Alchemist's Handbook. ALBERTUS Frater $12.50 Basic fundamental principles of alchemy, step by step instructions for work of the Lesser Circulation, the alchemical transformation within the plant kingdom.

Alchemy: The Philosopher's Stone. COUDERT Allison $12.95 Demonstrates alchemy's valuable contribution to our own time; how chemistry was born in the alchemist's lab, how psychologists learned from their vision, etc.

Elements Of Alchemy, The. GILCHRIST Cherry $8.95 Considers the alchemical process, symbols used by alchemists, part played by dreams & music, & a survey of the best known alchemists.

Fulcanelli: Master Alchemist. SWORDER Mary $15.95 Cabala, process and transformation within the alchemical traditions and much more.

Hermetic Museum, The. WAITE Arthur E. $29.95 First published 1678. It instructs the disciples of the Sopho-Spagyric Art in how the Philosopher's Stone can be found and held.

Angels & Spirit Guides

Angel Letters. BURNHAM Sophy $15.95 A collections of stories written to the author as a result of her first book on angels telling of their own encounters with heavenly beings.

Angels: Ministers Of Grace. MACGREGOR Geddes $12.95 In this wide-ranging & provocative book, the author attempts to restore angels to their proper place in theology.

Angels: The Role Of Celestial Guardians & Beings Of Light. GIOVETTI Paola $22.95 Describes Christian traditions, those of the mystics & saints, fallen angels, angelical hierarchies of Dionysius, angels from Islam, beings of light who appear to the dying, etc., etc.

Ask Your Angels. DANIEL, WYLLIE, RAMER $10.00 "A practical guide to working with the messengers of heaven to empower & enrich your life."

Book Of Angels, A. BURNHAM Sophy $10.00 Reflections on angels past & present & true stories of how they touch our lives.

Commune With The Angels. HOWARD Jane M. $11.95 Learn how these radiant beings, through their understanding of the Divine Plan, help guide both nature & the human kingdom.

Creating With Angels. TAYLOR Terry Lynn $9.95 "As we establish angel consciousness, we naturally become more creative. The angels awaken us to the vital importance of expressing ourselves."

Do You Have A Guardian Angel? (And Other Questions Answered About Angels) RONNER John $10.95 More than 80 fascinating questions are discussed. Jam-packed with stories, quotes, facts - to delight the angel lover.

Dolphins, Et's And Angels. WYLLIE Timothy $10.95 Full of surprises that will take you around the world, into human & dolphin psyches & beyond.

Guardian Angels & Spirit Guides STEIGER Brad $9.95 "Astounding proof & inspiring stories of help from beyond...& ways to enhance contact with the angels watching over you".

Messengers Of Light - The Angel's Guide To Spiritual Growth. TAYLOR Terry Lynn $9.95 A light-hearted but practical book about getting to know Angels & the ways they can bring heaven into your life!

Where Angels Walk. ANDERSON Joan $10.00 Do you believe in angels? If you do, then you will truly rejoice in this thrilling collection of stories attesting to angelic intervention in human affairs.


Aromatherapy - To Heal And Tend The Body. TISSERAND Robert $9.95 Learn the use of aromatic oils to soothe both physical & psychic disorders. An introduction to this increasingly popular form of complementary therapy.

Aromatherapy Book, The. ROSE Jeanne $10.95 This is the first truly complete book of aromatherapy, beginning with a chapter listing 300 human ailments & conditions & the appropriate essential oil for treating them.

Complete Book Of Essential Oils & Aromatherapy, The. WORWOOD Valerie Ann $18.95 This encyclopedic book contains, in practical & easy-to-understand form, every conceivable use for essential oils & aromatherapy in everyday life.

Complete Book Of Incense, Oils & Brews, The. CUNNINGHAM Scott $12.95 Teaches how little-known methods of magical cookery can exercise influence over the environment.

Creative Aromatherapy WILDWOOD Christine $14.00 Blending & mixing essential oils & flower remedies for health & beauty.

Holistic Aromatherapy - Balance The Body And Soul With Essential Oils. BERWICK Ann $12.95 "An informative & interesting book which includes an excellent analysis of the effects of essential oils on each bodily system - a unique & easy-to-refer-to method of approach."

Magical Aromatherapy : The Power Of Scent. CUNNINGHAM Scott $3.95 Author has combined his knowledge of the physiological & psychological effects of natural fragrances with the ancient art of magical perfumery.

Art Books

Goddess Paintings, The. BOULET Susan Seddon $22.00 Brings together the magnificent goddess paintings of Boulet with insightful text by Michael Babcock. Set against a backdrop of history, mythology & psychology, 45 goddesses come to vibrant life.

Sacred Mirrors: The Visionary Art Of Alex Grey. WILBUR, MCCORMICK & GREY $29.95 This unique series of paintings takes the viewer on a graphic, visionary journey through the physical & metaphysical anatomy of the self. Essays by Ken Wilber, Carlos McCormick & Alex Grey.

Shaman - The Paintings Of Susan Seddon Boulet. BOULET Susan Seddon $19.95 Susan has her own mythology: it is of the elements which haunt our childhood & persist in our dreams. Her paintings refect this.

Tara's Colouring Book. WEBER & WELLINGS $7.95 The illustrations in this colouring book derive from the tradition of religious art that, until recently, flourished in remote Tibet.

Arthurian Legends

Arthur And The Sovereignty Of Britain. MATTHEWS Caitlin $9.95 This book shows that the Goddess did not become extinct, but that as Lady Sovereignty she became both subsumed & elevated in the mythic consciousness.

At The Table Of The Grail. MATTHEWS John $9.95 In this collection of essays 12 leading authorities show how sources from the East & West meet in the different versions of the Quest that are so rich in insights for us all.

Elements Of The Arthurian Tradition, The. MATTHEWS John $8.95 Who was King Arthur; what is the Holy Grail; who were the Faery Women; what is the Fellowship of the Round Table; & who are the Dwellers in Avalon?

Elements Of The Grail Tradition, The. MATTHEWS John $9.95 Stories of the Grail Tradition, with their tests, trials & initiations, are a part of the Arthurian Tradition & lead towards the discovery of the secret of what the Holy Grail truly is.

Encyclopaedia Of Arthurian Legends, The. COGHLAN Ronan $12.95 Author examines every character appearing in the myths & explains the history & stories associated with them & their overall importance within the cycle of legends.

Gawain - Knight Of The Goddess Restoring The Archetype. MATTHEWS John $14.00 Tracing stories of Gawain back to ancient Irish roots, author reclaims the positive archetype for today's men - a gentle, trustworth & courageous knight loyal to the Earth Goddess.

Grail Legend, The. JUNG & VON FRANZ $19.95 The authors show us how the legend reflects not only fundamental human problems but also the dramatic psychic events which form the background of our Christian culture.

Guinevere. GOODRICH Norma Lorre $12.00 "Goodrich doesn't leave a literary stone unturned in her scholarly endeavor to give Guinevere the respect she deserves."

Ladies Of The Lake. MATTHEWS Caitlin & John $17.00 Portrays 9 of the women in Arthurian legend in whom the ancient Celtic Goddess is fragmented & reflected.

Mists Of Avalon, The. BRADLEY Marion Zimmer $14.00 Fiction. "Sheds new light on old characters, especially Morgan of the Faeries, Merlin, Lancelot & Guinevere."

Astral Projection

Art And Practice Of Astral Projection. OPHIEL $8.95 Gives all the necessary theory & directions to enter the astral plane, function there and return with memory available.

Astral Projection. STEIGER Brad $14.95 Discover how spontaneous out-of-body projection occurs during accidents, birth, death, sleep & meditation. Unlock your hidden powers & learn to project your "other self" from its physical shell.

Astral Projection: The Out-Of-Body Experience. DENNING & PHILLIPS $8.95 Consciousness can be projected out-of-the-body to move through space & other dimensions. It is easily & safely learned with these progressive exercises.

Astral Travel. FROST Gavin & Yvonne $8.95 Practical guide that teaches you how to differentiate between astral travel & conventional dreaming. Complete instructions for astral dreaming, twilight zone astral travel, and much more.

Far Journeys. MONROE Robert A. $11.00 Author presents an all-new, mesmerizing odyssey that takes you even further beyond the known dimensions of the physical universe.

Journeys Out Of The Body. MONROE Robert A. $11.00 Author recounts his unpredictable, & without his willing it, experience of leaving his physical body to travel via a "second body" to locales far removed from the physical realities of his life.

Leaving The Body - A Complete Guide To Astral Projection. ROGO D. Scott $9.00 Nine proven methods for inducing out-of-body travel, including dynamic concentration, progressive muscular relaxation, dietary control, breathing, yoga & mantra.

Projection Of The Astral Body, The. MULDOON & CARRINGTON $10.95 This book contains instructions of the specific methods for bringing about the projection of the astral body. Includes many experiences. A classic text.

Traveller's Guide To The Astral Plane, The. RICHARDS Steve $7.95 A do-it-yourself guide to exploration beyond the body. Uncover the secrets behind the theory & practice of astral projection with a focus on little-known Eastern techniques.

Ultimate Journey MONROE Robert A. $22.00 Companion to "Journeys Out of the Body" & "Far Journeys", this book continues the authors chronicled out-of-body experiences.


Atlantis - Myth Or Reality? HOPE Murry $12.95 Author sets out to show how new discoveries about the changing tilt of the earth's axis & possible collisions with a giant asteroid may provide valuable clues about the destruction of Atlantis.

New View Over Atlantis, The. MICHELL John $13.95 This is an unrivaled introduction to megalithic science, earth mysteries, & the inner meaning of number & measure. Draws upon archeology, mythology, astronomy, & geology.

Auras & Colors

Color Therapy. AMBER Dr. Reuben $10.95 This comprehensive book enumerates the myriad ways you can consciously choose to use color to influence your body, mind & soul to promote health & well-being.

Colour Meditations. OUSELEY S.G.J. $7.75 This book deals briefly with the history of color as a vital force & explains the significance of each color & the concept of Color Breathing.

Health, Youth And Beauty Through Color Breathing. CLARK & MARTINE $5.95 Some colors stimulate, while others subdue. Colors have vibration; they possess qualities to ease pain & to change the human personality.

How To Heal With Color. ANDREWS Ted $3.95 Learn to facilitate & accelerate the healing process on all levels with the simple color therapies in this book. Also describes how to use colors to balance the chakras.

How To Read The Aura, Practice Psychometry, Telepathy & Clairvoyance. BUTLER W.E. $9.95 A renouwned British parapsychologist explains the four psychic powers that reside within all of us & shows you how these abilities can be developed & applied to highest benefit to yourself & others.

How To See & Read The Aura. ANDREWS Ted $3.95 Easy-to-read manual has a variety of exercises to practice alone and/or with a partner to build skills in aura reading & interpretation.

Luscher Color Test, The. SCOTT Ian $5.99 The principle of the Luscher Color Test is that accurate psychological information can be gained about a person through his choices & rejections of colors.

Personal Aura, The. KUNZ Dora Van Gelder $19.95 Book includes 19 paintings that depict the emotional energies which surround each person. The changes that occur from infancy to old age are illustrated by the auras of specific people.

Power Of The Rays, The. OUSELEY S.G.J. $7.75 Color exerts a powerful influence on our minds & emotions &, far from being a lifeless static phenomenon, it is in reality a vital force, a strong & powerful influence on our lives.

Principles Of Light And Color, The. BABBITT Edwin $9.95 The healing power of color.

Vibrations: Healing Through Color, Homoeopathy And Radionics. MACLVOR & LAFOREST $9.95 An authoriative treatment of the holistic approach to the art & science of natural healing.

What Color Is Your Aura?. BOWERS, PH.D. Barbara $14.00 Reveals the vital connection between your aura & personality & includes a certified test you can use to determine the color of your aura.


Ayurveda And Immortality. TREADWAY, PH.D Scott & Linda $9.95 An easy-to-read & understandable scientific discussion of the ancient Vedic healing practices. Theoretical background & practical applications are discussed in depth.

Ayurveda, The Science Of Self-Healing. LAD, DR. Vasant $9.95 Illustrated with numerous charts, diagrams & tables that clarify Dr Lad's comprehensive text. Includes history & philosophy, diagnosis & treatment, diet, first aid & more.

Ayurveda: Life, Health And Longevity. SVOBODA Robert E. $13.00 Ayurveda treats not just the ailment but the whole person & emphasizes prevention of disease to avoid the need for cure.

Ayurvedic Cookbook, The. MORNINGSTAR Amadea $16.95 Over 250 taste-tested recipes are specifically designed to balance each constitution, with an emphasis on simplicity, ease & sound nutrition.

Prakruti - Your Ayurvedic Constitution. SVOBODA Dr. Robert $12.00 An ancient way to health, rejuvenation & longevity.

The Bhagavad Gita.

Bhagavad Gita, The. EASWARAN Eknath $9.95 "The most important, the most influential & the most luminous of all the Hindu scripture." - R. C. Zaehner

Bhagavad Gita: Like A Thousand Suns (Vol II). EASWARAN Eknath $19.95 India's timeless & practical scripture presented as a manual for everyday use.

Bhagavad Gita: The End Of Sorrow (Vol. I). EASWARAN Eknath $19.95 India's timeless & practical scripture presented as a manual for everyday use.

Bhagavad Gita: To Love Is To Know Me (Vol. III). EASWARAN Eknath $19.95 India's timeless & practical scripture presented as a manual for everyday use.


Albert Einstein: Creator & Rebel. HOFFMANN Banesh $10.00 "The exciting scientist is here in full measure." - The New York Times.

Aleister Crowley Scrapbook, The. ROBERTSON Sandy $19.95 An amazing glimpse of the multifacets of an amazing character. In this collection you'll find a great deal of unpublished work & includes facinating photographs from early negatives.

Autobiography Of A Yogi. YOGANANDA Paramahansa $4.50 The compelling sincerity of the author's life story, & the profound insight it conveys, have established this book as a classic in its field.

Confessions Of Aleister Crowley, The CROWLEY Aleister $21.00 Crowley descibes his initiation into magic, his world-wide travels & mistresses his experiments with sex & drugs, & the philosophy of his famous "Book of the Law".

Einstein: The Life And Times. CLARK Ronald W. $15.00 The simple man who deciphered the universe; the pacifist who helped create the atomic bomb; the casual Zionist who was asked to lead the State of Israel; the physicist who believed in God.

Eye In The Triangle, The: An Interpretation Of Aleister Crowley. REGARDIE Israel $17.95 Here is a thorough examination of Crowley, with fascinating information about his life & work. Contents include: the Man, Neophyte, Magus & Destiny.

Lakota Woman. CROW DOG Mary $12.00

Legacy Of The Beast, The: Life, Work & Influence Of Aleister Crowley. SUSTER Gerald $9.95 Tracing the roots of Crowley's ideas & demonstrating their enduring relevance, Suster has produced a much needed reappraisal of the "Great Beast" & his continuing influence.

Legend Of Aleister Crowley, The. REGARDIE Israel $12.95 One of the two most valuable & honest appraisals of the real Aleister Crowley, which can be read as factual rebuttals of the popular slander against him.

Quest For Dion Fortune. CHAPMAN Janine $12.95 Through personal interviews, recorded conversations, letters, periodicals & works of fact & fiction, author creates a vivid profile of the mysterious & fascinating Dion Fortune.


Being Peace. HANH Thich Nhat $10.00 Author thoroughly discusses the importance of "being peace" in order to make peace.

Bodhisattva Of Compassion - The Mystical Tradition Of Kuan Yin. BLOFELD John $15.00 This portrait of the Goddess of Compassion is both an informative study by a leading scholar of Buddhism & an engaging account of the author's search for the mystical significance of the goddess.

Buddhist Handbook, The. SNELLING John $14.95 A complete guide to Buddhist school, teaching, practice & history.

Clear Light Of Bliss. GYATSO Geshe Kelsang $19.95 Vajrayana, or Tantric, Mahamudra is the path to enlightenment taught by Buddha. It is an advanced practice for recognizing & purifying the subtle channels, winds & drops of our subtle bodies.

Crazy Wisdom. TRUNGPA Choygam $13.00 "Crazy Wisdom" is described by Trungpa as an innocent state of mind that has the quality of early morning - fresh, sparkling & completely awake.

Cutting Through Spiritual Materialism. TRUNGPA Chogyam $14.00 The approach presented is a classical Buddhist one - not in a formal sense, but in the sense of presenting the heart of the Buddhist approach to spirituality.

Dakini Teachings - Padmasambhava's Oral Teachings. KUNSANG Erik (Translator) $18.00 The selections in this book are short, direct instructions relating to the 3 levels of Buddhist practice: Hinayana, Mahayana, & Vajrayana.

Dhammapada, The. EASWARAN Eknath $9.95 "An original, rare work of literature...a great spiritual testimony, one of the very few religious masterpieces of the world...." Lin Yutang

Diamond Sutra And The Sutra Of Hui-Neng, The. PRICE A.F. (Translator) $12.95 Composed in India in the fourth century C.E., the Diamon Sutra is one of the most treasured works of Buddhist literature & the oldest extant printed book in the world.

Four Noble Truths, The. GYATSO Ven. Lobsang $9.95 After his enlightenment the Buddha taught the Four Noble Truths, which became the foundation for all Buddhist practice.

Glimpses Of Abhidharma. TRUNGPA Chogyam $10.95 A collection of Buddhist scriptures that investigate the workings of the mind & the states of human consciousness.

Heart Sutra - Ancient Buddhist Wisdom In The Light Of Quantum Reality. SUNIM Mu Soeng $9.95 The wisdom teaching of ancient Buddhism is explored through the convergence of science & mysticism.

Journey Without Goal - The Tantric Wisdom Of The Buddha. TRUNGPA Chogyam $9.95 Author provides a direct & experiential picture of the tantric world, explaining the importance of self-existing energy, mandala principle, differences between Buddhist & Hindu tantra & more.

Jung's Psychology & Tibetan Buddhism. MOACANIN Radmila $12.95 In addition to Gyanamata's letters, this book contains a detailed account of her life; letters written to her from Yogananda; excerpts from her personal diary & numerous photographs.

Lighting The Lamp - An Approach To The Tibetan Path. WOLL Alfred $12.00 This book is ideal for those who wish to learn more about Tibetan spiritual practice.

Mirror Of Mindfulness, The. RANGDROL Tsele Natsok $14.00 This presentation of Tibetan Buddhist teachings is aimed at inspiring & helping the practitioner achieve liberation from deluded existence & awaken to complete enlightenment for the benefit of others.

Mother Of The Buddhas: Meditation On The Prajnaparamita Sutra. HIXON Lex $16.00 This contemplative expansion of 40 passages from the original Prajnaparamita Sutra yields a text of devotional beauty that is at once dramatic & uplifting.

Orderly Chaos - The Mandala Principle. TRUNGPA Chogyam $13.00 According to the mandala principle all phenomena are part of one reality & existence is orderly chaos.

Peace Is Every Step. HANH Thich Nhat $9.95 The deceptively simple practices of this book encourage the reader to work for peace in the world as he or she continues to work on sustaining inner peace by turning mindless into mindful.

Secret Oral Teachings In Tibetan Buddhist Sects. DAVID-NEEL Alexandra $6.95 This book gives the reader a "report" on the corpus of teachings, called by the Tibetan Sangs Wai Dam ngags, that is to say: "Secret Teachings".

Tantric Distinction, The. HOPKINS Jeffrey $10.00 Demystifies enlightenment & shows it to be a possibility for all. The entire Buddhist path is laid out as a living experience.

The Key - And The Name Of The Key Is Willingness. CENTER FOR PRACTICE OF ZEN BUDDHIST $8.00 "These are some of the awarenesses that have been helpful to us in our practice."

Tibetan Buddhist Medicine And Psychiatry. CLIFFORD Terry $12.95 A comprehensive introduction to the Tibetan art of healing both body & mind.

To Meet The Real Dragon. (D/C) NISHIJIMA Gudo W. $13.95 This book is an attempt to explain what it means to "meet Buddhism". In the author's thought & experience, to meet Buddhism is to meet the Truth, face to face.

Touching Peace - Practicing The Art Of Mindful Living. HANH Thich Nhat $9.50 Teachings on practicing the art of mindful living.

Transcending Madness. TRUNGPA Chogyam $15.00 Author provides an insightful look at the "madness" of our familiar psychological patterns & shows how they present an opportunity to transmute daily experience into freedom.

Transformation & Healing - Sutra On The Four Establishments Of Mindfulness. HANH Thich Nhat $10.00 Presents the ancient teachings of the Buddha on how to maintain mindfulness of the body, the feelings, the mind & the objects of the mind in order to live fully & realize liberation.

Way To Freedom, The: Core Teachings Of Tibetan Buddhism. DALAI LAMA $16.00

Wisdom Energy - Basic Buddhist Teachings. YESHE & ZOPA RINPOCHE $10.00 A simple yet compeling introduction to Buddhism by 2 Tibetan lamas renowned for their insight & skill in communication.

Zen Doctrine Of No-Mind, The. SUZUKI D.T. $10.95 Delves into the whole purpose & technique of Zen training &, in the view of many, goes further into the depths of Zen than any other work of modern times.

Zen Flesh, Zen Bones. REPS Paul $6.00

Candle Magick

Candle Magick Workbook. PAJEON Kala & Ketz $9.95 This workbook serves as a springboard to other systems of magick by teaching the whys & hows of magick in an easy, step-by-step process.

Candlelight Spells. DUNWICH Gerina $8.95 A comprehensive guide to the traditional Sabbat feasts of the witch's year that contains many recipes & rituals for their proper celebration.

Incense And Candle Burning:Practice & Purpose Of A Simple Magical Art. HOWARD Michael $9.00 Author shows how to use the ancient magic of candles to enhance one's life, personal power, well-being, & spirituality.

Magick Of Candle Burning, The. DUNWICH Gerina $6.95 Explains how to use your own candles & how to obtain the various herbs you need to produce these candles. Special spells are also outlined.

Praying With Fire: Candle And Fire Magic. DOLFYN $3.95 Tieaches the reader how to communicate directly with the Fire Spirits.

Celtic Tradition

Book Of Druidry, The - History, Sites And Wisdom. NICHOLS Ross $19.00 A comprehensive survey of the Druids from their earliest history to the current renaissance.

Book Of Kells, The. BROWN Peter $18.95 The Book of Kells is the most spectacular of a group of manuscripts created in Ireland & northern Britain between the 7th & 10th centuries.

Book Of Ogham, The: The Celtic Tree Oracle THORSSON Edred $12.95 Presents the complete & authentic system of divination based on the letters of the Celtic ogham alphabet.

British & Irish Mythology: An Encyclopedia Of Myth & Legend. MATTHEWS John & Caitlin $14.00 Authors have compiled an easy-reference guide of myths & legends of Britain, containing all the central characters, gods, heroes, heroines, saints & legends.

Celtic Art - The Methods Of Construction. BAIN George $8.95 Step-by-step procedures carefully introduce the simple rules & methods of Celtic knot work & the well-known designs from the great manuscripts & stone work.

Celtic Art Source Book, The. DAVIS Courtney $16.95 The line drawings have been produced so that the professional or amateur alike can use or adapt the designs. Chapters include knotwork borders, key patterns, spirals, zoomorphic designs & more.

Celtic Design Coloring Book. SIBBETT JR. Ed $2.95 The designs in Celtic illuminated manuscripts represent a distinctive fusion of native Irish, Germanic & Near Eastern motifs.

Celtic Design: A Beginner's Manual. MEEHAN Aidan $14.95 "A treasure house of ideas...These are excellent books (series) for anyone really interested in Celtic design itself or for anyone interested in developing their skills in formalised design.

Celtic Design: Knotwork - The Secret Method Of The Scribes. MEEHAN Aidan $14.95 The simple knot, with all its religious connotations, is developed into a border, panel or traditional carpet-page.

Celtic Lore: The History Of The Druids & Their Timeless Traditions. RUTHERFORD Ward $15.00 Re-examines Druidism, incorporating new & extensive research into the arcane wisdom of the Druids & the effects of their ideas through history to the present.

Celtic Lunar Zodiac, The: How To Interpret Your Moon Sign. PATERSON Helena $19.95 Developed by ancient Druid priests, the Celtic Lunar Zodiac is a fascinating astrological system.

Celtic Mysteries - The Ancient Religion. STARKEY John $14.95 The last tribal culture in Europe was that of the Celtic lands, whose landscape & traditions hold echoes of the ancient religion of nature & its symbols of death & rebirth.

Celtic Reader, A: Selections From Celtic Legend, Scholarship & Story. MATTHEWS (EDITOR) John $18.00 Presents a broad-based collection of materials dating from the earliest eras of the written word to nineteenth & twentieth-century scholarship & investigation.

Celtic Shaman - A Handbook. MATTHEWS John $14.95 This book offers a varied & practical plan of self-tuition for those who are interested in Celtic mythology & the Western mysteries.

Druid Way, The. CARR-GOMM Philip $15.95 Learn how Druidry can help us to sense again our kinship with Nature, & how following the Druid Way can lead us towards a profound sense of oneness with all life.

Earth Light - Rediscovering The Wisdom Of Celtic & Faery Lore. STEWART R.J. $15.95 Presents important practical methods of working within the Faery Tradition. Through techniques of visualization & imagination, a set of keys to understanding ourselves is found.

Elements Of Celtic Tradition, The. MATTHEWS Caitlin $9.95 This introduction traces the tradition from early times thru to contemporary Celtic revival. Includes practical exercises so that the traditions outlined may become part of the personal experience.

Elements Of The Druid Tradition, The. CARR-GOMM Philip $9.95 Many people think of Druids as white-robed figures seen at Stonehenge & other ancient sites. But the reality is that Druidry is a powerful means of self-discovery, available to all.

Guardians Of The Tall Stones CALDECOTT Moyra $14.95 Fiction Trilogy. Three tales set in Bronze Age Britain. (1)"The Tall Stones"; (2)"The Temple of the Sun"; (3)"Shadow on the Stones".

Irish Celtic Magical Tradition, The. BLAMIRES Steve $14.00 Interpretation of the newly discovered native magic tradition of the ancient Irish Celtic legends.

Power Within The Land. STEWART R.J. $15.95 Explores our oldest & perhaps most neglected spiritual tradition, that of the Underworld which has profound significane in this age of environmental crisis.

Ready To Use Celtic Borders. PEARCE Mallory $4.95 Here's an attractive & practical collection of copyright-free ornamental frames & borders that captures the beauty & intricacy of Celtic art.

Sacred Cauldron - Secrets Of The Druids, The. MAC CROSSAN Tadhg $10.95 Presents a comprehensive course in the history & development of Celtic religious lore, the secrets taught by the Druids, & the modern rites & ceremonies of modern day members.

Seasonal Dance: How To Celebrate The Pagan Year. BROCH & VERONICA MACLER Janice $11.95 This book provides the history, tradition & significance of the seasonal holidays. Includes a glossary of gods & goddesses, describes deity & element symbols & includes songs, chants, dances, & more.

Tales Of The Cairds. CAMERON Anne $10.95 Here are stories of the love & pain of the heroines of these mythologies, the women who have fought since the beginning of time for the land, the environment & for their children.

Women In Celtic Myth. CALDECOTT Moyra $12.95 This selection of 11 stories focuses on the women of ancient British mythology, from the women warriors who trained heros to fight to the beautiful companions who led them to higher realms.

Year Of Moons, Season Of Trees: Mysteries & Rites Of Celtic Tree Magick. GLASS-KOENTOP Pattalee $14.95 Druidic sacred trees, includes historical background, tree information & symbolism & a meditation to enhance the understanding of the trees & what they represent on a spiritual level.


Chakra Therapy For Personal Growth & Healing. SHERWOOD Keith $9.95 A practical guide which describes the mechanics of energy systems, dynamics of energy flow, & the energy interaction between you & others.

Chakras - Energy Centers Of Transformation. JOHARI Harish $14.95 Classical principles of the chakras as well as their practical application today.

Chakras And Esoteric Healing, The. LANSDOWNE Zachary F. Ph.D $8.95 Examines the relationship between chakras, states of consciousness & pranic, telepathic & radiatory healing.

Chakras, The. LEADBEATER C.W. $10.95 Author makes the chakras come alive in color, with 10 striking illustrations. With great clarity & simplicity, he explains what each chakra means to your welfare.

Chakras: Roots Of Power. BOHM Werner $12.95 Author explains the theories necessary to understand the eightfold path of yoga, postures of meditation, controlling the breath, conscious mastery of the senses, contemplation & more.

Energy Ecstasy And Your Seven Vital Chakras. GUNTHER Bernard $12.95 A beautiful book about human energy with exercises for increasing creativity, health & spiritual well-being.

Human Energy Systems. SCHWARZ Jack $10.00 Offers nontraditional methods of health & healing. Chapters cover rays, auric fields, eye exercises for auric vision, naturopathic system of energy regulation & the tarot system of natural healing.

Journey Into Consciousness - The Chakras, Tantra And Jungian Psychology. BREAUX Charles $12.95 Shows how you can work with the chakras from Tantric doctrine & Jungian archetypes, both conscious & unconscious, so that you can use the chakras for the process of self-transformation.

Path Of Action, The. SCHWARZ Jack $10.00 Presents a unique blend of Eastern & Western philosophy that allows for a fulfilling active life as a means of meditative practice.

Sevenfold Journey, The: Reclaiming Mind, Body & Spirit Thru The Chakras. JUDITH A. & S. Vega $16.95 Learn about the chakras in depth, from your own experience, through journaling, movement & creative exercises.

Theories Of The Chakras: Bridge To Higher Consciousness. MOTOYAMA Hiroshi $12.00 Through intensive yogic exercises, diagrammed & explained in this book, the author became keenly aware of his own chakras.

Wheels Of Life: A User's Guide To The Chakra System. JUDITH Anodea $14.95 Learn to open your chakras (psychic centers) & see how you gain understanding of the present world crisis & what you can do about it. Based on physics, psysiology, & other metaphysical systems.

Wheels Of Light: A Study Of The Chakras. BRUYERE Rosalyn L. $14.00 Explores the 7 chakras of the body with particular focus on the first chakra, which has to do with our basic life force, our physical bodies & our sexuality.

Channelled Material

11:11 Inside The Doorway SOLARA $15.95 Speaks of an opening "doorway of ascension".

Ascension Handbook, An: Channeled Material By Serapis. STUBBS Tony $11.95 Filled with exercises & techniques, this book is a practical "hot to" manual for ascending Lightworkers.

Bringers Of The Dawn - Teachings From The Pleiadians. MARCINIAK Barbara $10.95 Channeling by Marciniak impart to us the wisdom of the Pleiadians, a group of enlightened beings who have come to Earth to help us discover how to reach a new stage of evolution.

E.T. 101 - The Cosmic Instruction Manual. JHO Aoev $12.00 Did you arrive on this planet without a set of instructions? Have you ever secretly suspected that you were adopted-from another, less dysfunctional world? Hang in there. This book's for you!

El * An * Ra - Part One Of The 11:11 Trilogy. SOLARA $14.95 A Novel. An intergalactic romance between a Fallen Angel & a Star Commander leading to the completion of duality. Chronicles the vast saga of Orion.

Emmanuel's Book II - The Choice For Love. RODEGAST & STANTON $11.95 Emmanuel shines his light on the limitless power of love & the prison house of fear. Whether we struggle with personal confusion or pain, this collection bring us singular comfort & assurance.

Kryon - Don't Think Like A Human CARROLL Lee $12.00 We are taken on journeys through parables, given specific information about a healing temple in Atlantis, have group & individual karma explained, concepts like antigravity explained & much more.

Kryon - The End Times CARROLL Lee $12.00 The simple manner in which the material is presented makes this a highly accessible work for newcomers to Metaphysics, & will give the veteran some new insights.

Living With Joy: Keys To Personal Power & Spiritual Transformation. ROMAN Sanaya $10.95 See immediate results in your life when you open your heart, discover your life purpose, change negatives into positives, get clarity in relationships & increase your sense of "aliveness".

Lost Continent Of Mu, The. CHURCHWARD Col. James $15.95 Author's story of how he followed the trail of Mu to the ends of the earth, & how he eventually pieced together a picture of a civilization lost in the mists of time.

Messages From Michael. YARBRO Chelsea Quinn $4.99 Michael is an ancient entity that is contacted through a Ouija Board & this book are his messages delving into the mysteries of life.

Michael - The Basic Teaching. CHRISTEAAN, HULLE & CLARKE $11.95 How is the universe put together & how do you fit into it? Discover the answer by exploring.....

Michael Handbook, The. STEVENS & WARWICK-SMITH $11.95 Describes how people operate through roles, goals, attitudes & chief features. Explains soul ages & how the number of lifetimes you have had affects the way you see the world.

More Messages From Michael. YARBRO Chelsea $3.95

Nature Of Personal Reality. ROBERTS Jane $15.95 Seth shows readers how we create our personal reality through our conscious beliefs about ourselves, others & the world. A must for anyone seeking to understand themselves & their lives.

Nothing In This Book Is True, But It's Exactly How Things Are. FRISSELL Bob $12.95 Here is an account of our planetary ascent into higher consciousness, a big screen view of the Earth drama through the experience of the Ascended Masters.

Seth Speaks. ROBERTS Jane $15.95 Articulates the furthest reaches of human potential & presents the concept that we are independent of our physical image & have access to intuitional knowledge & other dimensions of reality.

Spirit Guides: We Are Not Alone. BELHAYES Iris $12.95 Author shows you how to get in touch with your own spirit guides & encourages you to go beyond personal reality into a larger multidimensional universe.

Spiritual Growth - Being Your Higher Self. ROMAN Sanaya $10.95 This book offers ways to learn more about who you are, why you are here & what you came here to do. This information was channeled through the author by Orin, a spirit teacher.

Starseed - The Third Millennium. CAREY Ken $11.00 Drawing on Judeo-christian & Native American prophecies, author examines the spiritual & social forces underlying new global awareness that is already changing the way we think.

Starseed Transmissions, The. RAPHAEL $10.00 The first in the Starseed trilogy, this eye-opening primer for the coming New Paradign proposes an innovative step for the understanding of global evolution.

We The Arcturians (A True Experience). MILANOVICH Norma J. $14.95 The Arcturians, speaking through the author, have sent Earthlings a gentle message regarding their purpose for being here.


Bridge Into Light: Your Connection To Spiritual Guidance. CAMERON Pam & Fred $11.95 This book includes exercises & affirmations to help you become more in touch with the higher parts of your self & your own spiritual guidance.

Channeling - Investigations On Receiving Information. KLIMO Jon $10.95 Klimo provides an in-depth historical look at this phenomenon - from its earliest recorded instance up to its current widespread popularity.

Channeling; How To Reach Out To Your Spirit Guides. RIDALL, PH.D Kathryn $4.95 Author teaches in simple steps & exercises how to establish channeling goals, how to enter a trance & how to meet & interact with your personal spirit guides.

Magical Child. PEARCE Joseph C. $10.95 Profoundly questions the current thinking on childbirth practices, parenting & educating our children.

Models Of Love: The Parent-Child Journey. VISSELL Joyce & Barry $10.95 This book is for parents & non-parents alike. It is for those who want to glimpse the practical as well as the inspirational side of parenting - & even more - how the two can be integrated.

Starbright - Meditations For Children GARTH Maureen $10.00 Simple visualizations to help children: sleep peacefully, free from nightmares & fears; awaken creativity; develop concentration; learn to quiet themselves.

Your Spiritual Child: Primer For Metaphysics & Yoga. MILICEVIC Barbara $6.50 Offers principles to help parents by showing how attitudes creat the world around us, & gives them guidelines for helping children toward self-mastery & expression of their highest potential.

Children's Books

Fairies From A To Z. KEITH Adrienne $14.95 An enchanted world of tiny surprises & natural delights awaits you inside this treasure trove of fairy lore.

How Raven Freed The Moon. CAMERON Anne $6.95 For children ages 6 & up relating the classic northwest myth telling how Raven the trickster freed the moon from the old fisherwoman's cedar chest & carried it to its rightful place in the heavens.

How The Loon Lost Her Voice. CAMERON Anne $6.95 Amusingly retold Indian myth for ages six to adult.

Indian Way, The - Learning To Communicate With Mother Earth. MCLAIN Gary $9.95 These delightful Full Moon Stories are accompanied by 20 activities that help us experience the wisdom of Grandpa Iron who shows us that the Indian way has much to teach us all.

Keepers Of The Animals. CADUTO Michael & J. Bruchac $19.95 Gathering of carefully selected Native American animal stories & related activities for children ages 5 through 12 promotes responsible stewardship toward allanimals on Earth, including human beings.

Lifetimes - The Beautiful Way To Explain Death To Children. MELLONIE Bryan & R. Ingpen $7.95 A very special, very important book for you & your child. This book explains - beautifully - that all living things have their own special LIFETIMES.

Meditation For Children. ROZMAN, PH.D. Deborah $9.95 Offers simple instructions & exercises so you can teach your child to meditate. Meditation can help your child relieve anxiety, improve concentration, enrich friendships, improve creativity & more.

Mountains, Meadows And Moonbeams: A Child's Spiritual Reader RAIN Mary Summer $10.95 Full of illustrations for coloring, this book will help parents nurture the imagination & creativity of their children & help them understand where we all came from & who we really are.

Oh, The Places You'Ll Go! DR. SEUSS $14.00 Parents will find this book the perfect send-off for children starting out in the maze of life, be they nursery school grads or medical school achievers.

Orca's Song. CAMERON Anne $5.95 A retelling of an Indian myth for children.

Secret Of The Peaceful Warrior. MILLMAN Dan $12.95 An inspirational story about courage & love, it sheds new light on age-old issues faced by all children.

Silver Dreams. PETSCHEK Joyce $19.95 This book's mythical & magical threads weave a rich tapestry that reveals our constantly shifting perceptions - between reality & illusion. A book for children of all ages.

Spider Woman. CAMERON Anne $5.95 Another excellent retelling of an Indian myth for children.

Swiftly Tilting Planet. L'ENGLE Madeleine $3.99 "A delightful page-turner written with rare perception"...Boston Globe

Tenth Good Thing About Barney, The. VIORST Judith $3.95 "My cat Barney died this Friday. I was very sad. My mother said we could have a funeral for him & I should think of 10 good things about Barney so I could tell them....."

There's No Such Place As Far Away. BACH Richard $18.95 Can miles truly separate us from friends? If we want to be with someone we love aren't we already there?

Twelve. KITTREDGE Elaine $9.95 A gentle story for pre-teens & adults - about the excitement of discovering the worlds of nature & the mind, stars, atoms & inner worlds.

Wind In The Door. L'ENGLE Madeleine $3.99 Another fascinating tale by L'Engle.

With Secret Friends. EDENS Cooper $8.00 Germinated from author's memories of the imaginary friends of childhood, the secret friends who call on each of us to remember "the face you had before the world began".

Wrinkle In Time, A. L'ENGLE Madeleine $3.99 Provocative reading for discerning teenagers.

Course In Miracles

Accept This Gift. VAUGHAN / WALSH $7.95 This volume contains selections from "A Course in Miracles", an inspirational text first published in 1976.

Choose Once Again. FINEGOLD & THETFORD $7.95 Selections from a Course in Miracles.

Gift For All Mankind, A. SINGH Tara $10.00 Learning the first 10 lessons of a Course in Miracles.

How To Learn From "A Course In Miracles". SINGH Tara $9.00 Provides new insight & inspiring commentary on this popular spiritual study program.

Journey Without Distance. SKUTCH Robert $7.95 The story behind a Course in Miracles.

Crystals & Gems

Cosmic Crystal Spiral, The. BONEWITZ Ra $9.95 Explains how the energy system, human body, contains all the characteristics of the Universe itself & shows how man & the Cosmos are following a common evolutionary path.

Crystal Awareness. BOWMAN Catherine $3.95 Topics include crystal cleansing & programming, value of polished crystals, chakras, crystals & personal growth, color healing, programming crystals with color & methods of crystal healing.

Crystal Enlightenment. RAPHAELL Katrina $10.95 A comprehensive guide to the use of crystals & gems for healing, internal growth & balance.

Crystal Handbook, The. SULLIVAN Kevin $4.99 Encyclopedia of crystal energy & enlightenment.

Crystal Healing. The Therapeutic Application Of Crystals & Stones. RAPHAELL Katrina $14.95 Includes information about the 6 Master crystals, time bridging, exorcising, past-future life recall, protection & guidance, conscious reprogramming, window crystals and much more.

Crystalline Transmission, The. RAPHAELL Katrina $14.00 This volume of the crystal trilogy reveals a whole new dimension of awareness, bringing the crystal knowledge full circle so you can align with your own crystalline light force.

Cunningham's Encyclopedia Crystal, Gem And Metal Magic. CUNNINGHAM Scott $12.95 Reveals the secrets of over 100 different gems & metals, from what they look like to their long-hidden magical powers. Includes numerous tables, glossary, a bibliography & index & much more.

Michael's Gemstone Dictionary. VAN HULLE & DAVID $18.95 Based on information channeled from Michael, a non-physical teacher who guides Earth-bound students from a higher plane perspective.

Moldavite: Starborn Stone Of Transformation. SIMMONS & KATHY WARNER Robert $12.95 Authors investigate the nature of Moldavite in its scientific & mythic dimensions & especially in regard to its spiritual applications.

Rock Crystal - The Magic Stone. DEAVER Korra $3.95

Spiritual Value Of Gem Stones. RICHARDSON & HUETT $8.95 A book on the spiritual value & use of gem stones.

Cultural Anthropology

Aboriginal Mythology JOHNSON Colin $14.00 This book collates & explains the many fascinating elements of Aboriginal culture: the song circles & stories, artefacts, landmarks, characters & customs.

Archaic Revival MCKENNA Terence $14.00 Shamanic practices coupled with scientific knowledge can open new doors into the hidden recesses of the human psyche & the outer limits of our culture.

Chalice And The Blade, The: Our History, Our Future. EISLER Riane $14.00 Chapters include: messages from the past - the world of the goddess, memories of a lost age; legacy of the goddess, patterns of the past; gylany & history, & breakthrough in evolution. Excellent.

Civilization Of The Goddess - The World Of Old Eupore. GIMBUTAS Marija $30.00

Cult Of The Black Virgin, The. BEGG Ean $12.00 Investigates the origins of black or dark images of Madonna from all over the world. They personify the Holy Grail & the Ark of the covenant in a quest for the lost feminine wisdom.

Dancing Shadows: The Roots Of Western Religious Beliefs. AOUMIEL $10.00 Author formulates a cohesive theory for the origins of modern Neo-Paganism by drawing together current research in the fields of history, religion, archeology & anthropology.

Food Of The Gods: The Search For The Original Tree Of Knowledge. MCKENNA Terence $14.95 A revisionist look at the historical role of drugs in the East & West, from the ancient spice, sugar & rum trades to marijuana, cocaine, synthetics & even TV.

Fruitful Darkness, The - Reconnecting With The Body Of The Earth. HALIFAX Joan $12.00 Seeking the wisdom of indigenous peoples from Native American to Tibetan Buddhist meditators, author discovers the healing nature of both suffering & compassion.

Goddesses And Gods Of Old Europe. GIMBUTAS Marija $17.95 The Goddess incarnating the creative principle as Source & Giver of all, fertility images, mythical animals & other artifacts are analyzed for their mythic & social significance.

Planet Drum: A Celebration Of Percussion & Rhythm. HART Mickey & Lieberman $24.95 "Find your own rhythm & dance your own dance through the images & ideas you find in this book."

Time Falling Bodies Take To Light, The. THOMPSON William Irwin $10.95 "Thompson's scholarship regrounds science in the sacred, fertile soil of mythology & steals the essence of the future from the sterile priests of technocracy".

True Hallucinations. MCKENNA Terence $12.00 This surreal account of the bizarre adventures of McKenna & friends is a wild ride of exotic experience & scientific inquiry exploring the Amazon Basin in search of mythical shamanic hallucinogens.

Up From Eden - A Transpersonal View Of Human Evolution. WILBER Ken $14.95

Voices Of The First Day: Awakening In The Aboriginal Dreamtime. LAWLOR Robert $24.95 Author asks us to suspend our values, prejudices & Eurocentrism & step into the Dreaming - to walk with our most ancient human ancestors into the First Day.

Death & Dying

American Book Of The Dead. GOLD E.J. $12.50 This up-dated of the classic Tibetan work on the techniques of dying is most illuminating, outrageous & astounding holy text you're likely to find.

Death, The Final Stage Of Growth. KUBLER-ROSS Elisabeth $9.00 Ours is a death-denying society. But death is inevitable, & we must face the question of how to deal with it.

Deathing - An Intelligent Alternative For The Final Moments Of Life. FOOS-GRABER Anya $14.95 "This book is a magical blend of practicality & spirituality. It will help many find peace in life's crowning event."

Embraced By The Light. EADIE Betty J. $5.99 Author shares the inspiring story of her journey through death & beyond.

Exploring Life's Last Frontier: The World Of Death, Dying & Letting Go. HARDER Dr. Heather Anne $15.95 This book is a manual written to help people understand & deal with the process of death & dying in a spiritually honest way.

Grace And Grit: Spirituality & Healing In The Life & Death Of Treya Wilber. WILBER Ken $16.00 The compelling story of the 5 year journey of psychologist Wilber & his wife, Treya, through her illness, treatment &, finally, death.

Healing Into Life And Death. LEVINE Stephen $8.95 Author deals with the choice & application of treatment, offering original techniques for working with pain & grief, & discusses the development of merciful awareness as a means of healing.

How Can I Help? DASS Ram & P. Gorman $9.95 From many stories & the author's reflections, we can find strength, clarity & wisdom for those time when we are called on to care for one another.

Meetings At The Edge. LEVINE Stephen $9.95 This is a book on life, a book that integrates death into the context of life.

Mortal Acts - Rituals For Confronting Death. FEINTEIN & MAYO $9.00 More than a handbook for grieving, this book, through 18 meaningful rituals, provokes & transforms our most deeply held fears & beliefs about dying.

On Death And Dying. KUBLER-ROSS Elisabeth $7.95 What the dying have to teach doctors, nurses, clergy & their own families.

Who Dies? LEVINE Stephen $9.95 ..."This book has addressed itself to the many aspects of the dying process with refreshing insight, candor & lightness. It invites us to look directly at "what is" with clarity... Ram Dass

Divination & Prophecy

Cards Of Your Destiny, The. CAMP Robert $24.95 Using a regular card deck, look into your past, present & future using the ancient & original science of card reading.

Celestine Prophecy, The. REDFIELD James $17.95 Reading like a story of high adventure, but having the in-depth affect of a spiritual parable, this book will take you on a journey that will lighten your soul.

Celestine Prophecy, The. - An Experiential Guide REDFIELD James $8.99 A companion to the #1 New York Times bestseller "The Celestine Prophecy". Helps you intensify & expand the knowledge contained in each of the 9 Insights.

Druid Animal Oracle, The. $24.95

Elements Of Pendulum Dowsing, The. GRAVES Tom $8.95 This handbood shows how the techniques of dowsing are available to everyone. Also provides advice on how the pendulum may allow you to realize the potential of your own mind.

Fortune-Telling With Tea Leaves. FENTON Sasha $7.95

Goddess Guide Me. ZERNER & FARBER $25.00 The book, divided into three sections, is designed to reveal advice from three sources: head, heart & home. A roll of the dice instructs players to turn to thesplit pages of the individual Goddesses.x

How To Do Automatic Writing. MCCOY Edain $3.99 Instructs readers through each step of learning & then using automatic writingas a tool for divination & spiritual growth.

Millennium Book Of Prophecy. HOGUE John $22.50 Visions & predictions from Nostradamus, Edgar Cayce, Gurdjieff, Tamo-san, Madam Blavatsky, the Old & New Testament Prophets & 89 others.

Tea Leaf Reading. HEWITT William W. $3.95 Here are step-by-step instructions for everything from preparing a cup of tea for reading, to actually interpreting tea leaf symbols.

Victorian Flower Oracle, The: The Language Of Nature. TELESCO Patricia $12.95 With clear instruction on how to create a flower deck with pressed flowers or artwork, or deck of wood or stone, this book provides the divinatory interpreta tion of 71 flowers, herbs & trees.

World Atlas Of Divination. MATTHEWS John (Editor) $24.95 This is the first definitve guide to the world's major systems of divination. Main sections are Circumpolar Region, Celtic & Norse World, Europe & West, Africa, Americas, Eastern World & more.


Art Of Dreaming, The. CASTANEDA Carlos $12.00 After 6 years of silence, Castaneda now returns with a breakthrough book, a book that fully explains Don Juan's teachings on discovering the world of the spirit through the power of dreams.

Creative Dreaming. GARFIELD, PH.D Patricia $4.95 Plan & control your dreams for a more sensuous, more creative & anxiety-free life.

Dictionary For Dreamers. CHETWYND Tom $10.00 Distilled from the collective wisdom of great interpreters of dreams, this key to the baffling language of dream symbolism is a thought-provoking guide to the uncharted country of the mind.

Dream Book: Symbols For Self-Understanding, The. BETHARDS Betty $11.95 Explains that you can learn to remember your dreams, recognize their meaning & use them for inspiration & problem solving.

Dream Sharing. SHOHET Robin $9.95 Author suggest that we reveal the non-rational, unconscious, intuitive parts of ourselves by listening to & telling one another our dreams.

Dreambody In Relationships, The. MINDELL Arnold $10.95 Integrates family therapy with dream & body work & discusses the relationship between classical analysis & information theory.

Dreambody: The Body's Role In Revealing The Self. MINDELL Arnold $16.95 Just as the unconscious talks to us through dreams in the form of images & symbols, so it speaks through our bodies in physical symptoms.

Dreamer's Dictionary, The. ROBINSON & CORBETT $5.99 "From A to Z...3,000 magical mirrors to reveal the meaning of your dreams."

Dreamer's Workbook, The. DEE Nerys $12.95 Learn how your dreams can help you to see the future, heal your ills, & find solutions to your personal conflicts.

Dreaming With The Wheel. SUN BEAR, WABUN WIND & SHAWNODESE $12.00 Explores different views of dreamtime, both historic & contemporary, including stories of some of the dreams & visions that the authors have experienced & learned of through their teaching.

Dreams And What They Mean To You. GONZALEZ-WIPPLER Migene $3.95 This book explores the nature of sleep, dreams, the human mind & consciousness, & then analyzes the different types of dreams that people often have. Includes a dream dictionary.

Dreamworking - A Comprehensive Guide To Working With Dreams. KAPLAN-WILLIAMS Strephon $24.95 Complete set of methods for working with dreams, & chapters on key topics such as personal growth, consciousness, self-healing, choicemaking, communicating with dream guides & much more.

Exploring The World Of Lucid Dreaming. LABERGE & H. RHEINGOLD Stephen $5.99 Based on LaBerge's extensive lab work at Stanford University mapping mind/body relationships during the dream state & the teachings of Tibetan dream yogis.

Inner Work - Using Dreams And Imagination For Personal Growth. JOHNSON Robert A. $9.95 The author, a noted Jungian analyst, shows how working with our dreams & active imagination can integrate our conscious & unconscious selves, leading us to wholeness & a more satisfying life.

Lady Of The Hare - A Study In The Healing Power Of Dreams. LAYARD Jon $11.95 This book is both a fascinating account of dream therapy & an exploration of the symbolism of the hare in myth & fable around the world.

Living Your Dreams. DELANEY Gayle $12.00 How to target your dreams to understand your problems more clearly, solve them quickly & make more creative decisions.

Lucid Dreaming In Thirty Days. HARAY Keith & P. Weintraub $5.95 Beginning with such simple steps as keeping a dream journal to record your dreams, authors take you step-by-step, day-by-day through the lucid dreaming process.

Lucid Dreaming. LABERGE Stephen Ph.D $5.95 To have a lucid dream is to be consciously aware of your dream while you are having it.

Mystical, Magical, Marvelous World Of Dreams. TANNER Wilda B. $14.95 Written for the spiritual seeker from a philosophical perspective of New Age thought.

Psychic Side Of Dreams, The. HOLZER Hans $4.95 Holzer investigates the different types of dreams including anxiety dreams, nightmares, prophetic,warning, survival, ESP & many more.

Sacred Sleep: Dreams And The Divine. CUNNINGHAM Scott $12.95 Following discussions of the significance of divine dreams in many lands, the author presents instructions & rituals to facilitate divine communication during sleep.

Wisdom Of The Heart - Working With Women's Dreams. SIGNELL Karen A. $14.95 "A book that shows how healing for women can come from their dreams. A practi cal book with examples from daily life, it shows how to work with dreams from a Jungian perspective."

World Is As You Dream It, The: Shamanic Teachings From The Amazon & Andes. PERKINS John $10.95 Tells the story of shamans of Ecuador, U.S. medical doctors, psychologists, & scientists who have gone with him to learn the techniques of dream change.

Your Child's Dreams. GARFIELD, PH.D Patricia $3.95 Understand your child better through the world of dreams.

Zolar's Encyclopedic & Dictionary Of Dreams. ZOLAR $12.00 Offers interpretations for more than 20,000 dreams.

Earth Magick

Bough Down - Praying With Tree Spirits. DOLFYN & ZU $3.95 A book to teach you how to pray to trees in a language that they, & all nature spirits, will understand. Sample prayers included.

Earth Magic: A Dianic Book Of Shadows. WEINSTEIN Marion $8.95 You can learn to protect your house, hotel room, yourself & your loved ones from psychic attack, as well as learning how to manifest a more creative you.

Earth Power: Techniques Of Natural Magic. CUNNINGHAM Scott $8.95 Here is the magic of nature - positive magic for positive solutions. Includes more than 100 spells, rituals, & divinations. Each outlined in detail.

Magical Rites From The Crystal Well. FITCH Ed $9.95 Book of Pagan & Wiccan rituals, celebrating seasonal festivals, rites of passage, magical workings & more.

Natural Magic. VALIENTE Doreen $8.95 How to practice the age-old white magic that village wise-women have used for centuries. Magic of herbs, flowers, amulets, talismans, traditional spells, & much more.

Tree - The Complete Book Of Saxon Witchcraft, The. BUCKLAND Raymond $8.95 This book is a real breakthrough in the field of witchcraft where secrecy is the general rule. Here the author withholds no secrets so that anyone can practice.

Tree Medicine, Tree Magic. HOPMAN Ellen E. $10.95 In presenting a rich tradition of herbal & magical lore relating to trees, this book fills a long awaited need in the realm of herbalism.

Witch Alone, A: Thirteen Moons To Master Natural Magic. GREEN Marian $15.00 Includes information on the ancient arts & spells to gain peace from stress & finding ways to cope with the turmoil of modern life.

Edgar Cayce Titles

Edgar Cayce - The Sleeping Prophet. STEARN Jess $5.99 Stearn presents the extraordinary story of Cayce's life, his healing, his prophecies, & his powerful legacy.

Edgar Cayce On Atlantis. CAYCE Edgar Evans $4.99 Cayce's accounts of past lives on the fabled lost continent.

Edgar Cayce On Dreams. BRO, PH.D Harmon $5.50 Authentic case histories of dream interpretation that can help you solve problems & awaken new possibilities for your life.

Edgar Cayce On Healing. CARTER & MCGAREY $3.95 The 20th century history of parapsychology will probably catalogue Cayce, one of America's best documented psychics, as a medical telepathist.

Edgar Cayce On Reincarnation. LANGLEY Noel $4.50 Fully documented case histories of rebirth that can help you achieve the potential of your inner self.

Edgar Cayce Primer, The. PURYEAR Herbert B. $5.99 Cayce speaks on: sources of psychic development; reincarnation, karma & grace; dreams, meditation & prayer; personal health; holistic healing, sexuality & spirituality; & much more.

Edgar Cayce Reader, The. CAYCE Hugh L. $3.95

Edgar Cayce Remedies, The. MCGAREY, M.D. William $5.99 Cayce's comprehensive program of well-being that treats the total person physically, mentally & spiritually.

Edgar Cayce's Story Of Jesus. FURST Jeffery $5.99

Edgar Cayce's Story Of The Origin And Destiny Of Man. ROBINSON Lytle $4.99 First volume of the great psychic's visions of man's unknown history & future.

Many Mansions: The Edgar Cayce Story On Reincarnation. CERMINARA Gina $5.99 Author tells how Cayce saw past the barriers of space & time, how he penetrated the "previous" lives of his subjects, & performed cures & prophecies.

There Is A River. SUGRUE Thomas $5.95 This biography of Edgar Cayce covers not only his life & medical cures, but also a myriad of other topics including spiritual growth, philosophy, psychology & prophecy of world events.


Ancient Egyptian Design - Coloring Book. SIBBETT Ed $2.95 Here in 39 authentic pictures are designs taken from Tut's tomb & other shrines at Thebes, from the 18th-20th Dynasties (c. 1567-1085 BC).

Egyptian Book Of The Dead. BUDGE E.A. Wallis $9.95 Written around 1500 BC, the Egyptian Book of the Dead, is presented her by Dr. Budge, who later became perhaps the world's most renouwned Egyptologist.

Egyptian Gods & Goddesses: The Mythology & Beliefs Of Ancient Egypt. BARRETT Clive $19.00 The ancient Egyptians had a vast number of gods & goddesses & this book catalogues both those whose names have remained well-known & those who have all but disappeared into obscurity.

Egyptian Magic. BUDGE E.A. Wallis $5.95 Describes the antiquity of magical practices & gives an account of various magical ceremonies, stones, amulets, figures, pictures, formulae, spells & names.

Egyptian Mysteries - An Account Of An Initiation. IAMBLICHUS $9.95 Secret information about Egyptian rituals from an unknown source. Here you proceed through an entire initiation performed by a student, feel his terror, watchhim grow.

Goddess Sekhmet, The: Psychospiritual Exercises Of The Fifth Way. MASTERS Robert $12.95 Presents the Goddess Sekhmet as an archetypal force, guiding the reader into a positive direct experience of the living goddess, her teachings & life-transforming exercises & rituals.

Gods Of The Egyptians, The - Vol. I. BUDGE E.A. Wallis $11.95 Budge presents practically everything known about the high gods, the local gods, demigods, demons & mythological figures of Khem. First volume of two.

Gods Of The Egyptians, The - Vol. II. BUDGE E.A. Wallis $11.95 Second volume of the studies in Egyptian mythology.

Invocation Of The Gods - Ancient Egyptian Magic For Today. REED Ellen Cannon $12.95 Demonstrates how the gods & goddesses of ancient Egypt can influence & benefit our spiritual & physical lives today through proper invocation & worship.

Osiris And The Egyptian Resurrection, Vol. I. BUDGE E.A. Wallis $9.95 With rigorous scholarship, going directly to numerous Egyptian texts, Budge examines every detail of the cult of Osiris.

Osiris And The Egyptian Resurrection, Vol. II. BUDGE E.A. Wallis $9.95 Second volume of this study of Osiris cult.

Pyramid Power. TOTH & NIELSEN $8.95 Discover the fascinating history behind the current revival of interest in pyramid energies. Includes instructions for building your own pyramid & suggested experiments.

Secret Power Of Pyramids, The. SCHUL & PETTIT $4.99 Discoveries about pyramids & how to put that power to work.

Secret Teachings Of The Temple Of Isis, The. ISHBEL $12.95 Discusses techniques for astral projection & meditation, exercises to activate untapped brain circuitry, 13 calendar rituals for solitary use, how to establish a local temple and much, much more.

Secrets Of The Great Pyramid TOMPKINS Peter $30.00 The adventures & discoveries of the explorers & scientists who, for 2000 years, have been probing the mystery of the Great Pyramid of Cheops.

Serpent In The Sky - The High Wisdom Of Ancient Egypt. WEST John A. $18.00 This revised edition of a modern classic includes a new introduction linking Egyptian spiritual science with the perennial wisdom tradition & an appendix up-dating West's work in redating the Sphinx


Emotions And The Enneagram: Working Through Your Shadow Life Script. KEYES Margaret Frings $14.95 Through exploration of the nine specific Enneagram personality types, the author shows us how to turn defensive filters & weaknesses into self-awareness & strength.

Enneagram Relationship Workbook, The:A Self & Partnership Assessment Guide. KEYES Margaret F. $14.95 This workbook can help you acquire a taste for enlightenment by consciously reversing roles & entering the states of mind of 9 quite different characters.

Enneagram, The: Understanding Yourself & The Others In Your Life. PALMER Helen $12.00 A definitive guide to the Enneagram & its 9 distinct personality types. Learn how to recognize your own type & those of the people your involved with personally & at work.

Personality Types - Using The Enneagram For Self-Discovery. RISO Don Richard $9.95 Although the discovery of the Enneagram goes back many centuries, it is also remarkably consistent with modern psychological theories.


Enchantment Of The Faerie Realm:Communicate With Nature Spirits & Elements. ANDREWS Ted $10.00 Helps you remember & realize that faeries & elves still dance in nature & in your heart. You will learn how to recognize the presence of faeries, nature spirits, devas, elves & elementals.

Fairy Tale Reader, A. MATTHEWS John & Caitlin $16.00 Fairies are the gatekeepers to the enchanted realms that psychologists have termed "the collective unconscious".

Feng Shui

Feng Shui - A Layman's Guide To Chinese Geomancy. LIP Evelyn $9.95 This basic guide explains how the future & one's fortune is suggested by the location & orientation of one's home.

Feng Shui - The Chinese Art Of Placement. ROSSBACH Sarah $11.00 Ancient wisdom for the most beneficial way to place & arrange furniture, rooms, & buildings to achieve maximum harmony with Nature.

Feng Shui For Business. LIP Evelyn $9.95 A guide for those who are starting a new business, setting up shops, hotels, shopping or office complexes, to tap the good cosmic energy of the earth.

Feng Shui For The Home. LIP Evelyn $9.95

Feng Shui Handbook, The. WALTERS Derek $17.00 How to design rooms that encourage creativity, the specific interior features to avoid, & how to match your home with the feng shui horoscopes are among the topics discussed.

Feng Shui: Art & Harmony Of Place. GOVERT Johndennis $19.95 The focus of Feng Shui is re-creation of harmony in the space between heaven & earth-landscapes, gardens, buildings & rooms. How to recognize imbalance & restore harmony is the method of the art.

Feng-Shui: The Science Of Sacred Landscape In Old China. EITEL Ernest J. $6.95 Modern concern about the threat to the earth's continued life has brought about a revival of interest in this traditional science which was based on principles of co-operation between men & nature.

Interior Design With Feng Shui. ROSSBACH Sarah $15.00 Feng shui is the oldest of the eco-arts & will appeal to architects, designers, & office workers who want to live in harmony with nature & work to their fullest potential.

Fictional Novels

Amazon, A Novel WALKER Barbara G. $9.00 "Thelma & Louise" style action & scathing feminist wit reverberate through this explosive novel - the adventures of a woman warrior time traveler on a mission from the Goddess.

Brother Of The Third Degree. GARVER Will L. $15.50 This is the "classic" occult fiction novel writen in 1894.

Celtic Heart, The. COCQUYT Kathryn M. $14.95 Tells the adventurous, epic tale of spirit, love, loss & the difficult choices made by 3 generations of the Celtic Brigantes tribe.

Child Of Her People. CAMERON Anne $8.95 Fiction. Story of a woman found, as a small white baby, in a covered wagon by the side of her dead mother. She is taken to a band of the People, who adopt & nurture her.

Circle Of Power: Tying Down Strings Of Energy. HUGHES-CALERO Heather $10.00 Native American fiction.

Cosmic Trigger, Vol. 2. WILSON Robert Anton $12.95 Wilson explores the incredible Illuminati-based synchronicities that have taken place since his original ground-breaking masterpiece was published.

Cosmic Trigger: The Final Secret Of The Illuminati. WILSON Robert Anton $12.95 Wilson's most successful book in human terms. The book that symbolizes the essence of the new age. As Bob says, "I do not believe in anything!"

Crossing To Avalon. BOLEN, M.D. Jean Shinoda $12.00 In this account of her journey to Europe in search of the sacred feminine, the author unveils the mythological significance of the midlife search for meaning & renewal.

Demon Lover, The. FORTUNE Dion $10.95 A novel that describes the working of an occult lodge. This book has long been a classic for students of the Western Mystery Tradition.

Earth Will Shake - The Historical Illuminatus Chronicles, Vol. 1 WILSON Robert Anton $4.99

Far Memory. GRANT Joan $9.95 Author's autobiography, Grant tells the story of her present life & how she came to develop her intuitive skills & write her novels.

Fifth Sacred Thing, The. STARHAWK $12.95 In the tradition of Margaret Atwood's "The Handmaid's Tale" comes an epic novel set in 21st century California about love & war, body & spirit, freedom & slavery, & the future of human life itself.

Forest House, The. BRADLEY Marion Z. $21.95 A novel by the author of "The Mists of Avalon".

Gift Of Wings, A. BACH Richard $5.99 "He captures the sheer exhilaration, at moments approaching exaltation, that he experiences Up There." --San Francisco Chronicle/Examiner.

Goat Foot God, The. FORTUNE Dion $12.95 An original novel in which the 15th & 20th centuries meet with uncanny results due to the invocation of Pan. This work is of special interest to students of magic & Western Mystery Tradition.

Golden Twigs. CROWLEY Aleister $21.95 Inspired by "The Golden Bough" by Frazer, this collection of 8 short stories retells some of the more colorful & savage motifs chronicled by Frazer.

Heart Of The Fire. FALLINGSTAR Cerridwen $12.95 Fiction. Fiona is a peasant girl in 16th Century Scotland. Her grandmother is teaching her herbcraft, healing & magic, as she follows the visions that lead her in a path of shamanic powers.

Illuminati Papers, The. WILSON Robert Anton $9.95 In this book Wilson speaks through characters from his novels & other realities & presents his views on our future way of life.

Illuminatus Trilogy, The. SHEA & WILSON $14.95 "The ultimate conspiracy book..hilariously raunchy..the biggest sci-fi cult novel to come along since Dune".

Illusions: The Adventures Of A Reluctant Messiah. BACH Richard $5.99 More than a great national best seller. A great way of looking at life.

Jonathan Livingston Seagull. BACH Richard $4.99 A most wonderful story about a seagull looking for more in life.

Jupiter Experiment, The: A Love Story Of This World & The Next. MOON Margaret & Maurine $1.95 This book tells of a love between a discarnate spirit, Scott, & the incarnate Eve.

Masks Of The Illuminati. WILSON Robert Anton $8.95 The rollicking cosmic mystery that began in "The Illuminatus Trilogy" continues in this classic featuring Albert Einstein & James Joyce as the ultimate space/time detectives.

Moon Magic. FORTUNE Dion $9.95 In an abandoned London church, Vivien Le Fay Morgan, protagonist of "The Sea Priestess", reappears as Lilith to construct an astral temple of Hermetic magic. A novel.

Moonchild. CROWLEY Aleister $11.95 A novel. It's the story of a young girl drawn into a magickal war between two men. Written from personal experience, this work describes the methods & theories of modern magickal practices.

One. BACH Richard $5.99 "Instead of soaring & diving through space, passengers on this flight must be prepared to cruise slowly, making several stops to look at their motivation & lifestyles..."

Return Of The Goddess: A Divine Comedy. CUNNINGHAM Elizabeth $12.95 Fiction. "A literally charming novel about a modern day woman's discovery of the Goddess".

Right Where You Are Sitting Now: Further Tales Of The Illuminati. WILSON Robert Anton $9.95 In this book the author probes: Emic reality, Negative Entropy, Witch Hunters of the Scientific Establishment, The Jumping Jesus Phenomenon, Is God a Dope, Have Fun with Your Head, and more.

Sea Priestess, The. FORTUNE Dion $10.95 A novel. Upon the surface, a romance, underneath, a thesis upon the theme: "All women are Isis, & Isis is all women".

Seventh Mesa, The. RAIN Mary Summer $19.95 Author weaves a suspenseful & meaningful story about 4 people who first learn about & then drawn to seek the sacred place hidden deep beneath the New Mexico desert.

Way Of The Peaceful Warrior: A Book That Changes Lives. MILLMAN Dan $11.95 Based on author's true story, a world champion athlete journeys into relms of flesh & spirit, guided by an old warrior named Socrates. He learns what it means to live & die as a warrior.

Wild Mother, The. CUNNINGHAM Elizabeth $20.95 This captivating novel offers many herines: one for childhood, one for motherhood, one for old age, & one for all the Wild places. Author sews the seeds of our own transformation in her characters.

Winged Beetle, The. CROWLEY Aleister $29.95 This book is the most extensive published collection of Crowley's lyrical poetry & translations & it has long been a rare & treasured item among the enthusiasts of his verse.

Winged Bull, The. FORTUNE Dion $9.95 Deep mysteries veiled under the guise of fiction, this work makes available to the serious student of occultism knowledge of esoteric laws & magical practices.

Winged Pharaoh. GRANT Joan $9.95

Woman Between The Wind. HUGHES-CALERO Heather $9.95 The power of resistance: an eagle's viewpoint of a shaman's entry through the first door.

General Metaphysics

50 Simple Things Kids Can Do To Save The Earth. EARTH WORKS GROUP $6.95 This book is full of experiments, facts & exciting things to do. Learn to keep the Earth a safe, healthy place for yourself, for other kids & even grown-ups!

50 Simple Things You Can Do To Save The Earth. EARTH WORKS GROUP $4.95 A practical, entertaining & informative guide to the things you can do to help protect the Earth.

Akashic Record Player, The. ALLI Antero $12.95 The Planetary Entity narrates Herstory about how She arranges meetings between uncertain humans at certain sites to perform Earth Rites for future myths.

Aliens Among Us. MONTGOMERY Ruth $5.99 Dazzling true testimony that extraterrestrials are on earth - about to usher in the New Age.

An End To Innocence - Facing Life Without Illusions. KOPP Sheldon $4.50 "Desperately holding onto the fairy-tale vision of a life in which the fall of the enemy is clear & the good guys always win, we waste our lives in waiting for the happy ending."

Art And Symbols Of The Occult: Images Of Power & Wisdom. WASSERMAN James $19.95 This book provides an excellent introduction to the timeless & hidden dimensions of occult practice, while stimulating the imagination & the quest for intuitive knowledge.

Ascension Manual - How To Achieve Ascension In This Lifetime. STONE Joshua D. $14.95 Created to be read as an overview of the spiritual path, this book explores the world's great religions, great masters, spiritual psychology & Ascended Masters' teachings.

Book Of Qualities, The. GENDLER J. Ruth $9.95

Book: On The Taboo Against Knowing Who You Are, The. WATTS Alan $8.00

Born To Heal. MONTGOMERY Ruth $4.99 The true story of Mr. A & the astounding art of healing with life energies.

Bridge Across Forever, The: A Lovestory. BACH Richard $5.99 If you've ever felt alone in a world of strangers, missing someone you've never met, you'll find a message from your love in "The Bridge Across Forever".

Bridges To Success & Fulfillment. HEWITT William W. $7.95 This book gives you 29 non-traditional but highly effective & proven ways to deal with traditional problems & situations.

Candle Of Vision, The - Inner Worlds Of The Imagination. WAITE A.E. $10.95 First published in 1918. While it may seem that such concepts as creative visualisation & imagining our own reality are recent innovation, they are also found here.

Children Of Light, Children Of Denial. BUESS, Lynn $8.95 Author introduces new insights & deeply penetrative perspectives on the issues of abuse, alcoholism, co-dependency & the shame-based dysfunctional behaviors in today's society.

Children Of Mu, The. CHURCHWARD James $15.95 The Land of Mu was a huge continent situated in the Pacific Ocean between America & Asia 12,000 years ago. This account tells of the colonial expansion & the influence of its culture on the world.

Codependent No More. BEATTIE Melody $10.00

Coincidance: A Head Test. WILSON Robert Anton $12.95 This is an anthology of essays which the author calls "random explorations", a quest to make sense out of nonsense which is an inescapable part of human experience.

Companions Along The Way. MONTGOMERY Ruth $4.99 Here are the details of a Group Karma experience that extends over thousands of years from the temples of Babylon to Palestine in the days of Jesus to the present.

Compassion In Action - Setting Out On The Path Of Service. DASS & BUSH $11.00 First part of the book is Ram Dass's spiritual autobiography. Bush then counsels readers on how to identify their useful talents, finding opportunities to serve in the community.

Creating Affluence. CHOPRA Deepak $12.95 With clear & simple wisdom, author explores the full meaning of wealth consciousness & presents a step-by-step plan for creating affluence & fulfillment on all levels of our lives.

Creative Money Making: Become A Money Magnet. DENNING & PHILLIPS $8.95 "Money can be a very real magickal & spiritual power & magickal power lies dormant within each & every one of us. Learn how to awaken that power."

Crop Circles: Harbingers Of World Change. BARTHOLOMEW Alick $17.95 This book reports the dramatic shift in complexity of the crop circle phenomenon in 1991. It also puts forward some very radical ideas on their significance.

Crystal Ball, The. FERGUSON Sibyl $2.95 An essay describing the history of the crystal ball, instructions on its housing & use, how to read the crystal & the interpretation of phenomena seen.

Das Energi. WILLIAMS Paul $6.95 "We are on the verge of the new age, a whole new world. Everything will change. You will never be the same. All this will happen just as soon as you're ready".

Dictionary Of Mysticism. DRURY Nevill $14.95

Dictionary Of Symbolism: Cultural Icons & The Meanings Behind Them. BIEDERMANN Hans $17.95 Explore the meanings of over 2,000 symbols culled from the worlds of mythology, archeology, psychology, the Bible, literature, fairy tales, folklore, & history.

Don't Fall Off The Mountain. MACLAINE Shirley $4.50 An outspoken thinker, a keen observer , MacLaine takes us on a remarkable journey into her life & her inner self.

Dragon Doesn't Live Here Anymore, The: Living Fully, Loving Freely. COHEN Alan $12.50 An enlightening look at the life of one who found his purpose & the courage to live it.

Drawing On The Right Side Of The Brain. EDWARDS Betty $13.95 This book is for people at all levels of skill who want to learn to draw.

Dynamic Laws Of Prayer. PONDER Catherine $11.95 Part I "Simple methods of prayer". Part II "Advanced methods of prayer".

Dynamic Laws Of Prosperity, The. PONDER Catherine $15.95 In two parts - (1) basic prosperity laws that can bring riches to you; (2) other prosperity laws that can bring riches to you.

Eagle's Gift, The. CASTANEDA Carlos $12.00 In this haunting & deeply personal book, the author takes the reader into the very heart of sorcery, challenging both imagination & reason.

Earth Memory - Sacred Sites. DEVEREUX Paul $12.95 Provides a new & exciting means for deciphering the information locked in the landscape of ancient sites. Brings together the science of archaeology & earth mysteries.

Earth Prayers. ROBERTS & AMIDON (EDITORS) $15.00 This is an extraordinary collection of writings from people of all walks of life & nearly all historical periods.

Emergence Of The Divine Child: Healing The Emotional Body. PHILLIPS Rick $9.95 Focuses on separation & judgment. Clearing judgment opens the heart & throat chakras & naturally gives rise to the "Divine Child"- that aspect of our higher self.

Emmanuel's Book III: What Is An Angel Doing Here? RODEGAST & JUDITH STANTON Pat $11.95 In this book Emmanuel focuses on a special topic, the question of Angels.

Emmanuel's Book. RODEGAST & STANTON $11.95 Emmanuel shares his wisdom & insights on all aspects of life. This is an exceptional book for anyone just beginning to question consensus reality.

Empowerment: There Is Nothing That You Cannot Do, Be Or Have. PRICE John Randolph $10.95 Organized "to provide a road map for an exciting spiritual journey, one that will lead you to that Innercosmic Highway that runs far above the limitations of the physical world".

Financial Success: Harnessing The Power Of Creative Thought. WATTLES Wallace $8.95 Through the process of visualization, we can impress our thoughts upon "formless substance" & bring the desired object or circumstance into material form.

Findhorn Community, The. RIDDELL Carol $15.95 One of the first successful "new age" communities of present times, it was founded in 1962 & continues to be an important part of a world-wide movement for spiritual transformation.

Finite And Infinite Games. CARSE James P. $5.99

Fire From Within, The. CASTANEDA Carlos $8.95 Castaneda, under the tutelage of Don Juan, at last constructs a stunning portrait of the "sorcer's world" that is crystal clear & dizzing in its implications.

Foot Analysis: The Foot Path To Self-Discovery. GRINBERG Avi $16.95 Your feet tell how you walk through life & the author shows you how this works. His techniques are fully explained & illustrated so you can get a whole new perspective of yourself.

Game Of Life And How To Play It, The. SHINN Florence S. $5.95 Author has left us this inspiring book brimming with knowledge of the laws of prosperity & forgiveness, power of the word, perfect self-expression & intuition.

Gift Of Story, The. A Wise Tale About What Is Enough. ESTES, PH.D. Clarissa Pinkola $10.00 Stories that instruct, renew & heal provide a vital nourishment to the psyche that cannot be obtained in any other way. Author of "Women Who Run With The Wolves".

Handbook To Higher Consciousness. KEYES Ken $8.95 This work of life contains a mixture of most major philosophies & puts them together in a workable, easy-to-understand manner.

Harper's Encyclopedia Of Mystical & Paranormal Experience. GUILEY Rosemary Ellen $22.00 Painstakingly researched, reviewed by top experts in the field, this reference is an invaluable resource for anyone seeing a deeper understanding of the mystery of alternate realities.

Heart Of The Serpent, The: Mystical Journeys To The Core Of Life. DE LA LAMA Luis $17.95 In the tradition of great spiritual autobiography, a modern master magician becomes a master teller of the story of his own psychic journey toward spiritual achievement.

Heart Thoughts: A Treasury Of Inner Wisdom. HAY Louise L. $10.00 Author has compiled her favorite treatments, medications, & affirmations to help you address & learn to release the issues that trouble you.

Herald Of The New Age. MONTGOMERY Ruth $4.95 Author's own fascinating story.

Here And Hereafter. MONTGOMERY Ruth $4.95 "Have you lived before? Will you live again? Fascinating new revelations about the experience of reincarnation."

Highways Of The Mind: The Art And History Of Pathworking. ASHCROFT-NOWICKI Dolores $12.95 Pathworking is a term given to a specific kind of guided visualization exercise in which the mind is projected into a series of situations & landscapes that can be viewed on a mental screen.

Holographic Paradigm, The. WILBER, EDITOR Ken $20.00 Prominent scientists & thinkers present in lay language the leading edge of scientific theory, which demonstrates a remarkable similarity to the great mystical traditions of East & West.

Hundredth Monkey, The. KEYES Ken $2.50 This book shows you how we have the creativity & power to change both ourselves & the world.

Illuminati Conspiracy, The: The Sapiens System. HOLMES Donald $12.95 "Who is in chart of this planet? Is it revolving or going sideways? Who are we & where are we going? Dr. Holmes lets us in on the secret....." - Robert Anton Wilson.

Illuminati Of Immortality. SAALMAN Wayne $12.95 A soaring epic, in which high tech & spiritual ambitions merge in a heated global struggle to achieve the highest dreams of power & transcendence.

Illustrated Encyclopaedia Of Traditional Symbols, An. COOPER J. C. $15.95 In nearly 1500 entries, many of them strikingly & often surprisingly illustrated, author has documented the history & evolution of symbols from pre-history to our own day.

Initiation. HAICH Elisabeth $18.00 An autobiographical novel of a woman in the 20th century & vivid recollections of her earlier life as a young priestess in ancient Egypt.

Invisibility - Mastering The Art Of Vanishing RICHARDS Steve $9.00 Melds the teachings of alchemy, Rosicrucianism, medieval magic & esoteric yoga with modern theories of perception to offer a range of techniques for getting away from it all.

Island Of The Sun - Mastering The Inca Medicine Wheel. VILLOLDO & JENDRESEN $14.95 Recounts the author's return to Peru in search of the Quechua Indian shaman Don Jicaram.

It's All In The Playing. MACLAINE Shirley $5.99 In this book, author casts herself in her most challenging role yet-as seeker of personal & metaphysical truth.

Journey To Ixtlan. CASTANEDA Carlos $10.00 In this book Castaneda brings to a triumphant conclusion his account of the teaching of Don Juan.

Levitation. RICHARDS Steve $9.00 What it is - How it works - How to do it. A comprehensive manual, based on hitherto secret TM-Sidhi techniques.

Life 101. ROGER & MCWILLIAMS $9.95 Everything we wish we had learned about life in school - but didn't.

Life And Teachings Of The Masters Of The Far East, Vol. I. SPALDING Baird T. $7.50 Vol. I includes an introduction of the Master Emil, the "Temple of Silence", astral projection, snowmen of the Himalayas, & new light on the teachings of Jesus.

Life And Teachings Of The Masters Of The Far East, Vol. II. SPALDING Baird T. $7.50 Vol. II continues with the teachings of the Masters & covers: Jesus discusses the nature of hell & God, the mystery of thought vibrations & an account of a healing experience.

Life And Teachings Of The Masters Of The Far East, Vol. III. SPALDING Baird T. $8.50 Vol III includes: the nature of cosmic energy, the creation of the planets & the worlds, explaining mystery of levitation & one of the masters speaks of the Christ consciousness.

Life And Teachings Of The Masters Of The Far East, Vol. IV. SPALDING Baird T. $8.50 Among the subjects of Vol IV: the White Brotherhood, the one mind, basis of coming social reorganization & Prana.

Life And Teachings Of The Masters Of The Far East, Vol. V. SPALDING Baird T. $8.50 Includes a brief biography of author. Subjects include: is there a God, mastery over death & the divine pattern.

Lighten Up! SUMRALL Joe $8.95 Tickles us with humor inspired by the spirit of self-transformation. This is a "tear out & post it", "xerox & share it", sit down & thing about it" kind of comic book.

Living In The Light Workbook. GAWAIN Shakti $12.95 You are given a wide variety of related exercises which will help you develop the ability to listen to & follow your intuition, a practical way of solving problems, dissolving limitations & more.

Living In The Light. GAWAIN Shakti $9.95 Offers a unique & expanded perspective on who we are & what we have the poten tial to become.

Lords Of Light - The Path Of Initiation In The Western Mysteries. BUTLER W. E. $10.95 Author's overriding theme concerns regeneration of the personality & the relinquishing of false ego in favor of the true Self - that self which is a reflection of the divine idea.

Magical Battle Of Britain, The. FORTUNE Dion $14.95 Immediately following Germany's invasion of Poland, Dion Fortune's Society of The Inner Light initiated a magical programme designed to thwart the expansionist intentions of the Third Reich.

Major Religions Of The World. BACH Marcus $6.95 This book is a compact survey of the founders, the scriptures, the worship & the basic beliefs of the major religions of the world.

Make The Circle Bigger - We Need Each Other. D/C MOORE Rickie $11.95 This book reveals the healing power to which all loving & feeling beings are entitled. The examples herein describe how one may enter this circle filled with the joy of living.

Manifestation Process, The. PRICE John R. $3.95

Mayan Factor: Path Beyond Technology, The. ARGUELLES Jose $12.95 Explores the cycles of the Earth as revealed in the Mayan Calendar, focusing on the galactic season which have been described mathematically & symbolically by the Mayans.

Messianic Legacy, The. BAIGENT, LEIGH & LINCOLN $6.99 Looks at such questions as: What extraordinary meaning lies behind Jesus' title "King of the Jews"; Who now has the ancient treasure of the Temple of Jerusalem; & much, much more.

Metaphysical Handbook. POND David & Lucy $9.95 A concise overview for using astrology, numerology, the I Ching & palmistry to help understand how to metaphysically become more conscious of who you are & how to change your outlook on life.

Millennium Whole Earth Catalog, The RHEINGOLD, EDITOR Howard $30.00

Modern Shaman's Guide To A Pregnanat Universe, A. HYATT & ALLI $9.95 An unusual book.

Mutant Message Downunder. MORGAN Marlo $12.95 The heart & soul of one Australian aboriginal tribe on walkabout with a summoned American woman. Read about indigenous people living their ancient culture.

Mystic Spiral, The. PURCE Jill $14.95 The spiral is the natural form of growth & has become, in every culture & in every age, man's symbol of the progress of the soul towards eternal life.

Nature, Man And Woman. WATTS Alan $10.95 A provocative & enduring work that reexamines humanity's place in the natural world - & the spirit's relation to the flesh - in the light of Chinese Taoism.

Neuropolitique LEARY Timothy $12.95 "The tactics of evolution are: space migration, intelligence increase & life extention. The goal of evolution is: fusion (at higher levels of intensity - acceleration, aesthetic complexity).

New Inquisition, The: Irrational Rationalism & The Citadel Of Science. WILSON Robert Anton $12.95 Wilson challenges the fundamentalist models of religion & science which, if left unchecked, could accellerate to become the "only reality" we are allowed. A very exciting & funny work.

No Boundary. WILBER Ken $13.00 A simple yet comprehensive guide to the types of psychologies & therapies now available from both Western & Eastern sources.

No Ordinary Moments - A Peaceful Warrior's Guide To Daily Life. MILLMAN Dan $12.95 Based on the premise that by changing ourselves we can change our world, this book presents simple ways to balance the body, liberate the mind, accept our emotions & open our hearts.

Open Your Mind To Prosperity. PONDER Catherine $7.95 Opens with "it's time to prosper" & concludes with "open your mind to receive".

Open Your Mind To Receive. PONDER Catherine $8.95 More on prosperity.

Out On A Limb. MACLAINE Shirley $5.95 An outspoken thinker, MacLaine goes beyond her previous 2 bestsellers to take us on an intimate yet powerful journey into her personal life & inner self.

Path Of Transformation, The. GAWAIN Shakti $9.95 How healing ourselves spiritually, mentally, emotionally & physically can change our lives & transform the world. Bestselling author of "Creative Visualization" & "Living in the Light".

Perennial Dictionary Of World Religions, The. CRIM (EDITOR) Keith $26.00 A concise, authoritative compendium of information on the world's living religions by 161 scholars from major religious traditions & related fields.

Politics Of Ecstasy, The. LEARY Timothy $12.95

Power Is Within You. HAY Louise L. $12.00 This book expands on the author's philosophies of loving the self & shows you how to overcome emotional barriers.

Practical Spirituality. PRICE John R. $9.95 Price takes the reader on an exciting journey in the light, using practical applications of metaphysical principles every step of the way.

Prophecies Of Nostradamus, The. CHEETHAN Erika $9.95 Unabridged, this authoritative & scholarly new edition includes a detailed biographical introduction & illuminating commentary.

Prophet, The. GIBRAN Kahlil $13.00 This book, which is Gibran's masterpiece, has become one the the beloved classics of our time.

Psychotherapy East And West. WATTS Alan $5.95 What is the common ground between Western psychiatry & Eastern philosophy, & what has each to learn from the other?

Pumping Ions - Games & Exercises To Flex Your Mind. WUJEC Tom $9.95 Author shows you how to strengthen, flex, tone & coordinate your "mental muscles", conditioning the brain just as you do the body.

Random Acts Of Kindness. CONARI PRESS, EDITORS $8.95 Imagine what would happen if there were an outbreak of kindness in the world. This book will inspire you to start to bring delight & goodness to yourself & others.

Return To The Garden. GAWAIN Shakti $9.95 Offers meditations, exercises, rituals for attuning to the earth, contacting your true essence, connecting with your inner child, balancing your male & female energies & more.

Sacred Architecture MANN A.T. $19.95 A re-discovery of our collective heritage, showing us how to understand the symbols of change provided by the buildings & monuments of our ancestors.

Sacred Journey Of The Peaceful Warrior. MILLMAN Dan $11.95 In the eagerly awaited sequel to his best-selling "Way of the Peaceful Warrior "Dan takes the first steip of his sacred journey.

Sacred Journey To Atlantis. MILANOVICH & J. MELTESEN Norma J. $12.95 Milanovich & Meltesen answer such questions as what is the significance of Atlantis? What do the Atlantean energies have to do with our process on Earth today?

Sacred Sites. JOSEPH Frank $16.95 Acquaints readers with the mysterious sites of the U.S., provides their physical description & suggests simple rituals for tapping into their special energies.

Sacred Theory Of The Earth, The. FRICK Thomas (Editor) $12.95 A series of essays on sacred places & ideas.

Search For The Truth, A. MONTGOMERY Ruth $5.99 Find out the connection between psychic dreams, ESP, precognitive visions & automatic writing - & whether psychic power is a curse or a blessing.

Seat Of The Soul, The. ZUKAV Gary $12.00 Explains how we create our experiences with the power of our own thoughts, traces the path of the soul's evolution & describes our ability to transform our lives.

Second Ring Of Power, The. CASTANEDA Carlos $12.00 Back from the abyss, Castaneda encounters his greatest test on the journey towards impeccability & freedom.

Secret Power Of Music, The. TAME David $10.95 Includes discussion of: music & mortality, music therapy, sound & color, the tonal aspects of the American Revolution, music & magic in Ancient China & much more.

Secret Teachings Of All Ages (Hc). HALL Manly P. $40.00 An encyclopedic outline of Masonic, Hermetic, Qabbalistic & Rosicrucian symbolical philosophy.

Secret Teachings Of All Ages (P). HALL Manly P. $30.95 Same description as hard cover.

Secrets From The Lives Of Trees. GOELITZ Jeffrey $9.95 Draws on many examples from religion, mythology, science, & channeled wisdom, as well as original accounts by several people who have an intimate relationship with trees.

Separate Reality, A. CASTANEDA Carlos $8.95 Further conversations with Don Juan.

Strangers Among Us. MONTGOMERY Ruth $4.99 Author tells about the rapidly approaching era heralded by strangers among us - enlightened being who have come to lead us into a bold new age.

Surfers Of The Zuvuya: Tales Of Interdimensional Travel. ARGUELLES Jose $9.95 Experience the journey into the 4th dimension with Uncle Joe Zuvuya. This voyage will put you in contact with a very important part of yourself; the magical self you may have forgotten.

Tales Of Power. CASTANEDA Carlos $10.00 Don Juan concludes the instruction of Castaneda with his most powerful & mysterious lessons in the sorcerer's art - a series of visions that at once an initiation & a deeply moving farewell.

Talking With Nature. ROADS Michael J. $9.95 After reading this book, you will never again wonder if nature can speak. It can & it does, & this unique book may well expand your awareness of the special bond between man & his environment.

Teachings Of Don Juan, The. CASTANEDA Carlos $12.00 Jaqui way of knowledge; story of a spiritual journey. The first steps on the road to becoming

Threshold To Tomorrow. MONTGOMERY Ruth $4.95 "Walk-ins are enlightened beings now secretly & anonymously among us to guide humanity through the upheavals ahead."

Time-Out...For Parents: A Compassionate Approach To Parenting. HUBER & MELINDA GUYOL Cheri $12.00 "Focues on the single aspect of parenting that inevitably creates the most change - empowering the parent to change in order to affect self-esteem in both parent & child.

Undoing Yourself Too. HYATT Christopher S. $9.95

Undoing Yourself With Energized Meditation & Other Devices. HYATT Christopher S. $12.95 "Who hates this book? Stuffed shirt academicians, do-nothing sweetness & light practitioners of cosmic foo-foo, & slave-owners everywhere".

Unlimited Power. ROBBINS Anthony $12.50

Vision: A Personal Call To Create A New World. CAREY Ken $9.00 Continuing the theme of "Starseed Transmission", this book explores humanity's slowly awakening spiritual consciousness at this critical turning point in history.

Voices On The Threshold Of Tomorrow. FEUERSTEIN, EDITORS Georg & Trisha Lamb $14.00 Contains succinct statements in which 145 leading personalities, scientists, artists, politicians, educators, yogis, theologians, writers, environmentalists, confess their hopes & fears about future.

Walden - Or, Life In The Woods. THOREAU Henry David $6.00

Way Of Real Wealth, The *** WALDMAN, PH.D Mark S. $12.00

Whispering Winds Of Change: Perceptions Of A New World. WILDE Stuart $12.95 Like Wilde's other books, this work is full of compelling ideas, unusual perceptions & esoteric concepts for individuals who want to progress inwardly.

Wilhelm Reich In Hell. WILSON Robert Anton $12.95 Inspired by the 1957 U.S. government seizure & burning of all Dr. Reich's scientific books/papers.

Wisdom Of Insecurity, The. WATTS Alan $7.00 This is a philosophy not of nihilism but of the reality of the present - always remembering that to be of the present is to be, & candidly, know ourselves to be, on the crest of a breaking wave."

World Before, The. MONTGOMERY Ruth $3.50 Arthur Ford & the Guides offer secret lore of the past & startling new glimpse of the future.

World Beyond, A. MONTGOMERY Ruth $4.95 "The first eyewitness account of the hereafter from the world famous psychic Arthur Ford (through Ruth Montgomery).

You Are Becoming A Galactic Human. ESSENE & SHELDON NIDLE Virginia $11.95 A bold, urgent & extraordinary revelation about Earth's hidden million-year history, & secret truths of human relationships with spiritual masters & star beings.

Zen And The Art Of Making A Living. BOLDT Laurence G. $16.00 A practical guide to creative career design.


Ancient Science Of Geomancy, The: Living In Harmony With The Earth. PENNICK Nigel $14.95 A guide to the holistic philosophy of environmental understanding, design & attunement. Traces folklore, ethnography, myth, architecture & esoteric traditions.

Anti-Gravity And The World Grid. CHILDRESS David H. $14.95 The geography, mathematics & light harmonics of the Earth grid; purpose of Ley Lines & ancient megalithic power points sited on the grid & much, much more.

Earth Energies: A Quest For The Hidden Power Of The Planet. KING Serge Kahili $12.00 Hawaiian shaman King explores the hidden powers of the Earth. Drawing on the wisdom of ancient civilizations & more recent research, he describes the wonders of the unseen natural force known as vril.

Magical And Mystical Sites - Europe & The British Isles. PEPPER & WILCOCK $16.95 From Stonehenge in England to the oracle of Apollo in Greece, this book explores the most remarkable & significant holy places of the ancient world.

Oracle Of Geomancy: Techniques Of Earth Divination. SKINNER Stephen $12.95 Geomancy gives counsel in all of life's concerns. In its 16 symbols, you can lay before you the essence of your personal universe, interpret the figure to find answers to any question.

Power Of Place & Human Environment, The. SWAN James A. $14.95 Stonehenge, the Himalayas, Ganges river, Great Pyramid of Giza - these places affect us profoundly. The author has collected essays on sacred places & their effect on human beings.

Shamanism And The Mystery Lines. DEVEREUX Paul $12.95 Ley lines, spirit paths, shape-shifting & out-of-body travel.

Stones Of Time - Calendars, Sundials, & Stone Chambers Of Ancient Ireland. BRENNAN Martin $19.95 Through a combination of careful observations, analysis of the astronomical alignment of the sites & insightful interpretation, author argues these are sophisticated calendar divices.


Ancient Christian Magic: Coptic Texts Of Ritual Power. MEYER & RICHARD SMITH Marvin $25.00 An astonishing collection of magical texts from ancient Egypt that shows the exotic rituals, esoteric healing practices & incantatory & supernatural dimensions in Early Christianity.

Complete Gospels, The MILLER Robert J $18.00

Gnostic Gospels, The. PAGELS Elaine $9.00 "The first major & eminently readable book on gnosticism benefiting from the discovery in 1945 of a collection of Gnostic Christian texts at Nag Hammadi in Egypt."...The New York Times

Gnostic Jung And The Seven Sermons To The Dead, The. HOELLER Stephan $10.95 Some think Jung was a spiritual pagan, while others accused him of being biased in the direction of Christianity. This book would set both of these opinions in the wrong.

Gnostic Religion, The. JONAS Hans $18.95

Great Heresy, The - The History & Beliefs Of The Cathars. GUIRDHAM Arthur $15.95 This book details the history & beliefs of Catharism. Discusses such subjects as reincarnation on other planets & of animals as men, auras, the creation of the world, nature of alchemy, & more.

Jung And The Lost Gospels. HOELLER Stephan A. $10.95 Insights into the Dead Sea Scrolls & the Nag Hammadi Library. Also shows how Carl Jung's depth psychology has its roots in Gnosticism.

Lost Gospel, The: The Book Of Q & Christian Origins. MACK Burton L. $12.00 "Deftly written, this book reads like a good mystery, saving the payoff of Q's impact on Christianity for its final chapters." ...Library Journal

Nag Hammadi Library, The. ROBINSON James M. (Editor) $18.00 This revised, expanded & updated edition is the only complete, one-volume, modern language version of the renowned library of the 4th century manuscripts discovered in Egypt in 1945.

Secret Books Of The Egyptian Gnostics. DORESSE Jean $14.95 This collection of sacred Gnostic texts came to light in the late 1940's after being hidden for 16 centuries. This book tells the full story of the discovery.

Theosophia: Hidden Dimensions Of Christianity. VERSLUIS Arthur $18.95 Based on many previously untranslated authors & manuscripts, this book reveals dimensions of our spiritual heritage that speak directly to our current social, ecological & religious crisis.


Book Of Goddesses And Heroines, The. MONAGHAN Patrica $17.95 Re-release of popular reference book. Added are 250 goddesses to the book's original 1,283 mythological female figures.

Crafted Cup - Ritual Mysteries Of The Goddess & The Grail. SHADWYNN $18.00 Discover the best of both religious worlds: Wiccan ritual combined with a form of Goddess worship which acknowledges the place of the mythic Christ in our spiritual beliefs.

Daughter Of The Goddess - The Sacred Priestess OZANIEC Naomi $14.00 Surveys religions & cultures from Japan to Scandinavia & Crete to illuminate the role of the Priestess, the Goddess's representative on Earth.

Elements Of The Goddess, The MATTHEWS Caitlin $9.95 This book explores the Goddess as Transformative Mistress, Queen of Heaven, Mother of the Earth & Mistress of the Underworld. Includes practical exercises & visualization techniques.

Evoking The Primal Goddess - Discovery Of The Eternal Feminine Within. GRAY William C. $9.95 More & more Neo-Pagans are seeking to restore the matriarchal principle & Gray shows how it can be don with rituals, evocations & discussion of our prime feminine deity.

Goddess Celebrates, The: An Anthology Of Women's Rituals. STEIN (EDITOR) Diane $12.95 A collection of writings about ritual by women who are ground breakers in reclaiming Goddess-centered spirituality. Guides women to create their own ritualsfor all aspects of life.

Goddess Within, The. WOOLGER Jennifer & Roger $15.00 The goddess archetypes validate women for what they are, not what society has told them they should be, & as such are a source of freedom & understanding that can be tapped by any woman.

In The Wake Of The Goddess. FRYMER-KENSKY Tikva $10.00 The current return to spiritual values has spawned a surge of intrest in ancient goddess-based religions as a remedy to a long tradition of misogyny in Western religions.

Ishtar Rising. WILSON Robert Anton $12.95 The author explains why Eve in the Bible & Eris in Greek myth were both involve with nefarious apples - why attitudes toward the female breast correlate with war & peace - & much more.

Kali: The Black Goddess Of Dakshineswar. HARDING Elizabeth U. $14.95 Provides vivid details of the Kali image & her shrine & describes the rituals & daily worship, including the controversial animal sacrifices that are held on certain occasions before the goddess.

Longing For Darkness: Tara & The Black Madonna. GALLAND China $12.00 An adventure-filled ten year journey to discover the meaning of darkness in the mysterious black images of divinity.

Maiden, Mother, Crone: The Myth & Reality Of The Triple Goddess. CONWAY D. J. $12.95 This book presents the Goddess myths for daily direction & support. Sections on longstanding myths & symbols will illuminate your understanding of ancient, universal human challenges.

Oya - In Praise Of An African Goddess. GLEASON Judith $18.00 A celebration in folklore, mythology, music & art of the many manifestatins of Oya, one of the most dynamic & vital of the Africal goddesses.

Pillar Of Isis, The:A Practical Manual On The Mysteries Of The Goddess. O'REGAN Vivienne $15.00 This is a revolutionary new guide which allows you to experience the path of the Goddess; a path of positive union on all levels, including healing our relationship with others & the Earth.

Priestesses. GOODRICH Norma L. $10.95 Drawing on the works of scholars of mythology, the author uncovers the truth beneath the myths, revealing the roles women really played in the formation of our civilization.

Sophia Goddess Of Wisdom. MATTHEWS Caitlin $7.99 Honored as the transcendent wisdom that inhabits the heavens as Bride of God, but also feared as the Black Goddess upon Earth, Sophia has been one of the active manifestations of the divine feminine.

Storyteller's Goddess, The. EDWARDS Carolyn M. $12.00 Organized around the 7 healing Goddess principles & inspired by traditional Goddess lore & ancient artifacts, these 30 stories provide a vivid & dramatic initiation to the Goddess.

Triple Goddess, The - An Exploration Of The Archetypal Feminine. MCLEAN Adam $11.95 Explores the inner structure of the Triple Goddess & shows how, by relating to this archetype, we can overcome & redeem our inner tendency toward dualism.

Year Of The Goddess - A Perpetual Calendar Of Festivals. DURDIN-ROBERTSON Lawrence $12.95

Handwriting Analysis

Handwriting Analysis. AMEND & RUIZ $12.95 This book will tell you, in clear, precise terms, how to analyze & interpret the handwriting of those you deal with every day.

Instant Handwriting Analysis. GARDNER Ruth $12.00 Discern all of your personality characteristics in an hour or two with this guide to graphology. Dozens of illustrations show the meanings behind various styles of handwriting & doodling.

Psychology Of Handwriting, The. OLYANOVA Nadya $7.00 "Handwriting is a composite picture of the way a person's mind works, how his thinking affects his emotions, what his attitude is toward life & other human beings."


Basic Self-Knowledge. (D/C) BENJAMIN Harry $7.95 An introduction to esoteric psychology based on the Gurdjieff system of development. Some references to the writings of Krishnamurti are included.

Fourth Way, The. OUSPENSKY P.D. $10.95 The most comprehensive statement thus far published of the ideas taught by the late Ouspensky.

In Search Of The Miraculous. OUSPENSKY P.D. $9.95 The noted author of "Tertium Organum" combines the logic of a mathematician with the vision of a mystic in his quest for solutions to the problems of Man & the Universe.

Meetings With Remarkable Men. GURDJIEFF G.I. $11.00 Consists of a series of stories, each bearing as its title the name of one of the men Gurdjieff knew in his formative years.

Talks On Beelzebub's Tales. BENNETT John G. $8.95 Talks collected from lectures given by Bennett with Gurdjieff's approval, to help people understand "All & Everything", "Beelzebub's Tales to His Grandson".

Views From The Real World. (D/C) GURDJIEFF G. I. $11.95 Includes an account of a conversation with Gurdjieff known as "Glimpses of Truth", written by a Moscow pupil in 1914.


Ageless Body, The. GRISCOM Chris $14.95 Provides the reader with a fascinating adventure into the ways of the body. We learn to tap the source of boundless energy by discovering how to truly communicate with your own body.

Awakening Healing Light Of The Tao. CHIA Mantak & Maneewan $16.95 This manual shows how to circulate the life-force or Chi in a simple loop up the spine & down the front acupuncture channels of the body. Gives overview of Taoist body/mind/spirit system.

Between Heaven And Earth - A Guide To Chinese Medicine. BEINFIELD & KORNGOLD $14.00 This book addresses 3 vital areas of Chinese medicine-theory, therapy, & types - to present a comprehensive guide to this ancient system.

Breathing - Expanding Your Power And Energy. SKY Michael $9.95 Discusses breath-the central organizing life force-as it relates to emotional responses, lifetime habits, sleep, childbirth, sexual communion, & higher consciousness.

Chi Nei Tsang - Intenal Organs Chi Massage. CHIA Mantak & Maneewan $16.95 Presents a new approach to healing that uses deep massage techniques in the abdominal area for healing internal organs.

Complete Handbook Of Natural Healing, The. STARCK Marcia $12.95 Designed to function as a home reference guide, this book addresses all natural healing modalities in use today.

Dynamic Laws Of Healing, The. PONDER Catherine $12.95 More laws of healing.

Ecstasy Is A New Frequency. GRISCOM Chris $4.95 Author shows us how we can heal past life traumas & unblock the path to the Higher Self.

Further Dimensions Of Healing Addictions. CUNNINGHAM Donna $9.95 Focuses on understanding & treating addiction from a holistic & spiritual perspective. Numerous vibrational therapies are suggested; and much more.

Hands Of Light: A Guide To Healing Through The Human Energy Field. BRENNAN Barbara Ann $22.50 Author presents the first in-depth study of the human energy field for people who seek happiness, health & their full potential.

Heal Your Body. HAY Louise L. $4.95 Metaphysical causes for physical illness. Basically lists the fears & problems linked with physical manifestation of disease. Handy reference for counselors.

Healers On Healing. CARLSON (EDITED BY) Richard $13.95 In 37 original essays, some of the world's leaders in healing explore their personal & professional experiences in order to uncover the underlying principle on which all healing rests.

Healing Magnetism - The Transference Of Vital Force. HEINZ Schiegl $10.95 A workbook for the Reiki Healing Practitioner. Includes: 1st & 2nd Degree instruction, Chakra Breathing, Reiki & Crystals, Healing Do's & Don'ts, Conscious Processing, & much, much more.

Healing Secrets Of The Ages, The. PONDER Catherine $13.95 Using the mind to heal.

Inner Bridges - A Guide To Energy Movement And Body Structure. SMITH M.D. Fritz F. $10.95 Author describes a hidden energy anatomy in a model that incorporates Chinese (acupuncture) & Hindu (yoga) viewpoints & he shows how Western medical knowledge validates these ancient Eastern insights.

Joy's Way. JOY W. Brugh $9.95 An introduction to the potentials for healing with body energies.

Light Emerging - The Journey Of Personal Healing. BRENNAN Barbara Ann $22.50 Author of "Hands of Light", she continues her ground-breaking exploration of the human energy field, or aura - the source of our experience of health or illness. Much information.

Love Your Body. HAY Louise L. $5.00 A positive affirmation guide for loving & appreciating your body. Includes 51 positive affirmation treatments designed to help you create a positive, beautiful, healthy, & happy body.

Psychic Healing Book, The. WALLACE Amy $10.95 Shows how you can explore fascinating areas of the psychic world without fear, using your natural abilities to heal. Many techniques.

Reiki - Universal Life Energy. BAGINSKI Bodo & S. Sharamon $12.95 Rediscovered in modern times, Reiki is well on its way to becoming a widely practiced form of folk medicine used by practitioners, therapists, healers & nonprofessionals.

Reiki Plus - Professional Practitioner's Manual For 2nd Degree. JARRELL David G. $22.00 A full presentation of the responsibilities of a healthcare facilitator. Includes specific training techniques, spiritual growth objectives appropriate to a Reiki practitioner, & much more.

Reiki Plus Natural Healing. JARRELL David G. $15.00 Presents the teachings & techniques of Reiki Plus & the founder of Reiki, Dr. Mikao Usui. It offers an explanation for the secrets of some of history's great healers, such as Jesus.

Reiki, The Healing Touch - 1st & 2nd Degree Manual. RAND William L. $12.95 An amazingly simple technique to lear, the ability to use Reiki is not taught in the usual sense, but is transferred to the student by the Reiki Master.

Spiritual Dimensions Of Healing Addictions. CUNNINGHAM Donna $9.95 This book shows how to reach for life task or vision. Includes instructions for healing after effects using meditation, flower essences & crystals.

Taoist Ways To Transform Stress Into Vitality. CHIA Mantak $10.95 The meditation technique of the Inner Smile teaches you how to get in touch with your inner organs, feel love for them, so that stress & negative emotions are transformed.

Therapeutic Touch, The. KRIEGER PH.D Delores $10.00 How to use your hands to help or to heal.

Touch For Health. THIE John $25.95 A practical guide to natural health using acupressure touch & massage to improve postural balance & reduce physical & mental pain & tension.

Unconditional Life - Mastering The Forces That Shape Personal Reality. CHOPRA, M.D. Deepak $12.00 Brings together disciplines ranging from modern physics & neuroscience to the ancient traditions of Indian wisdom to show how our perceptions create our reality for good or ill.

Women's Book Of Healing, The. STEIN Diane $12.95 Woman as Mother has been a healer since the beginning of time. This book helps women get in touch with this primal psychic ablility. A must for anyone who practices healing techniques.

You Can Heal Your Life. HAY Louise L. $12.00 "An excellent book for restructuring one's life & finding self-esteem & self-love."

Your Healing Hands: The Polarity Experience. GORDON Richard $13.95 This clearly illustrated book provides an introduction to the field of polarity therapy as well as a practical approach to therapeutic touch & natural healing.


16 Steps To Health & Energy. WILLS & THEO. GIMBEL Pauline $12.95 Follow the step-by-step techniques & you will open up the energy circuits of your subtle body so you are better able to stay balanced & vital in our highly toxic & stressful world.

Accepting Your Power To Heal: The Personal Practice Of Therapeutic Touch. KRIEGER, PH.D. R.N. Dolores $10.95 The author encourages us to acknowledge our own innate healing abilities & provides experiential exercises to teach us the basic Therapeutic Touch techniques.

Acupressure For Common Ailments. JARMEY & TINDALL $11.95 Shows how the simple application of finger pressure to specific points on the surface of the body stimulates subtle energies that can alleviate many common ailments. Clear illustrations.

Art As Medicine: Creating A Therapy Of The Imagination. MCNIFF Shaun $16.00 The medicine of the artist, like that of the shaman, arises from his or her relationship to "familiars" - the themes, methods & materials that interact with the artist thru the creative process.

Art Of Aromatherapy, The. TISSERAND Robert $10.95 The healing & beautifying properties of the essential oils of flowers and herbs.

Basic Macrobiotics. AIHARA Herman $12.95 This book explains what macrobiotics is all about & how macrobiotic diets work in verifiable terms such as nutritional value of foods used.

Better Eyesight Without Glasses. BATES, M.D William H. $8.95 A tested method for improving vision by the doctor who originated & perfected it.

Bodywise. HELLER & HENKIN $13.95 Authors make the connection between life issues & natural bodily alignment & show how to restore the body's natural balance from the inside out.

Book Of Massage, The. LIDELL Lucinda $14.00 Guide to the relaxing & healing skills of the hands, from massage to Shiatsu & reflexology. Beautifully illustrated with step-by-step instructions.

Complete System Of Self-Healing CHANG Dr. Stephen $21.95

Creating Health. CHOPRA Deepak $9.95 "Perfect health is our natural state - we simply must allow the intelligence of Nature to work for us. This book shows us how."

Cultivating The Ch'I: The Secrets Of Energy And Vitality. OLSON, TRANSLATOR Stuart Alve $12.95 You will learn the relationship between mind & ch'i, how to generate internal energy through correct breathing methods & the role of seated meditation in T'ai Chi.

Discovering Homeopathy: Medicine For The 21st Century. ULLMAN Dana $12.95 Your introduction to the science & art of Homeopathic medicine.

Encyclopaedia Of Essential Oils, The. LAWLESS Julia $14.95 The complete guide to use of aromatics in aromatherapy, herbalis, health and well-being.

Encyclopedia Of Natural Medicine. MURRAY, N.D. & J. PIZZORNO, N.D. Michael $18.95 Over 600 pages of the most comprehensive information on maintaining good health preventing illness & treating disease naturally & safely.

Family Guide To Homeopathy, The. LOCKIE Dr. Andrew $15.00 This guide provides the information necessary to understand how homeopathy works & how any individual can use it simply & safely to treat a wide variety of illnesses.

Fitness Option - Five Weeks To Healing Stress. O'HARA Valerie $13.95 Teaches you how to be dynamically successful without stress symptoms; rekindle enthusiasm & vitality; improve concentration; improve coping skills & much more.

Flower Remedies Handbook. CUNNINGHAM Donna $12.95 Emotional healing & growth with Bach & other flower essences.

Helping Yourself With Foot Reflexology. CARTER Mildred $9.95 Foot massage techniques for increasing physical & mental energy & achieving quick, natural relief from dozens of ailments.

Homeopathy & Your Child. MORGAN II, PH.D. H.M.D. Lyle W. $9.95 A parent's guide to Homeopathic treatment from infancy through adolescence.

Iridology - A Complete Guide. SHARAN Farida $33.00 Sets iridology in a historical context & studies American, European & Australian approaches. Presents author's own personal synthesis of traditional iridology & new research.

Iridology. HALL Dorothy $12.95 With detailed charts & full-color photographs, & case histories, the author explains how iridology actually works, with the simplest equipment.

Love Yourself, Heal Your Life Workbook. HAY Louise L. $12.00 This book directly applies to Ms. Hay's techniques of self-love & positive thinking to a wide range of topics that affect us all on a daily basis.

Love, Medicine & Miracles. SIEGEL Bernie S. $9.95 Lessons learned about self-healing from a surgeon's experience with exceptional patients.

Macrobiotic Way, The KUSHI Michio $9.95

Native Nutrition: Eating According To Ancestral Wisdom. SCHMID, N.D. Ronald F. $14.95 Looks to such diverse cultures as the Native North & South Americans & Georgian Russians to suggest that their more traditional, "primitive" diets can prevent & combat disease.

Natural Fertility: Complete Guide To Avoiding Or Achieving Conception. NAISH Francesca $17.95 Offers confident contraception; conscious conception; functional fertility; hormonal health; preparation for pregnancy; sex selection.

Natural Healing For Dogs & Cats. STEIN Diane $16.95 How to keep your pet healthy through massage, herbal remedies, acupressure, nutrition, psychic healing, homeopathy, flower essences & muscle testing.

Natural Healing Through Macrobiotics. KUSHI Michio $15.00 Using the macrobiotic approach to life, this text highlights special elements of diagnosis & treatment, providing detailed descriptions of diseases.

New Healing Yourself, The: Natural Remedies For Adults & Children. GARDNER Joy $12.95 This greatly expanded edition of the classic "Healing Yourself" represents not only the author's experience, but also that of 75 colleagues.

Paradox & Healing: Medicine, Mythology & Transformation. GREENWOOD & DR. PETER NUNN Dr. Michael $16.95 This book looks at chronic illness & pain & offers new insight into their origins, their meaning in our lives & the paradoxical opportunity they present for our profound & far-reaching healing.

Perfect Health - The Complete Mind/Body Guide. CHOPRA Deepak, M.D. $13.00 Once you have determined your body type from the detailed quiz, this book provides a personally tailored program of diet, stress reduction, exercises & daily routines.

Power Of Personal Health, The. SCHWARZ Jack $10.00 Author has utilized various techniques & tools such as self-regulation, human energy systems, perceptualizations & breathing exercises to aid in the personal healing process.

Practical Encylopedia Of Natural Healing. BIRCKLIN Mark $12.95 Hundreds of natural remedies for common health problems.

Pranic Psychotherapy. SUI Choa Kok $14.95 Explains the methods used for advanced pranic healing techniques & contains special instructions for working with those who are coping with psychological ailments.

Qigong For Health: Chinese Traditional Exercise For Cure & Prevention. TAKAHASHI & STEPHEN BROWN Masaru $14.95 Dramatic new way to prevent & cure illness; a complete guide to the self-healing system that has revolutionized Chinese medicine.

Quantum Healing - Exploring The Frontiers Of Mind/Body Medicine. CHOPRA M.D. Deepak $11.95 "Here is an extraordinary new approach to healing by an extraordinary physician writer."

Questions & Answers Explaining The Bach Flower Remedies RAMSELL John $7.00 Standard policies & original attidues of Dr. Bach.

Scientific Validation Of Herbal Medicine, The. MOWREY, PH.D. Daniel B. $14.95 Provides the answers why herbal medicine is possibly more effective in treatment than pharmaceutical drugs & medications. His documentation is researched from journals these companies rely on.

Scientific Vegetarianism. SZEKELY Edmond Bordeaux $4.50 A guide to organic ecological nutrition.

Vibrational Medicine. GERBER Richard M.D. $16.95 Definitive guide to traditional acupuncture & homeopathy, psychic healing, & alternative therapies such as radionics, flower essence remedies & crystal heal ing.

Wu Way, The:A Path To Natural Healing. MINCOLLA, PH.D. Mark Dana $10.95 Inspired by the ancient whole-istic Oriental philsophy of Wu Wei, "not forcing things against the will of nature," this book offers its readers a practical system of natural living.

Your Face Never Lies. KUSHI Muchio $6.95 What your face reveals about you & your health.


Bach Flower Remedies Step By Step, The. HOWARD Judy $5.95 A straightforward, yet comprehensive, guide to the Bach Flower system.

Back To Eden. KLOSS Jethro $12.95 The classic guide to herbal medicine, natural foods, & home remedies since 1939.

Complete Medicinal Herbal, The. ODY Penelope $29.95 A practical guide to the healing properties of herbs, with more than 250 remedies for common ailments. Beautiful hardcover, fully illustrated.

Culpeper's Complete Herbal And English Physician. CULPEPER Nicholas $12.50 English astrologer & physician of the early 17th century left us a rich store of herbal knowledge. Time has not changed the availability of the herbs nor the usefulness of the remedies.

Culpeper's Herbal Remedies. CULPEPER Nicholas $5.00 The famous English astrologer & physician of the early 17th century left a rich store of herbal knowledge.

Druid's Herbal For The Sacred Earth Year. HOPMAN Ellen Evert $12.95 Shows the reader how to use herbs when creating rituals to celebrate festivals & significant life passages such as births, hous blessings, weddings, funerals, & naming ceremonies.

Green Witch Herbal, The: Restoring Nature's Magic In Home, Health & Beauty. GRIGGS Barbara $14.95 This compendium of domestic use of herbs includes recipes for everything from geranium-scented mosquito repellent & aromatic ginger bath to rosemary hair rinse & sweet almond oil moisturizer.

Herb Book, The. LUST John $6.99 Crammed full of case histories, herbal formulas, full, yet concise descriptions of herbs, their properties & uses, the majority of them illustrated.

Herbal Healing For Women: Simple Home Remedies For Women Of All Ages. GLADSTAR Rosemary $12.00 From menstruation to menopause, this book contains instruction on how to prepare natural treatments for teenage acne, PMS, morning sickness, hot flashes, yeast infections & more.

Herbal Medications. SPOERKE David Ph.D $9.95 Information about more than 200 herbs; their uses in both folklore & modern practice; their active principles & modes of action.

Herbs And Things. ROSE Jeanne $10.00 A compendium of practical & exotic herbal lore. Excellent reading.

Herbs Of Life, The:Health & Healing Using Western & Chinese Techniques. TIERRA Lesley $14.95 Explains Chinese healing principles in depth & integrates them with Western herbalism for a broader understanding of health & healing.

Jeanne Rose's Herbal Body Book. ROSE Jeanne $12.00 The herbal way to natural beauty & health for men & women.

Jude's Herbal Home Remedies. WILLIAMS Jude C. $9.95 Discover how cayenne pepper promotes hair growth, why cranberry juice is good for asthma attacks, how to make a potent juice to flush out fat & much more.

Master Book Of Herbalism, The. BEYERL Paul $14.95 Describes the remedial use of herbs, tools & techniques for herbalists, herbal relationships to magic, the tarot, rituals, astrology, amulets & gemstones.

Natural Remedy Bible. LUST John & M. Tierra $5.99 Offers an alphabetical listing of over 200 common illnesses & prescribes natural methods of treatment including herbal remedies, water therapy, exercise, vitamins & natural foods.

New Age Herbalist, The. MABEY Richard $21.00 How to use herbs for healing, nutrition, body care & relaxation. Has a complete illustrated glossary of herbs & a guide to herb cultivation.

New Holistic Herbal, The. HOFFMANN David $16.95

Plants Of The Gods - Their Sacred, Healing And Hallucinogenic Powers. SCHULTES & HOFMANN $19.95 Of the 91 hallucinogenic plants illustrated, the authors elaborate in vivid detail on 14 that have had profound significance for human beings.

Way Of Herbs, The. TIERRA Michael $5.99 A practical & useful guide to herbal health care blending Eastern, European, & American Indian healing traditions.

Wise Woman Herbal For The Childbearing Year. WEED Susan S. $8.95 "This remarkable book shows us how herbs can support the natural functions of pregnancy & childbirth in such a way that we are empowered to take responsibility for our own wellbeing.

Huna / Kahuna

Hawaiian Religion & Magic. CUNNINGHAM Scott $12.95 The beauty of ancient Hawaii gave birth to a culture unmatched in its modes of spiritual expression. This book thoroughly examines this culture from a sociological & historical viewpoint.

Huna Code In Religions, The. LONG Max Freedom $13.95 Report on the rediscovered Mystery Teachings underlying Christianity, Yoga, & Buddhism. Dictionary of Hawaiian language included.

Kahuna Healing KING Serge $11.95 Explores the holistic health practices of Polynesia, & describes practical applications.

Kahuna Magic. STEIGER Brad $10.95 The secrets of the Kahuna, along with the tenets of Eastern philosophies & yoga assist in the reader's understanding of self & others.

Recovering The Ancient Magic. LONG Max Freedom $7.95 Magic in all its manifestation is treated in a compelling & personal fashion & includes fire-walking, spiritualism, levitation, mind reading, instant healing, & changes in physical material.

Secret Science At Work, The. LONG Max Freedom $13.95 Summary of the huna prayer method, telepathic communication, laying on of hands new light on the teachings of Jesus.

Secret Science Behind Miracles, The. LONG Max Freedom $13.95 Unveiling the Huna tradition of the ancient Polynesians. Thorough explanation of the kahunas ancient & secret system of workable magic.

Self-Suggestion. LONG Max Freedom $8.95 About the new huna theory of mesmerism & hypnosis that provides additional insight into the ancient psychological-religious information of the Polynesians.

Urban Shaman. KING Serge $11.00 A handbook for personal & planetary transformation based on the Hawaiian Way of the adventurer.


Beyond Hypnosis. HEWITT William W. $7.95 This stretches beyond regular hypnosis to helf the reader open his or her psychic floodgates. Features a 30 day program to release one's psychic awareness.

Hypnosis: A Power Program For Self-Improvement, Changing Your Life... HEWITT William W. $7.95 Achieve an "altered state of consciousness" & use it for self-improvement. The author discusses both the basics & professional usage of this art.

Self Hypnosism. LECRON Leslie M. $4.99

Self-Hypnosis. ALMAN & LAMBROU $22.95

I Ching

Buddhist I Ching, The. CHIH-HSU OU-I $15.00 This work is the only full-length interpretation of the I Ching by a Chinese Buddhist meditation master & offers 3 levels of interpretation: social, Buddhist & meditational.

Changing Lines. LEICHTMAN & JAPIKSE $7.95 A new presentation of the standard I Ching text, designed to be used exclusively for gaining insight into personal & spiritual growth.

Guide To The I Ching, A. ANTHONY Carol $14.95 An excellent interpretive manual to be used in conjunction with Wilhelm-Baynes edition of the I Ching.

I Ching - A New Interpretation For Modern Times. REIFLER Sam $9.95 Author eliminates the obscure & dated references of previous translations to provide an accurate & accessible version of the ancient Chinese classic for the contemporary seeker.

I Ching Book Of Changes. LEGGE James $9.95 An oracle, a philosophy, a work of art - the I Ching has been regarded in these various ways through the ages, from the most ancient times to the present day.

I Ching Of The Goddess. WALKER Barbara G. $13.00 The I Ching from a feminine point of view.

I Ching Workbook. WING R.L. $18.95 Presented in a practical & unique workbook format, this book is designed for those actively exploring this ancient system in order to better understand their lives.

I Ching, The. WILHELM Richard $20.50 First published in 1924, this work has been called the best translation available.

Illustrated I Ching, The. WING R. L. $19.95 Exploring such concepts as left-brain - right-brain perceptions, this book uses Chinese artwork to enhance the understanding of the mysterious text.

Kwan Yin: Book Of Changes, The. STEIN Diane $9.95 "This is the long-awaited version of the classical Chinese I Ching - from a woman's point of view."

Philosophy Of The I Ching, The. ANTHONY Carol $7.50 Author states she has tried to indicate the way of the I Ching as it helps us solve problems, & as it guides us to an understanding of the higher life of the spirit.

Taoist I Ching, The. CLEARY Thomas $16.00

Ifa / Orisha

Esu/Elegba - Ifa & The Divine Messenger. FATUNMBI Awo $4.95 Esu is one of many spiritual forces in nature, & its unique function is to translate the language of humans into the language of nature & vice-versa.

Iwa-Pele: Ifa Quest, The Search For The Source Of Santeria & Lucumi. FATUNMBI Awo Fa'Lokun $12.95

Obatala - Ifa & The Chief Of The Spirit Of The White Cloth. FATUNMBI Awo $4.95 According to Ifa, dynamics & form represent the polarity between the forces of expansion & contraction. Together these forces create light & darkness, & it is Obatala who brings this into being.

Ochosi - Ifa & The Spirit Of The Tracker. FATUNMBI Awo $4.95 Author explains how Ochosi both guides the development of personal spiritual growth & protects the needs of the environment.

Ogun - Ifa & The Spirit Of Iron. FATUNMBI Awo $4.95 The unique function of Ogun is to remove all obstacles that stand in the way of spiritual evolution, which includes the evolution of all that is.

Oshun - Ifa & The Spirit Of The River. FATUNMBI Awo $4.95 The word Oshun is the name given to describe a complex convergence of spiritual forces that are key elements in the Ifa concept of fertility & the erotic.

Shango - Ifa & The Spirit Of The Lightning FATUNMBI Awo $4.95 A comprehensive overview of Shango - the name of a spiritual force associated with the power of lightning in the West African religious tradition of Ifa.

Way Of The Orisa:Empowering Your Life Through The African Religion Ifa. NEIMARK Philip John $12.00 This book provides an exhilarating introduction to the Orisa, the powerful messenger spirits who act as our personal guardians.


As A Man Thinketh Journal. ALLEN James $5.95 A blank personal journal with quotes from the inspirational classic.

At A Journal Workshop. PROGOFF, PH.D Ira $15.95 Combines one of the oldest methods of self-exploration & expression - keeping ajournal - with a structured format that enables you to get to know the inner core of your life.

Dream Journal, The. $15.95 A blank journal with quotes.

Dream Journal. $8.95 A blank journal with quotes for writing down your dreams.

Unicorn Notebook, The. GREEN Michael $5.95

Woman's Intimate Journal, A. $14.95 A blank journal with collected thoughts on sensuality.

Woman's Notebook II, A. $6.95 A blank journal with quotes by women.

Woman's Notebook III, A. $6.95 Another blank journal with more quotes by women.


777 And Other Qabalistic Writing Of Aleister Crowley. CROWLEY Aleister $12.50 This edition includes Liber 777, Gematria ( Equinox Vol. 1, No. 5) & Sepher Sephiroth (Equinox Vol. 1, No. 8).

Garden Of Pomegranates, A. REGARDIE Israel $8.95 One of the best introductions to the Tree of Life. Regardie combines his own studies with notes from Aleister Crowley, A.E. Waite, Eliphas Levi & D. H. Lawrence.

Goddess And The Tree, The. REED Ellen C. $7.95 A Pagan introduction to the Qabala. Celtic attributions are given. Qabalistic practices are adapted for Pagans including Rising on the Planes, Path-Working, Astral Temples and much more.

Godwin's Cabalistic Encyclopedia: Complete Guide To Cabalistic Magick. GODWIN David $24.95 Here you will find all of the necessary correspondences for doing magic listed alphabetically in English & Hebrew & numerically.

Holy Kabbalah, The. WAITE Authur E. $16.95 A classic in the field - one of the first studies in the modern era of the Kabbalah.

Kabbalah - An Introduction And Illumination For The World Today. PONCE Charles $10.95 This introduction to the Kabbalah illuminates its strange & wonderful history. Points up the intimate relationship between man & his spiritual counterpart & its ramifications in our lives today.

Kabbalah For The Modern World, A GONZALEZ-WIPPLER Migene $9.95 This book is an excellent summary of kabbalistic cosmology, & a basic introduction to the practical wisdom of the Kabbalah.

Kabbalah Of The Golden Dawn. ZALEWSKI Pat $12.95 This book contains a synthesis of all major Kabbalistic teachings used by the Order, a number of previously unpublished Golden Dawn texts & diagrams & additional insight into concepts they contain

Kabbalah Unveiled, The. MATHERS Macgregor $12.95 This text contains The Book of Concealed Mystery, The Greater Holy Assembly, & The Lesser Holy Assembly from the Zohar.

Kabbalistic Universe, A. HALEVI Z'Ev Ben Shimon $12.95 This book correlates symbol & system with modern scientific thought & discoveries & describes in detail the origins of the cosmos, its various levels & inhabitants.

Kybalion: Hermetic Philosophy, The. THREE INITIATES $12.95 "The purpose of this work is to give to students a statement of the Truth that will serve to reconcile the many bits of occult knowledge that they may have acquired but apparently oppose each other.."

Meditation And Kabbalah. KAPLAN Aryeh $14.95 A lucid presentation of the meditative methods, mandalas & other devices used, as well as a penetrating interpretation of their significance in the light of contemporary meditative research.

Middle Pillar, The. REGARDIE Israel $8.95 Correlates the principles of analytical psychology with the elementary techniques of magic.

Mystical Qabalah, The. FORTUNE Dion $8.95 A thorough & systematic analysis of, & the Ancient Wisdom expressed in, the symbolism of the Tree of Life, the glyph that inherently summarizes the yoga of the west. Diagrams.

Practical Guide To Qabalistic Symbolism, A. KNIGHT Gareth $29.95 A compendium of the symbolism found in the Tree of Life of the Qabalah with special reference to the Tarot. Two volumes in one edition.

Practical Qabalah, The. FIELDING Charles $9.95 To better understand Qabalistic symbolism in today's culture, the author has included information about esoteric anatomy, psysiology & psychology.

Sefer Yetzirah - The Book Of Creation. KAPLAN Aryeh $22.95 Author explains the theoretical, meditative & magical implications, expounding upon the dynamics of the spiritual domain, the worlds of the Sefirot, souls & angels.

Seven Rays Of The Qbl. ALBERTUS Frater $40.95 A study of the Qabalah & the natural cycles of mankind that examines the relationship of the superconsciousness & universal law. Included: cyclic patterns, cosmic rays, & much more.

Shining Paths, The. ASHCROFT-NOWICKI Dolores $14.00

Sword And The Serpent, The: The Magical Philosophy, Volume 2. DENNING & PHILLIPS $15.00 This is the comprehensive guide to the Magickal Qabala with extensive corresponderences as well as techniques.

Tree Of Life. REGARDIE Israel $12.95 An ideal introduction to the numerous complex & obscure mystical writings of Aleister Crowley. Includes practical exercises for developing the will & the imagination.

Way Back, The: A New Age Approach To The Western Mystery Tradition. BIAS Clifford $8.95 A book of rituals for the 22 paths of the Qabalistic Tree of Life. Describes the Sepher Yetzirah, the path of the serpent, & astrological factors using the tarot as the symbolism for the journey.


Energies Of Transformation - A Guide To The Kundalini Process. GREENWELL, PH.D. Bonnie $15.95 A synthesis of Eastern & Western perspectives of the ancient phenomenon known as Kundalini awakening.

Kundalini And The Chakras. PAULSON Genevieve Lewis $12.95 We all possess the powerful evolutionary force of kundalini that can open us to genius states, psychic powers & cosmic consciousness. This book shows you how to release kundalini gradually & safely.

Kundalini Experience, The. SANNELLA Lee M.D. $12.95 This book explains the elusive kundalini experience in simple & nonmystifying terms. It reassures kundalini "vicims" who sometimes fear for their own sanity.

Kundalini, The Arousal Of The Inner Energy. MOOKERJEE Ajit $12.95 Author writes of the core-experience of Tantra, the process in which energy is awakened & rises through the energy centers (chakras) to unite with Pure Consciousness at the crown of the head.

Kundalini: The Secret Of Life. MUKTANANDA Swami $6.95 This book distills the essence of Muktananda's teaching on this mysterious divine force.


21 Lessons Of Merlyn - A Study In Druid Magic & Lore, The. MONROE Douglas $12.95 A complete introductory course in Celtic Druidism, packaged within the framework of 21 authenic & expanded story/lessons that read like a novel.

Abc Of Witchcraft, An VALIENTE Doreen $11.95 More than a history of spells, charms, secret meetings or rituals, this guidebook reveals wicca as a philosophy & a way of life.

Advanced Guide To Enochian Magick, An. SCHUELER Gerald J. $12.95 Solomonic magic that includes rituals & cermonies. Learn to do Enochian magical healing, sex magick & more. Perfect for advanced magicians.

Aha. CROWLEY Aleister $5.95 Drawing on his many years of concentrated study of comparative religions, mythology, mysticism & magical practices, Crowley created his epic poem about myssticism.

Aleister Crowley And The Practice Of The Magical Diary. WASSERMAN, EDITOR James $12.95 This book illustrates the theory & practice of the Magical Diary & elaborates on its importance for the student of Scientific Illuminism (a term by which Crowley designated his teachings).

Ancient Magick For A New Age. RICHARDSON Alan & Geoff $12.95 Rituals from the Merlin Temple & the magick of the Dragon Kings. A look at the work 2 magicians - from 2 separate times & unknown to each other - who learned to tap into the power of Merlin.

Ancient/Modern Witch, The. WEINSTEIN Marion $6.95 This work provides a profound yet witty analysis of the revival ow Witchcraft.

Aphrodisiacs And Love Magic - The Mystic Lure Of Love Charms. ALLARDICE Pamela $10.95 Author looks at traditional love lore - omens to observe, games to play, potions to prepare & the most auspicious days for amatory congress.

Aradia - Gospel Of The Witches. LELAND Charles G. $5.95 This book is a connection between the original religion of witchcraft & contemporary practices. First published in 1899, this is being reprinted for the first time in 15 years.

Art Of Divination, The. CUNNINGHAM Scott $12.95 A product of nearly 24 years of research & experimentation, this book sheds light on ageless methods of divination with detailed instructions for practicing over 100 divinitory techniques.

Art Of Ritual, The. BECK Renee & S. Metrick $11.95 Gives "Ten Guidelines for Creating Your Own Rituals" to assist you during times of change.

Being In Dreaming - An Initiation Into The Sorcerer's World. DONNER Florinda $10.00 "Author challenges the world's most cherished social myths about reality, the nature of women, & the significance of dreams."

Book "4" CROWLEY Aleister $8.95 A discussion of the fundamentals & essentials of both magick & mysticism.

Book Of Lies, The. CROWLEY Aleister $8.95 An admirable collection of Crowley's aphorisms - witty, subtle & instructive paradoxes that challenge & exhilarate.

Book Of Pagan Rituals, A. SLATER (EDITOR) Herman $13.95 A collection of rituals, practices & exercises from ancient sources, some have been preserved & some rituals have been updated by scholars from various pagan groups.

Book Of The Law, The. CROWLEY Aleister $7.95 This work contains the corrected text of the 1938 edition with a facsimile of the handwritten manuscript. 128 pp.

Buckland's Complete Book Of Witchcraft. BUCKLAND Raymond $14.95 Teaches the history, practice, composition, formulae, mechanics of magic, herbology, divination ---in short, each & every aspect of the practice of Wicca.

Celtic Magic. CONWAY D.J. $3.95 Provides an extensive how-to of practical spell working. There is also an in-depth discussion of Celtic deities & the Celtic way of life & worship.

Complete Book Of Amulets & Talismans, The. GONZALEZ-WIPPLER Migene $12.95 Examine the infinite variety of charms & fetishes found in every civilization, from the distant past to the present.

Complete Book Of Spells, Ceremonies & Magic, The. GONZALES-WIPPLER Migene $12.95 A comprehensive sourcebook for anyone interested in the theory & practice of magic. Includes spells & ceremonies from all magical systems around the world.

Complete Enochian Dictionary, The. LAYCOCK Donald $16.95 A dictionary of the Angelic language as revealed to Dr. John D33 & Edward Kelley.

Complete Golden Dawn System Of Magic, The. REGARDIE Israel $49.95 An entirely new encyclopedia of traditional & archaic occult knowledge unique to the Magic Order of the Golden Dawn.

Condensed Chaos: An Introduction To Chaos Magic. HINE Phil $12.95 "...Magic, in the light of modern physics, quantum theory & probability theory is now approaching science".

Crone's Book Of Wisdom, The. WORTH Valerie $6.95 Here is a charming collection of magical practices & rituals that serve as a bridge between the Craft of the Ancients & the needs of the modern Witch.

Crone's Book Of Words, The. WORTH Valerie $6.95 From a study of nature, folklore & magic, the author has created instructions, incantations, & spells for nearly every purpose.

Cunningham's Encyclopedia Of Magical Herbs. CUNNINGHAM Scott $12.95 400 entries illustrated with a field drawing of the herb. Entries include the common, folk & scientific names of the herb or plant, its ruling planet, ruling element, associated goddess, & more.

Dictionary Of Sacred & Magical Plants. RATSCH Christian $14.95 This dictionary explains the botanical classifications & pharmacology of many of these plants & examines their roles in different cultures.

Eight Sabbats For The Witches. FARRAR Janet & Stewart $14.95 A detailed book about the 8 major festivals. The authors first look at the myths associated with each sabbat, & then detail the ritual performance.

Elizabethan Magic. TURNER Robert $13.95 Provides the reader with precise renditions & translations of the most important magical tracts of the Tudor era.

Enochian Magic - A Practical Manual. SCHUELER Gerald J. $12.95 Presents the powerful system of magic of Dr. John Dee, astrologer to Queen Elizabeth I, as practiced by Crowley & the Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn.

Enochian Physics: The Structure Of The Magical Universe. SCHUELER Gerald J. $12.95 The Enochian system is applied to the concepts & theorems of Western science to provide a deeper understanding of the underlying mechanics of our universe.

Enochian Workbook, The. SCHUELER Gerald J. & Betty $14.95 Learn Enochian Magic with the first book designed for the novice student.

Enochian World Of Aleister Crowley - Enochian Sex Magick. CROWLEY Aleister $12.95 Originally published in 1912, this book rent the veil of the Inner Order of the Golden Dawn & revealed its most precious jewel for all to see.

Equinox & Solstice Ceremonies Of The Golden Dawn, The. ZALEWSKI Pat & Chris $12.95 Explores the deeper roots behind the Quinox & Solstice traditions. The Golden Dawn's ceremonies are explained in both hermetic & pagan terms.

Equinox Of The Gods, The. CROWLEY Aleister $14.95 Summarizes the career of an acknowledged master of occult science, describing the successive stages of his progress through magical & mystical studies.

Equinox, Vol 3 Number 10, The: The Review Of Scientific Illuminism. HYMENAEUS BETA Edited By $14.95 The principles & aims of the O.T.O. are published in a coherent & complete manner for the first time.

Fire & Ice - History Of German Magick. FLOWERS Stephen E. $9.95 Offers many tools for self-development, including use of Freemasonic Formulae, sacramental rites & electrical technology in a magickal framework.

First Steps In Ritual. ASHCROFT-NORWICKI Deloris $10.95 The author has compiled a collection of rituals culled from a variety of traditions including Qabalistic, Egyptian, Orphic & Celtic, together with less familiar ones.

Foundations Of High Magick: Vol. 1 Of The Magical Philosophy Series. DENNING & PHILLIPS $15.00 This volume is part of a structured & progressive curriculum of Qabalistic Magick based upon the experience & research of the Order Aurum Solis.

Gems From The Equinox. CROWLEY Aleister $44.95

Gods Of Rebirth, The - Mythology Of Modern Magic. DRURY Nevill $10.95 This book pays special attention to the mythic cycles of rebirth-of coming forth into the light-for it was these myths which have provided the symbolic framework for modern magical revival.

Golden Dawn Enochian Magic. ZALEWSKI Pat $12.95 Based on the research & unpublished papers of MacGregor Mathers, founder of the Golden Dawn, this book opens new avenues of use for this system.

Golden Dawn, The (Paperback). REGARDIE Israel $19.95 A complete course in practical ceremonial magic. This is a valid training program for those who can follow the drama of initiation & who will practice the basic rituals described.

Green Magic: The Healing Power Of Herbs, Talismans, & Stones. MORWYN $16.95 Both beginners & seasoned readers in the field of magic, as well as those with an active interest in herbs, will benefit from this compendium of facts & lore about medicinal & magical herbs.

Heart Of The Master CROWLEY Aleister $10.95 Establishes the ancient theology of the initiatory philosophy of Thelema by delineating the spiritual forerunners of the New Aeon.

Herbs In Magic And Alchemy - Techniques From Ancient Herbal Lore. ZALEWSKI C.L. $10.95 Drawing upon experience in the Western esoteric traditions, author has gathered a wide range of materials on the planetary, zodiacal & elemental correspondences of herbs used in magic & alchemy.

Holy Books Of Thelema, The. CROWLEY Aleister $17.50 This collection received by Crowley in trance states forms the basis of his teachings. Extensive bibliographies & a preface provide a context for how the material was received & written.

How To Make Amulets, Charms & Talismans. LIPPMAN & COLIN $12.95 What they mean, how to make them & how to use them.

How To Make And Use A Magic Mirror. TYSON Donald $3.95 Learn to use the mirror for divination, spirit communication & astral travel. Includes a historical perspective of mirror lore in magic & literature.

Key Of It All, The: Book One: The Eastern Mysteries. HULSE David Allen $19.95 Book catalogs & distills, in hundreds of tables of secret symbolism, the true alphabet magick of every ancient Eastern magickal tradition.

Key Of It All, The: Book Two - The Western Mysteries. HULSE David Allen $24.95 Catalogs & distills, in hundreds of tables of secret symbolism, the true alphabet magick of every ancient Western magickal tradition.

Key Of Solomon The King, The: Clavicula Salomonis. MATHERS Macgregor $12.50 This famous magical textbook has influenced many of the other grimoires of magical practice.

Kitchen Witch's Cookbook, A. TELESCO Patricia $16.95 Author combines over 300 carefully selected recipes with bewitching material to change your approach to cooking.

Law Is For All, The. CROWLEY Aleister $14.95 With introduction by Israel Regardie. Crowley's extended commentary on the Book of the Law.

Liber Aleph - The Book Of Wisdom Or Folly. CROWLEY Aleister $14.95 Crowley addressed this book to the child of mankind, & is being published at a time when the sense of frustration on all continents of the world has led almost to a vision of complete chaos.

Life And Times Of A Modern Witch, The. FARRAR Janet & Stewart $8.95 Chapters include Do Witches Worship Satan, Why no Clothes, What Powers have Witches, & Broomsticks & Microchips.

Little Essays Toward Truth. CROWLEY Aleister $7.95 Some of Crowley's clearest thoughts on numerous qabalistic & philosophical issues among which are man, memory, sorry, wonder, beatitude, laughter, mastery, trance, energy, silence & much more.

Living Magical Arts. STEWART R.J. $13.95

Love Magic: The Way To Love Through Rituals, Spells & The Magical Life. CABOT Laurie $10.95 Discover the magical power of love through the mystical practice of magic in this wide-ranging collection of spells, rituals & meditations.

Magic For Peace. WEINSTEIN Marion $3.95 Teaches us all how to harness the power of our minds to help create peace. Affirmations are presented in a uniquely non-sectarian format to suit all personal spiritual or religious styles.

Magic From Mexico - Folk Magic, Prayers, Spells & Recipes. DEVINE Mary $4.95 Author interviewed 16 actual brujas, or wise-women, to compile this enjoyable book of practical folk magic, spells, divinations, rites, prayers & meditations.

Magic In Food - Legends, Lore And Spellwork, The. CUNNINGHAM Scott $14.95 Learn the mystic qualities of everyday dishes, their preparation & the simple method of calling upon their powers. Includes numerous magical diets, each designed to create a change within.

Magic Of Ritual, The. DRIVER Tom F. $12.00 Our need for liberating rites that transform our lives & our communities.

Magic Shop, The - Healing With The Imagination. GRAHAM Helen $10.95 The "magic" is a combination of information & exercise that helps you develop awareness of physical, mental & spiritual needs so you can maintain health, work with pain, or prevent illness.

Magical And Ritual Use Of Herbs, The. MILLER Richard A. $9.95 Describes the historical use, chemical structure, preparation for consumption, & magical use of 19 narcotic, hallucinogenic, stimulant, & depressant herb.

Magical Herbalism: The Secret Craft Of The Wise. CUNNINGHAM Scott $7.95 A complete guide to the magical use of herbs.

Magical Household, The. CUNNINGHAM & HARRINGTON $8.95 Use the positioning of furniture, the turning of rugs, herbal potions, & much more to protect & empower your home & homelife. A potpourri of superstition from all over the world.

Magical Name, The: A Practical Technique For Inner Power. ANDREWS Ted $12.95 This book explores a variety of techniques for changing one's birth name & for assuming a new, more magical name. It shows what must be considered before any change is implemented.

Magician's Companion, The. WHITCOMB Bill $19.95 A "desk reference" overflowing with a wide range of occult & esoteric materials indispensable to anyone engaged in the magical arts. Discusses & compares over 35 magical models.

Magician, The - His Training And Work. BUTLER W.E. $7.00 An excellent introduction to the practice of ceremonial magic. Butler presents the principles involved & encourages the reader to do some constructive thinking to apply them in actual practice.

Magick (Hard Cover). CROWLEY Aleister $49.95 This new revised & corrected edition of Crowley's "magnum opus" is an indispensable textbook for students of Thelemic Magic or general esotericism.

Magick In Theory And Practice. CROWLEY Aleister $16.95

Magick Without Tears. CROWLEY Aleister $17.95 Edited & introduced by Israel Regardie. A volume of 80 letters, Crowley's personal commentary on his own magickal training & insight.

Magickian, The: A Study In Effective Magick. COOPER Phillip $12.95 Starts from first principles & takes the reader through a process of graduated exercises to a full understanding of the art of magick & the many uses of the pentagram ritual.

Magus, The: A Complete System Of Occult Philosophy. BARRETT Frances $15.95 Facsimile repring of 1801 classic exploring the magic in nature, alchem, talismanic magic, ceremonial magic, magnetism, cabalistic magic.

Modern Magick - Eleven Lessons In The High Magick Arts. KRAIG Donald Michael $14.95 Guides you from the easiest rituals & the construction of your magickal tools, through the highest forms of magick, designing your own rituals & doing pathworking.

Modern Ritual Magic - The Rise Of Western Occultism. KING Francis $10.95 King describes the conflict between Yeats & Crowley, the often difficult relationship between Yeats & Kabbalist M. Mathers & R. Steiner's attempt to take over English occultism.

Modern Witch's Book Of Home Remedies, The. MORRISON Sarah Lyddon $8.95 The author brings us some age-old secrets to restore health & ensure continued well-being for our bodies. She selves deep into the forces of nature for these secrets we can all use anytime, anywhere.

Modern Witch's Spellbook - Book II. MORRISON Sarah Lyddon $8.95 Book II contains all kinds of spells: to get your supervisor out of your hair, how to find the right house, to avoid gossip, to stop smoking, to lose weight, & much more.

Modern Witch's Spellbook, The. MORRISON Sara Lyddon $8.95 A remarkable collection of workable spells, charms, amulets, talismans, divination techniques, as well as information about obtaining supplies for working spells.

Moving With The Wind:Magick & Healing In The Martial Arts. CROWLEY Brian & Esther $10.00 Against a backdrop that traces the spiritual philosophy, history & development of major martial art forms, this book explores the origin & nature chi force.

Mysteria Magica: The Magical Philosophy, Volume 3. DENNING & PHILLIPS $15.00 A comprehensive guide to the rituals & practices of ceremonial magick including initiation, banishing & involking, forming the circle, identifying with God Forces, working in the astral & much more.

New Aeon Magick: Thelema Without Tears. DEL CAMPO Gerald $9.99 Clear & engaging guide to deciphering the many possible New Aeon paths before you. The beauty, significance & method of the art of magickal living is presented in a down-to-earth style.

New Magus, The: The Modern Magician's Practical Guide. TYSON Donald $12.95 Here is a practical framework on which a student can base his or her personal system of magic. It is filled with practical, usable magical techniques.

Norse Magic. CONWAY D.J. $3.95 An introduction to Norse religion & Teutonic mythology.

Northern Magic - Mysteries Of The Norse, Germans & English. THORSSON Edred $4.95 This book explores the theories of traditional Northern psychology, as well as the religious tradition of the Troth & the whole Germanic theology.

Occult Experience, The: Magic In The New Age. DRURY Nevill $9.95 An exploration of contemporary occult rituals all over the world.

One Year Manual, The. REGARDIE Israel $6.95 This 12 month manual brings the serious student of consciousness to an ongoing awareness of unity.

Planetary Magick: A Complete System For Knowledge & Attainment. DENNING & PHILLIPS $19.95 Through the use of this complete ceremonial system, level after level of the psyche will be opened up harmoniously & safely, & your creative potential will be enhanced.

Playful Magic. RENEE Janina $12.95 Infuse your life with magic in practical, simple & enjoyable ways; engage in playful magic as an antidote to depression, economic worries & fallow periods.

Positive Magic. WEINSTEIN Marion $12.95 A book of occult self-help, focusing on Astrology, I Ching, tarot & words of power.

Practical Celtic Magic. HOPE Murray $13.00 Shows you how the forces of nature can be effective in healing. Includes the protective & healing nature of Tree magic, the powers associated with feast & much more.

Practical Color Magick. BUCKLAND Raymond $6.95 Reveals the most effective & simplest method of psychic & spiritual development.

Practical Sigil Magic - Creating Personal Symbols For Success. FRATER U.D. $8.95 Learn how to create your own sigil for any purpose you desire, without using the ancient symbols that seem to have no apparent meaning.

Real Magic. BONEWITS Isaac $9.95 Examines every category of occult phenomena from ESP to Eastern ritual & explores the basic laws of magic, relating them to natural laws of the universe.

Rebirth Of Witchcraft, The. VALIENTE Doreen $12.50 A history of contemporary Wicca, from it's shadowy roots at the turn of the century to present day.

Ritual Book Of Magic. BIAS Clifford $6.95 A working guide to magic & rituals for the beginner or advanced practioner.

Ritual Magic Workbook: A Practical Course Of Self-Initiation. ASHCROFT-NORWICKI Dolores $20.00 Self-initiation includes constructing & consecrating a temple, meditation & visualization techniques, working in an elemental temple, exploring the inner world & much more.

Ritual Magic: What It Is & How To Do It. TYSON Donald $12.95 Divided into 3 sections dealing with the basics, systems, & practices, this book describes preparations & tools in precise detail.

Rosicrucian Notebook, A. SCHRODTER Willy $19.95 This book is valuable to students of various esoteric traditions because the notes & excerpts are taken from private & unpublished sources & from authors of out-of-print works.

Scottish Witchcraft - The History & Magick Of The Picts. BUCKLAND Raymond $9.95 This exploration of PectiWiti presents the background of Pictish Witchcraft with stories from folktales & myths, & delves into the celebrations, talismans, song & dance, herbal lore & much more.

Secret Inner Order Rituals Of The Golden Dawn. ZALEWSKI Patrick J. $12.95 Here is secret data covering the Adeptus Major, Exemptus & Etheric Link Rituals of the Golden Dawn.

Secrets Of A Witch's Coven. MORWYN $19.95 This comprehensive collection of teachings is a complete course of initiation into the first degree of wicca.

Sex And Drugs - A Journey Beyond Limits. WILSON Robert A. $12.95 Originally a Playboy book, way ahead of its time. It seems that no-one would ever purchase this gem since it had a hard time finding its way into the neighborhood book stores.

Spell Crafts: Creating Magical Objects. CUNNINGHAM & DAVID HARRINGTON Scott $10.00 Imbue your crafts with specific energies: love, wealth, protection, enhanced spirituality, inner peace, psychic awareness. Learn the 9 steps to empower any type of craft. And much more.

Spells And How They Work. FARRAR Janet & Stewart $9.95 This authoriative study discusses the principles underlying all spells & explains why a successful spell is composed of three elements - intent, visualization & will-power.

Talisman Magick Workbook, The. PAJEON Kala & Ketz $9.95 Readers will learn how to create astrological, tarot, numerological, & alpha character talismans & incorporate them into a powerful method of magickal manifestation.

Techniques Of High Magic: A Guide To Self-Empowerment. KING & SKINNER $10.95 A manual of self-initiation into the ancient & secret traditions of ceremonial magic.

Teutonic Magic- The Magical & Spiritual Practices Of The Germanic Peoples. GUNDARSSON Kveldulf $12.95 Presents the theory & practice of Teutonic Magic. A useful how-to manual of runes, magic & Teutonic tradition.

Teutonic Religion: Folk Beliefs & Practices Of The Northern Tradition. GUNDARSSON Kveldulf $13.00 This book combines the religious & traditional lore of the Germanic people with practical instructions for following this pathway in the modern world, complete with rituals for group & solo practice.

To Ride A Silver Broomstick: New Generation Witchraft. RAVENWOLF Silver $14.95 This is a complete "Witchcraft 101" for people practicing or wishing to practice the craft on their own, without an in-the-flesh magickal support group.

Transcendental Magic. LEVI Eliphas $15.95 A discussion that covers almost the entire realm of Ritual & High Magic.

Truth About Witchcraft Today, The. CUNNINGHAM Scott $3.95 Learn exactly how magic works. Author gives clearcut explanations of how a spell is cast, what a pentacle is, the difference between ritual, folk, ceremonial magic & more.

Urban Pagan, The: Magical Living In A 9-To-5 World. TELESCO Patricia $13.00 A book of spells, rituals, herbals, invocations, & meditations that will help the reader to build inner confidence, create a magical living environment, & form an urban wheel of the year.

Web Of Light: Rites For Witches In The New Age MORWYN $19.95 Describes in vivid detail the secret rituals performed in the witch's coven. Rituals of psychic development, spells, enchantments & celebrations, to name a few, are explored.

What Witches Do. FARRAR Stewart $8.95 An excellent behind-the-scenes look at contemporary witchcraft, which dispels the cloud of mystery produced by centuries of anti-witch propaganda, & instead describes a rich & joyous religion.

Wicca Craft: Modern Witch's Book Of Herbs, Magick & Dreams. DUNWICH Gerina $8.95 Traces the origins of this nature-based religion, which preaches brotherly love & harmony with & respect for all life forms.

Witch's Guide To Faery Folk, A. MCCOY Edwin $12.95 Tells you what you need to know in order to establish a strong working relationship with the faery folk, beginning with faery mythology & Faeryland's place inthe astral realm.

Witchcraft - A Tradition Renewed. VALIENTE Doreen $10.95 Rudiments of the Craft; the Coven; tools & regalia; the rituals; & a list of sacred woods & trees.

Witchcraft Today - The Modern Craft Movement. Book One. CLIFTON Chas S. (Editor) $9.95 Whether you are an initiated Wiccan or a questioning seeker, this book will give you new & valuable information on being a Pagan in today's world.

Witchcraft Today: Modern Rites Of Passage. Book Two. CLIFTON, EDITOR Charles S. $9.95 This book is organized according to some of life's significant markers: birth, puberty, adulthood, partnership, parenthood, Wicca conversion, maturity or eldership & finally death.

Witches' God, The: Lord Of The Dance. FARRAR Janet & Stewart $13.95 Explores a multitude of god concepts & provides personal & group rituals to allow one to experience inner knowledge of the masculine side of the Goddess-God-human relationship.

Witches' Way, The: Principles, Rituals & Beliefs Of Modern Witchcraft. FARRAR Janet & Stewart $24.95 Provides detailed information on a number of rituals & consecrations including the 1st, 2nd & 3rd degree initiation rites. Also includes discussion of reincarnation, ethics, astral projection & more.

Witchraft Today: Witchraft & Shamanism, Book Three. CLIFTON Charles S. $9.95 Presents a collection of the best & brightest perspectives on this ancient system of spirituality that dates back to the beginning of humanity.

Wylundt's Book Of Incense. SMITH Steven R. $12.95 Designed as a reference for followers of many diverse paths, this comprehensive book teaches beginners how to make & use incense.

Z-5 Secret Teachings Of The Golden Dawn: Book I, The Neophyte Ritual. ZALEWSKI Pat & Chris $12.95 Shows the type of procedure one encounters when he or she joins a Golden Dawn Temple. Focuses on the secret, Inner Order techniques for performing the Neophyte Initiation Ritual.


Creating Mandalas For Insight, Healing, And Self-Expression. FINCHER Sasanne F. $15.00 This book is a practical & inspiring guide to creating the circular drawings known as mandalas.

Everyone's Mandala Coloring Book. MANDALI Monique $7.95 Coloring these timeless images help us become more focused when we feel scattered & more peaceful when we are struggling with personal issues.

Mandalas Of The World: A Meditating & Painting Guide. DAHLKE Rudiger $19.95 Here you'll discover more than 100 of the most beautiful & enlightening mandalas in history. You can use them as is for meditation - or meditate as you paint them with colors of your choosing.

Massage & Reflexology

Hand And Foot Reflexology - A Self-Help Guide. KUNZ Kevin & Barbara $12.00 Here's a revolutionary way to fine-tune your relationship with your body, reduce stress, & feel better all over: Stimulate the reflexes in your hands & feet

Self - Massage YOUNG Jacqueline $16.00 The complete 15-minutes a day massage system for health & self-awareness.

Shiatsu & Stretching. NAMIKOSHI Toru $13.00


365 Tao - Daily Meditations. MING-DAO Deng $13.00 This treasury of life-enhancing daily readings makes Taoism accessible & practical.

Art Of Breathing, The. ZI Nancy $8.95

Blooming Of A Lotus. HANH Thich Nhat $12.00 Based in the practices of conscious breathing & mindfulness, the 34 guided exercises in this meditation manual bring us into closer touch with our physical bodies, inner selves & world around us.

Centering: A Guide To Inner Growth. LAURIE Sanders & M. Tucker $9.95 Learn to use meditation to reduce stress, heighten your awareness, increase your learning power, enhance your talents, uncover keys to transmit healing energies & learn to understand dreams.

Complete Meditation. KRAVETTE Steve $15.95 Simple, individualized meditative techniques, including breathing meditation, active meditation, chakras, mental enhancement, healing, psychic powers, astral travel, reincarnation & much more.

Complete Relaxation. KRAVETTE Steve $19.95 A completely relaxed approach designed to put you in touch wit your whole self, the body, mind, emotions, spirituality & sexuality.

Each Day A New Beginning - Daily Meditations For Women. HAZELDEN $11.00 Offers 365 daily meditations that draw on the common experiences, shared struggles & unique strengths of women.

Gradual Awakening, A. LEVINE Stephen $8.95 "This book about vipassana meditation is simple - clear & familiarly comfortable. --Ram Dass

Guided Meditations, Explorations And Healings. LEVINE Stephen $11.00 The culmination & distillation of the Levines' investigation into the unseen reaches of the human consciousness & provides illustration of the "experiments in the healing we took birth for".

How To Meditate- A Practical Guide. MCDONALD Kathleen $10.95 Techniques of simple breathing & mindfulness, visualization & mantra, meditations on death & suffering, meditations using psychic channels.

Inner Guide Meditation, The. STEINBRECHER Edwin C. $10.95 Describes the transformational journey to enlightenment & awareness using the tarot, astrology, the Qabalah, the alchemy of transformation, & analytical psycology.

Journey Of Awakening: A Meditator's Guidebook. DASS Ram $5.99 Author illuminates the stages & benefits of meditative practice, & provides wise & often humorous advice on overcoming difficulties along the way.

Living And Dying Every Day: A Daily Meditation Book *** RINPOCHE Sogyal $12.00

Meditation In Action. TRUNGPA Chogyam $6.00 In this little book a renowned meditation master teaches that meditation is not a retreat from the world.

Meditation: An Eight Point Program. EASWARAN Eknath $12.95 This book is a complete guide to a program of meditation that fits naturally into your life - even complementing an active religious practice.

Meditations: Creative Visualization & Meditation Exercises To Enrich. GAWAIN Shakti $8.95 Includes creating an inner sanctuary, contacting your inner guide, discovering your inner child, expressing your creativity, balancing male & female energies within.

Meditative Mind, The. GOLEMAN Daniel $9.95 This book provides a unique overview of the different kinds of meditation & introduces the reader to the basic elements of their practice.

Meditator's Guidebook, The: Pathways To Greater Awareness & Creativity. OLIVER Lucy $8.95 Author describes with precision the benefits & pitfalls of meditation & distinguishes it from trance, hypnosis, reflection, or visualization.

Myth Of Freedom And The Way Of Meditation, The. TRUNGPA Chogyam $13.00 Explores the meaning of freedom in the profound context of Tibetan Buddhism. He explains the role of meditation in bringing into focus the causes of frustration & despair.

Om - Creative Meditations. WATTS Alan $7.95

Path To Bliss - A Practical Guide To Stages Of Meditation. DALAI LAMA $14.95 This is a systematic approach to training the mind through reason & meditation.

Planetary Harmonies - An Astrological Book Of Meditations. HODGSON Joan $15.50 Author identifies the planetary influences which are at work at any time of the day, or at any time of the lunar cycle or the solar cycle.

Practice Of Zen Meditation, The. ENOMIYA-LASSALLE Hugo M. $17.00 Presents a 7 day introduction to the techniques & disciplines involved in Zen meditation.

Samatha Meditation. LAMRIMPA Gen $10.95 Tibfetan Buddhist teachings on cultivating meditative quiescence.

Secrets Of Chinese Meditation, The. LUK Charles $12.50 A collection of long extracts from ancient & modern classics on Chinese meditational practices. A classic text.

Seeking The Heart Of Wisdom: The Path Of Insight Meditation. GOLDSTEIN & KORNFIELD $13.00 The path of insight meditation is a journey of undersstanding our bodies, our minds, & our lives, of seeing clearly the true nature of experience.

Touchstones - Daily Meditations For Men. HAZELDEN $10.00

Men's Books

Absent Fathers, Lost Sons: The Search For Masculine Identity. CORNEAU Guy $11.00 Author traces the experience of the fragility of conventional images of masculinity to an even deeper feeling men have of their fathers' silence or absence.

Broken Boys / Mending Men. GRUBMAN-BLACK Stephen D. $4.99 Grubman-Black, a counselor, seminar leader & survivor of childhood abuse, explores what happens to adult survivors when the trauma of sexual abuse haunts their lives.

Choice Of Heroes, A: The Changing Face Of American Manhood. GERZON Mark $9.95 This book is for men who care about the quality of their life & for women who care about the quality of their men.

Dark Hearts - The Unconscious Forces That Shape Men's Lives. PEDERSEN Loren E. $15.00 Offers fresh perspectives on men's behavior, attitudes & psychological difficulties by tracing the development of masculinity within the context of the anima.

Earth God Rising - The Return Of The Male Mysteries. RICHARDSON Alan $10.95 Here is a blend of history, mythology & magical analysis of the Horned God who is a part of us all. How-to section shows how to make direct contact with your own most ancient potentials.

Father: Mythology And Changing Roles, The. COLMAN Arthur & Libby $15.95 Examines the changing role of the father in today's family & explores the impact of fatherhood on a man's life.

Fire In The Belly: On Being A Man. KEEN Sam $12.95 With traditional notions of manhood under attack, today's men & women are looking for a new vision of masculinity.

Fire In The John: Manly Man In The Age Of Sissification. GINGOLD Alfred $7.95 Liberate yourself from the prison of the Work Shmethic & outstrip your friends at becoming noncompetitive; share your grief with strangers you meet at bus-stops.

Flying Boy - Healing The Wounded Man, The. LEE John $7.95 A record of one man's journey to find his "true masculinity" & his way out of co-dependent & addictive relationships.

Flying Boy, Book II: Journey Continues LEE John $8.95 This book is about the fears of intimacy, abandonment & commitment & how to overcome them.

Gods In Everyman: A New Psychology Of Men's Lives & Loves. BOLEN Jean S. $11.00 Author explores the powerful inner patterns - or archetypes - that shape men's personalities, careers & personal relationships.

Horned God - Feminism And Men As Wounding And Healing, The. ROWAN John $14.95 This study of how men relate to femininism will appeal to all men who are concerned about their response to the women's movement & to the women in their lives.

In Search Of The Warrior Spirit. HECKLER Richard S. $12.95 Author's proving ground - a top-secret military research project - provides colorful & unique human insight into the effect of ancient spiritual practices on contemporary soldiers.

Iron John - A Book About Men. BLY Robert $11.00 Using Grimm Fairy tale Iron John in which Wild Man guides a young man thru 8 stages of growth, to remind us of images long forgotten - a vigorous masculinity both protective & emotionally centered.

King Within, The: Accessing The King In The Male Psyche. MOORE & GILLETTE $11.00 Offers hope & the assured conviction that the liberating King...the compassionate King...the King who will restore peace, caring & justice to our lives...resides within us all.

King, Warrior, Magician, Lover. MOORE Robert & D. Gillette $10.00 A Jungian introduction to the psychological foundations of a mature, authentic, & revitalized masculinity.

Lying With The Heavenly Woman JOHNSON Robert A $15.00 Author blends myth, story & Jungian insight to illuminate the feminine elements & archetypes in men's minds & lives.

Meditations For Men Who Do Too Much. LAZEAR Jonathon $10.00 A book of daily meditations that is indispensable support for men caught up in the daily cycle of work, achieve, acquire.

Men And Intimacy. ABBOTT Franklin $12.95 Personal accounts exploring the dilemmas of modern male sexuality.

Phallos: Sacred Image Of The Masculine. MONICK Eugene $16.95 Phallos emerges here as an essentially mysterious divine reality that is at once practical & numinous, object of fascination & religious devotion for both men & women.

Refusing To Be A Man: Essays On Sex & Justice. STOLTENBERG John $11.00 A revolutionary new examination of male sexual identity, this book offers 13 provocative essays on today's most pressing issues of sexual politics.

To A Dancing God: Notes Of A Spiritual Traveler. KEEN Sam $11.00 Rediscoving the sacred through personal mythology.

To Be A Man - In Search Of The Deep Masculine. THOMPSON Keith (Editor) $13.95 What does it mean to be a man, to live with a deep awareness of a masculine sense of self? This question lies at the root of the 89 essays that compose this book.

Trickster, Magician & Grieving Man, The:Reconnecting Men With Earth. MAZIS Glen A. $12.95 This exciting blend of mythic & contemporary views of males offers new directions for male self-development, taking us beyond the conventional heroic definitions.

Way Of Merlin, The: The Male Path In Wicca. STEWART R.J. $14.95 Authors demonstrate that female energy is always required as a counterbalance to the male impulse. Wicca thus provides the means whereby every man can discover the Goddess within.

Why Men Are The Way They Are. FARRELL Warren $5.99 This book will challenge your every assumption about the opposite sex. It will enlighten you, even shock you with new insights into your loved one's most secret feelings & desires.

Your Mythic Journey. KEEN Sam & A. Valley-Fox $9.95 This book offers readers the tools to detect the story line in their own lives & to write & tell it to others, opening up a hidden world of self-discovery & meaning.

Mystic Christianity

Aquarian Gospel Of Jesus The Christ, The. LEVI $12.95 A 19th century American psychic transcribed this scriptural rendering of the life of Christ, which includes the "lost years" not included in the New Testament account. A classic text.

Breaking The Godspell. FREER Neil $12.95 .."Weaves together an amazing mosaic of archeology, myth, history, comparative religion, mixed in with innovative perspectives from genetics, psychology & neurology..."

Dead Sea Scrolls Uncovered, The. EISENMAN & MICHAEL WISE Robert $12.00 This book makes available in clear & accessible style 50 of the best texts of the Dead Sea Scrolls, not seen by the public for over three decades.

Discovery Of The Essene Gospel Of Peace, The. SZEKELY Edmond $6.95 "They guarded among them the most ancient knowledge & the greatest treasure of holiness the world had every known. They were the Brotherhood of the Essenes."

Essene Code Of Life, The. SZEKELY Edmond $4.50 From the original Aramaic & French translation.

Essene Gospel Of Peace, Book I. SZEKELY Edmond $1.00 The third century Aramaic manuscript & old Slavonic texts compared, edited & translated by Szekely.

Essene Gospel Of Peace, Book II. SZEKELY Edmond $8.50 "The unknown books of the Essenes".

Essene Gospel Of Peace, Book III. SZEKELY Edmond $8.50 Lost scrolls of the Essene Brotherhood.

Essene Jesus, The. SZEKELY Edmond $6.95 A revaluation from the Dead Sea Scrolls.

From Enoch To The Dead Sea Scrolls. SZEKELY Edmond Bordeaux $5.95 The teachings of the Essenes.

Holy Blood, Holy Grail. BAIGENT, LEIGH, LINCOLN $6.99 Do ancient parchments found in France reveal the startling truth? Their discovery has led to "one of the more controversial books of the 20th century".

Jesus Mystery, The. BOCK Janet $10.95 The lost years & unknown travels of Jesus.

Joshua. JACOBS Donald $13.50 A novel about the lost years of Joshua (Jesus) written in the first person style.

Mystic Christianity. RAMACHARAKA Yogi $12.95 The lessons which compose this volume originally appeared in monthly form, thefirst of which was issued in October, 1907, & the 12th in September, 1908.

Nine Faces Of Christ. WHITWORTH Eugene E. $15.95 The narrative of Joseph-bar-Joseph, a Messiah, crucified 57 years BC. It shows the methods & techniques of developing the inner or initiate Godself.

Sheer Joy - Conversations With Thomas Aquinas. FOX Matthew $18.00 Author "interviews" Thomas Aquinas in this revaluation of the spirituality of the great thirteenth century Domincan theologian.

Templars, The - Knights Of God. BURMAN Edward $12.95 Here is a vivid picture of this extraordinary organization of warrior monks & its passage through myth & legend.

Three Faces Of Jesus:How Jews, Christians & Muslims See Him. IMBACH Josef $12.95 All three religions must find a way of overcoming their centuries-old mistrust of one another. This book offers a way to start.

Way Of The Essenes, The: Christ's Hidden Life Remembered. MEUROIS-GIVAUDAN Anne & Daniel $16.95 Questions continue to arise as to the identity of the Essenes & what role they might have played in the life of Jesus. This account new light is shed on Christ hidden life as an initiate.

Woman With The Alabaster Jar, The - Mary Magdalen & The Holy Grail. STARBIRD Margaret $14.95 Offers new & compelling evidence for the existence of the Bride of Christ & the hidden "Church of the Grail", a body of believers who were forced underground by the Inquisition.


Ancient & Shining Ones, The: World Myth, Magic & Religion. CONWAY D. J. $17.95 Explains the magickal aspects of each deity, focusing on making practical contact to release & apply the energies symbolized by the Gods & Goddesses.

Book Of Lilith, The KOLTUV Barbara B. Ph.D $9.95 Lilith is the representative of the essentially motherless form of the feminine Self that arose as an embodiment of the neglected & rejected aspect of the Great Goddess.

Book Of Merlin, The. STEWART R.J. $14.95 The 3 aspects of Merlin in 3 faces - bright youth, mad prophet & wise elder. All represent the interaction of spiritual & magical powers & their relationship to the land & the environment.

Celtic Myth And Legend. SQUIRE Charles $12.95 This is a study of Celtic mythology, legend & poetry presenting the entire enthralling panorama of the mythical & legendary traditions of the ancient Gaelic & British Celts.

Celtic Mythology. RUTHERFORD Ward $9.95 The nature & influence of Celtic myth from Druidism to Arthurian legend. Facinating sourcebook uncovers the origins, symbolism & literary traditions of ancient Celtic mythology.

Cry For Myth, The. MAY Rollo $12.00 Author shows how myths relate to his patients' dreams & associations & can provide meaning & structure for all who seek direction in a morally confusing world.

Dancing With Dragons - Invoking Their Ageless Wisdom & Power. CONWAY D.J. $14.95 Author proclaims that dragons do exist & you can call on the legendary wisdom of dragons for increased spiritual fulfillment, knowledge, health & happiness.

Dictionary Of Sacred Myth. CHETWYND Tom $11.00 Explores the oldest & most universal method of communication, drawing on the mythologies of the ancient world, Egypt, Classical Greece & Rome.

Dictionary Of Symbols. CHETWYND Tom $11.00 Describes the major characteristics that recur in all symbolic material; identifying them can enable us to recognize the patterns & processes at work in our own minds.

Dionysus - Myth And Cult OTTO Walter F. $15.95 Complete illustrations, notes & a rich index have made this book a standard reference work in the field.

Dragon, The: Nature Of Spirit, Spirit Of Nature. HUXLEY Francis $14.95 The nature of the dragon is to be the animating spirit in every form, just as it is also the spirit or genius of the natural world.

Dragons And Dynasties - An Introduction To Chinese Mythology. KE Yuan $12.00 Colourful, sometimes grotesque & richly imaginative, Chinese mythology is just as moving & compelling as anything to be found in the better-known Egyptian, Greek & Teutonic traditions.

Earth Mother, The: Legends, Ritual Arts & Goddesses Of India. JAYAKAR Pupul $13.95 The author travelled to the far corners of India interviewing rual, tribal & other craftspeople to produce this illustrated study of India's ancient ritual arts that have survived to this day.

Elements Of Creation Myth, The. STEWART R.J. $7.95 What is meant by creation myth? What are the historical patterns? How does the mythology of differing cultures compare? How does creation mythology appear in religion, folklore & legend?

Facing The Gods. HILLMAN, EDITOR James $14.50 Offers the reader ways of finding mythical backgrounds for personal experience. Here we can feel how the Gods & Goddesses influence symptoms, ideas, attitudes, relationships & dream imagery.

Feminist Companion To Mythology, The. LARRINGTON Carolyne (Editor) $24.00 Author has assembled authorities on mythology to provide for the first time an international feminist guide to the myths, goddesses, gods, & heroines that make our mythological heritage.

First Love Stories, The. WOLKSTEIN Diane $12.00 The earliest stories go back to 2500 BC. They are joyous, shocking, ribald, humorous, & mysterious testaments to both the passion & compassion in the human spirit.

From The Dreamtime - Australian Aboriginal Legends. ELLIS Jean A $9.00 This collection of legends reflects the vivid imagination, strong sense of drama & the intimate understanding of nature that is characteristic of the Aboriginal people of Australia.

Gods Of Love & Ecstasy - The Traditions Of Shiva & Dionysus. DANIELOU Alain $12.95 Revealing the earliest sources of the traditions of Shiva & Dionysus, author reconstructs the fabric of our ancient relationship with creation.

Green Man: The Archetype Of Our Oneness With The Earth. ANDERSON William $16.00 The next stage of ecological revolution begins with the reawakening of the male counterpart of the Goddess, the Green Man, an archetype found in folklore & religious art from earliest times.

Hero With A Thousand Faces, The. CAMPBELL Joseph $12.95 This classic study traces the story of the hero's journey & transformation thru virtually all the mythologies of the world, revealing the one archetypal hero in them all.

In The Beginning: Creation Stories From Around The World. HAMILTON Virginia $14.95 For thousands of years people have made up stories to explain the beginning of humankind, the earth & the cosmos.

Inanna: Queen Of Heaven & Earth. WOLKSTEIN & KRAMER $12.00 "In the myth of Inanna, the authors give us back the totality of woman, the ruler-wife-lover-redeemer, whom all worshiped & from whom all life flowed."

Japanese Mythology. PIGGOTT Juliet $15.95 The book begins with creation myths followed by historical survey & description of beliefs & deities; stories of creatures & spirits, & concluding with animal tales & ghost stories.

Joseph Campbell - An Introduction. SEGAL Robert A. $4.99 Myth & the man - an in-depth look at Joseph Campbell & his works.

Journey Of The Priestess: The Priestess Traditions Of The Ancient World. SHEPSUT Asia $24.00 This book traces the remains of a submerged tradition of priestesses, whose characteristics have remained constant for millennia.

Kali: The Feminine Force. MOOKERJEE Ajit $12.95 According to Hindu tradition, we are living in the Kali Age; the time of a resurgence of the divine feminine spirit. This book explores & illumines the rich meanings of feminine divinity.

Many Moons: Myth & Magic, Fact & Fantasy Of Our Nearest Heavenly Body. BRUETON Diana $8.99 Through full-color illustrations, photographs & diagrams, as well as an illuminating text, this book explores the science & symbolism of the moon throughout the ages & into the future.

Masks Of God: Creative Mythology. CAMPBELL Joseph $14.95 Whole inner story of modern culture, spanning our philosophical, spiritual, & artistic history since the Dark Ages & treating modern man's unique position as the creator of his own mythology.

Masks Of God: Occidental Mythology. CAMPBELL Joseph $14.95 A systematic & fascinating comparison of the themes that underlie the art, worship, & literature of the Western world.

Masks Of God: Oriental Mythology. CAMPBELL Joseph $14.95 An exploration of Eastern mythology as it developed into the distinctive religions of Egypt, India, China & Japan.

Masks Of God: Primitive Mythology. CAMPBELL Joseph $14.95 The primitive roots of the mythology of the world are examined in the light of the most recent discoveries in archaeology, anthropology & psychology. Volume 1 of Masks of God series.

Myth Of The Goddess, The: Evolution Of An Image. BARING & JULES CASHFORD Anne $20.00 A powerful & most complete synthesis of what we know about the Goddess between the Upper Palaeolithic & modern times.

Mythic Image, The. CAMPBELL Joseph $24.95

Myths To Live By. CAMPBELL Joseph $11.00 Explores the power of the universal myths that influence our lives daily & examines the myth-making process from the primitive past to the immediate present.

Myths, Dreams, And Religion. CAMPELL Joseph (Editor) $14.50 Here are extraordinary companions of metaphor & myth: Joseph Campbell, Alan Watts, N. Brown, D Miller, Ira Progoff, Rollo May, and many more.

Open Life, An: Conversations With Joseph Campbell. MAHER & BRIGGS $9.95 These skillfully selected highlights from 9 "New Dimensions" dialogues from 1975-1987 show Campbell at his best.

Pagan Grace - Dionysos, Hermes, And Goddess Memory In Daily Life. PARIS Ginette $15.95 The 3 images of divinity amplified in this book express the often unconscious pagan grace present in our daily lives.

Pagan Meditations - The Worlds Of Aphrodite, Artemis, And Hestia. PARIS Ginette $14.95 Each Goddess is an inspiration for a different feminism, & collectively they teach us about the polytheistic complexity we need to get out of the 20th century.

Personal Mythology - The Psychology Of Your Evolving Self. FEINSTEIN & KRIPPNER $11.95 This practical guide takes you on a journey of self-discovery using ritual, dreams & imagination.

Power Of Myth, The. CAMPBELL Joseph $10.95 A great summing up of Campbell's work, sure to stand alongside his two celebrated classics "Hero With a Thousand Faces" & "Masks of God".

Primal Myths - Creation Myths Around The World SPROUL Barbara C. $14.95 A valuable introduction to the variegated ways in which humanity has conceived & remembered its relation to the sacred origin & core of existence.

Prometheus Rising. WILSON Robert Anton $12.95 Author speaks for that tiny but indispensable minority who are changing our world by changing the way we think about it.

Real World Of Fairies, The. VAN GELDER Dora $10.00 A first-person account of the fairy kingdom.

Renewal Myths And Rites Of The Primitive Hunters And Planters. CAMPBELL Joseph $9.50 Campbell presents primitive culture myths to contrast the animal-taught & the plant-taught primitive societies.

Sacred Dance - Encounter With The Gods. WOSIEN Maria-Gabriele $11.95 This book evokes one of man's oldest & profound impulses; to act out the movements of the powers that he senses within himself & within the world.

Solstice Evergreen, The: The History, Folklore & Origins Of Christmas Tree. KARAS Cheryl Ann $10.95 First book to vividly explore the entire historical story behind the Christmas Tree, & how it reflects back to us a set of values that are central to every nationality & religion.

Transformations Of Myth Through Time. CAMPBELL Joseph $17.95 An illustrated collection of the key lectures of Joseph Campbell. These lectures cover the great sweep of mythological development around the world.

Unicornis: On The History & Truth Of The Unicorn. GREEN Michael $14.95 "...all there is to know about the fantastical beasts, including where to find them, secrets of their horns, even what makes them angry. A beautiful book, a great give..." Philadelphia Daily News

Wise Women Of The Dreamtime: Aboriginal Tales Of The Ancestral Powers. LAMBERT, EDITOR Johanna $12.95 Extending deep humanity's oldest memories, beyond 60,000 years of history & into the Dreamtime, this collection of Australian aboriginal myths has been passed down through generations.

Yorro Yorro - Aboriginal Creation And The Renewal Of Nature. MAWALJARLAI & MALNIC $19.95 Authors rekindle a story that reaches back 60,000 years, constituting the oldest collective memory of humankind.

Native American

13 Original Clan Mothers, The. SAMS Jamie $15.00 Subtitled Your Sacred Path to Discovering the Gifts, Talents, & Abilities of the Ancient Teachings of the Sisterhood.

American Indian Myths And Legends. ERDOES & ORTIZ $18.00 This magnificent collection gathers 160 tales from 80 tribal groups to offer a rich & lively panorama of the Native American mythic heritage.

American Indian Stories. ZITKALA-SA $7.95 This is an important collection because it represents one of the first attempts by a Native American woman to write her own story without the aid of an editor, an interpreter or an ethnographer.

American Indian Women. BATAILLE Gretchen & K. Sands $7.95 .."The study of American Indian women not only reveals the fundamental nature of Indian societies, it also provides a perspective for the contemporary women's movement."

Ancient Echoes - The Anasazi Books Of Chants. RAIN Mary Summer $10.95 Author has brought forth the beauty & sensitivity of the Anasazi heart by recreating many of the chants used by one Anasazi community called the Spirit Clan.

Animal Energies. BUFFALO HORN MAN Gary $4.95 The medicine powers & qualities of neary 60 animals, insects & swimmers, commonly found in North America, are clearly presented in an easy to reference format.

Animal-Speak: Spiritual & Magical Powers Of Creatures Great & Small. ANDREWS Ted $17.95 Myth & fact are combined in a manner that will teach you how to speak & understand the language of the naimals in your life. Meet & work with animals as totems & spirits.

Animals Of The Soul - Sacred Animals Of The Oglala Sioux. BROWN Joseph E. $14.95 Brown reveals the roles of animals in the Sioux tradition & suggests that we have much we should learn about the mystical & moral significance animals have in spiritual ecology of the earth.

Bear Tribe's Self-Reliance Book, The. SUN BEAR, WABUN & NIMIMOSHA $10.95 A handbook for those interested in living in harmony with nature & others.

Black Dawn/Bright Day. SUN BEAR $11.00 Offers a natural world alternative to the current destruction of the Earth, with attitudes & practical preparations for surviving the Earth Changes. Includes prophecies from Native traditions.

Black Elk Speaks. NEIHARDT John G. $9.95

Book Of The Vision Quest, The. FOSTER & LITTLE $10.00 Author re-creates an ancient rite of passage - that of "dying", passing through & being reborn - known as a vision quest.

Buffalo Woman Comes Singing. MEDICINE EAGLE Brooke $12.50 Author traces her spiritual development from her first guided steps on the medicine path to her ongoing work as a highly respected Native American teachers of the modern era.

Coyote Stories. DOVE Mourning $8.95 A collection of Native American folklore including Coyote, Fox, Chipmunk, Porcupine, & many more. These entertaining, psychologically compelling stories will be welcomed by a wide spectrum of readers.

Crazy Horse - Hoka Hey! (It Is A Good Time To Die!). BROWN Vinson $8.95 The story of Crazy Horse, legendary mystic & warrior.

Cut And Make North American Indian Masks (In Full Color). SMITH & HAZEN $4.95

Dancing Healers, The:A Doctor's Journey Of Healing With Native Americans. HAMMERSCHLAG Carl $10.00 A psychiatrist's 20 year experience with Native American healing interweaves autobiography with stories of the Native Americans who challengehis medical assumptions about their methods.

Daybreak: The Dawning Ember. RAIN Mary Summer $13.95 This is the 6th book of the "No-Eyes" series, based on the visionary wisdom of the old Indian shaman who was her teacher in Colorado.

Dictionary Of Native American Mythology. GILL & SULLIVAN $15.95 This thoroughly illustrated & carefully research guide explores the amazing array of mythical beasts, heroic humans & nurturing spirits that make up the fascinating spectrum of Native mythology.

Dreamwalker: The Path Of Sacred Power. RAIN Mary Summer $9.95 No-Eyes & Brian Many Heart teach Mary the "magic" & power of the Dreamwalker.

Dzelarhons. CAMERON Anne $9.95 Epic story of the mythical superwoman Dzelarhons - First Mother, Frog Mother, Weeping Woman, guardian & teacher of her people.

Earth Medicine - A Shamanic Way To Self Discovery. MEADOWS Kenneth $16.95 Derived from the hidden teachings of the American Indian medicine wheel, the author describes a system of psychological profiling & self-development.

Earth Medicine: Ancestor's Ways Of Harmony For Many Moons SAMS Jamie $12.00 Based on Native American creeds & legends, these 364 daily meditations cut to the heart with their honesty, beauty, & authenticity.

Earthway. RAIN Mary Summer $14.00 This working handbook reveals how we were intended to live with nature & each other. It details all aspects of our minds, bodies & spirits.

Flight Of The Winged Wolf. HUGHES-CALERO Heather $9.95 "A book about power & beauty. It tells the story of the gentleness & fury between a teacher & her student in the making of a medicine woman."

Fools Crow: Wisdom And Power. MAILS Thomas E. $16.95 "The power & ways are given to us to be passed on to others..."

How Rabbit Tricked Otter - And Other Cherokee Trickster Stories. ROSS Gayle $17.00 A collection of 15 Cherokee tales that have been passed down orally from generation to generation bringing the many sides of the trickster-hero Rabit.

I Send A Voice. EATON Evelyn $7.95 A first person account of the consciousness expanding, transforming rites of an American Indian Sweat Lodge.

Keepers Of The Earth. CADUTO & BRUCHAC $19.95 .."A sensitive & well-thought-out guide for helping children love & care for the Earth. It is heartily recommended as a resource for parents & teachers."

Lame Deer, Seeker Of Vision. LAME DEER $5.50 A full-blooded Sioux, Lame Deer was many things in the white man's world-rodeo clown, painter, prisoner. But, above all, he was a holy man of the Lakota tribe.

Man's Rise To Civilization - The Cultural Ascent Of Indians In America. D/C FARB Peter $11.95 Stands as one of the handful of major summaries of the indigenous societies of North American as they were first seen by explorers & then anthropologists.

Mask Of Power, The: Uncovering Your Sacred Shaman Self. ANDREWS Lynn V. $12.00 Workbook offers a series of easy-to-follow exercises, affirmations, & meditations that will guide readers to discard the false masks & discover their own true shamanic mask of power.

Mother Earth Spirituality. MCGAA (EAGLE MAN) Ed $15.00 Offers practices & ceremonies that re-establish a nurturing relationship with nature & establishes an effective approach to the urgent goal of rehabilitating this planet.

Native American Stories. BRUCHAC Joseph $11.95 A common thread throughout these stories is the native view of the world as family - Earth as our Mother, Sun as our Father & the animals as our brothers & sisters.

Native American Sweat Lodge - History & Legends BRUCHAC Joseph $12.95 The history & meaning of the sweat lodge as it was & still is practiced by native people. The legends are teaching stories, indirectly explaining the sweat lodge to those who will hear.

Other Council Fires Were Here Before Ours. SAMS & TWYLAH NITSCH Jamie $15.00 A classic Native American creation story.

Path Of Power, The. SUN BEAR, WABUN & WEINSTOCK $11.00 "The path of power is different for every individual, it represents the course one should follow through life in order to fulfill his or her purpose on the Earth Mother."

Phantoms Afoot: Journeys Into The Night. RAIN Mary Summer $10.95 In 4th book in the series, the author approaches the shadowed threshold of a frightening path she has too long denied.

Phoenix Rising - No-Eyes Vision Of The Changes To Come. RAIN Mary Summer $9.95 Author's relationship with the old & wise Indian shaman No-Eyes, introduced in "Spirit Song", continues as she reveals her compelling visions of the future.

Power Of Silence, The: Further Lessons Of Don Juan. CASTANEDA Carlos $10.00 Don Juan returns - wise, infuriating, capable of working miracles & playing practical jokes, but always seeking the wisdom of the warrior.

Prayers Of Smoke - Renewing Makaha Tribal Tradition. ADAMS Barbara M. $9.95 Myth & ritual are essential to a meaningful life, & here a Native American descendent of Black Elk presents fundamental beliefs of the Makaha tribe.

Rainbow Tribe - Ordinary People Journeying On The Red Road. MCGAA Ed $15.00 The practical sequel to "Mother Earth Spirituality" that applies Native American teachings & rituals to contemporary living.

Return Of The Bird Tribes. CAREY Ken $13.00 A modern classic of intuitive knowledge that retells Native American myths & spirituality.

Sacred Hoop - Recovering The Feminine In American Indian Traditions, The. ALLEN Paula Gunn $14.00 Documents the continuing vitality of American Indian traditions & the crucial role of women in those traditions.

Sacred Pipe, The. BROWN J. (Editor) $9.95 Black Elk's account of the Seven Rites of the Oglala Sioux.

Sacred Places - How The Living Earth Seeks Our Friendship. SWAN James A. $12.95 Author demonstrates that sacred places in nature have a value that transcends time & culture - & therefore must be understood & preserved for generations to come.

Sacred Smoke - Smudging: An Ancient Art For Modern Times. MACCAMPBELL Harvest $3.95

Sacred Tree, The: Reflections On Native American Spirituality. ANON. $9.95 This book was created by the Four Worlds Development Project, a native American inter-tribal group, as a handbook of Native Spirituality for indigenous peoples all over the Americas & the world.

Seasons Of The Coyote: The Legend & Lore Of An American Icon. HARRISON Philip $24.95 In this book 9 captivating essays written by some of the West's best known authors speak of this mischievous, macho & mysterious desert shadow.

Secret Native American Pathways. MAILS Thomas E. $16.95 Presents the spiritual practices of the Hopi, Cherokee, Apache & Sioux. Shows how these may be adapted to our place & time, using ancient power sources to solve our problems today.

Seven Arrows. STORM Hyemeyohsts $18.00 Native American stories of the Medicine Wheel.

Shaman And The Medicine Wheel, The. EATON Evelyn $10.95 This is the personal logbook of Mahad'yuni (Eaton), a woman of white & Indian ancestry. She is a Metis Medicine Woman of the Bear Medicine Tribe & the Deer Tribe.

Shamanic Drum - Guide To Sacred Drumming. DRAKE Michael $9.95 Teaches ancient drumming ways which develop the capacity for inner vision, healing, & ultimate power over one's own life.

Song Of Heyoehkah. STORM Hyemeyohsts $16.00 This book is a Vision Quest, a search for meaning, harmony, & balance that returns the reader to "the time of the Medicine Ways", "the place of the imagination".

Soul Sounds: Mourning The Tears Of Truth. RAIN Mary Summer $11.95 Author's own story, in her own words, about the experiences which shaped her extraordinary life, from her childhood to her recent meetings with some very interesting Starborn friends.

Spider Woman's Granddaughters. ALLEN Edited By: P. $12.50 Traditional tales & contemporary writing by Native American women.

Spirit Song: The Introduction Of No-Eyes. RAIN Mary Summer $9.95 The 1st volume in a series written by the author about her experiences with an extraordinary Native American shaman called No-Eyes.

Spiritual Legacy Of The American Indians, The. BROWN Joseph Epes $9.95 Author reveals much of the beauty, poignancy & power of the spiritual life of American Indian cultures & explains what it means & takes to be an Indian.

Star Warrior: The Story Of Swiftdeer. WAHLBERG Bill $12.95 This is the gripping life story of medicine teacher Harley SwiftDeer Reagan. It is a tale of magic, adventure, heartbreak, horror, passion & one man's search for himself.

Teachings Around The Sacred Wheel - Finding The Soul Of The Dreamtime. ANDREWS Lynn V. $12.00 Offers explanations, insights & easy-to-follow exercises that let you travel inner paths to the 4 points of the sacred wheel & help you unlock your potential for growth & healing.

Thirty Indian Legends Of Canada. BEMISTER Margaret $9.95 Ojibway & Iroquois; Cree & Okanagan, all are here in 30 stories of magicians, beautiful maidens & a disappearing vision of the universe.

Voices Of Our Ancestors - Cherokee Teachings From The Wisdom Fire. YWAHOO Dhyani $13.00 This book teaches pratical ways of transforming obstacles to happiness & good relationships, fulfilling one's life purpose, manifesting peace & abundance & renewing the planet. Many techniques.

Walk In Balance: The Path To Healthy, Happy, Harmonious Living. SUN BEAR $12.00 Included are lessons on how to release energy blocks & anger,evaluate your life situation; connect with your path of power, exercise for fitness & relaxation; setting realistic goals, & much more.

Way Of The Spirit, The: The Wisdom Of The Ancient Nanina. WHISKERS Billy $12.95 Channeled work shares the ways & wisdom of an early native American tribe. Includes simple tales full of revelations, sensitivity, insights & useful examples for creating a fulfilling life.

Wind On The Buffalo Grass. (D/C) TILLETT Leslie $18.95

Neuro Linguistic Programming

Frogs Into Princes: Neuro Linguistic Programming. BANDLER & JOHN GRINDER Richard $10.50 Neuro Linguistic programming.

Using Your Brain For A Change. BANDLER Richard $10.50 Neuro-Linguistic programming.

New Science

Beyond Einstein: The Cosmic Quest For The Theory Of The Universe. KAKU & TRAINER $9.95

Beyond The Quantum. TALBOT Michael $10.95

Bridge To Infinity, The: Harmonic 371244 CATHIE Bruce L. $11.95 Author theorizes that the whole of physical reality which is tangible to us is formed from the basic geometric harmonies, or harmonics, of waveforms of light.

Dancing Wu Li Masters, The. ZUKOV Gary $6.99 An overview of the New Physics. Written in clear language-with no mathematical equations - opening our minds to new theories that are beginning to embrace the ultimate nature of our universe.

Eagle's Quest, The. WOLF Fred Alan $12.00 A physicist finds scientific truth at the heart of the Shamanic world.

Elemental Mind: Human Consciousness & The New Physics. HERBERT Nick $11.95 Founding his argument on the basics of quantum theory, author explores the intriguing hypothesis that the mind is a fundamental process in its own right.

Holographic Universe, The. TALBOT Michael $12.00 A remarkable new theory of reality that explains the paranormal abilities of the mind, the latest frontiers of physics, & the unsolved riddles of brain & body.

Montauk Project, The - Experiments In Time. NICHOLS Preston B. $15.95 The book chronicles the most amazing & secretive research project in recorded history starting with the "Philadelphia Experience" of 1943.

Montauk Revisited: Adventures In Syncronicity. NICHOLS & PETER MOON Preston B. $19.95 Unmasks the occult forces that were behind the science & technology used in Montauk Project.

Mysticism And The New Physics. TALBOT Michael $12.00 Mystics & idealists have always propounded the idea that the world is an illusion. Now quantum physics is putting forward theories that reinforce this belief.

Pyramids Of Montauk: Explorations In Consciousness. NICHOLS & PETER MOON Preston B. $19.95 Unveils the mysteries of Montauk Point & its select location for pyramids & time travel experimentation. A sequel to "The Montauk Project" & "Montauk Project Revisited".

Quantum Questions. WILBER Ken $18.00 Brings together the mystical writings of the world's great physicists - all of whom express a deep belief that physics & mysticism are somehow fraternal twins.

Quantum Reality - Beyond The New Physics. HERBERT Nick $9.95 Takes up the question of reality in the puzzling light of quantum theory & Bell's theorem.

Sacred Geometry. LAWLOR Robert $15.95 This is an introduction to the geometry which, as modern science now confirms, underlies the structure of the universe.

Space/Time Connection, The. LUDZIA Leo F. $3.95

Synchronicity - The Bridge Between Matter And Mind. PEAT David F. $12.95 A fascinating exploration of coincidence & chance - & how it may transform our world.

Synchronicity: Science, Myth, And The Trickster. COMBS Allan M. Holland $9.95

Tao Of Physics, The. CAPRA Fritjof $14.00 An integration of the mathematical world view of modern physics & the mystical visions of Buddha & Krishna. A brilliant best-seller.

Tesla: Man Out Of Time. CHENEY Margaret $5.99 This fascinating new biography is a riviting journey into the mind of the nineteenth-century wizard who was Edison's enemy, Twain's friend, J.P. Morgan's client.

White Hole In Time, The. RUSSELL Peter $10.00 "A unique & perceptive analysis of the global crisis at its most powerful levels. The prescriptions it offers are hopeful & inspirational".


Nostradamus And The Millennium. HOGUE John $17.95 Author presents this man & his works alongside fully documented pictorial material.

Nostradamus, The End Of A Millennium. HEWITT V.J & P. Lorie $20.00 Focuses on the attention the prophet gives to the last years of this century.


Birthday Numerology. BUNKER & KNOWLES $13.95 Discover the meaning of your personal numbers without complicated calculations. Easy & fun.

Book Of Numerology. LINGERMAN Hal A. $9.95 Helps you clarify issues in relationships, career & your spiritual focus.

Connolly Book Of Number, Vol. II, The. CONNOLLY Eileen $12.95 This volume, the consultant's manual, builds upon Vol. 1, expanding esoteric knowledge & experience for use in teaching & counseling.

Connolly Book Of Numbers, The - Vol I. CONNOLLY Eileen $12.95 This book takes you deep within esoteric wisdom to bring you guidance & self-realization for today's hectic world.

Discover Numerology - Understanding & Using The Power Of Numbers. LINE Julia $9.95 This text contains a comprehensive survey of the many systems of numerology, with special emphasis on Pythagorean, Golden Dawn & Cheiro methods, explaining what numerology is all about.

Helping Yourself With Numerology. HITCHCOCK Helyn $8.95 Discover the secrets of using letter & name analysis to determine the personality tendencies of everyone from your boss to your best friend.

Instant Numerology. STEIN Sandra Kovacs $9.95 For centuries humanity has used this ancient esoteric science as a tool for self-understanding & personal growth.

It's All In Your Numbers. ROQUEMORE Kathleen $12.00

Life You Were Born To Live, The. MILLMAN Dan $14.95 Author presents the Life-Purpose System, a modern method based on the ancient of numerology that has helped hundreds of thousands to find new meaning, purpose & direction.

Master Numbers - Cycles Of Divine Order. JAVANE Faith $14.95 The significance of the master numbers, 11, 22, 33, 44, explored by one of the country's most respected numerologists.

Master Numbers, The. DEAVER, PH.D. Korra $7.95 By connecting personality traits & spiritual aspects to Master Numbers, author breaks new ground in the field of numerology & shows what it can mean for our lives today.

Mystery Of Numbers, The. SCHIMMELD Annemarie $12.95 After exploring the sources of number symbolism, author examines individual numbers, discussing the meanings they have had for Judaic, Christian, Islamic, Indian, Chinese & Native American cultures.

Name Book, The. ROUZIC Pierre Le $15.95 This volume reaches beyond the ancestry of names & reveals how names define our personality. An invluable resource for new parents & people curious about the meanings behind their own names.

Numbers As Symbols For Self-Discovery. VAUGHAN Richard $8.95 A how-to book on personal analysis & forecasting through numerology, including the number patters of hundreds of famous personalities.

Numerology And The Divine Triangle. JAVANE & BUNKER $14.95 A truly comprehensive text on numerology that includes the basic meanings of digits 1-9, your life lesson number, soul number, path of destiny.

Numerology And Your Future. BUNKER Dusty $12.95 The predictive side of numerology. Personal periods are explored as the author presents new techniques for revealing future developments.

Numerology For The New Age. BUESS Lynn N. $9.85 Author writes from his years of experience & the thousands of readings he has conducted, working within a self-evolving framework.

Numerology Has Your Number. DODGE Ellin $10.95 Includes everything you want to know about numbers 1-9, including the corresponding crystal, color, musical note & instrument, flower, food, gem, state, city, planet.

Numerology, Astrology & Dreams. BUNKER Dusty $13.95 Author examines the interrelationships between numerology, astrology & dreams.

Numerology, The Romance In Your Name. JORDAN Dr. Juno $15.95 This is a complete course in numerology for both beginning & advanced students.

Numerology: The Complete Guide, Vol. I. GOODWIN Matthew $14.95 A working manual organized for clarity so that a beginner can easily grasp the material & the advanced student will find useful new information.

Numerology: The Complete Guide, Vol. II. GOODWIN Matthew $14.95 An advanced working manual with detailed charts & examples. A comprehensive study.

Numerology: Universal Vibrations Of Numbers. BISHOP Barbara J. $10.95 With your birth date, your exact name & this workbook, you can calculate & interpret your numerical vibrations & put them to use today.

Occult Power Of Numbers, The. WESTCOTT W. Wynn $5.95 Thoroughly researched material summarizing the meaning of numbers according to Pythagoras, Kabala, Bible, Talmud, Romans, Chaldeans, Egyptians, Hindus, medieval magicians, Hermetic & Rosicrucians.

Potential: The Name Analysis Book. RICE Paul & Valeta $8.95 This book shows you how to work with your letters, what they mean, what you need to watch out for, how you can grow.

You Are Your First Name. DODGE Ellin $9.95

Your Days Are Numbered. CAMPBELL Florence $10.95 This famous work is the first complete textbook of numerology available in modern language. It shows you how your days are numbered, & how to use this information in a positive manner.

Your Right Action Number. JORDAN Dr. Juno $9.95 Shows how numerology expains & brings harmony to human relationships for young & old, helps in solving personal problems & promotes right action for all endeavors.


Ancient Ways - Reclaiming Pagan Traditions. CAMPANELLI Pauline $12.95 Focuses on the celebration of the sabbats of the Old Religion by giving you practical things to do while anticipating the sabbat rites, & by helping you harness the magical for weeks afterward.

Angel Tech - A Modern Shaman's Guide To Reality Selection. ALLI Antero $12.95 This funny & brain changing book plucks at the reader's software & while following its techniques, the reader is surprised to find his hardware has been replaced as well.

Celebrate The Earth - A Year Of Holidays In The Pagan Tradition. CABOT Laurie $11.95 Shows you how to observe the Wheel of the Year - 8 holidays celebrated in the ancient pagan tradition, as you renew body & spirit in age-old ritual.

Earth Magic - A Wisewoman's Guide To Herbal, Astrological & Other Wisdom. NAHMAD Claire $12.95 A treasury of pagan beliefs & herbal lore that provides detailed information on how to cultivate, gather, & store herbs; prepare remedies & charms; & interpret weather signs, & much more.

Pagan Book Of Days, The. PENNICK Nigel $9.95 Included are the observances of the ancient Greek, Roman, Celtic, Anglo-Saxon, Wiccan & Norse traditions, as well as the worship of the Goddess & many practices of the mystery tradition.

Pagan Family, The: Handing The Old Ways Down. SERITH Ceisiwr $12.95 This book will show you how to share the wonders of Pagan spirituality with your children & help you discover the joy of celebrating your religion as a family.

Phoenix From The Flames:Pagan Spirituality In The Western World. CROWLEY Vivianne $13.00 Author introduces Paganism today, its history & its many modern forms.

Rites Of Passage: The Pagan Wheel Of Life. CAMPANELLI Pauline $12.95 This book describes conditions for certain rites, appropriate timing, words & gifts, viable charms, amulets, decorations & direction for both initiate & participant.


Benham Book Of Palmistry, The. BENHAM Wm. G. $14.95 A reference guide for reading the hand first published in 1900. Subjects include: the different parts of the hand, pose & carriage of the hands, mounts of the hand & lines of the hands.

Complete Book Of Palmistry, The. WILSON Joyce $4.99 Palmistry is a guide to help you understand your own destiny - to "know your self" & others.

Hands - A Complete Guide To Palmistry. HOFFMAN Enid $13.95 Hoffman takes a step beyond palmistry & explains the significance of the entire hand in relation to personality & the whole body.

New Palmistry, The: How To Read The Whole Hand & Knuckles. HIPSKIND Judith $12.95 Ten years ago the author discovered the back of a client's hand, & in the knuckles specifically, the lines & symbols that revealed much more than the palm lines.

Palmascope - The Instant Palm Reader. DOMAIN Linda $12.95 This book demonstrates how anyone can do his or her own personal palm reading almost instantly. More than 500 illustrations show the various line & mount configurations of the hand.

Palmistry Made Practical. SQUIRE Elizabeth Daniels $7.00 Classic palmistry book.

Palmistry Workbook, The. ALTMAN Nathaniel $12.95 A thorough grounding in the essentials is provided in short order, giving you a chance to examine love & sex, intellect & imagination, health, career & self-fulfillment, spirituality.

Palmistry, The Whole View. HIPSKIND Judith $8.95 Palmistry lets us enrich life through knowledge of our own dynamics. 134 illustrations show every detail. Also discusses the importance of the size, shape & flexibility of all parts of the hand.

Practice Of Classical Palmistry, The LA ROUX Madam $14.95 Teaches you how to read the palm & fingers & focuses on the lines as singular expressions of personality before the palm as a whole is integrated into a reading. Case studies.

Practice Of Palmistry, The. DE SAINT-GERMAIN C. $9.95 A detailed practical manual, with a wealth of encyclopedic information on palmistry illustrated with over 1000 drawings.

Revealing Hands - How To Read Palms. WEBSTER Richard $12.95 Author leads you step-by-step through the features of the palm so that you can clearly understand its language of lines, loops, mounts & crosses.

Pendulum / Dowsing

Beyond Pendulum Power. NIELSEN Greg $9.95 Now you can learn to tune-in using a pendulum to become more intuitively aware of your relationships, your career/business, your health & your spiritual higher self.

Pendulum Power. NIELSEN & JOSEPH POLANSKY Greg $6.95 This book teaches you how to use the pendulum, how to make your own & how its amazing powers can be put to use right away.

Practical Pendulum Book, The. JURRIAANSE D. $5.95 Learn how to work with a pendulum to determine how your inner self is feeling.

Psychic Development

Companions In Spirit. GARFIELD & GRANT $8.95 A guide to working with your spirit helpers.

Develop Your Psychic Powers: The Basic Tools Of Parapsychology. CONNOLLY Eileen $14.95 Information on: the art of visualization, intuition, mediumship, the philosopher's stone, automatic writing, dreamwork, divination, healing, psychometry, dowsing, the aura & more.

Develop Your Psychic Skills. HOFFMAN Enid $9.95 Psychic skills are as natural to human beings as walking & talking & are much more easily learned. Here are the simple directions & the inside secrets from a noted teacher & author.

Developing Psychic Abilities. DOUGLAS Apryl J. $11.95 Includes metaphysical healing, intuitive reading styles, psychic protection, astral projection, dream interpretation, and more. Plus a section for recording all psychic/metaphysical experiences.

Development Of Psychic Powers, The. DENNING & PHILLIPS $8.95 Step-by-step guide to the development of ESP, astral vision, dowsing, divination, psychometry, spirit communication, psychokinesis, etc.

Doors To Other Worlds - A Practical Guide To Communicating With Spirits. BUCKLAND Raymond $10.00 Includes chapters on mediumship from pre-history to present; the nature of the Spiritual Body; the modern history of Spiritualism; spirit guides & guardian angels, trance, and much more.

Expand Your Psychic Skills. HOFFMAN Enid $9.95 Dozens of techniques, exercises, games & meditations - to do alone or with friends - are provided to help you develop & use your inner resources.

How To Develop & Use Psychometry. ANDREWS Ted $3.99 Psychometry is the ability to read the "psychic imprints" on objects, people & places to learn something about them.

How To Meet & Work With Spirit Guides. ANDREWS Ted $3.95 Easy techniques presented so you can learn to access & attune to beings such as guardian angels, nature spirits & elementals, spirit totems, archangels, gods & goddesses.

Opening To Channel: How To Connect With Your Guide. ROMAN & PACKER $12.95 Takes the reder step-by-step into the experience of channeling. Benefits include heightened creativity, healing yourself & others, clarifying life purpose, spiritual unfoldment, service to mankind.

Power Of Your Subconscious Mind, The. MURPHY Joseph $5.99 Author presents the discovery that brings the incredible force of your subconscious mind under your control.

Practical Psychic, The. FRIEDLANDER & PEARSON $9.95 Step-by-step instructions are provided to help you unleash your psychic ability. The exercises make it easy to work with the deep or higher self & learn techniques for making changes in your live.

Practical Techniques Of Psychic Self-Defense. HOPE Murray $6.95 Cosmic do's & don'ts in which author explains how to take precautionary measure when journeying into the realm of the occult.

Psychic Energy Workbook, The. MILLER & HARPER $12.95

Psychic Power. COSIMANO Charles $3.95 Techniques & inexpensive devices that increase your psychic powers.

Psychic Self Defence. FORTUNE Dion $9.95 After finding herself the subject of a powerful psychic attack, Fortune wrote this detailed instruction manual for safeguarding yourself against paranormal malevolence.

Psychic Self-Defense And Well Being. DENNING & PHILLIPS $8.95 Learn how to tell if you are under the rare but real psychic attack, & what to do about it. Includes defense for a group or a business enterprise.

Psychic Sense - Training & Developing Psychic Sensitivity. SWAINSON & BENNETT $9.95 Describes the training process & subsequent realization of the successful medium.

You Are Psychic! SANDERS Pete A. $12.50 An MIT-trained scientist's proven program for expanding your psychic powers.

Your Psychic Power And How To Develop Them. CARRINGTON Hereward $9.95 Discussion of the Spirit World, the Three Laws of Success, psychometry, the human aura, telepathy, dreams, automatic writing, crystal-gazing, prophecy, reincarnation, meditation & astral project.


Alchemy: An Introduction To The Symbolism And The Psychology. VON FRANZ Marie-Louise $18.00 Designed as an introduction to Jung's more detailed studies, here is a lucid & practical account of what the alchemists were really looking for - emotional balance & wholeness.

Answer To Job. JUNG Carl G. $8.95 This book is not an essay in theology as much as it is an examination of the symbolic role that theological concepts play in man's psychic life.

Archetypes And The Collective Unconscious, The. JUNG C. G. $17.95

Are You Really Too Sensitive? CALHOUN Marcy $12.95 Provides many practical techniques for understanding living with & developing our intuitive sensitivity.

Aspects Of The Feminine. JUNG Carl G. $10.95 This collection offers extracts from Jungs' writings on marriage, Eros, the mother, the maiden, & the anima/animus concept, which is a central feature in his theory of personality structure.

Awakening Intuition. VAUGHAN Frances E. $9.00 A concise overview of the most recent research in this area makes this book the essential work for anyone interested in developing his or her innate intuitive potential.

Banished Knowledge: Facing Childhood Injuries. MILLER Alice $10.00 "When one day the ignorance arising from childhood repression is eliminated & humanity has awakened, an end can be put to the production of evil."

Beginner's Guide To Jungian Psychology. ROBERTSON Robin $12.95 Explains how Jung reintroduced westerners to the world of archetypes - the imagery of the collective unconscious, of mythology, & the symbols in nature.

C. G. Jung: The Fundamentals And Practice. HUMBERT Elie $14.95 Those univitiated to Jung's thought will find here an excellent guide to many of Jung's basic concepts.

Care Of The Soul: A Guide For Cultivating Depth & Sacredness In Life. MOORE Thomas $13.00 The book for our troubled times -- a path-breaking lifestyle handbook that shows how to add spirituality, depth & meaning to modern day life by nurturing the soul.

Creative Imperative, The. JOHNSTON, M.D. Charles M. $14.95 Presents a major new perspective for understanding both who we are & how we change.

Dark Eros - The Imagination Of Sadism. MOORE Thomas $15.50

Doors Of Perception, The / Heaven And Hell. HUXLEY Aldous $10.00 Two complete books in which Huxley explores the mind's remote frontiers & the unmapped areas of human consciousness.

Drama Of The Gifted Child, The. MILLER Alice $11.00 This powerful book examines how narcissistic parents form & deform the lives of their talented children.

Dream And The Underworld, The HILLMAN James $12.00 Relates our dreaming life to the myths of the Underworld - the dark side of the soul, its images & shadows - & to the gods & figures of death.

Dreams. JUNG Carl G. $12.95

Eating The "I": In Search Of The Self. PATTERSON William Patrick $19.95 An account of the Fourth Way - the way of transformation in ordinary life. Patterson describes his 12-year search for his true self.

Encounter With The Self. EDINGER Edward F. $12.95 The Book of Job is seen here as a paradigm for a certain experience of God; in psychological terms, the Job story is an archetypal image which pictures a typical encounter between ego & the Self.

Facing The Fire - Experiencing And Expressing Anger Appropriately. LEE John $10.95 "Anger is our most misunderstood emotion. It is a fire that will either consume or purify. Thru effective & practical exercises, author guides the reader into a healthy relationship with this emotion.

Fear No Evil - The Pathwork Method Of Transforming The Lower Self. PERIIAKOS & THESENGA $12.00 Presents the idea of evil in practical, modern terms that can help us face our negative life experiences with a new light of understanding that will transform personal pain into joy & pleasure.

Fisher King And The Handless Maiden, The. JOHNSON Robert A. $16.00 Understanding the wounded feeling function in masculine & feminine psychology.

For Your Own Good: Hidden Cruelty In Child-Rearing & The Roots Of Violence. MILLER Alice $10.00 "This is a book of extraordinary importance, for it makes as clear as a beacon light the root causes of violence as a consequence of our misguided child-rearing practices."

Four Archetypes. JUNG Carl G. $9.95 Studies from "The Archetypes & the Collective Unconscious".

Godseed:The Journey Of Christ. HOUSTON Jean $11.95 Author draws from philosophy, mythology, Jungian psychology, mysticism, anthropology, new science & just plain creativity to present the familiar gospel stories in a new light.

Hero Within - Six Archetypes We Live By, The. PEARSON Carol $12.00 Combines literature, anthropology, & psychology to clearly define the 6 heroic archetypes that exist in all of us.

Holotropic Mind, The. GROF Stanislav $12.00 The three levels of human consciousness & how they shape our lives.

I And The Not I, The. HARDING M. Esther $12.95 Postulating the concepts of the I (ego) & the Not-I (unconscious & objective worlds), author takes the reader on an explanatory journey through Jungian depth psychology.

If You Meet The Buddha On The Road Kill Him. KOPP Sheldon $5.99 A fresh, realistic approach to altering one's destiny & accepting the responsibility that grows with freedom.

In Her Image - The Unhealed Daughter's Search For Her Mother. CARLSON Kathie $12.00 Weaving together material on the mother-daughter wound & Mother & the Goddess with insights of feminism, author shows a way of understanding the world coming from the "Binding & Banishing Mothers".

Info-Psychology. LEARY Timothy $12.95 A manual on the use of the human nervous system according to the instructions of the manufacturers.

Jung & Reich: The Body As Shadow. CONGER John P. $12.95 Recommended reading to anyone interested in Reich, Jung, & Bioenergetic Analysis.

Jung To Live By. PASCAL, PH.L. Eugene $10.99 A guide to the practical application of Jungian principles for everyday life.

Jungian Analysts: Their Visions And Vulnerabilities. SPIEGELMAN J. Marvin (Editor) $9.95 "These accounts-biographical, confessional, & full of personal philosophy - expose how varied is the Jungian school even within itself.

Jungian Psychology And The Passions Of The Soul. SPIEGELMAN J. Marvin $16.95 Explores the age-old passions of lust, power, betrayal, greed, & the other appetites of the human soul, as well as the psychic needs for love, creativity & religion.

Leaving My Father's House. WOODMAN Marion $15.00 Provides deep insight into the process required to bring feminine wisdom to consciousness in a patriarchal culture - a struggle many women are more fully engaged in today than ever before.

Life Force - The Psycho-Historical Recovery Of The Self. HOUSTON Jean $14.00 Invites readers to experience for themselves the 5 stages of cultural & individual evolution. Includes the role of the early Goddess-worshipping cultures in the unfolding of historical stages.

Life Trek - The Odyssey Of Adult Development. D/C STOCKMYER John & R. Williams $14.95 A chronological journey for the reader through the stages & patterns of adult life. Filled with case studies, the book blends historical tales & fables with traditional psychology.

Living The Wheel: Working With Emotion, Terror, & Bliss Through Imagery. NELSON Annabelle $10.95 The author helps us move beyong psychological denial so we can begin to heal the emotions of the unconscious mind, thus opening it to merge with the spirit self hidden there.

Man And His Symbols. JUNG Carl G. $6.99 This work provides an opportunity to assess Yung's contribution to the life & thought of our time, for it was his first attempt to present his work in psychology to a non-technical public.

Mandala Symbolism. JUNG Carl G. $11.95 Studies from "The Archetypes & the Collective Unconscious", Vol.9i.

Masculine And Feminine - The Natural Flow Of Opposites In The Psyche. HILL Gareth S. $16.00

Meeting The Shadow - The Hidden Power Of The Dark Side Of Human Nature. ZWEIG & ABRAMS (Edited By) $13.95 A collection of 65 articles, this book presents an overview of the dark side of human nature as it appears in families, intimate relationships, sexuality, work, spirituality, politics & more.

Memories, Dreams, Reflections. JUNG Carl G. $12.00 In the spring of 1957, when he was 81 yeara old, Jung undertook the telling of his life story. This edition includes Jung's VII Sermnes ad Mortuos.

Mirrors Of The Self: Archetypal Images That Shape Your Life. DOWNING Christine - Editor $12.95 Archetypal images that shape your life - the shadow, anima, crone, trickster, healer, Self, etc, etc.

Modern Man In Search Of A Soul. JUNG Carl G. $6.95

On The Nature Of The Psyche. JUNG Carl G. $11.95 This volume is indispensable for anyone who wants to understand something of Jung's psychology & metapsychology.

Owning Your Own Shadow: Understanding The Dark Side Of The Psyche. JOHNSON Robert A. $9.00 Author guides us through an exploration of the shadow: what it is, how it originates, & how it interacts & is made through the process of acculturation.

Portable Jung, The. JUNG Carl G. $13.95 Author has aimed to introduce the elementary terms & themes of analytical psycology, to provide an overall understanding of the scope & direction of Jung's entire works.

Psyche And Symbol. JUNG C. G. $13.95

Psychological Reflections. JUNG Carl G. $15.95 An anthology of Jung's writings 1905 - 1961.

Psychological Types. JUNG Carl G. $16.95 One of the most important of Jung's longer works, & probably the most famous of his books.

Psychology And Alchemy. JUNG Carl G. $17.95 "Presents the gold that Jung believes the alchemists did produce from baser metals, & it consists of their guarded, confused, heretical anticipation of modern psychology."

Psychology And The Occult. JUNG Carl G. $10.95 Over his long career, Jung maintained a compelling interest in occult phenomena as a subject of psychological concern.

Psychology, Astrology & Western Magic. ALVARADO Luis $12.95 Examination of the God-images as they apply to mythology, astrology, archetypal psychology & Western magic. Explores their psychological implications as well as historical & theoretical applications.

Quantum Consciousness: The Guide To Experiencing Quantum Psychology. WOLINSKY Stephen $14.95 Author applies the lessons of modern physics to psychology in an original, practical way. Books drags psychology, kicking & screaming perhaps, into 21st century science.

Quantum Psychology: How Brain Software Programs You & Your World. WILSON Robert Anton $12.95 Each chapter contains exercises to help you comprehend & internalize the principles of "Quantum Psychology." Picks up where "Prometheus Rising" left off.

Rape And Ritual - A Psychological Study. TE PASKE Bradley A. $15.95 "Offers an unusually clear glimpse of the archetype at work, not only in criminal behavior but in any process of psychological development."

Reich, Jung Regardie & Me - The Unhealed Healer. SPIEGELMAN J. Marvin $12.95 "This is a courageous book. It reveals very honestly what really happens in analysis to the analyst & the patient....."

Ritual Abuse - What It Is, Why It Happens & How To Help. SMITH Margaret $12.00 Recognizing, understanding & healing the most terrifying & underestimated form of child abuse.

Road Less Traveled, The. PECK M.D. M. Scott $12.00 Integrates traditional psychological & spiritual insights. The result is a book that can show you how to embrace reality & achieve serenity & fullness in your life.

Solomon & Sheba: Inner Marriage & Individuation. KOLTUV, PH.D. Barbara Black $10.95 The archetype of Solomon & Sheba is the story of the heart's journey toward individuation, a coniunctio of the masculine & feminine principle existing in every human psyche.

Spiritual Emergency - When Personal Transformation Becomes A Crisis. GROF Stanislav (Editor) $13.95 Leading experts explore the relationship between psychosis, mental disease, spiritual development & mystical states of consciousness.

Survival Papers, The. SHARP Daryl $9.95 Illustrates complex Jungian concepts with real-life examples & explores the experience & meaning of conflict, depression & many other symptoms associated with psychological problems.

Symbols Of Transformation. JUNG C. G. $17.95

Synchronicity. JUNG Carl G. $9.95 A translation of the 1951 monograph on the Theory of Synchronicity as an "acausal connecting principle". Includes a report on Jung's landmark astrological experiment.

Tales For Jung Folk. ROBERTS Richard $8.95 Original fairytales for persons of all ages dramatizing C.G. Jung's archetypes of the collective unconscious.

Thou Shalt Not Be Aware - Society's Betrayal Of The Child. MILLER Alice $9.95 This work uncovers the roots of the victimization of the child & shows us how to heal the wounds.

Touching - The Significance Of The Skin. MONTAGU Ashley $15.00 "Excellent & well-domumented." - Psychology Today.

Transformations Of Consciousness. WILBER, ENGLER & BROWN $27.50 Drawing on modern psychology & psychiatry, as well as the world's great meditative traditions, this book presents the first "full-spectrum" model of human development.

Transformative Vision, The. ARGUELLES Jose $14.95 "A sober reflection on the nature & history of human expression & an apocalyptic celebration of the reunification of form & soul, techne & psyche, at the end of the 20th century."

Tree Of Lies, The: Become Who You Are. HYATT Christopher $12.95 The lies you tell yourself keep you neatly & blindly confined in a prison that society doesn't want you to see.

Two Essays On Analytical Psychology. JUNG Carl G. $10.50 "This work is important as evidence of the evolution of Jung's thought & is valuable as an introduction to the "analytical" or "complex" psychology of the Jungian school..."

Untouched Key, The: Tracing Childhood Trauma In Creativity & Destructivenes. MILLER Alice $9.95 .."Poses the important question of why some troubled children turn out to be artists & others turn their sufferings back against the world..."

Web In The Sea, The - Jung, Sophia And The Geometry Of The Soul. HOWELL Alice O. $14.00 Author demonstrates that by cultivating awareness of the geometrical forms we encounter daily we can decode the inner meaning of shapes, numbers, & other symbols through intuition.

Welcome Home - Life After Healing. INGERMAN Sandra $13.00 Author urges us to actively create a more positive future by infusing every aspect of our lives with honesty, integrity & compassion by letting go of blame & guilt.

When You And Your Mother Can't Be Friends. SECUNDA Victoria $11.95 Examines the most complex relationship of your life & offers a way of coming to terms with the ghosts of the past before they return to haunt the next generation.

Witch And The Clown, The: Two Archetypes Of Human Sexuality. ULANOV Ann & Barry $17.95 The authors explore these figures, not as mere literay, anthropological or historical themes, but in terms of what they mean to people in the actual living oftheir lives.

Working The Soul: Reflections On Jungian Psychology. PONCE Charles $12.95 "Ponce has grasped the essential psychological insight of the masters he involkes - Paracelsus, Jung, Kerenyi, Eliade - & the traditions her joins - astrology, alchemy, mythology, kundalini..."


Eye Of The Centaur: A Visionary Guide Into Past Lives. CLOW Barbara Hand $12.95 Author takes you through 12,000 years of human history with in-depth experience of initiations & sacred rites.

Life After Life. MOODY Raymond $5.99 Author reveals his groundbreaking study of more than 100 people who experienced "clinical death" and were revived.

Many Lives, Many Masters. WEISS, M.D. Brian L. $11.00 Case history substantiating the effectiveness of past-life therapy. The book will open doors for many who have never considered the validity of reincarnation.

Past Lives, Future Loves. SUTPHEN Dick $4.95 Discover the transcendent power of love's eternal essence.

Reflections On Life After Life. MOODY Raymond $3.95 Further investigation of an extraordinary phenomenon - survival of life after bodily death.

Reincarnation, The Cycle Of Necessity. HALL Manly P. $13.95 A classic work in its field, thoroughly researched & elegantly written. Defines pertinent terms & reviews traditions from India, Tibet, Greece, American Indians & more.

Reincarnation: The Phoenix Fire Mystery. CRANSTON Sylvia $18.50 An East-West dialogue on death & rebirth from the worlds of religion, science, psychology, philosophy, art & literature.

Search For Yesterday, The. ROGO D. Scott $10.95

Way Of Karma, The. BREAUX Charles $14.95 Author demonstrates the dynamics of karma in many case studies. Included are life readings to show myriad ways that behavioral & psychological aberrations are developed & carried over life to life

You Have Been Here Before. FIORE Dr. Edith $5.99 Discover the roots of your present day problems. They might be deep in your past, in another life.

You Were Born Again To Be Together. SUTPHEN Dick $5.99 Meet lovers & soulmates who have repeatedly reunited with each other throughout the centuries. Together again in this life, they relive past incarnations & relationships.

Relationship Issues

Boundaries & Relationships: Knowing, Protecting & Enjoying The Self. WHITFIELD, M.D. Charles L. $11.95 Describes 10 essential areas of human interaction wherein you can improve your relationships. These include age regression, giving & sharing, core recovery issues, unfinished business, and more.

Boundaries: Where You End And I Begin. KATHERINE, MA Anne $10.00 This book opens with clear difinitions & descriptions of boundaries, a self-assessment survey & a history of our accumulated knowledge.

Getting The Love You Want: A Guide For Couples. HENDRIX, PH.D. Harville $13.00 The psychology of love relationships & how to transform your relationship into a lasting source of love & companionship. This book is about the theory & practice of becoming passionate friends.

Greenfire - Making Love To The Goddess. KNIGHT Sirona $14.95 Offers an innovative approach to the goddess tradition through sexual expression & exploration, blending elements of traditional Celtic ritual & symbolism with erotic passages & guided fantasy.

He: Understanding Masculine Psychology. JOHNSON Robert A. $8.00 Learn what it really means to be a man & how to recognize some of the landmarks along the road to mature masculinity. The feminine components of man's personality are thoroughly discussed.

Love Magic. MEDICI Marina $16.00 A comprehensive guide that inspires you to use the power of the mon, colors, herbs, sp0ecial stones & crystals, & fragrance to awaken the body to sensuality & open the heart to love.

Loving Relationships II. RAY Sondra $9.95 Chapters cover the nature of relationships, how to gain greater intimacy, the effect of early childhood on our sexual beings, dealing with relationship crises & integrating spirituality, love & sex.

Loving Relationships. RAY Sondra $8.95 Working through the depths of self-awareness using affirmations & emotional exercises, this book shows that these relationships begin when we love ourselves.

Man-Woman Game, The. GORELKIN Leo & Paula $9.95 The man-woman game is the most complex, exciting, dangerous & potentially fulfilling game anyone can play. Discover the real rules of this game & its most successful winning strategies.

Maps To Ecstasy - Teachings Of An Urban Shaman. ROTH Gabrielle $10.95 This book initiates us into the 5 sacred rhythms inherent in all our actions & illuminates the 5 life cycles that lead us to enlightenment.

Mother, Father. WILMER Harry A. (Editor) $15.95 This collection of autobiographical & biographical essays examines the many roles of mother & father, both personal & cultural, in psychological life & development of the individual.

Partnership Way, The. EISLER R. & D. Loye $16.00 Offers practical information & experiential exercises to help us create more healthy, productive & satisfying new ways of thinking, feeling & acting in all aspects of our lives.

Power Of Unconditional Love, The. KEYES Ken $9.95 Twenty-one guidelines for beginning, improving & changing your most meaningful relationships.

Shared Heart, The. VISSELL Joyce & Barry $9.95 "While this book is mostly about love in the couple, it goes beyond the celebrates love.

She: Understanding Feminine Psychology. JOHNSON Robert A. $7.95 Studies the Greek myth of Amor & Psyche as representative of woman's search for psychological maturity..

Soulmates. STEARN Jess $5.50 Author reveals that perfect love does exist - that you can find it, experienceit...& with it, change your life forever.

We: Understanding The Psychology Of Romantic Love. JOHNSON Robert A. $10.00 The legend of Tristan & Iseult sheds light on the origins & meaning of romantic love.

Your Heart's Desire. KEYES, JR. Ken $6.95 This book shows you how to change your experience of your relationship & will help you gain new insights which may change the way you think & feel about yourself & your relationship.


All Rites Reversed?!. ALLI Antero $9.95 Ritual techniques common to many traditions are now brought together in this Earth-based, generic medium stripped of religious dogma & imposed beliefs.

By Standing Stone And Elder Tree. GRAY William G. $9.95 Through the use of psychometry, Gray retrieved from the rocks their story, the story of the culture that placed them & the ritual system used by the ancient stone setters.

Carnival Of The Spirit: Seasonal Celebrations & Rites Of Passage *** TEISH Luisah $12.00

Ceremonial Circle:Practice, Ritual & Renewal For Personal & Community Heal. CAHILL & HALPERN $13.00 Practical information about shamanic practice & how to create ceremonies & rituals by working with the tools & techniques of the sacred.

Circles, Groves & Sanctuaries: Sacred Spaces Of Today's Pagans. CAMPANELLI Dan & Pauline $12.95 Examine the magical places created by pagans & witches across the country, around the world & from a wide variety of traditions.

Drummer's Path, The: Moving The Spirit With Ritual & Traditional Drumming. WILSON Sule Greg $10.95 This introduction of African & Diaspora drumming provides a unique teaching tool for percussionists as well as a guide to the principles & power of traditional African rhythms.

Four-Fold Way, The. ARRIEN Angeles $17.00 A leading expert on native spirituality & shamanism reveals the 4 archetypal principles of the Native American medicine wheel & how they can lead us to a higher spirituality & a better world.

Global Ritualism: Myth & Magic Around The World. SARGENT Denny $19.95 From Haiti to Egypt, this book analyzes the common themes & components of "higher" ritual so you can construct your own bivrant living rituals with a full understanding of what you are doing.

Grandmother Moon - Lunar Magic In Our Lives. BUDAPEST Zsuzanna E. $17.00 This rich sourcebook explores the moods, myths, rituals & goddesses associated with each of the 13 lunations.

Prayers To The Moon. HAGAN Kay L. $14.00 An imaginative & empowering workbook that guides the reader on a journey of self-discovery through exercises designed to stimulate & enhance self-observation & mindfulness.

To Dance With God: Family Ritual & Community Celebration. NELSON Gertrud Mueller $12.95 Covers the history, psychology & spirituality of ritual in general & Christian ritual in particular.

Wheel Of The Year: Living The Magical Life. CAMPANELLI Pauline $9.95 From January to December, this book serves as a guide to magical living. Perform January quilt magic, see fairies in May, make a shaman's rattle in Sept, consecrate a Dec. fir tree & more.

Women's Rituals - A Sourcebook. WALKER Barbara G. $14.00 A guide for women which offers techniques, procedures, & suggestions for group or individual rituals commonly practiced within the women's spirituality movement.


Book Of Rune Cards, The. BLUM Ralph $24.95

Book Of Runes, The. BLUM Ralph $29.95 This revised, expanded version contains new techniques for using the runes, a pronunciation guide & durable packaging. Kit includes a hardcover book, 25 runes& a drawstring carrying case.

Book Of Runes, The. BLUM Ralph $17.95 This revised, expanded version contains new techniques for using the runes. Book only

Book Of Troth, A. THORSSON Edred $9.95 Here is the most traditional based & well-informed general guide to the practice of the elder Germanic folk way. It is an excellent guide to Odinism by a renouwned scholar & author.

Futhark: A Handbook Of Rune Magic. THORSSON Edred $8.95 Complete book of rune instruction including definitions of the 24 runes of the Elder Futhark. Phonetic vales, derivation & magical qualities of each rune, as well as exercises, chants & more.

Lady Of The Northern Light: A Feminist Guide To The Runes. GITLIN-EMMER Susan $12.95 By returning the runes to their Goddess origins, the author returns to women a missing piece of their spiritual heritage. Included are the original meanings for these ancient symbols.

Leaves Of Yggdrasil. ASWYNN Freya $12.95 The 1st book to offer an extensive presentation of Rune concepts, mythology & magical applications inspired by Dutch/Frisian traditional lore.

Magical Alphabets. PENNICK Nigel $12.95 Alphabetical systems of the West, including Hebrew, Greek, Runic, Celtic, medieval & Renaissance alphabets of the alchemical traditions are examined.

Nine Doors Of Midgard, The: A Complete Curriculum Of Rune Magic. THORSSON Edred $12.95 Complete instructions in runic yoga, meditation, talismanic magick, runic incantations, runecasting & more.

Practical Guide To The Runes, A. PESCHEL Lisa $3.95 A no-nonsense "how-to" book for the beginner who desires to learn how to use the runes on a daily basis to improve quality of life. Instructions on how to make your own runes.

Rites Of Odin, The. FITCH Ed $12.95 On ancient Northern European magick, this book stresses the ancient values as well as the magick & myth of this way of life.

Rune Games. OSBORN & LONGLAND $13.95 Introduces the Anglo-Saxon "Rune Poem" & uses the runic letters as oracles, showing how the runes may be used like the I Ching for meditation & self-development.

Rune Magic. TYSON Donald $9.95 This resurrects ancient techniques of rune magic & integrates them with modern occultism. Includes divination methods using rune wands, cards & dice.

Rune Might - Secret Practices Of The German Rune Magicians. THORSSON Edred $7.95 Experience rune yoga, rune dance, runic hand gestures (mudras), rune singing (mantras), group rites with runes, runic healing, runic geomancy & more.

Runelore - A Handbook Of Esoteric Runology. THORSSON Edred $10.95 A discussion of hidden lore, inner lore, rune worlds, runic numerology, runic psychology, runelore of the gods, esoteric theology & more.


Legends Of Santeria. GONZALEZ-WIPPLER Migene $9.95 These fascinating legends are more than just enjoyable stories: they represent life on a cosmic level, & humankind's attempts to breach the void between the material & physical worlds.

Santeria - An African Religion In America. MURPHY Joseph M. $14.95 Traces the origins of santeria in Africa & its transformation in Cuba. Also looks at the significance of the religion as a living expression of African heritage.

Santeria Experience, The. GONZALEZ-WIPPLER Migene $4.95 An autobiographical account of an initiation into Santeria. Raw emotional impact greets you as you see her personal encounter both as a researcher & as an initiate.

Santeria: The Religion. GONZALEZ-WHIPPLER Migene $12.95 When the Yoruba of West Africa were brought to Cuba as slaves, they preserved their religious heritage by disguising their gods as Catholic saints & worshiping them in secret.

Walking With The Night: Afro-Cuban World Of Santeria. CANIZARES Raul $12.95 Fascinating account of this unique blend of African, Cuban & Catholic mystery traditions.

General Self Help

Artist's Way, The - A Spiritual Path To Higher Creavitity. CAMERON Julia $13.95 With the basic principle that creative expression is the natural direction of life, the author leads you through a comprehensive 12 week program to recover your creativity from a variety of blocks.

As Above So Below. MILLER Ronald S. $14.95 Paths to spiritual renewal in daily life.

Avalanche - Heretical Reflections On The Dark And The Light. JOY W. Brugh $10.00 "Attempts to consciously grapple with the "dark side" of life...this book reflects a sophisticated & challenging psycho-spiritual perspective, one well worth digesting."

Beyond The Twelve Steps:Roadmap To A New Life. GRABHORN Lynn $12.95 Author invites us to go beyond current beliefs about the Higher Power within us to a journey of the soul.

Birth And Relationships. RAY & MANDEL $8.95 The type of birth you had influences your personality & your relationships. No matter what kind of birth you had, your latent memories of birth & the way you were treated have long-reaching effects.

Black Butterfly: An Invitation To Radical Aliveness. MOSS Richard $9.95 An invitation to fundamental creativity, to essential change, not merely of our ideas, but of the very basis of our lives. Calls us to a radical aliveness.

Body, Self And Soul: Sustaining Integration. (D/C) ROSENBURG PH.D Jack L. $15.95 "This book joins insights from Western & Eastern psychologies, from cognitive & somatic approaches to health, from ancient & contemporary sources of human understanding."

Bradshaw On: The Family. BRADSHAW John $9.95 Focuses on the dynamics of the family, how the rules & attitudes learned while growing up become encoded within each family member.

Creating Money - Keys To Abundance. ROMAN & PACKER $12.95 Channeled book discusses the advanced laws of manifestation. Includes information about money, will & intent, higher purpose, giving, receiving, releasing fears, etc.

Dance Of Anger, The. LERNER Harriet $13.00 "A helpful guide to understanding & reducing anger in close relationships...By showing how anger works to maintain the status quo as well as to change it."

Depression Book, The. INTERFAITH CENTER $7.00 Suggests that hating & resisting depression - or anything else we don't want - actually maintains it & that compassionate acceptance of our feelings & ourselves leads us to freedom.

Healing Of Emotion, The: Awakening The Fearless Self. GRISCOM Chris $10.00 Here is an approach to understanding & healing painful emotions. Helps you to overcome the fears, anxieties, & anger that can keep you from leading a liberated, fulfilling life.

Healing Of The Planet Earth, The. COHEN Alan $9.95 About personal power & planetary transformation.

Healing The Shame That Binds You. BRADSHAW John $9.95 Bradshaw shows us how toxic shame is the core problem in our compulsions, co-dependencies, addictions & the drive to superachieve.

Homecoming - Reclaiming And Championing Your Inner Child. BRADSHAW John $12.50 Author presents the essence of the inner child workshops he calls "the most powerful work I have ever done."

How You Do Anything Is How You Do Everything Workbook, The $10.00 "This book is simply an opportunity for you to see a little more clearly how you are as a person, how you approach life, choose your values & beliefs, & this is not a realm where right & wrong apply.

I Deserve Love. RAY Sondra $7.95 The power to get what you want is within you & you can release it through the simple affirmations techinque set forth in this dynamic book.

I That Is We, The. MOSS M.D. Richard $8.95 Awakening to higher energies through unconditional love.

Ideal Birth. RAY Sondra $8.95 The author describes how to create a conscious & enlightened conception, pregnancy & delivery.

Inner Athlete, The. MILLMAN Dan $11.95 Shows anyone how to improve skills, accelerate learning & unlease their potential - not only in sports but in daily life - transforming training into a path of personal growth & discovery.

Inner Dance - A Guide To Spiritual & Psychological Unfolding. MARIECHILD Diane $10.95 Working with breath, movement, visualization & guided introspection will help clear away limitations - such as pain, anger & fear. Exercises & instruction for changing your life.

Lazy Man's Guide To Enlightenment. GOLAS Thaddeus $4.99 Paradise is within reach & even the lazy man can find it.

Love Is Letting Go Of Fear. JAMPOLSKY Gerald $7.95 Based on material from "A Course in Miracles", the lessons in this book will teach you to let go of fear & remember that our very essence is love.

Only Diet There Is. RAY Sondra $7.95 The theory is simple. Though we might think it is our negative eating habits that have kept us unattractive & unhealthy, it is really our negative thoughts & feelings.

Path To Power: It's All In Your Mind. HEISLER Roger $14.95 Discusses magic & power & how to manifest your own power by studying magick & the systems of Wicca & Ceremonial Magick.

Personal Power Through Awareness. ROMAN Sannaya $10.95 In this accelerated step-by-step course in spiritual growth you will learn to express unconditional love, draw to you what you want, open your intuitive & psychic abilities, & much more.

Possible Human. HOUSTON Jean $13.95 A course in enhancing your physical, mental & creative abilities.

Prescriptions For Happiness. KEYES Ken $6.95 This book shows you how to enjoy your life, regardless of what other people say or do. The 3 Prescriptions for Happiness tell how you can totally control your happiness.

Rebirthing In The New Age. ORR & RAY $12.95 Rebirthing is a technique that transforms the subconscious impression of birth into a gentle & awakening event.

Reinvention Of Work, The. FOX Matthew $22.00 Reintegrates the human body & soul into commerce & economics.

Removing Your Mask - No More Hiding From The Truth. MOSS Marion $14.95 Rediscover the freedom & joy behind "masks of gullibility & victimization". Learn to shed your masks & live who you are meant to be.

Sacred Power Of Your Name, The. ANDREWS Ted $12.95 Explore ancient naming ceremonies, the divine essence & mystical vowels, names & the chakra system & the magickal music of names. Includes an encyclopedia of names.

Second Centering Book, The. HENDRICKS & ROBERTS $9.95 More awareness activities for children & adults to relax the body & mind.

Seven Spiritual Laws Of Success, The. CHOPRA Deepak $12.95 A practical guide to the fulfillment of your dreams. Author distills the essence of his teachings into 7 simple, yet powerful principles that can easily be applied to create success in your life.

Teach Only Love. JAMPOLSKY Gerald G. $9.95 Jampolsky demonstrates that total acceptance & total giving are crucial to the healing process, not only for children, but for all of us.

That Which You Are Seeking Is Causing You To Seek. INTERFAITH CENTER $8.00 "If we didn't already know the experience of what we're looking for, we would never look. It simply would not occur to us."

Toxic Parents - Overcoming Their Hurtful Legacy And Reclaiming Your Life. FORWARD Susan $6.50 Author draws on case histories & real-life voices of adult children of toxic parents to help you free yourself from the frustrating patterns of your relationship with your parents.

When Society Becomes An Addict. SCHAEF Anne Wilson $10.00 Eloquently articulates the problems & processes of addiction & codependency.

Wild Mind - Living The Writer's Life. GOLDBERG Natalie $10.95 Teaches a method of writing that can take you beyond craft to the true source of creative power: the mind that is "raw, full of energy, alive & hungry".

Writing Down The Bones - Feeling The Writer Within. GOLDBERG Natalie $10.00 Hundreds of books are around that tell how to avoid bad writing. Here is one that tells how to create good writing.

Seth Material

Create Your Own Happiness. ASHLEY Nancy $9.95

Emir's Education In The Proper Use Of Magical Powers. ROBERTS Jane $8.95 "Emir learns that the simplest solutions to problems are always the ones that work with nature rather than against it. Images & illustrations are enough to keep any child entranced."

How To Develop Your Esp Power. ROBERTS Jane $9.95 Author shows you how to increase your intuitive understanding of the world with in & without you, & to expand your creative energies far beyond their present capacities.

Magical Approach, The: Seth Speaks About The Art Of Creative Living. ROBERTS Jane $12.95 Seth reveals the true, magical nature of our deepest levels of being & explain show we have allowed it to become inhibited by our own beliefs & conventional thinking.

Seth Reader, A. ROBERTS Richard (Editor) $16.95


Art Of Sensual Loving, The. STANWAY Andrew Md $15.95 Author shows has a return to the simple pleasures of courtship & romance, flirtation & seduction, can greatly enhance a loving, sexual relationship.

Art Of Sexual Ecstasy, The. ANAND Margo $18.95 Author presents the training she has done worldwide, which is based on ancient Tantric & Taoist practices that are fully adapted & made understandable to Western lovers.

Awakening Your Sexuality. COVINGTON, PH.D Stephanie $11.00 "Straight, gay, or confused, young, old, or in between - our questions about sexuality are answered in clear, uncomplicated language".

Cultivating Female Sexual Energy: Healing Love Through The Tao. CHIA & MANEEWAN $14.95 The Authors teach women to cultivate & enhance their sexual energy in 2 ways, Ovarian Breathing & Orgasmic Upward Draw. These exercises are being introduced to the Western public for the first time.

Discovering Sexuality That Will Satisfy You Both. HASTINGS, PH.D. Anne Stirling $9.95 "This is one of the few books that treats the subject of sexuality in a forthright, respectful & realistic fashion. It provides good, sound & usable information."

Ecstasy Through Tantra. MUMFORD Dr. John $12.95 Author celebrates the joyous & mystical depths of sexual love. Chapters include Sex Magic, Tantra, Psychosexual Power & Tantric Exercises, & Love for Kundalini Arousal. Many Illustrations.

Ecstatic Ritual - Practical Sex Magic. WILLIAMS Brandy $10.95 People of all sexual preferences, singly or in couples, can explore a magical system which methodically explains the worship & union of the divine within each person.

Erotic Impulse, The. STEINBERG David (Editor) $13.95 A feast of thoughts, feelings, findings & fantasies about our erotic nature. It draws on the insights of therapists, sexuality teachers & advocates, & the wisdom of great writers & poets.

Kama Sutra Of Vatsyayana, The. BURTON (TRANS) Richard $10.00 The Hindu treatise on love & social conduct - a celebrated classic of Indian literature.

Lover Within, The. HENDERSON Julie $10.95 Opening to energy in sexual practice. 63 practical exercises to be done alone or with a partner.

Masturbation, Tantra & Self Love. WOODS Margo $9.95

Reclaiming Healthy Sexual Energy. HASTINGS Anne Stirling $9.95 Using examples of body awareness & visualizations, the author suggests ways to reclaim our innocent, healthy sexual energy & become catalysts for change.

Sacred Pleasure: Sex, Myth & The Politics Of The Body *** EISLER Riane

Sacred Sex: Erotic Writings From The Religions Of The World. BATES Robert $11.00 Sex & Religion have, contrary to popular opinion, been happy bedfellows! The result is a body of literature which includes some of the finest writing on sexuality & love known to us today.

Sacred Sexuality - Living The Vision Of The Erotic Spirit. FEUERSTEIN Georg $14.95 Beyond the freedoms provided by the sexual revolution,there is a more rewarding challenging, & creative option; experiencing sexuality as a transformative vehicle of spirituality.

Secrets Of The German Sex Magicians. FRATER U. D. $17.95 Book of complete system of sex magick, in theory & practice with a solid system of exercises to develop related abilities for visualization, concentration, psychic energy arousal, and much more.

Sensual Ceremony: A Contemporary Tantric Guide To Sexual Intimacy. STUBBS Kenneth Ray $18.95 In this book we transcend the limitations of the everyday mind. When each sense is nurtured in gentleness, the heart is touched & we experience joy.

Sex For One: The Joy Of Selfloving. DODSON Betty $12.00 Confronting one of our last & most deeply rooted taboos - masturbation - author takes the shame out of selflove, showing it to be a satisfying, vital form of sexual expression.

Sexual Energy And Yoga. HAICH Elisabeth $8.95 Introduces the concept of transmuting the physical, emotional, psychic, mental energy that people normally disperse in sexual activity for the purpose of uniting their bodies in their higher Self.

Sexual Energy Ecstasy. RAMSEDALE & DORFMAN $15.95 Exceptionally honest, accessible & informative, this treasury of Eastern & Western sexual secrets is the product of more than 20 years of research.

Sexual Secrets: The Alchemy Of Ecstasy. DOUGLAS Nik & P. Slinger $19.95 An all encompassing study of sex & mysticism, covering the philosophy, psychology, art, theory, & practice of Eastern sexuality. The most comprehensive work of its kind.

Tao Of Love And Sex, The: The Ancient Chinese Way To Ecstasy. CHANG Jolan $15.00 From the teachings of Taoism comes a time-honored yet profoundly revolutionary approach to the art of love & lovemaking.

Tao Of Sexual Massage, The. RUSSELL & KOLB $15.00 This fully illustrated guide explains how to combine the erotic, ancient Oriental art of lovemaking with modern massage techniques to enhance sexual experiences.

Taoist Secrets Of Love: Cultivating The Male Sexual Energy. CHIA Mantak $14.95 Esoteric principles & techniques for developing a healthy sexual/spiritual life Illustrated with numerous detailed diagrams & written in clear, easy-to-understand language.


Dance Of Power: A Shamanic Journey. GREGG Dr. Susan $12.00 The path of the Nagual is a way of life; once you embark upon it, the world will never seem the same. This is the story of one woman's fascinating, real-life journey to find her soul.

Dreamtime And Inner Space - The World Of The Shaman. KALWEIT Holger $18.00 Author has collected first-person accounts of tribal shamans from Afrika, Australia, Asia, Siberia & the Americas.

Gateway To Inner Space - Sacred Plants, Mysticism And Psychotherapy. RATSCH Christian (Editor) $10.95 Featured here are writings on the medical use of psychedelics, the controversial issue of "molecular mysticism", the relationship of sacraments to Gnosis, & much more.

Golden Cauldron, The: Shamanic Journeys On The Path Of Wisdom. SCULLY Nicki $14.95 Calling on the magical cauldron of Thoth, Egyptian god of wisdom, healing, communication, author guides us into the spirit world of sacred totems, oracles, & animal teachings from many cultures.

Imagery In Healing: Shamanism And Modern Medicine. ACHTERBERG Jeanne $16.00 Combining the practices of the earlist healers with the latest data from modern medicine, this work shows how the systematic use of mental imagery can help patients through painful events.

In The Shadow Of The Shaman: Connecting With Self, Nature & Spirit. WOLFE Amber $12.95 Learn to reconnect with the center of your own power using natural objects. Provides techniques, exercises, meditations & rituals to show you how to become a shaman.

Once Unknown Familiar, The: Shamanic Paths To Unleash Your Animal Powers. RODERICK Timothy $10.00 Animal "Familiars" are more than just the friendly animals kept by Witches - the animal spirit is an extension of the unconscious mind, which reveals its power to those who seek its help.

Rolling Thunder. BOYD Doug $10.95 "An astonishing portrait of the day-to-day life of an outstanding individual & medicine man & an enlightened view of the interior life of a people almost annihilated."

Secrets Of Shamanism. STEVENS Jose & Lena S. $5.99 Authors demonstrate how the ancient techniques of shamanism can be adapted to the needs & concerns of the modern world.

Shaman's Path. DOORE Gary $13.00 In this collection of writings, leading figures of the neo-shamanism movement explore the origins & practices of shamanism & its relevance to the modern world.

Shaman: The Wounded Healer. HALIFAX Joan $15.95 The words & insights, the costumes & regalia of the shamans themselves, together with actual photographs of their rituals & their paintings, are the basis of this vivid & informed book.

Shamanic Healer, The. OSUMI & RITCHIE $8.95 The healing world of Ikuko Osumi & the traditional art of Seiki-jutsu, an ancient form of healing based on focusing & transmitting "vital life force" from healer to patient.

Shamanic Voices: A Survey Of Visionary Narratives. HALIFAX, PH.D. Joan $13.00 "...Collection of narratives in which shamans speak for themselves about their experiences. An introduction to shamanism & a cross-cultural document of great value."

Shamanism - Archaic Techniques Of Ecstasy. ELIADE Mircea $16.95 "In this study Eliade takes up the problem of shamanism; he succeeds in defining its bounds so that a clear idea can be formed of what shamanism is & what it is not."

Soul Retreival: Mending The Fragmented Self. INGERMAN Sandra $13.00 The author describes the dramatic results of combining the ancient shamanic tradition of soul retrieval with contemporary psychological concepts.

Vision Quest - A Personal Journey Through Magic And Shamanism. DRURY Nevill $9.00 Author describes his personal exploration of the occult tradition, including magical journeys into the "separate reality" of inner space.

Way Of The Shaman, The. HARNER Michael $10.00 Great resource & reference for those interested in cross-cultural & current forms of shamanism.

Sound & Music

Drumming At The Edge Of Magic - A Journey Into The Spirit Of Percussion. HART Mickey & J. Stevens $20.00 Part autobiography, this book recounts the exciting discoveryof the historical & spiritual heritage of Hart's instrument & a unique & impassioned quest to unlock the secrets of the drum.

Healing Sounds: The Power Of Harmonics. GOLDMAN Jonathan $14.95 There is no sound as pure as that of harmonics & this is the first book to explain how to benefit from their profound healing & transformative powers, from both scientific & spiritual viewpoints.

Making Music. FRANCO Eloise & Johan $5.25 "Music is everywhere but you do have to know how to bring it out. To make a musical theme or song you have to do more than just idly "dream" about it. You need to have an inspiration....."

Sacred Sounds - Transformation Through Music And Word. ANDREWS Ted $7.95 Reveals how to tap into the magical & healing aspects of voice, resonance & music.

Sound Health - Music And Sounds That Make Us Whole. HALPERN Steven & L. Savary $9.95 Provides concrete ways to control & improve sound intake for psychological & physical wellness, peace & harmony.

Sounding The Inner Landscape - Music As Medicine. GARDNER Kay $14.95 The reader is taken on an inspirational journey through the musical ingredients that contribute to the healing effects of music.

General Spiritual Philosophy

Ancient Wisdom:Nyingma Teachings Of Dream Yoga, Meditation & Transformation RINPOCHE Gyatrul $14.95 Essential practices for the activities of daily life, for meditation & for dreaming are elaborated upon.

At The Feet Of The Master. KRISHNAMURTI J. $3.75 This book contains a master's precepts for living, & right choices by an aspirant along the spiritual path. It best answers the question "What can I do?"

Atman Project: A Transpersonal View Of Human Development. WILBER Ken $12.00 "A brilliant integration of the psychologies of East & West...Insights so profound yet so lucid, they indicate a mind of genius..."

Be Here Now. DASS Ram $13.13 The transformation of Dr. Richard Alpert, Ph.D into Baba Ram Dass.

Behold The Spirit. WATTS Alan $9.00 A study in the necessity of Mystical Religion.

Dalai Lama, A Policy Of Kindness. LAMA Dalai $10.95 Offers a comprehensive view of the Dalai Lama's view of his personal life, wide-ranging interest, & his thoughts on issues of global concern.

Dharma Paths. RINPOCHE Ven. Khenpo Karthar $14.95 This is a broad & in-depth introduction to Tibetan Buddhism by the N. American abbot of the Karma Kagyu lineage. It presents both basic & advanced material.

Divine Romance, The. YOGANANADA Paramahansa $6.50 Reveals the deep metaphysical roots of our closest human relationship, explaining how the universal thread of love that unites these relationships is drawing us back to the Divine Source.

Elements Of The Baha'i Faith, The. SHEPPHERD Joseph $8.95 Based on the belief that there is one God & one global family, it promotes an advanced civilisation for the whole of human society.

Ending Of Time, The. KRISHNAMURTI & BOHM $10.00 An exploration of the nature of humanity & a person's relationship to society, & new insights on human thought, death, awakening insight, cosmic order, & the problem of the fragmented mind.

Eternal Message Of Muhammad, The. AZZAM Abd Al-Rahman $11.95 This translation of a great Islamic classic offers the western world a simple yet profound interpretation of Islam.

Experience Of The Inner Worlds. KNIGHT Gareth $12.95 Knight reunites the science & art of magic with orthodox science & religion to provide a system of occult teachings & practice that is founded on a framework of Christian tradition & belief.

Fireball And The Lotus - Emerging Spirituality From Ancient Roots. MILLER & KENNEY (Editors) $12.95 Examines the diverse roots of contemporary religious experience, opens a provocative dialogue among religious viewpoints, & delineates a future which holds a spirituality for the entire planet.

Freedom From The Bondage Of Karma. RAMA Swami $5.95 Author analyzes the mechanisms of karma & the functioning of mind in order to demonstrate the kind of self-study each student of life must undertake to gain liberation.

Freedom From The Known. KRISHNAMURTI J. $10.00 In this classic work, Krishnamurti shows how people can free themselves radically & immediately from the tyranny of the expected, no matter what their age.

Holy Science, The. YUKTESWAR Swami $6.00 Concise treatise on the unity of the Bible & Hindu scriptures, explaining the definite science of our spiritual evolution.

Homage To The Sun: The Wisdom Of The Magus Of Strovolos. MARKIDES Kyriacos C. $10.95 This book tells the remarkable account of the extraordinary life of Daskalos, the "Magus of Strovolos", a mystic & psychic who offers loving assistance to those seeking spiritual guidance.

How You Can Talk With God. YOGANANDA Paramahansa $0.95 A short but comprehensive explanation of the science of prayer & devotion.

Iron Shirt Chi Kung I. CHIA Mantak $14.95 This unique system of breathing exercises, which permanently packs concentrated air into the fasciae surrounding the vital organs, makes them well nigh impervious to injuries from accidents or blows.

Kindle My Heart. CHIDVILASANANDA Gurumayi $10.00 "In the beginning you might think that it is esoteric or beyond your reach.... but when the experience of the Self takes place you realize how close it is to you."

Law Of Success. YOGANANDA Paramahansa $0.95 Clearly defines the true meaning of success. Explains the universal laws by which every individual can achieve harmony & fulfillment in life.

Living With The Himalayan Masters. SWAMI RAMA $15.95 A unique book about the personal experiences of Sri Swami Rama which portrays the life & teachings of Mahatma Gandhi, Tagore, Sri Aurobindo, Maharshi Raman & many sages of Himalayas.

Magus Of Strovolos, The: The Extraordinary World Of A Spiritual Healer. MARKIDES Kyriacos C. $11.00 In this book the author combines the scepticism of a trained sociologist with the passion of a disciple to explore the inner world & beliefs of a truly remarkable man.

Man's Eternal Quest. YOGANANDA Paramahansa $6.50 A collection of facinating talks that explore little-known & seldom-explained aspects of meditation, life after death, reincarnation, nature of creation, healing, approaches to God-awareness.

Modern Mystic, The - Early Writings Of Alan Watts. SNELLING John (Editor) $15.95 Just some subjects covered - Zen, Jung, Krishnamurti, Lao-tzu, Buddha, Krishna - this book offers a fascinating insight in the spiritual development of one of the most controversial teachers.

New Book Of The Dead, The. ASHCROFT-NOWICKI Dolores $12.00 Drawing from various traditions, including Christianity, Celtic, Egyptian & Roman, the author offers a history & discussion of death & dying practices & beliefs.

On Freedom. KRISHNAMURTI J. $9.95 Addresses the basic issues of freedom - from human rights in the political & social arena to the desire for freedom from "wants, pursuits, ambitions, envies, & ill will".

Only Dance There Is. DASS Ram $8.95 Useful guide for those interested in spiritual matters as well as those formally trained in psychology. A celebration of "dance of life" author calls "the only dance there is".

Only Love:Patterns For Spiritual Living. MATA Sri Daya $9.95 Brings into focus vital & practical spiritual principles that affect all facets of our lives.

Opening Of The Wisdom-Eye, The. DALAI LAMA $12.95 "In this one book, H.H. the Dalai Lama has managed to capture the essence of Tibetan teachings."

Our Religions. SHARMA Arvind $19.00 An essential introducton to the world's living religions by experts from each tradition - published in conjunction with the 1993 Parliament of the World's Religions.

Path, The: A Spiritual Autobiography. KRIYANANDA Swami $6.95 Author recounts those events in his life which lead up to & include his years of training under the great Paramhansa Yogananda.

Psychotherapy East And West: A Unifying Paradigm. AJAYA Swami $12.95 Examines the insights & limitations of contemporary systems of psychotherapy & presents a more comprehensive paradigm that integrates the teachings of the East.

Sayings Of Paramahansa Yogananada. YOGANANDA Paramahansa $4.95 A collection of informal counsel & encouragement expressing the deep understanding, compassion, & delightful wit of a great world teacher.

Science Of Breath. RAMA Swami $9.95

Science Of Religion, The. YOGANANADA Paramahansa $3.95 Strips away the cloaks of dogmatic doctrine, showing that the answers to the ultimate questions of both science & religion do not lie in scholarly research or blind belief.

Scientific Healing Affirmations. YOGANANDA Paramahansa $1.95 Demonstrates new dimensions of health & well being. Includes 62 affirmations, theory & techniques of practice.

Sermon On The Mount, The. YOGANANADA Paramahansa $13.95 "All true scriptures have been written that they serve to be beneficial to the body, mind & soul. I give the spiritual interpretations with the psychological & material interpretation interwoven"

Shambhala: The Sacred Path Of The Warrior. TRUNGPA Chogyam $13.00 In ancient times the warrior learned to master the challenges of life, both on & off the battlefield. He acquired a sense of personal freedom & power not thru violence but thru gentleness & courage.

Silence Speaks. DASS Baba Hari $8.95 "A simple, yet eloquent prayer which brings the spirit of play to spiritual inspiration for meditation." - Yoga Journal

Songs Of The Soul. YOGANANADA Paramahansa $13.95 A collection of poems or songs.

Spiritual Diary. YOGANANDA Paramahansa $3.50 An inspirational thought for each day.

Sri Aurobindo Or The Adventure Of Consciousness. SATPREM $12.50 A thorough & methodical exploration of Sri Aurobindo's yoga.

Think On These Things. KRISHNAMURTI J. $3.95 Examines the expressions of our culture, education, religion, politics, & traditions & throws light on the emotions he sees to be deteriorating factors in human society.

Tibetan Book Of Living And Dying, The. RINPOCHE Sogyal $15.00 Shares the age-old teachings on which the classic "Tibetan Book of the Dead" is based.

Tibetan Book Of The Dead, The. EVANS-WENTZ W.Y. $8.95 The after-death experiences on the Bardo Plane according to Lama Kazi Dawa-Smadup's English rendering. Classic translation of the sacred breviary & guide for the living as well as the dead.

Tibetan Book Of The Dead, The. FREMANTLE & TRUNGPA $10.00 The Bardo Thotrol is a Tibetan Buddhist scripture of Nyingma or old tradition. This scripture was traditionally read aloud to the dying to help them attain liberation.

Tibetan Book Of The Great Liberation, The. EVANS-WENTZ W.Y. $12.95 Sub-titled "The Method of Realizing Nirvana Through Knowing the Mind.

Tibetan Yoga & Secret Doctrines. EVANS-WENTZ W.Y. $14.95 Companion to "Tibetan Book of the Dead", it contains some of the principle meditations used by illustrious Hindu & Tibetan gurus & philosophers.

Transformation Of The Heart: Stories By Devotees Of Sathya Sai Baba. WARNER (EDITOR) Judy $9.95 This book is a collection of stories by people whose lives have been transformed by Sathya Sai Baba.

Walking The Path With Sai Baba. MURPHET Howard $12.95 An introduction to the teachings of Sai Baba, power over nature, psychic & divine healing, using Sai forms & Sai teachings, working with meditation, looking at theosophy, & much more.

Where There Is Light:Insight & Inspiration For Meeting Life's Challenges. YOGANANDA Paramahansa $4.50 Spiritual insight on the vital challenge of achieving physical, mental, & spiritual harmony, awakening a renewed awareness of the infinite potentials hidden within each of us.

You Are The World. KRISHNAMURTI J. $7.95 The author responds to the discontent of the young by directing each to become his own teacher as well as his own disciple.


Elements Of Sufism, The. HAERI Shaykh F. $8.95 What is Sufism? Where did Sufism originate? What does it mean to be a Sufi? What is the relationship between Sufism & Islam? How is Sufism relevant to modern life?

Seeking Wisdom: The Sufi Path. LITVAK Stuart $6.95 Written on the premise that no matter what path we choose in today's society, the methods of the ancient sufis-methods of learning how to learn-are applicable to each person on the path.

Sufis, The. SHAH Idries $9.95 The first authoritative, responsible book on Sufism, & as such it fills a gap in Western documentation of Eastern subjects.

Way Of The Sufi, The. SHAH Idries $11.00

What Is Sufism? LINGS Martin $9.95 Provides an excellent & authoritative introduction to the mystical movement of the Sufis based on his lifelong interest in Islamic culture.

T'ai Chi Ch'uan>

Essence Of T'Ai Chi Ch'Uan, The. LO, INN, AMACKER & FOE $8.95 T'ai Chi Ch'uan is a method by which external affairs are regulated (self-defense) while the ch'i (breath) is cultivated (yoga).

Movements Of Magic: The Spirit Of T'Ai-Chi-Ch'Uan. KLEIN Bob $12.95 Focuses on the practical & spiritual aspects of Tai Chi, its implications for our daily lives & the development of personal power by tapping into the natural energies of the planet.

Movements Of Power: Ancient Secrets Of Unleashing Instinctual Vitality. KLEIN Bob $12.95 Learn how to release the power of the body & achieve creative attention & unshakable inner peace.

T'Ai Chi Ch'Uan Ta Wen. WEI-MING Chen $7.95 This book was written 60 years ago by Professor Wei-ming, who was a famous exponent of the Yang style T'ai Chi Ch'uan & a student of the great master, Yang Cheng-fu.

T'Ai Chi Ch'Uan. MAN-CH'ING Cheng $8.95 A simplified method of calisthenics for health & self defense.

Tai Chi: Ten Minutes To Health. PANG & HOCK $16.95 Step-by-step the author demonstrates every move over 590 photographs & 295 diagrams.


Beating Tantra At It's Own Game - Spiritual Sexuality. LYTLE Arthur Ph.D $12.95 This text lucidly discusses the what, the how, & the why of exercises capable of transforming sensuality & sexuality into spirituality.

Great Book Of Tantra, The. SINHA Indra $19.95 The author has brought together in this one volume a rare collection of erotic & Tantric literature from the classical, medieval & modern periods - some translated from the original Sanskrit.

Introduction To Tantra - A Vision Of Totality.. YESHE Lama $12.95 A Tibetan master of the tantric teachings of Buddhism brings alive & makes clear the often misunderstood ideas of tantra.

Lion's Roar - An Introduction To Tantra. TRUNGPA Chogyam $13.00 Author speaks directly to a contemporary Western audience, using earth analogies that establish the ancient teachings in the midst of ordinary life.

Secrets Of Western Tantra - The Sexuality Of The Middle Path. HYATT Christopher Ph.D $12.95 Straightforward & honest, this work presents the methods & theory of active tantra & the creation of the Magickal Child.

Tantric Massage: An Illustrated Manual For Meditative Sexuality. STUBBS Kenneth Ray $18.95 This book embraces the whole body. Touching with awareness, we allow each moment, each feeling to unfold. We open doors to inner peace, to pleasure, to bliss.

Tantric Practice In Nying-Ma. RINBOCHAY Khetsun S. $14.95 Author's commentary contains the classic Nying-ma presentation of the Tantric practices which lead to the realization of Buddhahood.

Tantric Yoga. FROST Gavin & Yvonne $14.95 Authors present this ancient Eastern discipline in clear, concise & objective detail, & have adapted the material for Western lifestyles & modern use.

Tools For Tantra. JOHARI Harish $16.95 Tantric yantras are precise geometric forms used as tools for self-realization & obtaining mystical powers.


Art Of Strategy, The. WING R. L. $14.95 Wing translates Sun Tzu's masterpiece "The Art of War" & precedes each chapter with discussions & guidelines for today's readers whose battlefields are in the office, at home & in themselves.

Awaken Healing Energy Through The Tao. CHIA Mantak $12.50 Unique book reveals the ancient Taoist secret of circulating internal energy through acupuncture meridians for physical, psychological & spiritual health.

Bone Marrow Nei Kung. CHIA Mantak & Maneewan $14.95 A system to cultivate internal power. Through absorbing cosmic energy into the bones, the bone marrow is revitalized, blood replenished, & the life-force within is nourished.

Chi Self-Massage - The Taoist Way Of Rejuvenation. CHIA Mantak $10.95 Tao rejuvenation employs your own internal energy, Chi energy, to strengthen & rejuvenate the senses & inner organs.

Chronicles Of Tao: The Secret Life Of A Taoist Master. MING-DAO Deng $15.00 This is the true story of Taoist master, Kwan Saihung. Born into a wealthy family, he defies his parents by entering into Taoist training.

Chuang Tsu: Inner Chapters. TSU Chuang $19.00 Chuang Tsu developed the doctrines of Taoism with rigorous logic. His fables & humor are imaginative & poetic, reflecting a brilliant & original mind.

Essential Tao, The. CLEARY Thomas $12.00 An initiation into the heart of Taoism through the authentic Tao Te Ching & the inner teachings of Chuang Tzu.

Fusion Of The Five Elements. CHIA Mantak & Maneewan $12.95 Fusion I meditation focuses on a practical way of neutralizing negative emotions by balancing & rechanneling emotional energy.

Hua Hu Ching - The Unknown Teachings Of Lao Tzu. WALKER Brian $17.00 Laid out like poems, thes 81 lessons on the attainment of mastery, enlightenment & peace of mind are simple, direct & revelatory.

Images Of Enlightenment - Tibetan Art In Practice. LANDAW & WEBER $24.95 An engaging presentation of 32 buddhas, bodhisattvas, & lineage masters that commonly occur in the 4 sects of Tibetan Buddhist practice.

Lao-Tzu: My Words Are Easy To Understand. CHENG Man-Jan $12.95 Lectures on the Tao Teh Ching.

Secret Of The Golden Flower. WILHELM Richard $6.95

Tao - The Watercourse Way. WATTS Alan $10.00 "Watts"s last book is in the category of his finest work, a lucid discussion of Taoism & the Chinese languate...profound, reflective & enlightening"....... --Boston Globe

Tao And Longevity: Mind-Body Transformation. CHU W. K. $8.95 A discussion of Taoist theories, symbols, methods & the results of meditation from a psychological-physiological point of view. Includes use of meditation to promote a long & healthy life.

Tao Of Leadership. HEIDER John $4.95

Tao Of Management, The. MESSING Bob $4.95 Addresses the broad issues of trust, ethics & awareness to provide insight to the universal skills & goals of clarity, task-orientation & a sense of accomplishment to managers in any setting.

Tao Of Meow, The. JAPUSSY Waldo $14.50 This book is a collection of 81 reflections on life & the way to total self-gratification as only a cat can tell it.

Tao Of Pooh, The. HOFF Benjamin $9.95 "While Eeyore frets, & Piglet hesitates, & Rabit caluclates, & Owl pontificates - Pooh just is. And that's a clue to the secret wisdom of the Taoists."

Tao Of Power, The. WING R.L. $15.95 This book blends the principles of management, physics & evolution together with the cultural & philosophical insights of the Eastern mind.

Tao Of Psychology, The. BOLEN Jean S. $10.00 Author explores the interrelationship between "meaningful coincidences" & the intuitive sense that we are part of some deep oneness with the universe.

Tao Of Relationships, The. GRIGG Ray $5.99 Celebrates the dynamic balance of body & mind that a man & woman in love can share when they learn the art of the sagely lover.

Tao Of Sailing, The. GRIGG Ray $14.95 A Taoist way of life is both a bamboo & a sailing way of life. When we live this way of life, things seem to happen with an ease that is natural & timely.

Tao Of Sex, The. LEVY & AKIRA ISHIHARA Howard S. $14.95 Based on the Japanese medical encyclopedia Ishimpo which has traditionally been celebrated as the most important bible of sex for East Asia. This is a classic work in this field.

Tao Of Symbols POWELL James N. $9.95 In this cross-cultural study, the author reveals in text & illustrations how people all over the world have attempted to emancipate their thought.

Tao Of The Loving Couple, The. CHANG Jolan $15.00 In this companion volume to "Tao of Love & Sex", Chang shows us how to more deeply integrate the traditional teachings of Taoism into our day-to-day lovemaking.

Tao Te Ching (Wilhelm Edition). TZU Lao $10.00 The author, renouwned for his supurb translation & commentary on the I Ching, completed his translation in 1910 & his commentary helps us toward a more profound understanding of the work.

Tao Te Ching. TSU Lao $16.00 This fresh translation of the ancient Chinese classic offers the essence of each word & makes Lao Tsu's teaching immediate & alive.

Tao Te Ching: The New Translation. KWOK, PALMER & RAMSAY $15.95 This entirely new translation reveals this most important & influential of Chinese texts in its full glory, & recaptures the flow & power of the original writings.

Taoism: The Road To Immortality. BLOFELD John $16.00 Author explains the fundamental concepts of Taoism, tells many stories of ancient masters, & provides incisive reflections on Taoist verse.

Te Of Piglet, The. HOFF Benjamin $10.00 Milne's Piglet demonstrates a very important principle of Taoism: The Te - a Chinese word meaning Virtue - of the Small.

Way Of Chuang Tzu, The. MERTON Thomas $7.95 Working from existing translations, Merton composed a series of personal versions from his favorites among the classic saying of Chuang Tzu, the most spiritual of the Chinese philosophers.


Destiny Of The Nations, The. BAILEY Alice $8.95 A recognition of the soul destiny of nations in the light of the teaching in this book, has a practicality today in our search for international adjustments.

Discipleship In The New Age, Vol. I. BAILEY Alice $20.95 Included are the series of personal instructions given to a small group of chelas over a period of 15 years, with related teaching on a number of subjects. Volume 1 of two volumes.

Discipleship In The New Age, Vol. II. BAILEY Alice $18.95 Volume two contains the teaching given between the years 1940 & 1949 after the group had been reduced & reorganised into one group, "the new seed group".

Education In The New Age. BAILEY Alice $7.95 "Education is, or should be, a continous process from birth to death concerned not so much with the acquisition of knowledge as with the expansion of consciousness."

Esoteric Healing. BAILEY Alice $18.95 The 7 ray techniques of healing are described; the laws & rules of healing are enumerated & discussed; requirements for healing are given in detail; & basic causes of disease are shown.

Esoteric Psychology, Vol. I. BAILEY Alice $12.95 "Esoteric psychology is the evolution of consciousness, by which the imbedded fragment of the soul within the personality progressively identifies its spiritual source & becomes at-one with it."

Esoteric Psychology, Vol. II. BAILEY Alice $18.95 This 2nd volume deals exhaustively with the ray qualities controlling the life, consciousness & appearance of a human being on the physical plane.

Externalization Of The Hierarchy, The. BAILEY Alice $18.95 Shows the extent to which Hierarchy & other centres of life on the planet are dependent upon the unpredictable & often irresponsible factor of human free will.

Glamour, A World Prolem. BAILEY Alice $9.95 This book deals with the misconceptions existing on all levels of the personality life - maya on the etheric level; glamour on the emotional plane; & illusion on the mental plane.

Initiation Human And Solar. BAILEY Alice $9.95 This book stretches the mind towards a new conception of the intense activity involved at all levels of consciousness on the planet to create conditions in which evolutionary growth can proceed.

Isis Unveiled. Two Volume Set. BLAVATSKY H.P. $20.00 Volume 1 focuses on science & its limitations & truths. Volume 2 examines creeds, religions, & mythologies past & present.

Letters On Occult Meditation. BAILEY Alice $9.95 ..."Occult meditation establishes a scientiic process by which causes set in motion will produce identifiable effects, which can be repeated at will."

Light Of The Soul, The. BAILEY Alice $12.95 The factor of mind in meeting present-day needs is given prominence as the agent of the soul, & the key to personality release.

Ponder On This. BAILEY Alice $12.95 This compilation by a student is an attempt to bring together a basis for the instruction of disciples in training for an initiation.

Rays And The Initiations, The. BAILEY Alice $18.95 The first of this 2 part book enumerates & details the 14 Rules for Group Initiation & the second part is concered with the Rays & the Initiations.

Reappearance Of The Christ, The. BAILEY Alice $9.95 This book is about "when the Christ, the Avator makes His reappearance".

Secret Doctrine, The: Two Volume Set. BLAVATSKY H.P. $19.50 Volume 1, "Cosmogenesis" examines the birth & structure of the universe & its divine source. Vol. 2, "Anthropogenesis" traces the development of humanity.

Serving Humanity. BAILEY Alice $12.95 "True service is the spontaneous outflow of a loving heart & an intelligent mind."

Soul And It's Mechanism, The. BAILEY Alic $7.95 The author asserts the soul works through the mechanism of the 3 fold personality in stimulating the 3 worlds of human evolution - the mental, emotional & etheric/physical planes of consciousness.

Telepathy. BAILEY Alice $7.95 On the subject of telepathic communication.

Treatise On Cosmic Fire, A. BAILEY Alice $33.95 In this book the author mentions a five-fold purpose within its teachings.

Treatise On White Magic, A. BAILEY Alice $18.95 Contains the 15 Rules for Magic & for soul control, based on words from the Bhagavad-Gita.

Unfinished Autobiography, The. BAILEY Alice $10.95 When her work had been accomplished & within 30 days after this period, Mrs. Bailey gained her release from the limitations of the physical vehicle.

U.F.O. / Allien Encounters

Alien Identities: Ancient Insights Into Modern Ufo Phenomena. THOMPSON Richard L. $19.95 Startling parallels between modern UFO accounts & the ancient Sanskrit writings of India give fresh insights into the identity & purposes of UFO visitors.

Earth - Pleiadian Keys To The Living Library. MARCINIAK Barbara $12.95 This thorough exposition on the runes covers in detail 2 hitherto unpublished subjects: the craft tradition of metalwork in relation to runes & runic numerology.

Genesis Revisted. SITCHIN Zecharia $5.99 The author believes that what our civilization is discovering today about Earth & the heavens is, in fact, a rediscovery of what had been known to a much earlier civilization.

Gods Of Eden, The. BRAMLEY William $5.99 Author presents evidence of an alien presence on Earth - extraterrestrial visitors who have conspired to dominate humankind.

Heart Of The Cristos: Starseeding From The Pleiades. CLOW Barbara Hand $12.95 Using the tools of past-life therapy, the author deals with primordial fear & remembrance as she journeys into the underworld on a shamanistic vision quest.

Lost Realms, The. SITCHIN Zecharia $5.99 Author uncovers the long-hidden secrets of the lost civilizations of the preColumbian Americas & offers documentation of the giant gods who spawned the greatness of Incans, Mayans & Aztecs.

P'Taah Tapes, The: An Act Of Faith. KING Jani $19.95 Transmissions from the Pleiades, Ptaah prepares humanity for the forthcoming transition from separation to Oneness.

Pleiadian Mission, The. WINTERS Randolph $20.00 Author asserts the Pleiadians have come from a small cluster of stars called the Pleiades to guide & awaken us to the knowledge of life & lessns of spirit we need for the New Age of consciousness.

Preparing For Contact: A Metamorphosis Of Consciousness. ROYAL & PRIEST $12.95 A combination of narrative, precisely focused channeled material from Pleiadian source, & personal accounts.

Prism Of Lyra, The:An Exploration Of Human Galactic Heritage. ROYAL & KEITH $11.95 In contrast to the notion that humans are the result of creation, it explores the idea that the collective humanoid consciousness created our universe for specific purposes.

Signet Of Atlantis - War In Heaven Bypass. CLOW Barbara Hand $12.95 This book teaches us that our thoughts determine who we are & leads us to a realization about how to preserve our living relationship with the Earth.

Sirius Mystery, The. TEMPLE Robert K. G. $16.95 Is the existence of civilization on earth a result of contact with inhabitants of a planet in the system of the star Sirius prior to 3000 BC?

Stairway To Heaven, The. SITCHIN Zecharia $5.99 After years of research the author has identified the legendary Land of the Gods...& provides new revelations about the Great Pyramids, Sphinx, & other mysterious monuments.

Twelfth Planet, The. SITCHIN Zecharia $5.99

Ufo Dynamics - Psychiatric & Psychic Aspects Of The Ufo Syndrome. SCHWARTZ Berthold E. $29.95 Author presents a series of psychiatric studies from first-hand field & office investigations of people who have claimed close sightings or encounters with UFOs.

Visitors From Within. ROYAL & PRIEST $12.95 Explores the extraterrestrial contact & abduution phenomenon in a unique & intriguing way.

Wars Of Gods And Men, The. SITCHIN Zecharia $5.99

When Time Began. SITCHIN Zecharia $5.99


Kindle My Heart, Vol. II. CHIDVILASANANDA Gurumayi $11.00

Metaphysical Meditations. YOGANANDA Paramahansa $1.95 Attractive pocket-sized book filled with power-packed thoughts, including basic instructions in meditation.

Upanishads, The. EASWARAN Eknath $9.95 Some 3000 years old, the Upanishads are the earliest living records. It is translated here for the modern reader.

Wisdom Of The Vedas. CHATTERJI J.C. $10.00 All who seek understanding of the basic philosophies of the East will find in this book an illuminating presentation of the great Vedic system of thought.


Circle Of The Cosmic Muse - A Wiccan Book Of Shadows. SIMMS Maria Kay $15.95 Integrates Wiccan ritual practice & astrological knowledge. It contains rites based on astrological symbolism for one full year of Full Moons & holidays, plus rituals for special occasions.

Earth, Air, Fire & Water - More Techniques Of Natural Magic. CUNNINGHAM Scott $9.95 A continuation of "Earth Power", this book includes more rites, spells, & simple rituals that readers can do with a minimum of equipment.

Faery Wicca: Book 1 Theory & Magick - A Book Of Shadows & Light STEPANICH Kisma K. $17.50 Unveils the authentic beliefs & practices of Irish Faery Wicca, the ancient earth-centered religion that by oral tradition survived centuries of oppression.

Family Wicca Book, The: The Craft For Parents & Children. O'GAEA Ashleen $9.95 Learn to ground your family in Wicca without devaluing other religions; explain life, sex & death compassionately & with calm common sense; live mythically; celebrate the passages in your life.

Living Wicca - A Further Guide For The Solitary Practitioner. CUNNINGHAM Scott $10.00 Taking a philosophical look at the questions, practices & differences within Witchcraft, it teaches you how to be your own best teacher, practice solitary Wicca and much more.

Sabbats, The: A New Approach To Living The Old Ways. MCCOY Edain $14.95 Practical guide to celebrating the Pagan festivals. You will learn how to combine old customs with new expressions of your beliefs that will fit today's lifestyle & your chosen tradition.

Turning Of The Wheel: Wiccan Book Of Shadows For Moons & Festivals. MODRZYK Stanley J.A. $12.95 Author provides a complete Book of Shadows to be used for celebrating the New Moon, Full Moon & each of the 8 Festivals commemorating the Turning of the Wheel of Life.

Way Of Merlyn - The Male Path In Wicca, The. WARREN-CLARKE & MATTHEWS $10.95 This book is intended primarily to show the male aspect of Wicca & all the workings contained here are specifically masculine.

West Country Wicca - A Journal Of The Old Religion. RYALL Rhiannon $8.95 "This is a real gem - it is the best book on Witchcraft I have ever seen!" -- Marion Weinstein

Wicca Spellbook, The:Witch's Collection Of Wiccan Spells, Potions & Recipes. DUNWICH Gerina $8.95 This book is a grimoire of modern Wiccan magick for both novice & seasoned witches, solitaries & coveners.

Wicca: A Guide For The Solitary Practitioner. CUNNINGHAM Scott $9.95 Learn how to live magically, spiritually & wholly attuned with nature. Presents the theory & practice of Wicca from an individual's perspective.

Wicca: The Old Religion In The New Age. CROWLEY Vivianne $15.00 Includes: witchcraft as a non-dogmatic new age religion, the misunderstood concepts of black & white magic; why witches have initiations; the God & Goddess within us & much more.

Wiccacraft For Families. MCARTHUR Margie $14.95 This is a treasure-trove of ideas for bringing the whole family into the festivals & magic of the Old Religion with simple but meaningful rites & spells, special foods, music, handicrafts & activity.

Witta: An Irish Pagan Tradition. MCCOY Edain $12.95 Witta was born of a people who loved their rugged, green Earth Mother, & who worshiped her through the resources she provided - without the elaborate tools, ritual dress & ridgid rites.

Women's Books

Addiction To Prefection. WOODMAN Marion $17.95 Exploration of women's mysteries through case material, dreams, literature & mythology, in food rituals, rape symbolism, Christianity, imagery in the body, sexuality, creativity & relationships.

All Women Are Healers: A Comprehensive Guide To Natural Healing. STEIN Diane $12.95 Author has compiled a comprehensive book of healing methods & techniques that focus on women & the women's spirituality movement. Includes info on stones & crystals, flower remedies & much more.

Ancient Mirrors Of Womanhood. STONE Merlin $14.00 A treasury of Goddess and Heroine lore from around the world.

Anger - The Misunderstood Emotion. TAVRIS Carol $11.00 Drawing on important new research, Anger explodes virtually every one of our conventional assumptions about this crucial emotion & how it affects our lives.

Ariadne's Thread - A Workbook Of Goddess Magic. MOUNTAINWATER Shekhinah $14.95 The author brings you through Ariadne's labyrinth, with instruction on rituals, spells, divination tools, making & using a lunar calendar, & herbal magic.

Casting The Circle - A Women's Book Of Ritual. STEIN Diane $12.95 Contains 23 full ritual outlines, including rituals for waxing, full & waning moons, the 8 Sabbats, & rites of passage and much more.

Circle Of Stones - Woman's Journey To Herself. DUERK Judith $10.95 Draws us gently into a meditative experience of the lost feminine. Author creates the female space for us to consider our present lives from the eyes of women's ancient culture & ritual.

Creating Circles Of Power & Magic: A Woman's Guide To Sacred Community. LIBERA Caitlin $12.95 For the reader looking for the bonds of community & the expression of faith & trust that is a Circle, this book will serve as a manual for the creation of your own sacred alliance.

Crone: Woman Of Age, Wisdom And Power, The. WALKER Barbara $10.00 The Crone is the female equivalent of our male God. Learn from a philosophical system profoundly opposed to the ones devised by men.

Crystal Woman - The Sisters Of The Dreamtime. ANDREWS Lynn V. $10.95 "Undulates with visual hallucinations & other-worldly experiences but also contains some quite accessible truths about the drama of the human condition".

Dance Of Intimacy, The. LERNER Harriet G. Ph.D $12.00 A woman's guide to courageous acts of change in key relationships.

Dark Goddess, The: Dancing With The Shadow. STARCK & STERN Marcia & Gynne $10.95 Examining the "dark goddesses" of many cultures, authors encourage us to explore the drama of the hidden feminine self - the shaddow side of the feminine - & to integrate the wisdom it offers.

Daughters Of Copper Woman. CAMERON Anne $12.95 Cameron's re-telling of Northwest Coast Indian myths shared with her by a few loving Native women of Vancouver Island.

Daughters Of Eve: The Magical Mysteries Of Womanhood. ASHCROFT-NOWICKI Dolores $15.00 Instructions for rituals to honor all stages of a woman's life: preparing the room (conception); birth, naming, puberty, sexual awakening, marriage, pregnancy the last flowing (menopause) & more.

Descent To The Goddess: A Way Of Initiation For Women. PERERA Sylvia B. $15.95 Legends of the dark goddess. This is a book about women's freedom & the need for an inner, female authority in a masculine-oriented society.

Dragontime: Magic & Mystery Of Menstruation. FRANCIA Luisa $9.95 "The dragon symbolizes the collective power of menstruating women, a power which we can consciously direct to the healing of ourselves & others....".

Drawing Down The Moon. ADLER Margo $18.00

Dreaming The Dark. STARHAWK $14.00 This book is ultimately a message of hope & optimism, for Starhawk shares not only a vision but tools for personal empowerment, the building of community, & the transformation of culture.

Dreaming The Past, Dreaming The Future:A Herstory Of The Earth. STEIN Diane $12.95 By going to women seers, the author gives answers about the unrecorded history of the planet, lost continents, earth changes, women's spirituality & what is to come in the future.

Escape From Intimacy - Untangling The "Love" Addictions. SCHAEF Anne Wilson $7.95

Feminine Face Of God, The. ANDERSON & HOPKINS $12.95 Shows how many women have redefined traditional beliefs & rediscovered their own unique spiritual heritage.

First Buddhist Women, The. MURCOTT Susan $15.00 A readable, contemporary translation of & commentary on the enlightenment verses of the first female disciples of the Buddha.

Flight Of The Seventh Moon. ANDREWS Lynn $10.00 Story of commitment to becoming a medicine woman in the native American tradition. Initiation into the teaching of the shields, the ancient path of protection & power for women.

From Eden To Eros: Origins Of The Put Down Of Women. ROBERTS Richard $9.95 After discussing the "pathology of patriarchy", the fear of women linked to the fear of sexual inadequacy & death, the author examines the B.C. religions of a feminine deity, the Great Mother.

Gaia And God: An Ecofeminist Theology Of Earth Healing. RUETHER Rosemary Radford $12.00 Explores how Western religious & scientific traditions have led to today's ecological crisis.

Goddess - Mythological Images Of The Feminine, The. DOWNING Christine $11.95

Goddess In The Bedroom, The. BUDAPEST Z. $10.00 Sexy secrets for the Goddess in every woman.

Goddess In The Office, The. BUDAPEST Z. $10.00 Author combines down-to-earth tips & traditional magic to help women maximize the Mother Nature has given them to get a raise, increase productivity, repel sexual harassment, & much more.

Goddesses & Wise Women: Literature Of Feminist Spirituality 1980-1992. CARSON Anne $12.95 Women's spirituality is an ever-increasing field of exploration & study. This annotated bibliography brings the literature up-to-date, providing a detailed resource for those working in this area.

Goddesses In Everywoman: A New Psychology Of Women. BOLEN Jean S. $12.00 A handbook for every woman intrigued by the source of her own mystery. How to activate the goddes, Artemis, Athena, Hera, Demeter, Persephone, Aphrodite, & the heroine in every woman.

Grandmother Of Time, The. BUDAPEST Zsuzsanna E. $15.95 Both beginners & experienced practitioners will learn how to integrate wiccan spirituality into their everyday lives. includes rituals, spells, holy days, & myths and much more.

Grandmothers Of The Light: A Medicine Woman's Sourcebook. ALLEN Paula Gunn $12.95 An extraordinary collection of Goddess stories from Native American civilizations across the continent. Author shares myths that have guided female shamans toward an understanding of the sacred.

Great Cosmic Mother, The: Rediscovering The Religion Of The Earth. MONICA & MOR $19.00 Authors show that the religion of the Goddess - which is tied to the cycles of women's bodies - was the original religion of all humanity.

Great Mother, The. NEUMANN Erich $17.95 Loving & nurturing or hostile & devouring, the Great Mother is explored as a primordial image of the human psyche.

Hags And Heroes. YOUNG-EISENDRATH Polly $15.95 Heere is a highly original approach to couple therapy & marriage counseling, integrating femist views with the depth psychology of Jung & developmental theories of Harry Stack Sullivan.

Heroine's Journey, The. MURDOCK Maureen $11.00 This book speaks to each woman who longs for a spiritually alive feminine self, one who is actively engaged in the world, & who embraces the masculine principleas a mirror of herself.

Holy Book Of Women's Mysteries, The. BUDAPEST Z. $9.98 An easy-to-follow guide for all women interested in witchcraft. Women's rights & rites combine in a celebration of the Goddess - divination, spells, rituals, herstory & feminist survival guide.

Hygieia, A Woman's Herbal. PARVATI Jeannine $15.00 Interweaves the ancient practice of herbalism with the new women's consciousness & wholistic health.

I Am Becoming The Woman I'Ve Wanted. MARTZ Sandra Haldeman $10.00 Delves into the sometimes hidden & always powerful feelings that women have about their bodies. Explores coming of age, sexuality, childbirth, physical power, menopause, aging & much more.

I Sit Listening To The Wind: Woman's Encounter Within Herself. DUERK Judith $10.95 "A nourishing, tenderly understanding, helpful book about the masculine within women that encourages readers to be inwardly attentive & reflective.

Jaguar Woman - And The Wisdom Of The Butterfly Tree. ANDREWS Lynn V. $5.99 From Manitoba to the Yucatan, the best-selling author continues her quest for self-discovery. This is the final book in the "Medicine Woman" trilogy.

Jambalaya-The Natural Woman's Book Of Personal Charms & Practical Rituals. TEISH Luisah $12.00 A marvelous blend of memoir, folk wisdom & Afro-American beliefs.

Kin Of Ata Are Waiting For You, The. BRYANT Dorothy $9.00 Fiction. The kin of Ata live only for the dream. Into the world of Ata comes a desperate man who is first subdued & then led on the spiritual journey that sooner or later all of us must make.

Lost Goddesses Of Early Greece. SPRETNAK Charlene $10.00 Author re-creates the original, goddess-centered myths & illuminates the contemporary emergence of a spiritually based on our embeddedness in nature.

Loving The Goddess Within: Sex Magick For Women. HAWTHORNE Nan $13.95 A tribute to the re-emerging Goddess, this book can help women enjoy life, love, sex, sensuality, pleasure & beauty -- without self-doubt or self-criticism.

Medicine Woman. ANDREWS Lynn $10.00 The book reads like a spiritual thriller, marvelously evoking that part of the Native American world that is essentially mysterious & sacred in the deepest sense.

Meditations For Women Who Do Too Much. SCHAEF Linda Wilson $10.00 For every woman who ever felt rushed, overextended, or exhausted by caring for other's needs. 365 concise meditations that provide refreshing new perspectives.

Meeting The Madwoman: Empowering The Feminine Spirit. LEONARD Linda Schierse $12.95 The Madwoman is a powerful psychological & emotional energy that lives in us all - men & women - & speaks to us all, inhabiting our dreams, our lives, our collective cultural memory.

Mother Wit: A Guide To Healing & Psychic Development. MARIECHILD Diane $12.95 Shows you how to work with affirmations & meditation to rid yourself of pain & fear to become truly liberated.

Mother: Archetypal Image In Fairy Tales, The. BIRKHAUSER-OERI Sibylle $15.95 Illustrates the pervasive influence of the mother complex, with particular reference to positive & negative mother figures in many well-known fairy tales.

Mysteries Of The Dark Moon - The Healing Power Of The Dark Goddess. GEORGE Demetra $15.00 Offers a new vision of darkness, providing psychological, mythical & spiritual perspectives on the shadowy, feminine symbolism of the dark moon.

Natural Remedy Book For Women, The. STEIN Diane $14.95 Self-help guide to holistic health care. Presents 10 natural healing methods in depth and describes 50 common health issues & diseases. Remedies from all 10 methods are given fro each illness.

O Mother Sun!: A New View Of The Cosmic Feminine. MONAGHAN Patricia $12.95 Author has extracted magical stories indicating a worldwide cult of the sun goddess. No Apollo-in-skirts, this goddess is a shaman & weaver, a voluptuous lover & a tender mother.

On The Way To The Wedding. LEONARD Linda Schierse $11.00 With understanding & wisdom, author writes about the longing for a true wedding, one that unites two beings in a sacred search for meaning in life.

Once And Future Goddess, The. GADON Elinor W. $26.00 A profusely illustrated book which shows the reemergence of the Goddess in art & in the lives of contemporary women and men.

Politics Of Women's Spirituality. SPRETNAK Charlene $14.95 Essays on the rise of spiritual power within the feminist movement.

Pregnant Virgin, The. WOODMAN Marion $18.95 This book is about the struggle to become conscious. It's about the wisdom of the body, initiation rituals, dreams; overcoming addictions; relationship & the search for personal identity.

Ravaged Bridegroom, The - Masculinity In Women. WOODMAN Marion $17.95 By radically redefining masculinity in both men & women, this book establishes the foundations not only for a more mature relationship between people but also for a new harmony with nature.

Red Moon: Understanding & Using The Gifts Of The Menstrual Cycle. GRAY Miranda $11.95 Combining storytelling, traditional folklore & legend with practical tools & methods (including the Moon Dial), this positive book offers the modern woman insights into her cyclic nature.

Reluctant Shaman, The. WHITAKER Kay C. $10.00 A dazzling account of a young woman's apprenticeship to two South American Shamans.

Sacred Prostitute: Eternal Aspect Of The Feminine, The. QUALLS-CORBETT Nancy $18.95 In this book, based on Jungian psychology, illustrates how our vitality & capacity for joy depend on restoring the soul of the sacred prostitute to its rightful place in our conscious understanding.

Secret Survivors: Uncovering Incest & Its Aftereffects In Women. BLUME E. Sue $5.99 "Explores the constellation of symptoms that result from a crime too cruel for mind & memory to face..."

Secrets Of A Natural Menopause: A Positive Drug-Free Approach. RYNEVELD Edna Copeland $12.00 This book provides you with simple, natural treatments - using herbs, vitamins, & minerals, foods, homeopathy, yoga, & meditation - as an alternative to estrogen replacement therapy.

Shakkai - Woman Of The Sacred Garden. ANDREWS Lynn V. $12.00 Andrews travels to Japan to learn the power & wisdom of Shakkai, the keeper of the sacred garden & shows modern women how the principle of the captured landscape can speak to all women.

Shakti Woman: Feeling Our Fire, Healing Our World. NOBLE Vicki $14.95 Leads you through personal growth & self-mastery, discusses the history of shamanism, & shows that early religious rites & cultures were women-led & women-centered.

Sister Moon Lodge - The Power & Mystery Of Menstruation. STEPANICH Kisma $14.95 A woman's guide in the woman's ways as based on rethinking the menstrual matrix-menarche (first blood), menstruation, & menopause.

Some Still Want The Moon. MCCLURE Vimala $9.95 A woman's introduction to Tantra Yoga.

Song Of Eve, The. MASCETTI Manuela $18.00 An illustrated journey into the myths, symbols & rituals of the goddess.

Sorcerer's Crossing, The: A Woman's Journey. ABLAR Taisha $11.95 The true story of a woman's initiation into a reality beyond the boundaries of the normal everyday world.

Sound Of A Silver Horn, The. NOBLE Kathleen $20.00 "...Validates the often painful struggle that courageous women undertake to lead more meaningful & satisfying lives."

Spiral Dance, The: A Rebirth Of The Ancient Religion Of The Great Goddess. STARHAWK $14.00 A rebirth of the ancient religion of the great Goddess shows us a new view of a much misunderstood & maligned tradition. The Goddess is an image of personal strength & power.

Star Woman. ANDREWS Lynn V. $10.99 "A Glimpse of other realities..We're reminded once again of the power of our thoughts & the crippling effects of fear & self-limitation."

Stroking The Python - Women's Psychic Lives. STEIN Diana $12.95

To Be A Woman: The Birth Of The Conscious Feminine. ZWEIG Edited By: Connie $12.95 Psychologist, Jungian analysts, femists & scholars of Goddess cultures describe key insights & experiences that can provide entry to the new level of feminine consciousness.

Truth Or Dare: Encounters With Power, Authority And Mystery. STARHAWK $16.00 Offers ritual, myth, story & the symbolism of the Goddess as tools to restructure relationships & groups around principles that see the sacred.

Uncoiling The Snake: Ancient Patterns In Contemporary Women's Lives. NOBLE Vicki - Editor $14.00 Anthropologists, healers, poets & artists tell how they apply ancient wisdom to such current issues as work, family, ecology & equality.

Way Of All Women, The. HARDING M. Esther $8.95 "..An expose of modern woman & the varied roles she plays as daughter, lover, wife, mother, mistress, friend, & co-worker..."

Way Of The Goddess - A Manual For Wiccan Initiation. WARREN-CLARKE Ly $10.95 A practical manual of self-initiation shows how each of us can follow the way of the goddess, rediscovering the wisdom of earth & moon. Includes a practical overview of key rituals.

Weaving Woman - Essays In Feminine Psychology. KOLTUV PH.D Barbara B. $9.95 A discussion of the various veiled & mythological aspects of the feminine. You'll look at aspects of yourself when reading about shadow, animus, mothers, & sisters, the hetaira complex & more.

Webster's 1st New Intergalactic Wickedary Of The English Language. DALY Mary $17.00 This brilliant, wild & humor-filled Web-Work of words frees the English language from the patriarchal & confining patters by weaving a fascinating, feminist, linguistic revolution.

When God Was A Woman. STONE Merlin $8.95 The story of the most ancient of religions, the religion of the Goddess, & the role this ancient worship played in Judeo-Christian attitudes toward women.

White Goddess, The: A Historical Grammar Of Poetic Myth. GRAVES Robert $15.00 The earliest European deity was the White Goddess of Birth, Love & Death, visably appearing as the New, Full & Old Moon, & worshipped under countless titles.

Wild Women. STEPHENS Autumn $12.95 Meet 150 women who gave Queen Victoria the fits! Crusaders, curmudgeons, & completely corsetless ladies in the otherwise virtuous Victorian Era.

Windhorse Woman. ANDREWS Lynn V. $12.99 "Andrews has an ability to perceive women's power in other cultures. She transcends the limits of scientific thought into the world of those who have not forgotten their bond with the land."

Wise Woman Ways For Menopausal Years. WEED Susun S. $9.95 Shows you how to keep your cool, your sanity, your bones strong, & your heart healthy throughout menopause - without taking estrogen!

Witches' Goddess, The. FARRAR Janet & Stewart $12.95 An in-depth exploration of the Goddess, including her history, disguises & influence. Also included is an alphabetical listing of more than 1000 Goddesses with a brief history of each.

Woman's Book Of Rituals & Celebrations, A. ARDINGER, PH.D. Barbara $14.95 Includes a self blessing, blessings for our foremothers & children, power & peace rituals, love & money rituals, a ritual to create self-time, & rituals for all the holidays of the year.

Woman's Dictionary Of Symbols And Sacred Objects, The. WALKER Barbara $24.00 Guide to the history & mythology of woman-related symbols. Includes: organization shape of symbol or type of sacred object, 21 different sections including sacred objects, rituals, nature, & more.

Woman's Encyclopedia Of Myths And Secrets. WALKER Barbara G. $30.00 An encyclopedia presenting the stories behind word origins, legends, superstitions, female heroines & customs. 1350 entries.

Woman's Mysteries: Ancient & Modern. HARDING Esther $13.95 Here is a classic study of the feminine principle in myths, dreams, & religious symbolism.

Woman's Notebook, A. $6.95 A blank journal with quotes by women.

Woman's Worth, A. WILLIAMSON Marianne $10.00 Cutting across class, race, religion & gender, this book speaks powerfully & persuasively to a generation in need of healing & in search of harmony.

Woman, Earth And Spirit: The Feminine In Symbol And Myth. LUKE Helen M. $9.95 Book on the recovery of lost feminine values, author draws from the riches of the Bible, I Ching, mythology, folklore, Greek tragedies & poetry to reconnect us with images & symbols of the feminine.

Womanspirit: A Guide To Women's Wisdom. EGLEHART Hallie A. $7.95 Outlines an authentic, alternative, holistic path for women & men seeking liberation from traditionally male-dominated spiritual approaches & demonstrates ways to integrate spiritual strength.

Women Of The 14th Moon - Writings On Menopause. TAYLOR & SUMRALL Editors $14.95 "A wonderful collection of personal accounts of the many different shapes our journeys through menopause may take.."

Women Of The Celts. MARKALE Jean $14.95 The author reveals the various faces of woman - from high priestess to femme fatale, from life-giver to void - showing Celtic women as enduring symbols of human freedom.

Women Who Run With The Wolves. ESTES, PH.D. Clarissa Pinkola $23.00 Myths & stories of the Wild Woman Archetype.

Women's Spirituality Book, The. STEIN Diane $9.95 Stein shows you how to use imagery, music, art, & divinatory tools to gain fresh insight into inner feelings & your outer environment.

Women's Way Of Knowing. BELENKY Mary F. (Editor) $15.00 Despite the progress of the women's movement, many women still feel silenced in their families & schools. Based on interviews with 135 women, this book explains why they feel this way.

Wounded Woman, The: Healing The Father-Daughter Relationship. LEONARD Linda Schierse $10.00 Using many examples, the author exposes the wound of the spirit that both men & women of our culture bear - a wound grounded in a poor relationship between masculine & feminine principles.


Awakening The Spine. SCARAVELLI Vanda $16.95

Child's Garden Of Yoga, A. DASS Baba Hari $6.95 Author believes that children should be trained to use their senses, mind, & body so that they may grow into alert, sensitive & healthy adults.

Eight Lectures On Yoga. CROWLEY Aleister $9.95 Presents a clear & in-depth study of Tama, Niyama, Asana, Pranayama, Pratyahara, Dharana, Dhyana & Samadhi yoga.

Enochian Yoga - Uniting Humanity And Divinity. SCHUELER Gerald & Betty $12.95 Addresses 8 stages of grades from the beginner to the highest adept. Each stage is fully explained & includes theoretical & practical yogas for all levels of ability.

Hatha Yoga - Manual I. SAMSKRTI & VEDA $12.95 Hatha Yoga deals with the physical body & its control; its welfare; its health its preservation; its laws, etc.

Hatha Yoga Or The Yogi Philosophy Of Physical Well-Being. RAMACHARAKA Yogi $10.95 Hatha Yoga deals with the physical body & its control; its welfare; its health its preservation; its laws, etc.

Jnana-Yoga. VIVEKANANDA Swami $13.50 The present revised edition of this book has been taken from Vivekananda: "The Yogas & Other Works", published in 1953.

Karma-Yoga And Bhakti-Yoga. VIVEKANANDA Swami $13.50 The philosophy of Karma & Bhakti yoga.

Lessons In Gnani Yoga. RAMCHARAKA Yogi $10.95 Gnani Yoga deals with the scientific & intellectual knowing of the great questions regarding Life & what lies back of Life - the Riddle of the Universe.

Lilias, Yoga And Your Life. FOLAN Lilias M. $16.95 Lilias has designed a series of specialized programs that you can adapt to your need.

Living Yoga - A Comprehensive Guide For Daily Life. FEUERSTIEN Georg - Editor $15.95 Explore the many paths of yoga.

Raja Yoga Or Mental Development. RAMACHARAKA Yogi $12.95 "In India, the candidates for Initiation into the science of Raja Yoga are given a series of lessons designed to enlighten them regarding the nature of the Real Self....."

Raja-Yoga. VIVEKANANDA Swami $13.50 "Raja-Yoga declares that each man is only a conduit for the infinite ocean of knowledge & power that lies behind mankind."

Seven Schools Of Yoga. WOOD Ernest $5.95 Rarely does one find all 7 schools of yoga considered in one book. Here the author brings us a concise, easily understood account of the complete spectrum of yogic disciplines.

Sivananda Companion To Yoga, The. DEVANANDA Swami Vishnu $14.00 A complete guide to the physical postures, breathing exercises, diet, relaxation & meditation techniques of Yoga.

Yoga And Psychotherapy: The Evolution Of Consciousness. RAMA & BALLENTINE $12.95 Provides a unique comparison of recent innovations in therapy & traditional methods, using the yogic models of koshas & chakras to demonstrate the completeness of this system.

Yoga Back Book, The. WELLER Stella $17.00 Offers an ideal program for the millions of people suffering from backache & related problems. It is a gentle yet effective approach to attaining & maintaining spinal health without drugs or surgery.

Yoga For Common Ailments. MONROE, NAGARATHNA, NAGENDRA $10.95 Using step-by-step instructions & illustrations, this book guides you through a basic session for maintaining health & fitness.

Yoga Postures For Higher Awareness. KRIYANANDA Sri $9.95 This book teaches Hatha Yoga as it was originally intended: as a way to uplift your consciousness & aid your spiritual development.

Yoga, Tantra And Meditation In Daily Life. SARASWATI Swami Janakananda $13.95 Most books maintain that the practice of yoga & meditation requires adopting a new lifestyle. This book demonstrates you can continue your daily life, just add another habit to ones you already have.

Zen Philosophy

Chop Wood, Carry Water. FIELDS Rick $13.95 A guide to finding spiritual fulfillment in everyday life.

Essential Zen. TANAHASHI & SCHNEIDER $18.00 "Zen prides itself on being a teaching 'outsde words & letters', & therefore the 'essential Zen, in book form, would more likely consist of blank pages; a reader fills them in. Or not."

Returning To Silence - Zen Practice In Daily Life. KATAGIRI Dainin $15.00 Contains the basic teachings of the Buddha, with special emphasis on the meaning of faith & on meditation.

Three Pillars Of Zen, The. KAPLEAU Roshi P. $10.95 "It achieves in a remarkable way the almost impossible expression of what Zen is: a method for directly experiencing the reality of existence."

Turning Toward Happiness: Conversations With A Zen Teacher & Her Students. JENKINS, EDITOR Sara $8.95 Personal discussions of spiritual practice with the teacher, students & 5 people living as Zen monks.

Way Of Zen, The. WATTS Alan $9.00 "No one has given us such concise, freshly written introduction to the whole history of this Far Eastern development of Buddhist thought."

Zen And The Art Of Motorcycle Maintenance. PIRSIG Robert M. $6.99 The extraordinary story of a man's quest for truth. It will change the way you think & feel about your life.

Zen In The Art Of Archery. ERRIGEL Eugen $9.00 The author went to Japan & took up the practice of archery toward an understanding of Zen & gives an illuminating account of his own experience.

Zen In The Martial Arts. HYAMS Joe $4.99

Zen Mind, Beginner's Mind. SUZUKI Shunryu $7.95 Informal talks on Zen meditation & practice.

Zen Without Zen Masters. BENARES Camden $8.95 A collection of truly contemporary Zen parables, one of the best introductions to meditation. Eastern thought & the galaxy of philosophies that make up human awareness.