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"I adore Laura.  She is direct, honest and accurate.  She has mounds of experience and knows how to be the consummate professional.  Her focus is on evolutionary astrology.  When I go for a reading, it is to help me find my path in life, follow it and really grow as a person.  That is what she does.  She also gives you space to ask your burning questions."  Robin R

"I reserve my highest regard for those I share my deepest feelings with.  Mindful to express the Respect and Honor that Laura has earned.  An example akin to my experiences with Laura would be when people come to me with questions about my metal detector.  I don't tell them about the windings of the coil, nor do I mention the circuits or software.  For they are concerned if it works, not how it functions! I simply point to my "Treasure Chest" and say behold, "just look inside" 
When people go to Laura with their questions - She looks Inside"     Steve W.

"Astrology always seemed mystical, woo woo, out of touch somehow.  Laura brings a very grounded realism to its study.  I have really enjoyed learning from Laura, and her guidance has been invaluable"  Aylin L.
"I am enthusiastic about Laura's gift as an astrologer.  I receive great benefit from her readings and have sent many people to her for their own astrology reading.  Laura has consistently given my friends and patients a beneficial though not always easy mirror of themselves and their path; these people have benefited and continue to benefit in their lives from the perspective Laura provides with astrology "   Lora R.

"Astrology is a representational system, refined over thousands of years, that helps us understand the influences affecting our current place in the matrix of space/time.  Laura helps me understand what they are and then integrate that information into my life.  It's immensely useful to me on both a day-to-day level, and in the overall living and life planning."    Suzanne S.

"Through Laura's teaching, I became aware of a new spiritual door.  Stepping through this door has been enlightening.  Laura challenges and encourages us in class - She provides wisdom and information while leaving space for us to develop our own philosophies and styles.  After a year and a half in classes with Laura, I realize how much I have learned and grown.  For the first time in my life, I am able to see and understand myself and other more clearly, with a healthy dose of objectivity; without taking things so personally.  Laura has gifts as a true teacher; insight, intuition, empathy, passion, wisdom and inspiration, all of which she carries out in a down to earth, practical way."   Tara A.(student)

"When I first signed up for Laura's classes, I thought I was simply looking to learn a bit more about astrology; instead, I found a powerful guide to self-knowledge and analysis.  A gifted teacher, she provides real tools for self-discovery. . .to me, this was far more valuable than the dozens of books and web sites I'd previously explored on the subject.  As a Capricorn, Laura is firmly grounded in what is of practical value; learning to understand yourself through your own intuition and the aid of an ancient, symbolic language.  Plus, it was a lot of fun! I am extremely grateful for the experience"   Jonathan B. (student)

 "Laura has incredible insight and the ability to communicate Astrological events into patterns that I can work with.  Whenever life seems to not make sense, tumbles out of control. . . I call Laura for a Solar Return and Transit reading.  Everything falls into place.  She gives me concrete ways I can make a difference and work with the Transit vs fighting against it.  I consider Laura an invaluable 'tool' in my bag of tricks to make life run smoother."   Shelly S.

I have worked with Laura for many years.  I always come away from our sessions invigorated and informed.  I appreciate Laura's professionalism and dedication to her work.  She has changed the way that I look at my time here on earth."  Jennifer F.



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