Ordering Charts

Enter in the form below your full name, Mailing Address, and Phone Number. If you are ordering several charts; fill the form out with the credit card on the first order, and go to the notes (at bottom of form) and tell me that there will be multiple email for this one order.  Then fill out each order as a single order and send.  They will be gathered together and respond to them as one.  All Charts are shipped U.S. Mail, Unless otherwise requested. 


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Enter Chart Data for Chart 1

Full Name: Example: Wally Gator
Birth Date: Example: 10/15/66 or Oct 15, 1966
Birth Time: Example: 10:57 pm  (DO NOT ADJUST FOR DAYLIGHT TIME)
Birth Place: City + State, and Country, Also County of state if possible

House System (Optional)

Chart Types

Basic Printouts (Check One - Then select the type of basic chart below)

Natal Chart


Planetary Returns

  Progression:   Date of Progression  (Format: month/day/year)
  Planetary Returns:   Date of Return    Planet to calculate:  

Multi Wheel Printout (Check One)


Dual Wheels

   Biwheel or Dual Wheel:            Second Chart : (Either another person (remember to fill out chart 2 below), or date or progression)

Chart Comparison Printout (check One or Both - $5.95 each)

Syanstry Grid

Composite Chart

Chart 2 Data (fill in if ordering Multi Wheel of Chart Comparison -- USE NEW FOR FOR MULTIPLE SINGLE NATAL CHART)

Full Name: Example: Wally Barkalounger
Birth Date: Example: 10/4/62 or Oct 04, 1962
Birth Time: Example: 10:46 am, 6:32 pm  (DO NOT ADJUST FOR DAYLIGHT TIME)
Birth Place: City, and Country, Also County of state if possible