gods, demigods, demons & mythological figures of Khem. First volume of two.
Gods Of The Egyptians, The - Vol. II. BUDGE, E.A. Wallis $12.95 Egyptian Second volume of the studies in Egyptian mythology.
Godseed:The Journey Of Christ. HOUSTON, Jean $11.95 Mystic Christianity Author draws from philosophy, mythology, Jungian psychology, mysticism, anthropology, new science & just plain creativity to present the familiar gospel stories in a new light.
Godwin's Cabalistic Encyclopedia: Complete Guide To Cabalistic Magick. GODWIN, David $29.95 Kabbalah Here you will find all of the necessary correspondences for doing magic listed alphabetically in English & Hebrew & numerically.
Goetia - The Lesser Key Of Solomon The King, The. LIDDELL & MATHERS, $16.00 Magick Goetia means low magic in greek, being distinguished from the high magic of theurgy.It is applied magic rather than pure magic - mainly dealing in human concerns like wealth, love, ect.
Golden Cauldron, The: Shamanic Journeys On The Path Of Wisdom. SCULLY, Nicki $14.95 Shamanism Calling on the magical cauldron of Thoth, Egyptian god of wisdom, healing, communication, author guides us into the spirit world of sacred totems, oracles, & animal teachings from many cultures.
Golden Dawn Magical Tarot Deck Set. CICERO, Sandra Tabatha $29.95 Tarot Deck Blends the descriptions given in the initiation ceremonies of the Golden Dawn with traditional tarot imagery. Presents corresponding Hebrew letter, planetary & Zodiacal symbols for each card.
Golden Dawn Tarot Deck. GD78, $19.50 Tarot Deck Based on the notebooks & records of the Order of the Golden Dawn, the cards include references to symbolism of diverse origins, including Celtic, Greek, Roman & Egyptian mythology.
Golden Dawn, The (Paperback). REGARDIE, Israel $29.95 Golden Dawn A complete course in practical ceremonial magic. This is a valid training program for those who can follow the drama of initiation & who will practice the basic rituals described.
Golden Rider Tarot Deck. GRT78, $18.95 Tarot Deck Painted in bold colors based upon the style of Pamela Colman Smith.
Golden Twigs. CROWLEY, Aleister $21.95 Fiction Inspired by The Golden Bough by Frazer, this collection of 8 short stories retells some of the more colorful & savage motifs chronicled by Frazer.
Gong Hee Fot Choy. WARD, Margaret $9.95 Tarot A fortune telling book which you can use with regular playing cards.
Gospel According To Jesus, The. MITCHELL, Stephen $14.00 Mystic Christianity A new translation & guide to His essential teachings for believers & unbelievers.
Gradual Awakening, A. LEVINE, Stephen $10.95 Meditation This book about vipassana meditation is simple - clear & familiarly comfortable. --Ram Dass
Grail Castle: Male Myths & Mysteries In The Celtic Tradition. JOHNSON & M. ELSBETH, Kenneth $12.00 Celtic Tradition Addresses the universal male quest a man compete & whole & provides ways to integrate the Father, Warrior, Lover, & Wise Man within you.
Grail Legend, The. JUNG & VON FRANZ, $19.95 Arthurian Legends The authors show us how the legend reflects not only fundamental human problems but also the dramatic psychic events which form the background of our Christian culture.
Grandmother Moon - Lunar Magic In Our Lives. BUDAPEST, Zsuzanna E. $19.00 Ritual This rich sourcebook explores the moods, myths, rituals & goddesses associated with each of the 13 lunations.
Grandmother Of Time, The. BUDAPEST, Zsuzsanna E. $18.00 Women's Books Both beginners & experienced practitioners will learn how to integrate wiccan spirituality into their everyday lives. includes rituals, spells, holy days, & myths and much more.
Great Book Of Tantra, The. SINHA, Indra $19.95 Tantra The author has brought together in this one volume a rare collection of erotic & Tantric literature from the classical, medieval & modern periods - some translated from the original Sanskrit.
Great Cosmic Mother, The: Rediscovering The Religion Of The Earth. MONICA & MOR, $21.00 Women's Books Authors show that the religion of the Goddess - which is tied to the cycles of women's bodies - was the original religion of all humanity.
Great Heresy, The - The History & Beliefs Of The Cathars. GUIRDHAM, Arthur $15.95 Mystic Christianity This book details the history & beliefs of Catharism. Discusses such subjects as reincarnation on other planets & of animals as men, auras, the creation of the world, nature of alchemy, & more.
Great Mother, The. NEUMANN, Erich $17.95 Women's Books Loving & nurturing or hostile & devouring, the Great Mother is explored as a primordial image of the human psyche.
Great Year, The - Astrology, Millenarianism & History. CAMPION, Nicholas $14.95 Astrology Raises important questions concerning the nature and fuction of political prophecy in the late 20th century. Astrology was held high and then lost it's hold in the 17th century as political prophecy.
Greek Qabalah, The: Alphabetic Mysticism & Numerology In Ancient World. BARRY, Kieren $16.95 Qabalah Uses extensive academic research to reach what some may consider controversial - that the literal Hebrew Qabalah actually has Greek origins.
Green Magic: The Healing Power Of Herbs, Talismans, & Stones. MORWYN, $16.95 Witchcraft Both beginners & seasoned readers in the field of magic, as well as those with an active interest in herbs, will benefit from this compendium of facts & lore about medicinal & magical herbs.
Green Pharmacy, The. DUKE, PH.D., James A. $29.95 Health Thousands of safe, natural remedies lie untapped in jungles, forests & herbal gardens throughout the world. America's foremost authority on medicinal plants & herbs shares his knowledge.
Green Witch Herbal, The: Restoring Nature's Magic In Home, Health & Beauty. GRIGGS, Barbara $14.95 Herbalism This compendium of domestic use of herbs includes recipes for everything from geranium-scented mosquito repellent & aromatic ginger bath to rosemary hair rinse & sweet almond oil moisturizer.
Green Witchcraft: Folk Magic, Fairy Lore & Herb Craft. MOURA (AOUMIEL), Ann $12.95 Pagan Explores the fundamentals of the Wiccan religion, providing magical training for the independent thinker. Step-by-step instructions on a wide variety of magical techniques & basic rules of conduct.
Grimoire Of Shadows, A: Witchcraft, Paganism & Magick. FITCH, Ed $16.95 Magick Originally created as an alternative cycle of rituals for the Gardnerian Craft, this is a complete, self-contained system of magickal training based on Tibetan, Austrian & ancient Pagan sources.
Guardian Angels & Spirit Guides STEIGER, Brad $9.95 Angels Astounding proof & inspiring stories of help from beyond...& ways to enhance contact with the angels watching over you.
Guide To Horoscope Interpretation. J2303-024 JONES, Marc Edmund $14.95 Basic Astrology Demonstrates how to employ the whole view of a horoscope using planetary patterns. Includes many examples of different types of charts for easy reference. Amust for students.
Guide To Love. WHITE, Suzanne $14.00 Chinese Astrology Descriptions of every pairing (the 12 animal signs of Chinese astrology & the 12 sun signs of Western astrology) & advice about the possibilities & pitfalls of each love match.
Guide To The Bodhisattva, The SANTIDEVA, $12.95 Eastern Philosophy
Guide To The I Ching, A. ANTHONY, Carol $14.95 I Ching An excellent interpretive manual to be used in conjunction with Wilhelm-Baynes edition of the I Ching.
Guided Meditations, Explorations And Healings. LEVINE, Stephen $12.95 Meditation The culmination & distillation of the Levines' investigation into the unseen reaches of the human consciousness & provides illustration of the experiments in the healing we took birth for.
Guideposts To Mystical And Mundane Interpretation. D1061-014 DELONG, Sylvia $15.95 Mundane Astrology A collection of essays on selected subjects including karma & reincarnation, natural disasters & the geodetic equivalent chart & horary & electional astrology.
Hades Moon, The - Pluto In Aspect To The Moon. HALL, Judy $19.95 Astrology The Hades Moon provides important material & penetrating insight into the manyfacets of the major, transformative contact between the intimate & emotional moon & the deeply enigmatic Pluto.
Haindl Rune Oracle. Hro25 HAINDL, Hermann $12.95 Tarot Decks Haindl's 25 dynamic & dreamlike paintings add a new dimension to runes, the ancient & mystical characters which have been carved into stones & used for divination for thousands of years.
Haindl Tarot Deck. HAINDL HD78, Hermann $16.95 Tarot Deck Haindl drew upon his knowledge of ancient cultures & his experience living with Native Americans to create a deck that is a colorful & penetrating study in humility & reverence for nature.
Haindl Tarot, The - Volume 1 The Major Arcana POLLACK, Rachel $9.95 Tarot Author describes the 78 symbols of transformation in the Haindl Tarot & reveals the many layers of meanings within them.
Haindl Tarot, The - Volume 2 The Minor Arcana POLLACK, Rachel $10.95 Tarot The Minor Arcana expresses very strongly the idea that human beings bear a responsibility to fulfill cosmic needs, to enable nature to heal itself & spiritual truth to become realized in the physical.
Halloween Tarot Deck WEST, Kipling $15.95 Tarot Cards Follow the black cat through the Halloween Tarot. The artwork conjures up all that's fun about Halloween: the Minor Arcana suits are Pumpkins, Imps, Ghosts, & Bats.
Halloween Tarot, The. Bk161 LEE, Karin $9.95 Tarot This lively account of Halloween history & traditions sets the scene for the emjoyment & use of the Halloween Tarot deck.
Hand And Foot Reflexology - A Self-Help Guide. KUNZ, Kevin & Barbara $12.00 Massage Here's a revolutionary way to fine-tune your relationship with your body, reduce stress, & feel better all over: Stimulate the reflexes in your hands & feet
Handbook Of Celtic Astrology, The: 13 Sign Lunar Zodiac Of Ancient Druids. PATERSON, Helena $15.00 Astrology Even astrologers may be unaware that the Celts developed & used their own astrological system, which centered around the Moon & the 13 lunar months rather than the Sun.
Handbook Of Chinese Horoscopes, The. LAU, Theodora $18.00 Chinese Astrology Explanation of the lunar calendar of Chinese astrology. The 12 animal signs, how these combine in relationships, how they relate to Western astrology and much more.
Handbook Of Horary Astrology. HAMAKER-ZONDAG, Karen $15.95 Horary Author analyzes traditional as well as modern variations of horary principles, using them to show the reader how to determine events such as inheritance, marriage, divorce, business deals, etc., etc.
Handbook Of Techniques For The Hamburg School. BRUMMUND & UDO RUDOLPH, Ruth $21.95 Uranian Astrology Highly respected work on Uranian Astrology from the Hamburg School.
Handbook Of Yoruba Religious Concepts. KARADE, Baba Ifa $9.95 Santeria
Handbook To Higher Consciousness. KEYES, Ken $7.95 General This work of life contains a mixture of most major philosophies & puts them together in a workable, easy-to-understand manner.
Hands - A Complete Guide To Palmistry. HOFFMAN, Enid $13.95 Palmistry Hoffman takes a step beyond palmistry & explains the significance of the entire hand in relation to personality & the whole body.
Hands Across Time: The Soulmate Enigma. HALL, Judy $11.95 Relationships Explores the many different facets of the soulmate experience, including karmic love themes; serial soulmates; how recognize a soulmate; soul partners, twin souls; soul companions, group souls & more.
Hands Of Light: A Guide To Healing Through The Human Energy Field. BRENNAN, Barbara Ann $24.95 Healing Author presents the first in-depth study of the human energy field for people who seek happiness, health & their full potential.
Handwriting Analysis. AMEND & RUIZ, $12.95 Graphology This book will tell you, in clear, precise terms, how to analyze & interpret the handwriting of those you deal with every day.
Hanson-Roberts Tarot Deck. HR78, Mary Hanson-Roberts $15.95 Tarot Deck Vivid fairy tales enliven this now-classic reinterpretation of the Rider-Waite Tarot deck.
Harmonic Chart Tables. W1530-024 WILLIAMSEN, James S. $9.50 Harmonics A complete set of tables simplifying the calculation of the 2nd to 180th harmonics, with instructions on their use.
Harper's Encyclopedia Of Mystical & Paranormal Experience. GUILEY, Rosemary Ellen $26.00 Reference Painstakingly researched, reviewed by top experts in the field, this reference is an invaluable resource for anyone seeing a deeper understanding of the mystery of alternate realities.
Hatha Yoga - Manual I. SAMSKRTI & VEDA, $14.95 Yoga Hatha Yoga deals with the physical body & its control; its welfare; its health its preservation; its laws, etc.
Hatha Yoga Or The Yogi Philosophy Of Physical Well-Being. RAMACHARAKA, Yogi $12.95 Yoga Hatha Yoga deals with the physical body & its control; its welfare; its health its preservation; its laws, etc.
Hathor Rising - The Power Of The Goddess In Ancient Egypt. ROBERTS, Alison $19.95 Egyptian
Hawaiian Religion & Magic. CUNNINGHAM, Scott $12.95 Religion The beauty of ancient Hawaii gave birth to a culture unmatched in its modes of spiritual expression. This book thoroughly examines this culture from a sociological & historical viewpoint.
Heal Your Body. HAY, Louise L. $6.95 Health Metaphysical causes for physical illness. Basically lists the fears & problems linked with physical manifestation of disease. Handy reference for counselors.
Healer's Handbook: A Holistic Guide To Wellness In The New Age. TELESCO, Patricia $15.95 Health Telesco takes an honest look at the benefits & limitations of alternative medicines. From aromatherapy & herbalism to sound therapy & body work, she supplies down-to-earth guidelines.
Healers On Healing. CARLSON (EDITED BY), Richard $14.95 Healing In 37 original essays, some of the world's leaders in healing explore their personal & professional experiences in order to uncover the underlying principle on which all healing rests.
Healing Anger - The Power Of Patience From A Buddhist Perspective DALAI LAMA, $12.95 Eastern Philosophy
Healing Herbs And Health Foods Of The Zodiac. MUIR, Ada $3.99 Medical Astrology Discusses the ills most often found in each zodiacal sign, along with the appropriate healing herb. More than 70 herbs are covered. Also explains the special mineral or cell salt needed.
Healing Into Immortality: New Spiritual Medicine Of Healing Stories. EPSTEIN, M.D., Gerald $10.95 Healing Author outlines a proven program of self-healing based on 30 years of clinical practice & a lifetime of investigation into the role of the mind in causing or curing disease.
Healing Into Life And Death. LEVINE, Stephen $8.95 Death & Dying Author deals with the choice & application of treatment, offering original techniques for working with pain & grief, & discusses the development of merciful awareness as a means of healing.
Healing Magnetism - The Transference Of Vital Force. HEINZ, Schiegl $10.95 Healing A workbook for the Reiki Healing Practitioner. Includes: 1st & 2nd Degree instruction, Chakra Breathing, Reiki & Crystals, Healing Do's & Don'ts, Conscious Processing, & much, much more.
Healing Of Emotion, The: Awakening The Fearless Self. GRISCOM, Chris $10.00 Self-Help Here is an approach to understanding & healing painful emotions. Helps you to overcome the fears, anxieties, & anger that can keep you from leading a liberated, fulfilling life.
Healing Pluto Problems. CUNNINGHAM, Donna $10.95 Planets Well written account of Pluto in the natal chart & how Pluto aspects can affect childhood. Also included are ways to heal Pluto problems using flower remedies, meditation & more.
Healing Secrets Of The Ages, The. PONDER, Catherine $13.95 Healing Using the mind to heal.
Healing Signs: The Astrological Guide To Wholeness & Well-Being. DREYER, Ronnie Gale $12.95 Medical Astrology Dreyer describes the health concerns specific to each sign & then suggests the most effective alternative therapies, including exercise, diet, meditation, acupuncture & aromatherapy.
Healing Sounds: The Power Of Harmonics. GOLDMAN, Jonathan $14.95 Sound/Music There is no sound as pure as that of harmonics & this is the first book to explain how to benefit from their profound healing & transformative powers, from both scientific & spiritual viewpoints.
Healing The Shame That Binds You. BRADSHAW, John $9.95 Self-Help Bradshaw shows us how toxic shame is the core problem in our compulsions, co-dependencies, addictions & the drive to superachieve.
Healing Through The Centers Using Rays & Astrology. W3286-014 WILSON-LUDLAM, Mae R. $11.95 Medical Astrology Continuing her series using the rays & astrology, the author has brought out this volume on healing techniques for the practicing professional.
Healing Wise: Wise Woman Herbal. WEED, Susan S. $12.95 Health ..is filled with the wisdom of our earth mother who is caretaker of all beings. To everyone concerned with personal & planetary health, this book speaks as a vital messenger & call to wholeness...
Healing With Astrology. STARCK, Marcia $14.95 Medical Astrology Provides detailed descriptions of the correspondence between the planetary cycles & an incredible range of healing systems.
Healing With Flower And Gemstone Essences. STEIN, Diane $14.95 Flower Essences
Healing With Gemstones And Crystals. STEIN, Diane $14.95 Crystals Choosing, clearing, programming & dedicating gemstones & crystals; laying on of stones; more than 200 gemstones & their healing properties listed.
Healing With The Horoscope. POTTENGER, Maritha $12.95 Medical Astrology A manual for counseling astrologers, filled with suggestions & techniques for increasing your effectiveness. This book will help you help your clients.
Healing Yourself With Foot Reflexology. CARTER, Mildred $12.95 Reflexology Foot massage techniques for increasing physical & mental energy & achieving quick, natural relief from dozens of ailments.
Health Zodiac, The - A Practical Guide To Understanding Health Cycles. ROWE, Pamela $17.95 Medical Astrology Subjects: Physical & psychological health interpretations for each sign; your partnerships & health; solar, lunar & planetary cycles; health cycles of Jupiter, Uranus, Neptune & Pluto and much more.
Health, Astrology And Spirituality. D2366-014 DEE, Miss $16.50 Medical Astrology The bodily areas & disorders associated with each of the signs are outlined in this simple guidebook, along with suggested therapy through behavior modification, herbs, etc.
Health, Youth And Beauty Through Color Breathing. CLARK & MARTINE, $5.95 Aura/Color Some colors stimulate, while others subdue. Colors have vibration; they possess qualities to ease pain & to change the human personality.
Heart Of The Cristos: Starseeding From The Pleiades. CLOW, Barbara Hand $12.95 U.F.O. Using the tools of past-life therapy, the author deals with primordial fear & remembrance as she journeys into the underworld on a shamanistic vision quest.
Heart Of The Fire. FALLINGSTAR, Cerridwen $12.95 Fiction Fiction. Fiona is a peasant girl in 16th Century Scotland. Her grandmother is teaching her herbcraft, healing & magic, as she follows the visions that lead her in a path of shamanic powers.
Heart Of The Master CROWLEY, Aleister $12.95 Magick Establishes the ancient theology of the initiatory philosophy of Thelema by delineating the spiritual forerunners of the New Aeon.
Heart Of The Serpent, The: Mystical Journeys To The Core Of Life. DE LA LAMA, Luis $17.95 General In the tradition of great spiritual autobiography, a modern master magician becomes a master teller of the story of his own psychic journey toward spiritual achievement.
Heart Sutra - Ancient Buddhist Wisdom In The Light Of Quantum Reality. SUNIM, Mu Soeng $9.95 Eastern Phil. The wisdom teaching of ancient Buddhism is explored through the convergence of science & mysticism.
Heart Thoughts: A Treasury Of Inner Wisdom. HAY, Louise L. $10.00 General Author has compiled her favorite treatments, medications, & affirmations to help you address & learn to release the issues that trouble you.
Heaven & History. CASTELLUCCI, Gregg $21.95 Astrology Author takes a penetrating look at the impact of the discoveries of each of the outer planets & Chiron on global history & the continuing historical significance of their cycles.
Heaven Knows What. LEWI, Grant $14.95 Astrology This book forms an excellent astrological background for the beginner.
Hebrew Astrology. SEPHARIAL, $12.00 Astrology This reprint of Sepharial's classic work on ancient astrology includes a number of fascinating topics - the Kabala, the Great Year & various cycles of prophecy.
Helping Yourself With Numerology. HITCHCOCK, Helyn $9.95 Numerology Discover the secrets of using letter & name analysis to determine the personality tendencies of everyone from your boss to your best friend.
Herald Of The New Age. MONTGOMERY, Ruth $5.99 General Author's own fascinating story.
Herb Book, The. LUST, John $7.50 Herbalism Crammed full of case histories, herbal formulas, full, yet concise descriptions of herbs, their properties & uses, the majority of them illustrated.
Herbal Healing For Women: Simple Home Remedies For Women Of All Ages. GLADSTAR, Rosemary $12.00 Herbalism From menstruation to menopause, this book contains instruction on how to prepare natural treatments for teenage acne, PMS, morning sickness, hot flashes, yeast infections & more.
Herbal Medications. SPOERKE, David Ph.D $9.95 Herbalism Information about more than 200 herbs; their uses in both folklore & modern practice; their active principles & modes of action.
Herbal Tarot, The. TIERRA & CANDIS CANTIN HE78, Michael $15.95 Tarot Deck The healing, comforting properties of herbs & plants inspired the creation of this beautiful deck. Within each scene, a different herb is pictured & identified.
Herbs And Things. ROSE, Jeanne $12.00 Herbalism A compendium of practical & exotic herbal lore. Excellent reading.
Herbs Of Life, The:Health & Healing Using Western & Chinese Techniques. TIERRA, Lesley $16.95 Herbalism Explains Chinese healing principles in depth & integrates them with Western herbalism for a broader understanding of health & healing.
Here And Hereafter. MONTGOMERY, Ruth $4.95 General Have you lived before? Will you live again? Fascinating new revelations about the experience of reincarnation.
Here And There In Astrology. JACOBSON, Ivy Goldstein $20.95 Astrology
Hereditary Witchcraft - Secrets Of Theold Religion. GRIMASSI, Raven $14.95 Ritual
Hermetic Magic - The Postmodern Magical Papyrus Of Abaris. FLOWERS, Stephen $14.95 Magick
Hermetic Museum, The. WAITE, Arthur E. $29.95 Alchemy First published 1678. It instructs the disciples of the Sopho-Spagyric Art in how the Philosopher's Stone can be found and held.
Hermetic Tarot Deck. HM78, $15.95 Tarot Deck Following the esoteric workings of the Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn, the deck includes astrological, sephirotic, angelic, geomantic & numerical attributions on each card.
Hero With A Thousand Faces, The. CAMPBELL, Joseph $13.95 Mythology This classic study traces the story of the hero's journey & transformation thru virtually all the mythologies of the world, revealing the one archetypal hero in them all.
Hero Within - Six Archetypes We Live By, The. PEARSON, Carol $13.00 Psychology Combines literature, anthropology, & psychology to clearly define the 6 heroic archetypes that exist in all of us.
Heroine's Journey, The. MURDOCK, Maureen $13.00 Women's Books This book speaks to each woman who longs for a spiritually alive feminine self, one who is actively engaged in the world, & who embraces the masculine principleas a mirror of herself.
Herscopes: A Guide To Astrology For Lesbians. LICHTENSTEIN, Charlene $12.00 Relating Offers a detailed description of the characteristics of women born under every sign, & a revealing glimpse into sign-by-sign compatibility - in love, in friendship & in work.
Hidden Messages. T2650-014 TAYLOR, Maxine $10.95 Astrology This book reveals how childhood experiences shape later life & interprets thisprogramming through natal aspects & planetary placements. Built on keen psycological insights.
Hidden World Of Birthdays. TURNER, Judith $18.00 Astrology Combining Astrology, psychology, and numerology to help the reader know everything there is to know about the day they were born.
Highest Yoga Tantra. COZORT, Daniel $14.95 Buddhism Discusses the practices common to sutra & tantra; presents generation stage of Highest Yoga Tantra; covers the completion stag yogas; compares the Kalachakra & Guhyasamaja stages of completion.
Hindu Astrology Lessons: 36 Teachers Share Their Wisdom. HOUCK - EDITOR, Richard $16.95 Vedic Astrology Topics cover: how to determine karma, compatibility indicators; material prosperity clues; medical astrology, mastering the terminology; weather forecasting, & more.
Hindu Book Of Astrology, The. SEVA, Bhakti $10.00 Vedic Astrology In this work I (author) propose to state the natural tendencies of each person & in a certain way indicate what they should do & what they should not do to make their life a success.
His Story: Masculinity In The Post-Patriarchal World. MANN, Nicholas R. $16.95 Men's Books Weaves together an analysis of the institution of patriarchy with the issues of masculine identity, self-definition, sexuality, symbology, mythology, archetypes & spirituality.
History Of Horoscopic Astrology, A. H3634-014 HOLDEN, James H. $25.95 Astro Reference This book is a history of the development of Western astrology from its origin among the Babylonians & its subsequent creation in its present form by the Alexandrians down to modern times.
History Of Magic, The. LEVI, Eliphas $16.95 Magick Originally published in 1860, this book is a classic text that includes clear & precise exposition of the procedures, rites & mysteries of the occult sciences.
History Of The Houses. POWELL, Robert $4.95 Houses This short history of the houses attempts to give the reader a basic overview - from a historical perspective - of the various house divisions.
History Of The Planets POWELL, Robert $4.95 Astrology The roots of Astrology and the mythologies behind the names of the visible planets within our solar system are explored in detail.
Holistic Aromatherapy - Balance The Body And Soul With Essential Oils. BERWICK, Ann $12.95 Aromatherapy An informative & interesting book which includes an excellent analysis of the effects of essential oils on each bodily system - a unique & easy-to-refer-to method of approach.
Holographic Paradigm, The. WILBER, EDITOR, Ken $20.00 General Prominent scientists & thinkers present in lay language the leading edge of scientific theory, which demonstrates a remarkable similarity to the great mystical traditions of East & West.
Holographic Universe, The. TALBOT, Michael $13.50 New Science A remarkable new theory of reality that explains the paranormal abilities of the mind, the latest frontiers of physics, & the unsolved riddles of brain & body.
Holotropic Mind, The. GROF, Stanislav $14.00 Psychology The three levels of human consciousness & how they shape our lives.
Holy Blood, Holy Grail. BAIGENT, LEIGH, LINCOLN, $7.50 Mystic Christianity Do ancient parchments found in France reveal the startling truth? Their discovery has led to one of the more controversial books of the 20th century.
Holy Book Of Women's Mysteries, The. BUDAPEST, Z. $17.50 Women's Books An easy-to-follow guide for all women interested in witchcraft. Women's rights & rites combine in a celebration of the Goddess - divination, spells, rituals, herstory & feminist survival guide.
Holy Books Of Thelema, The. CROWLEY, Aleister $17.50 Magick This collection received by Crowley in trance states forms the basis of his teachings. Extensive bibliographies & a preface provide a context for how the material was received & written.
Holy Kabbalah, The. WAITE, Authur E. $17.95 Kabbalah A classic in the field - one of the first studies in the modern era of the Kabbalah.
Holy Science, The. YUKTESWAR, Swami $9.00 Eastern Phil. Concise treatise on the unity of the Bible & Hindu scriptures, explaining the definite science of our spiritual evolution.
Homage To The Sun: The Wisdom Of The Magus Of Strovolos. MARKIDES, Kyriacos C. $10.95 Spiritual Philosophy This book tells the remarkable account of the extraordinary life of Daskalos, the Magus of Strovolos, a mystic & psychic who offers loving assistance to those seeking spiritual guidance.
Homeopathy & Your Child. MORGAN II, PH.D. H.M.D., Lyle W. $9.95 Health A parent's guide to Homeopathic treatment from infancy through adolescence.
Homeopathy Made Simple: A Quick Reference Guide. PAPON, Dr. R. Donald $11.95 Health With over 2000 remedies available, Dr. Papon's guide tells you which are the most basic, useful & indispensable. Includes remedy descriptions, dosage recommendations & an easy access index.
Homosexuality In The Horoscope. H1183-014 HEIMSOTH, M.D., Karl Guenter $13.50 Relating A translation of the classic 1928 German work describing the psychology of homosexuality & the astrological factors said to signify a homosexual predisposition.
Horary Astrology - Plain And Simple. LOUIS, Anthony $19.95 Horary A most thorough presentation of traditional horary based on at least 2000 years of astrological divination techniques found in such writings as Ptolemy, Dorotheus, Bonatus, Lilly, Jones & others.
Horary Astrology Rediscovered. BARCLAY, Olivia $18.95 Horary An exploration into the branch of astrology that is concerned with answering questions about life & life events. Includes several charts & illustrations.
Horary Astrology. JONES, Marc Edmund $18.95 Horary Topics include: Charting the Pertinent Moment; Phrasing the Question; Locating the Question; The Yes & No Technique; The Judgment Chart; Multiple Questions; Planetary Dynamics & much more.
Horary Astrology. ZAIN, C.C $17.95 Horary A guide to calculating & interpreting horary charts, with delineations for the houses, description of persons signified by the signs, etc. Includes a chapter on elections.
Horary Lectures. LAVOIE, Alphee $12.95 Horary Discusses event timing, using aspects, the ascendant, the houses, and using horary techniques to find lost articles.
Horary, The Gemini Science. WILSON-LUDLAM, Mae $9.95 Horary Summarizes some fundamental tenets of horary astrology & illustrates their use through reference to 12 horary problems taken from author's files.
Horned God - Feminism And Men As Wounding And Healing, The. ROWAN, John $14.95 Men's Books This study of how men relate to femininism will appeal to all men who are concerned about their response to the women's movement & to the women in their lives.
Horoscope For The New Millennium. MEECE, E. Alan $19.95 Astrology A definitive study of humanity's relationship to the cycles of astrology throughout the ages. Takes you into the past & shows you how history contains the seeds of the future.
Horoscope Of Murder. THOMPSON, Doris V. $10.95 Astrology An in-depth profile of Son of Sam killer David Berkowitz, illustrating how to apply standard natal, progression & transit techniques. A chilling & instructive case study.
Horoscope Symbols. HAND, Robert $24.95 Astrology Takes the beginner beyond cookbook interpretations to genuine insight, beyond superficial keywords to the fundamental principles that underlie astrology. A good text for any student.
Horoscopes Of The U.S.A. & Canada. P3617-014 PENFIELD, Marc $40.00 Astrological Data Horoscopes of cities in the U.S.A. and Canada.Whenever possible, only founding dates are used for the cities; incorporation dates were utilized only as a last resort.
Horoscopes Of U.S. States And Cities. D1077-014 DODSON, Carolyn $20.95 Astrological Data An invaluable tool for students or professionals. Where is your best state or city?
Horoscopes Reveal Personalities. D3564-014 DOANE, Doris $22.50 Astrological Data Birth dates for many stars, in addition to the charts of many public personalities.
House Book, The - Keys To Planetary Influences. CAMILLERI, Stephanie $12.95 Houses Provides a solid basis for the students of astrology, and gives advanced astrologers new ways of looking at planet placement.
House Connection, The: How To Read The Houses In An Astrological Chart. HAMAKER-ZONDAG, Karen $14.95 Houses This no-nonsense book explains clearly the rulers of the signs, the houses, the functions of these rulers, how to interpret the strongest house, & how aspect between house rulers work & more.
Houses Of The Horoscope: An Introduction. OKEN, Alan $14.95 Houses A basic book on the houses of the horoscope.
Houses, The: Temples Of The Sky. HOULDING, Deborah $14.95 Houses Analysis In this book the original research into the history & development of house meanings illustrates for the first time a clear understanding of the symbolic imagery that empowers their use in Astrology.
Houses: Which And When. D3033-014 DONATH, Emma B. $15.95 Houses Understand what planets mean in Equal House charts, Rational Houses & Octoscopes. Learn also when to use Morinus Houses, Campanus Mundoscopes, Solar Equilibrium, Porphyry & much more.
How Body Language Defines Character. D3616-014 DOANE, Doris Chase $13.95 Astrology By applying the techniques in this attention-getter book, you will be able to make the most of social, intellectual or romantic situations.
How Rabbit Tricked Otter - And Other Cherokee Trickster Stories. ROSS, Gayle $17.00 Native American A collection of 15 Cherokee tales that have been passed down orally from generation to generation bringing the many sides of the trickster-hero Rabit.
How The Loon Lost Her Voice. CAMERON, Anne $6.95 Children's Books Amusingly retold Indian myth for ages six to adult.
How To Be A Great Astrologer - The Planetary Aspects Explained. BRAHA, James $19.95 Vedic Astrology The author's primary commitment is to train astrologers to use both Hindu & Western astrology in all birthchart interpretations. Offers information about moon's nodes & all planetary aspects.
How To Choose Your Own Tarot. GODWIN, David $4.99 Tarot In this handy guidebook you will find deck descriptions, illustrations & color photos of many different decks.
How To Develop & Use Psychic Touch. ANDREWS, Ted $4.99 Psychometry Psychometry is the ability to read the psychic imprints on objects, people & places to learn something about them.
How To Develop Your Esp Power. ROBERTS, Jane $14.95 Seth Author shows you how to increase your intuitive understanding of the world with in & without you, & to expand your creative energies far beyond their present capacities.
How To Do Automatic Writing. MCCOY, Edain $3.99 Divination Instructs readers through each step of learning & then using automatic writingas a tool for divination & spiritual growth.
How To Give An Astrological Health Reading. C2803-014 CRAMER, Diane $14.95 Medical Astrology Learn the astrological factors that determine resistance to disease, their severity & duration.
How To Handle Your Human Relations. S1446-014 SARGENT, Lois $10.95 Relating Astrological & psychological theories applied to solve problems concerning personal relationships, & to solve conflicts arising between family members, friends, business partners.
How To Heal With Color. ANDREWS, Ted $4.99 Aura/Color Learn to facilitate & accelerate the healing process on all levels with the simple color therapies in this book. Also describes how to use colors to balance the chakras.
How To Learn Astrology. J1243-024 JONES, Marc Edmund $13.95 Astrology Astrology for the beginner, complete with instructions on horoscope calculation - a classic primer since 1941.
How To Live Large On A Small Planet. SOLARA, $15.95 Channeled This book is about reality - about anchoring our vastness into our physical bodies & becoming vibrantly alive! Learning not only to love, but to be love.
How To Make Amulets, Charms & Talismans. LIPPMAN & COLIN, $14.95 Magick What they mean, how to make them & how to use them.
How To Meditate- A Practical Guide. MCDONALD, Kathleen $12.95 Meditation Techniques of simple breathing & mindfulness, visualization & mantra, meditations on death & suffering, meditations using psychic channels.
How To Meet & Work With Spirit Guides. ANDREWS, Ted $4.99 Spirit Guides Easy techniques presented so you can learn to access & attune to beings such as guardian angels, nature spirits & elementals, spirit totems, archangels, gods & goddesses.
How To Obtain Your Birth Certificate. R3041-014 ROWLAND, Edna $16.95 Astrological Tools Written to make it easier to obtain your birth certificate without the usual red tape. Includes necessary request forms, fees necessary, rules & regulations and much, much more.
How To Predict Your Future: Secrets Of Eastern & Western Astrology. BRAHA, James $22.00 Vedic Astrology Braha demonstrates 2 of the best predictive methods offered by the world of astrology. He presents the predictive accuracy of ancient Hindu astrology with thespiritually rich astrology of the West.
How To Prepare And Pass An Astrologer's Certification Exam. D1067-014 DOANE, Doris Chase $11.95 Astrology A helpful study guide for anyone who plans to take one of the exams offered by several astrological organizations, including AFA. Covers all levels of exams.
How To Read Cosmodynes. D1068-014 DOANE, Doris C. $9.95 Astrology This is THE primer on cosmodynes, a system for measuring harmonious or discordant potentials in any horoscope. Easy to follow, with example charts to help the novice along.
How To Read The Aura, Practice Psychometry, Telepathy & Clairvoyance. BUTLER, W.E. $12.95 Aura/Color A renouwned British parapsychologist explains the four psychic powers that reside within all of us & shows you how these abilities can be developed & applied to highest benefit to yourself & others.
How To Read Your Astrological Chart - Aspects Of The Cosmic Puzzle, CUNNINGHAM, Donna $12.95 Astrology Author teaches a minimalist style of reading a chart as the best way to start. You'll discover which technique you want to use & how to let go of the many techniques you may want to play with later.
How To Read Your Star Signs. FENTON, Sasha $16.00 Astrology The Moon in your chart influences your innermost needs & goverens your emotions. Your Rising Sign reveals the hidden depths behind your outward behaviour. Combined with Sun Signs gives more of you.
How To See & Read The Aura. ANDREWS, Ted $3.95 Aura/Color Easy-to-read manual has a variety of exercises to practice alone and/or with a partner to build skills in aura reading & interpretation.
How To Transform Your Life With Astrology. H2350-014 HOLMES, Tiffany $20.95 Astrology Discusses how to use your chart to change your negative behavior.
How To Want What You Have. Discovering The Magic & Grandeur Of Existence. MILLER, PH.D., Timothy $12.00 Self Help By practicing the authors 3 disciplines of Compassion, Attention & Gratitude, one learns how to tame desire while deepening the pleasure of living in the present.
How You Can Talk With God. YOGANANDA, Paramahansa $2.00 Spiritual Philosophy A short but comprehensive explanation of the science of prayer & devotion.
How You Do Anything Is How You Do Everything - A Workbook. HUBER & JUNE SHIVER, Cheri $10.00 Self Help A hands-on write-draw-color-paint-cut-paste workbook designed to assist in the process of self-discovery.
How, Then, Shall We Live? MULLER, Wayne $14.95 Self Help Written with enchanting clarity & simplicity, this is both a book & a healing. These wise, compassionate words will comfort, inspire & challenge anyone who reads them. Larry Dossey, M.D.
Hua Hu Ching - The Unknown Teachings Of Lao Tzu WALKER, Brian $17.00 Eastern Phil. Laid out like poems, thes 81 lessons on the attainment of mastery, enlightenment & peace of mind are simple, direct & revelatory.
Hudes Tarot Deck. HS78, Susan Hudes $15.95 Tarot Deck The magical, symbolic nature of medieval art is the inspiration for this beautiful tarot deck, whose design incorporates antique maps, constellation charts & marbleized paper.
Humanistic Astrology Revisited: 1997 (Special Edition) M3650-034 MEYER, Michael R. $8.95 Astrology Presents some of the key features & cheif concerns of a holistic, humanistic approach to astrology. Explores some of the most vital questions, issues & challenges facing astrology today.
Huna Code In Religions, The. LONG, Max Freedom $13.95 Huna/Kahuna Report on the rediscovered Mystery Teachings underlying Christianity, Yoga, & Buddhism. Dictionary of Hawaiian language included.
Hygieia, A Woman's Herbal. PARVATI, Jeannine $15.00 Health Interweaves the ancient practice of herbalism with the new women's consciousness & wholistic health.
Hymns To The Ancient Gods. HARDING, Michael $14.00 Astrology Drawing on a wide range of material, the author suggests that recurring astrological, rather than psychological themes might link us together within the collective.
Hypnosis For Beginners - Reach New Levels Of Awareness & Achievement. HEWITT, William W. $9.95 Hypnosis Step by step instruction on how to become a hypnotist. Learn how to hypnotize yourself and others to reach deeper levels of awarenes and growth.
I Am Becoming The Woman I'Ve Wanted. MARTZ, Sandra Haldeman $10.00 Women's Books Delves into the sometimes hidden & always powerful feelings that women have about their bodies. Explores coming of age, sexuality, childbirth, physical power, menopause, aging & much more.
I And The Not I, The. HARDING, M. Esther $14.95 Psychology Postulating the concepts of the I (ego) & the Not-I (unconscious & objective worlds), author takes the reader on an explanatory journey through Jungian depth psychology.
I Ching - A New Interpretation For Modern Times. REIFLER, Sam $11.95 I Ching Author eliminates the obscure & dated references of previous translations to provide an accurate & accessible version of the ancient Chinese classic for the contemporary seeker.
I Ching Cards. IC3000, $15.95 Tarot Deck A visual introduction to the Chinese classic 64 hexagram cards that describe patterns of change & transformation. This deck comes with 3 metal Yin & Yang coins & 21 cards of instruction.
I Ching Of The Goddess. WALKER, Barbara G. $13.00 I Ching The I Ching from a feminine point of view.
I Ching Workbook. WING, R.L. $21.95 I Ching Presented in a practical & unique workbook format, this book is designed for those actively exploring this ancient system in order to better understand their lives.
I Ching, The. WILHELM, Richard $22.50 I Ching First published in 1924, this work has been called the best translation available.
I Ching: The Shamanic Oracle Of Change. PALMER, RAMSAY & XIAOMIN, $16.00 I Ching A new translation of the I Ching that returns to the earliest texts, revealing the shamanic oracle & the dramatic historical events that inspired & shaped this greatest book of Chinese divination.
I Sit Listening To The Wind: Woman's Encounter Within Herself. DUERK, Judith $11.95 Women's Books A nourishing, tenderly understanding, helpful book about the masculine within women that encourages readers to be inwardly attentive & reflective.
Ibis Tarot Deck. Ib78 MACHYNKA, Josef $20.95 Tarot Deck Eg;lyptian figures & symbols appear on the Major Arcana cards in this deck, based on the designs published in the book Practical Astrology by Comte C. de Saint Germain.
Ideal Birth. RAY, Sondra $8.95 Self-Help The author describes how to create a conscious & enlightened conception, pregnancy & delivery.
Ideal Made Real - Applied Metaphysics For Beginners. LARSON, Christian D. $12.95 General
If You Meet The Buddha On The Road Kill Him. KOPP, Sheldon $5.99 Psychology A fresh, realistic approach to altering one's destiny & accepting the responsibility that grows with freedom.
Il Tarocco Di Sandro Pipino SAP78, $52.50 Tarot Deck
Illuminata - A Return To Prayer WILLIAMSON, Marianne $12.00 Meditation Illuminata brings prayer into our daily lives, helping us release anger, find forgiveness, achieve intimacy and mend relationships.
Illuminated Rumi, The. BARKS, Coleman $30.00 Art Books Rumi's passionate, playful poems find & celebrate sacred life in everyday existence. They speak across all traditions, to all peoples, & today his relevance & popularity continue to grow.
Illuminati Conspiracy, The: The Sapiens System. HOLMES, Donald $12.95 New Conspiracy Who is in chart of this planet? Is it revolving or going sideways? Who are we & where are we going? Dr. Holmes lets us in on the secret..... - Robert Anton Wilson.
Illuminati Of Immortality. SAALMAN, Wayne $12.95 General A soaring epic, in which high tech & spiritual ambitions merge in a heated global struggle to achieve the highest dreams of power & transcendence.
Illuminati Papers, The. WILSON, Robert Anton $14.95 Fiction In this book Wilson speaks through characters from his novels & other realities & presents his views on our future way of life.
Illuminatus Trilogy, The. SHEA & WILSON, $16.95 Fiction The ultimate conspiracy book..hilariously raunchy..the biggest sci-fi cult novel to come along since Dune.
Illusions: The Adventures Of A Reluctant Messiah. BACH, Richard $6.99 Fiction More than a great national best seller. A great way of looking at life.
Illustrated Encyclopaedia Of Traditional Symbols, An. COOPER, J. C. $16.95 Symbolism In nearly 1500 entries, many of them strikingly & often surprisingly illustrated, author has documented the history & evolution of symbols from pre-history to our own day.
Illustrated Guide To Astrology, The. HALL, Judy $21.95 Astrology Here, in this lushly illustrated guide to the zodiac, is the history of astrology & all its major figures, along with answers to your questions about how it works & a summary of the different branches
Illustrated I Ching, The. WING, R. L. $19.95 I Ching Exploring such concepts as left-brain - right-brain perceptions, this book uses Chinese artwork to enhance the understanding of the mysterious text.
Illustrated Tarot Spreads. PIELMETER & SCHIRNER, $12.95 Tarot Beautifully illlustrated & an easy-to-follow text, this book will enable you to lay out the cards to understand their meaning. From a simple 3 card spread to a complex one with 34 cards.
Images Of Enlightenment - Tibetan Art In Practice. LANDAW & WEBER, $24.95 Tibetan An engaging presentation of 32 buddhas, bodhisattvas, & lineage masters that commonly occur in the 4 sects of Tibetan Buddhist practice.
Images Of The Psyche: Exploring Planets Through Psychology & Myth. VALENTINE, Christine $14.95 Planets This work examines the symbols & images through which people down the ages have sought to understand the underlying forces or gods which move & shape their lives.
In Defense Of Astrology: Answers To It's Critics. PARRY, Robert $9.95 Astrology Anyone who has experienced the frustration of trying to defend his or her belief in astrology to a non-believer will appreciate the supportive examples, observations & illustrations.
In Her Image - The Unhealed Daughter's Search For Her Mother CARLSON, Kathie $12.00 Psychology Weaving together material on the mother-daughter wound & Mother & the Goddess with insights of feminism, author shows a way of understanding the world coming from the Binding & Banishing Mothers.
In Search Of A Fulfilling Career. W1521-014 WICKENBURG, Joanne $16.95 Vocational Astrology A simple & concise guide to determining career aptitude from the natal chart. Focuses on the earth houses. Excellent.
In Search Of The Miraculous. OUSPENSKY, P.D. $12.00 Gurdjieff The noted author of Tertium Organum combines the logic of a mathematician with the vision of a mystic in his quest for solutions to the problems of Man & the Universe.
In The Beginning Astrology JACOBSON, Ivy Goldstein $25.95 Astrology
In The Beginning: Creation Stories From Around The World. HAMILTON, Virginia $14.95 Mythology For thousands of years people have made up stories to explain the beginning of humankind, the earth & the cosmos.
In The Shadow Of The Shaman: Connecting With Self, Nature & Spirit. WOLFE, Amber $14.95 Shamanism Learn to reconnect with the center of your own power using natural objects. Provides techniques, exercises, meditations & rituals to show you how to become a shaman.
In The Wake Of The Goddess. FRYMER-KENSKY, Tikva $10.00 Goddess The current return to spiritual values has spawned a surge of intrest in ancient goddess-based religions as a remedy to a long tradition of misogyny in Western religions.
Inanna: Queen Of Heaven & Earth. WOLKSTEIN & KRAMER, $12.00 Mythology In the myth of Inanna, the authors give us back the totality of woman, the ruler-wife-lover-redeemer, whom all worshiped & from whom all life flowed.
Indian Way, The - Learning To Communicate With Mother Earth. MCLAIN, Gary $9.95 Children's Books These delightful Full Moon Stories are accompanied by 20 activities that help us experience the wisdom of Grandpa Iron who shows us that the Indian way has much to teach us all.
Indigo Children, The. CARROLL & TOBER, $13.95 Parenting The Indigo Child is one who displays a new & unusual set of psychological attributes, revealing a pattern of behavior generally undocumented before.
Individual And The Nature Of Mass Events, The. ROBERTS, Jane $16.95 Seth Seth explores the connection between personal beliefs & world events. H pinpoints the unconscious beliefs pervading science & religion, medicine & mythology. A must follow-up to Nature of Personal R.
Influence Of Pluto On Human Love Life, The. EBERTIN, Reinhold $4.95 Cosmobiology How Pluto aspects affect sexual behavior & attitudes. Numerous examples using the Ebertin System of cosmobiology.
Influence Of The Zodiac Upon Human Life, The. KIRK, Eleanor $17.50 Astrology Partial contents: the quickening spirit; questions & answers; disease, development; a warning, marriage; the triplicities.
Info-Psychology. LEARY, Timothy $12.95 Psychology A manual on the use of the human nervous system according to the instructions of the manufacturers.
Initiation Human And Solar. BAILEY, Alice $9.95 Theosophy This book stretches the mind towards a new conception of the intense activity involved at all levels of consciousness on the planet to create conditions in which evolutionary growth can proceed.
Initiation. HAICH, Elisabeth $18.00 General An autobiographical novel of a woman in the 20th century & vivid recollections of her earlier life as a young priestess in ancient Egypt.
Inner Athlete, The. MILLMAN, Dan $12.95 Fiction Shows anyone how to improve skills, accelerate learning & unlease their potential - not only in sports but in daily life - transforming training into a path of personal growth & discovery.
Inner Child Cards. LERNER, Mark & Isha $34.95 Tarot Deck These cards & hardcover book reawaken the inner child by gently helping us to interact with the most potent archtypes of the inner world.
Inner Dance - A Guide To Spiritual & Psychological Unfolding. MARIECHILD, Diane $10.95 Psychology Working with breath, movement, visualization & guided introspection will help clear away limitations - such as pain, anger & fear. Exercises & instruction for changing your life.
Inner Guide Meditation, The. STEINBRECHER, Edwin C. $12.95 Meditation Describes the transformational journey to enlightenment & awareness using the tarot, astrology, the Qabalah, the alchemy of transformation, & analytical psycology.
Inner Personalities. C2648-014 CHALFORD, Ginger $15.50 Astrology Author states that within us are many different selves, all integrated more or less into our overall personality. She calls them the inner child-self, adolescent-self & the adult-self.
Inner Planets, The:Building Blocks Of Personal Reality. GREENE & SASPORTAS, $15.95 Planets This book is about the process of understanding how the inner planets actually represent the individual & how they directly color the energy of the Sun & the Moon.
Inner Sky, The - The Dynamic New Astrology For Everyone. FORREST, Steven $14.95 Basic Astrology Covers the astrological basics which include the planets, signs, houses and aspects. Defines the basics of astrology & teaches the reader how to be fluent in astrology. One of the best basic books.
Inner Work - Using Dreams And Imagination For Personal Growth. JOHNSON, Robert A. $13.00 Dreams The author, a noted Jungian analyst, shows how working with our dreams & active imagination can integrate our conscious & unconscious selves, leading us to wholeness & a more satisfying life.
Inside A Magical Lodge - Group Ritual In The Western Tradition. GREER, John Michael $17.95 Magick
Inside A Witches' Coven MCCOY, Edain $9.95 Wicca An insider's look at how a real Witches' coven operates, from intiation and secret vows to parting rituals.
Inside Degrees - Developing Your Soul Biography Using The Chandra System. LONSDALE, Ellias $16.95 Degree Analysis In much the same way in which he characterized planets & asteroids as powerful, gendered beings in Inside Planets, Lonsdale gives new depth & nuance to degree analysis.
Inside Planets. LONSDALE, Ellias $16.95 Planets Taking the 7 classical planets, 3 galactic planets, the 4 main asteroids & a small new planet which he states is ushering in the future, the author indroduces us to the realm of inner astrology.
Inspiration Tarot Deck (Blank) IT78, $12.95 Tarot Deck 78 blank cards with borders, card titles, card numbers, suit symbols, astrological or planetary signs, & Tree of Life correspondences to guide you in the preparation of your own tarot deck.
Instant Handwriting Analysis. GARDNER, Ruth $15.95 Graphology Discern all of your personality characteristics in an hour or two with this guide to graphology. Dozens of illustrations show the meanings behind various styles of handwriting & doodling.
Instant Horoscope Predictor, The. SKALKA, Juila L. $14.95 Transits Defines & interprets the influence of a transiting planet as it conjuncts, sextiles, squares, trines & opposes each natal planet. Many example charts.
Instant Horoscope Reader, The: Planets By Sign, House & Aspect. SKALKA, Julia Lupton $14.95 Astrology This book was written to provide beginners with a fresh, thorough overview of the natal chart.
Instant Numerology. STEIN, Sandra Kovacs $9.95 Numerology For centuries humanity has used this ancient esoteric science as a tool for self-understanding & personal growth.
Instant Palm Reader - A Road Map To Life. DOMIN, Linda $14.95 Palmistry A very realistic and thorough apprach to the ancient science of palmsity, as well as the history of palmistry.
Interceptions - Cycles Of Spiritual Unfoldment. D3738-034 DE FARIA, Duke $11.95 Astrology Gives detailed interpretations for each sign, planet & house axis. Illuminates the potential available to those who have intercepted house & planets.
Interior Design With Feng Shui. ROSSBACH, Sarah $15.95 Feng Shui Feng shui is the oldest of the eco-arts & will appeal to architects, designers, & office workers who want to live in harmony with nature & work to their fullest potential.
International Atlas, The. SHANKS, Thomas $39.95 Astrological Tools This incredible volume contains latitudes, longitudes, time changes & zone information for the entire world, excepting the United States. A must for any astrologer.
International Horoscopes, Vol. II. M2530-014 MALEC, Glenn C. $18.95 Astrological Data More horoscopes, including Algeria, Central African Republic, Guyana, Iceland, Mozambique, Netherlands and more.
International Horoscopes: Volume I. M2643-014 MALEC, Glenn $18.95 Astrological Data This excellent book on mundane astrology studies the birth charts of over 70 nations.
Interpret Your Chart. WILSON-LUDLAM, Mae R. $14.95 Astrology This text interprets the chart using a combination of keywords & key phrases. Sun/Moon combinations, house cusps, aspects. interceptions, progressions, transits, Lilith, retrogrades & much more.
Interpret Your Rays Through The Planets. WILSON-LUDLAM, Mae R. $24.50 Astrology Explanation of the insights derived by looking at the planets as energizers ofthe 7 Spiritual Rays underlying cosmic development. Interpretations are given combining all 7 rays with each planet.
Interpretation: Planetary & Age Cycles. G1117-014 GALLO, Angela Louise $10.50 Planets The use of planetary cycles is a series of events past, present & future. A sequence of events & relationships fall in a pattern, somewhat modified during each rise & low period.
Interpreting Astrology: New Techniques & Perspectives. N2647-014 NOLLE, Richard $13.95 Astrology Some topics covered: the Supermoon; a new angle on the angles; esoteric empiricism & additional information on Chiron.
Interpreting Composite And Relationship Charts. NEGUS, Joan $3.95 Relating This booklet offers you an introduction to 2 methods of combining the charts of 2 individuals into a single chart in order to analyze the relationship between the 2 of them.
Interpreting Geo-Helio Planets. DAVIS, T. Patrick $13.95 Heliocentric This book presents case history findings & statistical research into geo-helioMars placements. Included are suggested interpretations for Mars by sign & house.
Interpreting Lilith. J2353-014 JAY, Delphine $16.95 Lilith Astrological research concerning the Lilith influence: history, legend, keywords, rulerships, vocational orientation, as well as Lilith in the signs, houses, aspects, return charts and more.
Intimate Relationships - The Astrology Of Attraction. MCEVERS, Joan - Editor $14.95 Relating Eight experts discuss every facet of cosmic love: the sexual factor, affinities effects of the Moon, love & the 8th house, new relationship possibilities, and more.
Introduction To Astro-Psychology, An: A Manual For Students & Teachers. PERRY, PH.D., Glenn $25.95 Astrology An essentially optimistic, self-affirming approach to spiritual growth that integrates astrology with the best that contemporary psychology has to offer.
Introduction To Political Astrology, An. C2594-024 CARTER, C.E.O. $8.95 Electional Astrology This primer on mundane astrology is of special interest to students of late 19th to early 20th Century European politics.
Introduction To Tantra - A Vision Of Totality.. YESHE, Lama $15.95 Tantra A Tibetan master of the tantric teachings of Buddhism brings alive & makes clear the often misunderstood ideas of tantra.
Introduction To The Golden Dawn Tarot. WANG, Robert $12.95 Tarot A companion book to the Golden Dawn Tarot deck, shrouded in 80 years of secrecy & recently painted by Dr. Wang.
Intuition Magic: Understanding Your Psychic Nature. KEEN, Linda $13.95 Psychic Development Discover how to read & adjust auras; protect yourself from psychic noise; get grounded; maintain healthy chakras; apply your new intuitive skills to everyday life.
Intuition: Awakening Your Inner Guide. GEE, Judee $14.95 Psychic Development Author helps you to awaken, channel & express your intuitive self. Essential to emotional & physical health, to creative self-expression & to understanding others.
Intuitive Tarot: Discovering The Power Of Your Intuition Using Tarot. PROSAPIO, Richard $10.95 Tarot Tap into your intuition to develop personal interpretations of the tarot.
Invisible Landscape, The: Mind Hallucinogens & The I Ching. MCKENNA, Terence $16.00 I Ching Investigation of hallucinogenic states of consciousness that combines ethnobotanical research, shamanic explorations, alchemical spirit-world initiations, extraterrestrial contact & the I Ching.
Iron Shirt Chi Kung I. CHIA, Mantak $14.95 Spiritual Philosophy This unique system of breathing exercises, which permanently packs concentrated air into the fasciae surrounding the vital organs, makes them well nigh impervious to injuries from accidents or blows.
Ishtar Rising. WILSON, Robert Anton $12.95 Goddess The author explains why Eve in the Bible & Eris in Greek myth were both involve with nefarious apples - why attitudes toward the female breast correlate with war & peace - & much more.
Isis Unveiled. Two Volume Set. BLAVATSKY, H.P. $33.00 Theosophy Volume 1 focuses on science & its limitations & truths. Volume 2 examines creeds, religions, & mythologies past & present.
Island Of The Sun - Mastering The Inca Medicine Wheel. VILLOLDO & JENDRESEN, $14.95 Mayan Recounts the author's return to Peru in search of the Quechua Indian shaman Don Jicaram.
It's In The Cards. JONES, Marthy $9.95 Tarot Based on a European gypsy method, this book teaches how to lay out the cards, what they mean, how to choose a personal card, & how to tell fortunes immediately. Uses a regular card deck.
Jaguar Wisdom - Mayan Calendar Magic. JOHNSON, Kenneth $14.95 Mayan
Jaguar Woman - And The Wisdom Of The Butterfly Tree. ANDREWS, Lynn V. $5.99 Women's Books From Manitoba to the Yucatan, the best-selling author continues her quest for self-discovery. This is the final book in the Medicine Woman trilogy.
Jambalaya-The Natural Woman's Book Of Personal Charms & Practical Rituals. TEISH, Luisah $13.00 Women's Books A marvelous blend of memoir, folk wisdom & Afro-American beliefs.
Jeanne Rose's Herbal Body Book. ROSE, Jeanne $12.00 Herbalism The herbal way to natural beauty & health for men & women.
Jesus Mystery, The. BOCK, Janet $12.95 Mystic Christianity The lost years & unknown travels of Jesus.
Jnana-Yoga. VIVEKANANDA, Swami $13.50 Yoga The present revised edition of this book has been taken from Vivekananda: The Yogas & Other Works, published in 1953.
Jonathan Livingston Seagull. BACH, Richard $5.99 Fiction A most wonderful story about a seagull looking for more in life.
Joseph Campbell - An Introduction. SEGAL, Robert A. $4.99 Mythology Myth & the man - an in-depth look at Joseph Campbell & his works.
Journal Of Astro-Psychology, The: The Complete Edition. PERRY, PH.D., EDITOR, Glenn $30.95 Astrology An anthology of many brilliant writers of Astrology. A must for the astrologer who is also working with psychology.
Journey Into Consciousness - The Chakras, Tantra And Jungian Psychology. BREAUX, Charles $12.95 Chakras Shows how you can work with the chakras from Tantric doctrine & Jungian archetypes, both conscious & unconscious, so that you can use the chakras for the process of self-transformation.
Journey Into Death. D1078-024 DONATH, Robert C. $8.50 Astrology An introduction to chart rectification using the techniques of the Uranian (Hamburg) school of astrology, illustrated through reference to the horoscope of Bishop James Pike.
Journey Of Awakening: A Meditator's Guidebook. DASS, Ram $6.99 Meditation Author illuminates the stages & benefits of meditative practice, & provides wise & often humorous advice on overcoming difficulties along the way.
Journey Through The Birth Chart, A. WICKENBURG, Joanne $10.95 Astrology A textbook for beginning & intermediate students, explaining the technique of natal chart interpretation. Delineates signs, planets, houses, aspects, etc.
Journey To Ixtlan. CASTANEDA, Carlos $14.00 General In this book Castaneda brings to a triumphant conclusion his account of the teaching of Don Juan.
Journey Without Distance. SKUTCH, Robert $7.95 Course In Miracles The story behind a Course in Miracles.
Journeying: Where Shamanism & Psychology Meet. GAGAN, PH.D, Jeannette M. $16.00 Shamanism This book will be of interest to anyone invested in healing - from seekers to practitioners. Included are case examples illustrating the psychotherapeutics of journeying.
Journeys Out Of The Body. MONROE, Robert A. $12.95 Astral Projection Author recounts his unpredictable, & without his willing it, experience of leaving his physical body to travel via a second body to locales far removed from the physical realities of his life.
Joy's Way. JOY, W. Brugh $10.95 Healing An introduction to the potentials for healing with body energies.
Jude's Herbal Home Remedies. WILLIAMS, Jude C. $12.95 Herbalism Discover how cayenne pepper promotes hair growth, why cranberry juice is good for asthma attacks, how to make a potent juice to flush out fat & much more.
Jung & Reich: The Body As Shadow. CONGER, John P. $12.95 Psychology Recommended reading to anyone interested in Reich, Jung, & Bioenergetic Analysis.
Jung And Astrology. HYDE, Maggie $16.00 Jungian Astrology In this controversial book the author answers a need to reassess both astrology's contribution to Jungian psychology & Jung's impact on the modern practice of astrology.
Jung And Tarot: An Archetypal Journey. NICHOLS, Sallie $16.95 Tarot Highly innovative work presenting a peircing interpretation of the tarot in terms of Jungian psychology.
Jung And The Lost Gospels. HOELLER, Stephan A. $10.95 Mystic Christianity Insights into the Dead Sea Scrolls & the Nag Hammadi Library. Also shows how Carl Jung's depth psychology has its roots in Gnosticism.
Jung To Live By. PASCAL, PH.L., Eugene $12.99 Psychology A guide to the practical application of Jungian principles for everyday life.
Jung's Circle Of Women - The Valkyries. ANTHONY, Maggy $18.95 Women's Studies At a time when the concepts of women were badly lacking, Jung had a large number of women patients. Here is a comprhensive look at a group of his clients that came to be known as the Valkyries.
Jung's Psychology & Tibetan Buddhism. MOACANIN, Radmila $12.95 Eastern Phil. In addition to Gyanamata's letters, this book contains a detailed account of her life; letters written to her from Yogananda; excerpts from her personal diary & numerous photographs.
Jungian Psychology And The Passions Of The Soul. SPIEGELMAN, J. Marvin $16.95 Psychology Explores the age-old passions of lust, power, betrayal, greed, & the other appetites of the human soul, as well as the psychic needs for love, creativity & religion.
Jungian Symbolism In Astrology. HOWELL, Alice O. $19.95 Jungian Astrology This is an exciting landmark work that brings into play the insights of Carl Jung along side those of respected astrologers such as Marc Edmund Jones & Dane Rudhyar.
Jupiter Experiment, The: A Love Story Of This World & The Next. MOON, Margaret & Maurine $1.95 Fiction This book tells of a love between a discarnate spirit, Scott, & the incarnate Eve.
Kabalistic Astrology. SEPHARIAL, $5.95 Astrology The Hebraic method of divination by the power of sound, number and planetary influence.
Kabbalah - An Introduction And Illumination For The World Today. PONCE, Charles $14.00 Kabbalah This introduction to the Kabbalah illuminates its strange & wonderful history. Points up the intimate relationship between man & his spiritual counterpart & its ramifications in our lives today.
Kabbalah For The Modern World, A GONZALEZ-WIPPLER, Migene $9.95 Kabbalah This book is an excellent summary of kabbalistic cosmology, & a basic introduction to the practical wisdom of the Kabbalah.
Kabbalah Unveiled, The. MATHERS, Macgregor $14.95 Kabbalah This text contains The Book of Concealed Mystery, The Greater Holy Assembly, & The Lesser Holy Assembly from the Zohar.
Kabbalistic Astrology: Sacred Tradition Of The Hebrew Sages. DOBIN, Rabbi Joel C. $14.95 Astrology Key to this system is the Kabbalah in which the sacred Tree of Life links the influences of the 12 constellations & 7 planets to specific letters of the Hebrew alphabet.
Kabbalistic Universe, A. HALEVI, Z'Ev Ben Shimon $14.95 Kabbalah This book correlates symbol & system with modern scientific thought & discoveries & describes in detail the origins of the cosmos, its various levels & inhabitants.
Kahuna Healing KING, Serge $11.95 Huna/Kahuna Explores the holistic health practices of Polynesia, & describes practical applications.
Kahuna Magic. STEIGER, Brad $10.95 Huna/Kahuna The secrets of the Kahuna, along with the tenets of Eastern philosophies & yoga assist in the reader's understanding of self & others.
Kalachakra Tantra: Rite Of Initiation. DALAI LAMA, $22.95 Buddhism Contains a complete translation of the Kalachakra initiation rutual interspersed with commentary from the Dalai Lama, a valuable new index, & a comprehensive introduction by Prof. J. Hopkins.
Kalevala Tarot Deck KA78, $15.95 Tarot Deck This colorful deck is inspired by the Kalevala, the Finnish collection of epic poems & tales of heroes, adventure & creation.
Kalevala Tarot. Bk65 AALTONEN, Kalervo $12.00 Tarot Introduces readers to the Kalevala adventurers whose experiences mirror the life experiences we have every day. The epic Finnish tales of long ago are brought into the present.
Kali: The Black Goddess Of Dakshineswar. HARDING, Elizabeth U. $16.95 Goddess Provides vivid details of the Kali image & her shrine & describes the rituals & daily worship, including the controversial animal sacrifices that are held on certain occasions before the goddess.
Kali: The Feminine Force. MOOKERJEE, Ajit $16.95 Goddess According to Hindu tradition, we are living in the Kali Age; the time of a resurgence of the divine feminine spirit. This book explores & illumines the rich meanings of feminine divinity.
Kama Sutra Of Vatsyayana, The. BURTON (TRANS), Richard $5.99 Sexuality The Hindu treatise on love & social conduct - a celebrated classic of Indian literature.
Karma & Your Sun Sign: Explore Your Karmic Journey Through Life. KILGEN, Joan $15.95 Sun Signs
Karma Cards. FARBER, Monte $13.95 Tarot Deck Contains a comprehensive instruction booklet & requires no previous knowledge of astrology. The deck is comprised of 36 cards representing the planets, signs and houses.
Karma Tarot Deck. ERFURT KT78, Birgit Beline $18.95 Tarot Deck A stimulating blend of color, motion & phantasmagoric art. The images are based upon life at Christiana, a community of artists & musicians in Copenhagen.
Karma-Yoga And Bhakti-Yoga. VIVEKANANDA, Swami $13.50 Yoga The philosophy of Karma & Bhakti yoga.
Karmic Astrology, Vol I (Lunar Nodes). SCHULMAN, Martin $7.95 Nodes This book gives a richer understanding of the Moon's nodes than most books give on the sun signs, & this information can help you understand where you come from & where you can go in this lifetime.
Karmic Astrology, Vol. II (Retrogrades). SCHULMAN, Martin $8.95 Retrogrades A complete analysis of retrograde planets in the natal chart. All planets are discussed on both an esoteric level as well as a personal level, covering symbols, signs, & houses.
Karmic Astrology, Vol. III (Part Of Fortune). SCHULMAN, Martin $7.95 Arabic Parts Schulman covers the part of fortune in the 12 signs & houses. Throughout the text, he shows how the laws of karma are related to this most mysterious & vital point in the horoscope.
Karmic Astrology, Vol. IV (Karma Of Now). SCHULMAN, Martin $7.95 Astrology Taking the planets through the 12 signs, the author shows how to use your planetary energies so you don't have to belabor the past or be unrealistic about thefuture.
Karmic Relationships. SCHULMAN, Martin $7.95 Relating Easy to understand explanations of the karmic ties we come here with may help you make the best of a karmic connection, so that the two of you may grow to themaximum potential in this lifetime.
Karmic Tarot:A Profound System For Finding & Following Your Life's Path. LAMMEY, William C. $16.95 Tarot Author presents a distinct method for reading the Tarot that allows both beginning & advanced readers to see their questions & problems in the context of their present & past lifetimes.
Key Cycle. W1539-014 WYNN, $9.95 Progressions A full explanation of how to calculate & interpret Key Cycles is given along with case history examples to how how this predictive technique is used.
Key Of Solomon The King, The: Clavicula Salomonis. MATHERS, Macgregor $12.50 Magick This famous magical textbook has influenced many of the other grimoires of magical practice.
Key Words For Astrology. BANZHAF & HAEBLER, $16.95 Astro Reference Excellent instruction manual for beginning students provides a firm foundation in tradtional astrological terms and interpretation. Easy to use format. A must of astrological reference.
Key, The: And The Name Of The Key Is Willingness. CENTER FOR PRACTICE OF ZEN BUDDHIST, $10.00 Eastern Phil. These are some of the awarenesses that have been helpful to us in our practice.
Kin Of Ata Are Waiting For You, The. BRYANT, Dorothy $10.00 Fiction Fiction. The kin of Ata live only for the dream. Into the world of Ata comes a desperate man who is first subdued & then led on the spiritual journey that sooner or later all of us must make.
Kindle My Heart. CHIDVILASANANDA, Gurumayi $10.00 Spiritual Philosophy In the beginning you might think that it is esoteric or beyond your reach.... but when the experience of the Self takes place you realize how close it is to you.
King Within, The: Accessing The King In The Male Psyche. MOORE & GILLETTE, $11.00 Men's Books Offers hope & the assured conviction that the liberating King...the compassionate King...the King who will restore peace, caring & justice to our lives...resides within us all.
Kitchen Witch's Cookbook, A. TELESCO, Patricia $17.95 Magick Author combines over 300 carefully selected recipes with bewitching material to change your approach to cooking.
Knot Of Time: Astrology & Female Experience. RIVER & GILLESPIE, $16.95 Astrology Astrology from women's perspective. This book shows us, not only how to understand our birth charts & work out our imterpretations, but also to explore the range of choices open to us.
Koch Tables Of Houses. A2006-054 AFA, $17.95 Astrological Tools Latitudes to 66 degrees North & South.
Kryon, Book 6 - Partnering With God. CARROLL, Lee $14.00 Channeled
Kryon: Alchemy Of The Human Spirit. Book III CARROLL, Lee $14.00 Channeled Third book of the Kryon series.
Kryon: Don't Think Like A Human CARROLL, Lee $12.00 Channeled We are taken on journeys through parables, given specific information about a healing temple in Atlantis, have group & individual karma explained, concepts like antigravity explained & much more.
Kryon: Letters From Home; Book 7. CARROLL, Lee $14.00 Channeled Book 7 of the Kryon series.
Kryon: The End Times CARROLL, Lee $12.00 Channeled The simple manner in which the material is presented makes this a highly accessible work for newcomers to Metaphysics, & will give the veteran some new insights.
Kryon: The Journey Home: The Story Of Michale Thomas & The Seven Angels. CARROLL, Lee $14.95 Channelled A parable that tells the story of a seemingly ordinary man from Minnesota. After an near death accident he is visited by a wise angel who asks what it is that he really wants from life.
Kuan Yin: Myths & Prophecies Of The Chinese Goddess Of Compassion. PALMER, RAMSAY, & KWOK, $18.00 Goddess Authors travelled all over China in search of her true story & origins within Buddhism, Taoism & the female shamans of China. An excellent book!!
Kundalini And The Chakras. PAULSON, Genevieve Lewis $14.95 Chakras We all possess the powerful evolutionary force of kundalini that can open us to genius states, psychic powers & cosmic consciousness. This book shows you how to release kundalini gradually & safely.
Kundalini Experience, The. SANNELLA, Lee M.D. $12.95 Chakras This book explains the elusive kundalini experience in simple & nonmystifying terms. It reassures kundalini vicims who sometimes fear for their own sanity.
Kundalini, The Arousal Of The Inner Energy. MOOKERJEE, Ajit $14.95 Chakras Author writes of the core-experience of Tantra, the process in which energy is awakened & rises through the energy centers (chakras) to unite with Pure Consciousness at the crown of the head.
Kundalini: The Secret Of Life. MUKTANANDA, Swami $7.95 Chakras This book distills the essence of Muktananda's teaching on this mysterious divine force.
Kybalion: Hermetic Philosophy, The. THREE INITIATES, $15.95 Kabbalah The purpose of this work is to give to students a statement of the Truth that will serve to reconcile the many bits of occult knowledge that they may have acquired but apparently oppose each other..
Ladies Of The Lake. MATTHEWS, Caitlin & John $18.00 Arthurian Legends Portrays 9 of the women in Arthurian legend in whom the ancient Celtic Goddess is fragmented & reflected.
Lady Of The Hare - A Study In The Healing Power Of Dreams. LAYARD, Jon $11.95 Dreams This book is both a fascinating account of dream therapy & an exploration of the symbolism of the hare in myth & fable around the world.
Lady Of The Night- A Handbook Of Moon Magick & Ritual MCCOY, Edain $14.95 Magick
Lady Of The Northern Light: A Feminist Guide To The Runes. GITLIN-EMMER, Susan $12.95 Runes By returning the runes to their Goddess origins, the author returns to women a missing piece of their spiritual heritage. Included are the original meanings for these ancient symbols.
Lakota Sweat Lodge Cards, The. LAME DEER & SARKIS, $29.95 Tarot Deck
Lakota Woman. CROW DOG, Mary $13.00 Native American A unique document unparalled in American Indian literature, a story of death, of determination against all odds, and of the cruelties against American Indians.
Lao-Tzu: My Words Are Easy To Understand. CHENG, Man-Jan $16.95 Eastern Phil. Lectures on the Tao Teh Ching.
Law Is For All, The. CROWLEY, Aleister $16.95 Magick With introduction by Israel Regardie. Crowley's extended commentary on the Book of the Law.
Law Of Success. YOGANANDA, Paramahansa $2.00 Spiritual Philosophy Clearly defines the true meaning of success. Explains the universal laws by which every individual can achieve harmony & fulfillment in life.
Law Of Values, The. SEPHARIAL, $7.00 Mundane Astrology Contents: general principles; planetary values; effects of transits; effects of aspects; sensitive points; how to invest; how to average; considerations.
Laws Of Spirit, The: Simple, Powerful Truths For Making Life Work. MILLMAN, Dan $14.00 General Millman offers a teaching tale, a parable, in which he encounters a woman of great wisdom while on a mountain hike. Through stories, tests she illuminates laws of balance, choice, & much, much more.
Layayoga: The Definitive Guide To The Chakras & Kundalini. GOSWAMI, Shyam Sundar $25.00 Tantra Fundamental aspect of layayoga is arousing of dormant energy within the body through concentration & breathing exercises & the movement of this energy through the chakras to achieve consciousness.
Learning The Tarot: A Tarot Book For Beginners. BUNNING, Joan $14.95 Tarot Provided are 19 lessons that begin with the basics & move gradually into the advanced concepts of the tarot. Contains descriptions for each card, keywords, meanings & interpretative advise.
Leaving My Father's House. WOODMAN, Marion $20.00 Psychology Provides deep insight into the process required to bring feminine wisdom to consciousness in a patriarchal culture - a struggle many women are more fully engaged in today than ever before.
Leaving The Body - A Complete Guide To Astral Projection. ROGO, D. Scott $10.00 Astral Projection Nine proven methods for inducing out-of-body travel, including dynamic concentration, progressive muscular relaxation, dietary control, breathing, yoga & mantra.
Legend Of Aleister Crowley, The. REGARDIE, Israel $12.95 Biographies One of the two most valuable & honest appraisals of the real Aleister Crowley, which can be read as factual rebuttals of the popular slander against him.
Legend: The Arthurian Tarot FERGUSON & GARRISON, $34.95 Tarot Deck Accompanying the deck is a full-color Celtic Cross layout sheet to further inspire & guide your readings & the book A Keeper of Words, which explains the divinatory meanings of the cards.
Lesbian Love Signs - An Astrological Guide For Women Loving Women. AURORA, $8.95 Relating Astrology's greatest gift is the explanation of basic temperment. Two women who are relating need to acquaint themselves with the basic characteristics of their own sign & those of their lovers.
Lessons In Gnani Yoga. RAMCHARAKA, Yogi $10.95 Yoga Gnani Yoga deals with the scientific & intellectual knowing of the great questions regarding Life & what lies back of Life - the Riddle of the Universe.
Let's Read A Horoscope. D3512-014 DOANE, Doris Chase $12.50 Astrology Basic interpretation textbook. Includes planets, signs, houses, aspects, basic chart synthesis & progressions.
Letters On Occult Meditation. BAILEY, Alice $9.95 Theosophy ...Occult meditation establishes a scientiic process by which causes set in motion will produce identifiable effects, which can be repeated at will.
Liber Aleph - The Book Of Wisdom Or Folly. CROWLEY, Aleister $16.00 Magick Crowley addressed this book to the child of mankind, & is being published at a time when the sense of frustration on all continents of the world has led almost to a vision of complete chaos.
Life 101. ROGER & MCWILLIAMS, $9.95 General Everything we wish we had learned about life in school - but didn't.
Life And Teachings Of The Masters Of The Far East, Vol. I. SPALDING, Baird T. $7.95 Eastern Philosophy Vol. I includes an introduction of the Master Emil, the Temple of Silence, astral projection, snowmen of the Himalayas, & new light on the teachings of Jesus.
Life And Teachings Of The Masters Of The Far East, Vol. II. SPALDING, Baird T. $7.50 Eastern Philosophy Vol. II continues with the teachings of the Masters & covers: Jesus discusses the nature of hell & God, the mystery of thought vibrations & an account of a healing experience.
Life And Teachings Of The Masters Of The Far East, Vol. III. SPALDING, Baird T. $8.50 Eastern Philosophy Vol III includes: the nature of cosmic energy, the creation of the planets & the worlds, explaining mystery of levitation & one of the masters speaks of the Christ consciousness.
Life And Teachings Of The Masters Of The Far East, Vol. IV. SPALDING, Baird T. $8.50 Eastern Philosophy Among the subjects of Vol IV: the White Brotherhood, the one mind, basis of coming social reorganization & Prana.
Life And Teachings Of The Masters Of The Far East, Vol. V. SPALDING, Baird T. $8.50 Eastern Philosophy Includes a brief biography of author. Subjects include: is there a God, mastery over death & the divine pattern.
Life And Times Of A Modern Witch, The. FARRAR, Janet & Stewart $8.95 Magick Chapters include Do Witches Worship Satan, Why no Clothes, What Powers have Witches, & Broomsticks & Microchips.
Life Challenge Astrology. STRAUSS, Richard $8.95 Astrology Written by a clinical psychologist, this book stresses the need for understanding the basic life-challenge that is indicated the karmic factors present in thesymbolism of the natal chart.
Life Clock: Age Progression In The Horoscope HUBER, Bruno & Louise $22.95 Progressions A psychologically based technique that allows the astrologer to determine the client's progressed psychological situation.
Life Cycles. ANDERTON, Bill $9.95 Astrology A guide to the cycles, phases & patterns of life that everyone experiences.
Life Force - The Psycho-Historical Recovery Of The Self. HOUSTON, Jean $14.00 Psychology Invites readers to experience for themselves the 5 stages of cultural & individual evolution. Includes the role of the early Goddess-worshipping cultures in the unfolding of historical stages.
Life You Were Born To Live, The. MILLMAN, Dan $14.95 Numerology Author presents the Life-Purpose System, a modern method based on the ancient of numerology that has helped hundreds of thousands to find new meaning, purpose & direction.
Life! Reflections On Your Journey HAY, Louise L. $12.00 General Deals with the pressing issues that we face throughout life - growing up, relationships, work, spirituality, elder years, death & many of the problems, fears & challenges we face.
Lifetimes - The Beautiful Way To Explain Death To Children. MELLONIE, Bryan & R. Ingpen $10.95 Children's Books A very special, very important book for you & your child. This book explains - beautifully - that all living things have their own special LIFETIMES.
Light And Shadow Tarot, The. WILLIAMS & GOEPFERD, $16.95 Tarot Deck
Light Emerging - The Journey Of Personal Healing. BRENNAN, Barbara Ann $23.95 Healing Author of Hands of Light, she continues her ground-breaking exploration of the human energy field, or aura - the source of our experience of health or illness. Much information.
Light Of Egypt, The: The Science Of The Soul & The Stars. Vol. I & II Set BURGOYNE, Thomas H. $34.00 Astrology Volume 1 of 2. First published in 1889, it was written to explain the true spiritual connection between God & man, soul & stars, & to reveal truths of Karma & reincarnation.
Light Of The Soul, The. BAILEY, Alice $14.95 Theosophy The factor of mind in meeting present-day needs is given prominence as the agent of the soul, & the key to personality release.
Lilias, Yoga And Your Life. FOLAN, Lilias M. $16.95 Yoga Lilias has designed a series of specialized programs that you can adapt to your need.
Lilith Ephemeris 1900-2000, The. J2354-044 JAY, Delphine $18.50 Lilith Daily zodiacal longitudes for Lilith 1900 - 2000.
Lilith Insight - New Light On The Dark Moon. W1536-034 WILSON-LUDLUM, Mae R. $19.50 Lilith A thorough study of Lilith's position by sign, house & aspects is presented as clues to her influence in the chart.
Lillian Too's Feng Shui Kit. TOO, Lillian $29.95 Feng Shui
Linda Goodman's Love Signs. GOODMAN, Linda $18.00 Relating This book examines in fine detail everything from your sexual compatibility toyour lover's secret hopes. Sun sign astrology.
Linda Goodman's Relationship Signs. GOODMAN, Linda $7.99 Relating
Linda Goodman's Star Signs. GOODMAN, Linda $7.99 Sun Sign Astrology Goodman combines astrology and numerology.
Linda Goodman's Sun Signs. GOODMAN, Linda $7.99 Sun Sign Astrology Everyone's favorite cocktail party time book of sun signs. Actually well written and entertaining reading.
Liquid Light Of Sex - Understanding Your Key Life Passages. CLOW, Barbara Hand $15.00 Transits Opens up a new dimension of understanding about what occurs during our key life passeges.
Literary Zodiac, The. WRIGHT, Paul $14.95 Astrology Author examines the creative output of about 3000 writers - novelists, poets, dramatists - & demonstrates that there is a consistency of theme among writers of the same sun-sign.
Little Essays Toward Truth. CROWLEY, Aleister $9.95 Magick Some of Crowley's clearest thoughts on numerous qabalistic & philosophical issues among which are man, memory, sorry, wonder, beatitude, laughter, mastery, trance, energy, silence & much more.
Lives You Live As Revealed In The Heavens, The. G1143-924 GEORGE, Ted $18.95 Astrology Contains complete karmic & natal delineations for all of the planets in the signs & houses, & a complete outline of the karmic houses revealing past, present & future lives.
Living By The Moon - A Practical Guide For Choosing The Right Time. YORK, Ute $15.95 Planets The moon's influence touches all aspects of our lives, from the rhythm of the ocean tides to the frequency & likelihood of violent crime. Author presents a compendium to understand & use the moon.
Living Energies. COATS, Callum $19.95 General Describes Schauberger's concepts & applications of such concepts as Water as a carrier of vital energy information; how the future of the world depends on the replanting of natural forests; & more.
Living In The Light Workbook. GAWAIN, Shakti $11.95 General You are given a wide variety of related exercises which will help you develop the ability to listen to & follow your intuition, a practical way of solving problems, dissolving limitations & more.
Living In The Light. GAWAIN, Shakti $12.95 General Offers a unique & expanded perspective on who we are & what we have the poten tial to become.
Living Magical Arts. STEWART, R.J. $13.95 Magick
Living The Tarot. JAYANTI, Amber $15.95 Tarot Offers you the opportunity to systematically learn more about the tarot & its links to the Qabbalah, mythology, astrology, numerology, yoga, & psychology.
Living The Wheel: Working With Emotion, Terror, & Bliss Through Imagery. NELSON, Annabelle $10.95 Psychology The author helps us move beyong psychological denial so we can begin to heal the emotions of the unconscious mind, thus opening it to merge with the spirit self hidden there.
Living Wicca - A Further Guide For The Solitary Practitioner. CUNNINGHAM, Scott $12.95 Wicca Taking a philosophical look at the questions, practices & differences within Witchcraft, it teaches you how to be your own best teacher, practice solitary Wicca and much more.
Living With Joy: Keys To Personal Power & Spiritual Transformation. ROMAN, Sanaya $12.95 Channeled See immediate results in your life when you open your heart, discover your life purpose, change negatives into positives, get clarity in relationships & increase your sense of aliveness.
Living With The Himalayan Masters. SWAMI RAMA, $15.95 Spiritual Philosophy A unique book about the personal experiences of Sri Swami Rama which portrays the life & teachings of Mahatma Gandhi, Tagore, Sri Aurobindo, Maharshi Raman & many sages of Himalayas.
Living Yoga - A Comprehensive Guide For Daily Life. FEUERSTIEN, Georg - Editor $15.95 Yoga Explore the many paths of yoga.
Living Your Dreams. DELANEY, Gayle $13.00 Dreams How to target your dreams to understand your problems more clearly, solve them quickly & make more creative decisions.
Londa Tarot LONDA LD78, $15.95 Tarot Deck Highly stylized, unique & spiritually influenced, the cards are a stage with characters presented in a theatrical manner.
Longing For Darkness: Tara & The Black Madonna. GALLAND, China $12.00 Goddess An adventure-filled ten year journey to discover the meaning of darkness in the mysterious black images of divinity.
Longitudes And Latitudes In The U.S.A. D1062-014 DERNAY, Eugene $12.95 Astrological Tools City, county, longitude, latitude, LMT variation from standard time, time difference between LMT & GMT. A reference book for chart calculation.
Longitudes And Latitudes Throughout The World. D1063-014 DERNAY, Eugene $12.95 Astrological Tools City, county, longitude, latitude, LMT variation from standard time, time difference between LMT & GMT. A reference book for chart calculation.
Look At Tomorrow Today, A. CATALADO & PELLETIER, $18.95 Astrology Through 14 chapters the value of astrology & its influence on human behavior are explored & discussed through text & charts.
Lord Of Light & Shadow: The Many Faces Of The God. CONWAY, D.J. $14.95 Men's Studies Long obscured by patriarchal reworkings of the old stories, this book explains the multifaceted aspects of the Pagan God through myths & stories relevant to the challenges of modern life.
Lord Of The Light - Exploring The Astrological Sun. PAUL, Hayden $17.95 Planets Explores the astrological Sun & considers how solar patterns in the birth chart can reveal the heroic quest to become enlightened Son or Daughter of Light.
Lord Of The Rings Tarot Deck. Lr78 DONALDSON, PRACOWNIK & FITZGERALD, $15.95 Tarot Deck Combines spiritual, mystical tradition of the Tarot & the world of folklore which Tolkien brought to life. Every card is a glimpse into Middle-earth & The Hobbit.
Lord Of The Rings Tarot, The. Bk169 DONALDSON, Terry $14.00 Tarot This deck skillfully weaves Middle-earth & all its characters & fanciful places into a tarot system that will delight both Tolkien fans & tarot aficionados.
Lords Of Light - The Path Of Initiation In The Western Mysteries. BUTLER, W. E. $10.95 General Author's overriding theme concerns regeneration of the personality & the relinquishing of false ego in favor of the true Self - that self which is a reflection of the divine idea.
Lose This Book And Find It With Horary. LAVOIE, Alphee $11.95 Horary Master of the art of Horary, Alphee teaches you the rules of horary as applied to lost articles & how to apply these rules through actual step by step, in-depth chart delineations.
Lost Books Of Merlyn, The: Druid Magic From The Age Of Arthur. MONROE, Douglas $14.95 Magick Presents 3 mythological stories from the rare 16th century Druid text entitled The Book of Pheryllt. A grimoire follows each story that instructs you on how to reenact the lessons & the rituals.
Lost Continent Of Mu, The. CHURCHWARD, Col. James $21.95 Channeled Author's story of how he followed the trail of Mu to the ends of the earth, & how he eventually pieced together a picture of a civilization lost in the mists of time.
Lost Gospel, The: The Book Of Q & Christian Origins. MACK, Burton L. $14.00 Mystic Christianity Deftly written, this book reads like a good mystery, saving the payoff of Q's impact on Christianity for its final chapters. ...Library Journal
Lost Realms, The. SITCHIN, Zecharia $6.99 U.F.O. Author uncovers the long-hidden secrets of the lost civilizations of the preColumbian Americas & offers documentation of the giant gods who spawned the greatness of Incans, Mayans & Aztecs.
Love & Its Meaning In The World. STEINER, Rudolf $16.95 General This new collection brings together all of Steiner's main lectures & writings relating to love - from earthly love to the nature & function of spiritual love.
Love & Sex Without Conflict. PANYE PH.D, Buryl $7.95 Relating This book describes human relationships in the framework of geomagnetic disturbances which are related to planetary positions.
Love & War Between The Signs: Astro Secrets To Emotional Compatability. KEEHN, Amy $15.00 Relating
Love And Sexuality - An Exploration Of Venus & Mars. KIRBY & STUBBS, $15.95 Relating Looks specifically at how Venus & Mars describe our love nature & sexuality, & shows in depth how these planets function through the signs, houses & aspects to the outer planets.
Love Cards: Discover The Secrets Of Your Love Life. CAMP, Robert $24.95 Divination What your birthday reveals about you & your personal relationships.
Love Is Letting Go Of Fear. JAMPOLSKY, Gerald $8.95 Self-Help Based on material from A Course in Miracles, the lessons in this book will teach you to let go of fear & remember that our very essence is love.
Love Numbers: How To Use Numerology To Make Love Count. ARNOLD, Margaret $9.95 Numerology Get right to the heart of the energy vibrations between you & your friends, coworkers, family members & lovers. Find out how your personality will interact with any other person's.
Love Planets. ABADIE & BADER, $11.00 Relating Includes precise, subtle relationship readings, easy-to-use tables & step-by-step instructions that allow you to chart the influence of the relationship planets & points.
Love Your Body. HAY, Louise L. $5.00 Healing A positive affirmation guide for loving & appreciating your body. Includes 51 positive affirmation treatments designed to help you create a positive, beautiful, healthy, & happy body.
Love Yourself, Heal Your Life Workbook. HAY, Louise L. $12.95 Health This book directly applies to Ms. Hay's techniques of self-love & positive thinking to a wide range of topics that affect us all on a daily basis.
Love, Medicine & Miracles. SIEGEL, Bernie S. $9.95 Health Lessons learned about self-healing from a surgeon's experience with exceptional patients.
Love, Sex And Astrology. KING, Teri $9.95 Relating Explains the basic characteristics associated with each sign & has a quiz that will enable you to check your responses & attitudes against those of a possible partner.
Lover Within, The. HENDERSON, Julie $10.95 Sexuality Opening to energy in sexual practice. 63 practical exercises to be done alone or with a partner.
Lovers' Tarot, The. LYLE, Jane $28.95 Tarot Deck
Loving Relationships II RAY, Sondra $9.95 Relationships Chapters cover the nature of relationships, how to gain greater intimacy, the effect of early childhood on our sexual beings, dealing with relationship crises & integrating spirituality, love & sex.
Loving Relationships. RAY, Sondra $8.95 Relationships Working through the depths of self-awareness using affirmations & emotional exercises, this book shows that these relationships begin when we love ourselves.
Lucid Dreaming In Thirty Days. HARAY, Keith & P. Weintraub $5.95 Dreams Beginning with such simple steps as keeping a dream journal to record your dreams, authors take you step-by-step, day-by-day through the lucid dreaming process.
Lucid Dreaming. LABERGE, Stephen Ph.D $5.95 Dreams To have a lucid dream is to be consciously aware of your dream while you are having it.
Luminaries, The - The Psychology Of The Sun & Moon In The Horoscope. GREENE & SASPORTAS, $14.95 Planets This 3rd volume in the Seminars in Psychological Astrology series is an extensive exploration of the Sun & Moon & how they symbolize the psychological development of the individual.
Lunar Consciousness. NAIMAN, Dr. Ingrid $25.00 Planets Author believes lunar consciousness is the bridge between past & present energy patterns which we live & which will permit alternative perspectives to liberate memories which cause blockages.
Lunar Cycle, The. - A Guide To Natural & Astrological Fertility Control. NAISH, Francesca $10.95 Medical Astrology Describes how to use the lunar cycle in conjunction with natural fertility awareness methods to avoid or acheive conception & how to sychronise the lunar & hormonal cycles.
Lunar Nodes - New Concepts. G1154-014 GREBNER, Bernice $13.95 Nodes A quick survey of the lunar nodes in synastry, in famous horoscopes, as well as in transits & progressions. Includes delineations of the nodes by sign, house & aspect.
Lunar Nodes. K2364-034 KOPARKAR, Mohan $5.95 Nodes Learn of karmic controls in your life, nodes through signs & houses, aspects of the nodes to planets in the natal & progressed charts, transitting nodes & their effects, nodes in synastry & more.
Lunation Cycle, The: A Key To The Understanding Of The Personality. RUDHYAR, Dane $16.95 Aspects Explains the use of the lunation cycle as a dynamic pattern of relationship. Covers Sun & Moon in the cycle, part of fortune & spirit, planets, progressed lunation cycle and more.
Lunations And Predictions. MASON, Sophia $12.95 Predictive Astrology Shows you how to forecast events by using Lunations, New Moons, & Full Moons. Many sample charts.
Maat Magic - A Guide To Self-Initiation. NEMA, $14.95 Egyptian Maat magick is a form of, and a continuation of, Thelemic Magick. Based on the formula of Love under will.
Magi Astrology: Key To Success In Love & Money. MAGI SOCIETY, $14.95 Astrology This book will teach you how to apply the secrets of Chinese & Western astrology to the areas of love & finance. Find out how to plan a wedding date, make timely investments & more.
Magi Society Ephemeris (1950 Thru 1999) With Declinations & Midpoints. MAGI SOCIETY, $30.00 Astrological Tools In addition to longitudes & declinations, it also includes positions of the 20 most important longitudinal & declinational midpoints & lists midpoint crossings to all the planets.
Magic For Peace. WEINSTEIN, Marion $3.95 Magick Teaches us all how to harness the power of our minds to help create peace. Affirmations are presented in a uniquely non-sectarian format to suit all personal spiritual or religious styles.
Magic Of Ritual, The. DRIVER, Tom F. $12.00 Magick Our need for liberating rites that transform our lives & our communities.
Magic Shop, The - Healing With The Imagination. GRAHAM, Helen $10.95 Magick The magic is a combination of information & exercise that helps you develop awareness of physical, mental & spiritual needs so you can maintain health, work with pain, or prevent illness.
Magic Thread, The - Astrological Chart Interpretation Using Depth Psych. IDEMON, Richard $14.95 Astrology Author's presentation synthesizes depth psychology, myth, Jungian archetypal imagery, dreams & astrology to provide a thorough analysis of the personality revealed in the natal chart.
Magical Alphabets. PENNICK, Nigel $12.95 Runes Alphabetical systems of the West, including Hebrew, Greek, Runic, Celtic, medieval & Renaissance alphabets of the alchemical traditions are examined.
Magical And Ritual Use Of Herbs, The. MILLER, Richard A. $10.95 Magick Describes the historical use, chemical structure, preparation for consumption, & magical use of 19 narcotic, hallucinogenic, stimulant, & depressant herb.
Magical Approach, The: Seth Speaks About The Art Of Creative Living. ROBERTS, Jane $12.95 Seth Seth reveals the true, magical nature of our deepest levels of being & explain show we have allowed it to become inhibited by our own beliefs & conventional thinking.
Magical Aromatherapy : The Power Of Scent. CUNNINGHAM, Scott $3.95 Aromatherapy Author has combined his knowledge of the physiological & psychological effects of natural fragrances with the ancient art of magical perfumery.
Magical Battle Of Britain, The. FORTUNE, Dion $14.95 General Immediately following Germany's invasion of Poland, Dion Fortune's Society of The Inner Light initiated a magical programme designed to thwart the expansionist intentions of the Third Reich.
Magical Child. PEARCE, Joseph C. $12.95 Parenting Profoundly questions the current thinking on childbirth practices, parenting & educating our children.
Magical Diaries Of Aleister Crowley: Tunisia 1923. SKINNER, EDITOR, Stephen $14.95 Magick The complete diaries of Aleister Crowley cover his entire career in magic, from his initiation into the Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn in 1898 to his death in 1947.
Magical Herbalism: The Secret Craft Of The Wise. CUNNINGHAM, Scott $9.95 Magick A complete guide to the magical use of herbs.
Magical Household, The. CUNNINGHAM & HARRINGTON, $9.95 Magick Use the positioning of furniture, the turning of rugs, herbal potions, & much more to protect & empower your home & homelife. A potpourri of superstition from all over the world.
Magical Life Of Dion Fortune ALAN, Richardson $14.00 Magick A full biography of Dion Fortune. Born Violet Firth in the 1890's, she hid herself well until she became an occult figure after her death in 1947
Magical Pantheons - A Golden Dawm Journal CICERO - EDITORS, Chic & Sandra T. $14.95 Golden Dawn Learn about hte nature and existence of the old gods and their roles in modern magical practice.
Magical Passes: The Practical Wisdom Of The Shamans Of Ancient Mexico. CASTANEDA, Carlos $14.00 Shamanism Author offers both a philosophical history of magical passes & an innovative, easy-to-understand instructional format, complete with more that 450 illustrations.
Magical Power Of The Saints, The. MALBROUGH, Ray T. $9.95 Magick Here is your personal guide to calling on saints as your spiritual allies. Show how to summon the aid of 74 different saint through the use of candle magick, prayers, psalms, and herbal baths.
Magical Rites From The Crystal Well. FITCH, Ed $12.95 Pagan Book of Pagan & Wiccan rituals, celebrating seasonal festivals, rites of passage, magical workings & more.
Magical World Of The Tarot - Fourfold Mirror Of The Universe. KNIGHT, Gareth $14.95 Tarot Using the Marseille deck, Knight provides an in-depth introduction to the tarot deck. Both the Celtic Cross and Knight's famous Spiral 21 card spread are examined. Excellent learn guide.
Magician's Companion, The. WHITCOMB, Bill $24.95 Magick A desk reference overflowing with a wide range of occult & esoteric materials indispensable to anyone engaged in the magical arts. Discusses & compares over 35 magical models.
Magician, The - His Training And Work. BUTLER, W.E. $7.00 Magick An excellent introduction to the practice of ceremonial magic. Butler presents the principles involved & encourages the reader to do some constructive thinking to apply them in actual practice.
Magick (Hard Cover). CROWLEY, Aleister $55.00 Magick This new revised & corrected edition of Crowley's magnum opus is an indispensable textbook for students of Thelemic Magic or general esotericism.
Magick Of The Gods & Goddesses. CONWAY, D.J. $17.95 Magick A comprehensive guide to the mythology and magickal practices of more than twenty different cultures from around the world.
Magick Without Tears. CROWLEY, Aleister $19.95 Magick Edited & introduced by Israel Regardie. A volume of 80 letters, Crowley's personal commentary on his own magickal training & insight.
Magickal, Mythical, Mystical Beasts - How To Invite Them Into Your Life. CONWAY, D.J. $14.94 Mythology Draw up magickal beast and learn from their powers.
Magickian, The: A Study In Effective Magick. COOPER, Phillip $12.95 Magick Starts from first principles & takes the reader through a process of graduated exercises to a full understanding of the art of magick & the many uses of the pentagram ritual.
Magus Of Strovolos, The: The Extraordinary World Of A Spiritual Healer. MARKIDES, Kyriacos C. $11.95 Spiritual Philosophy In this book the author combines the scepticism of a trained sociologist with the passion of a disciple to explore the inner world & beliefs of a truly remarkable man.
Mahabote Families, The. SOLIBAKKE, Eric $17.95 Astrology MaHaBote is an exciting different way at looking at astrology.
Maiden, Mother, Crone: The Myth & Reality Of The Triple Goddess. CONWAY, D. J. $12.95 Goddess This book presents the Goddess myths for daily direction & support. Sections on longstanding myths & symbols will illuminate your understanding of ancient, universal human challenges.
Major And Minor Approaching & Departing Aspects. S1428-014 SAKOIAN & ACKER, $8.95 Aspects Author defines aspects from the standpoint of waxing & waining and also approaching & Separating.
Major Religions Of The World. BACH, Marcus $6.95 Religion This book is a compact survey of the founders, the scriptures, the worship & the basic beliefs of the major religions of the world.
Making Magick: What It Is & How It Works. MCCOY, Edain $14.95 Wicca This book is a complete, up-to-date system of natural magick ideal for the curious novice & serious student alike.
Making The Gods Work For You - The Astrological Language Of The Psyche. CASEY, Caroline W. $14.00 Planets A groundbreaking journey into the planetary archetypes. Caroline uses her powerful voice to clarify the deeper symbolic nature of Astrology.
Man And His Symbols. JUNG, Carl G. $7.50 Psychology This work provides an opportunity to assess Yung's contribution to the life & thought of our time, for it was his first attempt to present his work in psychology to a non-technical public.
Man In The Universe: An Introduction To Cosmobiology. EBERTIN, Reinhold $7.95 Cosmobiology Explains methods of casting & interpreting a natal chart with cosmobiology, finding midpoints, structural pictures, interpreting the cosmogram, how to use the45 degree graphic ephemeris.
Man's Eternal Quest. YOGANANDA, Paramahansa $11.50 Spiritual Philosophy A collection of facinating talks that explore little-known & seldom-explained aspects of meditation, life after death, reincarnation, nature of creation, healing, approaches to God-awareness.
Mandala Symbolism. JUNG, Carl G. $11.95 Psychology Studies from The Archetypes & the Collective Unconscious, Vol.9i.
Mandalas Of The World: A Meditating & Painting Guide. DAHLKE, Rudiger $22.95 Mandala Here you'll discover more than 100 of the most beautiful & enlightening mandalas in history. You can use them as is for meditation - or meditate as you paint them with colors of your choosing.
Manual Of Astrology. S2140-034 SEPHARIAL, $25.00 Astrology A basic astrology textbook, teaching how to calculate & interpret the birth chart. Also introduces rectification & Hindu astrology.
Many Lives, Many Masters. WEISS, M.D., Brian L. $11.00 Reincarnation Case history substantiating the effectiveness of past-life therapy. The book will open doors for many who have never considered the validity of reincarnation.
Many Mansions: The Edgar Cayce Story On Reincarnation. CERMINARA, Gina $6.99 Edgar Cayce Author tells how Cayce saw past the barriers of space & time, how he penetrated the previous lives of his subjects, & performed cures & prophecies.
Many Moons: Myth & Magic, Fact & Fantasy Of Our Nearest Heavenly Body. BRUETON, Diana $8.99 Mythology Through full-color illustrations, photographs & diagrams, as well as an illuminating text, this book explores the science & symbolism of the moon throughout the ages & into the future.
Maps To Ecstasy - Teachings Of An Urban Shaman. ROTH, Gabrielle $12.95 Shamanism This book initiates us into the 5 sacred rhythms inherent in all our actions & illuminates the 5 life cycles that lead us to enlightenment.
Market Cycles MERRIMAN, Raymond $25.00 Financial Astrology A comprehensive & ealily understandable guide on how to apply the study of cycles to enhance trading & investing in financial markets.
Marriage Made In Heaven - An Astrological Guide To Relationships. MARK, Alexandra $14.95 Relating Easy to read book takes the reader through the complexities of love & marriage.
Mars - The War Lord. LEO, Alan $9.95 Planets
Mars Book, The. VAN TOEN, Donna $12.95 Planets This book shows you how you use your energy, how it affects your personality, career, love life, sex, & inner motivation. Practical advice for intermediate astrologers.
Mars/Venus Love Affair, The. PERRY, Wendell & Linda $17.95 Relating Anyone curious about what motivates sexual desires, drives, attraction & love will be both facinated & enlightened after reading this book.
Masculine And Feminine - The Natural Flow Of Opposites In The Psyche. HILL, Gareth S. $16.00 Psychology
Masha'Allah: On Reception. HAND, TRANSLATOR, Robert $10.75 Ancient Astrology This book, in its original Arabic form, dates from about 800 A.D. & contains the earliest worked out examples of horary charts in the western tradition.
Masks Of God: Creative Mythology. CAMPBELL, Joseph $15.95 Mythology Whole inner story of modern culture, spanning our philosophical, spiritual, & artistic history since the Dark Ages & treating modern man's unique position as the creator of his own mythology.
Masks Of God: Occidental Mythology. CAMPBELL, Joseph $14.95 Mythology A systematic & fascinating comparison of the themes that underlie the art, worship, & literature of the Western world.
Masks Of God: Oriental Mythology. CAMPBELL, Joseph $15.95 Mythology An exploration of Eastern mythology as it developed into the distinctive religions of Egypt, India, China & Japan.
Masks Of God: Primitive Mythology. CAMPBELL, Joseph $14.95 Mythology The primitive roots of the mythology of the world are examined in the light of the most recent discoveries in archaeology, anthropology & psychology. Volume 1 of Masks of God series.
Master Book Of Herbalism, The. BEYERL, Paul $14.95 Herbalism Describes the remedial use of herbs, tools & techniques for herbalists, herbal relationships to magic, the tarot, rituals, astrology, amulets & gemstones.
Master Numbers - Cycles Of Divine Order. JAVANE, Faith $14.95 Numerology The significance of the master numbers, 11, 22, 33, 44, explored by one of the country's most respected numerologists.
Mastering The Tarot. GRAY, Eden $5.99 Tarot Provides simple instructions that include diagrams for methods of laying out the cards, 3 quick ways of reading the cards & 3 methods of laying out the cards.
Mastery Of Love, The: A Practical Guide To The Art Of Relationship. RUIZ, Don Miguel $14.00 Self Help Author illuminates the fear-based beliefs & assumptions that undermine love & lead to suffering & drama in our relationships.
Mayan Factor: Path Beyond Technology, The. ARGUELLES, Jose $16.00 Mayan Explores the cycles of the Earth as revealed in the Mayan Calendar, focusing on the galactic season which have been described mathematically & symbolically by the Mayans.
Mayan Oracle, The SPILSBURY & BRYNER, $34.95 Tarot Deck This system is designed to offer you a galactic perspective, intended to cat- alyze the transformation of your human experience into an experience of the in- finite.
Measuring The Night - Evolutionary Astrology & The Keys To The Soul. FORREST & GREEN, Steven & Jeffrey $19.95 Karmic Astrology
Mechanics Of Free Will, The - The Astrology Of Perception, Reality & Will. LANG-WESCOTT, Martha $22.95 Astrology Shows how intermediate to advanced students of astrology can trace in-depth natal & forecast delineations to discover how a person's perceptions predicts the reality.
Mechanics Of The Future: Asteroids. LANG-WESCOTT, Martha $22.95 Asteroids Find the detail in natal and predictive charts with 40 asteroids. Includes many interpretations.
Medical Astrology DAATH, Heinrich $10.00 Medical Astrology Anatomical sign-rulership; planetary powers & principles; biodynamic actions; how the planets crystallize in organic & inorganic life; zodiaco-planetary synopsis of diseases, and much more.
Medical Astrology. N1354-034 NAUMAN, Eileen $29.95 Medical Astrology Temporary out of print.
Medical Intuition: How To Combine Inner Resources With Modern Medicine. BERGER, Ruth $9.95 Health This book will help you become a partner with your doctor, keep your power, discover how past lives can affect you & reduce your fears regarding illness.
Medicine Cards. SAMS, Jamie & D. Carson $29.95 Tarot Deck Learn to see your path on Mother Earth more clearly using a divination system which is grounded in ancient wisdom. Includes an illustrated hardcover instruc-tion book.
Medicine Grove - A Shamanic Herbal. CRUDEN, Loren $14.95 Herbs
Medicine Wheel, The: Earth Astrology. SUN BEAR & WABUN, $11.00 Astrology Discover the prticular qualities of the Moon under which you were born, learn about clans, totems, & spirit keepers of the signs.
Medicine Woman Inner Guidebook, The. Bk114 BRIDGES, Carol $12.95 Tarot A woman's guide to her unique powers using the Medicine Woman Tarot Deck. Based on Native American ways & the tarot.
Medicine Woman Tarot, The. MW78, Carol Bridges $15.95 Tarot Deck Emphasizes harmony with Mother Earth, & offers readers a tool for living life in balance with nature & with others.
Medicine Woman. ANDREWS, Lynn $14.00 Women's Books The book reads like a spiritual thriller, marvelously evoking that part of the Native American world that is essentially mysterious & sacred in the deepest sense.
Medieval Scapini Tarot Deck. SCAPINI SM78, Luigi $20.95 Tarot Deck Travel back to the grandeur of 15th century Italy. The Middle Ages are recreated through symbols, costumes & settings against gold backgrounds.
Meditation And Kabbalah. KAPLAN, Aryeh $15.95 Kabbalah A lucid presentation of the meditative methods, mandalas & other devices used, as well as a penetrating interpretation of their significance in the light of contemporary meditative research.
Meditation In Action. TRUNGPA, Chogyam $9.00 Meditation In this little book a renowned meditation master teaches that meditation is not a retreat from the world.
Meditation: An Eight Point Program. EASWARAN, Eknath $12.95 Meditation This book is a complete guide to a program of meditation that fits naturally into your life - even complementing an active religious practice.
Meditations For Men Who Do Too Much. LAZEAR, Jonathon $9.00 Men's Books A book of daily meditations that is indispensable support for men caught up in the daily cycle of work, achieve, acquire.
Meditations For Women Who Do Too Much. SCHAEF, Linda Wilson $13.00 Women's Books For every woman who ever felt rushed, overextended, or exhausted by caring for other's needs. 365 concise meditations that provide refreshing new perspectives.
Meditations: Creative Visualization & Meditation Exercises To Enrich. GAWAIN, Shakti $9.95 Meditation Includes creating an inner sanctuary, contacting your inner guide, discovering your inner child, expressing your creativity, balancing male & female energies within.
Meditative Mind, The. GOLEMAN, Daniel $9.95 Meditation This book provides a unique overview of the different kinds of meditation & introduces the reader to the basic elements of their practice.
Meditator's Guidebook, The: Pathways To Greater Awareness & Creativity. OLIVER, Lucy $9.95 Meditation Author describes with precision the benefits & pitfalls of meditation & distinguishes it from trance, hypnosis, reflection, or visualization.
Meet Your Planets - Fun With Astrology ALEXANDER, Roy $12.95 Planets Astrology doesn't have to be mind boggling. A humorus approach to understanding the Planets in sign, and in houses.
Meeting The Shadow - The Hidden Power Of The Dark Side Of Human Nature. ZWEIG & ABRAMS, (Edited By) $15.95 Psychology A collection of 65 articles, this book presents an overview of the dark side of human nature as it appears in families, intimate relationships, sexuality, work, spirituality, politics & more.
Meetings At The Edge. LEVINE, Stephen $9.95 Death & Dying This is a book on life, a book that integrates death into the context of life.
Meetings With Remarkable Men. GURDJIEFF, G.I. $12.95 Gurdjieff Consists of a series of stories, each bearing as its title the name of one of the men Gurdjieff knew in his formative years.
Memories, Dreams, Reflections. JUNG, Carl G. $13.00 Psychology In the spring of 1957, when he was 81 yeara old, Jung undertook the telling of his life story. This edition includes Jung's VII Sermnes ad Mortuos.
Menopause - A Gentle, Natural Approach. RYNEVELD, Edna C. $12.95 Health
Mercury Method Of Chart Comparison, The. R1413-014 RODDEN, Lois $19.95 Relating Presents a way to determine the potential for relationship between 2 people byanalyzing the Mercury-to-Mercury aspects between their natal & progressed charts.
Mercury, The Open Door, Part 1. G2801-014 GREBNER, Bernice Prill $20.00 Planets Mercury governs the way we think & is the open door through which we communicate & connect with others. Author gives us an understanding of the Mercury/Sun & Mercury/Venus combinations.
Mercury, The Open Door, Part 2. G3036-014 GREBNER, Bernice Prill $20.00 Planets Part I covered Mercury & its relationship with the Sun & Venus through the signs. This volume covers Mercury in each sign as related to Mars & Jupiter in each of their signs.
Message Of Astrology, The. ROBERTS, Peter $12.95 Astrology This book seeks to explain by what means the planets can conceivably determine the traits & potentialities with which we are born.
Messages From Michael. YARBRO, Chelsea Quinn $5.50 Channeled Michael is an ancient entity that is contacted through a Ouija Board & this book are his messages delving into the mysteries of life.
Messianic Legacy, The. BAIGENT, LEIGH & LINCOLN, $7.50 Mystic Christianity Looks at such questions as: What extraordinary meaning lies behind Jesus' title King of the Jews; Who now has the ancient treasure of the Temple of Jerusalem; & much, much more.
Metal Power: The Soul Life Of The Planets. DAVIDSON, Alison $8.95 Planets Beyond alchemy, metallurgy, astrology, your universe will be transformed by this penetrating view of the magnificent metals & their compelling relationship with the planets.
Metaphysical Astrology HASELRIGG, John $9.95 Astrology
Metaphysical Handbook. POND, David & Lucy $11.00 General A concise overview for using astrology, numerology, the I Ching & palmistry to help understand how to metaphysically become more conscious of who you are & how to change your outlook on life.
Metaphysical Meditations. YOGANANDA, Paramahansa $3.50 Eastern Phil. Attractive pocket-sized book filled with power-packed thoughts, including basic instructions in meditation.
Michael - The Basic Teaching. CHRISTEAAN, HULLE & CLARKE, $11.95 Channeled How is the universe put together & how do you fit into it? Discover the answer by exploring.....
Michael For The Millennium YARBRO, Chelsea Quinn $12.00 Channeled The essence kown as Michael has returned with new insights to renew our spirits, uplift our souls, and guie us through the next millennium.
Michael Handbook, The. STEVENS & WARWICK-SMITH, $14.95 Channeled Describes how people operate through roles, goals, attitudes & chief features. Explains soul ages & how the number of lifetimes you have had affects the way you see the world.
Michael's Gemstone Dictionary. VAN HULLE & DAVID, $18.95 Crystals Based on information channeled from Michael, a non-physical teacher who guides Earth-bound students from a higher plane perspective.
Middle Pillar, The. REGARDIE, Israel $14.95 Kabbalah Correlates the principles of analytical psychology with the elementary techniques of magic.
Midpoint Ephemeris 1991 - 1995. ACS, $9.95 Astrological Tools This 5 year ephemeris allows readers to almost effortlessly calculate transiting midpoints. One simply notes the day a midpoint aspects a natal planet & refers to the appropriate listing.
Midpoint Interpretation Simplified. S1449-014 SAVALAN, Karen $21.50 Cosmobiology A guide to the use of midpoints according to the system of cosmobilogy. Tells how to use midpoints to interpret the natal chart as well as make predictions.
Midpoint Keys To Chiron. B3266-014 BROOKS, Chris $13.95 Midpoints This volume is a compilation of many years of research & an attempt to share the information gleaned about two important topics - cosmobiology & Chiron.
Midpoint Synastry Simplified. S1451-014 SAVALAN, Karen $15.50 Relating This book teaches how to interpret the relationship potention between 2 people based on the planetary contacts between their charts - includes positive as well as negative keywords.
Millenium Fears, Fantasies & Facts - Astrologers Predict 2000 MARCH, Forward By - Marion $12.95 Astrology
Mind And Body In Astrology. H1274-034 HARVEY, Ronald $13.50 Medical Astrology Shows how the symbolism & structure of astrology can be related to modern concepts of mind & body in psychosomatic or medical context.
Mind Matters: Psychological Medicine In Holistic Practice. MILLENSON, PH.D, MRH, J. R. $29.95 Health presents a rigorous exposition of the theory & practice of health psychology from standpoint of natural medicine, in which causes of illness are set in lens of multicausal, biopsychosocial orientation
Minor Aspects, The. S1429-024 SAKOIAN & ACKER, $7.95 Aspects Suggests a pattern for interpreting minor aspects; e.g. the quintile, septile,vigintile, nonagon, etc. The authors describe these aspects as very important ifin close orb.
Minor Progressions And How To Use Them. ROWLEY, Frances $14.50 Progressions This manual explains how to calculate & interpret several lesser known progressions (secondary, converse, etc.). Includes sample charts & instructions.
Mirror Of Mindfulness, The. RANGDROL, Tsele Natsok $14.00 Eastern Phil. This presentation of Tibetan Buddhist teachings is aimed at inspiring & helping the practitioner achieve liberation from deluded existence & awaken to complete enlightenment for the benefit of others.
Missing Moon, The. TYL, Noel $5.95 Astrology The fictional adventures of Michael Mercury, astrologer-at-large. Picture Humphrey Bogart reading charts...
Mists Of Avalon, The. BRADLEY, Marion Zimmer $15.00 Fiction Fiction. Sheds new light on old characters, especially Morgan of the Faeries, Merlin, Lancelot & Guinevere. A Novel.
Modern Horary Astrology. D3462-014 DOANE, Doris Chase $19.95 Horary A formidable compilation of 60 years of observation & research. Based on approximately 10,000 horary charts erected by the author, 126 clearly defined & diverse horoscopes are cited.
Modern Magick - Eleven Lessons In The High Magick Arts. KRAIG, Donald Michael $17.95 Magick Guides you from the easiest rituals & the construction of your magickal tools, through the highest forms of magick, designing your own rituals & doing pathworking.
Modern Man In Search Of A Soul. JUNG, Carl G. $9.00 Psychology
Modern Ritual Magic - The Rise Of Western Occultism. KING, Francis $10.95 Ritual King describes the conflict between Yeats & Crowley, the often difficult relationship between Yeats & Kabbalist M. Mathers & R. Steiner's attempt to take over English occultism.
Modern Sex Magick - Secrets Of Erotic Spirituality. KRAIG, Donald $17.95 Sexuality Provides safe & precise exercises that prepare you to use the magickal energy raised during sexual activity, & then it shows you how to use that energy to create positive changes in your life.
Modern Shamanic Living - New Explorations Of An Ancient Path. RYSDYK, Evelyn C. $9.95 Self-Help Is your world is so civilized you can't express yourself? Evelyn asserts that although most of us have been assimilated into our culture, there is a instinctual part of us that want to come out.
Modern Transits. R1414-014 RODDEN, Lois $18.95 Transits A practical cookbook of all the transitting planets from the Sun out to Pluto. Includes a quick reference glossary of one-liners about the transits.
Modern Witch's Book Of Home Remedies, The. MORRISON, Sarah Lyddon $8.95 Magick The author brings us some age-old secrets to restore health & ensure continued well-being for our bodies. She selves deep into the forces of nature for these secrets we can all use anytime, anywhere.
Modern Witch's Book Of Symbols, The. MORRISON, Sarah L. $9.95 Magick
Modern Witch's Spellbook - Book II. MORRISON, Sarah Lyddon $12.00 Magick Book II contains all kinds of spells: to get your supervisor out of your hair, how to find the right house, to avoid gossip, to stop smoking, to lose weight, & much more.
Modern Witch's Spellbook, The. MORRISON, Sara Lyddon $12.00 Magick A remarkable collection of workable spells, charms, amulets, talismans, divination techniques, as well as information about obtaining supplies for working spells.
Moment Of Astrology: Origins In Divination. CORNELIUS, Geoffrey $12.95 Astrology This book is a challenge to modern astrologers to take up the question - what is the moment of astrology? - & look again at the foundations of their mysterious & beautiful art.
Money - How To Find It With Astrology. RODDEN, Lois M. $21.50 Financial Astrology The planets, signs & houses of astrology are examined in terms of the commercial life. Included are vocational indicators; where & when optimum opportunities exist & much more.
Money Magic. PALMER, Lynne $11.00 General Lynne Palmer, respected adviser to Hollywood stars & Wall Street financiers, offers you a golden key to success & methods for attaining the wealth you dream about.
Money Signs. W2641-014 WADE, Elbert $13.50 Financial Astrology A popularly-oriented guide to using astrology as a means to understand your financial potential & to make that knowledge work to your benefit.
Montauk Project, The - Experiments In Time. NICHOLS, Preston B. $15.95 New Science The book chronicles the most amazing & secretive research project in recorded history starting with the Philadelphia Experience of 1943.
Montauk Revisited: Adventures In Syncronicity. NICHOLS & PETER MOON, Preston B. $19.95 New Science Unmasks the occult forces that were behind the science & technology used in Montauk Project.
Moon In Your Life, The. ROBERTSON, Arlene $19.95 Planets Teaches the basic characteristics of the Moon in the signs, houses, aspects & transits.
Moon In Your Life, The: Being A Lunar Type In A Solar World. CUNNINGHAM, Donna $15.95 Planets Provides astrological insights & solutions for such modern problems as sugar blues, premenstrual tension, breaking the mother-daughter symbiosis & understanding men's unspoken motivations.
Moon Magic - Myth & Magic, Crafts & Recipes, Rituals & Spells. CONWAY, D.J. $16.95 Magick Explains how each of the 13 lunar months is directly connected to a different type of seasonal flow. 76 modern pagan rituals for tapping the Moon's energy & celebrate it's rich symbolic nature.
Moon Magic. FORTUNE, Dion $12.00 Fiction In an abandoned London church, Vivien Le Fay Morgan, protagonist of The Sea Priestess, reappears as Lilith to construct an astral temple of Hermetic magic. A novel.
Moon Mansions. KOPARKAR, Mohan $6.95 Aspects Dividing the zodiac into 27 equal parts, based on daily lunar movement, is used to get a wider spectrum of chart delineation. Key words for all mansions are given.
Moon Phases - A Symbolic Key. G3199-034 GOLDSMITH, Martin $16.95 Planets Author analyses the 28 moon phases rather than the usual 4 or 8 phases & showsthe student a new way to look at a birth chart.
Moon Signs - Discover The Hidden Power Of Your Emotions. FENTON, Sasha $11.00 Planets The Moon in your chart reveals your deepest requirements & needs. Learn how it governs attitudes toward food, unconscious motivation, habits, & your personal relationships.
Moon Signs: The Key To Your Inner Life. CUNNINGHAM, Donna $6.99 Planets Author unravels the effects of lunar influence: a person's potential for intimacy; sense of security; family ties; susceptibility to indulgence in food or drink; career ambition & much more.
Moon Signs: Picking The Right Time For Everything You Want To Do. HEIDEWEG, Sabine $12.95 Astrology Find the right timing for all kinds of events & activities & enhance many important areas of your life - all by understanding & effectively taking advantage of the moon's power.
Moon Wise: Astrology, Self-Understanding & Lunar Energies. PHARR, Daniel $12.95 Planets An in-depth look at the effects of our inconstant lunar companion as it moves through the twelve signs of the Zodiac. He then takes the unique step of describing how hte moon will affect you monthly.
Moon's Nodes, The. WHITE, George $12.95 Nodes Describes how the nodes are related to physical stature, fame & success; also gives observations on the nodal influence by sign, house & aspect.
Moon-Node Astrology. HUBER, Bruno & Louise $14.95 Nodes This book combines depth psychology & the concept of reincarnation to bring us a whole new focus on the shadow personality & the evolutionary process of the individual.
Moonchild. CROWLEY, Aleister $12.95 Fiction A novel. It's the story of a young girl drawn into a magickal war between two men. Written from personal experience, this work describes the methods & theories of modern magickal practices.
Moonlore - Myths And Folklore From Around The World O'HARA, Gwydion $12.95 Mythology
Morgan's Counter Culture Deck. MG88, $12.95 Tarot Deck Contemporary humor imparts folk wisdom with the philosophies of Buddhism & Hinduism. Black & white tarot deck contains 88 cards in a departure from traditional tarot. Key words & Phrases on each card.
Morgan-Greer Tarot Deck. MG78, $15.95 Tarot Deck Magical imagery & full scenes grace the intensely colorful cards in this popular tarot deck.
Mortal Acts - Rituals For Confronting Death. FEINTEIN & MAYO, $9.00 Death & Dying More than a handbook for grieving, this book, through 18 meaningful rituals, provokes & transforms our most deeply held fears & beliefs about dying.
Mother Earth Spirituality. MCGAA (EAGLE MAN), Ed $17.00 Native American Offers practices & ceremonies that re-establish a nurturing relationship with nature & establishes an effective approach to the urgent goal of rehabilitating this planet.
Mother Wit: A Guide To Healing & Psychic Development. MARIECHILD, Diane $12.95 Women's Books Shows you how to work with affirmations & meditation to rid yourself of pain & fear to become truly liberated.
Mother: Archetypal Image In Fairy Tales, The. BIRKHAUSER-OERI, Sibylle $15.95 Women's Books Illustrates the pervasive influence of the mother complex, with particular reference to positive & negative mother figures in many well-known fairy tales.
Motherpeace Mini Tarot Deck. MMP78, $20.95 Tarot Deck Three inch diameter size of the Motherpeace Deck.
Motherpeace Tarot Deck. MP78, Vogel & Noble $25.95 Tarot Deck The cards in this extraordinary round tarot deck are gestalt circles of powerful symbols celebrating 30,000 years of women's culture throughout the world. Size 4-1/2 inch diameter.
Motherpeace Tarot Guidebook. Bk139 VOGEL, Karen $9.95 Tarot Illuminates tarot interpretations from a Goddess perspective. An indispensable guidebook for anyone interested in earth-based or women's spirituality.
Motherpeace Tarot Playbook, The. NOBLE & TENNEY, $21.00 Tarot To be used with Motherpeace Deck. Learn to use the 3 circles layout, interpret card reversals, relationship between tarot images & astrological symbols.
Motherpeace: A Way To The Goddess Through Myth, Art And Tarot. NOBLE, Vicki $19.00 Tarot Combines art, history, mythology, folklore, philosophy, science, astrology & comparative religion with an informed spiritual/feminist perspective.
Mountains, Meadows And Moonbeams: A Child's Spiritual Reader RAIN, Mary Summer $11.95 Children's Books Full of illustrations for coloring, this book will help parents nurture the imagination & creativity of their children & help them understand where we all came from & who we really are.
Movements Of Magic: The Spirit Of T'Ai-Chi-Ch'Uan. KLEIN, Bob $12.95 Tai Chi Focuses on the practical & spiritual aspects of Tai Chi, its implications for our daily lives & the development of personal power by tapping into the natural energies of the planet.
Movements Of Power: Ancient Secrets Of Unleashing Instinctual Vitality. KLEIN, Bob $12.95 Tai Chi Learn how to release the power of the body & achieve creative attention & unshakable inner peace.
Moving To Success - The Astrology Of Location. MURRAY, Rose $12.95 Locality Astrology
Moving With The Wind: Magick & Healing In The Martial Arts. CROWLEY, Brian & Esther $10.00 Magick Against a backdrop that traces the spiritual philosophy, history & development of major martial art forms, this book explores the origin & nature chi force.
Mu Lan Chuan Exercise Book, The: Eight Techniques For Better Health. KENG YUN, Sheng $14.95 Tai Chi Mu Lan Chuan is a form of Tai Chi & Chi Kung that imparts good health & increased energy. Originated from the ancient narrative poem The Song of Mu Lan
Mundane Astrology. Z2389-033 ZAIN, C.C. $17.95 Mundane Astrology Mundane Astrology is the science of the influence of the planetary bodies as they affect the world, nations, cities, communities & groups of people. This is a classic in this field.
Mundane Astrology: An Introduction To The Astrology Of Nations & Groups. BAIGENT, CAMPION & HARVEY, $23.00 Mundane Astrology A comprehensive survey of mundane astrology past & present. Tackles the problems of formulation a practical & systematic approach relating it to the concepts of cycles & Collective Unconscious.
Mundane Perspectives In Astrology. J1246-024 JONES, Marc Edmund $20.95 Mundane Astrology The nature & significance of the geocentric planetary nodes (position table provided) & major Arabian Parts are a focal point of this book on political astrology.
Mutant Message Downunder. MORGAN, Marlo $13.00 General The heart & soul of one Australian aboriginal tribe on walkabout with a summoned American woman. Read about indigenous people living their ancient culture.
My World Of Astrology. OMARR, Sydney $10.00 Astrology General discussion of astrology - its place in society, literature, its influence on Jung, Huxley, Henry Miller. General description of procedures, symbols and planets.
Mysteries Of Isis, The: Her Worship And Magick. REGULA, De Traci $19.95 Egyptian For 6000 years Isis has been worshiped in many forms all over the world. She has been known as the Queen of Heaven, Mother of Nature, Goddess of Love, Magic & Healing & Giver of Riches & Justice.
Mysteries Of The Dark Moon - The Healing Power Of The Dark Goddess. GEORGE, Demetra $17.00 Women's Books Offers a new vision of darkness, providing psychological, mythical & spiritual perspectives on the shadowy, feminine symbolism of the dark moon.
Mysteries Of The Goddess - Astrology, Tarot & The Magical Arts MORGAN, Ffiona $13.00 Astrology Previously published in part as Wild Witches Don't Get the Blues.
Mystery Of Numbers, The. SCHIMMELD, Annemarie $12.95 Numerology After exploring the sources of number symbolism, author examines individual numbers, discussing the meanings they have had for Judaic, Christian, Islamic, Indian, Chinese & Native American cultures.
Mystery Of Personal Identity. MAYER, Michael $9.95 Astrology A major focus of this book is re-visioning astrology into an astro-poetic language to meeth the current need to find an alternative to the medical model of labeling personality.
Mystic Christianity. RAMACHARAKA, Yogi $14.50 Mystic Christianity The lessons which compose this volume originally appeared in monthly form, thefirst of which was issued in October, 1907, & the 12th in September, 1908.
Mystic Spiral, The. PURCE, Jill $16.95 General The spiral is the natural form of growth & has become, in every culture & in every age, man's symbol of the progress of the soul towards eternal life.
Mystical Astrology According To Ibn'Arabi. BURCKHARDT, Titus $8.00 Astrology For the serious investigator, who is determined to get to the roots of traditional principles, this small book is a gold-mine. Author has distilled essential symbolism underlying spiritual astrology
Mystical Qabalah, The. FORTUNE, Dion $12.95 Kabbalah A thorough & systematic analysis of, & the Ancient Wisdom expressed in, the symbolism of the Tree of Life, the glyph that inherently summarizes the yoga of the west. Diagrams.
Mystical, Magical, Marvelous World Of Dreams. TANNER, Wilda B. $14.95 Dreams Written for the spiritual seeker from a philosophical perspective of New Age thought.
Mysticism And The New Physics. TALBOT, Michael $12.95 New Science Mystics & idealists have always propounded the idea that the world is an illusion. Now quantum physics is putting forward theories that reinforce this belief.
Myth Of Freedom And The Way Of Meditation, The. TRUNGPA, Chogyam $13.00 Meditation Explores the meaning of freedom in the profound context of Tibetan Buddhism. He explains the role of meditation in bringing into focus the causes of frustration & despair.
Myth Of The Goddess, The: Evolution Of An Image. BARING & JULES CASHFORD, Anne $22.95 Mythology A powerful & most complete synthesis of what we know about the Goddess between the Upper Palaeolithic & modern times.
Mythic Astrology - Archetypal Powers In The Horoscope. GUTTMAN & JOHNSON, $17.95 Astrology Devoted to the mythological background of each astrological planet & sign, this book illustrates the manner in which mythology serves as a basis for astrological psychology.
Mythic Astrology Deck. GREENE, Liz $24.95 Astrology This beautifully illustrated deck & book set is a grand introduction to astrology using the sun, moon, planets and ascendant.
Mythic Image, The. CAMPBELL, Joseph $39.50 Mythology A searching of the mythology of the world's high civilizations over five millennia through nearly 450 illustrations of mythic art from Mesopotamian, Egyptian, Indian, Chinese, European & Olmec culture
Mythic Tarot Deck, The. SHARMAN-BURKE, Juliet $24.95 Tarot Deck
Mythic Tarot Workbook, The. SHARMAN-BURKE, Juliet $10.95 Tarot Designed for use with the Mythic Tarot Deck but can be used with any tarot deck Incorporates guided fantasy exercises, meditations, astrological correlations & more.
Myths To Live By. CAMPBELL, Joseph $14.95 Mythology Explores the power of the universal myths that influence our lives daily & examines the myth-making process from the primitive past to the immediate present.
Myths, Dreams, And Religion. CAMPELL, Joseph (Editor) $14.50 Mythology Here are extraordinary companions of metaphor & myth: Joseph Campbell, Alan Watts, N. Brown, D Miller, Ira Progoff, Rollo May, and many more.
Nag Hammadi Library, The. ROBINSON, James M. (Editor) $19.00 Mystic Christianity This revised, expanded & updated edition is the only complete, one-volume, modern language version of the renowned library of the 4th century manuscripts discovered in Egypt in 1945.
Nakshatras, The: The Lunar Mansions In Vedic Astrology. HARNESS, PH.D., Dennis M. $15.95 Vedic Astrology An excellent practical presentation to this astrological system. It shows us how to access the wisdom of the Nakshatras in our personal life & for our society.
Name Book, The. ROUZIC, Pierre Le $15.95 Numerology This volume reaches beyond the ancestry of names & reveals how names define our personality. An invluable resource for new parents & people curious about the meanings behind their own names.
Native American Astrology: The Wisdom Of The Four Winds. NOE, Winfried $9.95 Native American With this astrological system, based on Native American animal signs & the medicine wheel, you can gain insight into yourself & Others.
Native American Stories. BRUCHAC, Joseph $11.95 Native American A common thread throughout these stories is the native view of the world as family - Earth as our Mother, Sun as our Father & the animals as our brothers & sisters.
Native American Sweat Lodge - History & Legends BRUCHAC, Joseph $12.95 Native American The history & meaning of the sweat lodge as it was & still is practiced by native people. The legends are teaching stories, indirectly explaining the sweat lodge to those who will hear.
Native American Tarot Deck. NA78, Gonzalez & Gonzalez $15.95 Tarot Deck A variety of Native American tribes are authentically represented in this tarot deck, featuring full scenes of daily life, folklore & symbols.
Native Nutrition: Eating According To Ancestral Wisdom. SCHMID, N.D., Ronald F. $14.95 Health Looks to such diverse cultures as the Native North & South Americans & Georgian Russians to suggest that their more traditional, primitive diets can prevent & combat disease.
Native Wisdom For White Minds SCHAEF, Anne Wilson $10.00 Native American
Nativity Of The Valiant & Puissant Monarch Lewis The 14th King Of France. GADBURY, John $5.50 Ancient Astrology Originally printed in 1680, this is a facsimile digitally edited and enhanced.
Natural Fertility: Complete Guide To Avoiding Or Achieving Conception. NAISH, Francesca $17.95 Health Offers confident contraception; conscious conception; functional fertility; hormonal health; preparation for pregnancy; sex selection.
Natural Healing For Dogs & Cats. STEIN, Diane $16.95 Pet Care How to keep your pet healthy through massage, herbal remedies, acupressure, nutrition, psychic healing, homeopathy, flower essences & muscle testing.
Natural Healing Through Macrobiotics. KUSHI, Michio $15.00 Health Using the macrobiotic approach to life, this text highlights special elements of diagnosis & treatment, providing detailed descriptions of diseases.
Natural Magic - Potions & Powers From The Magical Garden. GREER, John Michael $16.95 Pagan
Natural Magic. VALIENTE, Doreen $8.95 Pagan How to practice the age-old white magic that village wise-women have used for centuries. Magic of herbs, flowers, amulets, talismans, traditional spells, & much more.
Natural Remedy Bible. LUST, John & M. Tierra $5.99 Herbalism Offers an alphabetical listing of over 200 common illnesses & prescribes natural methods of treatment including herbal remedies, water therapy, exercise, vitamins & natural foods.
Natural Remedy Book For Women, The. STEIN, Diane $16.95 Women's Books Self-help guide to holistic health care. Presents 10 natural healing methods in depth and describes 50 common health issues & diseases. Remedies from all 10 methods are given fro each illness.
Nature Of Personal Reality. ROBERTS, Jane $17.95 Channeled Seth shows readers how we create our personal reality through our conscious beliefs about ourselves, others & the world. A must for anyone seeking to understand themselves & their lives.
Nature Of The Psyche, The - It's Human Expression. ROBERTS, Jane $15.95 Channeled Seth reveals a new concept of self, answering questions about the secret language of love, human sexuality, the real origins & incredible powers of dreams & how we choose our physical death.
Nature, Man And Woman. WATTS, Alan $10.95 General A provocative & enduring work that reexamines humanity's place in the natural world - & the spirit's relation to the flesh - in the light of Chinese Taoism.
Navajo & Tibetan Sacred Wisdom - The Circle Of The Spirit. GOLD, Peter $29.95 Spiritual Philosophy Basic principles of universal wisdom shared between these geographicaly disparate peoples by drawing extensive parallels between their creation myths and many other similarities.
Navigators Tarot Of The Mystic Sea Book. Bk163 TURK, Julia $14.00 Tarot Discusses the extensive symbolism within the Navigators Deck & its unique connection with the Tree of Life. Original poetry by author accompanies each card description.
Navigators Tarot Of The Mystic Sea Deck. Nm78 TURK, Julia $15.95 Tarot Deck Sail away in search of new perspectives with this electrifying deck created as a guided, meditative path in the search for self-knowledge.
Neuropolitique LEARY, Timothy $12.95 General The tactics of evolution are: space migration, intelligence increase & life extention. The goal of evolution is: fusion (at higher levels of intensity - acceleration, aesthetic complexity).
New Age Herbalist, The. MABEY, Richard $22.00 Herbalism How to use herbs for healing, nutrition, body care & relaxation. Has a complete illustrated glossary of herbs & a guide to herb cultivation.
New Age Hypnosis. GOLDBERG, Dr. Bruce $12.95 Hypnosis Learn how to safely place yourself into a hypnotic trance & enter nto various metaphysical experiences including past life regression, superconscious mind taps, out-of-body travel and more.
New Age Tarot: Guide To The Thoth Deck. WANLESS, James $12.95 Tarot A contemporary guidebook to the Aleister Crowley Thoth deck. Numerous how-to techniques & 28 layouts.
New Astrology For Women, The. ADAMS, Jessica $12.95 Relating A guide to your whole horoscope & how it affects your love life, relationships, friendships, career & future.
New Astrology, The. WHITE, Suzanne $15.95 Chinese Astrology A unique synthesis of the world's two great astrological systems - Chinese andWestern. Author offers not 12 but 144 signs of the zodiac, each vital to everyone's quest for self-understanding.
New Astrology, The: The Art & Science Of The Stars. CAMPION & EDDY, $35.00 History Of Astrology From the astrological & mythical significance of the stars & planets to cutting-edge astronomical theories, this remarkable work illuminates our relationship to the cosmos as never before.
New Book Of Goddesses And Heroines, The. MONAGHAN, Patrica $19.95 Goddess Re-release of popular reference book. Added are 250 goddesses to the book's original 1,283 mythological female figures.
New Book Of Runes, The. BLUM, Ralph $29.95 Rune Set This revised, expanded version contains new techniques for using the runes, a pronunciation guide & durable packaging. Kit includes a hardcover book, 25 runes& a drawstring carrying case.
New Book Of The Dead, The ASHCROFT-NOWICKI, Dolores $12.00 Spiritual Philosophy Drawing from various traditions, including Christianity, Celtic, Egyptian & Roman, the author offers a history & discussion of death & dying practices & beliefs.
New Chinese Astrology, The. WHITE, Suzanne $15.95 Chinese Astrology Author shows you how to better understand your personality through Chinese astrology & better yet - how to control your destiny.
New Dictionary Of Astrology SEPHARIAL, $15.00 Astro Reference All technical & abstruse terms used in the text books of the science are intimately explained & illustrated. Everything from Abacission to Zuriel.
New Healing Yourself, The: Natural Remedies For Adults & Children. GARDNER, Joy $12.95 Health This greatly expanded edition of the classic Healing Yourself represents not only the author's experience, but also that of 75 colleagues.
New Holistic Herbal, The. HOFFMANN, David $16.95 Herbalism Step-by-step guidance on how to find & prepare herbs for healing. Superbly illustrated throughout. A fascinating & practical handbook for maintaining body & soul.
New Inquisition, The: Irrational Rationalism & The Citadel Of Science. WILSON, Robert Anton $14.95 General Wilson challenges the fundamentalist models of religion & science which, if left unchecked, could accellerate to become the only reality we are allowed. A very exciting & funny work.
New Insights In Modern Astrology. ARROYO & GREENE, Stephen & Liz $14.95 Astrology Revised edition of The Jupiter/Saturn Conference Lectures. Topics include chart comparison dynamics, research on relationships, conscious & unconscious in the chart & much, much more.
New Insights Into Astrology. PRESS, Nona Gwynn $19.95 Astrology Formerly titled Sex is a T-Square. Discusses author's research into asteroids, harmonics, numerology, lunations, solar returns & more.
New Look At Mercury Retrograde, A. WILKENSON, Robert $14.95 Planets Description of a variety of ways a retrograde Mercury may manifest for each sign, and provides lists of characteristics showing how the energy behaves in signs and houses in natal, progressed & more
New Methods Of Rectification: Lincoln. DAVIS, T. Patrick $16.50 Rectification Besides being a fascinating account of Lincoln's personal & public life illuminated through an astrological perspective, this book presents a rectified chart derived through heliocentric astrology.
New Millennium Magic: A Complete System Of Self-Realization. TYSON, Donald $19.95 Magick This book exposes the once secret dynamics of initiation & the essential principles of magick for today's seeker. Free of ancient superstitions, it reveals the real wisdom & power of magic.
New Orleans Voodoo Tarot, The. MARTINIE & GLASSMAN, $29.95 Tarot Deck
New Palladini Tarot Pn78 PALLADINI, David $15.95 Tarot Deck Palladini, creator of the Aquarian Tarot deck, has created a deck combining elements of medieval, Egyptian, Renaissance & modern art in an original style.
New Palmistry, The: How To Read The Whole Hand & Knuckles. HIPSKIND, Judith $12.95 Palmistry Ten years ago the author discovered the back of a client's hand, & in the knuckles specifically, the lines & symbols that revealed much more than the palm lines.
New Solar Return Book Of Prediction, The. MERRIMAN, Raymond $15.95 Planetary Returns This primer on tropical solar returns has a complete delineation guide & easy- to-follow math instructions.
New Way To Learn Astrology, The. FEARRINGTON, Basil $14.95 Basic Astrology
Night & Day - Planetary Sect In Astrology HAND, Robert $10.95 Ancient Astrology From Hand's work with the original writings of ancient & medieval astrology, this book deals with the changes that occur in planetary symbolism in night & day charts.
Night Speaks, The: A Meditation On The Astrological Worldview. FORREST, Steven $12.95 Astrology Summarizes some relevant astrological research & also looks at the heart & soul of civilization - & of astrology.
Nine Faces Of Christ. WHITWORTH, Eugene E. $15.95 Mystic Christianity The narrative of Joseph-bar-Joseph, a Messiah, crucified 57 years BC. It shows the methods & techniques of developing the inner or initiate Godself.
No Boundary. WILBER, Ken $13.00 General A simple yet comprehensive guide to the types of psychologies & therapies now available from both Western & Eastern sources.
No Ordinary Moments - A Peaceful Warrior's Guide To Daily Life. MILLMAN, Dan $12.95 General Based on the premise that by changing ourselves we can change our world, this book presents simple ways to balance the body, liberate the mind, accept our emotions & open our hearts.
No Title - A ,
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No Title - T ,
Node Book, The. DOBYNS, Zipporah $7.95 Nodes Explains what the nodes are, & offers suggestions for interpreting the geocentric nodes of the Moon, planets & asteroids in the natal chart.
Nonviolent Communication: A Language Of Compassion. ROSENBERG, PH.D., Marshall B. $15.95 Psychology Using stories, examples & sample dialogues, Dr. Rosenberg provides everyday solutions to perplexing communication problems for people who care about one another & long to live in harmony.
Norse Magic. CONWAY, D.J. $4.99 Magick An introduction to Norse religion & Teutonic mythology.
Norse Tarot Deck, The. NRS80, $32.95 Tarot Deck
Northern Magic: Rune Mysteries & Shamanism. THORSSON, Edred $12.95 Runes This book explores the theories of traditional Northern psychology, as well as the religious tradition of the Troth & the whole Germanic theology.
Northern Mysteries & Magick: Revised Edition Of Leaves Of Yggdrasil. ASWYNN, Freya $19.95 Runes Only book of Nordic magic written by a woman, & the 1st to offer rune concepts, mythology & magical applications inspired by Dutch/Friesian tradition. Includes a CD, shamanic chants from Northern Lore
Nostradamus, The End Of A Millennium. HEWITT, V.J & P. Lorie $20.00 Nostradamus Focuses on the attention the prophet gives to the last years of this century.
Not A Sign In The Sky But A Living Person. ROBERTSON, Marc $8.95 Astrology A guide to interpreting lunar phases (as well as aspects in general) & planetary pairs in any given horoscope.
Nothing Happens Next: Responses To Questions About Meditation. HUBER, Cheri $8.00 Zen Author has been asked just about every question imaginable regarding meditation practice. Here are her clear, insightful, often humorous, responses to many of those questions.
Nothing In This Book Is True, But It's Exactly How Things Are. FRISSELL, Bob $14.95 Channeled Here is an account of our planetary ascent into higher consciousness, a big screen view of the Earth drama through the experience of the Ascended Masters.
Novacosm: The Original Zodiac MARSHALL, Melissa $4.95 Astrology Whereas the modern zodiac has 12 signs, the Novacosm had 13 signs corresponding to the cycles of the moon. Author offers character analysis of those born in each lunar cycle.
Numbers As Symbols For Self-Discovery. VAUGHAN, Richard $8.95 Numerology A how-to book on personal analysis & forecasting through numerology, including the number patters of hundreds of famous personalities.
Numerology And The Divine Triangle. JAVANE & BUNKER, $14.95 Numerology A truly comprehensive text on numerology that includes the basic meanings of digits 1-9, your life lesson number, soul number, path of destiny.
Numerology And Your Future. BUNKER, Dusty $14.95 Numerology The predictive side of numerology. Personal periods are explored as the author presents new techniques for revealing future developments.
Numerology For The New Age. BUESS, Lynn N. $11.00 Numerology Author writes from his years of experience & the thousands of readings he has conducted, working within a self-evolving framework.
Numerology Magic - Use Number Squares For Love, Luck & Protection. WEBSTER, Richard $7.95 Numerology
Numerology, Astrology & Dreams. BUNKER, Dusty $13.95 Numerology Author examines the interrelationships between numerology, astrology & dreams.
Numerology, Key To The Tarot. KONRAAD, Sandor $13.95 Tarot The connection between tarot & numerology reveals new insights into these ancient arts. Complete instructions to build an astro-numeric chart, creat a life plan & interpret card spreads.
Numerology: The Complete Guide, Vol. I. GOODWIN, Matthew $14.95 Numerology A working manual organized for clarity so that a beginner can easily grasp the material & the advanced student will find useful new information.
Numerology: The Complete Guide, Vol. II. GOODWIN, Matthew $14.95 Numerology An advanced working manual with detailed charts & examples. A comprehensive study.
Numerology: The Romance In Your Name. JORDAN, Dr. Juno $17.95 Numerology This is a complete course in numerology for both beginning & advanced students.
Numerology: Universal Vibrations Of Numbers. BISHOP, Barbara J. $12.95 Numerology With your birth date, your exact name & this workbook, you can calculate & interpret your numerical vibrations & put them to use today.
O Mother Sun!: A New View Of The Cosmic Feminine. MONAGHAN, Patricia $12.95 Women's Books Author has extracted magical stories indicating a worldwide cult of the sun goddess. No Apollo-in-skirts, this goddess is a shaman & weaver, a voluptuous lover & a tender mother.
Obatala - Ifa & The Chief Of The Spirit Of The White Cloth. FATUNMBI, Awo $4.95 Ifa/Santeria According to Ifa, dynamics & form represent the polarity between the forces of expansion & contraction. Together these forces create light & darkness, & it is Obatala who brings this into being.
Occult Christ, The - Angelic Mysteries And The Divine Feminine. ANDREWS, Ted $12.95 Mystic Christianity
Ochosi - Ifa & The Spirit Of The Tracker. FATUNMBI, Awo $4.95 Santaria Author explains how Ochosi both guides the development of personal spiritual growth & protects the needs of the environment.
Ogun - Ifa & The Spirit Of Iron. FATUNMBI, Awo $4.95 Santaria The unique function of Ogun is to remove all obstacles that stand in the way of spiritual evolution, which includes the evolution of all that is.
Oh, The Places You'Ll Go! DR. SEUSS, $16.00 Children's Books Parents will find this book the perfect send-off for children starting out in the maze of life, be they nursery school grads or medical school achievers.
Old English Tarot Deck. KNEEN OET78, Maggie $15.95 Tarot Deck This gracefully designed deck is set against a tapestry of medieval England. Major Arcana features traditional scenes & figures; Minor Arcana is a visual journey into an era that spurs the imagination
Om - Creative Meditations. WATTS, Alan $8.95 Meditation
Omens, Oghams & Oracles. WEBSTER, Richard $12.95 Celtic Tradition First book to focus exclusively on Celtic modes of divination. Teaches how to use methods within Celtic tradition including an oracle using druidic Ogham characters & geomantic druid sticks.
On Death And Dying. KUBLER-ROSS, Elisabeth $11.00 Death & Dying What the dying have to teach doctors, nurses, clergy & their own families.
On Freedom. KRISHNAMURTI, J. $9.95 Spiritual Philosophy Addresses the basic issues of freedom - from human rights in the political & social arena to the desire for freedom from wants, pursuits, ambitions, envies, & ill will.
On The Nature Of The Psyche. JUNG, Carl G. $11.95 Psychology This volume is indispensable for anyone who wants to understand something of Jung's psychology & metapsychology.
On The Way To The Wedding. LEONARD, Linda Schierse $11.00 Women's Books With understanding & wisdom, author writes about the longing for a true wedding, one that unites two beings in a sacred search for meaning in life.
Once And Future Goddess, The. GADON, Elinor W. $27.00 Women's Books A profusely illustrated book which shows the reemergence of the Goddess in art & in the lives of contemporary women and men.
Once Unknown Familiar, The: Shamanic Paths To Unleash Your Animal Powers. RODERICK, Timothy $10.00 Shamanism Animal Familiars are more than just the friendly animals kept by Witches - the animal spirit is an extension of the unconscious mind, which reveals its power to those who seek its help.
One Year Manual, The. REGARDIE, Israel $6.95 Magick This 12 month manual brings the serious student of consciousness to an ongoing awareness of unity.
One. BACH, Richard $6.99 Fiction Instead of soaring & diving through space, passengers on this flight must be prepared to cruise slowly, making several stops to look at their motivation & lifestyles...
Only Astrology Book You'Ll Ever Need, The. WOOLFOLK, Joanna Martine $14.95 Basic Astrology A guide to astrology for general readers, this book touches lightly on all the basics. A good general introduction. Includes tables.
Only Dance There Is. DASS, Ram $10.95 Spiritual Philosophy Useful guide for those interested in spiritual matters as well as those formally trained in psychology. A celebration of dance of life author calls the only dance there is.
Only Diet There Is. RAY, Sondra $8.95 Self-Help The theory is simple. Though we might think it is our negative eating habits that have kept us unattractive & unhealthy, it is really our negative thoughts & feelings.
Only Love Is Real: A Story Of Soulmates Reunited WEISS, M.D., Brian L. $12.95 Reincarnation Author portrays 2 strangers who are unaware that they have been lovers throughout the long centuries - until fate brings them together again. In hypnotic trance patient remembers many past lifetimes.
Only Love:Patterns For Spiritual Living. MATA, Sri Daya $14.00 Spiritual Philosophy Brings into focus vital & practical spiritual principles that affect all facets of our lives.
Only Way To Learn About Horary: Volume 6. MARCH & MCEVERS, Marion D. & Joan $14.95 Horary Authors use all the planets & incorporate the new rulerships; timing tips for fertility techniques; yes or no answers ranging from whether to make an investment to whether to sell something.
Only Way To Learn About Relationships: Volume V. MARCH & MCEVERS, Marion D. & Joan $14.95 Relating Authors cover relationship needs that are reflected in the natal chart - synastry techniques (including house activation & inter aspects) & composite charts.
Only Way To Learn About Tomorrow, The. MARCH & MCEVERS, $14.95 Progressions Subjects include: secondary progressions, solar arc directions, transits, eclipses & cycles as well as solar & lunar returns.
Only Way To Learn Astrology, Vol. I. MARCH & MCEVERS, $14.95 Astrology Basic principles for beginners who wish to learn chart interpretation. A basichome study course in traditional astrology.
Only Way To Learn Astrology, Vol. II. MARCH & MCEVERS, $14.95 Astrology May & interpretation techniques that take you to the next level.
Only Way To Learn Astrology, Vol. III. MARCH & MCEVERS, $14.95 Astrology Horoscope analysis that presents refinements of astrological interpretation.
Open Your Mind To Prosperity. PONDER, Catherine $11.95 General Opens with it's time to prosper & concludes with open your mind to receive.
Open Your Mind To Receive. PONDER, Catherine $11.95 General More on prosperity.
Opening Of The Wisdom-Eye, The. DALAI LAMA, $12.95 Spiritual Philosophy In this one book, H.H. the Dalai Lama has managed to capture the essence of Tibetan teachings.
Opening The Inner Gates - New Paths In Kabbalah & Psychology. HOFFMAN, Edward - Editor $16.00 Kabbalah An up-to-date anthology concerning the Kabbalah in terms of dreams, healing, mind-body relationship and a lot more.
Opening To Channel: How To Connect With Your Guide. ROMAN & PACKER, $12.95 Psychic Development Takes the reder step-by-step into the experience of channeling. Benefits include heightened creativity, healing yourself & others, clarifying life purpose, spiritual unfoldment, service to mankind.
Optimum Child: Developing Your Child's Fullest Potential Through Astrology. STAR, Gloria $9.95 Astrology The physical, emotional, intellectual & spiritual needs of the child as expressed in his/her chart are explained, as are the opportunities for self-expression& potential developmental crises.
Oracle Of Geomancy: Techniques Of Earth Divination. SKINNER, Stephen $12.95 Geomancy Geomancy gives counsel in all of life's concerns. In its 16 symbols, you can lay before you the essence of your personal universe, interpret the figure to find answers to any question.
Oracle Of The Goddess - Book And Card Set. ZERNER & FARBER, $27.95 Tarot Deck
Orca's Song. CAMERON, Anne $5.95 Children's Books A retelling of an Indian myth for children.
Orderly Chaos - The Mandala Principle. TRUNGPA, Chogyam $13.00 Eastern Phil. According to the mandala principle all phenomena are part of one reality & existence is orderly chaos.
Origin Of Satan, The. PAGELS, Elaine $12.00 Mystic Christianity Author traces the evolution of Satan from its origins in the Hebrew Bible, where Satan is at first merely obstructive, to the New Testament, where he becomes the Prince of Darkness.
Osho Zen Tarot PADMA, Ma Deva $24.95 Tarot Deck An unorthodox tarot set that reveals, in Zen tradition, the present & its implications, rather than forecasting the future. Includes a book that teaches interpretations of the reading.
Osiris And The Egyptian Resurrection, Vol. I. BUDGE, E.A. Wallis $9.95 Egyptian With rigorous scholarship, going directly to numerous Egyptian texts, Budge examines every detail of the cult of Osiris.
Osiris And The Egyptian Resurrection, Vol. II. BUDGE, E.A. Wallis $9.95 Egyptian Second volume of this study of Osiris cult.
Oswald Wirth Tarot Deck. , $15.95 Tarot Deck The Major Arcana cards contain Hebrew letters originally attributed to each card by Eliphas Levi.
Our Religions SHARMA, Arvind $19.00 Religion An essential introducton to the world's living religions by experts from each tradition - published in conjunction with the 1993 Parliament of the World's Religions.
Our Stars Of Destiny. J3200-034 JAVANE, Faith $14.95 Astrology In this study the author focuses on one specific advance in Esoteric Astrology - the introduction & study of the Pentacle (Star of Destiny) & the Pentacle Aspects of the Horoscope.
Out On A Limb. MACLAINE, Shirley $5.95 General An outspoken thinker, MacLaine goes beyond her previous 2 bestsellers to take us on an intimate yet powerful journey into her personal life & inner self.
Outer Planets & Their Cycles. GREENE, Liz $13.95 Planets Deals with significant historical & generational trends attributable to the outer planets as well as individual attunement to these cycles.
Oversoul Seven Trilogy, The. ROBERTS, Jane $19.95 Channeled Oversoul Seven, an ageless student of the universe, explores the entire framework of existence. As we follow his education our own beliefs about life, death, dreams, time are challenged & stretched.
Owning Your Own Shadow: Understanding The Dark Side Of The Psyche. JOHNSON, Robert A. $11.00 Psychology Author guides us through an exploration of the shadow: what it is, how it originates, & how it interacts & is made through the process of acculturation.
P'Taah Tapes, The: An Act Of Faith. KING, Jani $19.95 U.F.O. Transmissions from the Pleiades, Ptaah prepares humanity for the forthcoming transition from separation to Oneness.
Pagan Book Of Days, The. PENNICK, Nigel $9.95 Pagan Included are the observances of the ancient Greek, Roman, Celtic, Anglo-Saxon, Wiccan & Norse traditions, as well as the worship of the Goddess & many practices of the mystery tradition.
Pagan Meditations - The Worlds Of Aphrodite, Artemis, And Hestia. PARIS, Ginette $14.95 Mythology Each Goddess is an inspiration for a different feminism, & collectively they teach us about the polytheistic complexity we need to get out of the 20th century.
Pagan Rites Of Passage. CAMPANELLI, Pauline $14.95 Pagan A much needed book on the various types of rituals performed to mark the passage of one stage of life to the next. Birthing rituals, handfasting rituals, final passing rituals and many more.
Pagan Ways: Finding Your Spirituality In Nature. O'HARA, Gwydion $7.95 Wicca rediscover the Old Religion & find out what Paganism is all about. Explore the role of the 8 virtues of love, trust, balance, humility, learning, reincarnation, harmony & tolerance in your life.
Painless Astrology: A Simple & Fun Guide To Natal Chart Interpretation. BEYERL, Paul V. $15.95 Astrology Basic astrology written in lay terms.
Palmistry Made Practical. SQUIRE, Elizabeth Daniels $7.00 Palmistry Classic palmistry book.
Palmistry Workbook, The. ALTMAN, Nathaniel $14.95 Palmistry A thorough grounding in the essentials is provided in short order, giving you a chance to examine love & sex, intellect & imagination, health, career & self-fulfillment, spirituality.
Palmistry, The Whole View. HIPSKIND, Judith $9.95 Palmistry Palmistry lets us enrich life through knowledge of our own dynamics. 134 illustrations show every detail. Also discusses the importance of the size, shape & flexibility of all parts of the hand.
Papus Tarot Deck. PS78, $15.95 Tarot Deck
Parables Of Kryon, The. CARROLL, Lee $17.00 Channeled Kryon speaks of new gifts from God as we approach the dawn of the next century. He speaks of good news for the future instead of doom & gloom predictions.
Paradox & Healing: Medicine, Mythology & Transformation. GREENWOOD & DR. PETER NUNN, Dr. Michael $14.95 Health This book looks at chronic illness & pain & offers new insight into their origins, their meaning in our lives & the paradoxical opportunity they present for our profound & far-reaching healing.
Parental Image, The. HARDING, Esther $16.95 Psychology
Parker's Astrology Pack. PARKER, Derek & Julia $29.95 Astrology
Parker's Astrology. PARKER, Derek & Julia $24.95 Astrology A combination art book & one volume astrology guide for novices, with instructions & simple delineations to help in casting & interpreting natal charts.
Part Of Fortune In Astrology, The. HILL, Judith A. $7.95 Arabic Parts The focus of this book is: (1) introduce the Part of Fortune; (2) outline its 3 key meanings; (3) provide interpretive suggestions thru the 12 signs, houses & when found conjuncting the planets.
Partnership Way, The. EISLER, R. & D. Loye $16.00 Relationships Offers practical information & experiential exercises to help us create more healthy, productive & satisfying new ways of thinking, feeling & acting in all aspects of our lives.
Passion Of The Western Mind: Understanding Ideas That Shaped Our World View TARNAS, Richard $15.00 General From Plato to Hegel, Augustine to Nietzsche & Copernicus to Freud; Tarnas describes these profound philosophical concepts simply but without simplifying them.Already hailed as a classic book.
Past Lives, Future Choices - The Astrology Of Reincarnation. POTTENGER, Maritha $16.95 Astrology Explores karmic issues & blocks & offers paths to resolve phobias, painful relationships, & long-term problems. Once you get a handle on patters of the past, you can improve your future.
Past Lives, Future Loves. SUTPHEN, Dick $4.95 Reincarnation Discover the transcendent power of love's eternal essence.
Path Is The Goal - A Basic Handbook Of Buddhist Meditation TRUNGPA, Chogyam $10.00 Meditation The teachings given here on the outlook and technique of meditation provide the foundation that every practitioner needs to awaken as the Buddha did.
Path Of Action, The. SCHWARZ, Jack $10.00 Chakras Presents a unique blend of Eastern & Western philosophy that allows for a fulfilling active life as a means of meditative practice.
Path Of Power, The. SUN BEAR, WABUN & WEINSTOCK, $11.00 Native American The path of power is different for every individual, it represents the course one should follow through life in order to fulfill his or her purpose on the Earth Mother.
Path Of Transformation, The. GAWAIN, Shakti $9.95 General How healing ourselves spiritually, mentally, emotionally & physically can change our lives & transform the world. Bestselling author of Creative Visualization & Living in the Light.
Path To Bliss - A Practical Guide To Stages Of Meditation. DALAI LAMA, $14.95 Meditation This is a systematic approach to training the mind through reason & meditation.
Path To Good Fortune, The. CHUNG, PH.D., Lily $14.95 Divination The Meng system of divination brings together elements of Chinese philosophy, astrology, Feng Shui & the I Ching. This system how to derive a full picture of yourself.
Path To Love, The. CHOPRA, Deepak $14.00 Self-Help
Path To Power: It's All In Your Mind. HEISLER, Roger $14.95 Self-Help Discusses magic & power & how to manifest your own power by studying magick & the systems of Wicca & Ceremonial Magick.
Path, The: A Spiritual Autobiography. KRIYANANDA, Swami $6.95 Spiritual Philosophy Author recounts those events in his life which lead up to & include his years of training under the great Paramhansa Yogananda.
Paths Of Wisdom: Principles & Practice Of The Magical Cabala. GREER, John Michael $16.95 Kabbalah This book goes beyond fragments of symbolism & correspondences to reveal the actual practices at the very heart of the teachings of the Golden Dawn.
Pathwork Of Self-Transformation, The. PIERRAKOS, Eva $12.95 Psychology The Pathwork outlines the process of personal spiritual development & confronts our devils as well as our angels, our all-too-human failings & petty ego concerns as well as our divine strengths.
Patterns In Magical Christianity. WHITEHEAD, Nicholas $12.95 Mystic Christianity
Patterns Of Destiny. K2529-014 KIMMEL, Eleonora $17.95 Predictive Astrology Author looks at fate versus destiny. Many charts and case histories.
Patterns Of Professions. D2525-014 DONATH, Emma B. $13.95 Vocational Astrology This book represents the original research on what will prove to be a long-term look at the use of astrological patterns in vocational counseling.
Peace Is Every Step. HANH, Thich Nhat $10.95 Eastern Phil. The deceptively simple practices of this book encourage the reader to work for peace in the world as he or she continues to work on sustaining inner peace by turning mindless into mindful.
Pendulum Power. NIELSEN & JOSEPH POLANSKY, Greg $8.95 Pendulums This book teaches you how to use the pendulum, how to make your own & how its amazing powers can be put to use right away.
Perennial Dictionary Of World Religions, The. CRIM (EDITOR), Keith $30.00 Reference Books A concise, authoritative compendium of information on the world's living religions by 161 scholars from major religious traditions & related fields.
Perfect Health - The Complete Mind/Body Guide. CHOPRA, Deepak, M.D. $13.00 Health Once you have determined your body type from the detailed quiz, this book provides a personally tailored program of diet, stress reduction, exercises & daily routines.
Persephone Is Transpluto. VAUGHAN, Valerie $12.95 Astrology Author as put together a rich compendium of the astronomy, astrology & mythology of outer planet Transpluto & its association with goddess Persephone of the Eleusinian Mysteries.
Person Centered Astrology. RUDHYAR, Dane $14.00 Astrology Lucid & inspiring material on the purpose of astrology in New Age guidance & the difference between an event-oriented approach & a person-centered view.
Personal Aura, The. KUNZ, Dora Van Gelder $21.95 Aura/Color Book includes 19 paintings that depict the emotional energies which surround each person. The changes that occur from infancy to old age are illustrated by the auras of specific people.
Personal Mythology - The Psychology Of Your Evolving Self. FEINSTEIN & KRIPPNER, $11.95 Mythology This practical guide takes you on a journey of self-discovery using ritual, dreams & imagination.
Personal Name Asteroids PRESS, Nona Gwynn $4.00 Asteroids This book was created as a guide to interpreting the meanings of the personal name asteroids in the horoscope. Complete with alphabetical listing.
Personal Power Through Awareness. ROMAN, Sannaya $12.95 Self-Help In this accelerated step-by-step course in spiritual growth you will learn to express unconditional love, draw to you what you want, open your intuitive & psychic abilities, & much more.
Personality Types - Using The Enneagram For Self-Discovery. RISO, Don Richard $14.00 Enneagram Although the discovery of the Enneagram goes back many centuries, it is also remarkably consistent with modern psychological theories.
Phallos: Sacred Image Of The Masculine. MONICK, Eugene $16.95 Men's Books Phallos emerges here as an essentially mysterious divine reality that is at once practical & numinous, object of fascination & religious devotion for both men & women.
Phantasmagoric Theater Tarot Deck, The. CAMERON - PTH78, Graham $15.95 Tarot Deck
Phases Of The Moon: A Guide To Evolving Human Nature. B2644-014 BUSTEED & WERGIN, $18.95 Aspects Defines cycles & phases, discusses phase relationship to time & concentrates on the round of 28 phases. Excellent - a must for the serious student.
Philosophy Of The I Ching, The. ANTHONY, Carol $12.95 I Ching Author states she has tried to indicate the way of the I Ching as it helps us solve problems, & as it guides us to an understanding of the higher life of the spirit.
Phoenix Cards, The. SHEPPARD, Susan $29.95 Tarot Deck Each of the 28 images is a visual representation of a particular world culture that will bring into focus the times & places of previous incarnations.
Phoenix Rising - No-Eyes Vision Of The Changes To Come. RAIN, Mary Summer $11.95 Native American Author's relationship with the old & wise Indian shaman No-Eyes, introduced in Spirit Song, continues as she reveals her compelling visions of the future.
Phrases And Fragments For Creative Astrologers. W1531-014 WILSON, Edward $11.50 Astrology A collection of descriptions, keywords, & key phrases for many basic astrological functions - such as planets, signs, houses, aspects, eclipses, etc.
Picking Your Perfect Partner Through Astrology. COLEMAN, Mary $12.00 Relating A comprehensive, easy-to-understand, and dynamically intelligent blend of Astrology and Psychology that reveals what really makes - or breaks - relationships.
Pictorial Key To The Tarot, The. WAITE, Arthur E. $6.95 Tarot Classic text for the Rider-Waite deck. Discusses the major & minor arcana, what each card means, reversed card meanings, & how to do a basic reading.
Placidus Table Of Houses. A2007-054 AFA, $16.95 Astrological Tools Latitudes to 66 degrees North & South.
Planet Drum: A Celebration Of Percussion & Rhythm. HART, Mickey & Lieberman $24.95 Music Find your own rhythm & dance your own dance through the images & ideas you find in this book.
Planetarization Of Consciousness, The. RUDHYAR, Dane $22.95 Astrology Major philosophica & psychological work, the concentrated outcome of a lifetime of thinking concerning the most basic problems of human existence.
Planetary Aspects: Making Your Stressful Aspects Work For You. MARKS, Tracy $13.95 Aspects This book explores opposing signs & houses & how to synthesize them; the meaning of the T-Square; how transits & progressions activate a T-Square & what a T-Square means in chart comparison.
Planetary Cycles. LUNDSTED, Betty $12.95 Transits This book outlines natural life cycles that indicate stress periods symbolized by Mars, Jupiter & Saturn cycles as well as the lifetime processes indicated by Uranus, Neptune & Pluto.
Planetary Harmonies - An Astrological Book Of Meditations. HODGSON, Joan $15.50 Planets Author identifies the planetary influences which are at work at any time of the day, or at any time of the lunar cycle or the solar cycle.
Planetary Herbology. TIERRA, Michael $17.95 Herbs
Planetary Heredity. GAUQUELIN, Michel $12.95 Planets Through gathering birth data of more than 100,000 deliveries, the author has demonstrated that we were born under similar cosmic conditions as prevailed at the birth of our parents.
Planetary Stock Trading. M3578-034 MERIDIAN, Bill $50.95 Financial Astrology Horoscopes with time & date of first trade for stocks on the New York Stock Exchange & NASDAQ. Demonstrates how to select individual stocks & a no-nonsense evaluation of planetary influence.
Planetary Symbolism In The Horoscope. HAMAKER-ZONDAG, Karen $12.95 Jungian Astrology Includes discussion of the planets as symbols of human motivation, types of personal conduct, symbols of the psyche, & representatives of interpersonal relationships. Excellent.
Planets - What They Mean. CLANCY, Paul G. $2.50 Planets A brief description of each planet's astrological meaning, with a table of dignities & debilities by sign.
Planets Centered Astrology. C3504-014 CLEMENT, Stephanie Jean $15.95 Planets Offers an indepth look at the planets as we employ them in geocentric astrology, In addition it considers the meanings of planetary satellites in their respective horoscopes.
Planets In Aspect: Understanding Your Inner Dynamics. PELLETIER, Robert $19.95 Aspects Discussion of every major aspect, including inconjuncts. This is an excellent reference for beginning students because it presents an interpretation of the aspect combinations.
Planets In Composite: Analyzing Human Relationships. HAND, Robert $19.95 Relating Hand illustrates a technique which combines two individual charts & creates a composite third for the relationship itself. Contains chapters on casting & reading the horoscope.
Planets In Containment. S2422-034 SANDBACH & BALLARD, $12.95 Planets A complete delineation guide for interpreting all 990 possible combinations of planets in groups of three. A contemporary parallel of the yogas in Hindu astrology.
Planets In Houses: Experiencing Your Environment. PELLETIER, Robert $19.95 Planets This book describes the planets in the houses from every possible angle. A good reference book for students of astrology.
Planets In Locality. C3674-014 COZZI, Steve $21.95 Locality Astrology Author describes in easy-to-understand terms the nature of the local space system of horoscope interpretation. He also offers detailed delineations.
Planets In Love: Exploring Your Emotional & Sexual Needs. TOWNLEY, John $19.95 Relating Astrology, sex & 550 interpretations will provide a complete overview of how the planets & aspects affect your emotional life.
Planets In Signs. ALEXANDER, Skye $18.95 Planets The Sun, Moon and planets through all 12 signs of the zodiac. The text is so clear & readabe that beginners can understand it.
Planets In Solar Returns: A Yearly Guide For Transformation & Growth. SHEA, Mary $30.95 Planetary Returns Includes an interpretation of each planet in every house of a solar return & a chapter on combining natal charts & solar returns into two wheels and more.
Planets In Synastry: Astrological Patterns Of Relationship. NEVILLE, E.W. $16.95 Relating Individual phases of a relationship are set out & a method for analysis of each phase is described. Focuses not only on the analysis of synastry, but translates these into real life application.
Planets In Transit: Life Cycles For Living. HAND, Robert $24.95 Transits Includes an analysis of the meaning of astrological prediction, transits, progressions & directions, how to interpret transits, triple transits, precession correction, etc. A MUST reference book.
Planets In Youth: Patterns Of Early Development. HAND, Robert $19.95 Planets Major part of book is delineations of horoscope factors wirtten for young people. Planets, signs, houses and major aspects are explained.
Planets On The Move. POTTENGER & DOBYNS, $15.95 Locality Astrology Find the meaning of new aspects to the angles (Ascendant, Midheaven, etc.), aspects to house rulers, house placements of rulers & stellia, & signs on the angles when you relocate.
Planets Through The Signs: Astrology For Living. BASSETT, Abbe $12.50 Planets Delineates the meanings & significance of each planet in 10 chapters giving first an introduction to the planet & then going into detail about the influence of that planet in the 12 signs.
Planets Within, The: The Astrological Psychology Of Marsillio Ficino. MOORE, Thomas $16.95 Ancient Astrology With author as guide you will feel at home in the marvelous world of Renaissance Hermetism, its psychological & astrological insights, its music, its madness.
Planets, The: Discover The Power Of The Planets. F3469-034 FENTON, Sasha $10.00 Planets This book gives a clear guide to the planets & to the way in which their energies work through the various signs & houses.
Plants Of The Gods - Their Sacred, Healing And Hallucinogenic Powers. SCHULTES & HOFMANN, $22.95 Herbalism Of the 91 hallucinogenic plants illustrated, the authors elaborate in vivid detail on 14 that have had profound significance for human beings.
Pleiadian Agenda, The. CLOW, Barbara Hand $15.00 Channeled A channelled Pleadian Goddess, Satya, speaks throught the author telling us a cosmic drama through nine dimesions!
Pleiadian Mission, The. WINTERS, Randolph $20.00 U.F.O. Author asserts the Pleiadians have come from a small cluster of stars called the Pleiades to guide & awaken us to the knowledge of life & lessns of spirit we need for the New Age of consciousness.
Pluto, Planet Of Magic And Power. C2524-014 CHALFORD, Ginger $19.50 Planets Author reveals practical ways Pluto's symbolic energies can be tapped & used positively for personal power. Pluto is described in depth by house, aspect & sign.
Pluto, Volume 2 - The Soul's Evolution Through Relationships. GREEN, Jeffrey $17.95 Relating The follow up to the Worldwide best seller, Pluto, Vol 1. Jeff looks at the karmic connections and evolutionary needs within the natal and composite charts to bring about new ways of relating.
Pluto: Key To The Expansion Of Consciousness. P3794-014 PALOMAKI, Ulla $15.95 Planets Author relates Pluto to the dark, unconscious side of our psychological nature, deep fears & unconscious driving forces motivating us sometimes to accomplish great things.
Pluto: The Evolutionary Journey Of The Soul. GREEN, Jeffrey $15.00 Planets Combines astrology & psychology in the study of karma. Pluto aspects are discussed, with each house position backed up with charts. An absolute must for any serious student.
Plutonian Phoenix, The. RICHARDSON, Dale $10.95 Planets A collection of previously-published articles, many of them dealing with Pluto's meaning in the charts of people & events.
Pocket Dictionary Of Astrological Terms. BACHICHA, Gayle $6.95 Astro Reference A small, compact pocket dictionary of astrological terminology.
Pocket Guide To Astrology. OKEN, Alan $6.95 Astrology Small pocket book on the 12 signs & what they mean, the planets & how they affect your life, the houses & their role in your experience.
Pocket Rider-Waite PWR78, $12.95 Tarot Deck Traditional Rider-Waite sized 2-1/4 x 3-1/2.
Politics Of Women's Spirituality. SPRETNAK, Charlene $14.95 Women's Books Essays on the rise of spiritual power within the feminist movement.
Ponder On This. BAILEY, Alice $14.95 Theosophy This compilation by a student is an attempt to bring together a basis for the instruction of disciples in training for an initiation.
Portable Jung, The. JUNG, Carl G. $15.95 Psychology Author has aimed to introduce the elementary terms & themes of analytical psycology, to provide an overall understanding of the scope & direction of Jung's entire works.
Positive Benefits Of Astrology. D3269-014 DOANE, Doris Chase $11.95 Astrology Some of the interesting topics you will find here are - the accident syndrome, the youthful outlook, what degree is your temper, finding friends in you chart &demonstrating your heart's desire.
Positive Magic. WEINSTEIN, Marion $15.95 Magick A book of occult self-help, focusing on Astrology, I Ching, tarot & words of power.
Possible Human. HOUSTON, Jean $13.95 General A course in enhancing your physical, mental & creative abilities.
Potential: The Name Analysis Book. RICE, Paul & Valeta $8.95 Numerology This book shows you how to work with your letters, what they mean, what you need to watch out for, how you can grow.
Power Is Within You. HAY, Louise L. $12.95 General This book expands on the author's philosophies of loving the self & shows you how to overcome emotional barriers.
Power Of Dispositor, The. - Psychological Patterns. F3678-034 FLACK, Diane & Rudy $10.95 Planets This book is the introduction to each pattern type, with methods of determining the type & example of interpretations of each.
Power Of Myth, The. CAMPBELL, Joseph $12.95 Mythology A great summing up of Campbell's work, sure to stand alongside his two celebrated classics Hero With a Thousand Faces & Masks of God.
Power Of Personal Health, The. SCHWARZ, Jack $10.00 Health Author has utilized various techniques & tools such as self-regulation, human energy systems, perceptualizations & breathing exercises to aid in the personal healing process.
Power Of Place & Human Environment, The. SWAN, James A. $14.95 Geomancy Stonehenge, the Himalayas, Ganges river, Great Pyramid of Giza - these places affect us profoundly. The author has collected essays on sacred places & their effect on human beings.
Power Of Silence, The: Further Lessons Of Don Juan. CASTANEDA, Carlos $14.00 Native American Don Juan returns - wise, infuriating, capable of working miracles & playing practical jokes, but always seeking the wisdom of the warrior.
Power Of The Rays, The. OUSELEY, S.G.J. $7.75 Aura/Color Color exerts a powerful influence on our minds & emotions &, far from being a lifeless static phenomenon, it is in reality a vital force, a strong & powerful influence on our lives.
Power Of Unconditional Love, The. KEYES, Ken $10.95 Relationships Twenty-one guidelines for beginning, improving & changing your most meaningful relationships.
Power Of Your Subconscious Mind, The. MURPHY, Joseph $6.99 Psychic Development Author presents the discovery that brings the incredible force of your subconscious mind under your control.
Power Planets: A Manual For Human Empowerment. DE LA LAMA, Luisa $18.95 Planets Author guides you step by step to harness, integrate & enhance the energies of the planets (including Chiron & Vulcan) regardless of their position in the natal chart or transiting aspects.
Power Trio, The: Mars, Jupiter & Saturn. W1537-024 WILSON-LUDLAM, Mae $11.95 Planets A beginner's guide to astrology in general, with special attention given to Mars, Jupiter & Saturn. Detailed natal delineations for these planets are provided.
Power Within The Land. STEWART, R.J. $15.95 Celtic Tradition Explores our oldest & perhaps most neglected spiritual tradition, that of the Underworld which has profound significane in this age of environmental crisis.
Power: The Power To Create The Future. MITCHELL, Eric A. $3.95 General Reveals, in condensed form, how to contact, communicate & work with the highest spiritual Power & how to make that Power available for the spiritual & material transformation of self & the world.
Practical Astrology. LEO, Alan $17.00 Astrology First written in 1911, this book is a simple method of instruction in the science of Astrology. Very Basic.
Practical Astrology: A Simple Method Of Casting Horoscopes. DE SAINT-GERMAIN, Comte C. $18.50 Astrology First printed in U.S. in 1901 by William H. Lee and reprinted in 1963 by Health Research. Basic astrology.
Practical Candleburning Rituals. BUCKLAND, Raymond $7.95 Candle Magick Author distilled the essentials from a wide variety of folk spells gathered the world over & added the results of his own in-depth magical & anthropological researches.
Practical Color Magick. BUCKLAND, Raymond $6.95 Magick Reveals the most effective & simplest method of psychic & spiritual development.
Practical Encylopedia Of Natural Healing. BIRCKLIN, Mark $12.95 Health Hundreds of natural remedies for common health problems.
Practical Feng Shui. BROWN, Simon $19.95 Feng Shui Contains practical advice on planning & arranging every room in your home to help you realize your aims & aspirations. Color printing throughout.
Practical Guide To Qabalistic Symbolism, A. KNIGHT, Gareth $29.95 Kabbalah A compendium of the symbolism found in the Tree of Life of the Qabalah with special reference to the Tarot. Two volumes in one edition.
Practical Guide To The Runes, A. PESCHEL, Lisa $4.99 Runes A no-nonsense how-to book for the beginner who desires to learn how to use the runes on a daily basis to improve quality of life. Instructions on how to make your own runes.
Practical Guide To Traditional Astrology, A. CRANE, Joseph $14.95 Ancient Astrology Crane writes about ideas & techniques from the past. He conveys difficult material from the late hellenistic & medieval periods in a manner that is easy to read & apply to charts.
Practical Pendulum Book, The. JURRIAANSE, D. $6.95 Pendulum Learn how to work with a pendulum to determine how your inner self is feeling.
Practical Psychic, The. FRIEDLANDER & PEARSON, $9.95 Psychic Development Step-by-step instructions are provided to help you unleash your psychic ability. The exercises make it easy to work with the deep or higher self & learn techniques for making changes in your live.
Practical Qabalah, The. FIELDING, Charles $11.00 Kabbalah To better understand Qabalistic symbolism in today's culture, the author has included information about esoteric anatomy, psysiology & psychology.
Practical Solitary Magic. WATSON, Nancy B. $14.95 Magick A readable handbook that gives not only the how, but the why & wherefore, of the materials & methods of the solitary magician. Watson combines introduction to psychology with its mechanisms.
Practical Techniques Of Psychic Self-Defense. HOPE, Murray $6.95 Psychic Development Cosmic do's & don'ts in which author explains how to take precautionary measure when journeying into the realm of the occult.
Practice Of Classical Palmistry, The LA ROUX, Madam $14.95 Palmistry Teaches you how to read the palm & fingers & focuses on the lines as singular expressions of personality before the palm as a whole is integrated into a reading. Case studies.
Practice Of Palmistry, The. DE SAINT-GERMAIN, C. $12.95 Palmistry A detailed practical manual, with a wealth of encyclopedic information on palmistry illustrated with over 1000 drawings.
Practice Of Prediction, The. HASTINGS, Nancy Anne $14.95 Predictive Astrology A book for serious students & working astrologers. How to work with progressions, solar arc, & transits to make accurate predictions for clients.
Practice Of Ritual Magic, The. KNIGHT, Gareth $9.95 Magick
Practice Of Zen Meditation, The. ENOMIYA-LASSALLE, Hugo M. $17.00 Meditation Presents a 7 day introduction to the techniques & disciplines involved in Zen meditation.
Practicing The Cosmic Science - Key Insights In Modern Astrology. ARROYO, Stephen $13.95 Astrology A Cosmic Psychology is needed today as the new millenium begins. This book shows that this can be achieved through a reformulated, modern type of astrology.
Prakruti: Your Ayurvedic Constitution. SVOBODA, Dr. Robert $12.00 Ayurveda With author as guide you will feel at home in the marvelous world of Renaissance Hermetism, its psychological & astrological insights, its music, its madness.
Prayers Of Smoke - Renewing Makaha Tribal Tradition. ADAMS, Barbara M. $9.95 Native American Myth & ritual are essential to a meaningful life, & here a Native American descendent of Black Elk presents fundamental beliefs of the Makaha tribe.
Praying With Fire: Candle And Fire Magic. DOLFYN, $4.95 Candle Magick Tieaches the reader how to communicate directly with the Fire Spirits.
Precise Progressed Charts. K1267-034 KOPARKAR, Mohan $5.95 Progressions Method based upon generalized secondary progressions. The event formation is well explained by these charts.
Predicting Events With Astrology. TEAL, Celeste $14.95 Prediction Whether the next major event in your life involves landing a perfect job, or simply taking a vacation, you can predict the best time for these and many other events. Many examples are given.
Predicting The Future With Astrology: A Step-By-Step Guide FENTON, Sasha $10.95 Predictive Astrology
Prediction. MARR, Alexander $11.95 Predictive Astrology This technical guide for advanced students explains the finer points of prediction including converse progressions, sidereal returns, etc. An original blend of diverse techniques.
Predictions For A New Millennium. TYL, Noel $14.95 Predictive Astrology This book forsees key events, with 58 predictions about dramatic political, economic, and social changes that will occur between now and the year 2012.
Predictive Astrology: The Eagle And The Lark. BRADY, Brenadette $19.95 Predictive Astrology Complete instructions for handling transits, secondary progressions, time maps, eclipses & other means of prediction.
Predictive Planetary Periods - The Hindu Dasas. CAMERON, Barbara $16.95 Vedic Astrology Presents the prdictive tools of Hindu Astrology in clear English. With lucid instructions & specific examples, this book has Tables of Hindu Dasas in an easy-to-use format.
Predictive Techniques In Annual Harmonic Charts. H2347-014 HANNAN, C. & L. $12.95 Harmonics Practical guide to using harmonic techniques in both geocentric & heliocentric Astrology.
Preface To Prenatal Charts, The. J1220-034 JAYNE, Charles $9.95 Astrology Author describes the whole System of Cosmic Centers & their related epochs; 5 of the 7 Prenatal Epochs & their charts that take place during the year before birth; & much more.
Pregnant Virgin, The. WOODMAN, Marion $18.95 Women's Books This book is about the struggle to become conscious. It's about the wisdom of the body, initiation rituals, dreams; overcoming addictions; relationship & the search for personal identity.
Preparing For Contact: A Metamorphosis Of Consciousness. ROYAL & PRIEST, $12.95 U.F.O. A combination of narrative, precisely focused channeled material from Pleiadian source, & personal accounts.
Prescriptions For Happiness. KEYES, Ken $6.95 Self-Help This book shows you how to enjoy your life, regardless of what other people say or do. The 3 Prescriptions for Happiness tell how you can totally control your happiness.
President's Astrologer, The: A Novel Of Suspense SHAFFERMAN, Barbara $12.95 Astrology A page-turning story of political machinations & personal peril with the unique running thread of real astrology. See the planets at work in the lives of the characters & the nation.
Primal Myths - Creation Myths Around The World SPROUL, Barbara C. $17.00 Mythology A valuable introduction to the variegated ways in which humanity has conceived & remembered its relation to the sacred origin & core of existence.
Primary Directions Made Easy. SEPHARIAL, $10.00 Progressions A how to book on Primary Directions, with examples. Includes Polar elevations, mundane aspects, zodiacal parallels and more.
Primer For Natal Chart. H1188-014 HOLIDAY, Katie $14.95 Chart Construction A step-by-step guide to calculating (but not interpreting) the natal horoscope using a midnight ephemeris. Thorough & very easy to understand.
Primer Of Sidereal Astrology. F2167-074 FAGAN & FIREBRACE, $10.95 Sidereal How to calculate & interpret sidereal horoscopes, solar & lunar returns, parans & much more. Includes several helpful tables (of synetic vernal point, etc.)
Principles Of Astrological Geomancy, The. HARTMANN, Franz $15.00 Astrology First printed in 1889. A very facinating book.
Principles Of Astrology. HARVEY, Charles & Suzi $11.00 Astrology This introductory guide explains what astrology is; how it can help you to a greater awareness of yourself, your life & world affairs; how it can be used for forecasting personal & national events.
Principles Of Light And Color, The. BABBITT, Edwin $9.95 Aura/Color The healing power of color.
Problem Solving With Freudian Astrology. G3164-014 GREENWOOD, Elizabeth $13.95 Astrology As a tool for personality analysis & assessment of potential, the Freud profile is unique in it's comprehensive scope & for facilitating a quick & accurate judgement.
Profiles Of Women - Astro-Data 1 RODDEN, Lois M. $46.95 Astrological Data Containing the data of 1400 women throughout history, this is the updated & revised Astro-Data I - nearly 3 times as large as the original book. Much of this data has never before been published.
Profit By Electional Astrology. D3034-014 DOANE, Doris Chase $28.95 Electional Astrology Explains the many options a person haswhen a serious life change is anticipated. The author also relates the electional chart to the other astrological disciplines in an easy-to-understand manner.
Progressed Horoscope Simplified. M1339-014 MILBURN, Leigh Hope $15.95 Progressions Orininally published in 1928, this guide for intermediate students tells how to interpret the progressed chart & transits. Includes delineations for the majorfactors.
Progressing The Horoscope. Z2382-073 ZAIN, C.C. $16.95 Progression
Progressions And Directions. J1221-034 JAYNE, Charles A. $10.95 Progressions Describes Secondary or Major, Minor & Tertiary progressions in the first part of the book. The second part is on New Directions and the third part is on Primary Directions.
Progressions In Action. D1069-014 DOANE, Doris Chase $16.95 Progressions The fine art of prediction & analysis through the use of progressions is illustrated by actual case histories in this book. Celebrity charts treated in detailinclude John Glen & L. Ron Hubbard.
Progressions, Directions And Rectifications. DOBYNS, Zipporah P. $7.95 Progressions An introduction to rectification techniques, with easy to follow instructions. The technical principles are illustrated through reference to the natal & progressed chart of Edward Kennedy.
Projection Of The Astral Body, The. MULDOON & CARRINGTON, $12.95 Astral Projection This book contains instructions of the specific methods for bringing about the projection of the astral body. Includes many experiences. A classic text.
Prometheus Rising. WILSON, Robert Anton $14.95 Mythology Author speaks for that tiny but indispensable minority who are changing our world by changing the way we think about it.
Prometheus The Awakener - An Essay On The Archetypal Meaning Of Uranus TARNAS, Richard $15.50 Planets Tarnas focuses on Uranus, the first planet discovered by telescope, as entry into the depth of astrology, showing how personal biography & collective history can be linked to planetary movements.
Prophet, The. GIBRAN, Kahlil $14.00 General This book, which is Gibran's masterpiece, has become one the the beloved classics of our time.
Psy-Cards. PSY40, Cat Foy $14.95 Tarot Deck This 40-card deck is based upon the imagery of archetypes developed by Carl Jung. Each card depicts a concept that evokes subconscious & intuitive impres- sions within the viewer.
Psyche And Symbol. JUNG, C. G. $15.95 Psychology
Psychic Development For Beginners. HEWITT, William W. $9.95 Psychic Development These 44 practical exercises will quickly enable you to realize a host of spiritual & material benefits, from learning how to contact your spirit guide to alerting yourself of danger.
Psychic Empowerment For Health And Fitness. SLATE, PH.D., Joe H. $12.95 Health A guide to personal health centered around the mental & spiritual dimensions of physical well-being. Explains how you can use your inborn psychic power as a practical tool for improving your health.
Psychic Energy Workbook, The. MILLER & HARPER, $14.95 Psychic Development
Psychic Healing Book, The. WALLACE, Amy $14.95 Healing Shows how you can explore fascinating areas of the psychic world without fear, using your natural abilities to heal. Many techniques.
Psychic Protection: Creating Positive Energies For People & Places. BLOOM, William $10.00 Psychic Development This book will help you to create an oasis of calm in the midst of the chaos of the modern workd & the sense of psychic safety necessary to fulfill yourself & successfully achieve your potential.
Psychic Self Defence. FORTUNE, Dion $9.95 Psychic Development After finding herself the subject of a powerful psychic attack, Fortune wrote this detailed instruction manual for safeguarding yourself against paranormal malevolence.
Psychic Self-Defense And Well Being. DENNING & PHILLIPS, $9.95 Psychic Development Learn how to tell if you are under the rare but real psychic attack, & what to do about it. Includes defense for a group or a business enterprise.
Psychic Self-Defense Personal Training Manual, The. PICKANDS, Marcia L. $9.95 Psychic Development Author teaches how to recognize psychic disturbance & the procedures for defense in both everyday & extraordinary situations.
Psychic Side Of Dreams, The. HOLZER, Hans $4.95 Dreams Holzer investigates the different types of dreams including anxiety dreams, nightmares, prophetic,warning, survival, ESP & many more.
Psychic Tarot: Companion To The Aquarian Tarot Deck. JUNJULAS, Craig $9.95 Tarot The purpose of this book is to create a bridge between psychic development & the use of the tarot.
Psychoanalyzing The Twelve Zodiacal Types. HALL, Manly P. $5.95 Astrology Manly P. Hall looks at the twelve signs of the zodiac.
Psychological Astrology. HAMAKER-ZONDAG, Karen $14.95 Jungian Astrology Examines the traditional wisdom of astrology in the light of Jungian psychology revealing the horoscope as a picture of our psychic structure & key to self-knowledge & personal growth.
Psychological Reflections. JUNG, Carl G. $15.95 Psychology An anthology of Jung's writings 1905 - 1961.
Psychological Types. JUNG, Carl G. $16.95 Psychology One of the most important of Jung's longer works, & probably the most famous of his books.
Psychology And Alchemy. JUNG, Carl G. $19.95 Psychology Presents the gold that Jung believes the alchemists did produce from baser metals, & it consists of their guarded, confused, heretical anticipation of modern psychology.
Psychology And The Occult. JUNG, Carl G. $11.95 Psychology Over his long career, Jung maintained a compelling interest in occult phenomena as a subject of psychological concern.
Psychology Of Astro*Carto*Graphy, The. LEWIS, Jim $13.95 Locality Astrology This book explains the essence of the system with vivid, in-depth case studies, descriptions of the fundamental properties of each planet & analysis of how geography impinges on their influences.
Psychology Of Handwriting, The. OLYANOVA, Nadya $7.00 Graphology Handwriting is a composite picture of the way a person's mind works, how his thinking affects his emotions, what his attitude is toward life & other human beings.
Psychology Of The Planets. GAUQUELIN, Francoise $12.95 Planets Here are the results of the scientific research that resulted in the most significant astrological findings of this century.
Psychology, Astrology & Western Magic. ALVARADO, Luis $12.95 Psychology Examination of the God-images as they apply to mythology, astrology, archetypal psychology & Western magic. Explores their psychological implications as well as historical & theoretical applications.
Psychotherapy East And West. WATTS, Alan $9.00 Eastern Philosophy What is the common ground between Western psychiatry & Eastern philosophy, & what has each to learn from the other?
Psychotherapy East And West: A Unifying Paradigm. AJAYA, Swami $12.95 Spiritual Philosophy Examines the insights & limitations of contemporary systems of psychotherapy & presents a more comprehensive paradigm that integrates the teachings of the East.
Pumping Ions - Games & Exercises To Flex Your Mind. WUJEC, Tom $14.00 General Author shows you how to strengthen, flex, tone & coordinate your mental muscles, conditioning the brain just as you do the body.
Pyramid Power. TOTH & NIELSEN, $9.95 Pyramids Discover the fascinating history behind the current revival of interest in pyramid energies. Includes instructions for building your own pyramid & suggested experiments.
Pyramids Of Montauk: Explorations In Consciousness. NICHOLS & PETER MOON, Preston B. $19.95 New Science Unveils the mysteries of Montauk Point & its select location for pyramids & time travel experimentation. A sequel to The Montauk Project & Montauk Project Revisited.
Qabalistic Tarot, The. WANG, Robert $22.95 Tarot A textbook of mystical philosophy that demonstrates how to use the tarot for inner development. Wang explains the Hermetic Qabalah in terms of Waite, Crowley Marseilles, & Golden Dawn decks.
Qigong For Health: Chinese Traditional Exercise For Cure & Prevention. TAKAHASHI & STEPHEN BROWN, Masaru $14.95 Health Dramatic new way to prevent & cure illness; a complete guide to the self-healing system that has revolutionized Chinese medicine.
Quantum Astrology: The Physics Of Metaphysics. LEVINE, Rick $19.95 Astrology Author unfolds a matrix of modern-day thought onto a fabric of applied metaphysical mechanics that will fascinate the astrologer & non-astrologer alike.
Quantum Consciousness: The Guide To Experiencing Quantum Psychology. WOLINSKY, Stephen $14.95 New Science Author applies the lessons of modern physics to psychology in an original, practical way. Books drags psychology, kicking & screaming perhaps, into 21st century science.
Quantum Healing - Exploring The Frontiers Of Mind/Body Medicine. CHOPRA M.D., Deepak $14.95 Health Here is an extraordinary new approach to healing by an extraordinary physician writer.
Quantum Psychology: How Brain Software Programs You & Your World. WILSON, Robert Anton $14.95 Psychology Each chapter contains exercises to help you comprehend & internalize the principles of Quantum Psychology. Picks up where Prometheus Rising left off.
Quantum Questions. WILBER, Ken $18.00 New Science Brings together the mystical writings of the world's great physicists - all of whom express a deep belief that physics & mysticism are somehow fraternal twins.
Quantum Reality - Beyond The New Physics. HERBERT, Nick $11.95 New Science Takes up the question of reality in the puzzling light of quantum theory & Bell's theorem.
Quest For Dion Fortune. CHAPMAN, Janine $12.95 Biographies Through personal interviews, recorded conversations, letters, periodicals & works of fact & fiction, author creates a vivid profile of the mysterious & fascinating Dion Fortune.
Quest For The Crystal Castle: A Peaceful Warrior Children's Book. MILLMAN, Dan $13.95 Children's Books A hero's journey for children, this book reveals to young readers the confidence, kindness & power within each of us to overcome the obstacles that lie in our path.
Questions & Answers Explaining The Bach Flower Remedies RAMSELL, John $7.00 Health Standard policies & original attidues of Dr. Bach.
Quintiles And Tredeciles: The Geometry Of The Goddess. BUNKER, Dusty $12.95 Aspects Exploration of the little-known 72 & 108 degree aspects that explains their cosmic significance in the individual chart.
Rainbow Tribe - Ordinary People Journeying On The Red Road. MCGAA, Ed $15.00 Native American The practical sequel to Mother Earth Spirituality that applies Native American teachings & rituals to contemporary living.
Raja Yoga Or Mental Development. RAMACHARAKA, Yogi $15.95 Yoga In India, the candidates for Initiation into the science of Raja Yoga are given a series of lessons designed to enlighten them regarding the nature of the Real Self.....
Raja-Yoga. VIVEKANANDA, Swami $13.50 Yoga Raja-Yoga declares that each man is only a conduit for the infinite ocean of knowledge & power that lies behind mankind.
Random Acts Of Kindness. CONARI PRESS, EDITORS, $9.95 General Imagine what would happen if there were an outbreak of kindness in the world. This book will inspire you to start to bring delight & goodness to yourself & others.
Raphael's Guide To Astrology. R3251-034 RAPHAEL, $15.00 Astrology Delineations & simple instructions for calculating & interpreting natal charts & transits are given in this reprint of a classic 1905 astrology primer.
Raphael's Key To Astrology. RAPHAEL, $12.00 Astrology Planetary aspects & orbs; use of the ephemeris; influence of planets; how to judge a nativity; health & mental qualities; money; employment; marriage; and much more.
Rapid And Reliable Analysis. E1099-014 EBERTIN, Reinhold $12.95 Cosmobiology A guide to the cosmobiology system of forecasting the future through the use of progressions, solar arcs & transits - illustrated with case history examples.
Ravaged Bridegroom, The - Masculinity In Women. WOODMAN, Marion $20.00 Women's Books By radically redefining masculinity in both men & women, this book establishes the foundations not only for a more mature relationship between people but also for a new harmony with nature.
Rays And The Initiations, The. BAILEY, Alice $22.95 Theosophy The first of this 2 part book enumerates & details the 14 Rules for Group Initiation & the second part is concered with the Rays & the Initiations.
Reach For The Stars SHAVICK, Nancy $12.00 Astrology A do-it-yourself guide to creating your own personalized astrological chart.
Reading Tarot Cards: Guide To The New Palladini Tarot. HANSSON, Susan $9.95 Tarot Using the Palladini Tarot deck, author details the structure, components & symbols of Tarot to provide readers with an understanding of the cards, including astrological & cabalistic correspondences.
Ready To Use Celtic Borders. PEARCE, Mallory $5.95 Celtic Tradition Here's an attractive & practical collection of copyright-free ornamental frames & borders that captures the beauty & intricacy of Celtic art.
Real Magic. BONEWITS, Isaac $14.95 Magick Examines every category of occult phenomena from ESP to Eastern ritual & explores the basic laws of magic, relating them to natural laws of the universe.
Real Power: Business Lessons From The Tao Te Ching. AUTRY & MITCHELL, $14.00 Tao A modern-day guide to business leadership, drawing on the age-old lessons of the Tao Te Ching & applying it to the challenging realities of today's world.
Real World Of Fairies, The. VAN GELDER, Dora $14.00 Mythology A first-person account of the fairy kingdom.
Reappearance Of The Christ, The. BAILEY, Alice $11.95 Theosophy This book is about when the Christ, the Avator makes His reappearance.
Rebirth Of Witchcraft, The. VALIENTE, Doreen $12.50 Magick A history of contemporary Wicca, from it's shadowy roots at the turn of the century to present day.
Reclaiming Goddess Sexuality: The Power Of The Feminine Way. SAVAGE, PH.D., Linda E. $13.95 Women's Books Presents a model of female sexuality that blends the ancient wisdom of the goddess cultures with current clinical knowledge to create a different view of feminine sexual expression.
Reclaiming Healthy Sexual Energy. HASTINGS, Anne Stirling $9.95 Sexuality Using examples of body awareness & visualizations, the author suggests ways to reclaim our innocent, healthy sexual energy & become catalysts for change.
Reclaiming The Dark Feminine: The Price Of Desire. BAKER, PH.D., Carolyn $12.95 Women's Books Author presents a unique perspective on the dark side of the feminine & provides a new approach to gender reconciliation & relationships.
Reconstructing The Real You - Applying Astrology To Family Psychology. COWGER, Barry D. $13.95 Astrology This book gives a powerful understanding of how we can use astrological principles to reconstruct our own identities by uncovering the truth about our family experiences. Sample charts.
Recovering The Ancient Magic. LONG, Max Freedom $7.95 Huna/Kahuna Magic in all its manifestation is treated in a compelling & personal fashion & includes fire-walking, spiritualism, levitation, mind reading, instant healing, & changes in physical material.
Rectification: Known And Unknown Birthtimes. N3043-014 NIEMANN, Henry $23.95 Rectification The reinforcement of behavior through the learning process permits astrologers to associate the time period of any planetary configuration with thinking & behavior patterns.
Red Moon: Understanding & Using The Gifts Of The Menstrual Cycle. GRAY, Miranda $11.95 Women's Books Combining storytelling, traditional folklore & legend with practical tools & methods (including the Moon Dial), this positive book offers the modern woman insights into her cyclic nature.
Redemption Of The Feminine Erotic Soul, The. HILLEL, Rachel $16.95 Psychology
Reflections And Meditations On The Signs Of The Zodiac. H2527-014 HUBER, Louise $20.50 Astrology New insights into the background of the 12 signs of the Zodiac. The spiritual path & crises of transformation of each individual sign. Selected texts for FullMoon meditations.
Reflections On Life After Life. MOODY, Raymond $5.99 Reincarnation Further investigation of an extraordinary phenomenon - survival of life after bodily death.
Refusing To Be A Man: Essays On Sex & Justice. STOLTENBERG, John $11.00 Men's Books A revolutionary new examination of male sexual identity, this book offers 13 provocative essays on today's most pressing issues of sexual politics.
Reich, Jung Regardie & Me - The Unhealed Healer. SPIEGELMAN, J. Marvin $12.95 Psychology This is a courageous book. It reveals very honestly what really happens in analysis to the analyst & the patient.....
Reiki For Beginners. VENNELLS, David F. $12.95 Reiki
Reiki Plus - Professional Practitioner's Manual For 2nd Degree. JARRELL, David G. $22.00 Reiki A full presentation of the responsibilities of a healthcare facilitator. Includes specific training techniques, spiritual growth objectives appropriate to a Reiki practitioner, & much more.
Reiki Plus Natural Healing. JARRELL, David G. $15.00 Reiki Presents the teachings & techniques of Reiki Plus & the founder of Reiki, Dr. Mikao Usui. It offers an explanation for the secrets of some of history's great healers, such as Jesus.
Reiki: Beyond The Usui System. MITCHELL, PH.D., N.D., Karyn K. $19.96 Reiki Introduces you to Trans-Reiki which will help you to a deeper spiritual level of Reiki.
Reiki: Hands That Heal. MORRIS M.S., Joyce J. $19.95 Reiki
Reiki: The Healing Touch - 1st & 2nd Degree Manual. RAND, William L. $14.95 Reiki An amazingly simple technique to lear, the ability to use Reiki is not taught in the usual sense, but is transferred to the student by the Reiki Master.
Reiki: Universal Life Energy. BAGINSKI, Bodo & S. Sharamon $12.95 Reiki Rediscovered in modern times, Reiki is well on its way to becoming a widely practiced form of folk medicine used by practitioners, therapists, healers & nonprofessionals.
Reincarnation Through The Zodiac. HODGSON, Joan $6.50 Astrology Twelve essays on the spiritual lessons facing each Sun-Sign native, prefaced with an introductory essay on the connection between reincarnation & Astrology.
Reincarnation, The Cycle Of Necessity. HALL, Manly P. $15.95 Reincarnation A classic work in its field, thoroughly researched & elegantly written. Defines pertinent terms & reviews traditions from India, Tibet, Greece, American Indians & more.
Relating, An Astrological Guide. GREENE, Liz $14.95 Relating Author uses basic astrological concepts symbolically & practically in a framework of Jungian psychology to show the ways in which people relate to one anotheron both conscious & unconscious levels.
Relation Of The Mineral Salts Of The Body To The Signs Of The Zodiac. CAREY, Dr. George W. $5.00 Medical Astrology Biochemistry, Esoteric Chemistry, Twelve Cell-Salts of the Zodiac, etc.
Relationships And Life Cycles. ARROYO, Stephen $12.00 Relating Book on understanding relationships through astrology & on understanding basiclife cycles & changes through the transiting patterns of the planets.
Relationships, Astrology And Karma. STONE, Pauline $13.95 Relating Dynamics of karmic relationships drawing on real-life case studies & how you can transform painful interpersonal conflicts by cooperating with the healing energies of the outer planets.
Reluctant Shaman, The. WHITAKER, Kay C. $14.00 Shamanism A dazzling account of a young woman's apprenticeship to two South American Shamans.
Removing Your Mask - No More Hiding From The Truth. MOSS, Marion $14.95 Self-Help Rediscover the freedom & joy behind masks of gullibility & victimization. Learn to shed your masks & live who you are meant to be.
Renaissance Tarot Deck. WILLIAMS RS78, Brian $19.50 Tarot Deck All 12 gods of Olympus plus other Greek & Roman deities are depicted in the Major Arcana; classic myths set the scenes in the Minor Arcana. Card titles in English/Italian.
Renaissance Tarot, A. Bk115 WILLIAMS, Brain $17.95 Tarot This heavily illustrated guide explores how tarot cards are woven into the fabric of European culture, while providing a complete guide to the cards, their meanings and uses.
Retrograde Planets: Traversing The Inner Landscape. SULLIVAN, Erin $18.95 Retrogrades Author outlines the system of retrogression &, dealing with each planet separately, applies retrogression to natal horoscopes and transiting cycles.
Retrogrades. K1268-034 KOPARKAR, Mohan $6.95 Retrogrades Includes information on retrogrades in the houses & ruling the houses, in various astrological applications, in combinations, interceptions, reincarnation, intransits, progressions & mundane.
Return Of Merlin, The. CHOPRA, Deepak $12.95 Fiction A sweeping tale that spans the centuries from medieval times to modern day England, this book is rich with the spiritual themes of Chopra's teachings.
Return Of The Bird Tribes. CAREY, Ken $14.00 Native American A modern classic of intuitive knowledge that retells Native American myths & spirituality.
Return Of The Serpents Of Wisdom, The. PINKHAM, Mark Amaru $16.95 Cultural Anthropol. Recounts the history of these Serpents- spiritual masters associated with the serpent - where they came from, why they came, the secret wisdom they disseminated & why they are returning now.
Return To The Garden. GAWAIN, Shakti $11.95 General Offers meditations, exercises, rituals for attuning to the earth, contacting your true essence, connecting with your inner child, balancing your male & female energies & more.
Returning To Silence - Zen Practice In Daily Life. KATAGIRI, Dainin $17.95 Eastern Phil. Contains the basic teachings of the Buddha, with special emphasis on the meaning of faith & on meditation.
Reveal The Secrets Of The Sacred Rose. CULBERT, Steven $10.00 Tarot Provides an introduction to the tarot & describes the color, symbolism & meaning of the Sacred Rose Tarot Deck.
Revealing Hands - How To Read Palms. WEBSTER, Richard $14.95 Palmistry Author leads you step-by-step through the features of the palm so that you can clearly understand its language of lines, loops, mounts & crosses.
Revised Waite's Compendium Of Natal Astrology. CANDLISH, Alan $9.95 Astrology In this revised edition, author has retained the basic structure of Waite's classic work while making major improvements to accuracy & readability.
Revolutionizing Astrology With Heliocentric. DAVIS, T. Patrick $13.95 Heliocentric A guide to interpreting connections between one's geocentric & heliocentric horoscopes - natal, transit or progressed. Includes aspect delineations & case history examples.
Rider-Waite Mini Tarot Deck. MR78, $10.95 Tarot Deck Traditional Rider-Waite deck 1-3/4 x 2-7/8.
Rider-Waite Tarot Deck. WR78, $15.95 Tarot Deck In 1909 artist Pamela Colman Smith, under the direction of Arthur Edward Waite, created the deck recognized as revolutionary compared to decks used for centuries. Now the most popular deck in print.
Right Hours Of Success, The. STOWE, Lyman E. $9.95 Astrological Tools
Right To Write, The. CAMERON, Julia $19.95 General Through author's techniques & illustrative stories, readers are shown how to make writing a natural, intensely personal part of life.
Right Where You Are Sitting Now: Further Tales Of The Illuminati. WILSON, Robert Anton $12.95 Fiction In this book the author probes: Emic reality, Negative Entropy, Witch Hunters of the Scientific Establishment, The Jumping Jesus Phenomenon, Is God a Dope, Have Fun with Your Head, and more.
Ring Of Power. BOLEN, M.D., Jean Shinoda $18.95 Women's Books
Rising Sign Problem, The. W3268-014 WILLNER, John $16.95 Houses A series of essays on the physical characteristics & personality traits of individuals for the 12 astrological signs on the Ascendant.
Rising Sign: Your Astrological Mask, The. AVERY, Jeanne $14.95 Houses Interprets each Rising Sign's characteristic approach to the matters ruled by all twelve houses. Includes celebrity examples for each Rising Sign, plus simplified tables for determing your Rising.
Rising Signs. D2405-014 DODSON, Carolyn $12.95 Houses Verbal & graphic sketches detailing the traits & physical appearance associated with each rising sign are combined in this book for lay readers & students.
Rising Zodial Sign, The - Its Meanings And Prognostics. TURNBULL, Coulson $10.00 Astrology Each sign of the Zodiac delineated as a rising sign.
Rites Of Odin, The. FITCH, Ed $14.95 Magick On ancient Northern European magick, this book stresses the ancient values as well as the magick & myth of this way of life.
Rites Of Passage: The Pagan Wheel Of Life. CAMPANELLI, Pauline $14.95 Paganism This book describes conditions for certain rites, appropriate timing, words & gifts, viable charms, amulets, decorations & direction for both initiate & participant.
Ritual Abuse - What It Is, Why It Happens & How To Help. SMITH, Margaret $12.00 Psychology Recognizing, understanding & healing the most terrifying & underestimated form of child abuse.
Ritual Book Of Magic. BIAS, Clifford $6.95 Magick A working guide to magic & rituals for the beginner or advanced practioner.
Ritual Magic Workbook: A Practical Course Of Self-Initiation. ASHCROFT-NORWICKI, Dolores $20.00 Magick Self-initiation includes constructing & consecrating a temple, meditation & visualization techniques, working in an elemental temple, exploring the inner world & much more.
Ritual Magic: What It Is & How To Do It. TYSON, Donald $12.95 Magick Divided into 3 sections dealing with the basics, systems, & practices, this book describes preparations & tools in precise detail.
Road Less Traveled, The. PECK M.D., M. Scott $12.00 Psychology Integrates traditional psychological & spiritual insights. The result is a book that can show you how to embrace reality & achieve serenity & fullness in your life.
Roadmap To Your Future - A Quick Guide To Progressions & Transits. ASHMAN, Bernie $19.95 Transits Progressions & transits interpreted; how life cycles correspond to transits; transits & progressions compared & contrasted & much more.
Robin Wood Tarot Book, The. WOOD, Robin $14.95 Tarot
Robin Wood Tarot, The. WOOD, Robin $19.95 Tarot Deck Deck combines traditional symbols with a more current & natural symbolism & the Minor Arcana have been fleshed out with intricate detail.
Rohrig Tarot Book, The. ROHRIG, Carl W. $15.95 Tarot This book presents a detailed analysis of each card in the Major Arcana & a summarized explanation for the cards of the Minor Arcana. There is a brief introduction to the meaning & history of tarot.
Rohrig Tarot, The. Rhg78 ROHRIG, Carl W. $25.95 Tarot Deck A fascinating synthesis of ancient archetypes and modern, mystical images.
Rolling Thunder. BOYD, Doug $10.95 Shamanism An astonishing portrait of the day-to-day life of an outstanding individual & medicine man & an enlightened view of the interior life of a people almost annihilated.
Romance Of The Stars LEO, Bessie $18.00 Astrology Partial list of contents: Mystery of Eunice; gift of the sea; legend of the Edelweiss; the gambler's daughter; saved by a dream; destiny's ebb & flow; the red dwarf.
Rosicrucian Ephemeris 1880-1889. ROSICRUCIAN FELLOWSHIP, $10.50 Astrological Tools Noon Ephemeris.
Rosicrucian Ephemeris 1890-1899. ROSICRUCIAN FELLOWSHIP, $10.50 Astrological Tools Noon ephemeris.
Rosicrucian Ephemeris 1900-1909. ROSICRUCIAN FELLOWSHIP, $10.50 Astrological Tools Noon ephemeris.
Rosicrucian Ephemeris 1900-2000 (Midnight), The. ROSICRUCIAN FELLOWSHIP, $38.95 Astrological Tools Complete ephemeris.
Rosicrucian Ephemeris 1910-1919. ROSICRUCIAN FELLOWSHIP, $10.50 Astrological Tools Noon Ephemeris.
Rosicrucian Ephemeris 1920-1929. ROSICRUCIAN FELLOWSHIP, $10.50 Astrological Tools Noon ephemeris.
Rosicrucian Ephemeris 1930-1939. ROSICRUCIAN FELLOWSHIP, $12.95 Astrological Tools Noon ephemeris.
Rosicrucian Ephemeris 1940-1949. ROSICRUCIAN FELLOWSHIP, $12.95 Astrological Tools Noon ephemeris.
Rosicrucian Ephemeris 1950-1959. ROSICRUCIAN FELLOWSHIP, $12.95 Astrological Tools Noon ephemeris.
Rosicrucian Ephemeris 1950-2000 (Midnight), The. ROSICRUCIAN FELLOWSHIP, $23.95 Astrological Tools Complete ephemeris.
Rosicrucian Ephemeris 1960-1969. ROSICRUCIAN FELLOWSHIP, $12.95 Astrological Tools Noon ephemeris.
Rosicrucian Ephemeris 1970-1979. ROSICRUCIAN FELLOWSHIP, $12.95 Astrological Tools Noon ephemeris.
Rosicrucian Ephemeris 1980-1989. ROSICRUCIAN FELLOWSHIP, $15.95 Astrological Tools Noon ephemeris.
Rosicrucian Ephemeris 1990-1999. ROSICRUCIAN FELLOWSHIP, $12.95 Astrological Tools Noon ephemeris.
Rosicrucian Ephemeris 2000-2009. ROSICRUCIAN FELLOWSHIP, $19.95 Astrological Tools Noon Ephemeris.
Rosicrucian Ephemeris 2000-2100 (Noon), The. ROSICRUCIAN FELLOWSHIP, $40.95 Astrological Tools One hundred years complete ephemeris for noon.
Rosicrucian Ephemeris 2010-2019. ROSICRUCIAN FELLOWSHIP, $19.95 Astrological Tools Noon ephemeris.
Rosicrucian Notebook, A. SCHRODTER, Willy $19.95 Magick This book is valuable to students of various esoteric traditions because the notes & excerpts are taken from private & unpublished sources & from authors of out-of-print works.
Royal Fez Moroccan Tarot Deck. RF78, $13.95 Tarot Deck
Royal Road - A Manual Of Kabalistic Meditations On The Tarot, The. HOELLER, Stephan A. $6.95 Tarot As the reader relates the cards to the paths that lead upward on the Kabalistic Tree of Life, heightened spiritual consciousness can result.
Rulers Of The Horoscope. OKEN, Alan $18.95 Intermediate Astro Focus is entirely on rulerships within the horoscope in a multileveled fashion. Derivative houses, planetary & house rulerships, dispositorship, mutual reception - it is all here in one volume.
Rulership Book, The. BILLS, Rex $20.95 Planets This volume is the result of a research project that drew together the thoughtsof many astrologers into one reference book. It has become a dictionary for astrologers & is now a classic.
Rules For Planetary Pictures. W2369-033 WITTE/LEFELDT, $28.95 Uranian Astrology English interpretation of Witte's comprehensive work on Uranian Astrology.
Rune Games. OSBORN & LONGLAND, $13.95 Runes Introduces the Anglo-Saxon Rune Poem & uses the runic letters as oracles, showing how the runes may be used like the I Ching for meditation & self-development.
Rune Magic. TYSON, Donald $12.95 Runes This resurrects ancient techniques of rune magic & integrates them with modern occultism. Includes divination methods using rune wands, cards & dice.
Rune Might - Secret Practices Of The German Rune Magicians. THORSSON, Edred $9.95 Runes Experience rune yoga, rune dance, runic hand gestures (mudras), rune singing (mantras), group rites with runes, runic healing, runic geomancy & more.
Runecaster's Handbook - At The Well Of The Wyrd. THORSSON, Edred $9.95 Runes The heart of this work is the runic divinatory tables, providing us with general lore, , the positive & negative aspects of each rune, it's lingustic component & phonetic value.
Runelore - A Handbook Of Esoteric Runology. THORSSON, Edred $12.95 Runes A discussion of hidden lore, inner lore, rune worlds, runic numerology, runic psychology, runelore of the gods, esoteric theology & more.
Runic States: The Shamanic Perception Of Quantum Realities. STEFFEN, Kevin $12.50 Runes
Russian Gypsy Fortune Telling Cards TOUCHKOFF, Svetlana $35.00 Tarot Deck
Russian Tarot Of St. Petersburg Book. Bk40 GILES, Cynthia $12.00 Tarot A facinating guide to the art of Yury Shakov's Russian Tarot of St. Petersburg. The book connects the elegant cards to Russian history, spirituality & culture.
Russian Tarot Of St. Petersburg. Rts78 SHAKOV, Yury $20.95 Tarot Deck Russian folk tales & historical legends are framed within an oval, reminiscentof Faberge Easter Eggs. Miniature paintings were done to exact size, often requiring use of paintbrush with a single hair.
Sabbats, The: A New Approach To Living The Old Ways. MCCOY, Edain $14.95 Wicca Practical guide to celebrating the Pagan festivals. You will learn how to combine old customs with new expressions of your beliefs that will fit today's lifestyle & your chosen tradition.
Sabian Manual. J1248-024 JONES, Marc E. $13.95 Degree Analysis Outlines the Sabian Assembly's purpose and rituals in working and counseling with the Sabian symbols.
Sabian Symbols As An Oracle, The. HILL, Lynda & Richard $19.95 Astrology Select a red & a blue card at random or choose a number between 1 - 360. Look up the symbol in the book & allow yourself to realize the many levels of the answer and many levels of solutions.
Sabian Symbols In Astrology, The. JONES, Marc Edmund $18.95 Degree Analysis Includes the symbolical picture, an interpretation in contemporary psychological significance, a key word, positive & negative influences, the formula to relate it to other symbols, and much more.
Sacred Architecture MANN, A.T. $19.95 Feng Shui A re-discovery of our collective heritage, showing us how to understand the symbols of change provided by the buildings & monuments of our ancestors.
Sacred Circle Tarot Set, The. FRANKLIN & MASON, $29.95 Tarot Deck Deck draws on the Pagan heritage of Britain & Ireland, its sacred sites & landscapes. Key symbols unlock the deepest levels of Pagan teaching. Book gives explanation of the symbolism.
Sacred Geometry. LAWLOR, Robert $15.95 New Science This is an introduction to the geometry which, as modern science now confirms, underlies the structure of the universe.
Sacred Hoop - Recovering The Feminine In American Indian Traditions, The. ALLEN, Paula Gunn $14.00 Native American Documents the continuing vitality of American Indian traditions & the crucial role of women in those traditions.
Sacred Ifa Oracle, The. EPEGA & NEIMARK, TRANSLATORS, $20.00 Ifa/Santeria The first English translation of the complete Sacred Texts of Ifa - the ancient African religion underlying Santeria, Candomble & Vodun.
Sacred Journey Of The Peaceful Warrior. MILLMAN, Dan $11.95 General In the eagerly awaited sequel to his best-selling Way of the Peaceful Warrior Dan takes the first steip of his sacred journey.
Sacred Journey To Atlantis. MILANOVICH & J. MELTESEN, Norma J. $12.95 General Milanovich & Meltesen answer such questions as what is the significance of Atlantis? What do the Atlantean energies have to do with our process on Earth today?
Sacred Mask, Sacred Dance. JONES, Evan J. $19.95 Shamanism Recapture the spirit of the old ways through powerful, transformative rituals based upon the masked rites of European shamanism.
Sacred Mirrors: The Visionary Art Of Alex Grey. WILBUR, MCCORMICK & GREY, $29.95 Art Books This unique series of paintings takes the viewer on a graphic, visionary journey through the physical & metaphysical anatomy of the self. Essays by Ken Wilber, Carlos McCormick & Alex Grey.
Sacred Path Cards. SAMS, Jamie $35.00 Tarot Deck This tool for self-discovery draws on the strength & beauty of Native American spiritual tradition. The boxed set contains 44 cards & a 304 page guidebook.
Sacred Path Workbook, The. SAMS, Jamie $16.00 Tarot Companion to the Sacred Path Cards, this workbook enhances the cards' power by providing even more Native teachings to discover personal truths & one's path in life.
Sacred Pipe, The. BROWN, J. (Editor) $10.95 Native American Black Elk's account of the Seven Rites of the Oglala Sioux.
Sacred Pleasure: Sex, Myth & The Politics Of The Body *** EISLER, Riane $15.00 Sexuality
Sacred Power Of Your Name, The. ANDREWS, Ted $12.95 Self-Help Explore ancient naming ceremonies, the divine essence & mystical vowels, names & the chakra system & the magickal music of names. Includes an encyclopedia of names.
Sacred Prostitute: Eternal Aspect Of The Feminine, The. QUALLS-CORBETT, Nancy $18.95 Women's Books In this book, based on Jungian psychology, illustrates how our vitality & capacity for joy depend on restoring the soul of the sacred prostitute to its rightful place in our conscious understanding.
Sacred Rose Tarot Deck. SHERWIN SR78, Johanna $15.95 Tarot Deck This colorful deck draws upon the ancient kabbalah, the Tree of Life and the symbolic rose of the western world.
Sacred Sage: How It Heals. SILVER WOLF WALKS ALONG, $4.50 Native American Contents: (1) The Smudging Ceremony; (2) Ceremonial Gathering of Sage; (3) Medicinal Uses of Sage; (4) Spiritual Healing of Sage.
Sacred Sexuality - Living The Vision Of The Erotic Spirit. FEUERSTEIN, Georg $14.95 Sexuality Beyond the freedoms provided by the sexual revolution,there is a more rewarding challenging, & creative option; experiencing sexuality as a transformative vehicle of spirituality.
Sacred Sexuality. MANN, A.T & J. Lyle $24.95 Sexuality
Sacred Sites Of The West. BARLOW, Bernyce $19.95 Geomancy A guide to a selection of sacred centers including: goddess & warrior sites, healing centers, energy wellsprings, vision caves & sites that have inspired all those who hear the spirit speak to them.
Sacred Sleep: Dreams And The Divine. CUNNINGHAM, Scott $12.95 Dreams Following discussions of the significance of divine dreams in many lands, the author presents instructions & rituals to facilitate divine communication during sleep.
Sacred Smoke - Smudging: An Ancient Art For Modern Times. MACCAMPBELL, Harvest $3.95 Native American
Sacred Sounds - Transformation Through Music And Word. ANDREWS, Ted $9.95 Sound/Music Reveals how to tap into the magical & healing aspects of voice, resonance & music.
Sacred Space - A Feminist Vision Of Astrology. HANON, Geraldine Hatch $9.95 Astrology Author: Whereas astrology provides us with the map of our fullest potential, feminism works to break down the psychological, social, political & economic barriers preventing its realization.
Sacred Symbols Of The Ancients. RANDALL & CAMPBELL, $24.95 Tarot An in-depth study of the mystical significance of playing cards, with astrological & numerological analysis of suits, colors, court cards & numebered cards.
Sacred Theory Of The Earth, The. FRICK, Thomas (Editor) $12.95 General A series of essays on sacred places & ideas.
Samatha Meditation. LAMRIMPA, Gen $10.95 Meditation Tibfetan Buddhist teachings on cultivating meditative quiescence.
Sane Occultism & Practical Occultism In Daily Life. FORTUNE, Dion $17.00 Magick
Santeria - An African Religion In America. MURPHY, Joseph M. $14.95 Santeria Traces the origins of santeria in Africa & its transformation in Cuba. Also looks at the significance of the religion as a living expression of African heritage.
Santeria Formulary & Spellbook: A Guide To Nature's Magic. MONTENEGRO, Carlos $14.95 Santeria Book's purpose is to introduce & encourage individuals of Santeria to familiarize themselves with an inexpensive way of preparing basic ingredients to produce natural magic.
Santeria: The Religion. GONZALEZ-WHIPPLER, Migene $16.95 Santeria When the Yoruba of West Africa were brought to Cuba as slaves, they preserved their religious heritage by disguising their gods as Catholic saints & worshiping them in secret.
Sathya Sai Baba Compendium, The: A Guide To The First Seventy Years. STEEL, EDITOR, Brain $19.95 Eastern Philosophy Provides basic background information for newcomers to Sathya Sai Baba, & also presents, for Sai devotees, a source of further information, topics & terms frequently found in the literature on Sai.
Saturn In Transit. SULLIVAN, Erin $16.95 Transits While Saturn is popularly associated with doom & gloom, this book focuses on the planet's useful and developmental influence in our lives.
Saturn: A New Look At An Old Devil. GREENE, Liz $9.95 Planets This book traces the character of this most important planet through sign, house, aspect, synastry & looks at its role in mythology.
Sayings Of Paramahansa Yogananada. YOGANANDA, Paramahansa $4.95 Spiritual Philosophy A collection of informal counsel & encouragement expressing the deep understanding, compassion, & delightful wit of a great world teacher.
Science & Keys Of Life - Planetary Influences. 7 Volume Set ALVIDAS, $99.00 Astrology Combines esoterics & practical observations, presenting a detailed overview of Astrology. Originally published at the turn of the century, this series had a significant influence on modern astrology.
Science Of Breath. RAMA, Swami $12.95 Yoga Authors explore India's concept from both Eastern & Western perspectives, revealing how this subject may be the missing key to both physical health & exploration of higher states of consciousness.
Science Of Religion, The. YOGANANADA, Paramahansa $6.50 Spiritual Philosophy Strips away the cloaks of dogmatic doctrine, showing that the answers to the ultimate questions of both science & religion do not lie in scholarly research or blind belief.
Scientific Approach To The Metaphysics Of Astrology, A. L2635-034 LINARES, Enrique $7.95 Astrology Describes septenary cycles of the Sun, Moon & Mars, & shows how to use these cycles for predictive purposes.
Scientific Healing Affirmations. YOGANANDA, Paramahansa $3.50 Spiritual Philosophy Demonstrates new dimensions of health & well being. Includes 62 affirmations, theory & techniques of practice.
Scientific Validation Of Herbal Medicine, The. MOWREY, PH.D., Daniel B. $14.95 Health Provides the answers why herbal medicine is possibly more effective in treatment than pharmaceutical drugs & medications. His documentation is researched from journals these companies rely on.
Scientific Vegetarianism. SZEKELY, Edmond Bordeaux $4.50 Health A guide to organic ecological nutrition.
Scope Of Astrological Prediction, The. J1250-024 JONES, Marc Edmund $20.50 Predictive Astrology A guide to interpreting character & destiny using a full range of traditional techniques, including natal, diurnal, solar & lunar return charts; primary, secondary & tertiary directions & more.
Scottish Witchcraft - The History & Magick Of The Picts. BUCKLAND, Raymond $11.95 Magick This exploration of PectiWiti presents the background of Pictish Witchcraft with stories from folktales & myths, & delves into the celebrations, talismans, song & dance, herbal lore & much more.
Scrying For Beginners. TYSON, Donald $12.95 Divination Scrying actually lets you see with your mind's eye: finding missing objects, discover buried treasures, meet spirits, explore ancient cultures, & much more.
Sea Priestess, The. FORTUNE, Dion $12.95 Fiction A novel. Upon the surface, a romance, underneath, a thesis upon the theme: All women are Isis, & Isis is all women.
Search For The Christmas Star. MICHELSEN & SIMMS, $5.00 Astrology A complete ephemeris for 7 & 6 B.C. with commentary on speculative birth dates for Jesus.
Search For The Truth, A. MONTGOMERY, Ruth $5.99 General Find out the connection between psychic dreams, ESP, precognitive visions & automatic writing - & whether psychic power is a curse or a blessing.
Seasonal Dance: How To Celebrate The Pagan Year. BROCH & VERONICA MACLER, Janice $11.95 Celtic Tradition This book provides the history, tradition & significance of the seasonal holidays. Includes a glossary of gods & goddesses, describes deity & element symbols & includes songs, chants, dances, & more.
Seasons Of The Coyote: The Legend & Lore Of An American Icon. HARRISON, Philip $24.95 Native American In this book 9 captivating essays written by some of the West's best known authors speak of this mischievous, macho & mysterious desert shadow.
Seasons Of The Sun - Celebratings From The World's Spiritual Traditions. TELSCO, Patricia $15.95 Pagan
Seat Of The Soul, The. ZUKAV, Gary $13.00 General Explains how we create our experiences with the power of our own thoughts, traces the path of the soul's evolution & describes our ability to transform our lives.
Second Centering Book, The. HENDRICKS & ROBERTS, $9.95 Self-Help More awareness activities for children & adults to relax the body & mind.
Second Ring Of Power, The. CASTANEDA, Carlos $12.00 General Back from the abyss, Castaneda encounters his greatest test on the journey towards impeccability & freedom.
Secondary Progressions - Time To Remember. H2561-034 HASTINGS, Nancy Anne $14.95 Progressions Includes first steps to chart analysis, hemisphere division, chart shapes, intercepted signs, mixed angles, angularity, exaltation, rulership, & how to read the actual progressed chart.
Secret Books Of The Egyptian Gnostics. DORESSE, Jean $18.95 Mystic Christianity This collection of sacred Gnostic texts came to light in the late 1940's after being hidden for 16 centuries. This book tells the full story of the discovery.
Secret Dakini Oracle. SD65, $18.95 Tarot Deck A Tantric system of divination based on the work of Nik Douglas in the Ranipur Jharial Temple of Orissa, India. The series of 65 cards features surrealistic images.
Secret Doctrine, The: Two Volume Set BLAVATSKY, H.P. $21.95 Theosophy Volume 1, Cosmogenesis examines the birth & structure of the universe & its divine source. Vol. 2, Anthropogenesis traces the development of humanity.
Secret Inner Order Rituals Of The Golden Dawn. ZALEWSKI, Patrick J. $12.95 Golden Dawn Here is secret data covering the Adeptus Major, Exemptus & Etheric Link Rituals of the Golden Dawn.
Secret Language Of Birthdays, The. GOLDSCHNEIDER & ELFFERS, $34.95 Astrology
Secret Language Of Destiny: A Guide To Finding Your Life Purpose. GOLDSCHNEIDER & ELFFERS, $34.95 Astrology This book uses astrological information based on an individual's specific birth date to reveal the karmic journey that a given individual is destined to undertake.
Secret Language Of Relationships, The. GOLDSCHNEIDER & ELFFERS, $34.95 Relating Presents relationship profiles between any two individuals based on their period personalities, for a remarkable 1,176 total possible combination summaries.
Secret Meaning Of Names, The: Personality Profiles For Over 9000 Names. LE ROUZIC, Pierre $18.95 General A name is a reservoir of energy & this makes good sense: The constant repetition of these syllables, of this same harmony, ends up to have a significant influence on the individual.
Secret Native American Pathways. MAILS, Thomas E. $17.95 Native American Presents the spiritual practices of the Hopi, Cherokee, Apache & Sioux. Shows how these may be adapted to our place & time, using ancient power sources to solve our problems today.
Secret Of Letting Go, The. FINLEY, Guy $9.95 Self Help Conquer stress; 10 steps to freedom; clear away obstacles; live life on your own terms; release your inner strength; banish fears & negativity; drop self-defeating behaviours.
Secret Of The Golden Flower. WILHELM, Richard $10.00 Eastern Phil. Wilhelm's translation of an ancient Taoist text The Secret of the Golden Flower. He recognized it as essentially a practical guide to the integration of personality.
Secret Of The Peaceful Warrior. MILLMAN, Dan $14.95 Children's Books An inspirational story about courage & love, it sheds new light on age-old issues faced by all children.
Secret Oral Teachings In Tibetan Buddhist Sects. DAVID-NEEL, Alexandra $6.95 Eastern Phil. This book gives the reader a report on the corpus of teachings, called by the Tibetan Sangs Wai Dam ngags, that is to say: Secret Teachings.
Secret Power Of Music, The. TAME, David $14.95 Music Includes discussion of: music & mortality, music therapy, sound & color, the tonal aspects of the American Revolution, music & magic in Ancient China & much more.
Secret Power Of Pyramids, The. SCHUL & PETTIT, $4.99 Pyramids Discoveries about pyramids & how to put that power to work.
Secret Science At Work, The. LONG, Max Freedom $15.95 Huna/Kahuna Summary of the huna prayer method, telepathic communication, laying on of hands new light on the teachings of Jesus.
Secret Science Behind Miracles, The. LONG, Max Freedom $13.95 Huna/Kahuna Unveiling the Huna tradition of the ancient Polynesians. Thorough explanation of the kahunas ancient & secret system of workable magic.
Secret Symbolism Of The Tarot. D3438-014 DOANE, Doris Chase $12.95 Tarot In this book the author takes the student on a spiritual journey through the tarot & explores the subject as a path toward the development of the Soul.
Secret Teachings Of All Ages (Hc). HALL, Manly P. $69.95 General An encyclopedic outline of Masonic, Hermetic, Qabbalistic & Rosicrucian symbolical philosophy.
Secret Teachings Of All Ages (P). HALL, Manly P. $54.95 General Same description as hard cover.
Secrets From A Stargazer's Notebook. KEMPTON-SMITH, Debbi $21.95 Astrology A popular introduction to astrology in contemporary language, suitable for beginners. Very complete & written in a style all its own.
Secrets Of A Natural Menopause: A Positive Drug-Free Approach. RYNEVELD, Edna Copeland $12.95 Women's Books This book provides you with simple, natural treatments - using herbs, vitamins, & minerals, foods, homeopathy, yoga, & meditation - as an alternative to estrogen replacement therapy.
Secrets Of A Witch's Coven. MORWYN, $19.95 Magick This comprehensive collection of teachings is a complete course of initiation into the first degree of wicca.
Secrets Of Chinese Meditation, The. LUK, Charles $12.50 Meditation A collection of long extracts from ancient & modern classics on Chinese meditational practices. A classic text.
Secrets Of Gypsy Fortunetelling. BUCKLAND, Raymond $4.99 Tarot Explores such subjects as palm, tea leaf & tarot reading, interpreting the action of animals, interpreting the weather, & much, much more.
Secrets Of Love & Partnership - The Astrological Guide For Finding Love. BANZHAF & THELER, $14.95 Relating
Secrets Of Sex Magic. FRATER, U. D. $17.95 Sexuality Book of complete system of sex magick, in theory & practice with a solid system of exercises to develop related abilities for visualization, concentration, psychic energy arousal, and much more.
Secrets Of Shamanism. STEVENS, Jose & Lena S. $6.99 Shamanism Authors demonstrate how the ancient techniques of shamanism can be adapted to the needs & concerns of the modern world.
Secrets Of The Night Sky. BERMAN, Bob $14.00 New Science A practical guide to star gazing, showing precisely how to locate every object it describes, all of which can be viewed from anywhere in the northern hemisphere.
Secrets Of The Tarot, The: Origins, History & Symbolism. WALKER, Barbara G. $18.00 Tarot Author probes the origins, history & symbolism of Tarot & shares her discoveries with clarity & intelligence.
Secrets Tarot, The. SEC78, $20.95 Tarot Deck
Seeking The Heart Of Wisdom: The Path Of Insight Meditation. GOLDSTEIN & KORNFIELD, $13.00 Eastern Phil. The path of insight meditation is a journey of undersstanding our bodies, our minds, & our lives, of seeing clearly the true nature of experience.
Seeking Wisdom: The Sufi Path. LITVAK, Stuart $6.95 Sufism Written on the premise that no matter what path we choose in today's society, the methods of the ancient sufis-methods of learning how to learn-are applicable to each person on the path.
Sefer Yetzirah - The Book Of Creation. KAPLAN, Aryeh $22.95 Kabbalah Author explains the theoretical, meditative & magical implications, expounding upon the dynamics of the spiritual domain, the worlds of the Sefirot, souls & angels.
Selected Writings. ADDEY, John $13.95 Astrology A collection of articles includes the nativity of Jesus, Churchill & more.
Self - Massage YOUNG, Jacqueline $16.00 Massage The complete 15-minutes a day massage system for health & self-awareness.
Self Hypnosism. LECRON, Leslie M. $4.99 Hypnosis
Self-Hypnosis For A Better Life. HEWITT, William W. $9.95 Hypnosis Presents a breakthrough technique that teaches you how to harness the power and potential pf our own voice for a better life. Complete instructions help you get started right away.
Self-Hypnosis For Beginners. HEWITT, William W. $9.95 Hypnosis This book strips away the shroud of mystery & ignorance that has cloaked hypnosis for centuries. What is left is a powerful, simple, & natural skill for enriching the lives of all who embrace it.
Self-Hypnosis. ALMAN & LAMBROU, $22.95 Hypnosis
Self-Initiation Into The Golden Dawn Tradition. CICERO, Chic & Sandra T. $39.95 Magick A complete curriculum of study for both the solitary magician & the working magical group.
Self-Suggestion. LONG, Max Freedom $8.95 Huna/Kahuna About the new huna theory of mesmerism & hypnosis that provides additional insight into the ancient psychological-religious information of the Polynesians.
Sensual Ceremony: A Contemporary Tantric Guide To Sexual Intimacy. STUBBS, Kenneth Ray $18.95 Tantra In this book we transcend the limitations of the everyday mind. When each sense is nurtured in gentleness, the heart is touched & we experience joy.
Sensuous Living: Expand Your Sensory Awareness. CONGER, Nancy $12.95 General This guide helps you enjoy your sense of sight, sound, smell, taste & touch. By intentionally practicing sensous ways of living, you can regain the art of finding beauty & holiness in simple things.
Separate Reality, A. CASTANEDA, Carlos $14.00 General Further conversations with Don Juan.
Sermon On The Mount, The. YOGANANADA, Paramahansa $13.95 Spiritual Philosophy All true scriptures have been written that they serve to be beneficial to the body, mind & soul. I give the spiritual interpretations with the psychological & material interpretation interwoven
Serpent In The Sky - The High Wisdom Of Ancient Egypt. WEST, John A. $18.00 Egyptian This revised edition of a modern classic includes a new introduction linking Egyptian spiritual science with the perennial wisdom tradition & an appendix up-dating West's work in redating the Sphinx
Serving Humanity. BAILEY, Alice $14.95 Theosophy True service is the spontaneous outflow of a loving heart & an intelligent mind.
Seth Reader, A. ROBERTS, Richard (Editor) $16.95 Seth
Seth Speaks. ROBERTS, Jane $17.95 Channeled Articulates the furthest reaches of human potential & presents the concept that we are independent of our physical image & have access to intuitional knowledge & other dimensions of reality.
Seven Arrows. STORM, Hyemeyohsts $18.00 Native American Native American stories of the Medicine Wheel.
Seven Schools Of Yoga. WOOD, Ernest $5.95 Yoga Rarely does one find all 7 schools of yoga considered in one book. Here the author brings us a concise, easily understood account of the complete spectrum of yogic disciplines.
Seven Spiritual Laws For Parents, The. CHOPRA, Deepak $16.95 Parenting Author's answer to parents around the world who wish to raise children with values that satisfy spiritual needs as well as create the experience of abundance.
Seven Spiritual Laws Of Success, The. CHOPRA, Deepak $14.00 Self-Help A practical guide to the fulfillment of your dreams. Author distills the essence of his teachings into 7 simple, yet powerful principles that can easily be applied to create success in your life.
Sevenfold Journey, The: Reclaiming Mind, Body & Spirit Thru The Chakras. JUDITH, A. & S. Vega $18.95 Chakras Learn about the chakras in depth, from your own experience, through journaling, movement & creative exercises.
Seventh Mesa, The. RAIN, Mary Summer $19.95 Fiction Author weaves a suspenseful & meaningful story about 4 people who first learn about & then drawn to seek the sacred place hidden deep beneath the New Mexico desert.
Seventy Five Windows. POUNDS, Sims $9.95 Medical Astrology A report on an exhaustive investigation into the birth charts of hypoglycemia victims, written by a physician & past AFA President.
Seventy-Eight Degrees Of Wisdom, Part 1: The Major Arcana. POLLACK, Rachel $15.00 Tarot One of the best basic tarot books, focused completely on the Major arcana.
Seventy-Eight Degrees Of Wisdom. POLLACK, Rachel $21.00 Tarot
Sex And Drugs - A Journey Beyond Limits. WILSON, Robert A. $14.95 Magick Originally a Playboy book, way ahead of its time. It seems that no-one would ever purchase this gem since it had a hard time finding its way into the neighborhood book stores.
Sex And The Outer Planets. W1512-024 WATTERS, Barbara $6.95 Relating A fascinating & easy-to-follow exploration of the sexual attitudes & experience symbolized by Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune & Pluto in the natal chart.
Sex For One: The Joy Of Selfloving. DODSON, Betty $12.00 Sexuality Confronting one of our last & most deeply rooted taboos - masturbation - author takes the shame out of selflove, showing it to be a satisfying, vital form of sexual expression.
Sex Signs. A. BENNETT, Judith $14.95 Relating A Sun sign relationship book that combines astrology, psychology & female sexuality.
Sex, Magick & Spirit - Enlightenment Through Ecstasy. JOHNSTON & SCHUERMAN, $17.95 Sexuality Encourages the reader to explore sex magic from the perspective of their own western cultural roots, rather than the traditional eastern Tantra which is often steeped in cultural & sexual biases.
Sex, Mind And Habit: Compatibility. ROBERTSON, Marc $10.50 Relating How to interpret relationship potential, sexually, emotionally & psychologically. Focuses on 4 major natal factors - Mercury, Moon, Mars & Venus.
Sexual Energy And Yoga. HAICH, Elisabeth $8.95 Sexuality Introduces the concept of transmuting the physical, emotional, psychic, mental energy that people normally disperse in sexual activity for the purpose of uniting their bodies in their higher Self.
Sexual Energy Ecstasy. RAMSEDALE & DORFMAN, $17.95 Sexuality Exceptionally honest, accessible & informative, this treasury of Eastern & Western sexual secrets is the product of more than 20 years of research.
Sexual Secrets: The Alchemy Of Ecstasy. DOUGLAS, Nik & P. Slinger $30.00 Sexuality An all encompassing study of sex & mysticism, covering the philosophy, psychology, art, theory, & practice of Eastern sexuality. The most comprehensive work of its kind.
Sexuality In The Horoscope TYL, Noel (Editor) $14.95 Relating As they explore charts of famous, infamous & everyday persons, 10 astrologers share insights into topics such as the dark side of human sexuality, imagination & fantasy, repression & AIDS.
Shakkai - Woman Of The Sacred Garden. ANDREWS, Lynn V. $12.00 Women's Books Andrews travels to Japan to learn the power & wisdom of Shakkai, the keeper of the sacred garden & shows modern women how the principle of the captured landscape can speak to all women.
Shakti Woman: Feeling Our Fire, Healing Our World. NOBLE, Vicki $16.00 Women's Books Leads you through personal growth & self-mastery, discusses the history of shamanism, & shows that early religious rites & cultures were women-led & women-centered.
Shaman And The Medicine Wheel, The. EATON, Evelyn $10.95 Native American This is the personal logbook of Mahad'yuni (Eaton), a woman of white & Indian ancestry. She is a Metis Medicine Woman of the Bear Medicine Tribe & the Deer Tribe.
Shaman's Body, The. MINDELL, Arnold $12.00 Shamanism Drawing on his shamanic experiences in Africa, Japan, abd India, Mindell leads us on a death walk through our worst fears and deepest crises to wake our inner shaman - our dreamingbody.
Shaman's Path. DOORE, Gary $13.00 Shamanism In this collection of writings, leading figures of the neo-shamanism movement explore the origins & practices of shamanism & its relevance to the modern world.
Shaman, The. VITEBSKY, Piers $14.95 Shamanism A richly illustrated guide to the whole world of shamanism, this book looks at both its historic and its present-day manifestations, from the snowscapes of Siberia to the jungles of the Amazon.
Shaman: The Paintings Of Susan Seddon Boulet. BOULET, Susan Seddon $26.95 Art Books Susan has her own mythology: it is of the elements which haunt our childhood & persist in our dreams. Her paintings refect this.
Shaman: The Wounded Healer. HALIFAX, Joan $15.95 Shamanism The words & insights, the costumes & regalia of the shamans themselves, together with actual photographs of their rituals & their paintings, are the basis of this vivid & informed book.
Shamanic Drum - Guide To Sacred Drumming. DRAKE, Michael $9.95 Native American Teaches ancient drumming ways which develop the capacity for inner vision, healing, & ultimate power over one's own life.
Shamanic Experience MEADOWS, Kenneth $15.95 Shamanism
Shamanic Guide To Death And Dying. MADDEN, Kristin $16.95 Death & Dying This complete guide can help you learn to view your life from the perspective of your total spiritual existence. It contains meditations, rituals & ceremonies for both the departed & their loved ones.
Shamanic Healer, The. OSUMI & RITCHIE, $8.95 Shamanism The healing world of Ikuko Osumi & the traditional art of Seiki-jutsu, an ancient form of healing based on focusing & transmitting vital life force from healer to patient.
Shamanic Voices: A Survey Of Visionary Narratives. HALIFAX, PH.D., Joan $13.95 Shamanism ...Collection of narratives in which shamans speak for themselves about their experiences. An introduction to shamanism & a cross-cultural document of great value.
Shamanism - Archaic Techniques Of Ecstasy. ELIADE, Mircea $19.95 Shamanism In this study Eliade takes up the problem of shamanism; he succeeds in defining its bounds so that a clear idea can be formed of what shamanism is & what it is not.
Shambhala: The Sacred Path Of The Warrior. TRUNGPA, Chogyam $13.00 Spiritual Philosophy In ancient times the warrior learned to master the challenges of life, both on & off the battlefield. He acquired a sense of personal freedom & power not thru violence but thru gentleness & courage.
Shango - Ifa & The Spirit Of The Lightning FATUNMBI, Awo $4.95 Santaria A comprehensive overview of Shango - the name of a spiritual force associated with the power of lightning in the West African religious tradition of Ifa.
Shapeshifter Tarot Deck & Book Set. CONWAY & KNIGHT, $29.95 Tarot Deck Deck acts as merging tools, allowing you to tap into the many different animal energies together with the elemental qualities of air, fire, water & earth. Book gives detailed info on how to use cards.
Shared Heart, The. VISSELL, Joyce & Barry $9.95 Relationships While this book is mostly about love in the couple, it goes beyond the couple...it celebrates love.
She: Understanding Feminine Psychology. JOHNSON, Robert A. $7.95 Relationships Studies the Greek myth of Amor & Psyche as representative of woman's search for psychological maturity..
Sheer Joy - Conversations With Thomas Aquinas. FOX, Matthew $18.00 Mystic Christianity Author interviews Thomas Aquinas in this revaluation of the spirituality of the great thirteenth century Domincan theologian.
Sidereal Zodiac, The P2533-014 POWELL & TREADGOLD, $12.95 Sidereal Author explains the 3 minute difference between the sidereal zodiac in relation to Aldebaran as prime fiducial & the sidereal zodiac in relation to the synetic veral point.
Signet Of Atlantis - War In Heaven Bypass. CLOW, Barbara Hand $12.95 U.F.O. This book teaches us that our thoughts determine who we are & leads us to a realization about how to preserve our living relationship with the Earth.
Signs Of Love. SAUNDERS, Jeraldine $6.99 Relating With the aid of astrology, graphology, palmistry, face reading, numerology, & auras, you will discover everything you need to know about your love prospects with a given individual.
Signs Of Mental Illness: An Astrological & Psychiatric Breakthrough. GIBSON, M.D., Mitchell E. $14.95 Medical Astrology Author demonstrates new astrological techniques for predicting mental illness, based on his study of more that 400 astrological birth charts & the use of scientific statistical research models.
Signs Of Time - An Intorduction To Mesoamerican Astrology. SCOFIELD, Bruce $11.95 Astrology Author's primary purpose is to acquaint the reader with the Mesoamerican system of astrological symbols & time cycles.
Silence Speaks DASS, Baba Hari $16.95 Eastern Philosophy Included is a collection of lectures, letters to students, and Baba's own philosophical writings on ashtanga yoga.
Silver Dreams. PETSCHEK, Joyce $19.95 Children's Books This book's mythical & magical threads weave a rich tapestry that reveals our constantly shifting perceptions - between reality & illusion. A book for children of all ages.
Silver Key, The - A Guide To Speculators. SEPHARIAL, $11.00 Financial Astrology If you gamble & like astrology, you need this book. Example of contents: the future method; science of numbers; names & numbers; finding winners; winning colors; lunar polarity; & much more.
Silver Wheel, The - Women's Myths & Mysteries In The Celtic Tradtion. ELSBETH, Marguerite $14.95 Celtic Rediscover the sacred mysteries and eternal truths within every woman's life. Meditations, exercises, and thought provoking tests included to uncover the Goddess within your soul.
Silver's Spells For Prosperity. RAVENWOLF, Silver $7.95 Magick
Simpliefied Scientific Astrology. HEINDEL, Max $11.95 Astrology A complete textbook on the art of erecting a horoscope. Also included are philosophic encyclopedia & tables of planetary hours.
Simplified Horary Astrology. JACOBSON, Ivy Goldstein $30.95 Horary A comprehensive guide for beginning students, with complete calculation instructions & delineations for the Moon, aspects & houses in a horary chart.
Singing The Soul Back Home - Shamanism In Daily Life. MATTHEWS, Caitlin $14.95 Shamanism Author teaches you to explore your inner space, journey between the everyday world & the spiritual realm of the shaman, & find your spirit voice & true destiny.
Sinister Ladies Of Mystery - The Dark Asteroids Of Earth. GEORGE & PARKER, $18.95 Asteroids Known as the dark moons by astrologers, the affect of each one is detailed for each of the twelve houses. An ephemeris is included.
Sinostrology - A Guide To The Zoo. BAILIS, Tammy $6.95 Chinese Astrology A new and fresh approach to the ancient science of chinese astrology.
Sirius Mystery, The. TEMPLE, Robert K. G. $16.95 U.F.O. Is the existence of civilization on earth a result of contact with inhabitants of a planet in the system of the star Sirius prior to 3000 BC?
Sivananda Companion To Yoga, The. DEVANANDA, Swami Vishnu $15.00 Yoga A complete guide to the physical postures, breathing exercises, diet, relaxation & meditation techniques of Yoga.
Sixteen Minutes To A Better 9-To-5: Stress-Free Work With Yoga & Ayurveda. VERMA, Dr. Vinod $16.95 Health Author's advice for a stress-free work environment begins with a daily yoga program. She shows you how to recognize the 3 basic Ayurvedic types so you can read the people you work with.
Skymates - The Astrology Of Love, Sex And Intimacy FORREST, Steven & Jodie $14.95 Relating Provides excellent coverage of traditional synastry techniques. Interaspects are discussed with useful illustrations. Includes a section on the use of the composite chart. Excellent.
Slavic Socery: Shamanic Journey Of Initiation. JOHNSON, Kenneth $12.95 Magick Author takes you on a rare journey into the heart of Russia & the ancient Slavic magical tradition. Discover never-before-revealed techniques & exercises.
Solar Biology. BUTLER, Hiral E. $25.00 Medical Astrology Biblical history of Solar Biology, involution & evolution; man's true nature; selection of partners & hints regarding marriage; 12 signs or functions of the Zodiac; and much more.
Solar Epoch - A New Astrological Thesis, The. SEPHARIAL, $11.00 Astrology Contents: The History of Birth; The Lunar Horoscope; The Solar Horoscope; Directional Influences; Conclusions.
Solar Logos, The - Or Studies In Arcane Mysticism. TURNBULL, Coulson $13.00 Astrology Kingdom of the soul, intuition & motion, mystic macrocosm, spirit of the planets, mystical sun & moon, soul in action, spiritual horoscope, health, disease, service, etc.
Solar Returns In Your Face. P3618-014 PENFIELD, Marc $19.95 Planetary Returns Author's explanation for the usage of the precessed method versus the precessed system is clear & to the point. He shows importance of location for the calculations & much, much more.
Solstice Evergreen, The: The History, Folklore & Origins Of Christmas Tree. KARAS, Cheryl Ann $10.95 Mythology First book to vividly explore the entire historical story behind the Christmas Tree, & how it reflects back to us a set of values that are central to every nationality & religion.
Some Still Want The Moon. MCCLURE, Vimala $9.95 Women's Books A woman's introduction to Tantra Yoga.
Song Of Eve, The. MASCETTI, Manuela $18.00 Women's Books An illustrated journey into the myths, symbols & rituals of the goddess.
Song Of Heyoehkah. STORM, Hyemeyohsts $16.00 Native American This book is a Vision Quest, a search for meaning, harmony, & balance that returns the reader to the time of the Medicine Ways, the place of the imagination.
Songs Of The Soul. YOGANANADA, Paramahansa $13.95 Spiritual Philosophy A collection of poems or songs.
Sophia Goddess Of Wisdom. MATTHEWS, Caitlin $17.00 Goddess Honored as the transcendent wisdom that inhabits the heavens as Bride of God, but also feared as the Black Goddess upon Earth, Sophia has been one of the active manifestations of the divine feminine.
Sophia's Fortune Telling Kit - Book And Playing Cards. SOPHIA, $17.95 Tarot Deck You get a colorful, original playing card deck designed especially for this unique system, plus Sophia's book Fortunetelling With Playing Cards.
Sorcerer's Crossing, The: A Woman's Journey. ABLAR, Taisha $13.95 Women's Books Here's an attractive & practical collection of copyright-free ornamental frames & borders that captures the beauty & intricacy of Celtic art.
Soul And It's Mechanism, The. BAILEY, Alic $7.95 Theosophy The author asserts the soul works through the mechanism of the 3 fold personality in stimulating the 3 worlds of human evolution - the mental, emotional & etheric/physical planes of consciousness.
Soul Healing. GOLDBERG, Bruce, Dr. $14.95 Healing Explore several natural approaches to healing that include past & future life regressions, hypnotherapy, soulmates, near-death experiences, shamanic healing, acupuncture, meditation and much more.
Soul Love: Awakening Your Heart Centers. ROMAN, Sanaya $12.95 Self-Help This step-by-step guide to making soul contact & awakening your heart centers was given to Sanaya Roman by Orin, a wise & gentle spirit teacher.
Soul Moments: Marvelous Stories Of Synchonicity From A Random World. COUSINEAU, Phil $14.95 Psychology Synchronicity is an unfolding, a sudden connection to our soul & destiny. Recognizing these soul moments helps us follow the thread of our lives & sense the invisible bonds that connect us.
Soul Numerology. GALE, Julie $19.95 Numerology Gale explains your birth, name, vowel & maturity numbers, how to discern what your karmic debts & lessons are and more.
Soul Of Sex, The: Cultivating Life As An Act Of Love. MOORE, Thomas $14.00 Sexuality Describing sex as an experience of the soul, Moore brings out the fully human side of sex - roles of fantasy, desire, meaning & morality - & draws on religion, mythology, art, literature & film.
Soul Retrieval: Mending The Fragmented Self. INGERMAN, Sandra $15.00 Shamanism The author describes the dramatic results of combining the ancient shamanic tradition of soul retrieval with contemporary psychological concepts.
Soul Signs: How Your Sun Sign Reveals Your Personal Path. EICHENBAUM, Diane $12.00 Sun Signs
Soul Sounds: Mourning The Tears Of Truth. RAIN, Mary Summer $11.95 Native American Author's own story, in her own words, about the experiences which shaped her extraordinary life, from her childhood to her recent meetings with some very interesting Starborn friends.
Soul's Code, The - In Search Of Character And Calling. HILLMAN, James $12.99 Psychology
Soul's Journey, A: Empowering The Present Through Past Life Regression. AVERY, Jeanne $13.95 Reincarnation Author skillfully documents the Holocaust's lasting effects on various individuals, groups & cultures - whether Jewish, German, or other.
Soul-Centered Astrology - A Key To Your Expanding Self. OKEN, Alan $18.95 Astrology Presents a dynamic new way to intrepret the horoscope - the first to reveal the souls path to inner enlightenment and outer fulfillment.
Soulcards. KOFF-CHAPIN, Deborah $22.95 Tarot Deck A set of 60 cards designed to inspire inner wisdom & creativity. Use the cards with exercises in journal writing, storytelling & visualization.
Soulmates - Honoring Hte Mysteries Of Love And Relationship MOORE, Thomas $14.00 Psychology This book extends the idea of soul mate in order to suggest ways of being in any relationshp soulfully. It celebrates those profoundly satisfying bonds we feel with certain people who are soul mates
Soulmates. STEARN, Jess $5.99 Relationships Author reveals that perfect love does exist - that you can find it, experienceit...& with it, change your life forever.
Sound Of A Silver Horn, The. NOBLE, Kathleen $20.00 Women's Books ...Validates the often painful struggle that courageous women undertake to lead more meaningful & satisfying lives.
Sounding The Inner Landscape - Music As Medicine. GARDNER, Kay $16.95 Music The reader is taken on an inspirational journey through the musical ingredients that contribute to the healing effects of music.
Spanish Tarot Deck. SP78, $15.95 Tarot Deck Based upon a Liguria-Piedmontese tarot deck printed from crude woodblocks in 1736, this tarot deck features card titles & booklet of instructions in Spanish & English.
Spell Crafts: Creating Magical Objects. CUNNINGHAM & DAVID HARRINGTON, Scott $10.00 Magick Imbue your crafts with specific energies: love, wealth, protection, enhanced spirituality, inner peace, psychic awareness. Learn the 9 steps to empower any type of craft. And much more.
Spells And How They Work. FARRAR, Janet & Stewart $9.95 Magick This authoriative study discusses the principles underlying all spells & explains why a successful spell is composed of three elements - intent, visualization & will-power.
Spherical Astronomy For Astrologers. N1357-014 NOONAN, George $6.95 Chart Construction Tells the how & why of astronomical math complete with formulas & trig tables.
Spider Woman's Granddaughters. ALLEN, Edited By: P. $12.50 Native American Traditional tales & contemporary writing by Native American women.
Spider Woman. CAMERON, Anne $5.95 Children's Books Another excellent retelling of an Indian myth for children.
Spiral Dance, The: A Rebirth Of The Ancient Religion Of The Great Goddess. STARHAWK, $17.00 Women's Books A rebirth of the ancient religion of the great Goddess shows us a new view of a much misunderstood & maligned tradition. The Goddess is an image of personal strength & power.
Spiral Tarot Deck. SPT78, $15.95 Tarot Deck
Spiral Tarot. STEVENTON, Kay $9.95 Tarot
Spirit Guides: We Are Not Alone. BELHAYES, Iris $12.95 Spirit Guides Author shows you how to get in touch with your own spirit guides & encourages you to go beyond personal reality into a larger multidimensional universe.
Spirit Of Herbs, The:A Guide To Herbal Tarot. TIERRA & CANTIN, Bk117 $9.95 Tarot This guide to the Herbal Tarot deck will teach you: spiritual properties of each herb featured in the deck; how to tap the medicinal properties of herbs; & much more.
Spirit Song: The Introduction Of No-Eyes. RAIN, Mary Summer $10.95 Native American The 1st volume in a series written by the author about her experiences with an extraordinary Native American shaman called No-Eyes.
Spiritual Approach To Astrology, A. LOFTHUS, Myrna $15.95 Astrology A fairly complete astrology primer that explains how to calculate & read the natal & progressed charts, as well as transits. Includes comprehensive delineations for all the fundamentals.
Spiritual Astrology: The Origins Of Astro-Mythology & Stellar Religion. ZAIN, C.C. $16.95 Astrology Zain delineates the three decanates of each sign through the connection with the constellations.
Spiritual Astrology: Your Personal Path To Self-Fulfillment. SPILLER & MCCOY, $13.00 Astrology Guide to understanding life's higher purpose & finding the key to your personal self-expression, self-worth & emotional security, public achievement, independence & freedom of spirit and much more.
Spiritual Diary. YOGANANDA, Paramahansa $4.50 Eastern Phil. An inspirational thought for each day.
Spiritual Dimensions Of Healing Addictions. CUNNINGHAM, Donna $9.95 Healing This book shows how to reach for life task or vision. Includes instructions for healing after effects using meditation, flower essences & crystals.
Spiritual Emergency - When Personal Transformation Becomes A Crisis. GROF, Stanislav (Editor) $14.95 Psychology Leading experts explore the relationship between psychosis, mental disease, spiritual development & mystical states of consciousness.
Spiritual Growth - Being Your Higher Self. ROMAN, Sanaya $12.95 Channeled This book offers ways to learn more about who you are, why you are here & what you came here to do. This information was channeled through the author by Orin, a spirit teacher.
Spiritual Legacy Of The American Indians, The. BROWN, Joseph Epes $9.95 Native American Author reveals much of the beauty, poignancy & power of the spiritual life of American Indian cultures & explains what it means & takes to be an Indian.
Spiritual Study Of The Tarot. F3685-024 FIMLAID, Louise $18.95 Tarot This work combimes Astrology, Kabalah and Numerology to give deeper meanings to the tarot.
Spiritual Value Of Gem Stones. RICHARDSON & HUETT, $8.95 Crystals A book on the spiritual value & use of gem stones.
Spiritual, Metaphysical And New Trends In Modern Astrology. MCEVER, Joan (Editor) $9.95 Astrology Ten astrologers look at all aspects of spiritual & esoteric astrology. Discusses esoteric astrology, the feminine viewpoint, Alice Bailey's insights, black holes & more.
Stairway To Heaven, The. SITCHIN, Zecharia $6.99 U.F.O. After years of research the author has identified the legendary Land of the Gods...& provides new revelations about the Great Pyramids, Sphinx, & other mysterious monuments.
Standard And Poor's 500. M2400-014 MULL, Carol S. $33.50 Financial Astrology Computer generated arranged-by-industry horoscopes of S & P's 500, along with a discussion of methods of obtaining incorporation data, glossary of stock market terms, index. Financial astrology.
Star Gazer, The - A Hawaiian Astrological Tale. CLAIGH, Roberleigh $12.50 Astrology A wonderfully innovative text that teaches the rudiments of astrology within the context of Hawaiian cultural values.....
Star Warrior: The Story Of Swiftdeer. WAHLBERG, Bill $12.95 Native American This is the gripping life story of medicine teacher Harley SwiftDeer Reagan. It is a tale of magic, adventure, heartbreak, horror, passion & one man's search for himself.
Star+Gate: Keys To The Kingdom. GEER, Richard $7.95 Tarot Companion book for Star+Gate card set. Complete guide to cards, sky spread & circle pattern - how to use each to interpret life situations.
Star-Spider Speaks: The Teachings Of The Native American Tarot. GONZALES, Magda Weck & J.A. $9.95 Tarot Describes in detail the spiritual & artistic riches of Native America as they are reflected on the cards of the Native American Tarot deck.
Starbright - Meditations For Children GARTH, Maureen $11.00 Parenting Simple visualizations to help children: sleep peacefully, free from nightmares & fears; awaken creativity; develop concentration; learn to quiet themselves.
Stars - How & Where They Influence, The. J1233-034 JOHNDRO, L. Edward $15.00 Astrology A guide to calculating where fixed stars are effective, zodiacally & geographically, with many examples of the stellar impact on natal & mundane horoscopes.
Stars Over England. PENFIELD, MAFA, Marc $12.50 Astrology Collection of charts of famous people & events of English history with delineation.
Starseed - The Third Millennium. CAREY, Ken $11.00 Channeled Drawing on Judeo-christian & Native American prophecies, author examines the spiritual & social forces underlying new global awareness that is already changing the way we think.
Starseed Transmissions, The. RAPHAEL, $10.00 Channeled The first in the Starseed trilogy, this eye-opening primer for the coming New Paradign proposes an innovative step for the understanding of global evolution.
Stealing Fire From The Gods: Myth & Method In Astrological Research. PERRY, PH.D., Glenn $14.95 Astrology Contents: From Paradign to Method in astrological research; astrology & the experimental method; postmodern science & qualitative methods; hermeneutic method;correlating psychological tests & astrolog
Stonehenge. ATKINSON, R.J.C. $11.00 Geomancy
Stones Of Time - Calendars, Sundials, & Stone Chambers Of Ancient Ireland. BRENNAN, Martin $19.95 Geomancy Through a combination of careful observations, analysis of the astronomical alignment of the sites & insightful interpretation, author argues these are sophisticated calendar divices.
Story Of Astrology, The. HALL, Manly P. $15.95 Astrology This book outlines the historical & philosophical descent of the belief that the influence of the stars is a factor in human progress.
Story Of Edgar Cayce, The. SUGRUE, Thomas $6.95 Edgar Cayce
Strangers Among Us. MONTGOMERY, Ruth $4.99 General Author tells about the rapidly approaching era heralded by strangers among us - enlightened being who have come to lead us into a bold new age.
Student's Text-Book Of Astrology, A. ROBSON, Vivian E. $18.50 Astrology A classic of basic astrology back in print. Partial list of contents: casting the horoscope; character & mind; occupation & position; parents, relatives & home; love & marriage; esoteric astrology.
Studies In New Age Prediction. SORIC, John $9.95 Astrology A basic book on signs, houses, planets & aspects. Includes chart calculation.
Success Signs: A Practical Astrological Guide To Career Fulfillment. RATHGEB, Marlene Masini $13.95 Vocational Astrology Explains how to use astrology-including your element, sun sign, rising sign, moon sign & the all-important Midheaven-to better understand & follow your inner career guide.
Sufis, The. SHAH, Idries $12.00 Sufism The first authoritative, responsible book on Sufism, & as such it fills a gap in Western documentation of Eastern subjects.
Summoning Spirits - The Art Of Magical Evocation KONSTANTINOS, $14.95 Magick
Sun And Moon Polarity In Your Horoscope, The. H1196-014 HUGHES, Robert A. $13.95 Astrology A basic textbook describing the Sin in the signs as it relates to the Moon in the signs. Lists 144 positions & describes the strengths & weaknesses of the positions.
Sun Ascendant Rulerships. L2237-034 LEINBACH, Esther V. $4.50 Houses Interprets each sign placement of the planet that rules the Sun or Ascendant in the horoscope, providing additional information to consider when reading the chart.
Sun At The Center, The: A Primer On Heliocentric Astrology. SEDGWICK, Philip $12.95 Heliocentric Demonstrates how this system is particularly useful in finding out one's life purpose, as well as for understanding the significance of major world events.
Sun Lore - Folktales & Sagas From Around The World. O'HARA, Gwydion $9.95 Mythology
Sun Sign, Moon Sign. HARVEY, Charles & Suzi $15.00 Sun Sign Astrology Going beyond the simple 12 Sun signs & combining them with the 12 Moon signs, the authors provide 144 delineations.
Sun Signs For The New Millenium. ROSE & WILCOX, $14.00 Sun Sign
Sun-Earth-Man: A Mesh Of Cosmic Ocillations. LANDSCHEIDT, Theodor $15.95 Astrology This meticulously researched book shows how the planets, solar eruptions & geomagnetic storms correspond to conditions of life & economic cycles.
Super Woman's Rite Of Passage: From Midlife To Whole Life. LUNDQUIST, PH.D., Kathleen $14.95 Women's Books Takes the high-achieving woman thru 5 stages of midlife transition. Five legendary Goddess myths help you to explore & reclaim the feminine psyche, inner skills, talents, aptitudes & strengths.
Surfers Of The Zuvuya: Tales Of Interdimensional Travel. ARGUELLES, Jose $15.00 Mayan Experience the journey into the 4th dimension with Uncle Joe Zuvuya. This voyage will put you in contact with a very important part of yourself; the magical self you may have forgotten.
Surrender To God Within: Pathwork At The Soul Level. PIERRAKOS & D. THESENGA, Eva $14.95 Psychology This book takes us beyond personal growth into deeper questions of life's meaning & spiritual reality: Why am I here? What is my life's purpose? Am I part of something larger & more enduring?
Swiftly Tilting Planet. L'ENGLE, Madeleine $3.99 Children's Books A delightful page-turner written with rare perception...Boston Globe
Swiss Tarot Deck. 1JJ, $15.95 Tarot Deck This classic tarot deck depicts 19th century costumed figures.
Sydney Omarr's Astrological Guide To Love And Romance. OMARR, Sydney $12.95 Relating This book reveals each zodiac sign's character, with detailed chapters on love potential, sex drive, and compatibility with other signs.
Sydney Omarr's Astrological Revelations About You. OMARR, Sydney $12.95 Basic Astrology
Symbolic Directions In Modern Astrology CARTER, C.E.O $9.95 Progressions Symbolic Directions are not concerned with either apparent motion due to the rotatory motion of Earth nor those based on real motion, but rather study ideal values & relationships.
Symbolism Of The Tarot. OUSPENSKY, P.D. $18.95 Tarot
Symbols For Women: A Feminist Guide To The Zodiac FARRANT, Sheila $13.00 Astrology This book examines an earlier, matrilineal system of astrology - drawing on anthropology, mythology & recent archaeological discoveries - to provide a reinterpretation of the 12 zodiacal signs.
Symbols Of The Soul - Discovering Your Karma Through Astrology. LAKE, Gina $12.95 Karmic Astrology This book gives you the keys to understanding: The moon's nodes, Satrun's influence in the houses and signs, The 12th house and its connection to karma, how the signs evolve, plus much more.
Symbols Of Transformation. JUNG, C. G. $22.50 Psychology
Synastry: Understanding Human Relations Through Astrology. DAVISON, Ronald $21.95 Relating This book contains the first comprehensive survey of the various techniques ofhoroscope comparison. A classic text necessary for any student studying relationship charts.
Synchronicity - The Bridge Between Matter And Mind. PEAT, David F. $12.95 New Science A fascinating exploration of coincidence & chance - & how it may transform our world.
Synchronicity. JUNG, Carl G. $11.95 Psychology A translation of the 1951 monograph on the Theory of Synchronicity as an acausal connecting principle. Includes a report on Jung's landmark astrological experiment.
Synthesis And Counseling In Astrology: The Professional Manual. TYL, Noel $29.95 Astro. Counseling Discussion of complex topics is grounded in concrete examples & extraordinary in-depth analysis of 122 horoscopes of celebrities, historical figures & privateclients.
T'Ai Chi Ch'Uan Ta Wen. WEI-MING, Chen $7.95 Tai Chi This book was written 60 years ago by Professor Wei-ming, who was a famous exponent of the Yang style T'ai Chi Ch'uan & a student of the great master, Yang Cheng-fu.
T'Ai Chi Ch'Uan. MAN-CH'ING, Cheng $11.95 Tai Chi A simplified method of calisthenics for health & self defense.
Table Of Midheavens And Ascendants. G1151-014 GRANT, Ernest $10.95 Astrological Tools
Tables For Aspect Research. VAIL & POTTENGER, $12.00 Aspects Observed geocentric planetary angular separations, 1900-1999. A useful tool for the professional astrologer to check impressions about aspect patterns in client charts.
Tables Of Diurnal Planetary Motion. AFA, $12.95 Astrological Tools Tables for the calculation of the daily motion of the planets. A reference book.
Tables Of Events For Correction Of Birth Time & For Prognostication. EBERTIN, Reinhold $6.95 Astrological Tools Tables for the correction of birth time & for prognostication. Contains explanation of the tables of events for cosmobiology, how to work with the correction disc, & tables of solar arc.
Tables Of Planetary Phenomena. MICHELSEN, Neil F. $29.95 Astrological Tools Tables are provided for planetary ingresses (501 BC thru AD 2100), eclipse data (1700 thru 2050), perihelions & aphelions (1700 thru 2050), aspects between outer planets and much, much more.
Tai Chi: Ten Minutes To Health. PANG & HOCK, $16.95 Tai Chi Step-by-step the author demonstrates every move over 590 photographs & 295 diagrams.
Tales For Jung Folk. ROBERTS, Richard $8.95 Mythology Original fairytales for persons of all ages dramatizing C.G. Jung's archetypes of the collective unconscious.
Tales Of Power. CASTANEDA, Carlos $14.00 General Don Juan concludes the instruction of Castaneda with his most powerful & mysterious lessons in the sorcerer's art - a series of visions that at once an initiation & a deeply moving farewell.
Tales Of The Cairds. CAMERON, Anne $10.95 Celtic Tradition Here are stories of the love & pain of the heroines of these mythologies, the women who have fought since the beginning of time for the land, the environment & for their children.
Tales Of The Dervishes. SHAH, Indries $10.00 Sufism
Talisman Magic - Yantra Squares For Tantric Divination. WEBSTER, Richard $9.95 Magick Far more than a simple divination system, yantra number squares can be used to promote god luck, ward off harm and negativity, and bring about prosperity and success.
Talisman Magick Workbook, The. PAJEON, Kala & Ketz $9.95 Magick Readers will learn how to create astrological, tarot, numerological, & alpha character talismans & incorporate them into a powerful method of magickal manifestation.
Talking With Nature. ROADS, Michael J. $9.95 General After reading this book, you will never again wonder if nature can speak. It can & it does, & this unique book may well expand your awareness of the special bond between man & his environment.
Talks On Beelzebub's Tales. BENNETT, John G. $8.95 Gurdjieff Talks collected from lectures given by Bennett with Gurdjieff's approval, to help people understand All & Everything, Beelzebub's Tales to His Grandson.
Tantra In Tibet. DALAI LAMA & TSONG-KA-PA, $14.95 Tantra Book consists of 3 parts published under the auspices of the Dalai Lama: Essence of Tantra by the Dalai Lama & The Great Exposition of Secret Mantra by Tsong-ka-pa & Supplement by J. Hopkins.
Tantra: The Cult Of The Feminine. VAN LYSEBETH, Andre $30.00 Tantra The feminine aspects of the universe are described in the tantra, along with philosophical concepts and practical advice
Tantric Grounds And Paths GYATSO, Geshe Kelsang $19.95 Tantra
Tantric Path Of Purification, The. YESHE, Lama $18.95 Tantra Author explains one of the most powerful mental purification practices in the vast array of Buddhist meditations. Included is an entire section of complete retreat instructions.
Tantric Practice In Nying-Ma. RINBOCHAY, Khetsun S. $14.95 Tantra Author's commentary contains the classic Nying-ma presentation of the Tantric practices which lead to the realization of Buddhahood.
Tantric Yoga. FROST, Gavin & Yvonne $14.95 Tantra Authors present this ancient Eastern discipline in clear, concise & objective detail, & have adapted the material for Western lifestyles & modern use.
Tantrik Astrology: A Manual Of Sidereal Astrology. MAGEE, Michael $9.00 Sidereal
Tao - The Watercourse Way. WATTS, Alan $10.00 Eastern Phil. Wattss last book is in the category of his finest work, a lucid discussion of Taoism & the Chinese languate...profound, reflective & enlightening....... --Boston Globe
Tao Of Leadership. HEIDER, John $16.95 Eastern Phil.
Tao Of Love And Sex, The: The Ancient Chinese Way To Ecstasy. CHANG, Jolan $16.95 Sexuality From the teachings of Taoism comes a time-honored yet profoundly revolutionary approach to the art of love & lovemaking.
Tao Of Management, The. MESSING, Bob $4.95 Eastern Phil. Addresses the broad issues of trust, ethics & awareness to provide insight to the universal skills & goals of clarity, task-orientation & a sense of accomplishment to managers in any setting.
Tao Of Meow, The. JAPUSSY, Waldo $14.50 Eastern Phil. This book is a collection of 81 reflections on life & the way to total self-gratification as only a cat can tell it.
Tao Of Music, The: Sound Psychology. ORTIZ, PH.D., John M. $19.95 Music Ortiz provides exercises, meditative questions, anecdotes & case histories that reveal the transformative power of music. He offers Musical Menus reflective os specific emotional states.
Tao Of Physics, The. CAPRA, Fritjof $14.00 New Science An integration of the mathematical world view of modern physics & the mystical visions of Buddha & Krishna. A brilliant best-seller.
Tao Of Pooh, The. HOFF, Benjamin $11.95 Eastern Phil. While Eeyore frets, & Piglet hesitates, & Rabit caluclates, & Owl pontificates - Pooh just is. And that's a clue to the secret wisdom of the Taoists.
Tao Of Power, The. WING, R.L. $18.50 Eastern Phil. This book blends the principles of management, physics & evolution together with the cultural & philosophical insights of the Eastern mind.
Tao Of Psychology, The. BOLEN, Jean S. $12.00 Psychology Author explores the interrelationship between meaningful coincidences & the intuitive sense that we are part of some deep oneness with the universe.
Tao Of Sailing, The. GRIGG, Ray $14.95 Eastern Phil. A Taoist way of life is both a bamboo & a sailing way of life. When we live this way of life, things seem to happen with an ease that is natural & timely.
Tao Of Sex, The. LEVY & AKIRA ISHIHARA, Howard S. $14.95 Eastern Phil. Based on the Japanese medical encyclopedia Ishimpo which has traditionally been celebrated as the most important bible of sex for East Asia. This is a classic work in this field.
Tao Of Sexual Massage, The. RUSSELL & KOLB, $15.00 Sexuality This fully illustrated guide explains how to combine the erotic, ancient Oriental art of lovemaking with modern massage techniques to enhance sexual experiences.
Tao Of Symbols POWELL, James N. $9.95 Eastern Phil. In this cross-cultural study, the author reveals in text & illustrations how people all over the world have attempted to emancipate their thought.
Tao Of The Loving Couple, The. CHANG, Jolan $15.00 Eastern Phil. In this companion volume to Tao of Love & Sex, Chang shows us how to more deeply integrate the traditional teachings of Taoism into our day-to-day lovemaking.
Tao Te Ching (Wilhelm Edition). TZU, Lao $10.00 Eastern Phil. The author, renouwned for his supurb translation & commentary on the I Ching, completed his translation in 1910 & his commentary helps us toward a more profound understanding of the work.
Tao Te Ching. TSU, Lao $18.00 Eastern Phil. This fresh translation of the ancient Chinese classic offers the essence of each word & makes Lao Tsu's teaching immediate & alive.
Tao Te Ching: The New Translation. KWOK, PALMER & RAMSAY, $15.95 Eastern Phil. This entirely new translation reveals this most important & influential of Chinese texts in its full glory, & recaptures the flow & power of the original writings.
Tao-Te-Ching BRYCE & WIEGER, $12.95 Tao The Tao-Te-Ching-the unfolding of life-, Lao-Tzu's timeless work. encapsulates the primordial wisdom of another time, when the Sage was able to live a contemplative life.
Taoism: The Road To Immortality. BLOFELD, John $16.00 Eastern Phil. Author explains the fundamental concepts of Taoism, tells many stories of ancient masters, & provides incisive reflections on Taoist verse.
Taoist Astrology - A Handbook Of Authentic Chinese Tradition. LEVITT & TANG, $14.95 Chinese Astrology An in-depth description of each of the sixty signs and offers important advice for making life decisions.
Taoist I Ching, The. CLEARY, Thomas $18.00 I Ching
Taoist Secrets Of Love: Cultivating The Male Sexual Energy. CHIA, Mantak $16.95 Sexuality Esoteric principles & techniques for developing a healthy sexual/spiritual life Illustrated with numerous detailed diagrams & written in clear, easy-to-understand language.
Taoist Ways To Transform Stress Into Vitality. CHIA, Mantak $10.95 Eastern Phil. The meditation technique of the Inner Smile teaches you how to get in touch with your inner organs, feel love for them, so that stress & negative emotions are transformed.
Tapestry Tarot Deck. JENSEN TY78, Yvonne G. $18.95 Tarot Decks Through the stunning medium of woven tapestries, this series of 80 cards represents the wisdom of Hathor, the Egyptian patron of women, love & pleasure.
Tara's Colouring Book. WEBER & WELLINGS, $12.95 Art Books The illustrations in this colouring book derive from the tradition of religious art that, until recently, flourished in remote Tibet.
Tarot & Individuation. GAD, Irene $21.95 Tarot
Tarot & The Journey Of The Hero. BANZHAF, Hajo $19.95 Tarot Author takes us through each card of the major arcana, explains the archetype, task, goal, risk & feeling in life that each card represents. Full color & profusely illustrated.
Tarot And Astrology. HASBROUCK, Muriel Bruce $10.95 Tarot This synthesis of astrology & tarot sets forth a simple, workable formula for understanding & analyzing yourself & others.
Tarot And Transformation, The. BUESS, Lynn N. $8.95 Tarot This book is a publication of author's thesis for his masters degree in the field of Psychology.
Tarot As A Way Of Life - A Jungian Approach Tot He Tarot. HAMAKER-ZONDAG, Karen $16.95 Tarot This book shows you how to use the cards to guide your life. You can do a life reading, or an annual reading. Learn how the symbolism has been used for centuries.
Tarot Card Combinations. KELLY, Dorothy $16.95 Tarot Includes basic definitions of the major & minor arcana, how to interpret combinations of the majors & minors, how to read upright & reversed cards.
Tarot Celebrations - Honoring The Inner Voice. AMARAL & CUNNINGHAM, $16.95 Tarot
Tarot Classic Deck. TC78, $15.95 Tarot Deck Classical designs enhance this deck, based on original woodcuts made by Claude Burdel in 1851.
Tarot Constellation: Patterns Of Personal Destiny. GREER, Mary K. $14.95 Tarot Written to teach you how to use the tarot to open communication between your conscious self & your inner subconscious self. A workbook meant to be used with the 22 major arcana.
Tarot Divination. CROWLEY, Aleister $5.95 Tarot A description of the cards of the tarot & their attributes, the root of power of the 4 elements, the relationship of the smaller cards to the 36 decans of the zodiac & much more.
Tarot For Beginners. HOLLANDER, P. Scott $12.95 Tarot In-depth interpretations of the meanings of each card in the Major & Minor Arcana, as well as an overview of their origin, purpose & uses for divination & meditation.
Tarot For Lovers. NEVILLE, E.W. $14.95 Tarot Examines the suits, the Court cards, numers & the positions of the cards in the spread - all within the context of relationship issues.
Tarot For Yourself - A Workbook For Personal Transformation. GREER, Mary K. $16.95 Tarot Author approaches the tarot as a powerful tool for self-discovery. Format combines visualization, meditation, ritual, astrology, numerology & more.
Tarot Games JOHNSON & SHAW, $14.00 Tarot A unique guide that emphasizes community-building, self-discovery, & intimacy through 45 games designed specifically for individuals, groups & children.
Tarot Handbook - Practical Applications Of Ancient Visual Symbols. ARRIEN, Angeles $22.95 Tarot Arrien, an anthropologist who specializes in cross-cultural myths, symbold & ritual, takes Tarot out of the mere fortune-telling context. Illustrated with the Aleister Crowley Thoth deck.
Tarot Handbook, The. Bk113 BANZHAF, Hajo $17.95 Tarot The book for all those who wish to consult the Tarot without having to learn the symbolism.
Tarot Journeys- Adventures In Self-Transformation. GALENORN, Yasmine $19.95 Tarot
Tarot Made Easy. GAREN, Nancy $16.00 Tarot Readers can get immediate, specific answers to their most pressing questions by using just one tarot card.
Tarot Mirrors: Reflections Of Personal Meaning. GREER, Mark K. $14.95 Tarot Third volume of tarot trilogy shows you how to use the mirroring qualities of the tarot to examine your life.
Tarot Of A Moon Garden SWEIKHARDT MO78, Karen Marie $15.95 Tarot Deck An imaginative deck that weaves traditional tarot symbolism, mythic expression, elemental magic & reflective phases of lunar energy into a tapestried focus for seer & seeker alike.
Tarot Of Ceremonial Magick. DUQUETTE TCM78, Lon Milo $15.95 Tarot Deck This is the only deck ever created that combines tarot with Qabalah-based magick, Enochian magick & Goetia. Cards feature astrological details, Tattwa meditation symbols & I Ching hexagrams.
Tarot Of Love PERRY TL78, Marcia $20.95 Tarot Deck The serene cards present a natural balance of feminine & masculine archetypes used for resolving daily issues in human relations. An extra card, Soul Mates, enlarges the Major Arcana to 23 cards.
Tarot Of Marseilles. 1803, $16.95 Tarot Deck An authentic reproduction of Tarot of Marseilles decks which were popular for several hundred years. Card titles & booklet in English & French.
Tarot Of The Ages. TA78, $15.95 Tarot Deck A unique rendering of civilizations & cultures from past to present time.
Tarot Of The Cat People. Cp78 KUYKENDALL, Karen $15.95 Tarot Deck A deck that combines science fiction & fantasy; a mystical rapport with cats is established in a distant place known as the Outer Regions.
Tarot Of The Cat People: A Traveler's Report. Bk91 KUYKENDALL, Karen $9.95 Tarot Provides a fascinating insight into the stunning illustrations of the popular Tarot of the Cant People Deck.
Tarot Of The Old Path. RODWAY, Bk111 $13.95 Tarot A modern presentation of the old path of female wisdom, based on the experience of 8 witches from England & the U.S.
Tarot Of The Old Path. S. GAINSFORD & H. RODWAY OP78, $20.50 Tarot Deck A modern approach to what is known as the magical Old Religion, the Craft, or the Old Path of female wisdom.
Tarot Of The Orishas, The ZOLRAK & DURKON, $32.95 Tarot Deck Employs the energies of Brazilian Candomble which originated with the Yoruba people of west-central Africa & is similar to Santeria in its worshop of the Orishas-archetypes of sacred & pure energy.
Tarot Of The Soul, The. ATKINSON, Belinda $9.95 Tarot
Tarot Of The Spirit. EAKINS TS78, Pamela & Joyce $16.95 Tarot Deck A masterful tarot deck with colorful images that stimulate the mide to a higher level of consciousness.
Tarot Of The Spirit. EAKINS, PH.D., Pamela $22.95 Tarot This guidebook presents an unsurpassed vehicle for traveling the spiritual path. Companion book to the Tarot of the Spirit deck.
Tarot Of The Witches Book. Bk21 KAPLAN, Stuart R. $4.95 Tarot The only complete & authentic guide to the Fergus Hall's Tarot of the Witches.
Tarot Of The Witches Deck. HALL HP78, Fergus $15.95 Tarot Deck The cards depict dreamlike fantasies with bold colors & in a style similar to that of the surrealist movement. Designed for one of the James Bond movies.
Tarot Of Transition Deck. TT78, $16.95 Tarot Deck
Tarot Revealed, The. GRAY, Eden $5.99 Tarot Includes both a fascinating new method of divination & brand-new material on using Tarot cards to reveal your past lives.
Tarot Revelations. CAMPBELL & ROBERTS, $10.95 Tarot A truly innovative look at the tarot in the light of Jungian interpretation.
Tarot Spells. RENEE, Janina $12.95 Tarot An instant, friendly means of recognizing & affirming one's own personal power by use of the tarot & performing spells.
Tarot Unveiled: The Method To Its Magic. Bk75 CLARSON, Laura E. $9.95 Tarot Includes how the tarot works, how to forecast using an original & effective system for precision timing, how to synthesize the basic meaning of an entire spread through the adivse card & more.
Tarot, The: History, Mystery, & Lore. GILES, Cynthia $13.00 Tarot This excellent work traces the history, legends, & stories surrounding tarot cards...In addition, the role of the tarot as a way of knowing is effectively examined,
Tarot: A New Handbook For The Apprentice. CONNOLLY, Eileen $14.95 Tarot Illustrated with the classic Rider-Waite Tarot Deck, this handbook provides basic lessons, meditations, & the fundamental esoteric philosophy relating to the Major & Minor Arcana.
Tarot: A New Handbook For The Aprentice (Connolly Deck). CONNOLLY, Eileen $14.95 Tarot A revised edition of the popular tarot handbook, now illustrated with the Connolly Tarot Deck.
Tarot: Mirror Of The Soul. ZIEGLER, Gerd $9.95 Tarot Using the Crowley Thoth deck, you learn that the tarot cards symbolize your inner reality. Learn how this mirror reflects your growth & how you can grow to your maximum with this system.
Tarot: Mirror Of Your Relationships. (Bk107) ZIEGLER, Gerd $12.95 Tarot
Tarot: Plain And Simple. LOUIS, Anthony $14.95 Tarot Author presents the Tarot in a plain & simple language without confusing, arcane references. Illustrated with the Robinwood Tarot deck.
Tarot: The First Handbook For The Master. Bk173 CONNOLLY, Eileen $19.95 Tarot Advanced lessons for serious students of the tarot, building upon concepts covered in Tarot:The Handbook For The Journeyman. Illustrated with the Connolly tarot deck.
Tarot: The Handbook For The Journeyman. CONNOLLY, Eileen $14.95 Tarot The 2nd volume in a series designed for the student ready to move beyond the basics.
Tarots Of The Gnomes, The. EGN078, $20.95 Tarot Deck Antonio Lupatelli's 78 card tarot deck depicts colorful gnomes in tempera and watercolor.
Tarots Of The Golden Dawn. EALB78, $20.95 Tarot Deck Card titles & instructions in English, French, German & Italian.
Tarots Of The Renaissance. ELAN78, $20.95 Tarot Deck Card titles & instructions in English, French, German & Italian.
Te Of Piglet, The. HOFF, Benjamin $12.95 Eastern Phil. Milne's Piglet demonstrates a very important principle of Taoism: The Te - a Chinese word meaning Virtue - of the Small.
Tea Leaf Reading. HEWITT, William W. $7.95 Tea Leaves Here are step-by-step instructions for everything from preparing a cup of tea for reading, to actually interpreting tea leaf symbols.
Teach Only Love. JAMPOLSKY, Gerald G. $9.95 Self-Help Jampolsky demonstrates that total acceptance & total giving are crucial to the healing process, not only for children, but for all of us.
Teachings Around The Sacred Wheel - Finding The Soul Of The Dreamtime. ANDREWS, Lynn V. $13.00 Native American Offers explanations, insights & easy-to-follow exercises that let you travel inner paths to the 4 points of the sacred wheel & help you unlock your potential for growth & healing.
Teachings Of Don Carlos. SANCHEZ, Victor $14.00 Shamanism
Teachings Of Don Juan, The. CASTANEDA, Carlos $14.95 General Jaqui way of knowledge; story of a spiritual journey. The first steps on the road to becoming
Techniques Of High Magic: A Guide To Self-Empowerment. KING & SKINNER, $12.95 Magick A manual of self-initiation into the ancient & secret traditions of ceremonial magic.
Teen Witch: Wicca For A New Generation. RAVENWOLF, Silver $12.95 Wicca Wearing black & threatening people with hexes & curses won't make you a witch.This book shows how you live & deal with others & how you incorporate Wiccan laws determines whether you are a true witch.
Telepathy. BAILEY, Alice $11.95 Theosophy On the subject of telepathic communication.
Templars, The - Knights Of God. BURMAN, Edward $12.95 Mystic Christianity Here is a vivid picture of this extraordinary organization of warrior monks & its passage through myth & legend.
Tenth Insight, The: Further Adventures Of The Celestine Prophecy. REDFIELD, James $12.99 Prophecy James Redfield has distilled the spiritual teachings of the ages into a thrilling, fast-paced adventure...to help humanity. --Joan Borysenko
Tenth Insight, The: Holding The Vision: An Experiential Guide. REDFIELD & ADRIENNE, $11.99 Prophecy Continuing the study and understanding of the Celestine Prophecy's second book, The Tenth Insight.
Terrestrial Tarot A. GERBHARDT & A. ZEEUWEN TE78, $15.95 Tarot Deck This deck conveys energy & a dynamic reality through images taken from the natural world. The 82 cards include 4 element or phase cards to interpret different levels of experience.
Tesla: Man Out Of Time. CHENEY, Margaret $6.99 New Science This fascinating new biography is a riviting journey into the mind of the nineteenth-century wizard who was Edison's enemy, Twain's friend, J.P. Morgan's client.
Tetragrammaton - Secret Of Evoking Angelic Powers. TYSON, Donald $19.95 Magick
Textbook Of The Tarot. BERRES, Janet $12.95 Tarot
That Inconjunct Quincunx. S1431-024 SAKOIAN, Frances $6.95 Aspects A simple guide to interpreting quincunx aspects between the major planets, with a complete set of delineations.
That Which You Are Seeking Is Causing You To Seek. INTERFAITH CENTER, $10.00 Eastern Phil. If we didn't already know the experience of what we're looking for, we would never look. It simply would not occur to us.
Theories Of The Chakras: Bridge To Higher Consciousness. MOTOYAMA, Hiroshi $12.00 Chakras Through intensive yogic exercises, diagrammed & explained in this book, the author became keenly aware of his own chakras.
Theory Of Celestial Influence, The. COLLIN, Rodney $13.95 Astrology A very serious work on the philosophy of astrology and man in the universe. This book is of interest to seekers of truth & to serious students of astrology in particular.
Theosophia: Hidden Dimensions Of Christianity. VERSLUIS, Arthur $18.95 Mystic Christianity Based on many previously untranslated authors & manuscripts, this book reveals dimensions of our spiritual heritage that speak directly to our current social, ecological & religious crisis.
Therapeutic Astrology: Using The Birthchart In Psychotherapy & Counseling. BOGART, PH.D., Greg $17.95 Astrology Bogart translates astrology into the language of the therapeutic process affording the readers the smoothest transition between astrological analysis & sensitive counseling.
Therapeutic Touch - Inner Workbook, The KRIEGER PH.D, Delores $15.00 Healing How to use your hands to help or to heal.
There Is Nothing Wrong With You. HUBER, Cheri $12.00 Zen
There's No Such Place As Far Away. BACH, Richard $18.95 Children's Books Can miles truly separate us from friends? If we want to be with someone we love aren't we already there?
Think Astrology & Grow Rich. FARRELL, Paul B. $29.95 Financial Astrology You'll learn some practical, street-smart solutions from a result-oriented businessman with 25 years of experience.
Think On These Things. KRISHNAMURTI, J. $13.00 Spiritual Philosophy Examines the expressions of our culture, education, religion, politics, & traditions & throws light on the emotions he sees to be deteriorating factors in human society.
Thinking Tarot - Book With Cd-Rom Of Tarot Program. AVIZA, Edward A. $19.95 Tarot
Third Millenium, The - Living In The Post Historic World. CAREY, Ken $12.00 General
Those Inconjunct Quincunx Transits. S1432-024 SAKOIAN & ACKER, $8.50 Transits Provides simple interpretations for transiting planetary quincunx aspects to the natal planets.
Thou Shalt Not Be Aware - Society's Betrayal Of The Child. MILLER, Alice $9.95 Parenting This work uncovers the roots of the victimization of the child & shows us how to heal the wounds.
Thousand And One Notable Nativities, A. LEO, Alan $11.95 Astrological Data
Three Books Of Occult Philosophy. AGRIPPA, Henry C. $39.95 Magick The most complete repository of pagan & Neoplatonic magic ever compiled. It is packed with material you won't find elsewhere including works by Pythagoras, Pliny the Elder, Ptolemy, Plato & more.
Three Faces Of Jesus:How Jews, Christians & Muslims See Him. IMBACH, Josef $12.95 Religion All three religions must find a way of overcoming their centuries-old mistrust of one another. This book offers a way to start.
Three Levels Of Spritual Perception. RINPOCHE, Deshung $24.95 Eastern Phil. This is an accessible guide that explains the Lam-dre, or path with it's result - which has been special to the Sakya tradition.
Three Pillars Of Zen, The. KAPLEAU, Roshi P. $12.95 Eastern Phil. It achieves in a remarkable way the almost impossible expression of what Zen is: a method for directly experiencing the reality of existence.
Threshold To Tomorrow. MONTGOMERY, Ruth $4.95 General Walk-ins are enlightened beings now secretly & anonymously among us to guide humanity through the upheavals ahead.
Through The Looking Glass. IDEMAN, Richard $14.95 Relating This book is dedicated to understanding relationships - not just love/erotic - but also relationships with parents, children, siblings, & friends.
Through Time Into Healing. WEISS, M.D., Brian L. $11.00 Reincarnation This book sheds new light on the extraordinary healing potential of past life therapy, by the bestselling author of Many Lives, Many Masters.
Thursday Night Tarot,The. LOTTERHAND, Jason C. $14.95 Tarot This book contains the essence of the author's weekly messages on the tarot, shared with friends & students every Thursday night since 1950.
Tibetan Book Of Living And Dying, The. RINPOCHE, Sogyal $17.00 Spiritual Philosophy Shares the age-old teachings on which the classic Tibetan Book of the Dead is based.
Tibetan Book Of The Dead, The. EVANS-WENTZ, W.Y. $9.95 Spiritual Philosophy The after-death experiences on the Bardo Plane according to Lama Kazi Dawa-Smadup's English rendering. Classic translation of the sacred breviary & guide for the living as well as the dead.
Tibetan Book Of The Dead, The. FREMANTLE & TRUNGPA, $10.00 Spiritual Philosophy The Bardo Thotrol is a Tibetan Buddhist scripture of Nyingma or old tradition. This scripture was traditionally read aloud to the dying to help them attain liberation.
Tibetan Book Of The Great Liberation, The. EVANS-WENTZ, W.Y. $12.95 Spiritual Philosophy Sub-titled The Method of Realizing Nirvana Through Knowing the Mind.
Tibetan Buddhist Medicine And Psychiatry. CLIFFORD, Terry $12.95 Eastern Phil. A comprehensive introduction to the Tibetan art of healing both body & mind.
Tibetan Yoga & Secret Doctrines. EVANS-WENTZ, W.Y. $14.95 Spiritual Philosophy Companion to Tibetan Book of the Dead, it contains some of the principle meditations used by illustrious Hindu & Tibetan gurus & philosophers.
Time Changes In Canada And Mexico. D1070-014 DOANE, Doris Chase $11.95 Astrological Tools The time changes that have been recorded plus a listing of problem time areas. A reference book.
Time Changes In The U.S.A. D1071-014 DOANE, Doris Chase $19.95 Astrological Tools The time changes in the various states & counties, as well as a discussion of problem areas. A reference book.
Time Changes In The World. D1072-014 DOANE, Doris Chase $13.95 Astrological Tools The time changes in the world, exclusive of the U.S., Canada & Mexico. Problemareas discussed. A reference book.
Time Falling Bodies Take To Light, The. THOMPSON, William Irwin $13.95 Cultural Anthro Thompson's scholarship regrounds science in the sacred, fertile soil of mythology & steals the essence of the future from the sterile priests of technocracy.
Time Out Of Mind. R1405-014 ROBERTSON, Marc $10.50 Astrology Presents a method for reading previous incarnations from any natal chart, principally through reference to the sign occupied by Saturn.
Time To Be Born, A. E3688-0114 ESCOBAR, Thyrza $29.95 Rectification The exact time of birth is by far the most important bit of imformation that most poeple do not know. Learn a powerful technique of arriving at a birth time using various methods.
Time Travel - A New Perspective. BRENNAN, J.H. $12.95 New Science Is time travel Possible? Within read a fasinating examination of the theories and concepts around this fasinating topic.
Time-Out...For Parents: A Compassionate Approach To Parenting. HUBER & MELINDA GUYOL, Cheri $12.00 Parenting Focues on the single aspect of parenting that inevitably creates the most change - empowering the parent to change in order to affect self-esteem in both parent & child.
Timetable Of Life. F3081-024 FIMLAID, Louise $18.95 Astrology Combines the Prenatal Epoch Chart with natal & progressed charts to show you how to look at the individual & incorporate the whole of life, from conception todeath.
Timing Of Events: Electional Astrology, The. SCOFIELD, Bruce $9.95 Electional Astrology Detailed directions for timing trips, weddings, starting a business or a new job, gambling, running for public office & more. Step-by-step directions, case histories.
To A Dancing God: Notes Of A Spiritual Traveler. KEEN, Sam $11.00 Men's Books Rediscoving the sacred through personal mythology.
To Be A Man - In Search Of The Deep Masculine. THOMPSON, Keith (Editor) $13.95 Men's Books What does it mean to be a man, to live with a deep awareness of a masculine sense of self? This question lies at the root of the 89 essays that compose this book.
To Be A Woman: The Birth Of The Conscious Feminine. ZWEIG, Edited By: Connie $12.95 Women's Books Psychologist, Jungian analysts, femists & scholars of Goddess cultures describe key insights & experiences that can provide entry to the new level of feminine consciousness.
To Light A Sacred Flame - Practical Witchcraft For The Millenium. RAVENWOLF, Silver $14.95 Wicca
To Ride A Silver Broomstick: New Generation Witchraft. RAVENWOLF, Silver $14.95 Witchcraft This is a complete Witchcraft 101 for people practicing or wishing to practice the craft on their own, without an in-the-flesh magickal support group.
To Stir A Magick Cauldron - A Witch's Guide To Casting & Conjuring. RAVENWOLF, Silver $14.95 Magick Go further into the exciting realm of the New Generation Witchcraft. Advanced techniques, in depth explanations and intermediate lessons.
Tools For Tantra. JOHARI, Harish $19.95 Tantra Tantric yantras are precise geometric forms used as tools for self-realization & obtaining mystical powers.
Total Freedom: The Essential Krishnamurti. KRISHNAMURTI, J. $18.00 Spiritual Philosophy Both an introduction to Krishnamurti & an essential extensive collection. Includes selections from his 1st work to his last & his insight into the nature of self, meditation, sex, love, life & death.
Touch For Health. THIE, John $25.95 Healing A practical guide to natural health using acupressure touch & massage to improve postural balance & reduce physical & mental pain & tension.
Touching - The Significance Of The Skin. MONTAGU, Ashley $15.00 Psychology Excellent & well-domumented. - Psychology Today.
Touchstones - Daily Meditations For Men. HAZELDEN, $10.00 Meditation
Tower Of Alchemy, The: An Advanced Guide To The Great Work. GODDARD, David $14.95 Alchemy This is the first book published in the West to openly reveal the teachings & practice of the Hermetic Art in plain language. Explains interior practices that are the essence of the Great Work itself.
Toxic Parents - Overcoming Their Hurtful Legacy And Reclaiming Your Life. FORWARD, Susan $7.50 Self-Help Author draws on case histories & real-life voices of adult children of toxic parents to help you free yourself from the frustrating patterns of your relationship with your parents.
Transcendental Magic. LEVI, Eliphas $14.95 Magick A discussion that covers almost the entire realm of Ritual & High Magic.
Transcending Madness. TRUNGPA, Chogyam $15.00 Eastern Phil. Author provides an insightful look at the madness of our familiar psychological patterns & shows how they present an opportunity to transmute daily experience into freedom.
Transformation & Healing - Sutra On The Four Establishments Of Mindfulness. HANH, Thich Nhat $10.00 Eastern Phil. Presents the ancient teachings of the Buddha on how to maintain mindfulness of the body, the feelings, the mind & the objects of the mind in order to live fully & realize liberation.
Transformation Of The Heart: Stories By Devotees Of Sathya Sai Baba. WARNER (EDITOR), Judy $9.95 Spiritual Philosophy This book is a collection of stories by people whose lives have been transformed by Sathya Sai Baba.
Transformations Of Consciousness. WILBER, ENGLER & BROWN, $27.50 Psychology Drawing on modern psychology & psychiatry, as well as the world's great meditative traditions, this book presents the first full-spectrum model of human development.
Transformations Of Myth Through Time. CAMPBELL, Joseph $19.00 Mythology An illustrated collection of the key lectures of Joseph Campbell. These lectures cover the great sweep of mythological development around the world.
Transformative Vision, The. ARGUELLES, Jose $14.95 Psychology A sober reflection on the nature & history of human expression & an apocalyptic celebration of the reunification of form & soul, techne & psyche, at the end of the 20th century.
Transit Of Saturn, The. R1406-014 ROBERTSON, Marc $12.50 Transits An in-depth interpretation of Saturn cycles. Topics include Saturn signs, houses & quadrants, & critical ages in one's life as determined by Saturn transits.
Transits Simplified. S1443-024 SAKOIAN, F & L Acker $14.95 Transits Provides keywords for use in interpreting planetary transits in relation to the natal chart - by aspect to natal planets & in terms of passing through natal houses.
Transits: The Time Of Your Life. LUNDSTED, Betty $9.95 Transits An innovative approach to using your transits for personal growth & development and for helping you through life's recurring crises.
Transits: What Day Is Favorable For Me?. E1101-014 EBERTIN, Reinhold $13.95 Transits A guide for the novice who wishes to calculate & interpret transits to the natal chart (cosmogram). Includes instructions & basic interpretations for transits.
Transpluto Or Should We Call Him Bacchus. H1182-014 HAWKINS, John R. $16.95 Astrology The astrology & astronomy of the hypothetical outermost planet are presented, along with a 1750-2000 ephemeris & delineations for Transpluto's meaning in the birth chart.
Transpluto. DHRUVA, David $4.95 Astrology
Transpluto. EBERTIN, Reinhold $3.95 Astrological Tools Graphic epheride of Transpluto 1878 - 1987.
Treatise On Cosmic Fire, A. BAILEY, Alice $33.95 Theosophy In this book the author mentions a five-fold purpose within its teachings.
Treatise On White Magic, A. BAILEY, Alice $20.95 Theosophy Contains the 15 Rules for Magic & for soul control, based on words from the Bhagavad-Gita.
Tree - The Complete Book Of Saxon Witchcraft, The. BUCKLAND, Raymond $9.95 Pagan This book is a real breakthrough in the field of witchcraft where secrecy is the general rule. Here the author withholds no secrets so that anyone can practice.
Tree Medicine, Tree Magic. HOPMAN, Ellen E. $12.95 Pagan In presenting a rich tradition of herbal & magical lore relating to trees, this book fills a long awaited need in the realm of herbalism.
Tree Of Life Tarot. TL78, $19.50 Tarot Deck
Tree Of Life. REGARDIE, Israel $14.95 Kabbalah An ideal introduction to the numerous complex & obscure mystical writings of Aleister Crowley. Includes practical exercises for developing the will & the imagination.
Trickster, Magician & Grieving Man, The:Reconnecting Men With Earth. MAZIS, Glen A. $12.95 Men's Books This exciting blend of mythic & contemporary views of males offers new directions for male self-development, taking us beyond the conventional heroic definitions.
Triple Goddess, The - An Exploration Of The Archetypal Feminine. MCLEAN, Adam $11.95 Goddess Explores the inner structure of the Triple Goddess & shows how, by relating to this archetype, we can overcome & redeem our inner tendency toward dualism.
True Hallucinations. MCKENNA, Terence $14.00 Cultural Anthro This surreal account of the bizarre adventures of McKenna & friends is a wild ride of exotic experience & scientific inquiry exploring the Amazon Basin in search of mythical shamanic hallucinogens.
True Magick: A Beginner's Guide. K, Amber $4.95 Magick Author deals mainly with a Wiccan-type magick yet draws many parallels with other forms such as Amerindian-shamanism, Huna, Brujeria & Qabalism.
Truth About Astrology, The. STAR, Gloria $1.99 Astrology Describes how to locate your own life pattern as the basis for a productive & meaningful life.
Truth About Witchcraft Today, The. CUNNINGHAM, Scott $4.99 Magick Learn exactly how magic works. Author gives clearcut explanations of how a spell is cast, what a pentacle is, the difference between ritual, folk, ceremonial magic & more.
Truth Or Dare: Encounters With Power, Authority And Mystery. STARHAWK, $16.00 Women's Books Offers ritual, myth, story & the symbolism of the Goddess as tools to restructure relationships & groups around principles that see the sacred.
Turning Of The Wheel: Wiccan Book Of Shadows For Moons & Festivals. MODRZYK, Stanley J.A. $12.95 Wicca Author provides a complete Book of Shadows to be used for celebrating the New Moon, Full Moon & each of the 8 Festivals commemorating the Turning of the Wheel of Life.
Turning The Tables. CAMERON, Barbara $14.95 Burmese Astrology Uses a system from Burma called Ma Ha Bote & based on the day-of-the-week of your birth. Interesting.
Turning Toward Happiness: Conversations With A Zen Teacher & Her Students. JENKINS, EDITOR, Sara $8.95 Zen Personal discussions of spiritual practice with the teacher, students & 5 people living as Zen monks.
Twelfth House, The. HAMAKER-ZONDAG, Karen $12.95 Houses This book examines the general effect of the 12th house planets; the Sun, Moon, & Saturn in the 12th or aspecting ruler of the 12th; how to work with the 12th during various cycles of life.
Twelfth Planet, The. SITCHIN, Zecharia $6.99 U.F.O.
Twelve Doors To The Soul. EVANS, Jane A. $8.95 Houses Sign & house delineations are provided in this esoteric guide to horoscope interpretation. Special topcs include karma & reincarnation.
Twelve Faces Of Saturn - Your Guardian Angel Planet. TIERNEY, Bil $16.95 Planets Explore Saturn from the perspective of your natal sign & house. Uncover another layer of Saturnian themes at work in Saturn's aspects. View Saturn through each element, Modality, and more.
Twelve Houses, The. S2689-034 SASPORTAS, Howard $19.95 Houses Explores each of the 12 houses & the planets & signs in the houses. Includes information on the Moon's nodes & the planetoid Chiron. An essential textbook forany serious student.
Twelve Wings Of The Eagle. SIMMS, Maria Kay $12.95 Astrology In a light, conversational style, the author traces the spiritual evolution ofwestern civilization through astrology, the precessional ages & a detailed studyof the biblical Gensis.
Twelve-Tribe Nations & The Science Of Enchanting The Landscape. MICHELL, John $18.95 Arthurian Legends New light is shed on many mysteries: the aligned St. Michael sanctuaries of europe, plus other studies into revelations about groups of 12, found in many traditions from Astrology to our Calendar.
Twelve. KITTREDGE, Elaine $9.95 Children's Books A gentle story for pre-teens & adults - about the excitement of discovering the worlds of nature & the mind, stars, atoms & inner worlds.
Twenty-Five Doors To Meditation: A Handbook For Entering Samadhi. BODRI & SHU-MEI, $14.95 Meditation Guide to provide extensive, comprehensive & detailed information about a variety of meditation methods. Each meditation technique is fully described as is the interrelationship between different paths
Twin Souls & Soulmates. ST. GERMAIN, $12.95 Channeled The I Am presence of St. Germain channelled through Azena Ramada & Claire Heartsong.
Two Essays On Analytical Psychology. JUNG, Carl G. $16.95 Psychology This work is important as evidence of the evolution of Jung's thought & is valuable as an introduction to the analytical or complex psychology of the Jungian school...
Ufo Dynamics - Psychiatric & Psychic Aspects Of The Ufo Syndrome. SCHWARTZ, Berthold E. $29.95 U.F.O. Author presents a series of psychiatric studies from first-hand field & office investigations of people who have claimed close sightings or encounters with UFOs.
Ukiyoe Tarot Deck. FURUTA UK78, Koji $15.95 Tarot Deck Japanese Ukiyoe aesthetics & symbolism enhance this colorful deck. Cards show numbers & titles in both Japanese & English.
Ultimate Asteroid Book. LEHMAN, PH.D, J. Lee $18.95 Asteroids An in-depth study of the asteroids & their effect on relationship analysis. The book is divided in four parts: Motivations; Mythology, Sex, Passion & Intimacy; & Mundane, Theme & Variations.
Ultimate Journey MONROE, Robert A. $13.95 Astral Projection Companion to Journeys Out of the Body & Far Journeys, this book continues the authors chronicled out-of-body experiences.
Uncoiling The Snake: Ancient Patterns In Contemporary Women's Lives. NOBLE, Vicki - Editor $14.00 Women's Books Anthropologists, healers, poets & artists tell how they apply ancient wisdom to such current issues as work, family, ecology & equality.
Unconditional Life - Mastering The Forces That Shape Personal Reality. CHOPRA, M.D., Deepak $14.95 Healing Brings together disciplines ranging from modern physics & neuroscience to the ancient traditions of Indian wisdom to show how our perceptions create our reality for good or ill.
Under Saturn's Shadow: The Wounding & Healing Of Men. HOLLIS, James $16.00 Men's Books Saturn was the Roman god who ate his children in an attempt to stop them from usurping his power. Men throught history have been suffering from the corruption of empowerment. Author addresses this.
Understanding Aspects - The Inconjunct. EPSTEIN, Alan $12.95 Aspects Provides an in-depth analysis of the two incunjunct aspects, the quincunx and the semisextile. One of best books on this important aspect.
Understanding Aspects - The Sextile. EPSTEIN, Alan $12.95 Aspects Provides an in-depth analysis of the sextile. One of best books on this important aspect.
Understanding Children Through Astrology. DAVIS, Samantha A. $16.95 Astrology Offers insights into your child's personality, potential talents, possible career directions, communications skills & much more.
Understanding Planetary Placement. M1328-034 MASON, Sophia $12.50 Planets Explains the correlation between planets, signs & houses. Features lists of rulerships, as well as mental & emotional attributes that accompany favorable & unfavorable aspects.
Understanding Retrogrades. A1006-014 ADAMS, Helen J. $12.95 Planets A guide to interpreting retrograde planets in the natal & progressed chart as well as by transit.
Understanding The Tarot - A Personal Teaching Guide. SHARMAN-BURKE, Juliet $15.95 Tarot
Undoing Yourself With Energized Meditation & Other Devices. HYATT, Christopher S. $14.95 General Who hates this book? Stuffed shirt academicians, do-nothing sweetness & light practitioners of cosmic foo-foo, & slave-owners everywhere.
Unfinished Autobiography, The. BAILEY, Alice $10.95 Theosophy When her work had been accomplished & within 30 days after this period, Mrs. Bailey gained her release from the limitations of the physical vehicle.
Unicornis: On The History & Truth Of The Unicorn. GREEN, Michael $14.95 Mythology ...all there is to know about the fantastical beasts, including where to find them, secrets of their horns, even what makes them angry. A beautiful book, a great give... Philadelphia Daily News
United States Wheel Of Destiny, The. S1469-014 STONE, Diana $6.95 Astrological Data Must reading for the mundane astrologer, this is a detailed discourse on the U.S. chart & the country's history & future. Includes several U.S. charts & one for the U.S.S.R.
Universal Tarot, The. MILLER, Maxwell $25.00 Tarot Deck
Universal Waite Tarot Deck. UW78, $15.95 Tarot Deck The deck is a soothing, eye-appealing complement to the traditional Rider-Waite deck. The drawings of Pamela Colman Smith have been beautifully re-colored by Mary Hanson-Roberts.
Unknown Reality - Vol. 1, The. ROBERTS, Jane $17.95 Channeled
Unknown Reality - Vol. 2, The. ROBERTS, Jane $19.95 Channeled
Unlimited Power. ROBBINS, Anthony $12.50 General
Untouched Key, The: Tracing Childhood Trauma In Creativity & Destructivenes MILLER, Alice $12.00 Parenting ..Poses the important question of why some troubled children turn out to be artists & others turn their sufferings back against the world...
Unveiling Your Future - Progressions Made Easy. POTTENGER & DOBYNS, Maritha & Zip $16.95 Progressions
Upanishads, The. EASWARAN, Eknath $9.95 Vedanta Some 3000 years old, the Upanishads are the earliest living records. It is translated here for the modern reader.
Uranian Astrology Guide (Plus Ephemeris). S1463-034 SHERMAN & FRANK, $18.95 Uranian Astrology A primer on Witte's astrological innovations, this book explains the history & special features of the Uranian system. Includes a 20th Century Transneptunian ephemeris.
Uranian Transneptune Ephemris 1850-2050. MICHELSON, Neil F. $13.95 Uranian Astrology Gives positions for the TNP planets whose existence was speculated by Alfred White: Cupido, Hades, Zeus, Kronos, Apollon, Admetos, Vulcanus & Poseidon. Positions for every 5 days 1850 thru 2000.
Urantia Book, The. URANTIA FOUNDATION, $19.95 Mystic Christianity
Uranus, Neptune, Pluto: The Spiritual Trinity. G1144-034 GEORGE, Ted $17.95 Planets A spiritual interpretation of this mighty trio including revelations of their affect in the signs, houses, & aspects to all planets, including the asteroids Vulcan & Persephone.
Uranus-Neptune Influence, The. MICHAUD, Joy $11.95 Planets Illustrates the effects of these planets when Saturn, Uranus & Neptune were all in the sign of Sagittarius 500 years ago & in Capricorn from 1988 to 1991. Also discusses these planets in sign & house.
Urban Pagan, The: Magical Living In A 9-To-5 World. TELESCO, Patricia $14.95 Magick A book of spells, rituals, herbals, invocations, & meditations that will help the reader to build inner confidence, create a magical living environment, & form an urban wheel of the year.
Urban Shaman. KING, Serge $12.00 Huna/Kahuna A handbook for personal & planetary transformation based on the Hawaiian Way of the adventurer.
User's Guide To Astrology. SCOFIELD, Bruce $10.00 Astrology Explains the most important symbols used by astrologers, including planets, the zodiac, houses & aspects, along with suggestions for people who want to see for themselves how astrology works.
Using Astrology. W2649-014 WILSON-LUDLAM, Mae $16.95 Astrology Author discusses such topics as declinations, interceptions, counselling, creating a written horoscope interpretation & more.
Vedic Astrology - A Guide To The Fundamentals Of Jyotish DREYER, Ronnie $16.95 Vedic Astrology Author's work enables any thoughtful reader with a basic knowledge of Western astrology to encounter the Indian tradition, the power of its methods & the richness of its thought.
Vein Of Gold, The: A Journey To Your Creative Heart. CAMERON, Julia $15.95 General Author of bestseller The Artist's Way, again draws from her extensive artistic & teaching experience to lead readers on the creative process & more than 100 imaginative & involving tasks.
Venus: The Evolution Of The Goddess And Her Planet. DREYER, Ronnie Gale $15.00 Planets This book shows that the original symbolism of the planet can be traced to the legends of the early love & fertility goddesses.
Versalility Of Astrology, The - Its Place In Your Life. D3696-014 DOANE, Doris Chase $21.50 Astrology A basic book on the various ways that astrology can imapct your life. Learn about the variety of complexes that guide our lifes, and how astrology helps uncover those traits.
Vertical Oracle, The - A Modern Devination Device. ALLI, Antero $29.95 Tarot Deck
Vibrational Medicine. GERBER, Richard M.D. $18.00 Health Definitive guide to traditional acupuncture & homeopathy, psychic healing, & alternative therapies such as radionics, flower essence remedies & crystal heal ing.
Vibrations: Healing Through Color, Homoeopathy And Radionics. MACLVOR & LAFOREST, $9.95 Aura/Color An authoriative treatment of the holistic approach to the art & science of natural healing.
Victorian Flower Oracle, The: The Language Of Nature. TELESCO, Patricia $12.95 Divination With clear instruction on how to create a flower deck with pressed flowers or artwork, or deck of wood or stone, this book provides the divinatory interpreta tion of 71 flowers, herbs & trees.
Violent Weather Predictions 2000 - 2001 LAWSON, Jennifer $9.95 Prophesy Author pinpoints the dates & locations most likely to be hit by some of the most destructive natural events ever seen in our lifetimes.
Visconti-Sforza Tarot Deck. VS78, $40.95 Tarot Deck Facsimile reproduction of 74 extant cards from the 15th century plus 4 cards recreated to replace cards missing from the original deck. Images depict life & character in Milan during the Renaissance.
Vision Tarot, The. VT78, Tim Thompson $15.95 Tarot Deck A deck designed for the 21st century that retains the spirit of the 15th century using traditional symbology presented in photographic realism.
Vision: A Personal Call To Create A New World. CAREY, Ken $10.00 General Continuing the theme of Starseed Transmission, this book explores humanity's slowly awakening spiritual consciousness at this critical turning point in history.
Visitation, The: An Archangel's Prophecy. SUMMER RAIN, Mary $12.95 Native American If you could sit in front of an angel, even if it was a dream (or was it a dream?), & he gave you a state of the human soul address - you might ask a few questions & get answers you may not like.
Vocational Astrology. HILL, Judith $25.95 Vocational Astrology A complete handbook of Western Astrological career selection & guidance techniques. Includes A-Z careers listing using planet, sign, house combinations, & rulerships.
Vocational Selection And Counseling, Vol. I. D1073-014 DOANE, Doris Chase $18.50 Vocational Astrology A guidebook for the professional astrologer who aims to help clients determinecareer directions, complete with tips on astrological counseling & business techniques.
Vocational Selection And Counseling, Vol. II. D1074-014 DOANE, Doris Chase $18.50 Vocational Astrology Shows how to synthesize the many varied horoscopic indicators of aptitude in order to help clients make careen choices.
Voices Of Our Ancestors - Cherokee Teachings From The Wisdom Fire. YWAHOO, Dhyani $13.00 Native American This book teaches pratical ways of transforming obstacles to happiness & good relationships, fulfilling one's life purpose, manifesting peace & abundance & renewing the planet. Many techniques.
Voices Of The First Day: Awakening In The Aboriginal Dreamtime. LAWLOR, Robert $29.95 Cultural Anthro Author asks us to suspend our values, prejudices & Eurocentrism & step into the Dreaming - to walk with our most ancient human ancestors into the First Day.
Voices On The Threshold Of Tomorrow. FEUERSTEIN, EDITORS, Georg & Trisha Lamb $14.00 General Contains succinct statements in which 145 leading personalities, scientists, artists, politicians, educators, yogis, theologians, writers, environmentalists, confess their hopes & fears about future.
Voyager Tarot - Way Of The Great Oracle. WANLESS, PH.D, James $14.95 Tarot Includes descriptions & pictures of each card with meanings for the many oracle found with the Voyager Deck such as runes, numbers, stars, crystals, medicine animals.
Voyager Tarot Deck & Book Set. WANLESS, PH.D, James $35.00 Tarot Deck Surrealistic photomontages in full color provide an array of powerful visual stimuli in this unique deck & book set. Keywords appear on each card.
Walden - Or, Life In The Woods. THOREAU, Henry David $6.00 General
Walk In Balance: The Path To Healthy, Happy, Harmonious Living. SUN BEAR, $11.00 Native American Included are lessons on how to release energy blocks & anger,evaluate your life situation; connect with your path of power, exercise for fitness & relaxation; setting realistic goals, & much more.
Walking Between The Worlds: The Science Of Compassion. BRADEN, Gregg $17.95 General A step by step guide to the ancient sciences of compassion & blessing; the latest research confirming the role of emotion in our immune response & life giving relationships; & much more.
Walking The Path With Sai Baba. MURPHET, Howard $12.95 Spiritual Philosophy An introduction to the teachings of Sai Baba, power over nature, psychic & divine healing, using Sai forms & Sai teachings, working with meditation, looking at theosophy, & much more.
Wars Of Gods And Men, The. SITCHIN, Zecharia $6.99 U.F.O. Volume III of The Earth Chronicles. Employing ancient text, religious documents & archeological findings author reconstructs epic events that support the existence of extraterrestrial gods.
Water Magic: Healing Bath Recipes For Body, Spirit & Soul. MURYN, Mary $11.00 Health Drawing on the unique properties of aromatherapy, herbology & homeopathic cures, author explains how a careful blend of ingredients can turn a simple bath into a magical healing experience.
Way Back, The: A New Age Approach To The Western Mystery Tradition. BIAS, Clifford $8.95 Kabbalah A book of rituals for the 22 paths of the Qabalistic Tree of Life. Describes the Sepher Yetzirah, the path of the serpent, & astrological factors using the tarot as the symbolism for the journey.
Way Of Astrology, The. JACOBSON, Ivy Goldstein $21.95 Astrology
Way Of Chuang Tzu, The. MERTON, Thomas $8.95 Eastern Phil. Working from existing translations, Merton composed a series of personal versions from his favorites among the classic saying of Chuang Tzu, the most spiritual of the Chinese philosophers.
Way Of Herbs, The. TIERRA, Michael $6.99 Herbalism A practical & useful guide to herbal health care blending Eastern, European, & American Indian healing traditions.
Way Of Karma, The. BREAUX, Charles $14.95 Reincarnation Author demonstrates the dynamics of karma in many case studies. Included are life readings to show myriad ways that behavioral & psychological aberrations are developed & carried over life to life
Way Of Merlyn - The Male Path In Wicca, The. WARREN-CLARKE & MATTHEWS, $10.95 Wicca This book is intended primarily to show the male aspect of Wicca & all the workings contained here are specifically masculine.
Way Of Self-Knowledge: Meditation & The Soul's Path To Spiritual Experience STEINER, Rudolf $14.95 Meditation Steiner guides the reader's awakening soul forces through 8 meditations. Each one describes clairvoyance & its development & provides exercises to helf the reader achieve it.
Way Of The Essenes, The: Christ's Hidden Life Remembered. MEUROIS-GIVAUDAN, Anne & Daniel $16.95 Mystic Christianity Questions continue to arise as to the identity of the Essenes & what role they might have played in the life of Jesus. This account new light is shed on Christ hidden life as an initiate.
Way Of The Goddess - A Manual For Wiccan Initiation. WARREN-CLARKE, Ly $10.95 Women's Books A practical manual of self-initiation shows how each of us can follow the way of the goddess, rediscovering the wisdom of earth & moon. Includes a practical overview of key rituals.
Way Of The Orisa:Empowering Your Life Through The African Religion Ifa. NEIMARK, Philip John $14.00 Ifa/Santeria This book provides an exhilarating introduction to the Orisa, the powerful messenger spirits who act as our personal guardians.
Way Of The Peaceful Warrior: A Book That Changes Lives. MILLMAN, Dan $11.95 Fiction Based on author's true story, a world champion athlete journeys into relms of flesh & spirit, guided by an old warrior named Socrates. He learns what it means to live & die as a warrior.
Way Of The Shaman, The. HARNER, Michael $14.00 Shamanism Great resource & reference for those interested in cross-cultural & current forms of shamanism.
Way Of The Spirit, The: The Wisdom Of The Ancient Nanina. WHISKERS, Billy $12.95 Native American Channeled work shares the ways & wisdom of an early native American tribe. Includes simple tales full of revelations, sensitivity, insights & useful examples for creating a fulfilling life.
Way Of The Sufi, The. SHAH, Idries $12.95 Sufism
Way Of Zen, The. WATTS, Alan $9.00 Zen No one has given us such concise, freshly written introduction to the whole history of this Far Eastern development of Buddhist thought.
Way To Freedom, The: Core Teachings Of Tibetan Buddhism. DALAI LAMA, $17.00 Eastern Phil. The essential primer on Tibetan Buddhism for both neophytes & advanced students. Based on 15th century text, it is the revered heart of Tibetan practice, presented here by the Dalai Lama.
Way Toward Health, The. ROBERTS, Jane $17.95 Channeled More than a decade after Jane Roberts passing, her husband shares the intimate story of Jane's final days & the exquisite teachings that Seth gave during that time.
We The Arcturians (A True Experience). MILANOVICH, Norma J. $14.95 Channeled The Arcturians, speaking through the author, have sent Earthlings a gentle message regarding their purpose for being here.
Weaving Woman - Essays In Feminine Psychology. KOLTUV PH.D, Barbara B. $9.95 Women's Books A discussion of the various veiled & mythological aspects of the feminine. You'll look at aspects of yourself when reading about shadow, animus, mothers, & sisters, the hetaira complex & more.
Web In The Sea, The - Jung, Sophia And The Geometry Of The Soul. HOWELL, Alice O. $14.00 Psychology Author demonstrates that by cultivating awareness of the geometrical forms we encounter daily we can decode the inner meaning of shapes, numbers, & other symbols through intuition.
Web Of Light: Rites For Witches In The New Age MORWYN, $19.95 Magick Describes in vivid detail the secret rituals performed in the witch's coven. Rituals of psychic development, spells, enchantments & celebrations, to name a few, are explored.
Welcome Home - Life After Healing INGERMAN, Sandra $16.00 Psychology Author urges us to actively create a more positive future by infusing every aspect of our lives with honesty, integrity & compassion by letting go of blame & guilt.
West Country Wicca - A Journal Of The Old Religion. RYALL, Rhiannon $8.95 Wicca This is a real gem - it is the best book on Witchcraft I have ever seen! -- Marion Weinstein
Western Guide To Feng Shui, The. COLLINS, Terah K. $13.95 Feng Shui Author explains why the arrangement of your home & workplace affects every aspect of your life, including your relationships, your health & your finances.
Western Mysteries, The. HULSE, David Allen $29.95 Magick Catalogs & distills, in hundreds of tables of secret symbolism, the true alphabet magick of every ancient Western magickal tradition.
What Are Astrolocality Maps? POTTENGER, Maritha $4.95 Locality Astrology This map is a graphic representation of your chart superimposed over an actualmap of the USA, or of the world or another continent you might choose. A good instructional booklet.
What Are Winning Transits? WEHRMAN, Joyce $3.95 Electional Astrology This booklet describes how to maximize the use of Wehrman's Winning techniques.
What Astrology Can Do For You. POTTENGER, Maritha $4.95 Astrology
What Color Is Your Aura?. BOWERS, PH.D., Barbara $15.00 Aura/Color Reveals the vital connection between your aura & personality & includes a certified test you can use to determine the color of your aura.
What Is Astrology? BENNETT, Colin $12.00 Astrology Basic understanding of signs and aspects. Numerology and psychology are shown in relationship to astrology as a useful side aid.
What Is Sufism? LINGS, Martin $9.95 Sufism Provides an excellent & authoritative introduction to the mystical movement of the Sufis based on his lifelong interest in Islamic culture.
What Witches Do. FARRAR, Stewart $9.95 Magick An excellent behind-the-scenes look at contemporary witchcraft, which dispels the cloud of mystery produced by centuries of anti-witch propaganda, & instead describes a rich & joyous religion.
What's A Diurnal? TAYLOR, Maxine $9.95 Astrology Explains what a diurnal chart is, as well as how to compute & interpret one. Some 2 dozen case history examples illustrate the usefulness of diurnals for prediction.
What's A Relocated Chart. TAYLOR, Maxine $8.50 Locality Astrology This pamphlet explains what relocation charts are, how to compute them, & how they can help you determine your prospects for travel or a new residence.
Wheel Of Destiny, The: The Tarot Reveals Your Master Plan. MCLAINE, Patricia $17.95 Tarot Explains how to do the Master Plan Reading of the Tarot's Major Arcana, which provides detained information about the individual, much like a reading of an astrological birth chart.
Wheel Of Tarot - A New Revolution. WANLESS & ARRIEN, Editors $14.95 Tarot An anthology of 22 articles by leading Tarot professionals. Documents the revolutionary new applications of tarot in the fields of business, psychology, literary & performing arts, science & more.
Wheel Of The Year: Living The Magical Life. CAMPANELLI, Pauline $12.95 Ritual From January to December, this book serves as a guide to magical living. Perform January quilt magic, see fairies in May, make a shaman's rattle in Sept, consecrate a Dec. fir tree & more.
Wheels Of Life: A User's Guide To The Chakra System. JUDITH, Anodea $17.95 Chakras Learn to open your chakras (psychic centers) & see how you gain understanding of the present world crisis & what you can do about it. Based on physics, psysiology, & other metaphysical systems.
Wheels Of Light: A Study Of The Chakras. BRUYERE, Rosalyn L. $14.00 Chakras Explores the 7 chakras of the body with particular focus on the first chakra, which has to do with our basic life force, our physical bodies & our sexuality.
When God Was A Woman. STONE, Merlin $12.00 Women's Books The story of the most ancient of religions, the religion of the Goddess, & the role this ancient worship played in Judeo-Christian attitudes toward women.
When Planets Promise Love - Your Romantic Destiny Through Astrology. MURRAY, Rose $12.95 Relating Focus is on timing as a definitive factor in successful marriages.
When Society Becomes An Addict. SCHAEF, Anne Wilson $10.00 Self-Help Eloquently articulates the problems & processes of addiction & codependency.
When Time Began. SITCHIN, Zecharia $6.99 U.F.O.
When Were You Born? CHEIRO, $10.00 Astrology Characteristics of persons born in each month of the year as well as chapters on the occult significance of numbers with birth dates, life's triangles & affinities.
When You And Your Mother Can't Be Friends. SECUNDA, Victoria $11.95 Psychology Examines the most complex relationship of your life & offers a way of coming to terms with the ghosts of the past before they return to haunt the next generation.
When Your Sun Returns. JINNI & JOANNE, $4.95 Planetary Returns Presents a system for interpreting tropical solar returns, complete with calculation instructions & suggested delineations for major chart factors.
When, Why, ... If - A Magickal Ethics Workbook. WOOD, Robin $13.95 Magick
Where Angels Walk. ANDERSON, Joan $12.00 Angels Do you believe in angels? If you do, then you will truly rejoice in this thrilling collection of stories attesting to angelic intervention in human affairs.
Where There Is Light:Insight & Inspiration For Meeting Life's Challenges. YOGANANDA, Paramahansa $6.50 Spiritual Philosophy Spiritual insight on the vital challenge of achieving physical, mental, & spiritual harmony, awakening a renewed awareness of the infinite potentials hidden within each of us.
Whispering Winds Of Change: Perceptions Of A New World. WILDE, Stuart $12.95 General Like Wilde's other books, this work is full of compelling ideas, unusual perceptions & esoteric concepts for individuals who want to progress inwardly.
Whispers Of The Moon: Life & Work Of Scott Cunningham. HARRINGTON & DETRACY REGULA, David $15.00 Magick Cunningham's unfinished autobiography, completed & expanded by 2 of his friends & colleagues. Included are portions of letters, unpublished poems, essays, photographs, his natal chart & much more.
White Goddess, The: A Historical Grammar Of Poetic Myth. GRAVES, Robert $15.00 Women's Books The earliest European deity was the White Goddess of Birth, Love & Death, visably appearing as the New, Full & Old Moon, & worshipped under countless titles.
White Hole In Time, The. RUSSELL, Peter $11.00 New Science A unique & perceptive analysis of the global crisis at its most powerful levels. The prescriptions it offers are hopeful & inspirational.
Who Dies? LEVINE, Stephen $12.95 Death & Dying ...This book has addressed itself to the many aspects of the dying process with refreshing insight, candor & lightness. It invites us to look directly at what is with clarity... Ram Dass
Wicca Candle Magic. DUNWICH, Gerina $10.95 Candle Magick Explains how to use your own candles & how to obtain the various herbs you need to produce these candles. Special spells are also outlined.
Wicca Craft: Modern Witch's Book Of Herbs, Magick & Dreams. DUNWICH, Gerina $12.00 Magick Traces the origins of this nature-based religion, which preaches brotherly love & harmony with & respect for all life forms.
Wicca Garden, The. DUNWICH, Gerina $12.00 Herbs A complete study of herbs & their Wiccan significance as well as a gardener's guide to growing magickal herbs.
Wicca Source Book: A Complete Guide For The Modern Witch. DUNWICH, Gerina $14.95 Wicca A complete source for all things Wiccan, the author has compiled a Wiccan Yellow Pages of sources, suppliers & organizations in the U.S., Canada & Europe.
Wicca Spellbook, The:Witch's Collection Of Wiccan Spells, Potions & Recipes DUNWICH, Gerina $12.00 Wicca This book is a grimoire of modern Wiccan magick for both novice & seasoned witches, solitaries & coveners.
Wicca: A Guide For The Solitary Practitioner. CUNNINGHAM, Scott $9.95 Wicca Learn how to live magically, spiritually & wholly attuned with nature. Presents the theory & practice of Wicca from an individual's perspective.
Wicca: The Old Religion In The New Age. CROWLEY, Vivianne $16.00 Wicca Includes: witchcraft as a non-dogmatic new age religion, the misunderstood concepts of black & white magic; why witches have initiations; the God & Goddess within us & much more.
Wiccacraft For Families. MCARTHUR, Margie $14.95 Wicca This is a treasure-trove of ideas for bringing the whole family into the festivals & magic of the Old Religion with simple but meaningful rites & spells, special foods, music, handicrafts & activity.
Wiccan Magick - Inner Teachings Of The Craft. GRIMASSI, Raven $12.95 Wicca
Wiccan Mysteries, The: Ancient Origins & Teachings. GRIMASSI, Raven $14.95 Wicca A ground-breaking work of modern religious scholarship that explores the origins & development of the various Mystery Traditions that form the spiritual foundations of contemporary Wicca.
Wiccan Path, The - A Guide For The Solitary Practitioner. BETH, Rae $12.95 Wicca A guide to the ancient path of the village wisewoman. Rituals for the key festival of the wiccan calendar, trancework, and herbalism.
Wiccan Warrior - Walking A Spiritual Path A Sometimes Hostile World. CUHULAIN, Kerr $12.95 Wicca The first book to show Pagans how to access the Warrior archetype within. It demonstrates how to follow a path that is essentially the Wiccan Rede in action: An it harm none, do what thou wilt.
Wild Mind - Living The Writer's Life. GOLDBERG, Natalie $12.95 Self Help Teaches a method of writing that can take you beyond craft to the true source of creative power: the mind that is raw, full of energy, alive & hungry.
Wild Women. STEPHENS, Autumn $12.95 Women's Books Meet 150 women who gave Queen Victoria the fits! Crusaders, curmudgeons, & completely corsetless ladies in the otherwise virtuous Victorian Era.
Wildman, The Earth And The Stars, The. LOREY, Daniel E. $13.95 Astrology Rather than using the standard 12 houses, Lorey replaces them with a chart divided into the quadrants of the male personality as defined by C.G. Jung.
Wilhelm Reich In Hell. WILSON, Robert Anton $12.95 General Inspired by the 1957 U.S. government seizure & burning of all Dr. Reich's scientific books/papers.
Wind In The Door. L'ENGLE, Madeleine $3.99 Children's Books Another fascinating tale by L'Engle.
Windhorse Woman. ANDREWS, Lynn V. $12.99 Women's Books Andrews has an ability to perceive women's power in other cultures. She transcends the limits of scientific thought into the world of those who have not forgotten their bond with the land.
Winged Beetle, The. CROWLEY, Aleister $29.95 Fiction This book is the most extensive published collection of Crowley's lyrical poetry & translations & it has long been a rare & treasured item among the enthusiasts of his verse.
Winged Pharaoh. GRANT, Joan $9.95 Fiction
Winning With Astrology. N2834-014 NAGLE, Evelyn M. $6.95 Financial Astrology Presents a system for developing your own personal, unique & proven winning formula for gambling. Uses the natal chart & transits as keys to speculative success.
Wisdom And Way Of Astrology, The. KRIYANANDA, Goswami $17.95 Astrology Author has merged astrology & Kriya Yoga according to the ancient principles of macrocosm & microcosm; showing the relationship between galactic universe & the chakras of cerebrospinal system.
Wisdom Energy - Basic Buddhist Teachings. YESHE & ZOPA RINPOCHE, $10.00 Eastern Phil. A simple yet compeling introduction to Buddhism by 2 Tibetan lamas renowned for their insight & skill in communication.
Wisdom Of Insecurity, The. WATTS, Alan $8.00 General This is a philosophy not of nihilism but of the reality of the present - always remembering that to be of the present is to be, & candidly, know ourselves to be, on the crest of a breaking wave.
Wisdom Of The Heart - Working With Women's Dreams. SIGNELL, Karen A. $14.95 Dreams A book that shows how healing for women can come from their dreams. A practi cal book with examples from daily life, it shows how to work with dreams from a Jungian perspective.
Wisdom Of The Stars HODGSON, Joan $8.95 Astrology A classic book on Astrology that is one of thebest introductions to the subject to be found, for it is simply an account of the destiny that accompanies each of the Sun signs.
Wisdom Of The Vedas CHATTERJI, J.C. $10.00 Vedanta All who seek understanding of the basic philosophies of the East will find in this book an illuminating presentation of the great Vedic system of thought.
Wise Woman Herbal For The Childbearing Year. WEED, Susan S. $9.95 Herbalism This remarkable book shows us how herbs can support the natural functions of pregnancy & childbirth in such a way that we are empowered to take responsibility for our own wellbeing.
Wise Woman Ways For Menopausal Years. WEED, Susun S. $9.95 Women's Books Shows you how to keep your cool, your sanity, your bones strong, & your heart healthy throughout menopause - without taking estrogen!
Wise Women Of The Dreamtime: Aboriginal Tales Of The Ancestral Powers. LAMBERT, EDITOR, Johanna $12.95 Mythology Extending deep humanity's oldest memories, beyond 60,000 years of history & into the Dreamtime, this collection of Australian aboriginal myths has been passed down through generations.
Wit & Wisdom - Mercury In Your Chart POTTENGER, Maritha $4.95 Planets By understanding the placement of Mercury in a horoscope, we have a better chance of comprehending what the person wants to express to us & of being heard when we wish to communicate with them.
Witch Alone, A: Thirteen Moons To Master Natural Magic. GREEN, Marian $16.00 Pagan Includes information on the ancient arts & spells to gain peace from stress & finding ways to cope with the turmoil of modern life.
Witch's Book Of Divination. UNDERHILL, Callia $14.95 Magick Awaken the latent clairvoyant powers within yourself through the magical art of divination. Nine techniques of divination are revealed here - most for the first time.
Witch's Circle, The: Rituals & Craft Of The Cosmic Muse. SIMMS, Maria Kay $19.95 Magick This book is a serious Wiccan Book of Shadows that will teach you to incorporate the archetypes of astrology into your practice.
Witch's Guide To Faery Folk, A. MCCOY, Edwin $12.95 Magick Tells you what you need to know in order to establish a strong working relationship with the faery folk, beginning with faery mythology & Faeryland's place inthe astral realm.
Witch's Runes: How To Make & Use Your Own Magick Stones. SHEPPARD, Susan $12.00 Runes Teaches you how to make your own runes by finding just the right 13 stones, purifying them in the moonlight & carefully painting them with symbols whose ancient meanings are rich & varied.
Witchcraft - A Tradition Renewed. VALIENTE, Doreen $10.95 Magick Rudiments of the Craft; the Coven; tools & regalia; the rituals; & a list of sacred woods & trees.
Witchcraft From The Inside. BUCKLAND, Ray $12.95 Magick Author exposes the quiet, powerful grassroots force behind the growth of Witchcraft in America. Find out why the religion of the people is becoming the alternative to Judaism, Christianity.
Witchcraft Today - The Modern Craft Movement. Book One. CLIFTON, Chas S. (Editor) $9.95 Magick Whether you are an initiated Wiccan or a questioning seeker, this book will give you new & valuable information on being a Pagan in today's world.
Witchcraft Today: Modern Rites Of Passage. Book Two. CLIFTON, EDITOR, Charles S. $9.95 Magick This book is organized according to some of life's significant markers: birth, puberty, adulthood, partnership, parenthood, Wicca conversion, maturity or eldership & finally death.
Witches Qabala, The - The Pagan Path & The Tree Of Life. REED, Ellen $12.95 Kabbalah
Witches Tarot, The. REED, Ellen C. $9.95 Tarot This book explores the paths between the spheres of the Tree of Life , the experiences they represent, & what they mean to Craft people & other pagans. Learn how tarot symbols relate to the paths.
Witches Tarot, The. REED, Ellen C. $19.95 Tarot Deck The striking imagery of these cards incorporates symbols from the Qabalistic Tree of Life, yet it is also decidedly Pagan in nature.
Witches' Bible Compleat. FARRAR, Janet & Stewart $21.95 Magick This is the complete system of Wicca used by the Farrars. This book discusses every aspect of Witchcraft, including traditions, rituals, magic, training & more.
Witches' God, The: Lord Of The Dance. FARRAR, Janet & Stewart $15.95 Magick Explores a multitude of god concepts & provides personal & group rituals to allow one to experience inner knowledge of the masculine side of the Goddess-God-human relationship.
Witches' Goddess, The. FARRAR, Janet & Stewart $14.95 Wicca An in-depth exploration of the Goddess, including her history, disguises & influence. Also included is an alphabetical listing of more than 1000 Goddesses with a brief history of each.
Witches' Way, The: Principles, Rituals & Beliefs Of Modern Witchcraft. FARRAR, Janet & Stewart $24.95 Magick Provides detailed information on a number of rituals & consecrations including the 1st, 2nd & 3rd degree initiation rites. Also includes discussion of reincarnation, ethics, astral projection & more.
Witchraft Today: Witchraft & Shamanism, Book Three. CLIFTON, Charles S. $9.95 Magick Presents a collection of the best & brightest perspectives on this ancient system of spirituality that dates back to the beginning of humanity.
Witness Of The Stars, The. BULLINGER, E.W. $17.50 Astrology Facts presented by Albumazer, Arab astronomer to the Caliphs of Grenada, 850 AD & tables drawn up by Ulugh bleigh, Tartar Prince & Astronomer, about 1450 AD, who gives Arabian Astronomy.
Witta: An Irish Pagan Tradition. MCCOY, Edain $12.95 Wicca Witta was born of a people who loved their rugged, green Earth Mother, & who worshiped her through the resources she provided - without the elaborate tools, ritual dress & ridgid rites.
Wolf Song Cards WS62, $15.95 Tarot Deck
Woman Between The Wind. HUGHES-CALERO, Heather $9.95 Fiction The power of resistance: an eagle's viewpoint of a shaman's entry through the first door.
Woman With The Alabaster Jar, The - Mary Magdalen & The Holy Grail. STARBIRD, Margaret $16.95 Mystic Christianity Offers new & compelling evidence for the existence of the Bride of Christ & the hidden Church of the Grail, a body of believers who were forced underground by the Inquisition.
Woman's Book Of Rituals & Celebrations, A. ARDINGER, PH.D., Barbara $12.95 Women's Books Includes a self blessing, blessings for our foremothers & children, power & peace rituals, love & money rituals, a ritual to create self-time, & rituals for all the holidays of the year.
Woman's Comfort Book, The: A Self-Nurturing Guide For Balance In Your Life. LOUDEN, Jennifer $16.00 Women's Books ...Guides you with hundreds of simply wonderful & practical treats for nurturing yourself in body, mind & spirit. An invaluable reference manual for doing yourself a favor.
Woman's Dictionary Of Symbols And Sacred Objects, The. WALKER, Barbara $27.00 Women's Books Guide to the history & mythology of woman-related symbols. Includes: organization shape of symbol or type of sacred object, 21 different sections including sacred objects, rituals, nature, & more.
Woman's Encyclopedia Of Myths And Secrets. WALKER, Barbara G. $30.00 Women's Books An encyclopedia presenting the stories behind word origins, legends, superstitions, female heroines & customs. 1350 entries.
Woman's Mysteries: Ancient & Modern. HARDING, Esther $13.95 Women's Books Here is a classic study of the feminine principle in myths, dreams, & religious symbolism.
Woman's Worth, A. WILLIAMSON, Marianne $11.95 Women's Books Cutting across class, race, religion & gender, this book speaks powerfully & persuasively to a generation in need of healing & in search of harmony.
Woman, Earth And Spirit: The Feminine In Symbol And Myth. LUKE, Helen M. $9.95 Women's Books Book on the recovery of lost feminine values, author draws from the riches of the Bible, I Ching, mythology, folklore, Greek tragedies & poetry to reconnect us with images & symbols of the feminine.
Women & Their Moon Signs BIGAR, Jacqueline $14.00 Planets This book provides women with a tour of their moonscape & reveals to them the Moon's clues to their nature, personality, and their prospect ofr long term relationships.
Women In Celtic Myth. CALDECOTT, Moyra $12.95 Celtic Tradition This selection of 11 stories focuses on the women of ancient British mythology, from the women warriors who trained heros to fight to the beautiful companions who led them to higher realms.
Women Of The 14th Moon - Writings On Menopause. TAYLOR & SUMRALL, Editors $14.95 Women's Books A wonderful collection of personal accounts of the many different shapes our journeys through menopause may take..
Women Of The Celts. MARKALE, Jean $14.95 Women's Books The author reveals the various faces of woman - from high priestess to femme fatale, from life-giver to void - showing Celtic women as enduring symbols of human freedom.
Women Who Run With The Wolves. ESTES, PH.D., Clarissa Pinkola $7.99 Women's Books Myths & stories of the Wild Woman Archetype.
Women's Book Of Healing, The. STEIN, Diane $14.95 Healing Woman as Mother has been a healer since the beginning of time. This book helps women get in touch with this primal psychic ablility. A must for anyone who practices healing techniques.
Women's Psychic Lives. STEIN, Diana $16.95 Women's Books
Women's Rituals - A Sourcebook. WALKER, Barbara G. $16.00 Ritual A guide for women which offers techniques, procedures, & suggestions for group or individual rituals commonly practiced within the women's spirituality movement.
Women's Spirituality Book, The. STEIN, Diane $12.95 Women's Books Stein shows you how to use imagery, music, art, & divinatory tools to gain fresh insight into inner feelings & your outer environment.
Women's Way Of Knowing. BELENKY, Mary F. (Editor) $16.00 Women's Books Despite the progress of the women's movement, many women still feel silenced in their families & schools. Based on interviews with 135 women, this book explains why they feel this way.
Wonderland Tarot Deck. WT78, $15.95 Tarot Deck Take a journey thru the Looking Glass with cards based on Alice's Adventures in Wonderland. The Minor Arcana suits are Oysters, Peppermills, Hats & Flamingoes.
Work Your Stars ABERGEL, Matthew $13.00 Vocational Astrology Using Astrology to navigate your career path, shine on the job & guide your business decisions.
Working The Soul: Reflections On Jungian Psychology. PONCE, Charles $12.95 Psychology Ponce has grasped the essential psychological insight of the masters he involkes - Paracelsus, Jung, Kerenyi, Eliade - & the traditions her joins - astrology, alchemy, mythology, kundalini...
Working With Local Space. DOBYNS, Zipporah $4.00 Locality Astrology This booklet demonstrates the many uses of the technique where planetary positions are graphed according to a horizon coordinate system.
World Before, The. MONTGOMERY, Ruth $3.50 General Arthur Ford & the Guides offer secret lore of the past & startling new glimpse of the future.
World Beyond, A. MONTGOMERY, Ruth $4.95 General The first eyewitness account of the hereafter from the world famous psychic Arthur Ford (through Ruth Montgomery).
World Ephemeris For The 20th Century (Midnight). PARA RESEARCH, $19.95 Astrological Tools Includes the longitudes of the Sun, Moon & planets once every 24 hours for 101years, Sun's position accurate to second of arc, the Moon's mean node & 9 planetpositions given to minute of arc.
World Ephemeris For The 20th Century (Noon). PARA RESEARCH, $19.95 Astrological Tools Includes longitudes of the Sun, Moon & planets once every 24 hours for 101 yrs. Sun's position accurate to second of arc, the Moon's mean node & 9 planetary positions given to minute of arc.
World Is As You Dream It, The: Shamanic Teachings From The Amazon & Andes. PERKINS, John $10.95 Dreams Tells the story of shamans of Ecuador, U.S. medical doctors, psychologists, & scientists who have gone with him to learn the techniques of dream change.
Wounded Woman, The: Healing The Father-Daughter Relationship. LEONARD, Linda Schierse $10.00 Women's Books Using many examples, the author exposes the wound of the spirit that both men & women of our culture bear - a wound grounded in a poor relationship between masculine & feminine principles.
Wrinkle In Time, A. L'ENGLE, Madeleine $5.50 Children's Books Provocative reading for discerning teenagers.
Write Your Own Horoscope. GOODAVAGE, Joseph F. $4.99 Astrology A classic beginning book on astrology.
Writing Down The Bones - Feeling The Writer Within. GOLDBERG, Natalie $10.00 Self Help Hundreds of books are around that tell how to avoid bad writing. Here is one that tells how to create good writing.
Wu Way, The:A Path To Natural Healing. MINCOLLA, PH.D., Mark Dana $10.95 Health Inspired by the ancient whole-istic Oriental philsophy of Wu Wei, not forcing things against the will of nature, this book offers its readers a practical system of natural living.
Wylundt's Book Of Incense. SMITH, Steven R. $14.95 Magick Designed as a reference for followers of many diverse paths, this comprehensive book teaches beginners how to make & use incense.
Yeager Tarot Deck. YM78, $15.95 Tarot Deck The ideal deck for meditation & self-awareness, the cards are rendered in stunning iridescent colors & depict naturalistic human figures.
Year Of Moons, Season Of Trees: Mysteries & Rites Of Celtic Tree Magick. GLASS-KOENTOP, Pattalee $14.95 Celtic Tradition Druidic sacred trees, includes historical background, tree information & symbolism & a meditation to enhance the understanding of the trees & what they represent on a spiritual level.
Year Of The Goddess - A Perpetual Calendar Of Festivals. DURDIN-ROBERTSON, Lawrence $12.95 Goddess
Year To Live,A: How To Live This Year As If It Were Your Last. LEVINE, Stephen $10.00 Death & Dying Author teaches us how to live each moment, each hour, each day mindfully - as if it were all that was left. Levine lived this way for 1 year & shares how this changes our view of the world.
Yemoja/Olokun. FATUNMBI, Awo $4.95 Ifa/Santeria
Yod, The - Your Special Life Purpose. D2287-014 DEE, Miss $12.95 Aspects The Yod, mathematically two inconjuncts connected by a sextile, can reveal an individual's special life purpose.
Yoga And Psychotherapy: The Evolution Of Consciousness. RAMA & BALLENTINE, $12.95 Yoga Provides a unique comparison of recent innovations in therapy & traditional methods, using the yogic models of koshas & chakras to demonstrate the completeness of this system.
Yoga Back Book, The. WELLER, Stella $16.00 Yoga Offers an ideal program for the millions of people suffering from backache & related problems. It is a gentle yet effective approach to attaining & maintaining spinal health without drugs or surgery.
Yoga Book, The - A Practical Guide To Self-Realization. STURGESS, Stephen $15.95 Yoga
Yoga For Common Ailments. MONROE, NAGARATHNA, NAGENDRA, $12.95 Yoga Using step-by-step instructions & illustrations, this book guides you through a basic session for maintaining health & fitness.
Yoga For Every Athlete: Secrets Of An Olympic Coach. KOGLER, PH.D., Aladar $16.95 Yoga Author presents yoga exercises specifically designed to advance your performance in any of 30 different sports.
Yoga, Self-Taught. VAN LYSEBETH, Andre $16.95 Yoga The essence of yoga is in the details, & this book covers them all - not just each of the postures, but their variations, duration & correct breathing techniques.
Yoga, Tantra And Meditation In Daily Life. SARASWATI, Swami Janakananda $13.95 Yoga Most books maintain that the practice of yoga & meditation requires adopting a new lifestyle. This book demonstrates you can continue your daily life, just add another habit to ones you already have.
Yorro Yorro - Aboriginal Creation And The Renewal Of Nature. MAWALJARLAI & MALNIC, $19.95 Mythology Authors rekindle a story that reaches back 60,000 years, constituting the oldest collective memory of humankind.
You And Your Ascendant. MASON, Sophia $17.95 Astrology A definitive text on ascending signs. Not only an in-depth look at each sign functions on the Ascendant, but how the ruler of each functions through its house placement.
You Are Becoming A Galactic Human. ESSENE & SHELDON NIDLE, Virginia $11.95 Channeled A bold, urgent & extraordinary revelation about Earth's hidden million-year history, & secret truths of human relationships with spiritual masters & star beings.
You Are In Good Zodical Company. S1447-014 SARGENT, Lois $6.95 Relating Brief biographical sketches of celebrity & historical figures are used to illustrate the character traits of each Sun Sign. Includes more than 70 thumbnail biographies.
You Are Psychic! SANDERS, Pete A. $12.50 Psychic Development An MIT-trained scientist's proven program for expanding your psychic powers.
You Are The World. KRISHNAMURTI, J. $10.00 Spiritual Philosophy The author responds to the discontent of the young by directing each to become his own teacher as well as his own disciple.
You Can Heal Your Life. HAY, Louise L. $12.95 Healing An excellent book for restructuring one's life & finding self-esteem & self-love.
You Have Been Here Before. FIORE, Dr. Edith $5.99 Reincarnation Discover the roots of your present day problems. They might be deep in your past, in another life.
You Were Born Again To Be Together. SUTPHEN, Dick $5.99 Reincarnation Meet lovers & soulmates who have repeatedly reunited with each other throughout the centuries. Together again in this life, they relive past incarnations & relationships.
Your Aura & Your Chakras: The Owner's Manual. MCLAREN, Karla $14.95 Chakras Author explains how the aura & chakras are natural boundary & energy systems that you can use. She explains how to be grounded, in the present, with a sense of pleasure & release.
Your Child's Dreams. GARFIELD, PH.D, Patricia $3.95 Dreams Understand your child better through the world of dreams.
Your Cosmic Kids: Using Astrology To Understand Your Children. MACGREGOR, Trish $13.95 Astrology Author turned to her own child's neighborhood friends for examples of birthtime-inspired traits for this book, a comprehensive guide to understanding & interpreting your child's astrological signs.
Your Days Are Numbered. CAMPBELL, Florence $10.95 Numerology This famous work is the first complete textbook of numerology available in modern language. It shows you how your days are numbered, & how to use this information in a positive manner.
Your Face Never Lies. KUSHI, Muchio $6.95 Health What your face reveals about you & your health.
Your Fate Is In Your Hands MCCUE, Donna $13.95 Palmistry
Your Fertile Hours. FAUGNO, Emily $19.50 Medical Astrology Times birth control or conception using natal & transiting Sun/Moon angle.
Your Healing Hands: The Polarity Experience. GORDON, Richard $18.95 Healing This clearly illustrated book provides an introduction to the field of polarity therapy as well as a practical approach to therapeutic touch & natural healing.
Your Heart's Desire. KEYES, JR., Ken $6.95 Relationships This book shows you how to change your experience of your relationship & will help you gain new insights which may change the way you think & feel about yourself & your relationship.
Your Hidden Powers - Intercepted Signs And Retrograde Planets. W3264-014 WICKENBURG, Joanne $17.95 Astrology Author shows how retrograde planets & intercepted signs make the chart unique & describes powers & potentials waiting to be unleashed. An excellent book.
Your Magical Child. SIMMS, Maria Kay $16.95 Astrology This book will help you improve relationship dynamics between yourself & your child - & it can give you greater insight into yourself through considering yourown inner child too.
Your Mythic Journey. KEEN, Sam & A. Valley-Fox $9.95 Men's Books This book offers readers the tools to detect the story line in their own lives & to write & tell it to others, opening up a hidden world of self-discovery & meaning.
Your Pet's Horoscope. NILSEN, $7.95 Astrology Pet sun signs. Also compares Owner's sun sign with pet's sun sign.
Your Psychic Power And How To Develop Them. CARRINGTON, Hereward $12.95 Psychic Development Discussion of the Spirit World, the Three Laws of Success, psychometry, the human aura, telepathy, dreams, automatic writing, crystal-gazing, prophecy, reincarnation, meditation & astral project.
Your Right Action Number. JORDAN, Dr. Juno $9.95 Numerology Shows how numerology expains & brings harmony to human relationships for young & old, helps in solving personal problems & promotes right action for all endeavors.
Your Secret Self: Illuminating The Twelfth House. MARKS, Tracy $15.95 Houses Learn how working with dreams can be one of the most effective gateways into the hidden symbolism of the 12th house. Incudes case studies to demonstrate how themes of a chart emerge in dreams.
Your Solar Return - A Living Diary Of Life. B3655-025 BOHANNON, Cynthia $14.95 Planetary Returns Presents the effects of the planets, North & South nodes, Part of Fortune, Lilith, Vulcan & Persephone; the influence of the Ascendant, intercepted signs & health, and much more.
Your Spiritual Child: Primer For Metaphysics & Yoga. MILICEVIC, Barbara $7.95 Parenting Offers principles to help parents by showing how attitudes creat the world around us, & gives them guidelines for helping children toward self-mastery & expression of their highest potential.
Your Star Guide To Sex. JACOBS, Judi $24.95 Relating
Your Starway To Love - Easy Compatability Analysis POTTENGER, Maritha $14.95 Relating Learn how you can make the most of your present relationship. Discover how well a potential partner wil or will not meet your needs.
Your Sun Sign As A Spiritual Guide. WALTERS, J. Donald $9.95 Astrology Embracing Indian as well as Western astrology, the author's studies show how sophisticated this ancient science is in its careful delineation of the 12 basic categories of human nature.
Z-5 Secret Teachings Of The Golden Dawn: Book 2, The Zelator Ritual. ZALEWSKI, Pat & Chris $12.95 Magick
Z-5 Secret Teachings Of The Golden Dawn: Book I, The Neophyte Ritual. ZALEWSKI, Pat & Chris $12.95 Magick Shows the type of procedure one encounters when he or she joins a Golden Dawn Temple. Focuses on the secret, Inner Order techniques for performing the Neophyte Initiation Ritual.
Zanshin: Meditation & The Mind In Modern Martial Arts. MORRIS, Vince $7.95 Martial Arts Zanshin - calm, concentrated awareness - is a vital step toward the realization of personal potential and used to create harmony between mind & body.
Zen And The Art Of Making A Living. BOLDT, Laurence G. $17.95 General A practical guide to creative career design.
Zen And The Art Of Motorcycle Maintenance. PIRSIG, Robert M. $7.99 Zen The extraordinary story of a man's quest for truth. It will change the way you think & feel about your life.
Zen Doctrine Of No-Mind, The. SUZUKI, D.T. $10.95 Eastern Phil. Delves into the whole purpose & technique of Zen training &, in the view of many, goes further into the depths of Zen than any other work of modern times.
Zen Flesh, Zen Bones. REPS, Paul $12.95 Eastern Phil. Pocket size collection of the most popular enlightenment stories, anecdotes, & koans of Zen literature, introducing a generation of Americans to Zen.
Zen In The Art Of Archery. ERRIGEL, Eugen $10.00 Zen The author went to Japan & took up the practice of archery toward an understanding of Zen & gives an illuminating account of his own experience.
Zen In The Martial Arts. HYAMS, Joe $5.50 Zen
Zen Mind, Beginner's Mind. SUZUKI, Shunryu $7.95 Zen Informal talks on Zen meditation & practice.
Zen Without Zen Masters. BENARES, Camden $9.95 Zen A collection of truly contemporary Zen parables, one of the best introductions to meditation. Eastern thought & the galaxy of philosophies that make up human awareness.
Zerner-Farber Tarot Deck, The. ZF78, $15.95 Tarot Deck A tarot deck that dazzles! Cards are illustrated with Amy Zerner's fabulous award-winning fabric tapestries.
Zodiac And The Salts Of Salvation. CAREY & PERRY, $16.95 Medical Astrology A unique work that explains how you can use the cell salts in relation to either your astrological sign or to important planetary configurations in your chart.
Zodiac Experience, The - Initiation Through The 12 Signs. CROWTHER, Patricia $10.95 Astrology A discussion of the concept of initiation & leads you through the 12 signs, explaining the various mythologies connected to them; how to bring energy of sign within by using the path of wiccan ritual.
Zodiac Explorer's Handbook, The. HESS, Helene $9.95 Astrology Hess, herself a psychologist & astrologer, shows how you can learn the fundamentals of astrology & use your own chart as a map to your inner world of the Zodiac.
Zodiac Of Death. LASSETER & DANA HOLLIDAY, Don $6.99 Astrological Data Explores the planets & constellations to map out the uncanny correlations between the depraved deeds of the world's most notorious criminals & their cosmic makeups. Many charts of the infamous.
Zodiac Symbology - Its Charm, Beauty, And Fascination. JAVANE, Faith $15.95 Astrology Presents an invaluable compendium of symbols for each sign of the zodiac, along with explanations of the practical & esoteric significance of those symbols.
Zodiac, Key To Man And The Universe, The. AIVANHOV, Omraam Mikhael $8.95 Astrology The Zodiac here is discussed is the Book of Books in which everything is recorded, & the constellations & planets are the hieroglyphs, the sacred letters which reveal how the world was created.
Zodiac: A Historical Survey POWELL, Robert $4.95 Astrology This booklet explains the historical origin & development of the 3 different zodiacs that are in use today; astronomical, sidereal & tropical.
Zodiac: An Analysis Of Symbolic Degrees. YOUNG & SCHROEDER, $16.95 Degree Analysis
Zodiacal Symbology. K1270-014 KOZMINSKY, Isidore $10.95 Degree Analysis Each degree of the zodiac is described with its planetary vibration, symbol, &interpretation.. A valuable tool for interpreting natal charts, it's also useful in horary & other specialties.
Zolar's Encyclopedic & Dictionary Of Dreams. ZOLAR, $12.00 Dreams Offers interpretations for more than 20,000 dreams.
Zolar's It's All In The Stars. ZOLAR, $12.00 Astrology Presents the emotional , mental, and physical characteristics of people born under all 12 signs of the zodiac.
Zolar's Starmates - Astrological Secrets Of Love And Romance. ZOLAR, $13.00 Astrology Provides a love profile for every sign of the Zodiac: insight and advice on how each sign relates to every other sign.