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All readings are offered at the Ravenna office or via phone consultation.

Natal Reading -  1 hour  reading- $155   30 minute reading - $85
Your birth chart is a rich tapestry of your soul's history, woven through lifetimes of incarnation. Through it you can come to know and understand your life and your karmic issues. Find out how to best use your talents and resources to fulfill your soul's purpose and what holds you back from having the kind of life you say  you want.  In addition to helping you understand your life purpose, this reading includes an overview of the current trends in your life.   Schedule a reading

Solar Return & Transits - 1 hour reading - $155  30 minute reading -  $85
During this consultation we will look at the current and future cycles.  Discover what issues you will be facing in the coming year and how best to maximize their potential and the learning process.  You have two options for this type of consultation. One is a 1/2 hour reading that covers the major trends and cycles, and another is a full 1 hour reading that goes into significantly more detail. You can choose which option works best for your needs and schedule.    Schedule a reading

Relationship/Compatibility - 1 1/2 hour  reading -  $275
Any two people can be in a relationship, how long it lasts depends on the individuals willingness to do their own work as well as the work of the relationship.   Some relationships are more difficult then others thereby involving more work.  Find out what your issues are with the person or people in your life and how to have a fulfilling and growth producing relationship.     Schedule a reading

Child Guidance - 1 hour reading - $155
Here is an opportunity to understand your child/ren from an objective view.  Learn how to be the best parent for you child based on their personality and soul issues.  Learn how to enhance your child's growth and support their development as an individual.     Schedule a reading

Event Planning - $50.00 for each 15 minutes
Timing is everything and astrology is the perfect tool to help you find the "right" time for your event.  Maybe it's a wedding, or business opening, or selling or buying a house, or finding the best time for surgery.  Whatever important event you are about to undertake, let astrology be your guide to improving its outcome.     Contact Laura


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