Basic Single Chart

This Printout is great for any single calculation. Natal Chart is the basic Astrological chart of your birth.  It is the foundation tool in which to work and understand astrology.  Progressions are an advance chart type showing pyschological and emotional evolution within this lifetime.  Planetary Returns is a chart based on the exact moment when any single planet returns to the exact degree that is was in your natal chart.  Solar returns happen once a year around your birth day.  Luanr returns happen every 28 days.  Mars every 2 years, Jupiter - 12 years, Saturn - 28.5 years.  This chart is a powerful tool to understand current trends.

Chart Types

Explanation Information Needed
Natal Charts The Natal Chart is the foundation Astrological chart, lots of information BirthDate
Birth Time (exact time is important)
Birth Place (city or even brough within a city)
Progressions An advanced type of chart based on a calculation of "a year for a day." Natal Info Plus Date of Progression
Planetary Return Solar, Lunar and any other planet or astrological point.  Natal Info Plus which planet & when

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Example of exactly what the Single Chart Wheel like.